Charlie Wilson’s War – FLNWO #16

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How and why did the Afghan-Soviet war start? What was the CIA’s involvement in the affair? Who did they support and what were they aiming at? If you’re interested in the answers to these questions you won’t find them in 2007’s Hollywood drama, Charlie Wilson’s War, but you will hear them discussed on this podcast. Join us today for another edition of Film, Literature and the New World Order as Pearse Redmond of Porkin’s Policy Review joins us to dissect the propaganda and predictive programming of this CIA-Afghan cover up movie.

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Porkin’s Policy Review

Second Thoughts on Charlie Wilson’s War By Chalmers Johnson

The official State Dept sanitized history of the Soviet-Afghan War

The Brzezinski Interview on the truth of US involvement in Afghanistan

Milt Bearden on CBS on 9/12 saying CIA would have had to invent OBL

Charlie Wilson’s War bonus clip – Tom Hanks Who is Charlie Wilson?

Tom Hanks Tells Hollywood Whopper in ‘Charlie Wilson’s War’

Tom Hanks and JFK

Hollywood’s Dangerous Afghan Illusion: “Charlie Wilson’s War”

Erickson Collected Papers Vol. 1 (see pg 83 on)

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Next month: Walden Two by B.F. Skinner


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