Episode 411 – States of Emergency

by | Feb 12, 2022 | Podcasts | 142 comments

As we enter the Age of Biosecurity, we find ourselves living in a state of emergency. But what does this actually mean? And what does it imply about our way forward? Find out more about this vital topic on this week’s edition of The Corbett Report podcast.

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“If something is done out of necessity, it is done licitly, since what is not licit in law necessity makes licit. Likewise necessity has no law.” [“Si propter necessitatem aliquid fit, illud licite fit.: quia quad non est licitum in lege, necessitas facitlicitum. Item necessitas legem non habet.”] —Gratian, Decretum. Pars. 1 Dist. 48

“. . . if the observance of the law according to the letter does not involve any sudden risk needing instant remedy, it is not the business of anyone whatsoever to expound what is useful and what is not useful to the state. Those alone can do this who are in authority, and who, on account of such cases have the power to dispense from the laws. If, however, the peril be so sudden as not to allow of the delay involved by referring the matter to authority, the necessity itself carries with it a dispensation, since necessity knows no law.” —Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica. Part 1 of Second Part Q.96 ART.6

“The necessity with which we are concerned here must be conceived of as a state of affairs that, at least as a rule and in a complete and practically tically effective way, cannot be regulated by previously established norms. But if it has no law, it makes law, as another common expression sion has it; which means that it itself constitutes a true and proper source of law…. It can be said that necessity is the first and originary source of all law, such that by comparison the others are to be considered sidered somehow derivative…. And it is to necessity that the origin and legitimation of the legal institution par excellence, namely, the state, and its constitutional order in general, must be traced back, when it is established as a de facto process, for example, on the way to revolution. And what occurs in the initial moment of  a particular regime can also repeat itself, though in an exceptional way and with more attenuated characteristics, even after the regime has formed and regulated its fundamental institutions.” — Santi Romano. Quoted in The State of Exception as a Paradigm of Government, pg. 27

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  1. Canada’s Ontario Premier Ford declares State of Emergency
    This is some crazy 1984 type stuff.
    Basically, he says “we have new ability” to drop the mandates, even though it was definitely the right thing to do and millions of lives were saved; but he is declaring a State of Emergency and will be punishing the truckers. It’s a safety issue because they are blocking emergency vehicles, he says.
    Two masked women stand behind him for no reason except to advertise the fact that they are wearing masks, and maybe to subliminally suggest that the canadian people are behind him. He addresses the audience as “my friends” many times. It’s creepy.

    The truckers should not accept this insulting offer, but the media will spin it as, since the mandates were lifted, the truckers are moving the line and them truckkers’ll never be satisfied. Any deal that has Doug Ford & co. remain in power is a bad deal.

    It was live 8 hrs ago, or it might’ve have made it into this episode.

    • Thanks for posting this!
      It was creepy. I watched it earlier today. The government and media’s framing of the narrative is so off-kilter from observation and from what the “Freedom Convoy” issue is really about. It’s all about the STORY.

      Following the reactions of the Legacy Media and also the Canadian Officials during this Ottawa “Freedom Convoy 2022” gave me some insight.

      The City Council meetings were particularly insightful, especially how some Council members framed the “Freedom Convoy 2022”.
      Of note is Councilwoman Diane Dean at
      “…This is an organized, professional, sophisticated organization…this is an international effort…tactics like of which we have never seen before….”
      She speculates that this movement comes from the U.S. and is designed to take away the democracy of Canada.

      The Media and Officials are labeling this “Freedom Convoy” as a crisis, an emergency, a FEARful threat which demands urgent action even if those official actions are unlawful (such as confiscating fuel containers.)
      These entities framed a crisis narrative. It’s all about the STORY.

      Us sane folks realize that many cities COMPETE to bring in uncontrolled masses of people for events (The Olympics, Sports games, Festivals, etc.) A normal city would view these huge crowds as a wonderful source of revenue for municipal businesses. That is a normal response for a city, just like a Truck stop’s normal activity is to entice truckers to stop at their business.

      VALUE – I’ve come to realize that many Authoritarians and the Legacy Media feed on crisis. It gives them value. They have no value, no worth, if urgencies and crisis were none existent. Declared Emergencies give Authoritarians and the Corporate Controlled Media more worth and power.
      Friday Feb 11th – The White House Fear Porns that Russia “might” very soon invade Ukraine. The stock market went nuts…stocks were rapidly selling off and the price of oil climbed like a rocket.
      These guys love to keep everyone on edge. They feed on emergencies.

    • Right on cue James…
      As noted, Doug Ford Premier of Ontario today declared a state of emergency to end the ‘siege’ in Ottawa and Windsor.

      “Fines for non-compliances will be severe, the premier said, with a maximum penalty of $100,000 and up to a year imprisonment.”

      I personally think he’s being far too lenient with his penalties.
      $100,000 is pocket change to Canadian truckers.
      Fines of at minimum $1 million should be administered for non-compliance!

      As they so often do though, one step forward two steps back…

      Here’s the ‘good news’:

      “Doug Ford, the embattled Ontario premier, telephoned supporters on Thursday letting them know that on Friday he will announce that he is abandoning the province’s vaccine passport scheme, and that he will provide more details on Monday.
      One supporter recorded the call which was provided to Rebel News.
      Ford starts his call by saying he had received “about 250 [messages] as of lunch today” asking him to scrap the passport.
      “We’re pulling these passports. We’re going to get back to normal. I can’t get you the exact date, but it’s going to be very soon. I’ll be speaking over the next few days. Friday I’m going to put out a statement. Monday I’ll be giving some dates. And we’re going to move forward.” “


    • The “stand behind” thing is the usual ploy these politicans like to adhere to, depending on a set of criteria that, amnong others, involve self assuredness and penis size.

      If this guy only needs two people to back him up, that says a story, I guess. Im my area it’s at least half a dozen of muppets when they deliver their pronuoncements.

    • And……following the same formula mentioned by James in this post it looks like Trudeau will be enacting the “emergency measures act” last used during the October crisis in 1970 that involved bombings and political assassinations, because….y’know…protesting truckers are the same thing as the Oct. crisis…..

      • Good catch Corvus.
        We’ll see how Trudeau perverts things on Monday February 14th.

        The law defines an emergency as a situation that
        “seriously endangers the lives, health or safety of Canadians and is of such proportions or nature as to exceed the capacity or authority of a province to deal with it”.
        In order for the law to be used, the federal government must consult with both the provinces and cabinet.
        There must be a belief the protesters constitute a national emergency and cannot be dealt with under existing laws.


  2. RE: Corbett’s Friday Feb 11th
    Episode 411 – States of Emergency

    I appreciate Corbett walking us through a summation of information surrounding “States of Emergency”.
    It widens our understanding of the forces at play.
    We better damn well know what “They” are doing if we are going to come out the other side.

    At the beginning of February, I was reviewing “States of Emergency” and how recently documents were signed extending the emergency by both Biden and also the U.S. government agency HHS “Health and Human Services” (which is over the CDC and most other health agencies.)
    Extending Covid Emergencies in U.S.

  3. Ok, so I get it. States of emergency. Yadah, yahda , yahda. Honestly, I get it. |But who cares? Live your life on your own expectations. States of emergency actually don’t exist if you don’t comply. Tune out and tune in to truth. Difficult, yes. I truly understand individual circumstances.

    But hey, move.

    We are a young race. But, we have intelligence. So embrace,

    A little bit angry. Sorry. But it would be so simple if we DID NOT COMPLY.

    Really, I am sorry. Just being human can be hard. But….on the bright side, looking to book a B&B in ottawa next weekend. I’ll keep you posted.

    Good things coming!!

    In Lak’ech

      • Thank you, I will. It’s an interesting time is it not?

        In Lak’ech

        Be well and embrace our collective humanity, it’s what will and will decide our future.

    • We are of like minds Howler.

      Lead by example. Do/act what feels right not what other people/authorities try to tell you.

      I have stood firm the past two years whenever possible and will continue to do so.
      ‘Compliance’ is not a word that registers with me.

  4. Shortly after I learned what the word anarchist actually meant thanks to James Corbett. And discovered that I was one. I was introduced to the concept of withdrawing one’s consent to be ruled. So I did. I haven’t voted or voluntarily participated or supported the government in any respect since.
    I began participating in the black and gray market as much as possible. Even in my business. (Shhhhh!)

    When the convid psyop rolled out. I didn’t have to decide whether or not I was going to buy into the bullshit. I didn’t go anywhere that insisted on stupid mask wearing and I put a sign on my business door that I didn’t want mask wearing inside.
    I was never vaccine hesitant. I’m gene therapy poison adamant!
    I am as free as I can be without becoming a target.

    My point I guess is that nothing has changed. The first and most important thing I learned from James Corbett is that I am an anarchist. The second thing that I learned from him was that about the only thing that I could do, (and in reality have to do), is to withdraw my consent to be ruled.
    And I think that I am realizing that withdrawing one’s consent to be ruled is just about the only thing that one person can do.

    James says that we must not allow them to succeed and I agree. But I don’t know of any effective way of stopping the system other than ignoring its mandates. Or else working with it to make it less onerous. Calling or writing one’s “elected rulers” or voting for someone who isn’t too bad.
    I am convinced that the latter is futile and I refuse to negotiate with the terrorists.
    But I wonder exactly what James meant for folks to actually do. Protest or support of protests maybe? Certainly not violent sabotage or revolution.

    What can a principled anarchist actually do to effectively resist and oppose the systematic encroachment of a tyrannical government? Or even the existence of it for that matter.

    • How abut we live our own lives? Yes, easy to say. But hey, create community, self help in community that feeds each other, supports each other.

      Easier said than done, get it over and over. But… we have to start. Human rights are given at birth. There is no government anywhere on this planet that can take that away.
      We just need to understand our power as humans.

      We have the power and the freedom given to us through our creation as humans to self rule and prosper.

      Be in vibration.

      In Lak’ech.

    • Black and grey market enthusiast here too! I just need to expand my use to include regular things too. In fact when I listened to the pod cast on Ross Ulbrich, I was more inspired to learn more.

      I have found that people can exchange things in an ethical manner without intervention of the nasty, evil and corrupt government.

      • “What can a principled anarchist actually do to effectively resist and oppose the systematic encroachment of a tyrannical government? Or even the existence of it for that matter”

        Build our own system and communities and stop using the slave system. Support protests, like the Truckers strike and do other similar protests to throw a wrench in the gears.

        I think the best thing is just build an alternative, present it to people who want to invest in that instead and let it blossom. The system they want to create, the biosecurity control grid/technofascist world government is not a system that is desirable for regular people. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed, this is awful, this “new normal”

        I think non payment of taxes to the fed en mass would also be a good protest and I might do it if there were enough people on board. The problem with this system is that they force us to participate by taxes. We get nothing in return.

        • That was a nice, long justification about why you must continue funding terrorists.

          I would go first, but as you have pointed out, there have been others, so I’m not first. Would you go second? Third? What, precisely, is your tipping point? How many of your neighbors have to refuse to fund evil before you refuse to fund evil? If all of us in this room agreed to stop paying, would you be the sole hold-out? And if we can’t get this room committed, then the only way to the tipping point is one dead resistor at a time. It is the cowards as much as the terrorists that make it dangerous for the brave.

          Our options are to fund terrorists, or die a victim of it until we reach the tipping point. The tipping point requires sacrifices to get there. We all have internal battles between doing what’s right vs doing what extends our survival. You’ve made your choice. I’ve made mine. You’ll live longer than me, I’ll live better than you.

          But don’t act like you don’t have a choice. Acknowledge that you are consciously (?) choosing to contribute some of your efforts towards market manipulation, murder, propaganda, and war, and take responsibility for the portion of evil you are supporting.

          The mindset that we can only beat evil when it’s safe to stand up to it is what keeps us controlled by evil. I consider your argument short sighted. I agree with it, too. It’s not wrong. I just don’t reach the same conclusion. If life were chess, your strategy all but guarantees that they win.

          To make things worse, it would also be short-sighted to stop paying taxes, but continue to do our day-to-day trading using currency that is freely printed by bad people. That is even harder to escape.

          • I see what you see. We are mostly in agreement.
            You think in absolutes, while reality is made up of shades of gray.

            I took it on as a goal in my life to pay as little as possible, but you are correct that I have not reached zero. And, as I approach the zero mark, the threats become a bit more direct. I have not yet decided what I’m going to do about it. My creative engine’s running full steam. (Here’s a long shot: Any tax attorneys reading this? hehe) They are making it very difficult, but I’m not about to go get a W-2 paycheck job. And I’m definitely not about to say I have no choice. Death is also inevitable, but we avoid it best we can. Can’t the same apply to taxes?

            If you have a W-2 job, you have no choice to pay taxes, but you still have a choice to leave the W-2 job. There are always choices available. It would be tough to see the choices available when you restrict your thinking to false dichotomies. Example: the only way around taxes is to storm the IRS. That’s silly. Was that a joke? I hope so.

            Of course, I don’t want to go out that way, but it’s unwise to make decisions based on a single value. That value is in competition with another value of not funding evil. I acknowledge it’s a clear choice for you. I find your perspective interesting. You value things differently than I.

          • TheOMFGalaxyBrain, these issues you bring up, about paying into this satanic mindset system

            (be it financially paying into it or by working for it or by simple virtue of not opposing it with every breath one takes, it’s all the same, really)

            is something that is often on my mind. It may even end up driving me insane.

            We are so entagled in its tentacles there really aren’t any non-extreme ways out of its claws. Baby steps and side stepping gets old quick, the only way is through.

            Through the satanic mindset, not the IRS. IRS is nothing but a remote branch on the tree of evil.

    • What can a principled anarchist actually do to effectively resist and oppose the systematic encroachment of a tyrannical government? Or even the existence of it for that matter.

      I’ll add on to what the others who have replied to you have said. What is needed now is to authentically express yourself in the way you know how. Everyone is different, has different tendencies, skills, interests, etc., so there is no right answer. Just BE YOU and let the chips fall where they may, and everything will work itself out. My vision of what is needed is non-compliance, but also the building of something separate from the current mainstream system. It’s clear the system is dead and no longer serves us, so we must build something that will benefit us. I really like the general idea of Freedom Cells—building community with like-minded people and becoming more self-sustaining and community-sustaining. I think this is a strong step forward toward freedom.

      • scpat says:
        “What is needed now is to authentically express yourself in the way you know how. Everyone is different, has different tendencies, skills, interests, etc. …BE YOU”

      • scpat,

        “Just BE YOU and let the chips fall where they may, and everything will work itself out.”

        “If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.” (Sun Tzu)

        Yes and no, I really can’t decide either way. There is truth in what you’ve said, but it’s dangerous too, manipulators are indeed very powerful.

    • I agree with everyone who mentioned building community ties and living in a way that fulfills them. Thanks for your replies. That is what I am trying to do in my life.
      But to continue beating this poor defenseless dead horse that pesters me so. I want to talk about the Tenth Amendment Center podcast that I listened to while working in the yard today. It was from February 2nd. (I’m way behind on my podcasts).
      Michael Bolden whom I have listened to for years was discussing a recent story written by another guy I like, John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute.
      The fictional story was basically about how the government always uses fear to steal freedom and even when they only seek the power for cases of “emergency”. History provides plenty of examples of how temporary emergency powers often outlive the emergency and become more what you would call permanent.
      Like I said. I have liked and listened to these Libertarian almost to the point of being anarchists guys for years. I usually have a difficult time being able to see the difference between their position as libertarians and mine as an anarchist based just upon the points they are trying to make. Today was no exception.

      So what is the difference between us? Bolden’s clear conclusion in this podcast, as was Whitehead’s, was that government could not ever be trusted to refrain from overstepping it’s initial limitations and that people are responsible for restraining their governments to keep them in line.
      Now I certainly agree with the first part of that. And I think that understanding that government cannot and should not ever be trusted is really important.
      But here’s where I guess I’m going off the rails. I have withdrawn my consent to be ruled. Government doesn’t exist for me anymore. Meaning that what I used to call government has lost any legitimacy that it ever had for me and its now just an evil that tries to control my life. I have various names I use to refer to it.
      I don’t think that Michael Bolden and John Whitehead or perhaps most of the people who have pretty much figured things out have actually ever taken that simple, seemingly unimportant step.
      And this is why I think that coming to that basic philosophical conclusion, “I will not be ruled”, is so important. Because when I imagine most people listening to their podcasts. I imagine them coming away with little more than a renewed sense of indignation and an intention of voting harder next time. Though to be fair, Bolden stated that protesting is a way of begging your rulers to please behave themselves.

      • Sometimes I get the impression that lots of folks who frequent this website haven’t really completely given up the idea that government has the right to rule them. Or perhaps the idea that people simply have to be ruled.

        Again, my simple mind is trying to figure out what to do to effectively make the world better by reducing government as we know it to the point where it no longer exists. I agree with James that it can’t be eliminated overnight and I wouldn’t push the button either.
        But if there were a way to get everyone who knows what government is to immediately refuse to grant government legitimacy in their own heads even while having no option of being a victim of it. I would push it in a second.
        Because I really believe that no progress can be made against the tyranny until and unless that happens.

        It is probably by design and impossible to avoid but I believe that we maybe spend too much time discussing, dissecting and documenting the evil things that government does aka the news. Instead of making it a priority to help people understand that it shouldn’t exist at all.
        If all those great truckers really understood that. Maybe they would add to their list of demands that their government amend their constitution and adopt the nonaggression principle as it’s fundamental governing doctrine.
        That is about the only compromise that I can see the government making that would have any sort of lasting difference. Certainly would be another button that I would push in a heartbeat.

        • Steve Smith

          On life without any rules, I don’t think it will ever happen.

          It was pretty easy for Roman’s to over run people who don’t have a central authority
          to organize them…. the non agression principle means nothing when there is you and your family or town Vs the Bill Gates empire and his 6000 riflemen.

          Bigger, better resourced and Better organized groups will devour smaller ones,its not like Government exists JUST because some thriving psychopaths felt like stealing…people wanted THEIR psychopaths to protect them from other people.
          The balance has just gotten out of whack because people got lazy and stopped pushing back

          • Oh come on Duck, you know very well that anarchy doesn’t mean that rules shouldn’t exist. And if your impression of me is so poor that you think I am stupid enough to believe that men can coexist without rules. Then I really should just throw this iPad in the creek because I must be very bad at communicating my thoughts.

            I do believe that you’ve read about something called The Golden RULE, haven’t you?
            And I would bet that you know that its pretty much the same as the nonaggression principle.

            Anyway. I guess I have just been babbling to myself or you’re just screwing with me. I’m not going to think about it anymore tonight.

            And zzz. I guess I haven’t made it clear to you either.
            I have engaged in discussion with you about your fantasy as much as I am going to.
            Go back and read my poem. Try to grasp the meaning of the words. They are true. I did sail around the continent and observed the constellations. I have no interest in your nonsense.

            • I in NO way think you are stupid 🙂

              I just think that a formal set out way of setting the rules is best, especially with the morally and I intellectually degraded people we have nowadays.

              As to the golden rule,
              as Kipling said the only reason you sleep safe in bed is because you have rough men ready to do violence for us.
              But I like better the way they said it in The middle ages-that society rested
              The labour of the peasants
              The prayers of the holy
              And the Spears of the strong

              Sleep well 🙂

  5. From Dr. Robert Malone’s Open Letter to the Canadian Truckers.

    It’s time to end the FAKE Emergency powers which have been used to suspend your constitutional and natural rights.

    There is no Emergency. Treatment strategies for curing COVID-19 using repurposed drugs were discovered by March 2020. Omicron is not a killer. The censorship must stop.”

    Duly noted James.
    TPTB are so skilled at this game that they know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

    For example it would not be ‘wise’ for them to clamp down too long on any mandate. So they do it piecemeal, a little bit here, relaxation, a little bit there, relaxation again.
    Conditioning the public along each step of the way.

    When the scamdemic ends, the conditioning will be so complete, so ingrained in the mass psyche that their next steps to CBDC and total control will flow almost as if they
    were natural, almost as if they were perfectly ‘logical’.

  6. Another brilliant presentation.
    My final conclusion to this entire fiasco is it will fail. And the main reason it will fail is language. The final glue that keeps our little tribes stuck together is language. As a multi lingual person, I understand the difficulty of translating thoughts and ideas. As an English speaker who understands all the cultural nuisance of growing up in America, I’m hard pressed to translate some thoughts and information because many languages do not have words and meanings that can be translated from say English to Arabic. Or German to Japanese. Since I no longer believe that the “powers that be” recognize our allegiance to the sovereign borders, they will not be able to unify so many people under one set of rules. World governance is not possible unless we have a common thread, a unifying theme. If it’s not language, or culture, or religion, or borders, then what is the unifying theme? I’m wondering if all this One World might be a distraction. I’m starting to go deeper down the rabbit hole as to the motives of this insanity. Civilization only works when everyone benefits.

      • New, fascinating information for me. There ARE a lot of parallels. Thank you for sharing. This is gonna stew on my (Galaxy) Brain for a week.

    • taw,

      in one way we have de facto esperanto, English language. Anglo-American establishment was very successful in this regard, but it will be finally to their detriment.
      There is a unifying theme: climate change.

  7. The emergency is that the governments are corrupt,
    and that they are pushing a dangerous and failing
    experimental mRNA/gen injection into the people.

    The emergency is that the corrupt powers have destroyed
    the economies and livelihoods of the people, breaking all
    kinds of laws. They also made up science to push this
    idea on the people and created a propaganda program to
    make people afraid of life and each other.

    Many crimes against humanity have been committed.
    These crimes are now being registered in

    I made a sub-forum for people to post on related legal issues
    on http://saidit.net/s/GrandJury/
    Feel free to add information about the legal problems.

    Like David Martin explaining how the president was
    involved in corrupt deals with the clot-shot sellers.

    I also think that the Lockstep program includes
    failed governments and civil wars to push the agenda
    for a global criminal network (which they call global government)

  8. Nice podcast, James. It would be special if you could somehow interview Agamben, maybe with some type of translation software or a physical translator. I would love to hear him answer some of your questions.

      • From Whiskypedia art on Agamben:

        “…[is a] philosopher best known for his work investigating the concepts of the state of exception,[7] form-of-life (borrowed from Ludwig Wittgenstein) and homo sacer. The concept of biopolitics (carried forth from the work of Michel Foucault) informs many of his writings.”
        “Agamben participated in Martin Heidegger’s Le Thor seminars (on Heraclitus and Hegel)
        His strongest influences include Martin Heidegger, Walter Benjamin and Michel Foucault.


        Is it me or it always gravitates back to the same surnames like Hegel and Husserl.

        I still remember that Schopenhauer accused Hegel of accommodating his work in favor of the State.

        Weaponization of culture should include PAID philosophers.

        I’d love to see some revisionist / conspiracy minded take over this important area of knowledge.

        If anyone have some source to share I’d appreciate that and if not maybe James can interview some “expert” in History of Philosophy?

        • Agamben and Wittgenstein having an intersection, mmmmmm, sounds weird to me. Wittgenstein was into philosophy of language, not my cup of tea, so I don’t know him.

          “….always gravitates back to the same surnames like Hegel and Husserl.”
          Depends what you are interested in, but no doubt they are essential.

          “…Hegel of accommodating his work in favor of the State.”

          You have to see every philosopher in his historical context. At that time there was a change what a state mean and probably he perceived this as positive and actually it was an improvement. Aristotle was fine with slavery.

          “I’d love to see some revisionist / conspiracy minded take over this important area of knowledge.”

          Yes, maybe. It’s not necessary since conspiracies are about People while philosophy is about Ideas.

          If you are interested in history of philosophy than I recommend:
          A History of Philosophy: lectures by Arthur Holmes

  9. Regarding emergency powers or a ‘crisis constitution’ (at least in the US), here is a potent 30 min thesis on the subject presented by Robert Higgs from the 1980s. A presentation which is very much in accord with Corbett’s presentation today.

  10. We cannot win this.

    Yes, we must continue to refuse to comply with all immoral and outrageous “orders” and “laws.”

    But the anti-humans have this all wrapped up; they’ve been at it for centuries, literally. They are not supersmart individuals, able to put all this together in a masterful fashion all by themselves. They have supernatural help. The Bible calls that supernatural help the Devil and his demons.

    The big “resistance movements” are all compromised. Yes, millions of good, decent folks are participating, but the “leadership” is all not what it seems. The Judas Factor will be revealed sooner or later.

    We can slow this down, but not stop it.

    We have entered the Tribulation prophesied in the Bible, and the situation will continue, and get worse. Do not be fooled by an apparent retreat by the de facto singular world government that runs this planet via the many public faces of the “governments” you think are in charge.

    We will continue to lose ground until the cavalry from Calvary arrives, commonly known as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

    The current state of affairs was completely foreseeable over the last several decades. None of this was a surprise to anyone who actually kept their eyes and ears open. I admit my own guilt in thinking some of the “conspiracy theories” were actually too “outrageous.” I was wrong. I was too conservative about what our rulers would actually try to do. And succeed in doing. Over 4 billion people are now committed, via injection. Let that sink into your mind.

    You’ve been the victims of two years of “Shock and Awe,” or, in other terms, worldwide, state-sponsored terrorism against you.

    Do what your conscience and especially the Holy Spirit of the Almighty tells you is right, even if “authorities” tell you it is “wrong.”

    TRUST NO ONE (except Jesus Christ). That’s not just a slogan from The X-Files. It’s wisdom: Romans 3:4a.

    Disconnect from this growing Mystery Babylon System in whatever ways are meaningful, especially if you give funding to it (“subscriptions,” in particular). Let your conscience and the Spirit be your guide regarding that. Get out of the major cities (you should have done that years ago). Get out of the way as the Babylon System continues and expands its program to transform humanity into something no longer human, “transhuman.”

    God bless you, and yours. I’m absolutely serious: Jesus Christ is your ONLY defense against what is happening. If it is His Will for you to survive, trouble and death will “pass you over” as it did the ancient Israelites. No amount of money, no amount of people, no amount of guns & ammunition can protect you from the nightmare that is now our world.

    • Finally! A fact check I can agree with!

      Trust yourself, sure, but trust Jesus? I haven’t met the guy. He was dead long before I was born. I trust both of you more than I trust a stranger from 2k years ago.

      Usually “trust Jesus” means “trust what OTHER PEOPLE have written and said about Jesus.” You don’t even know the other people. So “trust Jesus” means trust strangers.

      It would be convenient for the story-tellers/narrative owners to bring the character back. They’ve built the false dichotomy of Christians vs NWO, and if their Jesus character endorsed the NWO, as the pope already does, it WILL convert many holdouts into the NWO beast-system.

      Our modern tech would have seemed like magic to Jesus. If I showed Jesus and his apostles my smart phone, they’d think I have the power of God. “They” control all the modern tech, they hold all the patents, they swindle money to invest in better psychological warfare. I have no doubt that they can create a Jesus character that looks as though he holds the power of God. Christians already are prone to believe in human authority and insist that it’s divine authority, so it’s a small jump.

      • The authoritarianism that seems to be a theme in most organized religions is troubling, as it sets a precedent for “obeying”

        My thoughts on Jesus Christ is that he was an enlightened man, probably an anarchist who didn’t like central banking.

        He may have performed miracles, perhaps by teaching people to tap into the healing powers of their bodies. But to completely trust anecdotal reports about who he was takes a big leap of faith.

        I like parts of the bible, but Jesus Christs own words and deeds seem to contradict large sections of the old testament. So, I have to go on my own internal insights into what is right and what sacredness is. The most profound concept in the bible, is that God is love, but is a clear contradiction to other sections, thus I can’t accept it in it’s entirety because I think with my own brain.

        • Christianity involves doublethink.
          God is all good, but endorses slavery and war.
          Children that grow up Christian grow accustom to doublethink, and can more easily accept the government’s doublethink.

          • ⁹Hahaha… if that were the case then government would PUSH Christian education and thinking upon the population.

            Also I don’t know how old you are but does it appear people are getting smarter and more rebellious these days?
            The latest generation of phone slaves are not real religious but look even more obedient and docile then the boomers were to their social engineering

            ALl government hates christianity, or TBH any writen/fixed religion, because it, at some fundamental level, limits the authority of those with power and says that some things they may not do. They love new age wish washer fluff though

            • ⁹Hahaha… if that were the case then government would PUSH Christian education and thinking upon the population.”

              They do. Every presidential address ends with an endorsement to Christianity. “God Bless America”. I recited the pledge of allegiance and “In God We Trust” every day growing up, at the direction of government employees. It’s also on the dollar. Churches get tax exemption, because they are on the same team. The examples are so numerous I could I could go on.

              Government endorsement of Christianity is growing out of style because they have better methods these days with technological advances, and Christianity (and other religions) are becoming more of a hindrance to their direction than helpful. Phone slaves are better (for slave owners) than Jesus slaves, but phone slaves weren’t an option until 2008.

          • Fact checker

            Do you know how much the Israeli gov hates the orthodox Jews who scam the crap out of the system there?

            Did you miss the Saudis doing their magical smart city thing? The ultra modern looming that looked kinda secular?

            Also they may export shariah law but its mainly to BUY off the clerics while the royals live very NonIslamic lives of debauchery

            Maybe I have thought my argument thru. Maybe you need more facts?

            Did you forget the shar of Iran or Saddam Hussein cracking down on religion that would not tow the line?

        • Fact checker

          You are a liar… rabis are hardly gonna invent a jesus for the goy and then write all thst horrible stuff about him in the Talmud

          Also since Christian conversion snatched up the Greek and Roman goy who had previouslybeen converting to Judaism it would be kinda an own goal.

          Do you ever read an actual history book?

        • Maybe you are just ignorant of history… what do you know of the Jewish wars?

    • Fact checker

      You betray yourself…. if there is no salvation why do you care if others delude themselves for a little joy??

      It would make zero difference to you…

      So…. either you like spreading misery or you really hate the idea of people hoping for salvation in Christ. Either way, your slipping from being sucky into actually being evil.

  11. IMV r3volut1on is inevitable, if there is a human positive change to be made.

    Fighting with law, demonstrations… all inside a sand-box, limited and confinded within the “master’s” definded rules. The people may win a battle, but won’t win the war.

    Heads need to roll. And lots of them.

    James, love your work. Thx.

  12. Was blown away by this podcast but for the moment I’ll just say I particularly enjoyed the phrase

    “people with their heads screwed on straight and even some lawyers”.

    Gotta get back to my sunny Spanish terrace full of maki and beer!

    • “people with their heads screwed on straight and even some lawyers”

      That Corbett line hit me too.

  13. Dear James and Community,

    Thomas Bloody Aquinas and Georgio Praxis Ambulation? What? I mean, I’m groking the problem-reaction-solution dialectic, but I’m not all there in the Venn nexus of philosopher, historian and legal scholar, my friend.

    I did, nonetheless, spot that redefinition of politics, “true politics” and immediately began to think of people like Gandhi. Yes, we do need a re-enlivenment of politics for it has been gobbled by corporate structures and imbecilic ideologues who have spat it back out to give us quality material like Liz Truss and Biden Jr. Hmmmm.

    How about we take the DHS seriously and the threat of “false or misleading narratives” and set the bugger on CNN and the rest of the war porn panic purveyors? I see plenty of publicly declared weaknesses in DHS’ rhetoric.

    In the meantime, I’m doing what little I can with my little voice on my minuscule blog doing little more that to encourage people to take a wider perspective by providing them with a greater collection of views. Now and then, I slide a particular topic into a piece, as I have just done. Uni of Sydney Prof Emeritus Gill gets into a silly engagement with a piece of opinionated offal and shoots himself in the foot by stating the Syrian chemical weapons rubbish.

    So, with that opportunity I lay out a collection of resources for my readership for them to improve their understanding of the Syrian Proxy War. Quite unsurprisingly, CorbettReport.com is in there. In building the list of sources for this I saw the great value in people a) having their own website, and for this purpose more importantly, b) providing a ***search function***.


    Thanks for one of your more cerebral episodes in a while.

    2-D Chess Dweller

  14. thx again buddy. excellent.

  15. A viable SOLUTION anyone can do anywhere: ”Tell the STORY”.

    I think that pushback, protests, demonstrations, dissemination, “Freedom Convoy”, and civil disobedience are wonderful actions. We should promote and encourage these type of activist actions every chance we get. I remember the “Civil Rights” and “Anti-War” movements in America, and things did change.

    Over the past couple weeks I’ve had verbal conversations with a fair number of people. Often I would say something like: “Man! Have you been watching the Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy?!”
    Not one…Not one person knew what I was talking about.
    I had to tell them the STORY and describe the backdrop of the tyranny not only in Canada but around the world in places like Austria and Europe, and Australia and New Zealand. Many people don’t have a clue as to what is occurring around the world.

    Want to kill pushback activism like “Freedom Convoy, or want to deaden the large success of the recent Brussels | Washington D.C. “End the Mandates”?
    That’s easy.
    Do what the Corporate Controlled Media does: Say nothing. Or if they mention it, they denigrate the activism.

    “If the STORY is not told, then people don’t know about it.”

    We should not be glib about that phrase. Some very important aspects build on top of it which are employed by They|Them.
    We should promote and hype and silver-shine the STORY like a SuperBowl game.
    Repeat the Message. Over and over.
    Polish its luster and throw it on every communication avenue we have.
    So what if you are singing to the choir? Bring on the chorus.
    Market the STORY. Promote it. Embed it on stone tablets. Signs, flyers, videos, articles, everyday conversations.

    Let’s not be hollow headed, with a breeze flowing through one ear and out the other.
    We damn better utilize this simple tool. And anyone can do it.
    ”STORY has been the way to most effectively shape the consciousness of the people.” — James Corbett

  16. How many other infiltrated accounts exist in this comment section?

    I’m relatively new here and I’m questioning myself how to deal with it. In one hand, I don’t want to fall in what JC described in his article “Sunstein Won”. But in the other hand, it makes me feel uncomfortable the idea of investing time in a comment section that eventually can end up consisting of mostly agents chatting among them.

    Any suggestions, ideas, comments, prayers are welcome.

    • Facundo Merciadri,
      Tell me more about what you observe in the comment sections with “chatting among themselves” and your opinion about that.
      I want to better understand your perspective.

      I know that you do not wish to start trouble, but can you cite examples/people of this “chatting” which you bring up?
      You can even link a comment.

      (But let’s not use the word “agents”.)

      • Hi HRS,

        I used the word “eventually” and it could be an interface coming from my Spanish. I meant “potentially in the future” it can turn out to be a situation where many agents are chatting among themselves. Not that this is the situation now.

        I feel like that because I’m under the impression that the account “Fack Checker” is by any practical purpose acting like an agent. The people that use that account have a record now regarding Arby and now this coment here:


        If you see his comments from a possible “agent perspective” makes complete sense as in his comments focus is directed to demoralization and not towards solutions.

        I’m sure there should be more examples if one wants to dig up more in the archives. But I’m not going to do that (Sunstein Won again)

        I don’t want to cause troubles but this issue is pressing in my head:

        I don’t want a “Sunstein Won” situation but in the other hand, it’s weird to imagine that in the future this comments section is going to be soaked in agent activity.

        I honestly hope that CR community members are thinking about how to deal with this situation and share their views.
        I bring up all this because I feel confused and I’d like to clarify my own mind.
        My motivation to find solutions.

        • Blah blah blah.

          I don’t see any of you commenting in the article that was touching on the issue describing all of you agents that use Fack Checker account.

          Start expressing yourself about the issue in itself instead of diverting the discussion if you want to try to maintain afloat your credibility.

          Try to focus in solutions
          You might still have a chance 🙂

          I politely invite you all to leave a comment there:


          • Facundo Merciadri,
            Let’s not accuse anyone of being “an agent”.
            Corbett also mentions how this can be inappropriate.

            IGNORE Fact Checker.
            That is a Solution.

            • Does anyone else see the irony that there are more comments about agents here than emergency declarations?
              The agents got us derailed again!!! 😉

        • Facundo Merciadri,
          I agree with your observation about Fact Checker “in his comments focus is directed to demoralization and not towards solutions.”
          I completely ignore Fact Checker for the most part.
          I refuse to get involved in his conversations.
          That is a SOLUTION.

          Unfortunately, some Corbett Members “take the bait” and get involved in useless, needless, trivial, long dissertation arguments with Sophist attitudes about non-substance topics.

          I’ve spoken about COMMENTS at the Corbett Report many times in the past.

          James Corbett has told us: “The Comment Section is what you make it.”

          What an incredible Voluntaryist approach to these comment Threads which Corbett has bestowed!

          I’m sure that each member has their own view of what they would like to see on these Threads.
          — A SOLUTION is for Corbett Members to exemplify the type of content which they want to see, and to ignore the type of content that becomes a distraction.

          Personally, I like seeing information shared, anecdotes told, concise perspectives expressed, News Items posted, and more.
          Here I mention an aspect of VALUE in posting a comment…
          Does the world sometimes see worthwhile, well written and sourced Corbett Report comments?

          As Corbett Members, we can shape our online community.
          Each individual paints the canvas.
          It is a SOLUTION which has the potential to lead to other solutions in life.

          • Good points.
            I guess ignoring is better than engaging.

            The only situation I imagine being problematic is that if in the future there would be many accounts doing those funny tricks…
            How will it play out then?

            Anyway, thanks HRS for your helpful replies!

            • Greetings Facundo Merciadri,
              From my limited knowledge of operatives…a relative who works for CISI, their strength is that they blend in. She will plainly tell you she is a psychopath and that is the profile that they hire. We keep the children away from her since she is so charming. I am sure there are operatives on this site, that is to be expected, but I doubt Fact Checker is one of them. I am not bothered by any of his (or her?) posts. Some are quite amusing. The post above by Beaconterraone said that the only person you can trust is Jesus and I agree. Some don’t “believe” and that is their choice. For those who don’t want to “serve” …I don’t have the direct quote….but it goes like this…God, in a conversation with Saint Catherine Sienna, said “I’m God, and your’re not”.

              • Hey HRS,

                Here is the last paragraph you mention:

                “Remember that the next time some low-level imbecile tells you that the New World Order is inevitable and there’s no use in fighting back.”

                Well, I completely agree with that.

                But, what if we are all wrong?
                Maybe Fun Cheque has a some argument to enlighten us. I look forward to read it although it wouldn’t surprise me if there is a convenient silence as in the comment section of the article “Sunstein Won”

        • That is what Tor was and why Tor was founded by Naval Intelligence. They did not want only a group of agents talking, they needed to hide their presence by hiding in a crowd and this is why Tor went private. One reason.

          Take a look at their patent: https://archive.is/QNyQ7

          Everything is known about you by them and little is known by you about them.

          That is why Tor worked as a military psyop — it was a trap.

          And just to throw this in, if you remember Wikileaks, take a look at the 2011 Palentier file on them.

          Not sure who commissioned it but this is 11 years ago. Imagine their capabilities now.

          Palentier is also a private Pinkerton outfit.

          This is the report.


          Under fascism, everyone is a spy, everyone is a suspect, everyone is an agent, informer, supplicant or wannabee.

          You should know this from Argentina’s Dirty Wars in the late 70’s early 80’s. This is where all this is going.

          Pinochet’s Chile.

          • Panopticon effect?

            Not everyone is a spy. Although, they want us to swallow the trick.

            In the digital world of the internet the Panopticon effect reinvigorates.

            I notice how I’m more paranoid in the net that when I interact with strangers in the street.

            The case of the Dirty War is a clear example of how incompetent the Globalists are. They killed their better option they wanted in the first place (right wing rule for “liberalization” of markets to favor the economic raping that the Anglo-American GovCorp likes to enjoy) and now because of that most of the public is fixated on the left. So they need to take the Soros strategy, feminazis and other leftist tricks for control.

          • If your really worried about state level spying weilunion you could set up your own tor relays on raspberry pi’s…. hou could even put them where there is public wind if if it could disguise them .

            but Tor IS good for keeping your privacy from the real threat of Big Data without trusting a VPN company or stealing people’s wifi.

            big data construction of a digital version of you so they can predict what your gonna do or steer you ‘selfish ledger’ style is way more worrying than some spook. The NSA is a sledgehammer, most of us are just nuts 😉 we’re not worth cracking.

    • I think JCs recommendation is to not worry about that.

      There may be people here who are “agents” of something but maybe they will learn something. Maybe they will join the light rather than stay in the dark.

      • But imagine that if this situation grows it will be so much clutter in the comments section that it will be increasingly costly to find the good stuff.
        I feel confused and I’m just speculating…

        • It doesn’t matter who is a bot/agent/etc. What matters is you, your understanding of things, and your actions. Fact Checker for example is an agent of destruction, clearly. An agent provacateur. This commenter does not “share views”, it destroys yours. It attacks. Then makes narrow, inciteful arguments. It does this namely in the ‘solutions’ room of Corbett Report. It is an agent of anger and depression. There is nothing more debilitating than depression. A person may decide, ‘we’ve lost, we can’t win’, and in that case, congratulations, now you don’t have to do anything. But if you feel that is not the case, then you’ve got a lot work to do. Actions. Solutions to all the dependencies of you and/or your real life community’s livelyhood need production. That requires the opposite of depression. My tip for you is if you are on the solutions train, do not waste a moment of time or your energy with commenters of destruction. If you sense that you’ve read something like that and feel compelled to argue, I implore you to not. Fact Checker for one, is very good at its job and rarely relents. At this point, simply turn the device off, go forth, create, and engage with the people in your real, physical surroundings.

          • Jeff says:
            “do not waste a moment of time or your energy with commenters of destruction.”

          • “Engage with the people in your real, physical surroundings.”

            Yes, Jeff, I think that’s the key encapsulation.
            This seems to be the Zeitgeist, others have commented similar.

            I guess eventually I will try to quit the internet.

            I think Corbett more or less has expressed that in different instances.

            What’s the point of staying online? Internet is full of propaganda. Finding people online that live near in order to meet up and that could lead to real life relationships could be quiet difficult (Depending where you live. Although, I must admit that I’m from Argentina and I met my wife from Sweden thanks to the internet).

            Additionally, all this online activity ends up enhancing the World Wide Web of Surveillance because of all the content we are feeding so they can study us (I can imagine Sunstein reading us here and taking notes). Plus, it makes the work easier for those Fack Cheaters around the world that can play this game from home in a efficient way. Think, how hard life would be if he had to come to play those tricks in person instead of hiding behind a screen.

            • You’ll be able to tell who’s who, and not even that they are some government spy or corporate goon, but someone’s who’s views you don’t wish to engage. That’s probably the best, sort of like how there are people you meet that you don’t find engaging, then you don’t need to talk to them. Same applies online.

              There are posters who have been commenting for years, and are probably legit people, not spies.

              I would be kind of surprised if Fact checker was multiple people operating out of one account. He or she seems pretty consistent.

            • The problem is not the technology, the problem is who controls the technology and who owns it.

              • Weilunion,

                The internet is owned and controlled by the usual suspects.

            • If you can quit the internet, I strongly implore you to follow through. You are here on Corbett’s site after all, you likely have learned enough to put a tourniquet on it and engage more with the real world around you. As you noted, it obviously has its uses as a communication tool, even to the ends of matrimony, but at the cost of its downfalls and aplenty they are indeed. It’s a good question, why stay on the internet at all?

              I will say, one powerful aspect of the internet is the repository of skills knowledge. When we are in the real world, doing things, discovering and learning how to do things, we can teach each other from afar via the internet. If you discover a method of doing anything useful and productive on this earth, sharing it online on any sever you like helps this cause. It enables us to take more control over our own lives. That’s one giant shining plus side of the internet.

              But if you can live your life well without this tool, by all means, set sail my friend. I couldn’t recommend it enough. After all, as it was so well put by Duck, it is a place to visit, and not one to live.

              • Now that I come to think, I learned from James mouth that the internet (Tor and most of privacy tools included) is basically a military tool:


                Then in here:

                He’s saying something very important:

                “And what’s the alternative, anyway? Giving up on this tech altogether? Is that even possible?

                These are not rhetorical questions. They are very real questions with answers that have very real consequences for our lives. And I’m not posing these questions from up in the clouds. I make my living online. My life right now revolves around the very information overload that I’m writing about. Will I know where to draw that line in the sand and stop using the tech before it becomes an implantable brain chip? Will you?”

                Now, in the other hand, We’re all glad of the benefits we got from the internet: I’ve not only met my wife but also learned a bit of many things. Two languages, Economics, Political Philosophy and more recently History in a way that would not have been so convenient and easy AFK.

                But still, there was life before the internet. I could have learned the same things with books like many others did yesterday. And instead of chatting people can exchange letters. I guess that Pen Pals can also fall in love.

                What if the vast amount of time people spend on the net are the cost of opportunity to interact in real life and maybe meeting up new friends and even finding love?

                Is the building of online community an opportunity cost for building that AFK?

                I guess that the issue here is Opportunity Cost in general.-

                Let me close quoting Frederic Bastiat’s “That which is seen and that which is not seen” (Ce qu’on voit et ce qu’on ne voit pas, 1850), in the Introduction:

                “In the department of economy, an act, a habit, an institution, a law, gives birth not only to an effect, but to a series of effects. Of these effects, the first only is immediate; it manifests itself simultaneously with its cause — it is seen. The others unfold in succession — they are not seen: it is well for us, if they are foreseen. Between a good and a bad economist this constitutes the whole difference — the one takes account of the visible effect; the other takes account both of the effects which are seen, and also of those which it is necessary to foresee. Now this difference is enormous, for it almost always happens that when the immediate consequence is favourable, the ultimate consequences are fatal, and the converse. Hence it follows that the bad economist pursues a small present good, which will be followed by a great evil to come, while the true economist pursues a great good to come, — at the risk of a small present evil.

                In fact, it is the same in the science of health, arts, and in that of morals. It often happens, that the sweeter the first fruit of a habit is, the more bitter are the consequences.”

          • You have said a few positive things actually, that I have noted. If you were an “agent” there is some goodness in you.

            Hopefully we all realize that we have agency before we don’t. I guess we can have agency in our own minds and hearts and treat other with kindness, like we did when we were kids before all the conditioning.

    • Facundo merciadri

      “… in the other hand, it makes me feel uncomfortable the idea of investing time in a comment section that eventually can end up consisting of mostly agents chatting among them.

      Any suggestions, ideas, comments, prayers are welcome……”

      I used to often have interesting talks with people on busses and in bars but I never TRUSTED any of them.
      I might talk with them if they say interesting stuff but I won’t go look at the puppies in their car out back 😉

      Same here, no one here actually knows anyone else unless they meet in the real world. Treat it like you would a bar or like your reading articles
      in a newspaper- I have read books and articles of people I think are actually BAD people or liars or wrong.

      TAKE what is useful and let the rest wash off your back like water off a duck’s back. Internets a place to visit not to live 🙂

      • “Internets a place to visit not to live”

        Thanks Duck!

        Yes, what you say makes sense to me.

        Do you think that there are many CR community members that meet up in real life?

        I paid the subscription and started to interact here with the hope to find some potential friends around Europe and South America.

        I already got in contact with one but as you imply nothing is real till meeting up in real life (or as the internet nerds would prefer to say, afk: away from keyboard)

        • I think some may have met up on the meet up website… I bet a few have. I think that was Derek Broze’s, conciousness resistance, thing? I never used it so… sorry

          I think THIS video covers it
          But if not someone will probably link it


          I watched BBS the documentary a few years back and the thing about buliten boards was that they often DID have local meet ups because the members were often all geographically close because they operated via phone and long distance cost more

          • Yes, I’m there in freedomcells.org but I don’t see much activity happening. At least in the places I’ve checked.
            But maybe in the future this can grow.

            • Same. I’m the FC only member w/i 50- miles, and the 2 w/i 100 miles were uninterested in meeting. It is growing, though. 30k now, 10k 6 months ago, maybe 100k in a year? It’s one of our best options right now, imo. I respect the hell out of Broze.

    • Everything about you and me is known. And this means not just our past and present, but predictive futures. There is no where to hide,no big piece of land to grow berries and wheat on.

      This is what is called the class struggle.

      And it has been with us since the conception of societies.

      • Class struggles give back forever if you think about it like thst… hunter gatherers only had a minority of men breed. The majority did not father children.

    • Facundo Merciadri,

      there are some agents, that is beyond reasonable doubt. Years ago comment section was less infected. I won’t name them, also because I might be wrong about some nicknames. People really believe in all kinds of bs and that cannot be the only criteria. Chatting among themselves is helpful criteria. They are at the end not so problematic for regular visitors of comments, but they muddy the waters for others and that is bad.
      I rarely read comments from agent-nicknames and usually don’t engage with them. I’m here because there are still people with valuable contributions. Also, sharpening my pen and thought is a benefit for me.

  17. We use sanctions on foreign victims to demoralize and weaken the enemy before the attack, but who can sanction the sanctioners?
    What could be used to demoralize the US? A fake pandemic with a little bit of bio-weapon added to the mix to provide cover and drive the story and provide the groundwork for the overall fake.

    You will study what we do, while you study, we will act… I think it’s something like that.

    VAERS. We are really getting somewhere undermining the official narrative. But… People who planned so long for these actions surely could have done SOMETHING to circumvent the negative to their agenda that VAERs data represents, right?

    SO if they could but didn’t isn’t it proof they are just giving us something to study and talk about? It’s real, for sure, the demoralization.

    How do you lay the groundwork to bring physical hot war to the US to decimate the population?

    They have to do it. We can’t be kept stupid and compliant forever. Physics is a real thing, with actual science.

    How much of what we experience is the distraction to keep us from ever following through on the real issues? Murder of presidents, using laws to subvert the rule of law, ensuring no effective voice for anyone in genuine disagreement.

    Lies must be protected, THEY must escape their fate. So we pay.

    • “…We can’t be kept stupid and compliant forever….”

      Sure they can, as long as the food and entertainment keeps flowing stupid and compliant people will remain stupid and compliant….why would they change?

      The US is already demoralized…. just as that GRU guy Yuri Bezmenov said it would be
      About 1 hour and 9 min into it

      • Yes, I saw this several years ago, never left my head. And brought to the forefront again recently. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose…

        Nothing has changed, as prescient as when spoken, I’d say

  18. Even the lawyer capitulates when he adds to his thoughts the concession “only in EXTREME circumstances”… His emphasis. What constitutes “extreme”? If a comet were coming next week, could you require others protect themselves by opening up underground bunders to all?
    The first incursion was the death of freedom. Seat belt laws. It’s always something innocuous.
    9/11 is about travel. Freedom. Travel, because it is a brand new monetary power tool of the elite.
    We have created a new kind of mega corporation, it is the coordination and “one-ness” of Travel. Agencies conspire with airlines and hotels and booking systems and military and governments and banking to ensure all travel goes through a few controlled channels.

    It is the very coordination, which takes YEARS, that undoes them. There is no longer even a fig leaf of pretense at competition. 100pct coordination. 100pct monopolization.

    To control travel. One of the final necessary blocks to put in place to ensure they can act without concern now.

    You can’t own an airline without being in deep contractual negotiations with military (providers of the planes and parts) and governments. The point connection in fascism is plain.

    It helps to sse the overall control they have when you realize how huge (and closed) Travel is, and when you realize that it’s only one PART of the big wheel rolling relentlessly down the tracks right at us.

    When we come to, will it be in time to move out of the way of the tracks, to let the momentum pass, as one does in martial arts, simply getting off of their tracks?

    When you get off the tracks, you are in freedom with many more options and actual living to experience. What else can we do, since we still don’t understand the why of existence. Freedom has dangers, sure, but not sure death in the immediate short term for the survival of a few who clearly need no help, they managed to amass so much already.

    Question is, how do we deal with the people we ALLOWED to take things from us, and sit back and allow it for so long?

    We have benefitted. We are human. We must be right about what they did, what we have as a result, and what “punishment” should entail.

    I say not death or torture. If we concede to that, we have not changed a thing.

  19. While people are spending lots of time and effort on back-n-forth banter here, they are missing all the NEWS going on around the world…

    Let’s post some valuable information and descriptive news.
    Be an example for what you want to see in Corbett comments.

    Check out the latest on the FEBRUARY OPEN THREAD
    and/or post your own piece of worthwhile information.

  20. A very good report from James Corbett. Yes, a government of emergency. There’s the boot on our necks forever.
    Here in Healdsburg, Sonoma County, California we have a small group of about 20 people who protest against the mask, jab, and other govt. mandates. We the unvaxxed and unmasked are a minority in our town of about 11%. Still that’s 1300 people in a town of 12,000. Our town is losing about 2% of its population a year since March of 2020. The hospital in our town will not admit a patient who hasn’t had the jab. Masks are also required of course. My own family is split because of the Scamdemic. My sister barely talks to me. My daughter won’t talk to me. My son was kicked out of his step-father’s house because he wouldn’t take the jab or wear a mask. My son took care of that drunken smoking bum.
    So there HomeRemedySupply is some local news.

    • I’m surprised to hear you say a hospital won’t admit you unless you are jabbed. I work in a northern CA ER and we admit anyone who needs to come in to the hospital regardless of vaccine history.

      I think that is illegal and you should report it.

  21. As an attorney for some 45 years or so, I can tell you that the ‘state of emergency’ being used in Canada will be ruled legal.

    Why? It’s ‘basis’ is in private property.

    Read the definition of emergency carefully and you will see that it states ‘substantial damage to private property’.

    Sure, under capitalism this is all that counts. Forget the part about ’emergency’ as it might apply to ‘people’ and think of exactly who is bringing this suit for injunctive relief: lawyers for private property capitalists.

    Profits before people win out under capitalism all the time.

    You can’t put a face mask on a system that is faceless.

    • weilunion; Captialism is why you have a flush toilet, shower, fridge, and gas range to cook on plus HVAC to keep you cool and warm.
      Read Ayn Rand. Profits are never made unless the businessman cares about people (customers).
      Lawyers know nothing of the real marketplace. The only reason you have a job is because lawyers in government games the system so that people need lawyers like you to pass on their estates and get satisfaction in the courts against fraud and injury. YOU Mr. Lawyer are the one putting profit ahead of people.

      • So then we can or would not be able to have flush toilets without someone wanting to make a profit off of it? You are saying that if there is no profit motive then there would be no technology.

        First of all, under capitalism the toilet is made by labor. Capitalism is only needed for investment and overhead.

        If the capitalist can make a toilet to sell for say ‘ten dollars’ then this means if he wants a profit of one dollar he has to pay nine for labor and costs.
        Labor is the biggest cost.

        And it is labor that makes the toilet.

        So the capitalist has to keep costs low. And to do this he has to keep wages as low as he can, for it is from wages his profit is derived.

        To keep wages low, the capitalist has to make sure there are no unions, no free speech, no right to assembly and the workplace must be a hierarchical system with the capitalist as boss.

        Looking at capitalism only as a consumer is not the right way to look at it. It is a relationship of production between capital and labor to produce goods and it is this relationship that is the issue. Consumers are made by advertising.

        As to business caring about people. Maybe back in the 1800’s or earlier but with transnational corporations they not only do not care about labor, they do not care about you and they pay for advertising to one, get you to think capitalism is so good and two, to control your mind to buy.

        You assume a lot about lawyers but your assumption that I am a practicing lawyer is false. Just to show you how your mind can make assumptions.

        And when I did practice I was a public interest lawyer. Do you kow what a public interest lawyer is? Do you know the difference between public interest law and let us say criminal or business law?

        I doubt it. It is not on TV or the internet much.
        The role of the private lawyer under capitalism, which really is organized crime, is the consiglieri. The one, in the Godfather that gets the criminals off and makes the deals. The mob bosss.

        That is what corporations and banks do, criminal activity and this is why they need lawyers for they really are mafias.

        As to suing in this case, which would be public interest law, I doubt it on of the will work for there is little interest in the public and people are so confused as to how the system of law and economics works, as your e-mail testifies to; and they have so little money to fight oligarchy and fascism and so few people to join them— which is the system you live in — the suit would fail.

        As to Ayn Rand she was one of the biggest quacks in history and her economic system has failed all over the world.

        Libertarians have as some of their heroes some of the most deranged economists, philosophers, and politicians in recent history.

        [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

        • well union; You are wrong. My father was the COO of a small pharmaceutical company in the Midwest of the USA. The executives at his company shared the wealth of the worker’s efforts with the workers. My Dad and his associates turned a company worth a few million into a company with a billion dollars in stock value. All of the associates at the company who kept their stock, which they received as part of their paychecks, became millionaires.
          wellunion; you don’t know dick about how companies, successful companies work.

          • “…My father was the COO of a small pharmaceutical company in the Midwest of the USA…..

            ‘Was’ is the operative term.

            Monopoly capitalism is now the force and power behind most economic activity.

            There are no small pharm companies. They have been bought out with profits to consolidate markets and wealth.

            Save a miracle or fortune of luck, you will never have the same level of lifestyle your parents had.

            Social mobility, from 1820-1970 went straight up (each generation seeing a better life than their predecessors) —- and since 1970 we see it going straight down.

            No jobs and if you do, you will work for food and die for oil.

            Unless people wakeup and organize.

      • “Captialism is why you have a flush toilet, shower, fridge, and gas range to cook on plus HVAC to keep you cool and warm.”

        This claim makes no sense. It is about ‘what if?’ scenario. You cannot put forward an argument what would happen in some other scenario.

        Ayn Rand…Excuse me???????
        If you want to truly learn about something you don’t listen only to believers stories, you listen to contrarians stories too.

        “Profits are never made unless the businessman cares about people (customers). ”

        Cares about people????
        Yeah, an excellent example how Reality is indeed subjective.
        Let me deconstruct this pack of deception.

        What about pesticides, vaccines, drugs, planned obsolescence, pollution, export of jobs to third world countries, deliberate creation of people’s wants (i.e. manipulation), actual people’s needs….
        The only thing businessmen really care, actually, are only able/allowed to care, are sales. Sales at the highest prices possible while having the lowest costs, because that results in profits.
        People (customers)….what is it, people or customers? Customer is a subset of people, customer is people reduced to buyer, all in all two very different notions.
        Businessmen caring for people is just imaginary consequence of their primary care, that is to stay in business.

  22. Private property is how people derive the means to stay alive.

    The so called capitalists have been destroying other people’s private property with lockdowns , BLM riots and by with crime by selective law enforcement…. like they did with New York they will gentrify and make valuable all the property they snatch up at pennies on the dollar in s decade or two

  23. Fact Checker I know you’ve previously expressed your disdain for Dr. David Martin.
    I hope you didn’t go to the same fact-checking school as Ali Swenson, because if you did that wouldn’t reflect upon you very well.

    Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Dr. Martin is an extremely eloquent speaker.

    He’s got something very important to say about P.M. Trudeau and his next moves.

  24. jayeman; a better response is the Irish Revolution way. Don’t comply. And if you have to to survive; make jokes about the pricks in government and go around the edges.

  25. Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.

    William Pitt the Younger

  26. Well James, I guess it all comes down to Philosophy, eh!

    Is it not a fine line between a student of Philosophy and the teacher of it?

    I thus have deduced that a good Philosopher will present many Narratives in order that he might bring others into his realm of looking at the world.

    No Central Government sure sounds good to me, but, without some form of Government we end up with a vacuum space where War Lords take over and society gets reduced to the Philosophy “Might makes Right”.

    We may be able to create peaceful Societies without Central Governments, however we cannot do so without Justice. The would be War Lords must know that there will be consequences for the harm they do to others.

    I think a “Grand Jury” where randomly chosen residents of the community where the crime has been committed make Judgement for a crime is the best system for Justice. The problem, however, becomes who will carry out the Punishment if there is no “Government” with delegated powers to do so.

    One thing that seems to be in the open now, is that we need far better systems of Justice than we now have.

    • Philosophy today is preoccupied with analysing and criticising the presence, to little effort is made in examining the Possible, particularly the Possible towards metaphysics. Nothing unexpected, since we live in an era of scientific materialism. Important, in a realm of human society the only thing certainly impossible is the one we believe it’s impossible.

      “….but, without some form of Government we end up with a vacuum space where War Lords take over and society gets reduced to the Philosophy “Might makes Right”.”

      This is very Hobbesian world view.
      Challenge this world view with:

      Anarchism: Vignettes Against Hobbes

      If that is not enough than experiment on monkeys, social animals, what they “think” about fairness.

      Two Monkeys Were Paid Unequally: Excerpt from Frans de Waal’s TED Talk

      Justice is ok, its deficiency is that it comes after something bad might already had happened. It is curative and to some extent a deterrent.
      Better would be prevention and I believe ethics could play a major role. Imagine ethics really be important in decision making, who on earth would ever play democrazy and vote for notorious liars, for scumbags, for thieves, for creatures that don’t respect an institute of keeping promises, for trash that just think about their ass, for sub-humans that need a dictionary to get the meaning of honour…

  27. Asymptomatic spread: The unwanted spreading of information on the true nature of the demons who rule us and what they are doing to us. Them poor devils have their hands full trying to keep this dam of information from flooding the population. Not that I feel sorry for them, they need to be extracted and banished from the population ad infinitum.

  28. Not to be confused with the inconsideration of being forced to inject something into my body to retain my ability to feed , clothe, and house myself.with in its simplistic form is nothing more that rape! Do they mean that kind of inconsideration??

    • Well I’d bet a dollar that’s exactly what they mean but it’s because they can’t imagine Trading Places.

  29. Thank you for Giorgio the Great, some real food for thought, something to chew, spicy and tasty, not baby-food at all. Too many contemporary philosophers I stumbled upon are just so shallow and lack coherency, not he.

    I have a question: Does Genuine Emergency exist at all? What has been examined are mostly made-up emergencies.

    I believe in possibility of genuine emergency. Since we are not fully in control of what is going on (and we will never be) and there are things we cannot contain successfully, afore mentioned belief is inevitable.

    In discussions about scamdemic with two normie friends they asked me at some point:
    “You are claiming covid is not a plague as it is almost claimed and particularly acted upon. But what if it was a real plague, what would be your stance then??”
    It’s not impossible, that would be a case of genuine emergency if left aside a possibility of bio-weapon been released. I’ve been in troubles to find a satisfying answer.
    Finally, I find the answer: “If 90% of people would demand something from me and I would before had a chance of my voice been heard then I would bow down or agree to expulsion.”

    • The massive death tolls of the Justianian Plague, Bubonic Plague, and Spanish Flu were the result of the response to it. We are lead to believe either that these plague legitimately killed nearly 100 million each or the plagues killed enough people to starve everyone else but neither is true.

      The deaths only skyrocketed when leaders agreed to cut off entire communities and towns to stop the spread of the disease or pushed new deadly treatments that had no proof of effectiveness.

      If human contact is driving disease outbreak than there should never be more cases and deaths during a period of mass isolation. Sure there could be a spike in deaths when those already infected succumb to their illness but that should be the only instance.

      • I pull out plage in my desperate attempt to develop another line of thinking and I got no-germ theory proponent…

        You are talking about some distant events with so much certainty although there is not enough data that would support certainty. I guess even for Spanish flu we don’t have enough data, let alone for others.

        Next time you come around please bring concise and coherent explanation for:
        – contagion
        – how is possible that occasionally people get sick at the same time period and having identical or almost identical symptoms.

        • I am not a no germ theory proponent. I’m saying the methods of stopping the plague IS creating the contagion. Disease outbreaks are not fully understood but there are certain risk factors that consistently leads to higher amounts of cases and deaths.

          That would be total amount of infected individuals you are in contact with, overall health, stress, isolation, poverty levels, environment, prolonged exposure to infected individuals. Hospitals and nursing homes meet all these criteria and consistently have the most cases and deaths.

          Mass isolation may eliminate one risk factor of disease outbreak but it increases every other one. Unless you are completely isolated from everyone, you will have an increased risk of infection by quarantining as suggested by health authorities.

          • Note that while billions of people are only allegedly infected, several billions have certainly been injected, and multiple times so.

          • seasons,

            Sorry about no-germ accusation.
            My mistake…some time ago you joined a discussion I had with no-germers and in my memory you ended up in that camp.

  30. James has been warning for years where we are heading to if we don’t stop TPTB now…
    Total control with CBDC, digital wallets, social credit scores etc.

    Well guess what? We don’t need to wait 3, 5, 10 years for that to take place.

    It’s here now!
    The government of Ontario has managed to ‘convince’ the TD Bank to freeze the $9 million transferred from the GiveSendMe account to the Freedom 2022 account.

    No digital wallet, social credit score necessary!

  31. Giorgio Agamben rocks! Completely vilified by the Acadme gatekeepers, still, he was right on from the very start ticking all the points. A balm for the soul.

  32. Canadian Cops speaking out for Freedom and being reprimanded for NOT following orders.

    Monday Feb 14th
    This one cop talks about “States of Emergency”
    QUEUED 3 minute mark

  33. Today Trudeau employed the Federal Emergency Measures Act https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/e-4.5/page-1.html (renamed from the War Measures Act, you know for a real emergency…like war). This in on top of the two other emergency acts in effect. I guess Trudeau really wants one of those bouncy castles and is on his way to get one. The act itself refers to the Canadian Securities Intelligence Service Act https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/C-23/page-1.html which specifically states the you can’t use this against peaceful protesters. Oh well after 2 years who cares about the rule of law.

    Any fund raisers for the Truckers have had their money confiscated, even the lemonade stands. Jordan (late to the party) Peterson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_yGvI81Oj8 put out a message today that the truckers should be proud of what they accomplished, (disciplined and they didn’t fall for the bait) but now time to move forward. Hummm they are still out of work, and all the mandates are still in place… some premiers, Ford is the latest, from Ontario, have announced that mandates will be gone soon but you need to read the fine print. On March 1st, I will be able to eat in a restaurant, but my youngest boy still can’t attend university and I still won’t be able to work anywhere. And of course the federal mandates for workers and travel will still be in place.

    • “Jordan (late to the party) Peterson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_yGvI81Oj8 put out a message today that the truckers should be proud of what they accomplished, (disciplined and they didn’t fall for the bait) but now time to move forward.”

      That Covid-jabbed guy has always rubbed me the wrong way.
      He just doesn’t get it!

      The truckers are going for all the marbles.

      The entire world is watching them.
      They won’t fold with their tail between their legs like Peterson would do.

  34. The new global mono-state. This single supreme state operates under the supreme law of “settled science”. We are just breeding human chattel, from which all memory of the last 12000 year catastrophe has been scrubbed. The covid scientific fiction is our most immediate challenge to be faced.
    The possible impending planetary catastrophe is a bigger fish to fry in the future.
    Better to stay focused on the preservation of human rights for the moment?

  35. It was just a matter of time before the specter of the barbed wire-Maple Leaf came down like leather truncheons upon the heads of “gypsies” during WWII. The Prime Minister of Canada has just “…Evoked Emergency Powers” (how’s that for another WWII metaphor that should be buried deep inside the trash bin of history, huh?!) Trudeau has consistently called this protest “violent” (and many other things that it is NOT).

    Obviously, a blockade of trade between countries must be addressed by the leaders of the countries involved, but to slander the protesters, and treat them like terrorists, is just ANOTHER slap-in-the-face to the very concept of Western Democracy, and its ideals of freedom & liberty. Perhaps sitting down and talking to these protesters would be a better option. But because better relations with the lower classes is NOT what Trudeau wants… why bother?

    Maybe because everywhere around the world where people congregate, in industry & jobs, restaurants & bars, museums & movie theaters, etc., the knee-jerk reactionist mask-mandates AND vaccine-mandates are being lifted (at least for the time being). Why the HELL should truckers, who sit in their cabs performing a mostly solitary job, be held to the same standards as hospital workers? It makes no sense. Like much of the BS we’ve been put through for the past two years.

    Remember what President Reagan did to the striking air traffic-controllers union when he became President? No? Look it up, it’s important considering all the recent talk about “driverless trucks” that are supposedly right around he corner… Hmmm, how convenient: truckers have now been demonized. Must be another one of those “coincidences” that seem to happen so often these days.

    Boo, Canadian leaders! Yay, Canadian citizens! (Maybe Trudeau will now get the violence he’s been fetishizing this entire time… and make it easier for him to complete his goals. Seems like a plan to me…)

  36. Great timing. PM Trudeau enacted the emergency act a few hours ago and will be freezing bank accounts.

  37. firehorse says:
    “You can’t obey your way into freedom!!”

    So true.

  38. James, this was wonderful! Now I’m even more paranoid than ever, but I’m more pumped to rise to the task of defending the good, and stand firm! Who said living was easy? Thank you for all you do! God’s speed.

    • Canada
      What a marathon drive!
      Already having spent four days on the road, and he still is not there yet.

      – American Freedom Convoy –
      I am stocking up on toilet paper.
      In early March, we should see a “booster” for Freedom.
      Defeat the Mandates in the Lost Angeles area.

  39. Here in Ontario we under three states of emergencies.(1) covid 19 measures (2)The Ontario state emergency (3) The Federal (Canadian) state of emergency. Is this a world record?

  40. And right on queue:

    “President Joe Biden has said the United States national emergency declared in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic will be extended beyond March 1 due to the ongoing risk to public health posed by the… More coronavirus. Biden said the deaths of more than 900,000 Americans from Covid-19 emphasised the need to respond to the pandemic with “the full capacity” of the federal government, Reuters reported. “There remains a need to continue this national emergency,” Biden said in a letter to t

    President Joe Biden has said the United States national emergency declared in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic will be extended beyond March 1 due to the ongoing risk to public health posed by the… More coronavirus. Biden said the deaths of more than 900,000 Americans from Covid-19 emphasised the need to respond to the pandemic with “the full capacity” of the federal government, Reuters reported. “There remains a need to continue this national emergency,” Biden said in a letter to the speaker of the House of Representatives and the president of the Senate.”

    Just like 9/11 we can expect Covid 19 to be declared an ’emergency’ by the great lineage of pedophile presidents for many years to come.

  41. Don’t know if I’m late in the game bur our Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland is supposedly the grand daughter of nazi collaborator Michael Chomiak born in Ukraine in 1905.
    Anybody that can confirm this?

    • des2021,
      Scroll down this SUB-THREAD on Chrystia Freeland
      at RE: Story #1: Canada Invokes Emergencies Act to Seize Convoy Funding of NWNW.

      Wikipedia has references, but other searches will bring up information about the Nazi connection. There were some weird things going on in Ukraine during WW2.

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