Episode 108 – Peace Prizes for Warmongers

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Running Time: 55:54

Description:Why did Obama win the Nobel Peace Prize? Because he’s the golden boy of world politics? Because the Nobel committee loves warmongers? An expression of hope? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we delve into the Nobel’s history and the deeper meaning of peace.


Documentation – Estulin: After G20, Oligarchs Moving on African Union, Population Reduction
Time Reference: 05:39
Description: Real News #1
Link To: The Corbett Report
Documentation – New York trial for 9/11 suspects
Time Reference: 07:12
Description: Real News #2
Link To: BBC News
Documentation – State to ‘spy’ on every phone call, email and web search
Time Reference: 08:04
Description: Real News #3
Link To: Telegraph
Documentation – DNA of protesters could be held for life
Time Reference: 09:22
Description: Real News #4
Link To: Telegraph
Documentation – VeriChip Buys Steel Vault, Creating Micro-Implant Health Record/Credit Score Empire
Time Reference: 10:20
Description: Real News #5
Link To: BNet
Documentation – he Nobel Peace Prize, 1901-2000
Time Reference: 12:21
Description: A brief summary of the history of the Nobel Peace Prize.
Link To: NobelPrize.org
Documentation – Obama Awarded Nobel Peace Prize ??
Time Reference: 13:40
Description: Watch the guy in the back laugh when Obama is announced as the winner.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Surprise Nobel for Obama Stirs Praise and Doubts
Time Reference: 15:02
Description: The Nobel Peace Prize, which President Obama described as a “call to action,” was an extraordinary recognition for so early in a presidential term and a potential political liability at home.
Link To: NYTimes
Documentation – Praise and skepticism greet Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize
Time Reference: 15:10
Description: The surprise decision to award U.S. President Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize elicited swift reaction Friday, with some hailing the choice and others expressing astonishment and skepticism.
Link To: CNN
Documentation – Barack Obama’s Nobel prize: why now?
Time Reference: 15:25
Description: Good question.
Link To: Guardian
Documentation – Majority of Nobel jury ‘objected to Obama prize’
Time Reference: 15:35
Description: So why did he get it?
Link To: Google News
Documentation – Obama Nobel win shocks Swedish peace group
Time Reference: 15:46
Description: The Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society (Svenska Freds) has classified as “shameful” the decision by the Nobel Committee in Oslo to award the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 to Barack Obama.
Link To: The Local
Documentation – Obama’s Nobel prize a farce: Downer
Time Reference: 16:47
Description: Mr. Farce also said it was a downer.
Link To: ABC Australia
Documentation – Best Obama-Nobel Jokes
Time Reference: 16:57
Description: Why did Obama cross the road?
Link To: ABCnews.go.com
Documentation – Obama: Nobel Peace Prize ‘A Call to Action’
Time Reference: 17:39
Description: Let me be clear, I do not view it as a recognition of my own accomplishments…
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – My dynamite will sooner lead to peace…
Time Reference: 19:33
Description: Mutually Assured Dynamite?
Link To: FreedomsCost
Documentation – The History of the Nobel Prize: A Look at Alfred Nobel, the Man Who Invented Dynamite
Time Reference: 19:55
Description: A fascinating episode of Democracy Now, especially for the Swedish anti-war demonstrators who are highlighted.
Link To: Democracy Now
Documentation – Ignoble peace prize
Time Reference: 22:09
Description: Kissinger and Hitler and Stalin, oh my!
Link To: Guardian
Documentation – Mussolini was nominated for a peace prize
Time Reference: 24:50
Description: Yes, you read that correctly.
Link To: NobelPrize.org
Documentation – Adolf Hitler nominated for a peace prize
Time Reference: 24:51
Description: No, that’s not a joke.
Link To: NobelPrize.org
Documentation – Stalin was nominated for a peace prize
Time Reference: 24:52
Description: You can’t make this stuff up.
Link To: NobelPrize.org
Documentation – Al Gore’s Nobel acceptance speech
Time Reference: 25:31
Description: Sayeth the peacemaker: We are what is wrong
Link To: NobelPrize.org
Documentation – The UN Peacekeeping Forces won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1988.
Time Reference: 25:44
Description: Is that for using child prostitutes, torturing locals or drug running?
Link To: NobelPrize.org
Documentation – UN Peacekeepers Criticized
Time Reference: 26:07
Description: An Irish soldier serving as a United Nations peacekeeper in Eritrea has been caught making pornographic videos of local women and is now serving a jail sentence in Ireland, it was revealed last night.
Link To: GlobalPolicy
Documentation – Tough UN line on peacekeeper abuses
Time Reference: 26:28
Description: Trust them. Those foxes have got the henhouse all taken care of.
Link To: UN.org
Documentation – What it takes to win a Nobel
Time Reference: 27:34
Description: Pakistan UAV attacks, wholesale slaughter of civilians and nuclear saber rattling.
Link To: The Distant Ocean
Documentation – And the other Nobel Peace Prize nominees were…
Time Reference: 28:07
Description: Read about people who are actually doing real work toward peace.
Link To: Independent.co.uk
Documentation – The Orwell Peace Prize
Time Reference: 29:24
Description: Right after Christmas, my nephew is leaving for another tour in Afghanistan. My Sister’s heart and my heart are broken. The chances are good that this time he’s coming back in a box with a flag on top of it.
Link To: SOTT.net
Documentation – Interview with James Corbett on Badlands Radio
Time Reference: 35:06
Description: Download the file or listen to the audio on the homepage for my forthcoming book, Reportage.
Link To: ReportageBook.com
Documentation – Is Obama a man of peace?
Time Reference: 39:47
Description: Please help me spread this video to those who have yet to face this question.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Webster Tarpley on 9/11 Truth and the anti-war movement
Time Reference: 48:25
Description: From the September 10, 2009 episode of the Alex Jones Show.
Link To: PrisonPlanet.tv
Documentation – Martin Luther King Jr. – Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech
Time Reference: 51:43
Description: December 10, 1964.
Link To: BeeMP3


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