Episode 068 – Lessons From History

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Running Time: 1:13:58

Description:Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Today we examine speeches on history and from history to better understand our own world historical times. From collapsing economies to war massacres to revolution itself, it’s all a little bit of history repeating.


Documentation – And now for a world government
Time Reference: 03:49
Description: REAL NEWS #1
Link To: Financial Times
Documentation – Attorneys: Fort Dix Terror Plot Was “Planted And Nurtured” By FBI Informants
Time Reference: 08:21
Description: REAL NEWS #2
Link To: Infowars.net
Documentation – Chemicals feminizing male wildlife, study warns
Time Reference: 11:52
Description: REAL NEWS #3
Link To: MSN News
Documentation – Amory Starr
Time Reference: 15:45
Description: Website of Professor Starr.
Link To: Trabal
Documentation – Naming the Enemy
Time Reference: 15:59
Description: Link to purchase Professor Starr’s 2000 book on the anti-corporate globalization work.
Link To: Amazon
Documentation – Alterglobalization
Time Reference: 18:47
Description: Complete copy of Professor Starr’s speech, taped and distributed by the L.A. Sound Posse.
Link To: Radio4All
Documentation – 8.5 trillion
Time Reference: 32:18
Description: That’s right, the bailout has so far cost 8.5 trillion dollars.
Link To: Casey Research
Documentation – The My Lai Massacre
Time Reference: 35:01
Description: 1969 Time article on the My Lai Massacre.
Link To: Time
Documentation – Seymour Hersh: Mario Savio Memorial Lecture
Time Reference: 36:22
Description: Video of the full lecture at UC Berkeley on YouTube.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Why I Oppose the War in Vietnam
Time Reference: 50:22
Description: Download the entire speech, as well as the I Have A Dream speech at this site.
Link To: WryBread
Documentation – JFK reads the Declaration of Independence
Time Reference: 59:35
Description: At WQXR in New York in 1957.
Link To: JFK Library


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