Can You Find This Video?

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The viral video of Dr. Erickson and Dr. Massihi’s Covid-19 press conference is missing . . . from YouTube. But it’s still on the web? Can you find it? Take James’ challenge and find the video, save the video to your hard drive, and then tell other people how you did it in today’s hands-on edition of The Corbett Report.

Are You Prepared For The “Infodemic”?

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki warns anything that goes against WHO will be removed from YouTube


      • thanks for the off tube….

      • Good one, James. Thank you kachetel for the tubeoffline link. Didn’t know about that one. I had already saved the “Bakersfield” video because my family lives in California and their preferred choice and primary source of propaganda for the killer plandemic is the 6’x8′ flat plasma screen in their respective living rooms. I always save anything of interest using – However, with Firefox, most of the time it downloads the code, not the video. I use the Brave browser.

        Before trying to save a link, it’s necessary to first clear the data and history cache from the browser. With Brave, simply click on “Clear browsing data” under “Brave”. After pasting the link into the savefrom address bar, click on Download twice, but not too fast. Another window will pop up. Get rid of that one. If the video does’t begin downloading immediately, left click near the bottom of the video to be downloaded, then save.

        I’ve never downloaded any software or app to save videos because, as a Spanish gitane once told me: “Only the air is free”.

      • > Toss them into to download
        thanks for recommending “tubeoffline”
        download-urls can also easily be copied from sourcode of bitchutes pages

        you don’t happen to know a similar service for rumble ? (where finding the download-urls isn’t so easy)

        greetings from Vienna

    • I found it at two places:
      (you have to become a member of this archive, it seems to be free)
      BUT I don’t find how to download from either of these.

      This is a copy of my Youtube comment. I’m joined, subscribed etc here but cannot figure out how to comment (other than reply like this.) Can I be let in on this secret please??

      • nrose, as skip (above) told katie, who was equally lost, just scroll all the way to the bottom of the comments section and you’ll see an empty box. Type in it, then before you send it, press the “notifications” box, which will open when you click on it, and you can decide which of three options you want to choose before you hit “Submit Comment.” Hope that works for you.

    • The Sunshine Patriot, mentioned by the eloquent Thomas Paine, waits for it to safe to proclaim the ideas of Liberty. He puts his finger in the wind and waits. He can’t throw his weight behind the truth until he’s sure others will approve.

      There is no need to wait around for the Sunshine Patriots. They’ll eventually show up. They always do.

    • That’s not the full video, the full one is about an hour long.

    • Nope, it’s not at that link anymore. Removed.

    • I have it downloaded. I went to the OffGardian site and used “Tools” on the Menu bar of FireFox, clicked on “page info” and then the “Media” Tab scrolled down the listing until I found the mp4 and then clicked on “save as” and it saved it to the hard drive. It is 133,330KB and plays fine. Hope this helps.


  1. Found it on LBRY. Link below. You can easily download it too with the download button. Yes all videos are downloadable! If other websites do not have a download option, last resort would be to record the screen with a free screen cap software like OBS/OBS Studio.

    Link: lbry://@RedPillPhilosophy#4/california-doctors#6

    • Almost 12 hours later your YT link is still working.

      Youtube is getting a little sloppy with their censorship skills.
      The algorithm to detect banned Youtube videos needs a little tweaking.

  2. It’s back up on YouTube.

    • Try jdownloader, works every time for me.

  3. As I write, only extracts are available on googletube. I found a copy on vimeo, using the search term “Dr. Erickson and Dr. Massihi’s Covid-19 press conference” in DuckDuckGo (from James’ post), and downloaded it using a program called 4K Video Downloader.

    • Yep that is the one I used too.

  4. A new user on Pocketnet (the only completely decentralized social networking platform with no central corporation or leadership, like Bitcoin) is archiving a lot of the coronavirus psyop news, including this video right after it came out, at . Corbett Report content is there. Associated linked videos, audios, images and articles in pdf are all being put on IPFS (InterPlanetary File Sharing) and those links added as well for save content. Check it out and go to the IPFS links to help more widely seed them in the large distributed network. My username there is NodeChampion with information about pocketnet, how to post and set up nodes at .

    • I thank you for introducing Pocketnet to me. I’m new to LBRY and that is also a good place, but the more the better!

  5. Average method:

    (1) Search “Erickson bitchute covid” on any of the search engines ( I’ve tried this one and it worked

    (2) Go to the bitchute link:

    (3) Right-click on any part of the page and click on ‘Inspect Element’ (every browser might have slightly different wording; basically one wants to see the generated HTML)

    (4) Search for the video tag.. and there should be a source tag.., e.g.

    (There ought to be easier ways to find this element in the page HTML but the search doesn’t seem to be working right now..

    (5) I use the linux command line `wget` but once one has the url it should be easy to download it..

    Linux method:
    (1) Search as in (1) above.
    (2) wget
    (3) grep source index.html
    (4) wget

    There is a script to download videos from youtube:

    And somebody should create one for bitchute.. 🙂


    P.S: I use searx, and download all videos I find useful, and save all pages I find important ( since James described what we are currently undergoing.. 🙂

    • Nice! Great tip on the shell method; I’ve simplified it to a one-liner here:

      curl “$(curl -s | grep source | cut -d ‘”‘ -f2)” –output video.mp4

      Note: change video.mp4 to whatever output filename you want, and obviously change the url for a different video.

      The cut command is given a delimiter of a double quote (-d ‘”‘), and -f2 means take the 2nd field (starts at 1). Then the output of that subshell (the part inside the “$(” ) is used as an argument to the curl command at the start of the one-liner, with the output of it’s download being sent to video.mp4. The -s flag tells the subshell curl to be silent.

      You should be able to replace curl with wget, but the -s flag may mean something else so you could drop that if you wished (even in curl the progress should be going to stderr anyway so it won’t affect the end result).

  6. Hello everyone.

    I have uploaded the 2 parts of the video (with the auto-generated subtitles from youtube) to

    I usually use a software called “jDownloader” to “rip” any video-audio-photo from any website, including youtube, facebook etc.
    It was especially useful lately for getting my hands on the LondonReal interview of David Icke that was banned on youtube, from the LondonReal’s website. You just copy-paste the address into the “linkgrabber” function of the program, and then you choose what to download.
    Jdownloader download link:


  7. Vanessa Beeley’s account still has the video up:

    downloading YouTube video’s is easy.
    i only know about Mac’s, for Win i guess another TCB user knows the tricks,
    on Mac you use a utility like PullTube. (
    copy/paste the url, it even comes with a browser plugin.
    keep PullTube up to date and almost all video’s will download.
    alternative utility:
    4k Video Downloader (

    an of course, as i have been doing for many years now,
    DOWNLOAD every significant video and article to your own computer !
    we have video’s and articles sen disappear so many times in the past.

  8. > DOWNLOAD every significant video and article to your own computer !

    need i mention:
    DON’T USE cloud services !
    STORE locally !
    i mean, services like gmail, you don’t go to the postoffice to read your mail.
    transfer it to your own devices.
    i am sure your private Cloud Storage will be censored at some point in the near future too.

    on that note, we have to consider initiatives like I2P (James talked about this a while back) to set up our own archive of important stuff.
    as long as we have access to the infrastructure of the internet…

    • Arby
      You can not trust ‘cloud’ by definition… the ‘cloud’ is SOME OTHER PERSONS COPUTER.
      You could maybe set up your own cloud server on a PC you personally own but any service you do not own the physical computer of is , and always will be, not trustworthy.
      The best way is to have 2 computers… one ‘airgapped’ and never online where you do personal stuff and a PC with (no hard drive) for online with a usb thumb drive with Parrot linux or Puppy linux. You can boot into them from CD too (change the password on parrot BEFORE you go online…every time if you are using CD in live mode)
      The CD or USB in live mode make your PC ‘fresh’ or ‘reset’ to the .iso and will clear out any spyware you picked up. No cookies, no history, nothing, BUT you will still be tracked by your ISP- and your IP address will still ID you to websites BUT to avoid that you can run Parrot in anon surf but it will be slow.
      If you install parrot to your Hard drive then you might want to reinstall at least 1 a month to clear out any spyware you picked up… Live mode is easy though

      You can save files to a USB for transport (watch out for destructive viruses) installing parrot anon mode
      Parrot OS is easy… and free

      • listen to Lunduke talk about next cloud and see if its what you want… plenty of vids on youtube about how to set it up (but not on amazon web services….ugh)
        On Toshiba satellite- LOL!
        I have one of those thats so old I need to get a hard drive that can fit the old connectors. It does have one of the best screens I’ve ever had though. I can run parrot on an old XP desktop I trash picked, having an old PC does have an advantage that if someone messes with it you notice the performance change right off.
        I am surprised that you are having an issue with apps on Mint… I like it o but if your in the market for a web only machine you could get a Raspberry pi 3- I dont advise getting the 4 yet because while its way better as a desktop iit did not play nice for me at first and if your not into computers might cause an issue.
        The Lunduke show (see link above) has a ton of talks on de-google-fying your life.

  9. Google Search engine uses syntax that can be useful.
    for ex. to find this video you can type something like:
    intitle: COVID19 briefing Dr Erickson
    in the GOO-search

    many more options, a discussion can be found here:

    these things do not work with DuckDuck.

  10. I posted this full length one on another forum and it still seems to be up:

    I posted it 3 days ago…okay I found the full length one by clicking on the youtube links under it for the sound corrected full version…will now try to save it somehow…and let y’all know…

  11. Good challenge, James!
    Using DuckDuckGo, I searched the second doctors name as it is more unique. A site that had it embedded popped up on the first page. I did not get to downloading since I’m not at my computer. But the suggestions in this thread for downloads are better.

  12. These are the other links posted by the original poster under the video I found:


    Download Link:

    Download Link 2:

    Bitchute Link:

    Original (has been removed):

    And here is a video explaining how to download another video to your device, USB, etc. Am watching it now:

    p.s. it looks like they are all going down fast!

  13. There is this site for downloading videos…sorry the first one meant joining youtube premium, ugh! Am going to attempt this method and come back and tell you if I have it saved. Before they take this one down obviously, what a race against, time, although I think James has all the answers, as usual ; )

    I HAVE IT!

    • I just followed the instructions on the video downloader, once on my computer, input the url, hey presto, it is on my laptop now…sorry for all the short posts, thought I was tech unsavvy, but I did it, hope you can all make sense of my links, posts and how I did it, it is straight forward actually…

  14. Bookmark This Thread for future Corbett Report Members

  15. So, after watching the video prompting to find, dl, and report the video, the first thing in the afterscreen was two videos, second of which was the correct one. I’m currently watching it at

    I downloaded it with Okey dokey this was easy and I get that it doesn’t compare to IT wizardry some here might possess.

    I need to note that a part of this video was played in The Alex Jones Show of last Sunday.

  16. It’s definitely all over YouTube now, but I found one version that is longer and at 1:20:30 one of the doctors departs from the data and makes an interesting statement on the meaning of the word “safe”. Most of the videos stop at 55 min. I don’t know how to download from youtube. Hopefully I can find someone to do it for me.

    • Copy link. add pp after tube & before .com. Choose quality and download. An ad link may pop up saying you’re not done but you are, just close that one. Then check your download folder, it should be there. *this works for non-copyright videos (example, like what we’re looking for, not pop music or something).

  17. I am going to illustrate here how to hunt down a video that gets banned/deleted on youtube.

    If you have a link to a video that is deleted and do not have the title.
    First you need to get the title by going to Way Back Machine:

    Put the link in the search bar and it will pull up snap shots of the page if it was stored.

    Once you have the title – go to —

    and search the title with bitchute added to the search or any other alternative video platform name.

    It will most likely pull it up and then you can download it from any of the video download services such as:

    download everything you can because the day is most likely coming when the net is going to be highly regulated.

    That way in the future we can share info by doing zip drive exchanges locally or through the mail, if the mail is still running. I am sure you all get the idea…

    A new video platform that someone posted here in the Corbett comment section not too long ago referenced The Utah Gun Exchange – it looks like it is well thought out and organized video site – a good place to look for videos as well as another place to mirror content at:

  18. ‘Ass-u-me’ing I found the right video i just typed ‘Dr. Erickson’ into youtube and it auto filled covid-19….. however always remember that your own ‘selfish ledger’ is shaping what you see from your IP address or device and you should NOT assume that when you say ‘look up x’ to someone that any rando will be allowed to find the same video.
    There are plenty of ‘bait’ or “almost what you wanted’ vids out there.
    2nd the first videos offered were about 15 min and the longer version was way down the search results(was it 90% of people hit the top result?)
    Saving I just hit the little green button under the view counter because i installed “easy youtube downloader ‘ in the fire fox add ons….

    Youtube-dl has been sketchy about saving youtube videos but saves video from most other sites just fine on my PC…works great on Bitchute.
    I will link to a guy who shows its use. It is said to work on windows and mac but I only used it on linux

    You can save whole channels as well as single vid’s or other fancy stuff

    As for storage BUY ANOTHER Hard drive (or 2) and make copies and then put the spare somewhere safe….especially for your pics or stuff you care about.

  19. PRE-STEP: If you see it on YT, copy the URL and add pp before .com [example: for copy then paste in NON Chrome or Bing browser then search to download the YT video. Close popup link. Done.

    Step 1 copy keywords you know [example: “Dr. Erickson and Dr. Massihi”]

    Step 2 paste keywords into other video-sharing site [example: Bitchute]

    Step 3 Copy that link from the URL [example: ]

    Step 4 Search in a non-google-based browser [example Brave with Duck-Duck-Go search] for “convert Bitchute video to MP4” or “covert Bitchute video for download” & choose result site you find trustworthy.

  20. Is it possible that youtube banned it in order to increase the circulation? Didn’t these guys recommend mandatory testing in order to be allowed to leave your hovel? If the purported VIRUS is not so lethal, why is this necessary? Also recommended vaccines despite the fact that no effective vaccine has ever been developed for an RNA virus. They probably would be more beneficial giving body building tips.

  21. Proper Etiquette
    when Posting Comments with LINKS at
    Descriptives of the link

    I want to mention that it is appropriate social graces and also relevant to this CorbettReport Video’s topic, that we provide a descriptive of any link which we post.

    If an article or video gets taken down from the internet or the link has gone bad, having a descriptive often helps to locate a version at another source.
    The better the descriptive, the easier the search.

    A video… Can you find it?
    Over a decade ago, a well known activist interviewed the Public Relations officer at the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank.
    One of the questions asked was:
    “People have often questioned about the Federal Reserve being a private bank or a private corporation.
    Is that in fact true?”

    ANSWER: “It is. …We are literally owned by the banks in our district….”
    Many other profound aspects are admitted in this video.

    Even armed with the information I have just given, it can become difficult to locate that video, unless you recall details of that video.
    For those who have never seen the video, it is well worth watching.

    • So, are you going to provide a link to the interview of the guy from the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank?

    • I also had a difficult time tracking it down, even though I had posted it to Corbett Report before. That is how I found it again.

      The more keywords which we place in a comment, help to locate it again.

      SEARCH “ (plus keywords)”
      I used the keywords “HomeRemedySupply” “Gary Franchi” “Chicago” “Federal Reserve”
      When a person comes to a Corbett Episode, hit these two keys: “Ctrl F”.
      At the top or bottom of your screen will be a search box for the webpage.

      This 15 minute interview is a keeper…
      There is that classic famous video (~circa 2006 or so) video where Gary Franchi of Republic Magazine interviews Chicago Federal Reserve Bank’s Jerry Nelson, who is the PR person – Public Relations.

      “…the insatiable foreign demand for our $100 dollar bills. They don’t use them as a medium of exchange overseas. They use them as a store of value. (countries listed)…”
      “…a hundred dollar bill costs us 7 cents…in the interim, American commerce and industry doesn’t give them away. We are getting 100 dollars worth of something…Belgium chocolate, French wine…for something that costs us 7 cents. It is not a bad markup…They can have all they want. Almost none never comes back….”

      • See LibertyDan’s comment above. He mentions Gary Franchi. That prompted me to search for it.

    • That site is great, it’s like what liveleak used to be, if it still exists?

    • Awwww…. that’s “Phone-a-friend”… does that count, or is it cheating ?? ?Did you ask your friend what his modus operandi would be for future take downs??

  22. Hallo everyone, Thank you for this, James. I have only just found TCR, thanks to Computing Forever’s Dave Cullen which I stumbled across on Facebook.
    I am a technophobe. I am a lady of a certain age who is a stay at home mummy, not very political and was happy to look to Daddy Government for *leadership* and who was law abiding and obedient… until this virus and the sh1tshow that has ensued.
    TCR has opened up A WHOLE NEW WORLD to little old me who was just going about her daily life. I’ve had trouble navigating Bitchute and Mind and kinda need “Alt media for Dummies” so this video is just perfect. ?

    • Welcome, liza14. So glad you found TCR.

      If you ever have free time, you can read/watch/listen to everything in his archive, going back to . . . maybe 2007? You wouldn’t be the first person to have done that.

  23. Been saving videos for quite some time and now more than ever, using Real Player (subscription but there’s a free version).

    I also use this very easy to use downloader:

    I don’t re-upload videos. There are many others who do so already but have occasionally thought of doing so.

    I heard on Twitter Drs. Erickson/Massihi video had been taken down but a lot of people already shared excerpts.

    Today found the video shared again. On YouTube. Re-uploaded by Vanessa Beeley. Let’s see how long it stays there.

  24. found it at (because David Knight told me it would be there), and found it at (because I was checking out their current news).

  25. Lest we forget, there was a part 2 as well.

  26. I am unable to find The Propaganda Report on the internet at all today!

    I have tried to join Steemit but apparently, that’s not happening these days??

    Thanks, Corbett. Please advise re: Prop Report? This is upsetting but alas, not expected.

  27. Re: Prop Report–I can access the podcasts on several platforms, but the website itself seems to have gone missing??

    • Prop Report site is back up. Must have been down for maintenance or something but I panicked.

      Sorry my questions weren’t related to the question at hand.

      Thanks for all the tips.

  28. I searched first on BitChute with both doctors named with no success. I shortened the search phrase on BitChute to Dr. Erickson and found Dr. Erickson COVID-19 Briefing. After verifying it was what I was looking for, I opened up 4K Video Downloader and pasted the URL into that program.

  29. Went to the original TV station that posted it (KGET):

    Ironically, they had a new video up that covers their butts. One of their reporters interviewed the refuters.

    Easiest way to download was to go to the vimeo link someone else provided and use RealAudio/Video to download.

    • Oops. The vimeo link is only 54 minutes long. The end of the press conference is cut off, but still contains the majority of the information.

  30. Yep I know where it is. On my hard drive. I downloaded the video from YouTube immediately after watching it several days ago because I knew it would be scrubbed. If you are too late to the party, then I would recommend going to the source of the information—the 23ABC KERO website where it is posted in its entirety.

  31. Firefox browser….addons search “easy YouTube downloader” get the one by “dishtah” (prob AT TOP of list) or whatever his name is… (plenty of fakey close add ons offered) Then reboot Firefox and under the view count is a green button “Download As”…select quality and download….very rarely. every now and then it tries to trick you with the button to going somewhere else- reload page and thats fixed.

    Youtube-dl if you suffer from windows OS

  32. Are these Dr.’s really that credible? Some interesting notes often left out of the conversation about these 2 dudes.

    1) They agree that the initial lockdown was necessary
    2) They advocate for mass testing/results BEFORE any restrictions are limited

    These 2 do NOT speak for humanity!!

  33. Nothing could be easier. I typed “Dr. Erickson and Dr. Massihi” into DuckDuckGo and scads of links came up. The first one I tried was on the American Institute for Economic Research website. They have a long article, which by the way quotes extensive passages from the video, so that could be easily printed if you want a transcript. The article also contains active video, I don’t know on what platform but easily accessed by clicking on it at the bottom of the article.

    By the way, in that clip of Susan Whatshername from YouTube, describing YouTube’s criteria for removing a post, she mentions vitamin C as a treatment for COVID-19 as an example of spurious medical advice that would be removed. I typed “vitamin C treatment for COVID 19” into YouTube’s search window and found lots of active links to videos both advocating and denouncing vitamin C as an effective treatment.

    A post getting removed from YouTube reinforces its validity, in my opinion. I think they have redefined “misinformation” to mean “information we want you to miss.”

    • I really liked this:

      > A post getting removed from YouTube reinforces its validity, in my opinion. I think they have redefined “misinformation” to mean “information we want you to miss.”

      It reminds me of a thought I’ve had for a while, where every time I see an MSM outlet state “BREAKING NEWS” I immediately think of it in the context that they are actively attempting to break (as in ‘destroy’) the very concept of “news” itself.

      So much news-breaking has occurred that one could be justified in thinking that the concept of “news” has, itself, become broken.

  34. One good thing to come from these authoritarian crackdowns by YouTube in tandem with the US Government’s desires, is that there are videos and articles, including mainstream ones, that are drawing much attention to this censorship and pushing back against it. This is in some way having the Streisand Effect. How much of an impact will it have in waking people up, I don’t know.

  35. I confess I bookmarked the Tracy Beanz version with her commentary noting the misdirection and apparent agenda of one reporter. I don’t know if the YouTube version covered comments made after the official end of the conference.

  36. I downloaded that video when it still WAS available on Youtube and the other short part 2 continuation of that interview I found on MSN news. Both are gone now but I have them on my PC and on Onedrive (in the cloud)

    The original video that is most commonly circulating stopped before they were done the complete interview and is about 52 mins long. The continuation video (prt2) is just over 12 minutes long. I haven’t found ONE video that combines the two to make a 64 min version.

  37. if you hv linux ~ “ClipGrab is a free downloader and converter for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and many other online video sites”. yesterday i used it to download the video from gootube which had been embedded in an article (i dont recall which one), but just now searched via startpage (video) ~ “Dr. Erickson covid 19” & on p.2 (5th entry): Dr. Erickson COVID-19 Briefing

    • it was a bit embarrassing to admit i didnt recall which article the video was embedded in, took several hours to remember it was at zero hedge, i hadnt bookmarked nor saved in my notes as it wasnt anything i intended to share, hv long thought the author is a disinformationalist. didnt watch the video b4 downloading, had saved it for perusal at a later date, which came quite quickly! when i saw “Can You Find This Video?” i thought it best to view b4 commenting, there were things i agreed with as well as things i definitely didnt, & i suspected controlled opposition. however, watching the one hour & eight min video, then posting afterwards was cognitive overload ~ so it wasnt until several hours later that i realized i had left out stating my opinion, but was unable to post anything as i was basically toast, tho i was able to check my gootube link & learned the video had been deleted.
      b4 the severe ms exacerbation i had in 2009, my memory was excellent, my mind quite sharp. albeit the cognitive impairment has lessened from when the attack occurred, much debility remains & can be very frustrating, writing especially difficult… that said, when i allow myself enough time, can be quite rewarding, all has not been lost :))

      • A friend has been almost diagnosed with ms. Looking back, do you have advice based on first hand experience? I got her some books, but this looks like one of those diseases that nobody knows what it is so it must be something.

        Also, kudos to you for having the wisdom to actually watch the interview before forming (or fleshing out) your opinion.

        • thanks so much for the kudos, mkey

          not long after i was dx’ed w/ ms (1995) i started seeing a homeopathic practitioner, much to my surprise the first remedy she prescribed quickly stopped the intense neuropathic burning pain running up & down my legs. overall, enormously helpful w/ numerous symptoms, & from the get go she has listened to my ra/mc issues, ptsd as important consideration in treatment. ive been very fortunate, also had a wonderful therapist for 10 yrs.
          while i was already aware i had specific food allergies & sensitivities, in 2008 i got tested ~ results confirmed, along w/ several other foods. there hv been some changes, a couple foods that used to bother me dont anymore, & ive also noticed in the past few yrs i developed sensitivity to several that i tolerated well b4. so, i eat whats right for me & organic, dont want to consume pesticides, or gmo’s.
          thru the years taken a variety of supplements & herbs, still take quite a few ~ but thats a lot to go into, if interested will try & share.
          tho i retired from team sports in 1997, i continued to exercise as much as possible, its just who i am. that said, several yrs ago i got to the point where i needed a cane to walk across the street. so im grateful, so happy i can now briskly walk a mile every morning, & can even do really short sprints… i feel blessed, no more cane, an unexpected result of DNRS that i did for 6 mos (11/2018-5/2019) which unfortunately didnt help w/ the mcs (multiple chemical sensitivities), primary reason why i did it. however, i started taking dhea in february & noticed im definitely less sensitive to chemical smells, also the dhea is invigorating ~ alleviates ms fatigue.

      • hi MBP, what a wonderful compliment ~ thank you! & your sincere, caring words appreciated.

        • very perceptive enquiry MBP, as to what triggered my exacerbation in 2009 i’ll answer beyond a simple yes. intense psychological & physiological (body memory) trauma… i remembered forced in-vitro fertilisation, pregnancy, childbirth~murder/sacrifice of my son. labor was induced july 25, 1978 ~ which is also the date the first (officially acknowledged) test tube baby was born. 7/25/1978 ~ 7/25/25 ~ 777

          from the video you shared, there’s stuff about Ann Boroch’s work i resonate with. some similarities in healing journey, albeit distinct differences, & will prolly check out more clips.

          • dear manbearpig, thank you for both asking & replying with remarkable integrity, such a beautiful gift, bringing more healing… deeply touching, your compassion & awakening journey powerfully voiced, honouring?

    • Hi victoria,

      Greatful for the recommended video-converter! I finally started downloading videos (some of which i had bookmarked in the past and were already deleted and needed some time invested to search and retrieve). It works great. Time just flew by. Probably there were many good recommendations but this one caught my eye for it was free and for multiple online-sites. JC`s challenge was very helpful for my self-study

      • cool!! glad you like clipgrab, Chapati. great to hear from you :))

        • right back at you 🙂 It`s a pleasure

  38. Searched for the phrase “Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi”

    Found this article:

    They have a copy embedded such that if you right click it (after you start the playback), you can “Save Video As”. (In firefox anyway).

    Note: that host appears to be slow, and the video is high-quality (almost 1GB), so it’s taking awhile to download.

    If you ever need to download a youtube video, you can try the different sites linked to on this site:

    I generally use but it appears they recently stopped serving to United States. You can get around that if you use a VPN from another country, or the TOR browser (you’ll just have to make sure your TOR circuit has an exit node outside the US)

  39. I downloaded copies of the originals just in case they would take it down, here’s a zip link I uploaded to Google Drive with both original parts from the original YT links:

    As far as HOW I downloaded it, I used the following:

    Click “MP4” on the right, and for whatever reason, clicking download does not work, rather you must hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard, at which point it’ll provide various quality options, of which I generally click the highest possible quality, then click “Start” — then you may need to wait a few moments for it to convert, depending on the length/size — and then you’ll be provided with a button that says “Download.” Click it, and you should have a download start with the video.

    Note: Clipconverter does *not* work with anything containing copyright-flagged music, so you’ll need to find some other method.

    I personally prefer this over some browser extension that can constantly farm all of the media that I see across the web. It’s worth mentioning that browser add-ons can change custody, so regularly check that a given add-on hasn’t been sold by some independent developer to a large advertising corporation or something for the sake of claiming/abusing the trust of all their users via silent automated updates which change functionality, potentially breaching privacy & security.

  40. Go to a Bitchute channel called Scenery on the Road to Tyranny.
    Hit Play.
    To record on a Mac, press Command + Shift + 5 and then the Record button.
    Et voila!

  41. Thanks again James.
    Everything in that Interview sounds logical. I’m no doctor but I’ve been saying very similar things for a few weeks now.

    The question is, why is it being censored? What else is going on?

    • I also like to state that reposted it on pinned and boosted it.

  42. Took the challenge found it on bitchute by searching for ‘covid doctors press conference’ but couldn’t download. So read some of the comments found it on LBRY and used the download button. Thanks James and community.

  43. These doctors are controlled opposition. They are for vaccines and widespread testing. See this video.

    I think many of these people wo appear to fighting against vaccines are controlled opposition. Robert Kennedy is great that he is fighting against vax, but he is big pusher for climate change, which is globalist agenda.

    • I am sitting here at my wife’s desk holding down the fort for the last couple hours of a slowish Wednesday and I just got an automated call from the county (Pinellas) informing me that they will begin providing testing this Saturday. I hung up before the message was complete because I am not interested in being tested and I hate listening to recorded phone messages from the government. Makes my headache worse.

      • Here is the title I found it by searching the link on duckduckgo which led me to two face book pages posting of the same video:

        How did Everyone MIss the CRAZY CR*p These Viral Doctors Spewed?

        Here is a mirror of it at bitchute:

        It may be that this video of these doctors is a deception tactic.

        I will have to watch this and see what they have to say about it.

  44. ehhm pretty easy actually?!
    -> go to
    -> search Dr. Erickson and Dr. Massihi’s Covid-19 press conference
    -> click first link
    -> profit

    i cant really imagine anyone listening to the corbett report NOT finding information on other sources than gootube. Right message, wrong audience james 🙂

  45. I found it again, here: (You Tube must have missed this one)?

    I searched for
    Dr. erikson massihi covid press conference

    on browser

  46. There is an abridged version readily available in DuckDuckGo search results, 11 min long.

    I saw the vid a few days ago, and I gotta say, I cringed at their math. Not that bad math calls for censorship, but they had some basic flaws in their reasoning, imo, someone correct me if I am wrong please.

    If 100,000 tests were done, and there were 10,000 positives, that means only that 10% of those who sought a test were infected. This % infected cannot be extrapolated to the State of California as a whole. It is not a random sample group. People who are feeling sick are more likely to seek testing than those who are not feeling sick, therefore of those tested, there is likely to be a much higher % infected than if random testing were done.

    Again, this does not justify censorship, nor do I disagree with the doctors’ conclusions. But oh man, covid aside, am I going to trust a doctor who does math like that?

  47. Only got part way thru comments so apologize for any repetition but I found the link from the first commenter (David) as being on bitchute… went there to validate was still up. Then got web address and used it in my cmdline tool youtube-dl (I’m on Linux Mint). Once downloaded, I uploaded it to my personal cloud server (Nextcloud). Mine is hosted on a RaspberryPi “server” on a variant called NextCloudPlus (thanks to Nacho Parker).
    I can then offer access to family and friends. I have been searching, saving and squirreling away meaningful content for quite a while now… over a half terabyte and growing fast 😉

  48. STEP 1:
    I used the brouwser Waterfox ( to search for the terms: Erickson Massihi covid-19

    Then I selected Video’s (you can select: ‘All’, ‘Images’, Video’s, Maps, etc).

    Then I looked for the hits that were the longest (1:08:11) AND that was NOT coming from Youtube.

    STEP 2:
    I used ‘4K Video Downloader’ ( to download it.

    Alternatively, if 4K Video Downloader doesn’t work, you can use OBS: Open Broadcaster Software ( which captures pretty much anything. But OBS isn’t a downloader, it’s a great piece of video screen-capture software.

    • Thanks for walking out the steps, Oscar
      There are old people out here who need walkers and steps.

    • Thanks fot the Downloader !

    • BTW if you are using Windows 10 and you really shouldn’t, but lets pretend for now you just stole your bosses computer…

      You can use the built in screen recorder to do screen capture to a movie file.

      It’s part of the “Xbox Game Bar” and it’s really designed to make movies of game plays…however it considers a web browser to be a game.

      It’s a bit obscure to get going so you might need to look up instructions at first.

      Now go and give yourself 50 lashes for using Windows!!

  49. frontline doctors: wuhan coronavirus is just like a seasonal flu:

    found it with google search on first screen at: But there is no way that i know to how to save it.

  50. BINGO MagicBullet!
    This is the exact same question I have been asking here for weeks now.

    And why no masks/gloves, social distancing etc. every flu season for 6 months?

    The seasonal flu is every much a pandemic as is CV-19, and just as ‘deadly’ and scary.

  51. You’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning to try to
    pull a fast one on a Corbeteer member!

    They are a very savvy group of people James.

    Try to make your next challenge a little more difficult. 🙂

  52. Downloading DIRECTLY from YouTube

    Thanks Pill.

  53. I’m on Linux. I would love to be able to download videos. Thanks for letting me know that it is possible. Going to start researching it.

  54. Found it on dailymotion usuing the names of the Dr’s.
    I have no idea how to save it but will look into it.

    Keep up the good work

  55. Hi James – here’s my two penn’orth. I have also included a second way in case it might be needed – BTW your character counter is not decreasing as I type….

    1 download/install Clipgrab or something similar
    2 install non-msm browser (e.g. but this is starting to feel a bit googly so you might prefer something else)
    3 search for string of characters (e.g. “erickson massihi”)
    4 select “videos” tab
    5 select video to play – avoid youtube and vimeo
    6 copy url string
    7 paste url string into Clipgrab
    8 follow Clipgrab prompts

    If you are a smarty-pants and your desired video can only be found embeded in an article and for some reason you can’t get to the actual original video, then you may like to try the following method – I’ve used James’s video in a David Icke article as an example:

    1 right click in space or text on page
    2 select “view page source”
    3 search for likely character string (make a guess) … there will be heaps of gobbledegook …..e.g: see below

    class=”col-sm-11 col-md-11 col-lg-11″>
    class=”article-content” itemprop=”articleBody”>
    class=”embed-responsive embed-responsive-16by9″iframe src=”//” allowfullscreen

    4 extract likely string e.g “//”
    5 replace character string “/embed/” with “/watch?v=” and prefix “http://” or “https://”
    6 making…. “”
    7 insert string “” into download box in Clipgrab without the quotes
    8 follow Clipgrab prompts
    9 keep watching James Corbett and David Icke!

    • Just to add to the above…. you will need to do some detective work and look for tell-tale plain english character strings in amongst the gobbledegook – e.g. “corbett”, “massihi” etc and your video link will be somewhere near there… cheers all. x

  56. Er, haven’t read the other comments here, but just wanted to double check its actually removed from yt, and found a copy still there (in 2 parts – 50min + 12min) uploaded 5 & 3 days ago, by changing the search function to look for anything over 20 minutes, where its listed 9th.

    The search term used was ‘Dr Erickson covid breifing’ (with briefing spelt incorrectly), and yea wasnt entirely impressed with the good doctors overall assessment either, so going to listen to the discussion about that mentioned.

  57. Cheers for link — there are quite a few fantastic bits there, especially for conference videos surrounding the “truth” and/or “freedom” movement.

  58. Wow I just queried their names on Google & up came a COVID 19 alert ? warning ⚠️ in red. Wish I could upload pic of it. Quoted WHO as source & another Health Canada warning. Guess they know where I am ?

  59. I searched on “Dr. Erickson and Dr. Massihi’s Covid-19 press conference” and was able to find one positive hit on:

    Christian News 360° ?

    which I have downloaded to my hard drive and plan to upload to my GooTube channel.

    I had actually not seen it so I am very grateful for you making me aware. Thank you!

  60. 5 hours ago (now it is 30th April 2020, 5:34) i still saw the original in Germany. Now that i checked again – it is gone. Guess what, dear friends, RecMaster is a wonderful program! ; P

  61. These doctors are wrong! Please watch this at about minute 15 to learn why. The guy in these videos is a PhD in pathology:

    labeled: Why is Coronavirus News Still So Inaccurate

    on Peak Prosperity channel on YouTube

  62. annie ashes, what makes you suspicious of Zach Vorhies, please?

    • ozdawn, hats off to you for introducing us (me, anyway) to blogger hatrick penry (whose online name sounds like a play on both Patrick Henry and ice hockey!).

      So far, I’ve read all but one of the posts you cited. Also, I couldn’t resist reading hatrick’s (the link should read “19-reasons” — not “18-reasons” — the 19th reason being Event 201).

      Not until I logged onto the Corbett page to respond to you, ozdawn, did I discover that your post is a reply to a question I asked annie ashes on April 30th (above): “What makes you suspicious of Zach Vorhies, please?”

      Pardon me for remaining puzzled as to how whistleblower Zach’s revelations to Project Veritas were intended to advance some official agenda. In other words, ozdawn, what reason(s) would Vorhies possibly have for being controlled opposition?

      I’d still welcome hearing annie ashes’ reasons, too (as would Arby, I see).

  63. Downloaded to PC when first shown.
    NOW—– Dr Erickson COVID 19 FULL Briefing AUDIO FIXED VERSION
    Cilla Baker

    start page search for names
    went to
    could see vid but not download
    more and redirected to
    couldnt watch but not download vid
    some got to
    and copied address for vid
    took me to and downloaded both parts Christian News 360 – Video provided by: 23 ABC News

    Downloaded again just in case there is a difference 🙂

  64. I think “high profile” links to it by the likes of Elon Musk (his twitter feed) might have had something to do with the swift downtake? Same as in the UK, a TV personality or three posted links to the 5G stuff and boom, it made mainstream news to poo poo it really quickly.

    I have to say I enjoyed this exercise and it taught me that I am not as daft as I think I am when it comes to researching and technical shenanigans.

  65. Googled “two doctors say end the lock down”, then chose this link:

    Within the link found the video and clicked “share”, then clicked on “more”, as in more options, which gave me a Youtube version of it:

    So, let’s see how quick Youtube’s algorithms are to scrub it out. Hmm, I’m curious to see if it’s immediate??

    By the way, I read it violates Google’s terms of service to download it to your hard drive, so obviously I wouldn’t do such a thing. 🙂

  66. For downloading videos from various websites (works with Youtube,, bitchute, etc.) you can use youtube-dl, a command-line program (for MacOS, Linux and apparently Windows as well).
    Find manual how to download and install here:

    • I’m redundant! I just posted the same method for downloading videos. I believe, though, that redundancy is an important feature in systems design?

  67. I just found it on youtube by entering these words into the search engine:

    erickson massihi speaking up

    Here is the link:

    To prove James point, though, I’m pretty sure the link won’t work by the time I post this. I also had to scroll down a little before finding it.

    But I did have an unfair advantage, as I knew what I was trying to find. The video was sent to me on Sunday. I watched it and downloaded it immediately. Thus, I knew the doctors’ names and some words from the title of the video.

    Downloading is simple for me. I run a Linux distro, Xubuntu, and use a fine command-line program called youtube-dl (youtube downloader). So, in my terminal I type youtube-dl . It also works on bitchute and vimeo.

  68. This is a great resource for anyone who wants to eradicate that video and any means of downloading it! (And it will also show the types of sites that host these “conspiracy theorists”…). I’m wondering if it was such a great idea… James…?

    • “Well, concerning censorship, maybe it’s a good choice of video as the message is probably more treacherously insidious than anything else.”

      First of all, just because someone says something that doesn’t completely fit your narrative, doesn’t automatically make them ‘controlled opposition’.

      Secondly, they got most of the important points right.
      That could be enough to wake up a ton of people!
      That alone is cause for celebration.

      Yeah the part about testing was a bit of a downer, but so what?
      Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

      You see these men as bad guys.
      I see them as mostly good guys (with muscles).

      • Oy vay!
        You made your comments without even having seen the video. 🙁

        I would encourage you to hold your nose and watch it.

        As can be expected, the controlled opposition (Fox News)
        took the most ‘damning’ quotes they could find in the one plus hour video and published them.

        They left out all the best parts.
        If you can only spare 30 minutes, please watch the first half of the video.

        • Fawlty Towers,

          I agree with ManBearPig on this – if you haven’t watched this video, take the time to, it is only ten minutes long where the narrator points out the key psy-op insertions into the narrative the doctors were weaving.

          This is one of two things – having an open mind about it – it is a psy-op controlled opposition or they are saying the things they are saying to protect their jobs. The medical field is a highly controlled atmosphere when it comes to things like vaccines and chemotherapy among other things.

          They could be parroting – “get tested” when testing kits have been found to be contaminated with COVID and then promoting vaccines and so forth because being doctors “they have” to uphold the party line if they want to keep their jobs.

          Either way they are compromised.

        • Yes, thanks for the video Noah. The quotes by our founding fathers provided at the beginning were particularly affirming especially for times such as these. Being somewhat learned on the history of things (thanks primarily to the Corbett Report and its members), reaching any kind of middle ground through compromise is just stupidity. However, I’m hesitant to label these doctors as controlled opposition. They’re really no different than most of the people I know except that one of them went so far as to comment on the elephant in the room: the totalitarian agenda. Why do they have to be “controlled opposition”? I think they’re just ignorant, mainstream doctors worried about the state of things. Is there any one of us who learned “everything” all at once?

        • Watch the goddamn interview at least.

        • mbp, the last thing I’d want to do is be stuck in a debate with you as my opposition. Not only would I be on the losing side, but I would come over to your side by the end!

          The combination of the liberty-minded bitchute video posted by Noahsark (above) and your illustrations of how and why the two doctors are a psyop leaves me with 98% certainty that you’re right.

          One percent of my hold-out is the possibility that, as pearl said, they are “ignorant, mainstream doctors” who are still on a learning curve. The more I think about it, though, the more that this normally skeptical CQ doubts that could be the case.

          The other 1% of my hold-out remains: I may never know the truth about their motives, because I am not them, nor was I privy to any conversations they may’ve had with any people who may be their puppet-masters.

          What I know with 100% certainty is that I always want to be open to more light, to new light, on any subject — and to the possibility that this greater light, this new light, will change my mind. In other words, I will never, ever agree to remaining in the dark, to staying fooled.

          (Here’s hoping my practice session in italics worked!)

        • But you lose so much context, just reading the Coles Notes version mbp 🙂

          You prefer to view the world as either black or white.
          I prefer to see the multiple shades of grey.

          When all the numbers will be crunched, analyzed, parsed, deciphered, averaged, and finalized it will be discovered that this deadly virus is no more deadly than the seasonal flu.

          Then people will think to themselves, “We have never mandated tests and vaccines for the seasonal flu.
          It doesn’t make sense to mandate them now for this virus.
          The costs and logistics would be a nightmare.
          Little to gain for great pain.”

        • CQ, the center point here is that there are still people around who make “their” mind up based on contrived arguments of others.

        • Noahsark723, thanks for link. I watched it (the guy’s rant).

          I don’t like the tone of this guy’s voice at all.
          He’s talking down to us. He’s trying to be GOD.
          In a nutshell he’s simply obnoxious.

          “Either way they are compromised.”

          You left out a third option.
          They want us to be released from our quarantine first and foremost as quickly as possible.
          Then when we are, and people see that life is good they will say we don’t need no stinkin’ tests or vaccine now!

          In other words doctors can play games, just like everyone else. These guys are smart.
          They didn’t sign any contract saying they will uphold mandatory testing/vaccines.

        • You are welcome MBP!

          Pearl, I am not 100% sure they are controlled opposition, but it is most likely the case. They could be innocently ignorant or protecting the medical “status quo” to continue to remain to be a part of it.

          and to Mkey, CQ, Fawlty Towers and everyone else…
          The concept of the using the truth to deceive is such an old tactic, as old, if not older than the bible itself.

          Light can be used to show and teach; to reveal the truth but light also can be used to blind when it is shined directly into the eyes.

          These concepts need to be considered and weighed in many instances — That the truth can be used to deceive. It is a concept that is worth pondering on in silence for a while.

          When one goes fishing you just don’t through the hook in the water – you have to bait it first.

        • Folks do you really think James would have put us through
          the agony of wasting so much of our collective time trying to find AND SAVE this banned video, if he thought it was fluff?

          Come on THINK!

          He never would have produced this piece in the first place if he thought these guys were unimportant.

          He has gone on record in interviews referring to them.
          Yes he acknowledged the part about testing/vaccines, but he didn’t throw the baby out with the bath water!

          I won’t.

        • James is as human as the rest of us – he can make mistakes as well and be fooled by things at times as well.

          Propaganda can be some very well placed and executed that it can fool the best of us.

          What is more important is to realize you have been had and to grow from it because if you can’t then you get stuck.

          Follow no one but your own conscious and intuition. That is the only way we will be become free of this – by freeing our own minds and only you can do that for yourself — ultimately!

          There is no leader coming to save us and nor could “they”. Simply by just following a leader will not solve this great problem.

          But when enough individuals free their own minds – then we will be able to heal this situation by acting in concert – not on the dictates of a leader – but by the dictates of truth and facts which are sacred and to be always honored!

        • Smells of bullshit in these parts, I don’t much care for that stench, personally.

        • Noahsark723 says:
          “James is as human as the rest of us – he can make mistakes as well and be fooled by things at times as well.”

          As mbp says, James made no mistake here.

          “What is more important is to realize you have been had and to grow from it because if you can’t then you get stuck.”

          I haven’t been “had” Noahsark.
          I know what’s going on.

          Not every person (doctors) says exactly what you want to hear.
          That does not make them a “controlled opposition”.
          They are human beings, not dogs led by the nose.

          “Follow no one but your own conscious and intuition. That is the only way we will be become free of this – by freeing our own minds and only you can do that for yourself — ultimately!”

          I am Noahsark, I am!

          I take the good stuff (“isolation will compromise your immune system, screw you up mentally”), “Covid is the same as the flu etc. etc.”, and discard the bad (mandatory testing/vaccines).
          Maybe I’m just a little more astute than the average Joe?

          Next thing you’ll be accusing me of being controlled opposition?

          I said it before and I’ll say it again.

          James would not waste his time and ours, chasing around looking for this video and saving it, if it were a useless
          piece of propaganda. Put on your thinking cap.

        • Fawlty Towers,

          Ooh, this thread’s got me riled up! LOL

          You and me, as you know, have had lengthy disagreements in the past, and that’s cool. Because on the flip side, there are the times I feel you are SPOT ON, which is also cool! And in this thread, you Fawlty Towers, are spot on with regard to every aspect of the argumentation.

          Here’s just a slice:

          It cracked me up and warmed my heart all at the same time when I read your take on this obnoxious narrator…. To put it way more bluntly, I’ll say that it only took the first two or three words out of his mouth, at most, to realize, in some intrinsic way, that this guy sounds -(and please forgive my French) – like a fucking douche bag. I mean, scarily, like a serious fucking douche bag! So much so, that by the time he was quoting Samuel Adams and couldn’t bring himself to say “ye”, and said “you”, instead, I thought, what a piece of shit. What an idiot.

          The thing is, if his brand of shit is the Voice of Liberty, then fuck me, I don’t want any part of it. Never. Not with that disgusting talking down attitude, as you had very accurately and justly described.

          And who is this pillorying ideologue, anyway? Who is this bastion of Truth and Liberty? Does anybody on this board know who he is? Does anybody know if this profound arbiter of liberty and exactitude practices what he fucking preaches in any way, shape or form?….

          And, guess what? A substantial counter narrative of conspiratorial yarn can be spun around this fool, too. And it just so happens you hit that nail right on the head when you said he’s trying to be GOD! Yes, indeed! Make the liberty narrative so high and fucking mighty that it’s never achievable! It can never be reached! And at the same time you’re creating this unattainable narrative, you make sure to knock the legs out from under anyone or anything that might be worthwhile, if somehow flawed in some way. And thereby achieving a maleficent, inertial, counter objective, totally surreptitiously.

          Will the true controlled opposition please stand up!

          And that’s what turns my stomach when everyone under the sun is labeled a gatekeeper, no matter who they are, what they’ve done, nor how much they’ve suffered. It don’t matter. The critiquer expects nothing less than absolute perfection. Nothing less than the critiquer’s own hollowed perspective. Otherwise, it’s trample time.

          One last excruciatingly hilarious irony you brought to the table: If the Bakersfield Docs are controlled opposition, then what does that make Corbett? A king pin? Or, just a dummy?

          That, in essence, was another one of your good points among numerous ones you made, Fawlty Towers.


        • @Fawlty Towers

          “Not every person (doctors) says exactly what you want to hear.
          That does not make them a “controlled opposition”.
          They are human beings, not dogs led by the nose.”

          Sure – but things and people are as they are. If they are controlled opposition then that is what they are. Just because someone says something I “don’t want to hear,” doesn’t mean that I think they are controlled opposition. Man, that is a childish, asinine remark to make, a pure assumptive blunder on your part.

          The you wrote this, “I haven’t been “had” Noahsark.
          I know what’s going on.”

          That to me is an expression of your fear to being fooled. Life is such that at times you will make mistakes in regards to this kind of study simply because of the nature of conspiracy and the psychological tactics used. They literally understand us better than we understand ourselves. So you would be wise to being open to being wrong – because when you are actually wrong it makes it easier to see it in yourself so that you don’t get caught and stuck in a faulty idea.

          Then you state… “I take the good stuff …and discard the bad”

          Fine – you do that – I would like to see all people do that.
          But my point is made about the truth being used to deceive. It is a form of 3rd dimensional thinking that most in these times do not do. Black white – on/off is 2d thinking and it is big part of why the human race is in trouble and caught in myriad dialectics.

          … and NO – I do not think you are controlled opposition.. just someone who is so afraid of being fooled that your fear sets the stage psychologically for the very thing you fear to happen to you. Take the time to think about that!

          and as you stated before…
          “James would not waste his time and ours, chasing around
          looking for this video and saving it, if it were a useless
          piece of propaganda. Put on your thinking cap.”

          and I will just say to you, James is human and is subject to make mistakes. People are all human and subject to bouts with weakness. Something to be mindful of and the reason that no one should blindly follow anyone… and I am not saying that James made a mistake here…

          I am not really sure what his intention was in using this video other than that is was something that was removed from youtube. To me this video is more about the exercise of using the internet as a dynamic resource because we are going to have to develop street smarts about using it in this increasing atmosphere of censorship.

          Maybe this episode was just a filler episode because James has a bigger project he is working on behind the scenes – so he could have just threw this episode together and decided to just grab that video and use that one because it was the big recent viral video that youtube censored and that was all he knew of it. Or maybe there will be a follow up video to this one with some lesson in mind… time will tell… Maybe James will care to clarify this at some point?!

        • Thanks candlelight for your post!

          Sorry for the late response, but it’s the nature of this website. Often times we don’t receive notifications for replies, even if the request has been made.
          And if you don’t log into the site soon after a fresh post is made, you won’t see it, as it scrolls off the list of ‘recent comments’.

          I hope you get to read this post sooner rather than later. 🙂

          Yes we have had a few altercations in the past, but on the whole I think we see things from the same point of view. 🙂

          I’m glad to have tickled your fancy in this contentious thread.


        • Hey Fawlty Towers,

          ….You’re most welcome, i.e., for my post. On this issue we see I to I, I think 🙂

          So, it’s already Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there!

          To mbp: You asked the question what exactly was said by the “narrator” that I found objectionable….

          Oh, lordy. What could anybody find objectionable about the narrator’s comments? That is, in and of themselves? Quoting Samuel Adams? A founding Father? A bedrock of Liberté! Ah, that is, Liberté for those of his own ilk – white, not black, not brown, and certainly not indigenous. Excuse for a moment such digressing…. What I found objectionable was the context in which the narrator extolled such high and mighty platitudes. Such platitudes mandate, in absolute terms, liberty and freedom of the individual.

          Great. Cool.

          But, what’s going on is not so simple. Though, I really wish it were.

          The narrator doesn’t live in a bubble. He doesn’t live and survive on his own. The narrator is dependent on society – the collective – for his livelihood and survival…for his shelter, for his clothes and for his food. Therefore, he cannot talk in what would amount to (and does) as furtive, disingenuous absolutes unless he takes into consideration the well-being of society as a whole. And society’s collective well-being, in this particular pandemic situation, may very well fall out beyond the purview of Sam Adams’ talking points on Liberté.

          Do we have Sam Adam’s take on pandemics?

          I doubt it.

          Look. The numbers of people effected by covid, the number of deaths that ought to be realistically attributed to covid may very well be cooked, in the same way a “creative” accountant might cook someone’s books. I get that. But, this is no flu. This is one, very bad-ass pathogen. And I really do have to applaud Jason Bermas (Interview 1540)for being exceptionally straight forward; first, by relaying what a nurse had to say about the high patient load at a NY area medical facility, and, secondly, and even more importantly, his very candid take on what’s going on with this covid-19 affliction – “…however, if it gets you (covid-19), it can rapidly take your life…”

        • That rapidity of death and/or near death is exactly in line with the anecdotes I’ve been hearing from people I personally know, about people that they personally know. Covid, too, can be devastating to people who do not necessarily have any known underlying medical conditions. Actually, this is mostly what I’ve been hearing. And, to make matters worse, we’re beginning to hear of strange and serious medical conditions effecting young child, as well.

          Whether SARS-CoV-2 was developed in a lab – and my guess it probably was – or whether it was an amazing coincidence that it just happened to make its jump to humans at about the same time Event 201 was wrapping-up is truly superfluous in terms of how to deal with it, now that it’s out there and, to a very real degree, wreaking havoc with people’s lives.

          Is the danger it poses to society overstated? Probably. Though, are the elderly and compromised facing an existential risk, beyond that of the typical strains of seasonal influenza? Most definitely.

          It’s most definitely a balancing act, but I’m for opening up the economy along the same lines such as Sweden. Protect and support the elderly and the compromised, but let people go about their business as they see fit, but at the same time, do so respecting other’s personal space. If that means social distancing, or wearing a mask in tight places, for the time being, so be it. Also, I think given the nature of covid, if someone isn’t feeling well, they should stay home, and such persons should be given ample sick leave. But, unlike the Bakersfield doctors, I think it’s both wrong and dangerous to wait for a vaccine and/or massive testing before opening up the economy. Yet, I’m not going tag them as covert government operatives simply for expressing their beliefs, or for expressing what they expressed for whatever their underlying reasons were, pressing hard on the conspiracy button. I’m happy to state, as did Corbett, that I’m not in agreement with everything they said. I mean, if this was a psyop, well, it wasn’t a very good one. Or perhaps it ironically triggered some other dormant psyop lurking within the conspiracy addled. Who knows?

          Anyway, in as much as the Bill Gates’ of the world nauseate me, with all that he and his cohorts stand for, I also don’t think now’s the time for self-righteousness. Including the Pharisaism of quoting Samuel Adam’s talking points on Liberty.

      • I would like to take inspiration from Ryan Cristian’s most recent admirable example of admitting that he’d made a mistake

        to state for the record that

        I was wrong about the Bakersfield doctors Erickson and Massihi. In fact, today, 14 months after the fact, I find much of what they said quite prescient including remarks about asymptomatic shedding and natural herd immunity.

        This does not mean that I will stop trying to keep an eye out for classic propaganda techniques. Indeed, I believed, based on their statement on Fox News (that I took out of context and yes, the privilege of Fox News coverage also piqued my mistaken suspicions),

        that these telegenic medical professionals were meant to acquire a solid popularity base among “dissident thinkers” denouncing the lockdown measures only to later be used to sell said vaccines to these otherwise highly skeptical people. Which would have been a classic propaganda opinion-control technique.

        I focused on the part in bold of their statement:

        Once [the herd immunity rate] hits 70 or 80 percent, the virus has nowhere else to go and it burns out,” Erickson said, later adding, ” … So I think the Key is the vaccine helps get you to herd immunity, but also, you can get to herd immunity without a vaccine.”

        In the forensic light of hindsight it’s pretty clear that my fear was unfounded and my judgement of these gentlemen, entirely wrong.

        Unlike TLAV, I don’t have to maintain credibility amongst followers of a show that is my livlihood, (though his admission did not only reinforce my admiration for his tenacity and courage for truth-telling and dissecting propaganda, but more importantly his humility did indeed galvanize his crediblity in my eyes)

        but the excruciatingly humiliating experience of admitting that I was quite wrong

        helps me at least stay square and honest with myself.

        • Thanks for posting this!

          What a standard to carry as a standard.
          For me also: “helps me at least stay square and honest with myself.”

        • Admission: I fell asleep in the wee hours while watching the latest #SolutionsWatch, nosoapradio. Is that the forum where Ryan admitted a recent mistake? If so, I’ll listen to it again. If not, where was it, please?

          I well remember this conversation of 15 months ago, when you, then named manbearpig, pulled the trigger a hair fast, perhaps, based on your understanding of gatekeeping and controlled opposition tactics.

          The reason I recall it so vividly is that, in retrospect, I felt badly for having 99% (or was it 98%?) agreed with you–simply because you were, in my eyes, the prescient, wise mbp. Seriously. (My recollection that I went back and apologized in this thread seems to be not accurate, so I guess it was elsewhere that I said I was sorry for some other indiscretion!)

          Anyway, though I comment infrequently these days, I wanted to take the opportunity to say that I admire you even more now for your honest admission, nsr/mbp/nsr. And I’m grateful to have learned a small lesson in not drawing hasty conclusions, in not judging a book by its cover (i.e., handsome, muscular doctors who were being “used”–or so we falsely imagined), and in not being influenced (erroneously, it turns out) by persons just because I respect their savvy and discernment.

          • ” in not being influenced (erroneously, it turns out) by persons “

            Reminds me of that joke about the Giraffe and the Elephant in the bathtub.

            The Giraffe says “Pass me the soap.”

            and the Elephant says “No soap! Radio!”

            Get it??

          • Never thought Wikipedia would save the day, but it has!


            I not only understand the joke now, but I also understand, finally, why you chose that clever handle, nsr. It fits this line of work.

            Could you answer the Q. at the top of my post, s’il vous plait?

          • BUMP
            CQ’s Response with Wikipedia

          • Here’s how I interpret it, Fact Checker:

            OK, you’ve got a bunch of psychopaths who want to both confuse and control you. So what they do is pretend they’re telling you a joke, which is actually NOT a joke at all–and in this way they confuse you. But you don’t want to admit you’re confused, because then you wouldn’t be part of the “in-the-know” crowd, right? So you go along with them and you laugh, not realizing that they’re gaining control over your mind.

            Most people are not like the too-young-to-have-been-brainwashed-yet little boy who pointed at the naked emperor and, unembarrassed, pointed out: “He’s wearing no clothes.” No, most folks obliviously consent to being fooled. To being gaslighted.

            Does that help? Or have I missed the mark? If so, nosoapradio will un-confuse us when she wakes up, Paris time. 🙂

          • Haha! It occurred to me that you might be joshing, Fact Checker. (I’ve been away from the comment section for so long that my nose doesn’t sniff out pranksters as well as it used to, I guess!)

            Nonetheless, I had fun explaining the “joke” to myself.

            Relaxed CQ 🙂

          • “…manbearpig, pulled the trigger a hair fast, perhaps, based on your understanding of gatekeeping and controlled opposition tactics…”

            Though I don’t know nearly enough yet about gatekeeping and controlled opposition tactics, and not that it matters much, as with everything, a convergence of factors led to my unabashed error.

            1: Completely immersed in the ambient mass hysteria permeating my home, virtual office and University entourage, I’d exceeded my tolerance limit for patience and understanding (admittedly low to begin with) which ultimately drove me to drop everything and skip the country (a survival mechanism that could be construed as cowardly).


            2: These gentlemen unwittingly ticked many of the opinion-control technique boxes, including: A: Unusually telegenic, they look like Marvel comic book heros, B: That they could be invited as guests on Fox News, C: at a cursory glance, (which is not my habitual style when making pronouncements), their quote seemed to be selling the vaccine and D: the contrarian in me was put off by their immediate, seemingly unconditional popuarity…

            anyhow, enough with excuses

            Ryan Cristian admitted to a mistake he made on his own August 5th? and 7th shows, not here at the Corbett Report, so you didn’t overlook anything.

          • Though the word “psychopath” might be a bit extreme

            your explanation of “the joke” seemed quite apt.

  69. Howdy BigPhil, the link you provided was for a full article with the video embedded in it – you need to separate the video from the article – here’s the steps I took to get the video link separately:

    1 display the article
    2 scroll down to video
    3 right click with cursor on video
    4 select “view frame source”
    5 just guess work on my part – scrolled through source until I found a likely candidate – clues etc. and found the following:

    6 test your assumption by copying above into URL box and enter
    7 Bingo! Can view video so got the right link
    8 using Clipgrab or something similar copy above URL into download box
    9 follow Clipgrab prompts


    • Good step by step for embedded videos

  70. Judging from the quantity of Corbett Report Member responses, I feel for James and his email inbox.

    I bet his email explodes daily.

  71. If you’re having difficulty finding this video (all 65 minutes) then here it is on BitChute mirrored from , the new Alex Jones video channel.

    I downloaded it using Firefox & the Video DownloadHelper add on.

    It’s still there as of April 30th.

    You’re welcome.

  72. I agree – this is certainly one of their tactics to make their agents look legitimate.

    The concept of using the truth to deceive is something that has been going on for a long time. You can have 90% truth and mix it with 10% lies and then the out right omission of certain facts and you can lead many down into the mental cul de sac and keep them there.

    This is exactly what alex jones is and so many others who are of the controlled opposition ilk.

    Thanks for putting this idea forth ManBearPig because it is an extremely important one to be aware of.

  73. Someone else posted a video that was deleted on youtube as well here in this thread. SO I hunted it down and found this…

    I haven’t watched the original video of these doctors yet and after watching this one exposing these fool doctors I don’t think I will waste my time on it.

    I agree this doctor video is a psy-op and taking the video down at youtube was part of adding a false legitimacy to it.

    Again – thank you ManBearPig your insight and intelligence is much appreciated!!!

  74. It looks like you built yourself a small army, James…
    In a good way of course.

  75. In response to this challenge I created my own BitChute channel to be able to share this and other videos (after downloading it with the Tube Offline tool suggested above, thanks:, and posted it here:

    Thanks for everything you do, James. You’re a unanimous first-ballot libertarian-truther hall of fame lock.

  76. Step 1: Search where you can for what you know. I searched duckduckgo, google and youtube and found…almost nothing, but I managed to get the names of the doctors

    Dr Dan Erickson and Dr Artin Massihi

    Step 2: I searched Bitchute for those names and found it.

    Step 3: I downloaded it.
    -I use Firefox
    -It has an add-on called downloadhelper. It helps you download video and audio from websites.

  77. Hey friends,

    I’ve been doing some self-examination. In case it helps anyone (or maybe because it’s part of my penance!), I’ll share with you what I’ve learned, in retrospect, from our verbal exchange (above) about the two doctors whose video we’ve been chasing and capturing all over the web.

    Let me make clear first, though, that this investigation of my own heart has nothing whatsoever to do with how anyone else has responded to the two doctors. Each of us has our own reasons, our own thoughts and feelings — and I have nothing but respect for everyone here and everything they’ve written.

    Stepping back after my part in that conversation, I asked myself: Why did I so quickly agree with the “yes, they are almost certainly controlled opposition” opinion? My judgment was based solely on having read some convincing-to-me arguments about how gatekeeping operates (and on having heard the analysis in the short bitchute video). Why did I jump to conclusions so hastily?

    I confess that one reason I readily went along with being skeptical of the doctors’ motives is that in the past I’d been burned by being too trusting. I’d been taken in by superficialities, had heard only the words I wanted to hear, before realizing later on, to my horror and with hurt pride, that I’d been fooled. Every time that happened, I vowed to never again be taken for a ride. Eventually, I became overly suspicious — a defense against falling into another trap and berating myself later.

    Another question I asked myself: Am I being fair to the two individuals whose motives I’m impugning? Granted, they may be displaying a slew of classic controlled opposition characteristics. And granted, I despise that they believe in people being tested before returning to work and in vaccines to ward off future pandemics. But what if I were the one accused of being part of a plot, of having ulterior motives, when my intentions were in fact innocent? How would I feel? Of course, I wouldn’t like it. I’ve been falsely accused before, and I hated it. (Hmmm, guess I need to ponder the Beatitudes again.)

    [I’ll save the rest for a second comment, in a “reply” to myself, lest this one be snipped before the denouement!]

    • [Continued from comment directly above.]

      That realization prompted me to probe even deeper into my motives. Why was I so eager to prove to myself (and perhaps to others, whose perspectives I admire) that I couldn’t be deceived? Was I being self-righteous? I’d have to say “yes” in the sense that my response caused me to completely disregard what should’ve been my foremost motive: to do unto others as I want done to me.

      Now, this isn’t to say that the two doctors are not controlled opposition. Maybe they are. The signs of that possibility, cited by others in this thread, might be confirmed one day.

      After I left this comment thread, I watched the three-hour Event 202 (, which maybe others of you also watched. Several of the panelists spoke of coming from a place of love instead of a place of fear (or, I could add, speaking for myself only, instead of from a place of premature condemnation of the two doctors’ motives).

      One speaker mentioned, more than once, the need to “repent” — that is, to think again, in a new way. His remark, kindly voiced, sobered me. Ashamed, I admitted to myself that I had, while penning my verdict against the doctors, felt smug. I’d exhibited a gotcha-style, show-off attitude. (Not saying or implying that this was the motive of anyone else here; I’m sure it wasn’t!)

      In my first comment on the subject, I closed by saying that I always want to be open to more light, meaning that I would readily change course if I were to see something in a new, clearer light. Well, that opportunity came along pretty fast!

      I’ll call that new light “mercifulness.” If I want to be treated with mercy, then I need — and want — to be merciful to others. For me, mercy means not being too hasty to judge — not to condemn (possibly) erroneously. For, without mercy, truth can’t shine, justice can’t be done, love can’t be felt, and peace can’t reign.

      OK, confession over, all you priests out there! 🙂 Now, I hope repentance leads to reform — else this mea culpa has been a total waste of my (and your) time.

  78. My husband downloaded it before they took it down. I’m uploading it to fb right now, or at least it looks like its about 90% uploaded. Jury is still out. After that finishes, I’ll upload it to dropbox and send to my friends who didn’t get a chance to see it, and the ones who want their own copies of it. i’m sitting around with my normy in-laws, and the elders of them are no longer normies. The situation we’re in may be bad, but it has a very good side, too. So many people are waking up who I never expected to, and because of all the extra time on our hands, we’re getting together and sharing ideas and building relationships. With some common sense, a little willingness to work and try new things, and great advice from folks like Derrick Broze et al, I think many of us and our families are gonna be better than ok.




  80. Original news station who reported it has video:

    American institute for scientific research, has a transcript of a lot of it alongside the video:

    Talks about positively , but videos are taken off:

    I used duckduckgo search engine, then used the firefox addon Video Download Helper to get myself a personal copy of it.

  81. In case anyone wants it, here is a summary of what the two doctors said in the censored video. I am an RN/BSN.

    Here’s a summary of what the censored Urgent Care doctors (from my April 28 post) said:

    1. They kept their own statistics for two months of treating patients at their clinics AND tracking CDC and WHO stats. Their conclusion is that the Sars II-Coronavirus is more contagious but not more lethal than Influenza.
    2. They reiterated that Influenza is a serious/ lethal infection.
    3. There have been Pandemics every year with none of the measures taken such as are now being imposed.
    4. Never, in the history of mankind have healthy people been quarantined. (Many people with decades of public health and epidemiology experience agree that this is totally unique and unwarranted.) With over 40 years of combined experience in virology and immunology between them, they state that quarantining healthy people has no scientific basis for prevention of contracting the disease and is harmful to a healthy immune system.
    5. A second wave of infection is expected because of quarantining healthy people.
    6. Doctors at their clinics are seeing a significant increase in depression, child abuse, domestic violence, suicidal ideation and anxiety in their patient population.
    7. Patients are avoiding seeking treatment of serious health conditions (hypertension, cancer, heart disease, etc) because of fear of being exposed to a deadly virus.
    8. Hospital ER physicians are reporting being “pressured” to report Covid-19 illnesses where there is no diagnosis of it and to report it as the cause of death, even if they don’t feel it is.

    9. THEIR CONCLUSION: “There’s something else going on here.”
    Disclaimer: These aren’t the exact words of the video. It has been removed from YouTube but was still available on BitChute and other platforms last I knew. This was my own impression of their comments. There is a lot of other important info in the video, so worth watching if you can. E.g. We now know the virus can live on plastic for 3 days. So gloves do not prevent its spread. Hmmmm.

    • Thank you Swanbyrd. That is a very good summary. The same theme runs through another presentation we heard a while back with much the same response.
      Somebodies done sumptin’

      • “Somebodies done sumptin’” alright!

        But sad to read in the comments section what the youth of today are being taught in the schools…

        Jenna Keith
        7 months ago
        “some people did something” Try again. How about “Al Qaeda committed the most terrible act on American soil that has forever impacted our history!” No matter how much people try, we will never forget. Those of us born after the attacks, whether it be a few months(like me) or years, will never know what it was like to live here pre 9/11. ??? “

  82. Youtube is falling asleep at the wheel again.

    Del Bigtree recently interviewed the ‘BANNED DOC’ Dr. Erickson and gave him the opportunity to ‘clarify’ the points he made in his ‘viral’ video.

    Dr. Erickson re-asserts himself and drops a lot of names of influential ‘alternative view’ scientists/doctors.

  83. Observation between Chrome and Firefox browsers.

    When accessing the list of URLs from within this blogpost, Chrome fails to return content; Firefox does.

    Chrome’s error message is, “This site can’t provide a secure connection.
    [site] sent an invalid response. ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR”

    Firefox doesn’t complain, working normally, returning a perfectly valid signature and content.

    Incident occurred with the following domains/URLs:
    and also the embed to bitchute via

    But not (!):

    Content is missing from: (amongst others) (“This item is no longer available. Items may be taken down for various reasons, including by decision of the uploader or due to a violation of our Terms of Use.”) (“Sorry, we couldn’t find that page”)

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