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via James joins Ernest Hancock for their regular, bi-monthly conversation on the Declare Your Independence radio broadcast to discuss nationalism, regionalism, globalism and how to really oppose the ideology of collectivism. With a significant detour into yeoman farmers and (un)intentional community, you won’t want to miss this thought-provoking chat.


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  1. I get the feeling this Hancock guy wants to be the “Oligarch In Chief” so he can tell everyone how they should behave so they will be free.

  2. An Intentional vs Un-Intentional community is a false distinction on probability of success IMO because

    1)UN-intention communities may form when a bunch of people happen to live in the same area….. one could even call REAL ‘nations’ (as in ‘a people’ or Clan or Tribe) unintentional since they formed naturally

    2) Intentional communities succeed or fail depending on the NATURE OF THEIR INTENTION….the Oneida cult failed because it was planned based on a faulty understanding of human nature while the Amish are doing rather well because they are based on strict community standards that are compatible with human nature BUT which they believe come from OUTSIDE of their own desires and needs.

    Private property is important because it drives people to be sensible and do the right thing, but limits on how that private property can be used are ALSO vital- I read that the Amish sanction anyone who sells goods to outsiders, that community members needed, just because they get a better price. The book ‘Freakanomics’ ought to be read by anyone wanting to set up proper incentives in such a community.

    On the Issue of forming a community based on Individualism…it is impossible to have a community if the focus is on the self. If people are only bound by the bonds they choose at any particular moment they can drop obligations whenever it suits. Imagine being married to someone who feels like its permissible to decide that when your sick they dont want to be married to you…. Would you marry, have kids and share finances with a person you knew was like that?

  3. A thought that occurs to me about Mass Education in the PRESENT day is that it appears to teach Hyper-Individualism and the absolute primacy of the self…. I think that perhaps the new aim of education is to turn children into Atomized Individuals, each one of which is easily slotted into anywhere since when we get TOO individualistic we end up looking just like everyone else.
    Hipster Effect story 🙂

  4. I am all for being a bunch of rural and intentional non-compliant people. But there is a BIG elephant in the room when it comes to how to make that so. It is called ‘the rules you MUST follow when you are not one of the elites.’ That means if I don’t pay income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, taxes on the taxes, THEY will come after me with fines or confinement (I already know bunches of people who refused to pay taxes that ended up in jail). If I don’t buy their permits to build on my own land, same deal. If I don’t have a driver’s license, same deal. I can’t even get my inheritance from my deceased mother unless I provide all of my personal information in too-great detail ad infinitum. The whole system is SICK! I guess the saying that you can’t fix stupid is TRULY true. That said, how do we stop, en mass, paying taxes that support criminals? How can we live without permits and licenses and passports, all tied into the sick system? There is nowhere beyond this that I am seeing.

    • You’d probably need a large number of people willing to do it for starters. What you’d do is change your W-4 and maximize your deductions and then refuse to pay.

      The thing is is that they can garnish your wages and stuff like that. So you’d have to be ready to essentially go to prison and have your credit ruined.

      Alternatively, work off the books.

    • Leslee

      “..That said, how do we stop, en mass, paying taxes that support criminals?….”

      You take over the Government, then stop committing crimes with other peoples money. The flip side is that down the line the New Gov starts doing many things the Old Gov did….I guess thats just humans, lol.

    • I spoke with someone earlier this year who says it is possible. I took notes during our phone call and plan to contact her again. What she said is you make yourself uncollectable (as far as taxes). I’m sorry I don’t have the details or understand it fully yet, but there are things people are doing. She recommended the website of The Zunga.

      As far as businesses, there are people setting up private member associations, which are completely legal and recognized by the IRS. Andrew Kaufman participated in a discussion on the topic which I watched last year. Mike from The PMA Team also participated.

      I can’t say much about them, since I haven’t done anything about it yet (the financial aspect is problematic), but the stories are impressive from both of the people I’ve talked with. They have different approaches, but have the same liberty goals as far as living free and keeping the fruits of your labor.

  5. Liked listening to this conversation. It helps to read and listen and watch the people doing work on these issues. Then you can and really need to start acting on what you learn. You can use your intuition to take the correct actions. The fact that all problems won’t be solved, or that problems keep surfacing isn’t relevant. As you keep going you get better at it. When you take action, it is satisfying. It helps you to live the way you want to live, as well as making you into someone that can be more helpful to others.

  6. While the concept of self-sufficiency is an honourable one, the reality is that those of us who live where there are four seasons need to be supplied with fuel for heat and reliable electricity. Those are not easy to provide oneself, or even with the resources of a small community. If anyone knows otherwise, I would be happy to be proven wrong.

    In the days of the yeoman farmers, there was no electricity and people heated with wood, which involved an enormous amount of work. Even today, to heat with wood requires chopping, splitting, stacking, and carrying logs into the house – tasks which do not become easier with age, and are typically not accessible to those who live in cities.

    Growing your own food is admirable but very few people can supply all their own needs from their garden. I’m not saying it’s impossible, just that it’s a hell of a lot of work. In the past, people often had many children and/or extended families living in the same house or as near neighbours to help with the chores of living.

    In the interview, you talked about using technology to support self-sufficiency. All great but once again dependent upon electricity. So perhaps the real solution is to take control of electricity generation. Musk said something about making free energy available – I’ve yet to see that.

    Certainly, a primary issue for human survival is to find out why we tolerate psychopaths and sociopaths. They have done a wonderful job of using media to advertise themselves and therefore “normalize” their existence as simply part of human society when, in fact, they are such extreme aberrations that most normal people cannot even recognize them (the way the Indigenous people could not see Cortes’s ships because such large boats were so far out of their experience.) In the past, in smaller societal groups, psycho- and sociopaths were rightly shunned as dangerous and destructive.

    Frankly, while I admire the concept of self-sufficiency, in some ways, it becomes another form of tyranny. I don’t want to have to do everything myself. I’m no longer 20 and I don’t have the energy for it. One reason people went to work in factories during the Industrial Revolution was because they wanted to get away from the back-breaking labour of the farm. (Which they then exchanged for the danger of unregulated factory work and the semi-poverty and filth of urban life.)

    Self-reliance, on the other hand, is IMO, a powerful mental state in which one takes responsibility for being able to find or access solutions in one’s life whether they are provided by self or others.

    • ink,
      I hear ya!
      At this age, I have no desire to embark on such an existence.

      Like you say:
      “…very few people can supply all their own needs from their garden. I’m not saying it’s impossible, just that it’s a hell of a lot of work.

      I garden for the pleasure and exercise. But it is a money loser for me, much less the lost quantity of time invested. The water bill alone makes for some expensive produce.

      • Back to Eden film is available free online. Scroll down to “watch film.”

        Paul Gautschi bought some property and found out afterward the water supply was nowhere near what he would need for his extensive gardens. The film explains how he found a solution without large quantities of water.

    • Ink
      “…Frankly, while I admire the concept of self-sufficiency, in some ways, it becomes another form of tyranny…..”

      I Guess you ARE correctly making the point that a man who is driven by a need for ease and comfort is, like a Vice addict, a Natural Slave of those who dispense an easy life or the vice they need. An example of this would be the data that shows that Black Slaves on a Plantation often had materially comfortable life and very few ever tried to escape to freedom.
      (see video, inc. comparison with min wage workers)

      People who want to be free must also accept that they may have to be poor and have harder lives….the pods and bugs will be the easy, safe alternative

      You do however ANSWER you OWN question as to “….why we tolerate psychopaths and sociopaths….” (see pasted quotes at bottom) but to put it simply

      A) If most people are comfort driven and want an easy life it is useful to have psychopaths around to go steal other peoples stuff and defend you from other people.

      B)Psychopaths are NOT an aberration, every culture has had them …however the normal people have become super lazy and cowardly because of the vast material wealth we’ve now got. Psychopaths are only going wild because there is almost zero pushback from the people who have become cattle.

      “.. I’m not saying it’s impossible, just that it’s a hell of a lot of work….”
      “…Those are not easy to provide oneself, …”
      “…, there was no electricity and people heated with wood, which involved an enormous amount of work….”

    • “..The reality is that those of us who live where there are four seasons need to be supplied with fuel for heat and reliable electricity. Those are not easy to provide oneself, or even with the resources of a small community. If anyone knows otherwise, I would be happy to be proven wrong.”..
      “Growing your own food is admirable but very few people can supply all their own needs from their garden.”

      Hear you and with regards to electricity in my experience you definitely do have a point to some degree, but/and regarding it and the other points, here my best shot at proving you wrong:

      (Disclaimer: I do live in middle/north of Sweden, winter-snow-season is oct/nov-may, growing season too short for even corn)

      1a. With regards to electricity. The entire problem is not producing electricity, but storing it, an average (door-sized) solarpanel these days has around 400 W, costs about 150 Dollar, produces ca 1000 kwh per kw/year and is guaranteed to deliver 80% of its capacity even after 40 years. Installing them is easy for a moderate handy/electricity wise person, especially in an off-grid (12 Volt) system.
      Thus an investment of below 1000 Dollar does generally guarantee sufficient electricity for the basic needs of one person for 40 years and has paid itself off already after less than 10, making money for the rest.

      The one and really only problem is storage, because around 70% of the time electricity is needed when it is not produced (evenings, fall/winter) and batteries are both horribly expensive and relatively ineffective (1 average car battery weighs 20 plus kg but does store less than 1 kw and charge only at a speed of 10-20/C and high tech batteries are VERY costly).

      One perfectly workable solution that has been known for centuries, but only recently been taken up and reluctantly snail-pace now more invested in again is the storage of Electricity in (70% effective) Green (meaning water-electrolyzed) Hydrogen.

      Despite endless theories around in practice the storage of moderately compressed (-20 bar) Hydrogen is perfectly possible in normal (Propane) steel tanks and with proper construction is not only not more, but infact less dangerous than Propane/Gasoline, as american pioneer Mike Stritzki demonstrated and the NJ zoning comission agreed/permitted more than a decade ago :

      • 1b.

        High pressure (100-1000 bar) H2 systems are perfectly possible to construct safely as well, here our swedish pioneer:

        And the most safe form of all is the storage of H2 in Hydrides, which until now are expensive to get, but in the form of cheap Graphitic Carbon Nitride very promising for the future.
        As demonstrated already decades ago by no other than infamous Bob Lazar and his H2-powered Corvette:

        Unfortunately if interested in purchasing one of those systems so far they are horribly expensive to buy and neither governments (despite what it may seem) nor industries have any real interest in making them easy to get and people/households thus completely energy independant. And on the other end the perfectly complementing problem is average people not taking any initiative/responsibility, instead of making them knowledgable/skilled, engage endlessly in purely theoretical armchair- discussions on the internet (usually ending in reducio ad Hindenburg-um…)..

        In my personal experience DIY H2/electricity-projects are perfectly possible. AND/BUT one needs to know/learn (well!) what one is doing/getting into FIRST, just as with any other form of fuel/energy and consulting with professional people with practical experience helps enormeously. Other than that there are no real problems regarding electrical self-sufficiency.

        Just my experience of course…

        • 2a. Regarding self sufficiency in fire-wood:

          In my experience it does not have to be hard at all, it all depends on HOW one does it.
          Our winters here are harsh and long, nonetheless to heat my house by firewood I need each year no more than 12 cubic meter of firewood in ca. 10-15 cm times 40 cm pieces, which is one timber-trailer load, which I either drive myself or get a friendly neighbor to do in exchange for help/money.
          Cutting and hauling the trees for 12 cubicmeter by chainsaw takes maybe 5 days.

          I do have a simple but awesomely nice electric hydraulic splitter which both cuts and splits logs at the same time and which I share with neighbors.
          Splitting/cutting/hauling all my wood all in all takes no more than 10 days per year moderate work, by storing it as close as possible to the house (30 m away) even in worst winter it takes no more than a 10 minute wheelbarrow trip every second day to get a 1 or 2 days ration to the stove.
          Depending on the type of Stove refilling as low as 2 times per day can suffice perfectly in regards to the daily fire.

          • 2b.Regarding food:

            I grow organically on 1500-2000 squaremeters in row-cultures, making it possible to weed-control effectively either manually (hoeing, grass-mulching) or mechanically (driving through with tractor or horse-drawn equipment) and for an average yield of 1-2 tonnes of vegetables/food the labour/time is no more than 1 hour/day during growing season (meaning for each whole days work, no work for 8 days).

            All is stored in an earth cellar nearby and the storage from oktober-May/June costs nothing in (cooling/heating) energy or time except the weekly trip there to get a weeks ration out (and remember to close the door!!).

            Stuff/food I right now do not grow/produce myself (dairy products/grain etc) I can easily get from the surrounding community/neighbors in exchange for money or stuff I produce.

            In my experience, farming/forestry/self-sufficiency is all about the technique and equipment used and can be enormeously time consuming or not at all.
            And by using the simple but efficient ones and sharing equipment with neighbors this neither has to be expensive nor high-tech (my tractor cost 800 Dollars, is 60 years old and runs like hell, my horses live on homegrown hay, can haul their own bales and go outside all year round).

            And it is bloody fun to work with/in nature, being independant of society`s crazy systems and the food awesome.

            But all that again is just me/my experience of course…
            what do you think of my attempt at proving wrong?

  7. God Damn Oligarch Parasites!
    They will not voluntarily give up their power over those that will “voluntarily” (for money and riches) oppress the rest of us, so I think It is going to get ugly as we purge the Parasites from our system.

    It can be thought of kind of like the way Ivermectin purges parasites from our bodies. If we only knew that Ivermectin was a cure for the Covid we would not have feared it, and the Scam would have died in a matter of days.

    The Oligarchs controlled the money supply, and thus those that will do anything for money for some time. It is this top down system of control that we have to break. I see Bitcoin as a first attempt at breaking that system, however independent thinkers in mass may be the real killer. They can’t control you, unless you let them.

  8. Face it. Despite all of our good intentions, if we want to have food and shelter and electricity and other necessities, we are all going to be slaves to the machine if we live long enough. The key is not to become a MENTAL slave. True freedom is having your identity in Christ. Don’t lose your soul by thinking that you can save it. Only by surrendering to Christ can you be truly FREE. As for global power, it will change hands according to who has the biggest army until Jesus returns. That said, I always appreciate James’ determination to give other people their freedom. I agree. Live and let live. But we are NOT in charge.

  9. “The key is not to become a MENTAL slave. True freedom is having your identity in Christ. Don’t lose your soul by thinking that you can save it. Only by surrendering to Christ can you be truly FREE.”

    So true, so simple and so very difficult for most People.
    Perhaps that has something to do with why Jesus said this:

    Matthew 18:3
    Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

  10. “The first writings of the New Testament were created 325 years after the death of Jesus.”

    Could you please explain to me what makes you believe that?

    Have you come to your conclusions through meditation or some sort of mystical experience like voices or visions?

    I’m willing to discuss my beliefs with you but I need to know how you’ve arrived at yours in order to know whether or not it makes sense to do so.

    I don’t mean any disrespect, but what makes you think that your concept of God is more accurate than the one that is found in the scriptures?

    • “The council of Nicaea is how the New Testament was created.”

      By the time of Justin Martyr (ca. 100-165 AD) and Irenaeus (ca. 130-202 AD) we find extensive quotations from New Testament books; while the First Letter of Clement, addressed to the church in Corinth, quotes Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians.

      Within the New Testament itself there is already a hint that Paul’s letters are coming to be regarded as scriptural, like the Old Testament: the second Letter of Peter, a canonical though pseudonymous work probably from the late first century, says that there are obscurities in Paul’s writings which perverse people twist to their own liking ‘as they do the other scriptures’ (2 Peter 3:16). By the 240s, Origen (184-253 AD) could write a commentary on the Gospel according to Matthew, just as he also wrote one, for example, on the Old Testament book of Joshua. By then Matthew was, simply, Scripture.

    • “If you wish to “believe” in God that is your prerogative. Personally, I would rather KNOW God.”

      With respect, it sounds to me that you know a god of your own creation.
      The God who I believe in is an uncreated God who has revealed Himself through the scriptures. He confirms the truth of His Word through my personal experiences and through His Holy Spirit by speaking to me through my conscience.

      “This is mostly beside the point since my experiences only apply to my own soul’s path.”

      I believe the words of the Messiah when He said in John 14:6
      “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

      “What is pertinent is for each of us to begin a personal conversation with God, and to not rely on others to tell you what to believe.”

      I am in agreement with what you wrote here. But not with how you would define “personal conversation”.

      God speaks to me through the Bible. His Word.
      God speaks to me through others both living and dead who have dedicated themselves to studying the Bible.
      God speaks to me through the circumstances of my life. Both good and bad.
      God speaks to me through the Holy Spirit via my conscience.
      God speaks to me through His incredible creation.
      God speaks to me in many ways but He never communicates anything to me that contradicts the Bible.

      “Does anything of this world make sense to you??? ”

      Yes, everything makes sense when I evaluate the world around me in light of God’s Word. Its only when I lean upon my own understanding that it doesn’t.

      “Look how that turned out for him”

      It worked out precisely the way it was planned and prophesied to work out. God always achieves His purposes.

      “But it’s not me who is your reliable source… it is God directly.”

      Very true.

      “Contemplate everything. Question everything. That is, until YOU KNOW for yourself.”

      I have and now I do.

      “Stop relying on others to tell you anything”

      That is a trap from which I escaped long ago.

      “you have to tap into The Source. The only way to do so is to receive what has already been given to you directly. No middlemen. Just God.”

      Great advice. I believe with all my heart and senses that I have done just that. Are you certain that you have?

      Proverbs 3:5
      “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.”

      • “Why are you trying to convince me otherwise?”

        Because I care about you…

        “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

        …And so does Jesus.

        John 3:16
        “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

        “The leaders throughout history (which of course has been the church/synagogue dangling carrots before us with the threat of eternal damnation) are known to take advantage of the masses through deceit. Both old and new testaments are known to be mistranslated, misinterpreted, and quite contrived. The leaders know of humanity’s desperation to find the Truth, to feel safe and looked after. And they have taken advantage of the masses throughout all time. They count on you to trust them and their interpretations.”

        That is probably why Jesus said on so many occasions, “Follow Me”. I can’t remember reading where He said “follow the leaders”. As a matter of fact He warned us about the pitfalls of following men.

        “Quoting the Bible over and over to prove something to me only highlights your dependence on what you have told and what your parents have been told, and theirs…Through generation after generation we’ve been programmed, and we have allowed it!”

        Sorry about that. The Bible is my authority.
        Your telling me me that the Bible should be rejected as such and that all people need to do to have a relationship with God is to “look within” only highlights that you might have been deceived.

        2 Corinthians 4:4
        “In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.”

        I will keep you in my prayers. Shalom

        • How tragically amusing, (and telling), that you would prefer that I not pray for you. And then actually say so.

          “You seem to think that I’m trying to convince you of something to believe.”

          I know with certainty that you are. Or rather you are trying to convince me that my faith in God is fantasy.
          It doesn’t surprise me and it doesn’t upset me. It just makes me kind of sad that the god of this world has won another poor soul.
          But then he’s been at it for a very long time and he is very good at his job.

          You have chosen who you will serve. So be it.
          I will continue to pray that God’s grace will soften your heart and open your eyes and ears to the truth.

          But I have cast more than enough pearls in my conversation with you so you needn’t bother trying to continue dialogue with me.
          I have shaken the dust off my sandals.

  11. I do not give blanket endorsements of people or organizations, but I would like to say this about Benjamin Rush. Despite his apparent glitch on education, my understanding was that he defended medical freedom and felt it should be put in the bill of rights. In looking it up to find a link to put here, it appears it is not quite as clear as I had heard, but for what it’s worth, here is a link with some information about his position on medicine/doctors:

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