Interview 1714 – Iain Davis on the New World Order and How to Oppose It

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Biden has warned that there is going to be a New World Order. Putin and Xi are writing joint statements about the creation of a New World Order. In fact, all of the globalists are interested in a New World Order. Today, Iain Davis of joins us to discuss the history of the “International Rules-Based Order,” reveal its “operating system” (technocracy), and discuss how we can fruitfully oppose it.

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  1. Of course we should take the technocratic agenda seriously, but like Ian Davis said, total technocratic enslavement is not inevitable. Just think about what happened in Canada—Trudeau and his crew thought they had the Canadian people on their knees, and then they did the unexpected and forced his hand with their protest, causing him to invoke the emergency powers, which showed the world what is coming. That wasn’t scripted. That wasn’t part of his plan, no doubt. He got caught with a hard right hook to the jaw delivered by free humanity, and he was off balance and uncomfortable.

    And so with the entire evil agenda that is marching forward, our enslavement is not inevitable. I think these goons in power will lose. These are not special, superhuman people at all. They are people who do not really understand humanity and the spirit of humanity. Humanity will rise up and we will defeat them.

    • I agree with you. We collectively dream this world into existence through the power of individual human consciousness. All we need to do is have enough of us wake up and opt out of their agenda with conviction and consistency and we will triumph.

      (This is not new age-y titter-twaddle, either. That second sentence is consistent with both cutting-edge Emergence Theory from the quantum physics side of the street AND with ancient eastern philosophical texts on the nature of reality. Boom!)

      Imagine hell, we get hell; imagine humanity in confluence with the natural splendor of this place, we get somewhere awesome!

      To focus on defeat, to dream this place into a hell realm….that is a trap for the unwary and untrained mind. Don’t fall for it!!

      On an individual basis, we actually DEFEAT the predatory class’ aims, every time we feel love for ourselves, our people, our lives, our communities, Mother Nature, animals, breathing, laughing, loving, learning, and just being human. We all make a huge difference, on an individual level, when we apply our innate human freedom to FEEL and LOVE our humanity and all that implies.

      Even in the face of the current sh*t show, or anything that comes our way.

      • Well said.

        We have to realize that the change we desire will only start with the individual. The Avengers are not coming to save us. We’re it. So let’s just accept that and get to work. Each person has the same potential to make the difference that is needed to turn the tide.

    • I guess we should all go eat worms then, right?

      • Scpat
        “…guess we should all go eat worms then, right?…”

        You know… a worm bin is something even an apartment dweller could do and turn veg scraps into food.

        Low effort protein but I’d have to be really hungry to eat it

        • I knew I could count on you for solutions. I’ve also heard eating crickets is the next big thing.

  2. I saw the following headline shortly after watching Interview 1714 – Iain Davis on the New World Order and How to Oppose It.

    Wed March 30th – Zero Hedge
    Lavrov: Russia, China Moving Towards Multipolar ‘Fair World Order’

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met with his Chinese counterpart on Wednesday, where he said the two are carving a path towards a ‘fairer world order.’ [See elbow bump]
    The meeting between Lavrov and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, marks the first visit to a key ally since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine on February 24, according to The Economic Times.

    The two countries will work to achieve “a multipolar, fair, and democratic world order,” Lavrov said, speaking from the Chinese city of Tunxi located in the eastern inland Anhui Province.

    In a video released by the Russian foreign ministry ahead of a meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Lavrov said the world was “living through a very serious stage in the history of international relations”.

    At the end of this reshaping of global relations “we, together with you, and with our sympathisers will move towards a multipolar, just, democratic world order”, Lavrov said. -Economic Times

    Lavrov and Yi were seen on Chinese state TV in face masks bumping elbows in front of their national flags shortly before the meetings – which Lavrov will attend – to discuss ways to help Afghanistan.
    Both the US and the Taliban are expected to be in attendance….

    • Yes there may be a silver lining to this war.
      It may have created the antidote to The New World Order – Great Reset!

      I am quite heartened by this news. 🙂

      “Media: You had talks with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. And what are your impressions after meetings with other colleagues?

      Foreign Minister Lavrov: The impressions were positive. In all of today’s talks with representatives of participating countries, Afghanistan have seen, heard and confirmed the commonality of our approaches to what is happening today in the international arena.

      A new reality is being formed: the unipolar world is irretrievably a thing of the past, and a multipolar one is emerging. This is an objective process. It’s impossible to stop him. In this reality, more than one power will “rule” – it will be necessary to negotiate between all the key states that today have a decisive influence on the world economy and politics. At the same time, realizing their special position, these countries ensure compliance with the basic principles of the UN Charter, including the fundamental one – the sovereign equality of states. No one on this Earth should be treated as a minor player. All are equal and sovereign.”

      Stop wasting your time writing letters to your local governments!
      Start sending e-mails of encouragement to Lavrov and the CCP. 🙂

    • Related to Interview 1714 – Iain Davis on the New World Order and How to Oppose It

      Thursday March 31, 2022 – Irina Slav (energy journalist and writer)
      OPEC just had enough

      [IEA The International Energy Agency is a Paris-based autonomous intergovernmental organisation established in the framework of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development in 1974 in the wake of the 1973 oil crisis.]
      OPEC+ has replaced the International Energy Agency as its secondary source for member production data with Rystad Energy and Wood Mackenzie. The news, broken by Reuters, which quoted an unnamed source from OPEC+, was the latest in a string of signals that OPEC — which makes up the bigger part of OPEC+ — is done playing to a foreign tune…

      “First of all, I don’t care what the IEA or others say. We are part of an organization, an alliance called OPEC+,” Emirati energy minister Suhail al Mazrouei told S&P Global Commodity Insights at the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Forum in Dubai this week.

      The assertion came in response to calls for higher oil output by the IEA and accusations that the UAE and Saudi Arabia were hurting the global economy by not deploying their spare capacity…

      …Let’s rewind now to the spring of 2021 and IEA’s “monumental” as one environmentalist think tank called it, roadmap to net zero. In that document, the IEA argued that investment in new oil and gas production would have to be ended by this year because the world won’t be needing so much oil and gas.

      Saudi Arabia’s energy minister Abdulaziz bin Salman promptly called the roadmap “La La Land”. His Qatari counterpart, Saad Sherida Al Kaabi, said the euphoria surrounding the energy transition was dangerous, adding “When you deprive the business from additional investments, you have big spikes.”

      “I think in COP 26 all the producers felt they were uninvited and unwanted but now we are again superheroes, it’s not going to work like that,” the UAE’s Al Mazrouei said…

      …What’s more, it seems the cartel is coming closer together. Just like the West has been presenting a united front against Russia, OPEC is presenting an equally united front against, well, the West. Instead of ditching Russia, the de facto co-leader of the wider oil alliance, OPEC is signaling a determination to stay the course agreed with the newest geopolitical pariah at the inception of OPEC+…

      …Reuters source said. “They don’t want to hike oil output above plan in order not to show they are against Russia.”…

  3. Dear James,

    Really you should think about reading more of Matt Ehret. You provided us with a good background for the 20th Century and that is precious. However, Matt goes far beyond.

    You should think about reading him and enrich your view. We would all benefit.

    Thank you.

    • When Matthew Ehret denies that Russia and China are in on it in regard to The Great Reset on the grounds that it’s impossible that “everyone is in on it”, it is a straw man. If that were true (says Matthew), why has the planet not yet become a prison yet (?) – implied; that it should have happened long time ago (another logical fallacy). There are other major gaps in his argumentation and he does NOT answer the crucial 3 points at all.

      1. China’s and Russia’s unnecessary and harmful vaccines

      2. Climate Change

      3. The Corona lie (now ‘stealth omicron’ in Russia)

      Furthermore, in practice only a few need to be ‘in on it’, the rest drip operationally down via directives, as everything is compartmentaiized (fx. the Manhattan project). As Iain Davis pointed out the first 10 seconds here: Power has been assumed:… which WE ALL HAVE SEEN IN 2 YEARS IN PRACTICE; all countries WERE “in on it” regarding Corona (incl. Russia and China). Proof in the pudding empirical evidence, which refutes Matthew’s straw man unequivocally!

  4. There’s a fundamental fallacy in the solution, while it is true that if enough people worked outside the system the technocratic system would fail, the problem is that in order to wake enough people up to achieve the critical mass required for that it would be necessary to destroy the system in another way first in order to stop the programming of the masses. The masses would prefer to kill their own children than allow themselves to be deprogrammed.

    I would add that technocracy is pseudoscience so it will fail by itself automatically, but if it is allowed to run its course it will kill billions of people first ( irrespective of if the technocrats decide to kill billions )

    • The elites with any education have seen that capitalism, in its monopoly stage where it is today, is better suited to be run by technocrats.

      This is nothing new. We saw this after the Great Depression in the 1930’s.

      What is different is the form of control, both psychological and material.
      We are now ‘technates’.

      In a publication from 1938 Technocracy Inc. the main organization made the following statement in defining their proposal.

      “Technocracy is the science of social engineering, the scientific operation of the entire social mechanism to produce and distribute goods and services to the entire population of this continent.

      For the first time in human history it will be done as a scientific, technical, engineering problem. There will be no place for Politics or Politicians, Finance or Financiers, Rackets or Racketeers.

      Technocracy states that this method of operating the social mechanism of the North American Continent is now mandatory because we have passed from a state of actual scarcity into the present status of potential abundance in which we are now held to an artificial scarcity forced upon us in order to continue a Price System which can distribute goods only by means of a medium of exchange.

      Technocracy states that price and abundance are incompatible; the greater the abundance the smaller the price.

      In a real abundance there can be no price at all. Only by abandoning the interfering price control and substituting a scientific method of production and distribution can an abundance be achieved.

      Technocracy will distribute by means of a certificate of distribution available to every citizen from birth to death. The Technate will encompass the entire American Continent from Panama to the North Pole because the natural resources and the natural boundary of this area make it an independent, self-sustaining geographical unit.”

      They actually believe this and have for over one hundred years.

      The proletariat will and is being replaced by the technate.

  5. I think for the first time thanks to this video I understand what is going on. Before I got bits and pieces but now I can see how things that are happening in real time can play out to the end.
    Great video and article.
    Thank you gentlemen, I know without you I surely would be lost.

    • You said it A57.

      Ian and Corbett layed it all out neatly.
      Like long needed eyeglasses, the big picture scenario is so very clear.

      This 3/31
      Interview 1714 – Iain Davis on the New World Order and How to Oppose It
      should be shared with everyone.

  6. So, here’s what I don’t get. While I’ve heard plenty of information about what the plan for the NWO is, no one seems to be talking about the Why. I mean, if they succeed in turning all of us into biodigital serfs, what’s the point? So the world will be filled with robotic humanoids who always do what they’re told – I can’t imagine a more boring and infantile vision for humanity and all living things. It’s the fantasy of every three-year-old that s/he can control everyone – it’s the ultimate security blanket. But then what? The only true constant is change and even the ruling class will get bored eventually, or something unexpected will happen and they will end up at the guillotine or with the Visigoths invading.

  7. It is monopoly capitalism. Nation states are now nothing more than managerial functionaries for monopoly capital.

    Transnational corporations hate democracy so forget that.

    No, this is the actual transmogrification of capitalism into transnationals.

    The world will be divided into tax free zones where the ruling transnationals can move freely in and out of countries to suck up more profits.

    China is not a communist country, it is a state-capitalist power.

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    Get ready, liberal democracies,for you are failing and will be replaced by CEO’s linked to profits before people.

    And those who own the means of production make the laws.

  8. Thanks for the great interview, gentlemen!
    Technocracy was impossible at the time of its inception, but as you lay out, all the technology that is required for its implementation, is now available and ready for action. I can’t help but wonder, Were the only technologies that were explored and promoted, those with this end in mind? Only control-enabling technologies were allowed to be invested in? If the goal was Technocracy, and this agenda has been generationally supported, it stands to reason that all the technological advances were specifically directed in order to support and build up the Technocracy. Much like the Tri-lateral Commission set about making China into a super-power, the Technate set out to make specific technology in order to bring about this nightmarish Technocracy.
    If human freedom, happiness, and creativity were the goals, I imagine our technology would operate and manifest very differently today.

    As an aside, I do think it’s obvious that the US is currently in a controlled demolition. Not all the globalist techniques are going as quickly as planned, but this country has clearly, deliberately lost its status as head of the liberal word order. They want the US sitting at the kids table, while the new global/international government takes its seat.

  9. Insider Jodi O’Malley cleared of wrongdoing after revealing “[COVID-19] vaccine is full of sh*t.”

    _ Project Veritas HHS Whistleblower, Jodi O’Malley, was cleared of all wrongdoing stemming from last year’s undercover videos which showed several coworkers speaking about how the hospital was handling reports of adverse effects of the COVID-19 vaccine.
    _ In a hearing on Wednesday, the Arizona Board of Nursing voted against taking punitive action against Ms. O’Malley for her blowing the whistle on HHS’ handling of reports of adverse effects of the COVID-19 vaccine.
    _ O’Malley, whose nursing license remains active and in good standing, called the vote a “ginormous win” for nurses around the country, adding that “our duty is first and foremost to our patients.”

  10. VSRF call Thurs: Personal injury lawsuits and the COVID vaccine

    Big Pharma companies have a total and complete exemption from lawsuits as a result of any and all injury and death that result from taking their experimental injection. This has led many vaccine injured to believe that they have no recourse to civil litigation as a result of being forced by their school, their employer, their local government, to take the jab. This has led to a great many more vaccine injured just keeping silent about their injuries because….”what’s the point?”

    We were also told, by The New York Times last November that “Employers mandating vaccines are adhering to OSHA’s requirements and most likely can’t be held liable for any adverse effects. Covid-19 vaccines carry little known risk.”

    But back in May of 2021, OSHA told Employers that they could be liable for COVID vaccine related injuries when these vaccines were mandated as a condition of employment.

    Then something amazing happened. This totally disappeared from OSHA’s website, to be replaced with its declaration that it was no longer collecting information on mandated employee vaccine injuries because it didn’t want to encourage vaccine hesitancy.

    Just to make this clear, the Federal agency tasked with keeping workers safe from their employers exempts employers from keeping records on vaccine injuries of workers.

  11. Geopolitics and multi-polarity and technocracy must be seen within the notion of the old idea in Europe: The Intermarian.

    Who will control Europe, the Mother Island.

    You can research the Intermarian and its history and I encourage you to do so.

    This ride will be bumpy and seat belts might not even help.

    The Intermarian

    The Intermarian imagined by the US is best summed up by Stratfor, a private military contractor.

    Take a look at the Empire’s plan for the Intermarian.

    “This new usage of the Intermarium concept has been revived by Stratfor, a private intelligence think tank whose customers include large corporations as well as government agencies such as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Marines, and the Defense Intelligence Agency.

    The earliest Stratfor email mentioning the notion of Intermarium dates from 2009 and advanced the concept in the context of Poland’s solidarity with Georgia following the August 2008 war with Russia.[86]

    A total of 394 Stratfor emails up to December 2011 (leaked by Wikileaks) contain the term “Intermarium.”[87]
    Since around 2012, Stratfor has also used the term publicly.

    In 2012, the Hungarian-born geopolitical analyst and advisor George Friedman, founder of Stratfor and still at the time its head, was vocally promoting an Intermarium project in which Poland should distance itself from the EU and form a bloc with other Central and Eastern European countries between Germany and Russia.

    In a video from the European Forum of New Ideas in October of that year, he stated:

    “Poland must now depend on itself. Why? It’s a nation of 38 million, it has a vibrant economy, it has highly intelligent educated people, and it is rising.

    I will put a more radical idea forward to you, which I think is a fundamental one that we get from General Piłsudski, the Intermarium, [which] basically says we are caught between Germany and Russia, and that stinks […][88]”

    Oh, and there is so much more to read in the above CovertAction site.

    Yes, James not only do they not want to destroy the table, they don’t want to destroy global capitalism of which all of them are a part.

    They fear us. Plain and simple. They easily control everything else, but not all of us.

    We must smash and rebuild a new table, with new seats and new rules based on human rights.

  12. Technocratic-fascism is what it is called and it is global. There is no competition between Chinese and US capitalists, for example. The elites moved their money out of the US long ago.

    Capitalism is now in the repressive capital accumulation model which is repression abroad and repression within.

    Big money in setting up repression as the accumulation model for late stage capital.

    Here is a perfect example of the ‘repressive capital accumulation’ model that we historically find ourselves in.

    The tools of war that are being used in Ukraine are the same tools that are used in partnership with the NYPD in New York.

    This is today’s news, March 14, 2022 and involves a Peter Thiel funded Clearview AI.


    14 Mar, 2022 16:34
    HomeWorld News

    How liberty-infringing facial recognition threatens you everyday

    “Even more troublingly, emails obtained by MuckRock testify to an intimate relationship between the NYPD and Clearview AI. The firm’s artificial intelligence applications allow police to upload images of suspects and compare them to a 10 billion-strong database of facial images scraped from the web, including public websites and social media accounts without adequate privacy settings.

    Clearview’s website boasts of its ability to provide police with customized mugshot and watchlist galleries and facilitate collaboration with other agencies on a regional and national level.

    Its quest to become the centralized source of facial recognition imagery has been furthered by over 1,800 public agencies testing or using it. Beyond police forces, the technology’s tentacles reach schools, hospitals, immigration, and the Air Force, among a great many others.

    The company features prominently in a 2021 Government Accountability Office review of FRT use, which found that 18 out of 24 US federal agencies – a total which didn’t even include intelligence services, such as the CIA – employed FRT systems in 2020 for purposes including cyber security, domestic law enforcement, and surveillance.

    Six (the Departments of Homeland Security, Justice, Defense, Health and Human Services, Interior, and Treasury) reported using the technology “to generate leads in criminal investigations, such as identifying a person of interest by comparing images of the person against databases of mugshots or from other law enforcement encounters.”

    Ukraine Using Thiel-Backed Clearview AI Facial Recognition During Russia Invasion

  13. What is fascinating about the technocratic system is that despite what may believe its many devotees, it does not work.

    I was “lucky” enough through my professional life to find myself in both environments, the craftsmanship type of work, as well the technocratic kind.
    The latter simply does not work in the long run.

    The causes are multiple and it would be an enriching experience to collectively understand the reasons why, from our own point of view, but essentially, it’s because it’s not organic.
    It’s inhuman and as soon as its participants within its structure lose their personal ambitions, they try to interact with the system as little as possible and to a minimum degree.

    So in short, most of its participants just don’t want to participate to this system.

    Interestingly, I was able to witness this inefficiency first-hand over the last week as I had an IT issue that no one could solve… truly fascinating to watch indeed.

    • A professional deformation on my end, what was the issue, if you don’t mind me asking?

      • Sure, my knowledge in IT is basic but I’ll try to sum it up.

        As far as I was told, my virtual workstation got infected with viruses, so it was erased and a new one was set up for me.
        Among the different credentials I used to access different tools, databases or interfaces, some of them still worked yet others no longer did.
        Aside from that, some bugs appeared, then some things that were fixed one day broke down the next.

        • These things can be laborous to setup. If the company doesn’t organize properly, this type of tasks can be terribly annyoing. And it usually is.

          The amount of new, old, legacy, working, broken software, interfaces and data can be mind boggling.

          There was a great talk about this type of issue, I have to fish it out.

          • I have no doubt about the great difficulty to fix this kind of problem and indeed the companies involved aren’t properly organized.

            The surprising thing to watch was that, whether it was from the IT staff or of other services, the general idea was to avoid getting mixed up with the issue. I was also getting conflicting information from different parties and my interlocutors would typically mentally shut down if I’d mention some points that did not match their known processes. It took a whole week to fix and it’s still not completely sorted out. I won’t complain too much either, for even though I got delayed in my own work, I used some of this unexpected free time to watch more of James’ reports.

            Anyway, it’s just a sample that I was fortunate enough to observe closely, of how the system fails to deal with its inherent malfunctions. I don’t know if I was able to communicate accurately the experience I went through, there are nevertheless other examples that can be found.

            Since your occupation is as I understand it IT-related and because this field is so central to the technocratic ideal*, can I ask you what your general experience with the technocratic system is from a professional perspective?

            P.S.: If you find that talk, I would be interested in checking it out.

            *I recommend Aaron and Melissa Dyke’s documentary The Minds of Men on this topic

            • Most people I deal with don’t, in my opinion, have a good overview of technocracy or the dangers it represents and are placed somewhere on the rainbow between a Luddite and a tech junkie. Some are in it to the extent their job demands of them, others intend to put as much resistance to “progress” (while they will inevitably be ran over and left behind, probably not a bad thing in its own right) as they can; while others like the “new stuff” and latest fads, running after overpriced soon to be obsolete techy junk.

              This latter group would mostly consist of people in their late twenties; they are in it for the bling and latest features and what not. Many of them have quite an intellect but not much intelligence. Most of them seem completely oblivious to finer aspects of potentially deleterious effects of heavy reliance on technology in general. Generally, people seem all too willing to unload work and responsibility onto some machine or software written by someone who might have some but also might have no idea about what they are doing or they are supposed to be doing or they are expected to be doing.

              There is a lot of interference and lousy communication, badly fleshed out ideas, poor planning, piss poor time management, over reliance on immature solutions and pushing out knowledge and skill to the curbside. It’s one slow grind of too much work, insufficient knowledge, impaired thought processes, over saturation and burnout, poor management decisions, simply bad employee management and, of course, high employee turnover.

              When it comes to doing a job where you are basically building on foundation that was already completely messed up in all prior stages, from the initial concept, poor feedback and response to it, weak implementation, nonexistent training, chasing after impossible deadlines, cutting corners with the justification of putting the foot in the door, poor practices and support… it gets very difficult for this guy (usually) to do his job and render services to the customer. It really does get obnoxious at times.

              Considering what I’m seeing daily, technocracy has a long loooong way to go. Of course, I do not wish to make the mistake of assuming that these people need to have things running smoothly to usher in technocracy. They do not and most certainly will never have that, and most probably they will never need it.

            • Some real life examples:

              1- I was put in a position where I had to have a technical conversation (which does require quite a bit of accuracy) with people who don’t speak English. Spanish was their language, which I have a very basic understanding of and can not use professionally, something that was known to everyone involved. In the end, a Portuguese colleague stepped in and did some passive translation.

              Luckily these customers are not very advanced in their understanding and did not encounter issues of great complexity. Sadly, I had to resort to quite a bit of aggression (toward my managers) to get the obvious points across, the point about being unable to perform in impossible situations.

              2- a very typical situation involves having your regular responsibilities (amounting to working at 150-200% capacity) to which various people (other department managers) on the side like to add additional workload. Each of these individuals will completely ignore your ongoing activities and act as if they are the next (and only) one in line.

              Again, I had to aggravate people to paint a picture of a hard target. Many are not as inclined to maintain the perimeter and will simply be ground down until they burn out.

              3- I get out of a meeting with one customer to whom the managers promise that their issue is going to get top priority. The line of work will require a few weeks to completion. Literally inside of half an hour past the meeting I receive an email from one of said managers asking about what’s the holdup with work that needs to be performed for a different customer.

              I resolve/postpone the situation by harassing managers via email, again by pointing out the obvious and maintaining that 1+1=2. These people don’t like the obvious, they thrive on chaos and confusion.

              4- a colleague had a conference with the CEO, they are talking about the feature set that is planned for the following release. There were three items in the pipeline, one of which, as it was held by the team, was sufficiently significant and laborious to stand on its own. But still they added two smaller items to the list.

              The CEO ignored the large item completely, claimed that the two smaller items are simply not enough for the new release and thus proceeded to add more workload on top, something the team had zero chance to deliver in good order and in due time.

              THEN they proceed with the next meeting, where the same people, same overworked team with same capacity, initiate a discussion about a side project and the pending release and what should be included with it. As if the first part of the meeting never even happened.

              This reminds me of the (was it Volvo?) CEO who got kicked hard in his shins by a self driving car during the presentation of how safe said car was purported to be. That entire situation felt immediately familiar and was incredibly vivid as I was watching the video.

            • Regarding that video I mentioned, sadly I can not find it, but I will transcribe the part I found most relevant and because of which I mentioned it. The speech was held by some programming legend (a software architect, I believe) on a conference, I think that was about 10 years ago. The most interesting part for me was when the guy described a new IT venture. It went something like this:

              You get together a new team, go into a fresh startup, you are full of positive energy and feel like the possibilities are endless. You have meetings (standups as they are called, even though vast majority never actually stands during these) with your guys and gals, you are pushing new boundaries and are making leaps in progress on a daily basis. Sooner rather than later, however, one might notice that there is something growing in the corner of the conference room. As this thing is taking shape one can discern that it’s an elephant. An elephant that is growing larger and larger by the day.

              Here the speaker made a great impression of an elephant inflating his cheeks and shrugging his shoulders in response to one of the meeting participants saying to another “do you think we should…” The elephant keeps growing larger and soon there is absolutely no breathing space in the conference room. people are pressed wall to wall by it.

              The elephant’s name is “everything that we programmed already”. That was a really great story about boxing oneself in and that’s the daily reality of every poorly organised IT company ever.

              • Real Life in Information Technology (IT)

                Dalesco & mkey, I found your comments insightful.
                I can just imagine that government IT is a garbage pail of stuff.

              • I agree with HRS, very insightful perspective mkey from an insider’s pov.

                As I see it, the corporate environment is of technocratic essence, where a top-down control at each layer as well as the imposition of systems that were not designed by its users (an authoritarian trait) are common.

                I view technocracy as a system that will eventually cave in under its own weight and again, maybe we can go over the reasons why some time at a later date.

                By the way, don’t worry about transcribing that part of the talk you mentioned, if you think you might come across the video at some point in the future. You could just leave the link under a comment of mine, reminding me what it was about.

                Thanks for your reply and thorough reflection.

  14. mahalo. you are a very good teacher, James

  15. Ian’s article begins with “However, the global transformation is not led by national governments but by a global network of stakeholders and global technocracy is their goal.” Here’s an article about shareholders versus stakeholders and what that means to us, which I found helpful:

    January 26, 2022
    Shareholder Capitalism v. Stakeholder Capitalism
    By Chris Talgo

    For centuries, the chief objective of public corporations in the United States has been to maximize shareholder profits. Although this may seem rapacious, it is not.

    As Milton Friedman said nearly 50 years ago, “there is one and only one social responsibility of business — to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits so long as it stays within the rules of the game, which is to say, engages in open and free competition without deception fraud.”

    In Friedman’s view, corporations should be focused on maximizing profits by providing goods and services to customers based on market demand. He also emphasizes that this model functions best in a free and fair market.

    This is commonly called “shareholder capitalism,” and it is one of the primary reasons that the United States has become the most prosperous nation in world history.

    Despite the fact that America’s embrace of shareholder capitalism since its inception has led to it becoming the most dynamic and innovative economy ever, many elites believe it is time to replace shareholder capitalism with what they deem “stakeholder capitalism.”

    Believe it or not, the notion of stakeholder capitalism is not a novel concept. Many scholars trace its origins to the Progressive era heyday of the early twentieth century, when so-called experts sought to re-engineer society based on their assumptions of how things should be.

    For whatever reason, shareholder capitalism was not replaced with stakeholder capitalism during the twentieth century. However, vast inroads were definitely made.

    Fast-forward to 2022. Stakeholder capitalism is being resurrected by a new group of global elites who wish to use it for their gain.

    Unlike during the Progressive era, when corporations were wary of stakeholder capitalism, they are now embracing it fully. Why? In short, stakeholder capitalism allows corporations to “game” the market in their favor.

    If shareholder capitalism is predicated on companies meeting the desires of individuals in the open market, stakeholder capitalism is predicated on elites determining what is best for individuals, market be damned.

    Of course, this closed loop system is a boon for CEOs, elites, and those with access to the levers of power. However, it also undermines the will of the vast majority of Americans.

    Perhaps this is why the American people overwhelmingly do not support stakeholder capitalism.

    According to a new poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports and the Heartland Institute, 45 percent of likely voters — a solid plurality — believe “the highest priority for businesses in the United States” should be “providing individual consumers with high quality products and services at the lowest prices.”

    On the same token, 14 percent said, “earning a profit to benefit shareholders or owners.”

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  16. I’ve been observing since 1975 that the buildings , shelters, in this nation, house and protect usually far more machines than living beings, and most would not have it any other way.
    In Thailand, at the end of the day, folks gather and talk and socialize. Here, they turn on the tv.
    As machines are what we care about, machines are what we get. If you can have as many as you can buy, so can they. Harder to buy people, but not much these days.
    If you’ve got to have mammalian flesh and blood to survive, well then, so do they. No limits? Not so hard to buy people these days.

    There was immense and eloquent opposition to digging into the earth, the provider of all, to extract its hidden “resources”.The argument was that it is a living being.
    Imagine that. What were they thinking? No culture there.

    Alice stands over the limbless black knight. Out of one side of his mouth he screams “give me my lamb and veal and pullets”, and out of the other side he screams “hands off my children”!!

  17. Thank you James and Ian – another piece in the puzzle to think about.

    Re what can we do: I am a useless eater (old) but can still walk about and gab. Over the last couple of years I have tried to have at least one interaction/exchange with a stranger each day.It’s surprising what a smile and a quip can do – not least for your own sanity and can occasionally open the way to more productive and surprising conversations.And here’s a little subversive trick: try and insert the phrase “no fear” at some point.That’s easy if you come from a part of the UK where it’s a common expression. We too can employ the dark arts!

  18. The Black Pill is Strong in This One.

    To balance this view ask yourself: Is the span of 2000 – 5000 years really the quickest route to establish this “Machine”? Are there any other powers in play?

    Isn’t “the Machine” a relative power and not the only driving force of human reality? I think the answer is “yes” and it’s obvious that if the don’t like this Machine-future then it’s best to recognize what is taking us to better place and give that full support.

    An afterthought: singing praise on the omnipotence of the Machine is not one of those actions that is taking us to a better place.


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