Did Eugenics Fake Its Own Death? – Questions For Corbett #041

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This time on Questions For Corbett: Did eugenics fake its own death? Why was KAL 85 ordered to squawk a hijack code on 9/11? Will deep fakes make people more skeptical of authority? And can you download Corbett Report videos directly from the website? Join James for the answers to these and other burning questions.

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Questions For Corbett #040 – Can Chaos Be Good?


In my high school biology and history classes, I remember being taught how eugenics was discredited. We conquered the Nazis and so too this evil and false scientific idea of theirs. Of course, the eugenics idea is alive as an influential force today.

We know there was hidden powers behind the rise of Hitler and the Nazis. You know when a guy fakes his death in movies so that he can elude his would-be killer? Do you think that motivation was thought out beforehand?

A: Yes. This is an example where merely knowing the right word for something (calling that thing by its right name, if you will) helps you to discover its existence. In this case, that word is “crypto-eugenics.” Search that word in my search bar and you’ll see some of the work I’ve done on that topic in the past.

Long story short: in 1957 the Honorary Secretary of the (British) Eugenics Society drafted a memorandum on “The Eugenics Society’s Future” which he submitted at a special meeting of the society’s council. In it, he advocated a policy of “crypto-eugenics” to carry on the dream of eugenics under another name…literally. (This led to the Eugenics Society being rebranded the Galton Institute, Eugenics Quarterly becoming Social Biology, etc.).

Short story long: The full story will be presented in an upcoming podcast specifically on the subject of cryptoeugenics.


Your podcast “9/11 War Games” is superb! I hope it will open the eyes of many! Keep doing the good work!

One detail… you said that some pilots “inexplicably” squawked the hijack code. In a sense, yes, but the Korean pilot was requested to squawk the code by the ATC controller in Anchorage, who himself was “ordered” (in his own words) to request the pilot to squawk. He originally refused, but later complied. I might be confused here, but the Korean airliner, when requested to squawk, was already being escorted by the US military jets on his way to Whitehorse, Canada. By squawking, he was making himself a legitimate target for the jets to shoot at. Please watch this 12 mins video if you haven’t seen it yet.

A: And he provides a link to a video on the strange incident. Firstly, it should be clarified that I dide not say that KAL 85 inexplicably squawked the hijack code, I said it “inexplicably sent ‘five separate and ongoing indicators of a hijacking situation’ before being intercepted by NORAD fighters over Alaska and directed to land at Whitehorse in northern Canada or be shot down.” As usual, those are not my words, but the words from the official report issued by the Yukon government about the incident, which is of course linked in the transcript at corbettreport.com/911wargames.

But the video that WIESIEK provides really should be seen as it raises even more fascinating and, as the question suggests, disturbing questions about what on earth was happening with that plane that day.

LORI TOWNSEND: At some point the the passenger jet was squawking a code in the 5,000s, meaning that everything is “status quo,” or that’s what it’s supposed to mean. But at some point you were given an order from FAA headquarters in Washington, DC, that seemed quite strange. Talk about what happened then.

RICK WILDER: Yeah, I’ve never had to issue a hijack squawk to an aircraft. I mean we can issue an emergency code if we think the aircraft is having an issue. And what they do when they squawk, there’s three particular codes that they can squawk, and it’s basically: emergency, radio failure, or hijack. And it actually tags up on other controller scopes and also scopes down the lower 48, like at the command center, probably the military (I can’t really speak to how their equipment works). But it just kind of tags them up a little bit differently so it’s a more pronounced target on the scope.

So I’ve never had to do it before, I never had to do it after that. It was a strange request at the time. I’ve never read it in the books where we had to do that. I’ve never—you know, we wouldn’t necessarily ever issue that code to an aircraft. Because the way I look at it, it’s not ours to issue it’s the pilot’s to issue because it’s a very serious code. So the 7500 squawk—the hijack code—It was actually a supervisor that came down and said “We need to have the Korean Air squawk 7500 so I said, well, I didn’t really think it was the right thing to do. So they actually left and regrouped and talked about it and I had my opinions of why it wasn’t. But then later I was ordered to do it.

TOWNSEND: And what were your thoughts? Why did you not want to do that?

WILDER: We had already had some miscommunication with the military that morning. There had already been some threats to shoot down some aircraft. One that I was particularly working there were probably others it happened to, that if they didn’t follow whatever air traffic commands that we issued at the time that they would be shot down. And I had one an aircraft that was just south of Anchorage, on his way in he was told to land in Anchorage, and at forty miles south of Anchorage I was told to turn him or that he would be shot down. And there was a lot of miscommunications with the civilian sector and the military sector.

There were fighters with this Korean Air, and with the kind of communications that occur, or “breakdowns,” we would say—occasionally they occur between the civilians of the military my first thought and after I guess you’d say 19 years of experience I knew how the military operates to an extent and I thought well what if the guy’s trigger-happy that’s not a bad thing you know that’s their job and that’s not my job is to destroy your crap of that series and if they saw this code I was afraid that it would well I was very afraid I was more than frayed it was probably the worst thing I ever had to do in my life issue the code

Please do watch the rest of that clip as it gives more of the context of the very strange nature of the way KAL 85 was being treated that morning.


CELDF.org. Constitution protects corporations because they’re “persons.” Teaching communities how to block corporations using the rights of nature, e.g. river v. person. But this is 501(c)3. Is this an Agenda21 idea? Have you covered this?

A: Yes, I have. Or, more specifically, James Evan Pilato and I have.

We talked about a New York court which was going to rule on an argument put forward by the “Non-human rights project” that chimps should be treated as persons with legal rights. (Spoiler: the court ruled they shouldn’t be.).

You are right to be suspicious, as I pointed out in that episode of New World Next Week:

JAMES CORBETT: This is obviously a glimpse of something that’s going to be coming at us a lot in a lot larger way in the future. But I think it’s another example of one of those stories where the kind of basic underlying idea of it is something that appeals to people—well, you know, non-psychopaths generally would say “Yes, we should treat animals more humanely, with more respect. We shouldn’t, you know, treat them in torturous ways for our own kicks.” And everyone has that underlying sense they don’t want to be cruel to animals, but now trying to encode that in courtrooms in the law? I mean, clearly, this can go very bad very quickly when people start representing the animals in the courtroom. Who gets to speak for the animals and in what way and how will that be applied? And then is that lowering the human rights status of humans and things like this? So I think when we start to bring in the courts sphere of it I think we should all be skeptical even if—I mean, look, I have nothing against people who are for animals, better treatment, but I think doing it in the courtroom is not the right way and it’s going to be used against us as a weapon as pretty much everything else that goes into that sphere of criminal justice ultimately does.

As for CELDF.org, I haven’t looked into them specifically, but this is very much in line with an Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030 approach, and I note that, like the UN-pushed “Global Cities” idea, this is pushing “rights of nature” legislation at the municipal level. There’s a lot to look into on the site so if there are any intrepid Corbett Report researchers who want to go down that rabbit hole and see what they find, this is the type of topic I’m very much interested in reporting on in the future.

(For those who need the bigger overview of Agenda 21 and how environmental causes are being used as a false flag cover for the corporate monopolists themselves to monopolize the resources of the planet itself, I HIGHLY recommend going back to Episode 322 of The Corbett Report podcast, What Is Sustainable Development?)


You mentioned this type of technology before (https://www.corbettreport.com/interview-1343-new-world-next-week-with-james-evan-pilato/ + https://www.corbettreport.com/dont-believe-your-lying-eyes/) and discussed the bad consequences of such technology. I think that you are right that such things can be used by the powers that shouldn’t be to make us not trust anything that exposes them if someone takes footage of politicians or someone like that.

But I think that one perhaps unintended consequence for the creators of this tech is that people will have to become more critical and wont be able to trust anything that is said by an authority since it might be faked. Instead, what is said has to be examined regardless of who says it. What do you think?

A: 100% right, which is why (as both JEP and I have been preaching all along) media literacy is (sadly) one of the most important skills we can be teaching our children in this age. We really are moving into an age where the media illiterates will be total automatons, literally programmed by whatever information they are unquestioningly accepting.


Why does Saudi Arabia see Yemen as so much of a threat that it is willing to bomb it into oblivion?

A: In the interest of time, I will simply direct you to a very thorough conversation between Ernie Hancock and Scott Horton on that very question from a recent edition of the Declare Your Independence radio program.


Do you have an index of your Iran-Contra work and how it relates to the Gary Webb story?

A: No such index exists, but here are the main pieces that I think people should explore in that regard.

Episode 102 – Know Your History: Iran-Contra

Episode 117 – Requiem for the Suicided: Gary Webb

The CIA And The Drug Trade

Episode 204 – A Brief History of CIA Drug Running

A comprehensive documentary on all of this connecting it together in one concise narrative is absolutely in order…but until I find a spare year or two under the couch, I’m afraid it’s not on the front burner of projects I’m working on right now.


I was wondering if you could make your videos available directly for download on your site? It’s getting increasingly difficult to access your videos on YouTube. I’m not going to sign in on any of the FANG companies to leave a trail behind.

A: You’re in luck! All of my videos are already available for download from my website! They always have been! Enjoy!


Hi James, I was wondering if you know about a different proxy YouTube viewer besides HookTube, because I heard that they recently changed such that one could no longer view videos through them and not give views to those videos on YouTube. I am aware that there are many proxy viewers, but not of one specifically providing this perk.

A: If only. Looks like hooktube caved into GooTube’s legal pressure. I’ve heard tell of a beta test of something similar, but if any of the good Corbett Reporteers out there know of a workable alternative, please do leave it in the comments.


  1. James, if you are going to go deeper into the topic of eugenics, please do consider reading the book Jewish Eugenics by John Glad. Used copies are available online and it is also available as a free download on the late author’s site.


    Glad asks you to “Join me and follow a bare-bones narrative that will overturn virtually everything that you previously absorbed about eugenics.”

    I am pretty sure I have mentioned this to you before, so I apologize for repeating myself, but I can’t stress enough how important I think the information contained in this book is. I see a different avenue that we could take to change the way the world is going. Reading this book helped me to empathize with these people and see a little better what their perspective may be.

    It made me want to put my torch and pitchfork down and ask the other good people in the world to consider the WHY behind the insanity that surrounds us. Like Max Igan often says, we need to step into our humanity.

    • NO sane person would consider that as a truth with any viable path of Honor!

      I pray (for want of a better term), that most Corbett report readers/viewers are able to see this authors abominable works for what they are . An huge heap ‘O fallacious dung wrapped in so many weak feeble arguments,(read at your own risk – as one cannot unread it). Its premise is too dastardly to be considered, EVER.

      One can clearly see why he (James) never responded to your first request.

      Madame you seriously lack compassion.

      I am 100% sure Maxwell would shiver at his words being used to promote THAT work, shame, shame.
      Zionist much?

      • Hello there, phonicphotonic.

        That is quite the book review you’ve given. Do you have any examples of these “weak feeble arguments” or why the “premise is too dastardly to be considered”?

        Despite you remarks, I’m a little excited to come across someone who has also read this book! I’ve been anxiously awaiting finding another freethinking person to talk to about all of the information presented. I do wonder though at your take on it all. I’d love to know what of it led you to your current viewpoint as I got something totally different out of the several times I’ve read it.

        I seriously lack compassion? I just don’t see where you are coming from.

        Be well.

  2. Much gratitude to Josh (for his question) and James (for his answer) regarding CELDF.org ! Within the past week I watched a video presenting Linzey’s spiel on the CELDF and, although I was keenly interested, the healthy skeptic inside of me was whispering…. Beneficial thinking and action comes from within — through conscience, consciousness, concern, curiosity and compassion — NOT through legislation, court battles and engaging The System on its own turf.

  3. Starting rates per minor inclusion (see rate index 12a)
    All rates negotiable
    $12m: Depict vaccines as safe and crucial
    $3m: Help dispel 9/11 conspiracy theories
    $10m: Promote women in the military
    $5m: Depict Kim Jong-un as angry, childish and incompetent
    $1m: Violent criminal apprehended via DNA evidence
    $2m: Depict veterans as heroes
    $9m: Discussion or depiction of school shooting
    $7m: Depict U.S. military as formidable opponent to supernatural forces
    $16m: Depict Bashar al-Assad as insane/blood-thirsty
    $3m: Depict CIA agent as sexy, cool and humorous
    $9m: Violent criminal caught via street camera evidence
    $7m: Female president
    $4m: Show violent criminal using cryptocurrency
    $1m: Flag placement in background
    $6m: Human trafficker caught via report of strange social media behavior
    $12m: Train wreck or major utility failure caused by Russian hacking
    $3m: Carjack victim rescued thanks to car’s built-in mic, GPS & camera
    $1m: Car crash caused by marijuana intoxication
    $5m: Whistleblower information results in SEAL team deaths
    $1m: News anchor inclusion (see media persons index 3f)
    $2m: Cash purchase thwarts tracking of bomb maker
    $9m: ISIS obtains nuclear weapon from Iran
    $3m: Off-grid family child death from inaccessible emergency services
    $4m: Stop & frisk result in foiled terrorist plot

    Do you think the intelligence community presents subsidy lists like this (though more complex) to film & television production companies?
    Every bone in my body tells me they do.

  4. You can use the command line application to download youtube and many other videos off the web. This program is being regularly updated. Someone should really make an extension for this program so that you can click a button instead using the command line, which appears to be abhorrent to many people. But, maybe that’s just the price one has to pay.


    If you REALLY want to hit them where it hurts, you can use the uBlock Origin browser extension which will block all sorts of background requests on youtube.


    (depending on your browser, you’ll need to go to belonging sites to install the extension in a most convenient fashion)

    None of these will outlast google (probably) but for the time being they are a good choice. However, I don’t think there’s anything you can do about view counts if they count downloads as counts, which I’m assuming they do.

    • Well, well, well, there actually is a GUI for youtube-dl. Of course there is.


      The guy appears to have youtube-dl bundled with it, which is relatively inconvenient since you can’t update youtube-dl manually, but still it appears to be working OK.

      • I wanted to write “the GUI” instead of guy. Sigh.

    • mkey,
      Is this the same as what “nater” mentioned above in the comment section?
      (I am a computer illiterate)

      • Yes, youtube-dl is the same thing.

  5. The great Awh-Haa! moment came at the end . As the credits rolled a nice commercial played “Funniest videos by Corbett” . It rang the deep conscience bell when the penetrating voice toward the end said ( something like) ” the best way to stop a dictator is by laughing at him!” Epic editing from Corbett-West productions on the heels of
    POTUS’s speech to the UN last week. The cameras at the UN showing reactions of the pumpkin eaters with their earphones on , busting out in laughter at what ” The Donald ” was saying. If you didn’t plan this thought plant James or Brock, YOU SHOULD HAVE.
    And since I know you did Im doubling my support Oct. 1st!

    • ”the best way to stop a dictator is by laughing at him!”

      I guess that applies to the MainStreamMedia too.

    • Mkey, you seem to be very knowledgeable in the tech- app. Universes. Help create a double down button , of course an UN-double down one too. I spent a while trying to give T.C.R. more resources to work with. Eventually I had to subscribe again. I would think the time James spent figuring it out and responding to me could have been better spent with his wife or children or both. Good works deserve good support. Thanks if you can help.

        • Colloquial term for double the money one has put forth by clicking on an app icon to initiate a comand. How do you quickly double ones contribution to a site?. I know it is far more complicated than I could ever imagine to have an application for increasing monetary support with one click of the courser but imagine number of the sites it could be applied to. It took an hour of attempts on Paypal and Patreon to change (double) my monetary support to the Corbett Report. I eventually just subscribed again. Creates a lot of work for J.C. Can you envision this. I could once upon a time do it in fortran, cobalt and basic. I can barely turn this tablet on now.

  6. Are you using that email for paypal? Cancel subscription on one email and create a new subscription with the other.

    Otherwise, email James about it, he should be able to fix you up easily.

  7. Extremely interesting.
    Thanks kabouit.

    This is very insightful, because some odd things similar to what you describe seem to occur in the Dallas area. Jim Schutze has been the city columnist for the Dallas Observer for about 20 years. He bucks City Hall and the system. In fact, during the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination in Dallas, his pen went to town. He is on “our side”. Anyway, he has covered some pretty shady dealings along this line as to what you are saying.

    Of interest also is the most recent Mike Maloney VIDEO.
    End Of The Global Real Estate Boom – Australia Braces For Impact

  8. Log in to your profile and then click on the ‘Howdy, bas’ in the top right corner of the browser window, which is your profile settings. Under ‘Contact Info’ change your email to the new one and subscribe to emails. Then, in your unwanted email, just unsubscribe.

  9. Regarding 9/11 War Games
    Question FROM WIESIEK – Interview with Rick Wilder

    Evidently, on the Alaska Radio Public Network, there was another story following Rick Wilder’s story.
    Dated September 12, 2011
    Second Controller Speaks About Korean Airliner Incident on 9/11

    Another Air Traffic controller who says he worked with Korean flight 085 that was diverted to Whitehorse on Sept. 11, 2001 has come forward with additional details of the day’s events. APRN reported Friday that retired Air Traffic Controller Rick Wilder says the pilot was ordered to squawk that he had hijackers on board.

    Dave Connett worked as an Air Traffic Controller in Anchorage for 15 years and was also in the tower and worked the flight that was suspected of being hijacked that day. Connett contends he was the one that first ordered the pilot to squawk the 7500 hijack code. Connett says it was because of a message the pilot had sent to his own company Korean Airlines.

    “He as I understood it, Sent a company message, saying he was hijacked and that got to us so we were expecting a hijacked aircraft when we finally did greet or identify him and talk to him.” Connett said.

    Connett says he asked the pilot to verify squawking 7500 and he says the pilot said disregard. Then Connett’s area manager told him to squawk the hijack code. Connett says he gave the order and the pilot did not argue, he complied.

    “So at that point, we figured well he must be getting hijacked. I was given instructions that he could not go to Anchorage. So I tried to turn him away from Anchorage and he was very resistant. It took several transmissions to convince him that he could not and he was not going to go to Anchorage.” Connett said.


    • …continuing…EXCERPTS
      Connett says he’s also a pilot and had never before given such a command. He says the order to tell the plane to squawk 7500 – meaning it had been hijacked – surprised him. But he looked later and it was in the FAA manual. He says when those regulations were written, it was presumed that a hijacker would be someone bursting into a cockpit with a weapon. Connett says.

      “And one of those would be, a scenario that if a hijacker is standing in the cockpit and he’s telling a pilot what to do, and the controller tells him to do something, like squawk 7500, the hijacker normally wouldn’t know what that means. So if the pilot did it it would confirm that he is being hijacked. But if he wasn’t being hijacked it is incumbent upon the pilot to say, to know the code and to say, no I’m not being hijacked.”

      The pilot’s lack of protest about the code added to the suspicion that the Korean jet had been hijacked. This confusion is what then NORAD commander, now Air Force General Norton Schwartz outlined when he spoke to reporters in the days after the event. Schwartz said that if controllers asked pilots to confirm if they were squawking that code, the correct response would be negative, negative, I am not that code. General Scwartz continued.

      “Apparently what occurred was that the crew either misconstrued what was said or perhaps what was said wasn’t exactly, you know, according to the text book and they understood that they should squawk that code.”

      Dave Connett says he wanted to clarify some of the day’s events and affirm that the jet had been sent to Whitehorse because of concerns it was in fact a hijacked plane and it was determined that sending it to Whitehorse endangered less lives than Anchorage.

      Here is the archived Alaska Public Radio Network link to the Rick Wilder story.

  10. Very cool to get my question on. Thanks James. I wish I was a little more specific.

    As James noted in a past QFC, The Nazi party was aided significantly by American corporations and was not meant to win WWII (https://www.corbettreport.com/who-funded-hitler-video/). Spefically mentioned here is how Hitler did not use his full advantage in the Battle of Dunkirk. The usual motivations for manufacturing a war were at play: banks win, weapons makers win, civil liberties get eroded, heightened nationalism, territorial reconfigurations, and so on.

    I think it’s also the case that the stringpullers put a cartoonishly evil villain, Hitler, in charge, and by defeating him and the Nazis, Americans started to believe the fantasy that we’re good and Good always defeats Evil. If only our newspapers would tell us that our CIA was collaborating with hardcore Nazis like Reinhard Gehlen immediately after the war ended or about Project Paperclip. To this day, it’s difficult for Americans to understand how a well mannered, well spooken, basketball playing father of two daughters like Obama can carry out the desicaple crimes of our empire that he did. The contrasting Hitler image has a lot to do with that, I think.

    So I was thinking one day that it was awfully risky to associate eugenics, such a principal motivation of theirs, with the Nazi brand. Then I wondered if their chess game was so strong that they considered faking the death of eugenics even before the start of WWII and before the Nazis smeared its reputation by using it as a rationale for the holocaust. There are conspiracy theories and conspiracy facts. This is definitely a theory. But I’m interested to know if someone else might know something.

  11. Hey James,
    first of all thank you for your excellent work! I truly appreciate all the effort you are putting into all of this and I refer people to your website when- and wherever I can.
    Now about my set of questions: We have learned now that the global elite is bound in a satanic “religious” society. How does the Church of Scientology fit into this construct, especially as a number of the Hollywood critters are official members of this “church”? Is there any connection between the Church of Scientology and MK Ultra? I did not dive too deep into this topic, but I have read some reports of dropouts that actually report about brainwashing methods reminding me of MK Ultra.
    And last but not least, if I may ask, what is your personal take on religions and spirituality?
    Thank you very much and all the best from Beijing!

  12. Hi James,

    It’s just shocking to see that the Eugenics society is still very alive even after WW2 till today and how very few people know about this.
    Personally, I think people should become more aware about the social consequences of these agenda’s. Like the “one-child” policy in China. Women are being abducted or bought from poor neighboring countries.
    To control life is an illusion. Life is one unified process in which there are no separate events. It’s what the Japanese call “Ji-Ji-Mu-Ge”. It reminds me of the lab scene in “Jurassic Park” when Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) says; “Life finds a way”.

    Thanks for your great work James!

  13. Hi James,

    I have been reading recently about the Jesuits. I find the theory that they are the basis for a number of secret societies very interesting.

    Can you, or anyone else, point me towards some reliable sources on the Jesuits? Also, do you have any plans to do a podcast on this topic anytime soon?

    Thanks for all your work.

  14. James, I wonder if you know anything about the primary water research of Dr Stephan Riess. There is a lady called Deborah Tavares from Stopthecrime.net who is campaigning to raise awareness that primary water from beneath the earth’s mantle is a pure, limitlessly renewable source of drinking water which Dr Riess demonstrated was easily accessible many years ago. He is dead now, but before he died he created boreholes for such eminences as King Faisal of Saudi Arabia and Ben Gurion of Israel. They produce thousands of gallons of water per minute, but this has been widely ignored for decades as far as I can tell. It chimes with the idea of artificial scarcity for commercial purposes. In my own research on EU grants to Africa I found it suspicious that billions of Euros have been allocated to anti-drought measures in Kenya, and a huge groundwater reserve was discovered in 2013, yet the Kenyans are still suffering from droughts. If you would like to know more, there are video interviews with Dr Riess publicly available (on Youtube I’m afraid) and the Primary Water Institute is a great source too (if you’ll pardon the pun).

  15. Hi James!

    I did a quick search on your site and didn’t find a report that delved into the cryptocurrency proposed by Putin called Pax. Are you aware of any new developments with this idea? And/or whether (aside from Venezuela’s Petro or Ripple?) there are any other “national” (“state” sanctioned) or “international” (“bankster” sanctioned) cryptocurrencies being proposed as a potential counter and replacement to the existing cryptocurrency market?

    Pax Crypto: Russia Proposes First Multinational Cryptocurrency, Expert Blog

    As always, thanks so much for all you do! You have been an integral part of my “awakening” over the past 10 years or so. I know that there are thousands of others globally that can say the same. And arguably, millions that have been vicariously affected by your work in this crucial crossroads in human history.


  16. Look up “coup of 1886”. The https://celdf.org movement could be very useful if used to demonstrate the insanity of that.

    • https://ratical.org/corporations/SCvSPR1886.html

      Not sure why I can’t find much more via a simple search. Thom Hartmann on Youtube introduced me to that topic. He claimed that at some point there was this corporate coup d’etat slipped into the constitution during a constitutional convention by carefully changing the wording a bit.

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