Episode 033 – Meet Edward Bernays

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Running Time: 44:55

Description:You’ve heard of his uncle Sigmund, so how come you’ve never heard of him? This week, we dish the dirt on Freud’s American nephew, the man who literally wrote the book on propaganda, and paved the way for women’s smoking, fluoride poisoning our water supply and the invasion of Guatemala, among other masterful acts of PR.



Documentation – London bombs justify torture
Time Reference: 03:44
Description: Bush says the victims of the same-time, same-place London bomb ‘drills’ would be happy the US is torturing in their name.
Link To: The Guardian
Documentation – ICBC deposes Citigroup as Chinese Banks Rule in New World Order
Time Reference: 05:04
Description: The New World Order involves the most corrupt and sadistic government on earth being in charge of the finances…got it.
Link To: Bloomberg
Documentation – RCMP slammed for storing secret files on Canadians
Time Reference: 06:24
Description: The RCMP have been caught with their hands in the surveillance cookie jar again. Google the McDonald Commission and ask me if I’m surprised.
Link To: CBC
Documentation – Edward Bernays on Public Relations
Time Reference: 07:39
Description: The master speaks
Link To: NPR
Documentation – Propaganda
Time Reference: 09:00
Description: The book on the art of propaganda by one of its most cunning practitioners.
Link To: The American Expatriate
Documentation – Freud’s Nephew and the Origins of Public Relations
Time Reference: 10:30
Description: NPR whitewash about how Bernays sold us on bacon and eggs…and inspired Goebbels. But he wasn’t a bad person…
Link To: NPR
Documentation – The Century of the Self
Time Reference: 20:54
Description: An extremely insightful documentary about the use of psychoanalysis to control the masses in ‘democratic’ societies.
Link To: Information Liberation
Documentation – Second Thoughts About Fluoride reports Scientific American
Time Reference: 26:29
Description: Reuters report on the SciAm article about fluoride’s toxic effects.
Link To: Reuters
Documentation – Fluoride in the concentration camp drinking water
Time Reference: 26:56
Description: The Nazis used fluoride to create docile workers.
Link To: Indymedia
Documentation – Patents on fluoride rat poison & insecticides
Time Reference: 27:08
Description: Textbook evidence and actual patents showing how sodium fluoride was used in poisons and insecticides.
Link To: Fluoride History
Documentation – Fluoride is an industrial by-product
Time Reference: 27:17
Description: Christopher Bryson talks with Democracy Now! about his research showing how fluoride is an industrial by-product that manufacturers wanted to legally dispose of.
Link To: Democracy Now
Documentation – The Fluoride Deception
Time Reference: 27:53
Description: An interview with Christopher Bryson, author of “The Fluoride Deception.”
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Bernays and Guatemala
Time Reference: 30:35
Description: Another clip from The Century of the Self.
Link To: Information Liberation
Documentation – Administration rejects ruling on PR videos
Time Reference: 37:02
Description: Talks about the 2005 scandal involving the White House buying a quarter of a billion dollars in fake news.
Link To: Washington Post
Documentation – Administration rejects ruling on PR videos
Time Reference: 37:02
Description: Talks about the 2005 scandal involving the White House buying a quarter of a billion dollars in fake news.
Link To: Washington Post
Documentation – Chertoff blasts FEMA’s fake reporters
Time Reference: 38:46
Description: Includes video report about FEMA’s fake news conference during the California wildfires.
Link To: MSNBC
Documentation – US FEMA camps
Time Reference: 41:17
Description: Geopolitical Monitor backgrounder article on FEMA camps being built for martial law.
Link To: Geopolitical Monitor
Documentation – Infragard
Time Reference: 41:29
Description: Infragard members have shoot-to-kill licence in the event of martial law.
Link To: The Progressive
Documentation – Edward Bernays believes we are stupid
Time Reference: 42:51
Description: Another clip from The Century of the Self.
Link To: Information Liberation


  1. Dear james,

    I am VERY grateful for this VERY educative video ! It has been an eye opener !
    Thank you SO MUCH !

  2. I’d like to clarify and bring attention to one of Corbett’s points when he argues that Bernays knowingly used the smoking campaign to sell poison (cigarettes) to women during the Easter Parade. The Easter Sunday Parade took place in 1929, but according to Dr. Robert Proctor of Stanford University, the ill health effects of smoking were not recognized until the 1940s and 50s. Therefore it is deceiving to demonize Bernays on this issue. As a side note, I’m not trying to absolve Bernays of some of the other things he did, such as in Guatemala, but with the smoking campaign I think we should set the record straight.



    • After breakfast steaks, eggs and coffee…
      “Out here they smoke for flavor. Flavor, big and bold….”
      (one minute Marlboro commercial) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFDFiwu41s4

      NOTE the background MUSIC in the commercial from The Magnificent Seven theme song (Elmer Bernstein)
      (3 1/2 minutes) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yulmgTcGLZw

      Now that is some inspiring music!

      Of course everyone in that era of cigarette TV ads saw the 1960 John Sturges film “The Magnificent Seven” with Yul Brynner, Eli Wallach, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, Robert Vaughn, Horst Buchholz, Brad Dexter & James Coburn. (The film was a western version of Akira Kurosawa’s “Seven Samurai.”)

      Watching that movie, hearing that music, yea!! I’m inspired! I feel like a man! A real man!
      I’m going to light up. Like a real man.

    • That’s great, even if not very applicable in my region. It’s not that easy to get ones. defenses up and ready on the old continent. However, getting something like an AK47 from the black market would probably set one back less than that CNC, however magnificent such a device may be. If one were so inclined to build several receivers, then it would be an entirely different story, of course, even if other parts are not that easily available here.

      • And of course the combination of a black market with a CNC would be the best thing since fried ice cream! I love revolutionary ideas….

        • I was browsing a bit, a receiver can be finished reltively easily vwith a vice, a drill, a router and a jig set, which can be reusable for several receivers.

          I wonder how would local customs office react when they would spot the 80% receiver in the package.

          • Over here, in the land of never enough guns; there are enough AR-15s out so that people don’t need to order. They’ll just upgrade. Personally, I don’t like automatic fire. In my statist years, I was a paratrooper, and all I think about on ammo is how much does it weigh? And was it worth carrying all that extra weight? If you use automatic fire, the answer is usually no. It encourages wasteful shooting. First, by it’s inherently inaccurate method of firing. Second, by the user always assuming that a whole lot of sloppy shots is better than one correctly aimed shot. Plus a whole laundry list of reasons on my end. But what I DO like about it is that it worries the state to no end. Just my way of thinking.

            • I have no personal experience on using firearms, however I completely concur in saying that automatic fire is not something one may need to use, ever. Even if push came to shove, I doubt there would be much oportunity to fire more than a few shots in a live scenario. I’m not Rambo, after all.

              There is an interesting post WW2 story in which three Japanese soldiers, maybe an officer among them, held out for some 30 years, engaging in guerrila warfare. Only one of them managed it till the end, he held his position until emperor came to give him the “news” of sureender. Just a few shots had been fired by those men in all of those years.

              • I don’t own guns anymore. Nothing against them, it’s just that it might overly shorten my decision making process; not to mention influencing the direction. Besides, I don’t really need one. In the first place, don’t start none, won’t be none is a real thing down here. Plus, I’m pretty confident that making it to 57 with my life choices; means that it’s gonna take a lot to take me down. It has taken a genius mind for me to survive my proclivity for so-called bad decisions. Besides, most people are pretty decent. Which is the most important part.
                While I think of a voting box as a fool’s errand; the ammo box is barely a double-edged sword. It’s a false blade on the people’s part. It can work, but it’s a whole different kind of knife fight. I like my wallet to do my revolution. I don’t use certain companies and I will pay more and put up with more to support others. How did I get here? 🙂

              • I’m not that much worried about other people as much as I worry about state agents. Tensions are rising, a few months back sort of a military draft was instituted, politicians and their lapdogs are ratcheting up the propaganda.

                Armies here are in complete state of dissaray, which is great, however I don’t doubt loans will be footed to pick up the slack, on all sides. There’s lords of war left and right.

                When I was a kid military police was doing rounds and picking up able men to fuel the war effort. I’m not saying we’re there yet, but I’ll be damned before I let anyone take away me or any of my own.

                The peoples on these lands are very deeply divided and I don’t see the temerity required to achieve change.

    I want to mention the Fluoride links which Corbett provides in the footnotes of Episode 033 – Meet Edward Bernays.
    They are excellent!

    In Dallas, we are gearing up for an October 11th, 2017 confrontation at Dallas City Hall. Regina has been (will be) doing some radio interviews. She is pretty smooth in her communication.

  4. Psychopaths and Edward Bernays

    Psychopathic Trait
    At the end of this Corbett video, it was noted how Bernays would call everyone stupid or dope or demean them in some way. Make less of them.
    While making less of others, Bernays would “elevate self” because he traveled with the elite club.
    VIDEO 35:42 queued

    This trait of “making less of others” and “elevating self above others” is a characteristic which Psychopaths or Sociopaths often have.

  5. In the Corbett Report article The Strangest Documentary You’ll Ever See https://www.corbettreport.com/the-strangest-documentary-youll-ever-see/

    …there is the “Just For Fun(?)” section.
    This ties in very well to the topic of propaganda…
    (HINT – Read the articles of the links below)

    “Study: 70% of Facebook users only read the headline of science stories before commenting”


    “Would anyone take the bait?”

    • That would have been really hilarious if it wasn’t from the “experts” in charge of it all. And people wonder why I filter my water….. Expert Redneck JimBob from fluorida

  6. I sold mortgages and refinance services. I have a Bachelors in Psychology and thought it would be interesting to try. It was surprising how easy it was if you asked the right questions and used certain phrases. My conscience only let me last 7 months. I couldn’t do it anymore because I was “selling money” and hope to mostly unqualified paycheck to paycheck customers. I was making their more than likely lifetime debt look “more manageable” and they thanked me for it. It was a real eye opening experience into the human psyche and finance management.


    On Sunday June 27, 2022 (and other days) Corbett had this Episode 033 featured on the home page.
    FLASHBACK: Meet Edward Bernays (2008)

    James Corbett has been very busy working on some un-named projects in recent months, and these FLASHBACKS help to fill the void, and perhaps, prime the pump.

    “FLASHBACK: Meet Edward Bernays (2008)” brings to mind November 2021 when James Corbett had offered a course…
    Mass Media: A History — Course Notes

  8. RE: FLASHBACK: Meet Edward Bernays (2008)

    — Fluoride in the Nazi concentration camp drinking water —

    Around the 18:50 minute mark, James Corbett starts talking about fluoride.
    During the discussion on fluoride, Corbett mentions the Nazi concentration camp fluoridated water.
    He gives an excellent link which includes a referenced book for the source:
    ”Documentation – Fluoride in the concentration camp drinking water”

    On August 5, 2020, Corbett published
    Don’t Do Your Own Research!!! – #PropagandaWatch
    Do your own research! Read it for yourself! It’s in the show notes! How many times have I uttered these words? These exhortations represent the founding ethos of The Corbett Report. I want you to read the source documents for yourself and come to your own conclusions….

    August 6, 2020 was a big day for the Federal Fluoride Trial.
    On the Fluoride SUB-THREAD of “Don’t Do Your Own Research!!! – #PropagandaWatch” is a link to the Fact Check by Derrick Broze about “Fluoride in the Nazi concentration camp drinking water”.
    In his video, Derrick Broze says: “We have no evidence of this. We have no evidence of this.”
    Derrick gives more details and context in his video statement. He mentions books and a newspaper article.

    If you go to the link above, you will find that Derrick’s YouTube Video was scrubbed.
    Here is the Derrick Broze video on Bitchute, appropriately under Corbett’s How to Research Online – #SolutionsWatch.

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