Episode 437 – Canada Criminalizes Dissent

by | Feb 24, 2023 | Podcasts, Videos | 91 comments

The freedom convoy commission has delivered its verdict: dissent is now illegal whenever the government declares it so! Find out about the commission’s final report and what it means for Canadians and freedom lovers the world over on this important edition of The Corbett Report.

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Global National: Feb. 17, 2023 | Report finds Emergencies Act met “very high threshold”
Time Reference: 00:45


Episode 434 – Canada’s Freedom Convoy Commission
Time Reference: 01:40


Emergencies Act explainer
Time Reference: 02:21


Emergencies Act
Time Reference: 04:24


Interview 1771 – The Freedom Convoy Commission with the JCCF
Time Reference: 05:27


Commissioner Rouleau comments following release of Emergencies Act report – February 17, 2023
Time Reference: 06:04


Public Order Emergency Commission website
Time Reference: 08:27


Rob Kittredge’s website
Time Reference: 29:20



  1. In the words of U.S. ‘law enforcement’: ‘We’ve investigated ourselves and found no evidence of wrongdoing.’

  2. Thanks, James. Funny, I listened to Trudeau and all his honorable Canadian government officials, but I couldn’t disecern one human soul among them. Was it, perchance, an ad hoc convocation of “reptilians”?

  3. Fostering Confidence = Manufacturing Consent

  4. Why is only one man, who was appointed by Trudeau, allowed to make such an important determination all on his own? What are his qualifications? (Relative of Trudeau and Liberal Supporter?). Seems like a conflict of interest! Shouldn’t we have a panel of judges or jury representing many segments of Canadian Society collaborating on such profound decisions that will impact all Canadians? A criminal doesn’t or should not select his own jury or are Laws changing in Canada?

    • FKozak
      “Why is only one man, who was appointed by Trudeau, allowed to make such an important determination all on his own”

      for a mathematical proof of the geometry of the power structure that governs humanity, use the following postulates:
      1. whomsoever has the biggest gun wins
      2. lotsa drop kicks can be frothin with cash but only a handful or even just one, will have the biggest gun
      3. old school guns shot bullets, todays big guns shoot invisible & silent masers,

      the advantage is impressive, but its still beatable.

      no where to run
      no where to hide
      no answers here to find

      theres no mind inside the mind
      theres no time in-between the lines

      so rest inside yourself

    • “Why is only one man, who was appointed by Trudeau, allowed to make such an important determination all on his own? What are his qualifications?”

      His qualifications are the same as all other politicians/judicial representatives (or any other other statist peons with fancy titles) that are allowed to have their token titles at the bottom rung of the corporatocracy, he is willing to swear allegiance to the 2+2=5 ideology.

      In today’s case, 5 = Setting the precedent that martial law and tyrannical de-banking tactics are ‘totally normal and justified’ for weaponizing against peaceful protestors.

      The court system has been usurped and corrupted for a very long time, it is not a mechanism for justice, it is a mechanism for justifying statist tyranny and corporate pillaging.

  5. The news is so depressing that I had to pause, and breathe deeply. Digital world of money, no dissent, even in free countries, I am now sure I am on the wrong planet. Me and you and Gandhi, M. L. King, and Buddha, all the realists for peace are going to have to band together to resist the death of hope. I’m ready, I remember when this country, and your country, and even India cheered over India’s emancipation from the british empire. The populace and the politicians boasted about the freedoms we would all enjoy in a more enlightened world. Our work is cut out for us. Did it ever occur to you that there might be a third party present on Terra, one that is not for humans who, as we know, thrive on hope and peace, love and good will? I really think about that a lot lately. All these evil doers will fail, humans are borne on hope and that spirit cannot fail. When are they going to realize that? We are the indomitable ones. Keep going James, no telling when they will crumble…love your work, Buz

  6. In a nailbiter, Government rules in favor of itself, shocker!

    While all governments are limited by the resources available to plunder and the attitude of the “people”, legally limited government is an oxymoron. The defining characteristic of Government is that it claims the sole right to prescribe the legal use of force within a geographical area, often called the monopoly on violence. This “right” allows government to judge the legality of all actions, including its’ own, relative to the law. This means that government exists, by definition, outside of and above the law.

    As James notes, hearings such as this are meant to mollify the people by creating the illusion of accountability. The legitimacy of political authority is a myth (though the exercise of political authority is very real).


  7. Considering the moves the gubment had to pull to curb the convoy, I would say it was quite successful.
    I can not gauge the economical destruction it left in its wake, however.

    • Good point.
      The gooberment and MuddyMedia strained extremely hard in so many ways in trying to suppress The Freedom Convoy.
      They wasted a tremendous amount of ammunition…with much of it blowing up in their faces.

  8. Anyone who has taken the time to listen to the Enquiry when it took place knows that the conclusion that Rouleau came to is flawed in so many ways. It was evident from the Government’s official’s testimony that they simply decided to change the meaning of the law to justify their action. The Ottawa police, the Ontario Provincial Police and even CSIS testified that the emergencies act was not necessary. It is a sad day indeed for Canada as it is now obvious that the justice system is corrupted as well. Another thing that came out loud and clear from the police is how scared and overwhelmed they were. That is the lesson here for the Canadian people: there are more of us than there is of them. This protest was held in the coldest time of the year. Just imagine how many more people would have join this convoy had it been held in April let’s say…And what scared the politicians the most is how quick the movement was able to raise money. They raised 20 millions in 3 weeks. No politicians has ever been able to do this in Canadian history. Polievre jumped on the tail of the movement when he saw this. In his news conference last Friday he blamed the economic downturn for the Trucker’s protests due to Trudeau’s economics policies.. He was totally off and really showed his true self. I guess he is scared to support the movement and he is sitting on the fence. This will open the eyes (I hope) to those who think that he will save us from the official WEF “agenda”. It will take time before there is another such protest in Canada but when it does happen it will be a lot bigger and a lot more powerful. There are no political party that I feel I could vote for right now. We need to have new political parties, we need fundamental changes into our political systems if we want to survive as a democracy. Thanks for all your work…

    • I like your comment.

    • I would not say that obvious corruption is a sad thing. What is sad is that people are not doing something concrete about it. And voting harder is certainly is not an option.

    • I like your comment too gabyville, though I have to agree with mkey about hoping statism will save us and make everything better.

      Thanks for the update on that Polievre guy, I had a feeling he would fold or flop around when the prevailing political/popular opinion winds changed direction.

    • I agree about Poilievre. He seems to be pulling the right cords, ie. bitcoin, gun control, etc, to get ‘conspiracy theorists’ on his side. He won’t save us.

      • lotusblossom

        “..to get ‘conspiracy theorists’ on his side. He won’t save us….”

        You might want to reward them if they do something good and dont do something bad.

        As the ‘S2 Underground’ made the point a while back…if your wanting to bring the enemy forces around its important to reward small steps- and i would also say to punish bad behavior.

        One of the reasons the “republican” party (like the “conservative” party in the UK) is so bad is that very few people REWARD them with votes they wouldnt have gotten and, worse, very few people will PUNISH them by voting for someone else when they go against what they said they stand for.

        Its like Hollywood and Netflix…. they make evil $h1t and people still give them money, while not many people will reward them with new subscriptions if they make entertainment that is not disgusting.

        about 10 or 11 min in
        “Even if the agencies net tyranny level is pretty high rewarding small steps in the right direction…..”

        • Voting won’t encourage them to do the right thing, though. As it was said often on this site and in many alternative media sites, voting is useless. There are surely ways to encourage them without using the selection process used by the powers that should not be to make us believe that we have democracy.

          • Voting is not useless. It is used to keep people in an inactive, NPC if you will, state.

            • mkey

              “…Voting is not useless. It is used to keep people in an inactive, NPC if you will, state….”

              Voting is useless if its ALL PEOPLE DO.

              People who ONLY vote are in the NPC state, but TBH that kind of person would be an NPC in any case….the trick of Democracy is, indeed, to obscure who actually rules from the masses.

              However- do you really think that its unimportant to vote for your local Gov? or for who sits on the school board? If 5 or 10% of the people vote on the school (link below) board you could probably take over control with a TINY number of people.

              Right now a TINY number of interest groups who can turn out a small number of voters have grabbed the school board and because of that have pretty much sewn up the ideology of the next generation. Even if you have homeschooled kids they will be living in freaksworld where the majority have zero regard for their rights.

              Sure…. if you depend on voting to fix your issues its stupid. But its equally stupid to give up the machinery of state so other can use it to oppress you.


              Why do you think Immigrant communities in the UK get so many concessions from the Gov? Because community leaders can turn out enough votes to get an MP into or out of power.

            • I phrased it wrong. I should have said that it’s useless for those who vote and think it will actually work to bring about positive change. I agree that the plan will be followed no matter who is in charge, even if some superficial elements are different.

              • “… I should have said that it’s useless for those who vote and think it will actually work to bring about positive change…”

                You wont get what you want…..but slowing down your enemy, even a tiny bit, while he tries to kill you is a good idea IMO

          • Lotusblossum

            “….As it was said often on this site and in many alternative media sites, voting is useless….”

            If you look at the Global Agenda it is ALMOST TOTALLY dependent on LOCAL GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS ENFORCING THE STANDARDS and a lot of those officials are elected.

            First off I am NOT saying voting is the cure for what ails us, democracy is mostly a tool to hide the identity of who has the actual power.

            I AM also saying that the machinery of state is not going to suddenly vanish, and not bothering to influence it in what little (or large) way you can with a vote is literally leaving a weapon on the table for people who hate you to pick it up and kill you.

            How many people do you think it takes to take control of the school board? You think that the fact that Gen Z generally doesnt give a c7@p about your freedom has nothing to do with what they got programmed with in school?

            Would you rather have a town council that refuses or delays local adoption of Agenda 21 regulations or one that is enthusiastic about them?

            “… There are surely ways to encourage them without using the selection process used by the powers that should not be to make us believe that we have democracy….”


            But why would you let yur enemies just pick up a weapon to hurt when FOR ALMOST NO EFFORT you can gum up the works a bit by voting??

            Even the national elections are useful because forcing them to cheat sucks legitimacy out of the system in the eyes of normies and makes normies realize that they need to do MORE then vote.

            • The system is rigged so that no matter who is elected, they will follow the plan. I don’t think voting makes the types of differences I want to see. I am sure there are politicians who genuinely care, but they rarely get a seat.

              • lotusblossum

                OF COURSE its rigged.

                However, the fact that its rigged does not make it “useless”. Your local government is almost always pivotal in actually carrying out the designs of the Controllers.

                “…I don’t think voting makes the types of differences I want to see….”

                Then you must consider that either

                a)The change that you desire is not ever going to happen because its a silly idea (anarchy, for example is NEVER more then a transitional state between governments because anarchy is not a natural state for people to live in)


                b) You may not get what you WANT but there are huge degrees of HOW BAD things can be and you can be happy with SOME of what you want (or even things not being AS BAD as they could be)

                Do what you like, 🙂 (I’m not the boss of you) 🙂 but IMO it JUST as silly to not bother using the tiny bit of leverage as it is to think that voting is going to make huge changes.

  9. Thanks for the excellent breakdown of the farce of a “commission”.

    I have witnessed the totalitarian tip toe as it marched across Canada in the last 2 decades, stomping on those who dared resist “progress” and criminalizing the dissenting voices of anyone who stood in the way of corporate industry. It has been a gradual, but extremely brutal and effective process.

    I think I have mentioned this to you before but I was in Whistler and Vancouver when dissent was criminalized and they set up “free speech zones” https://boingboing.net/2009/07/08/vancouver-olympics-t.html When indigenous

    When Vancouver got the Olympic bid for the 2010 winter Olympics (a modern day “Circus Maximus” that exudes Anthropocentrism and hubris) the statist bureaucrats in Canada immediately began planning how they would steal more of unceded lands of indigenous peoples and pillaging the Earth in order to build the Olympic facilities and event grounds.

    As early as 2007, indigenous people, the poor, the homeless and those who live on the land were experiencing the ripple effects of the imperialistic colonialism of the Olympic Games. The vast destruction of mountains, old growth forests, streams, hunting and fishing grounds and delicate ecosystems in which are relied on by Indigenous people; the closures of social housing and low income hotels; the high and increasing rate of homelessness; and the criminalization of Indigenous people and the poor are all part of the lead up to the 2010 Olympics.

    Indigenous communities in the interior and the coast of British Columbia including the Secwepemc people of Skelkwek’welt, the St’at’imc of Sutikalh, the Pilalt of Cheam were resisting the objectives and activities of the 2010 Olympics since 2003.

    Those who stood up to defend their lands were criminalized by the Canadian state. There were hundreds of arrests of Indigenous people (with an emphasis on Indigenous youth and Elders) who protested Olympics 2010 and its objectives.

    The Vancouver government appointed the Vancouver Olympic Committee to organize and plan the Winter Games. The Vancouver Olympic Committee, the British Columbian government, and the Canadian government began planning to build the venues for the games. After choosing the venue locations, the International Olympic Committee realized that the land belonged to indigenous people, and was in fact un-ceded land. Un-ceded indigenous land can be classified as land that is not under the protection of a signed treaty, but requires the permission of the First Nations government before being developed. This decision was not released to the public, and construction started without the permission of the First Nations peoples. This outraged First Nations groups in British Columbia, Canada, prompting them to start the campaign known as “No Olympics on Stolen Native Land”.


    • (continued from above..)

      The International Indigenous Network Statement:

      “No Olympics on Stolen Unceded Native Land”:


      In response the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (VANOC) allocated $175 million dollars of tax payer money to militarize RCMP units to crush any resistance (they ended up spending over $400 million by 2008 and by the end of February 2009, it was finally acknowledged that the security bill would be over a billion dollars). Much of the security planning was driven by threat assessments conducted by the Integrated Threat Assessment Centre, a branch of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (or CSIS which is Canada’s version of the FBI).

      What were those tax dollars used for? Well to crush dissenting voices and silence indigenous elders who spoke out about their land being stolen (so that fancy Olympic athletes could prance around on stages for camera crews) of course!

      The militarized police units set up designated “free speech zones” in Whistler and Vancouver (which were chain link fenced in areas out of sight from the main events) and were the only places that people were allowed to protest. When they refused to be hidden away in ‘protest pens’ and protested near olympic events, police brutality ensued. This resulted in several deaths, including the death of indigenous elder Harriet Nahanee, aged 71, after being sent to jail. She died because she was sent to Surrey Pretrial Centre, a prison for men and a noted hell-hole for women in poor health.

      Needless to say, over a billion dollars worth of tax payer money later (spent on militarized police units to crush and silence dissent) the olympic corporations marched onward to steal their land, pillage the sea to sky corridor and set up their modern day Circus Maximus (built on the stolen lands of indigenous peoples and tainted by the blood of their peaceful elders that dared to ask that their traditional lands and the wildlife that lived there be respected).

      That is but one story of many, the battle on the frontlines of criminalizing dissent and using militarized RCMP as corporate mercenaries continues to rage on even now in northern BC. Paramilitary RCMP have been (and continue to be) instrumental in the corporate invasion into the Unceded territory of the Wet’suwet’en Nation in order to pillage their lands for the construction of a Fracking Gas Pipeline..

      more on this tomorrow..

      • ??? ??????????????? ?? ??????? ?? ????? ?? ??? ??????????? ???? ?????? ?? ????????? ??????????? ?? ??????? ??.

        The blood thirsty corporations and their statist friends continued their colonial pillaging in 2019 when the Canadian government and corporations (TC Energy (formerly TransCanada) / Coastal GasLink’s) initiated a violent invasion into the Unceded territory of the Wet’suwet’en Nation.

        “Invasion” : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3R5Uy5O_Ds

        “In this era of “reconciliation”, Indigenous land is still being taken at gunpoint. INVASION is a new film about the Unist’ot’en Camp, Gidimt’en checkpoint and the larger Wet’suwet’en Nation standing up to the Canadian government and corporations who continue colonial violence against Indigenous people.”


      • (continued from above..)

        Militarized RCMP were sent in to act as enforcers for corporations, they brandished semi-automatic weapons and aimed them in women’s faces, assaulting and arresting peaceful indigenous people to make the way for the bulldozers to annihilate the land.

        The national police force frequently sends members of a specialized division with a reputation of using excessive force against peaceful protestors. Known as the Community-Industry Response Group, or C-IRG, the roving unit draws RCMP officers from far-flung areas of Canada to break up protest camps that form in opposition to fracking operations, pipelines, strip mining projects and old growth logging operations.

        These are corporate mercenaries paid for by tax dollars, nothing more.

        Video Shows Militarized Canadian Police Raid Wet’suwet’en Land Defenders & Journalists: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raO_s9W09p0


      • (continued from above..)

        Many brave satyagrahi are still (even now) resisting the criminalization of dissent in Northern BC, standing up courageously in the face of an imperialistic fascistic conquest that relentlessly moves forward to pillage Mother Earth and steal of the Unceded sovereign territory of the Wet’suwet’en Nation.


        • Thanks Gavin for the summaries.
          Canada’s indigenous people are no strangers to the ruthless suppression of
          free speech and the right to protest.
          Canadian governments have had blood on their hands for more than a century.

          • @Fawlty Towers

            Thanks for reading and thanks for caring my friend.

            Those instances I described above are just a couple of many. In 2013 another instance of RCMP being militarized to act as corporate mercenaries (for petroleum fracking companies) happened when they targeted the Mi’kmaq lands in New Brunswick.


            These are just a few examples from the past (and present) and not isolated incidents. I could go on and on but I think you (and anyone else reading this) gets the idea what of what has been happening. The corporate fascism and criminalization of dissent has been on going and its just now being taken to a new level, yet that is one step that is part of a series of incremental steps that have been taken to weaponize police, judicial systems and set up a new kind fascistic corporation dominated totalitarian state (wearing a nice smiley mask that talks about inclusiveness and “sustainability” etc) in Canada.

            I recently published an article that goes into more depth and provides a historical ‘continuity of colonialism’ (all the way from buffalo wars to militarized RCMP units serving as mercenaries for big oil present day). I`ll share it in another comment below.

          • @Fawlty Towers

            This article is being shadow banned more than my others for some reason (which I find interesting considering my other articles often exposed what I thought were some pretty sensitive parts of the underbelly of the plutocratic beast).

            The title is:

            The Rise Of Anthropocentrism, The Continuity of Colonialism, Bright Green Lies and The Promise Of The Animate Worldview


            In the article linked above I outlined the unbroken line of “The Continuity of Colonialism” in the hopes of dispelling the comforting fallacy that some modern day Canadians and Americans tell themselves that says “ya the government, corporations, military and corrupt police did bad things to indigenous peoples in the past, but that was a long time ago and things are different now”.

            No, things are not different now, the Colonialism never stopped, it just changed gears, it put on a mask and now it is enforced by judges, government edicts, custom tailored green washing propaganda and corrupt police acting as corporate enforcers (instead of army soldiers massacring villages to make the way for railroads and military commanders/Jesuit Priests giving First Nation women and children small pox infected blankets to wipe them out so their land could be stolen). Now a days they use a different tool box, but its the same game.

            Present day colonialism has taken on new forms such as the colonization of the minds of people of all colors and creeds through governments and corporations using social media behavior modification algorithms and AI Chat bots as a weapon or through the colonization of the genetic fabric of life (through biopiracy racketeering operations that use corrupt laws to patent seeds and other organisms and experimental injections that contaminate the human genome) yet in many ways its ravenous lust to steal the lands of indigenous peoples and pillage the body of the Earth remains the same (it is just now we are all in the cross hairs as well, regardless of our ethnicity). The only thing that has changed is the invaders now have to put on a nice front and appease the virtue signaling masses by throwing around catch phrases like “reconciliation”, “inclusiveness”, “sustainable development” and “renewable energy”.

      • I was in Vancouver from 2005 to 2008 and I remember seeing protests. I understood the issue as well as the dreadful tax increase in the area, causing an increase in poverty. The cost of living over there is, if I recall, the highest in Canada.

        • Ahh well we may have cross paths I did quite a few masonry contracts in Squamish and Van city when I was living up there doing my apprenticeship around that time.

          I was living in Whistler when the Olympics came and was basically forced to move by the insane increases in rent and food prices. I remember how violent the police were when people just tried to peacefully hold up signs at events (which shined light onto truth about 911 or the colonialism and ecological destruction taking place). Some of my friends ended up making double sided signs where one side of the sign said “Go Canada!” (or some other typical olympic fever type sentiment) and the other side of the sign had a truthful message about the 911 false flag or about the ecological destruction/colonialism that the Olympics were funding. They would get up front near the news cameras at live events and pretend to cheer for olympic athletes then when the camera pointed at them they would flip their sign around really fast.

          Sad to think they had to resort to that just to have their voices heard.. it was very Orwellian and in a way, a type of foreshadowing of what was to come in Ottawa more recently.

          Yes Whistler/Van city real-estate and cost of living is ridiculous. My parents bought their little A-frame home in Whistler in 86′ for 80 thousand, then they sold it in 96′ for half a million (not having done any real upgrades to the home). Now they have bulldozed my childhood home and the lot (just the dirt, no house) is worth 1.6 million.

          Thanks for the comment.

    • Thanks for pointing that out, HRS. The link has been corrected.

  10. I detest government and most government officials.
    It is beyond me that people trust them.

    Episode 437 – Canada Criminalizes Dissent highlights one more reason not to trust those in power.
    If there would be any benefit from this injustice by Rouleau and his fellow cronies, it would be that this unjust adjudication becomes recognized by people who have been placing trust in government; and then, these people withdraw that trust.

  11. In a way it reminds of the 911 cover-up Commission. Initially Bush Jr. chose Kissinger to Chair the 911 Commission, but some of his conflicts of interest were exposed, so Bush Jr. chose another tainted soul.
    In any case, both so called “Public Inquiries” were created to pacify the public.

    In the Case of the Canadian Trucker Convoy, the Control Freaks lost Control because they tried to take too much power at one time with the Covid Scam. The Convoy made them pee their pants and they had to back off a bit, however it did force them to show that they do not work for the People and are in fact working against them.
    The Oligarchs have infiltrated nearly every government on the planet and has turned them against the People. The Oligarchs have been working to Centralize power to their pawns and make the People think that these Pawns Represent them for a long time. I hope most people can now see through the Scam, for they are killing us off as I write this. The Oligarchs will not give up their power willfully. It has to be taken from them, which may be as simply as rendering their control mechanisms obsolete. They rule by fear and deceit with hired mercenaries who will do most anything for money and/or power themselves. Such scam bags will always exist, but we have to take the power away from them before they kill us all.

    • Spot on, it’s not only Canada or the us it’s the whole planet. Everybody is suffering under the capitalists.
      And these fucking capitalists are just the sons and daughters of rich fuckers. Fucking nepotistic bullshit for generations.. nasty inbreds 😛

      Let’s hope Canadian truckers have one more fight in them, the yellowvests in France, the lid banging in Denmark all the noise have to be resumed not only because of the little girls in Iran and the everyday father and brother in Myanmar who is getting straight out executed by the government but because not even the children in Africa have to starve anymore if we would “defeat” capitalism. Have an technological version of the events in the reign of terror in France.
      Just cut every capitalist off from everything. And just form an one world government/business and let James himself pick out the top brass…

      • I got lost on your assumptive and then the line of thinking, especially the last statement.

        • Yeah HRS i can imagine.
          It was a hurried up brainfart, while enjoying my morning coffee and listening Corbett.
          I was kinda on my way out when I commented.
          Going skiing with my husky not worrying about any of life problems.
          After now have eaten a damn succulent meal and are chilling in the couch and are about to watch a movie I re-imagine what i was thinking earlier.

          It was like a movie trailer in my head:

          People has had enough. Enough economic restriction, enough working, enough substance restriction, enough war, enough bondage.

          Who were to blame?
          “The rich” “The police” “The military” “The governmen” “The politicians”

          “”THE FUCKERS””

          The people were “fed” up.
          They revolted, but in much more ingenious ways than they did in 1793 in France.

          Sure it started with food cutting off from everyone and all the major elites getting eradicated from the planet and then you had to re-join society to get your shit. Everything from flour to cocaine.

          You had to prove you did not come from money and was a warmongering nepotistic inbred creep.
          And ofcourse Corbett was the world president in my mind for this mini-series.
          That’s it, fucking fearporn for Larry finks family but that ain’t my problem. 😛
          Sorry for this poorly formulated comment, and my previous ones.

      • helanda
        “…Just cut every capitalist off from everything…”

        Much as I hate FINANCE capitalism and “magic money” fiat printing, industrial capitalists who make actual stuff and get rich off it are the reason we have things like variety in food, more then one kind of car and even computers to discuss such things with.

        I will take actual free market capitalism (even if its kinda hard like unicorn poop to find….lol) over the feudalism that Financial capitalism is trying to devolve into.

  12. Chrystia Freeland – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance is someone who I really cannot stand. I consider her a sociopath, if not a full-blown psychopath.
    I remember her mannerisms last year when watching her announcements or when she was standing off to the side.

    30-year-old Atlanta-area resident, Emily Kohrs, who served as the forewoman of a special grand jury reminds me of Christia Freeland. Her mannerisms are somewhat of a mimic.
    Watch Emily here…
    ‘Lunatic’ Forewoman In Trump-Georgia Case Shocks Media With Overt Bias, Trump Lawyers Pounce

    Maybe it’s what’s in the water that makes people loony.

    • Totally with you HRS…

      Do you remember when Justin Castro (ahem, I meant Trudeau…there is no way he is Pierre’s son…but I digress) first announced the Emergency Measures and Freeland kept doing these weird tics with her head going back and forth…it was like she was possessed or something…which can watch the show here:

      Also, she did it again, to the point that many are wondering why she acts so twitchy… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wALNMTKMXI

      There is something clearly wrong with that woman!

      • I remember that (Chrystia Freeland being all twitchy and having creepy zombie eyes during those press conferences). Perhaps she was being targeted by some V2K type array or some other more advanced brain machine interface tech.. or maybe she was/is actually possessed by nefarious interdimensional entities.. neither would surprise me.

        • The odd twitching and restless sporadic motions…Chrystia Freeland had been borrowing Hunter Biden’s crack pipe.

          • That creature is almost certainly doing crystal meth.

            • Lol, sure looks like some amphetamine use for sure

          • Perhaps some psychotropic, “Rockin’ Robin…tweak, tweak, tweak…Rockin’ Robin…tweak, tweak, tweak”

        • Lol, for sure…maybe all of the above, lol

  13. It is quite disheartening to see these developments in Canada. I hope this is not a contagion that spreads here to the U.S.

    Not that there is ever a political solution, but I wonder if the populist movements that are happening in Canada will maybe stave off these developments from being fully implemented.

    A good video from Dr. Steve Turley discusses the rising populism in Canada in response to the technocratic takeover by Trudea’s regime:

    • @Ethan Hunter

      I am not very well versed in politics language since I see the whole charade as a stinking cesspool of lies, ego, manipulation and corporate puppeteering (and so I typically completely ignore any of its propaganda, rhetoric and/or promises) but I am curious about the term you mentioned.

      In your opinion, would you say that “populism” is inherently anthropocentric?

      • I would agree that politics is not the answer because it is a “cesspool” of corruption these days, even in the Great White North.

        I wouldn’t categorize populism as anthroprocentric since it is understood intuitively that human beings are indeed not the center of the Universe.

        Rather, populism, at least what I understand it to be, is truly a grass roots movement that reflects the zeitgeist of the common people versus the intentions of the ruling class – albeit oligarchs or other unelected rulers of a people. It is clear that the Trucker protests were such a populist uprising against these technocratic overlords that are attempting to exercise unwarranted control over our lives and decisions.

        • @Ethan Hunter

          Thanks for the thoughtful reply.

          While I whole heartedly agree that “it is understood intuitively that human beings are indeed not the center of the Universe.” my concern is that a great many human beings have allowed the innate intuitive capacities they were born with to go into atrophy and/or to be drowned out by a barrage of digital and chemical noise/additions and so their ability to discern what is true and what is not is severely inhibited. This seems to result in many of them looking for various mother and father figures (to chew on and digest reality for them and then regurgitate it so they can be spoon fed a homogenized, comforting ‘easy to digest’ version of reality like little infantilized baby birds for their entire lives).

          Populism, sounds great but given how effective corporate propaganda is at convincing people they need a bunch of disposable plastic garbage and vanity boasting technological junk I have a feeling that if you took the aggregate priorities of the average “common people” in Canada or the US they would be anthroprocentric priorities (placing human enjoyment, human ease of living and human ego above all else in the living world, prioritizing choices that serve to perpetuate their addictions and self-flattering programmed worldview, even if it is at the cost of the pillaging and devastation of what little is left of the wilderness and mature ecosystems).

          I agree with your assessment of the trucker protests and judging by the love and courage that was embodied in many I spoke to who were part of those protests I think that they would have placed the well being of Mother Earth, her ecosystems and our fellow non-human beings as being something deserving of our attention and taking action to protect as well. The masses though, the sideline sitting, smart phone notification checking, screen scrolling, amazon package buying masses, I am not so sure about the morality/logic of their aggregate/average priorities. I do think they are capable of shedding the programming and addictions to embrace and nourish the intuitive capacity, capacity for compassion, curiosity and love they were born with, but I do not know what will break the spell so that the de-programming and healing can begin.

          I have a feeling it may require the total collapse of civilization and a great many people having all the centralized corporate/government systems and centralized industrial infrastructures they had come to depend on (being spoon fed homogenized corporate goo like little baby birds) imploding in order to break the spell. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of the population will be capable of surviving such a wake up call currently.

          Well, that is my cue to get back to helping those who are willing to reconnect with the Earth so that they can be able to survive such a thing if is happens (and perhaps more importantly to help them dissolve the anthropocentric delusions that brought us to where we are today so we can leave this world a little bit more free, verdant and beautiful for those that call this place home after we are gone).

            • @Courageous Lion

              Your screenname/newsletter name makes me think of an old poem I like to recite to people who are just starting to realize they have been raised to be indoctrinated into a world dominated by various types of slavery (mental, financial, pharmaceutical etc) which goes like this:

              “???? ???? ????? ????? ???????. ?? ?????????????? ??????- ????? ???? ?????? ?? ????? ???? ???. ????? ?? ????? ??? ?????? ?? ???. ?? ??? ????-???? ??? ???.”

              Thanks for the link. I started checking out your material and posted a couple comments on your post titled “First The Good News…It Isn’t An Alien Invasion”

              Here is a link to my substack in case you would like to check out what I am working on.


              May your courage be galvanized by the transcendent light of compassion and love so that your roar is heard not only by ears and seen by eyes, but is also known and felt by those with the wisdom to see with the heart.

        • ” attempting to exercise unwarranted control over our lives and decisions.” ATTEMPTING? They have been exercising unwarranted control over our lives and decisions for THOUSANDS of years. They are a special class of psychopaths that reward lessor psychopaths for ENFORCING their will on the average NORMAL person. The list of VIOLATIONS of rights of individuals is so staggering as to defy your imagination. Canada is only one country of HUNDREDS who wants or has its people disarmed so that they can rob, rape, murder and plunder at will. When people become pissed off enough, when the evils are no longer sufferable, then it turns bad for the psychopaths’ and their ENFORCERS. That is why they really do fear 4th generation war of the flea type of uprisings. Because then they have no idea where their heads are going to be at any given moment from flying pieces of copper covered projectiles.

          • Couragous Lion
            “… Because then they have no idea where their heads are going to be at any given moment from flying pieces of copper covered projectiles….”

            Yes…I really think thats going to happen, about sometime after NEVER.

            Consider that about half the population of the USA (where guns are plentiful enough for that fantasy to happen) is dependant on Government subsidies to maintain its lifestyle.

            Then Consider that the MAJORITY of people WANT to be ruled over and will be begging for the Gov to save them the second things get dangerous. Folks were too busy fantasizing about revolution while their enemies took over the school board and raised their kids for them.

            Then Consider that a third of the US population is functionally illiterate (they can not compare 2 articles and draw out the main points) and about 40 % of the poulation is Obese and about 11% have diabetes…. not to mention the number of young people (the people who ACTUALLY do most of the fighting in a revoultion) on SSRI or other psychotropic medications.

            That younger generation which is suffering chronic depression an anxiety and is way gay-er then any people to walk the earth and are currently undable to get the engery to have as much sex as Boomers….?? The Low T gen?

            LOL…. the Taliban had a lot of highly motivated fighting age men dedicated to a single idea.

            “… When people become pissed off enough, when the evils are no longer sufferable, then it turns bad for the psychopaths…”

            Maybe….. but the only riots during Covid I saw were from the bought and paid for Establishment thugs of BLM and Antifa.

            “…hey are a special class of psychopaths that reward lessor psychopaths for ENFORCING their will on the average NORMAL person…”

            You need to read “the Populist Delusion. If the system you describe is thousands of years old then it obviously meshes with human nature….talk of killing is easy to do on the internet but its just blowing off steam in a useless direction.
            People need to build a solid home life, build Independence, and find good people to survive the crash with.

  14. Certainly nobody is surprised about this.

  15. Really insightful analysis of what has just happened.

    I do think that even if they kill us, they haven’t won. But if they manage to change the essence of who we are, they have. And that’s within our power, not theirs.

    • Excellent point. A young man in his early thirties making a statement in the infancy of the place that became the united States said, “I know not course others may take, but as for ME? Give me Liberty or give me Death!” My take on his statement is this…GIVE ME LIBERY OR I WILL GIVE YOU YOUR DEATH.

  16. If one feels their skin is burning, they get out of the sun.
    If one feels their body temp is too low, they get out of the cold.
    If one feels they are in a dangerous part of town, they leave.
    If one feels they are too close to edge of a cliff they back up.

    Not just logic but human survival DNA at work right??

    So if one keeps going to political blogs, watching TV, reading this and that and fills up with all the dangers and realities of their imprisonment, why do they continue to just discuss it and shake their head but do nothing about it?? How powerful is the conditioning at work?


    • That ‘clown’ had a great script. I enjoy that approach.
      When we live in Clown World, one needs to communicate like one in order to get ideas across.

  17. I have to say I really liked the song and the clips of the convoy at the end of the podcast! That was great James! I think the Freedom Convoy was a protest that struck a cord with people in the western world like I haven’t seen since probably Occupy Wall Street. For all of our posturing about freedom and liberty in the US, there weren’t really any national protests/movements against the lockdowns and clot shot mandates. There were some good ones at the state and local level, but nothing on the scale of the Freedom Convoy. Have to give the Canucks some credit they were more patriotic than most Americans during Covid-1984. But then again, to be fair, the harshest aspects of the lockdowns didn’t really make an appearance stateside. Some of the stuff I heard going on in Canada, Australia, NZ, and the UK, just didn’t surface over here. I chalk that up to the second amendment.

    Anyway I’m rambling, awesome episode once again JC! Keep rolling!

    • I believe that you are correct in “chalking that one up to the 2nd amendment”. That is WHY they want us disarmed. So they can roll over us with their enforcers who are basically the violent arm of the elite.

  18. Woody Harrelson does a strange skit on SNL. 6 minutes in, he recounts some details of a script he heard about. The script is telling a story of big cartels, getting together, locking up people and forcing them to take their drugs, over and over again.

    • BUMP

      That was a brilliant, clever insert into that monologue, and at the exact right place, like a punch line.

  19. For those who want to rule and be ruled, no justification of tyranny is wanted/needed, for those who want to “live & let live” none is possible.
    “Why can’t we all just get along?” Some can, without violence, freely, in reason, with respect and justice for all. Most choose violence while overwhelmed by fear of others, rejecting reason. For them, “strong” = violent.
    We need to keep advocating freedom, however unpopular.

    • Those of us that oppose having the force of arms brought against us for non violent activity need to anti up, form citizen militias willing to do as the minute men did at Concord Green that fateful day in United States history when men of character took aim at their oppressors when told to lay down their arms and disperse and shoot the round that was heard around the world. No one to this day knows who that unknown individual was, but I’ll say this…That unknown individual had the courage of his convictions. He got up, put on his clothes, took his gun, and went out to meet the British troops. Not acting under orders, not being led nor wanting to be the leader, he stood on his own feet-a responsible, self controlling person and fired the shot heard ’round the world. The sound of that shot said that man is a free agent; that government is the servant rather than the master.

  20. What was the emergency? They just say emergency but they don’t say specifically what the emergency was. What was the threat?

    • The emergency was comprised of a deadly wave of kids in bouncy castles, families hugging and waving maple leaf flags, people choosing natural health care over big pharma poison, working people of all colors and creeds uniting to denounce the plutocratic elite and super duper inconvenient horn beeping (causing “phantom honking PTSD” in a few triple masked, government boot licking injection cult members reading scripts).

      It was a threat to national security I tell you! There was no possible alternative way to approach the situation other than freezing people’s bank accounts, militarizing police units and paying them bonus to stomp on peaceful protestors with their jackboots.

      Aren’t you glad we live in such a safe and effective democracy!?

      • Reminds me of the January 6th “insurrection” that took place in the District of Criminals. The one murderer, who shot an unarmed Air Force vet get’s a free pass…FOR NOW. Someone, some day, hopefully soon will make an example out of him at a stop light somewhere. As an agents of the most high, we have
        come here to establish JUSTICE, and we shall not leave until JUSTICE REIGNS ETERNAL!

  21. I would highly recommend that people (if they already haven’t) find salvation and peach through Jesus Christ.He is the only WAY. I’m 65 years old and have sought comfort in ever way imaginable, but inevitably found none until I repented and BELIEVED. i want to be like the Chistian martyr’s and even if TPTB burn me at the stake I will still have peace of mind and a contented heart.

    • One of the worse things I see about today’s “Christianity” is how it emasculates men and turns them into pacifistic wimps. My attitude is LET THEM BE MARTYR’S. I’ll help.

      • Couragous Lion

        “…One of the worse things I see about today’s “Christianity” is how it emasculates men and turns them into pacifistic wimps…”

        I dont know about that…. nominally Christian type men managed to do various crusades, build world wide European Empires and fight a couple of bloody world wars…. where as the latest De-Christianized, amoral, porn addicted generations of men are mainly known for obesity, depression and cheer leading censorship and government lockdowns.

        To give you a point the Gov/Foundation infiltrated Rainbow ‘churches’ are pretty cucked but their about as ‘Christian” as Trust fund babies funding Antifa are “Communists”

        “…My attitude is LET THEM BE MARTYR’S. I’ll help….”
        Do you habitually murder people that you do not agree with? Have you murdered many tyrants?

        May I ask what your body count is?

  22. I wonder if the Canadian Constitution Foundation lawsuit against the federal government will help in some way?


    • The only help coming is what you can muster for yourselves.

  23. To cheer Canadians up even more about the situation we are going through, they’re now talking about extending assisted suicide to children. The video is in French. One interviewee speaks English without a voice over. You’ll get the gist of the message through him.


    If this law passes, it would have to be strictly for terminally ill patients. However, I just read an article in NaturalHealth saying that the number of life-threatening illnesses due to the jab will surely increase soon. The doctor who spoke about it is Dr. Fukushima. Things aren’t looking good.


  24. NOW we can ALL see why they want their citizens disarmed. Because they are finally reaching the point where they can no longer tolerate Castro’s clone.
    Someone might actually shoot him in the head. Oh, how sad that day would be.
    My take is in this post that I wrote a few months ago. Problem: Psychopathic Control Freaks Rule Us
    Think about it… ( and them and for that matter the whole planet!)

  25. Oh stop…show me ONE TIME in the history of the world that any inadequate government died a natural death. ONE TIME! It has always been a cycle. People administering government get tyrannical. People put up with it while evils are sufferable. People finally get pissed off and “storm the Bastille” with their pitchforks and torches (today with their AR 15 rifles) Psychopathic control freaks are taken out and shot. A period of freedom ensues. Masses feel they need psychopathic control freaks ruling them AGAIN. People administering government get tyrannical…it’s like a broken record. Wash, rinse, repeat, wash, rinse, repeat. The MAJORITY of humanity is basically INSANE in this regard. We really do need to EVOLVE into anarchy. Where it is basically understood that if you do no harm you can’t be a criminal. And there will always be sheep dogs to keep the sheep safe. You’re reading one’s post. AND this goes for EVERWHERE in the WORLD. Why The Militia? Because it is NECESSARY for the SECURITY of a free state…https://courageouslion380.substack.com/p/why-the-militia The USA is the only nation in the WORLD that is armed as well as it is on the individual level.

    • Couragous Lion

      “…People finally get pissed off and “storm the Bastille” with their pitchforks and torches …”

      The Storming of the Bastille was organized by outside actors…. read NEsta Webster on the French revolution or (IIRC) “Proofs of a conspiracy” by Robeson.

      Dr EM Jones (in Jewish Revolutionary Spirit) sees the revolution as nothing more then the British using Freemasons to “Soros” their main rivals the French so as to clear the feild for the British Empire.

      Aside for that it gave free reign for the biggest mass murder a government had ever done to its own people (the Revolutionary Gov planned to murder at one time 1/3rd of the population since they had no work, being former service workers to the murdered aristocrats)

      You should read ‘The Populist Delusion’ by Nema Parvini ….there IS NEVER and has never been a successful revolution by “the Masses” its always some other rival elite using the people as a zombie army and then almost always going on a mass murder spree.

  26. As with 9/11 and any major crime it is imperative to follow the money, as James has pointed out.

    So too is the case with Trudeau and all the crimes he committed and continues to commit with the Covid-19 scamdemic.

    There is a huge elephant in the room that no one here has yet to discuss, concerning the invocation of the Emergencies Act and all of the ensuing fallout.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t believe any of the lawyers representing the truckers pursued the money angle I am about to mention, with any of the witnesses testifying.

    This Emergencies Act nonsense was never about the safety and security of the country. It was always about money.

    There was and still is a lot of money riding on those Canadian coffer tires.
    Under the table money for Trudeau, and all of the businesses associated with the lucrative Covid contracts. Multi-million dollar contracts were inked with many companies and many hidden from the public due to the invocation of the (NSE) National Security Exception. The NSE essentially hides key details of contracts inked by the Canadian government and businesses. Details such as who was bidding for the contract, who won the contract, what the contract price was etc.

    One Canadian company was instrumental in the development of the Pfizer Covid-19 experimental injection. That company is Vancouver-based biotech company Acuitas Therapeutics.
    Acuitas Therapeutics’ LPN (lipid nanoparticle) development allows the mRNA in Pfizer’s jab to enter the body’s cells. Without the LPN, the jab would not be functional.

    Billions of dollars have been flowing between the Canadian government and health care, pharma, testing businesses etc. with their usual kickbacks.

    Trudeau was never interested in negotiating with the truckers to avoid any further conflict.
    That is why he skipped town when the truckers arrived in Ottawa.

    The decision to invoke the Emergencies Act and not compromise with the truckers was all about money, not health, safety nor security.
    It allowed Trudeau to continue to pimp the jabs/testing etc. and keep the money flowing.

  27. Its wasn’t that the police “failed” to breakup the convoy like the muppet in chief proclaimed, rather they chose not to because they sided with the truckers, i remember the chief of police resigned because he favored the truckers and they had to appoint a new chief in the middle of the protest.

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