Episode 135 – Know Your Toxins: Sodium Fluoride

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Running Time: 59:42

Description:Just when you thought that the bone cancer and IQ reduction and hypothyroidism and other ill effects of sodium fluoride couldn’t get any worse…you find out that sodium fluoride isn’t sodium fluoride. Find out what they’re really putting in the water with Dr. William Hirzy and Dr. Paul Connett on this week’s edition of The Corbett Report.


Documentation – Global Research TV
Time Reference: 01:44
Description: Check out the new tube site of the Centre for Research on Globalization.
Link To: TV.GlobalResearch.ca
Documentation – New World Next Week Home Page
Time Reference: 02:23
Description: Watch recent episodes of the New World Next Week and subscribe to a feed where you can get new episodes delivered directly to your podcatcher of choice.
Link To: NewWorldNextWeek.blip.tv
Documentation – Sunday Update
Time Reference: 03:17
Description: G20 Provocateurs, Veitch Arrested, Austerity for All. (Sources available in video description box on YouTube page)
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation – Dr. Strangelove fluoridation scene
Time Reference: 14:45
Description: When mentioning the fluoride topic in public, see how long it takes before someone brings up this scene from this movie.
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation – The Dangers of Fluoride & Water Fluoridation
Time Reference: 16:44
Description: Since the 1940’s fluoride is widely used in toothpaste and is added to drinking water in many countries around the world. The media and the medical profession claim that fluoride is perfectly safe and necessary for dental health. However, fluoride is
Link To: Google Video
Documentation – Harvard Professor: Hiding a Link to cancer from fluoride?
Time Reference: 19:25
Description: Oh…and he just happens to be a paid consultant for the toothpaste industry.
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation – Fluoride & Cancer: The Firing of Dr. William Marcus
Time Reference: 22:34
Description: A scene from the must-watch Fluoride Deception video from the Fluoride Action Network featuring investigative journalist Christopher Bryson.
Link To: Google Video
Documentation – Dr. William Hirzy testifies before Senate about fluoride
Time Reference: 26:27
Description: Even 10 years ago, the evidence was overwhelming…
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation – Limit Fluoride to Prevent Lead Poisoning, Study Says
Time Reference: 39:41
Description: Fluoride in water supplies enhances lead absorption. Fluoridation chemicals are allowed to contain trace amounts of lead Studies show fluoridation increases children’s blood lead levels.
Link To: Broowaha.com
Documentation – NSF Fact Sheet
Time Reference: 40:24
Description: NSF Fact Sheet admitting lead, arsenic, other chemicals in fluoridated water.
Link To: nsf.org
Documentation – NSF on arsenic and lead in the water
Time Reference: 41:00
Description: Yes, they know that the supposed fluoride in the water is in fact a neurotoxin with numerous impurities including arsenic and lead. No, they don’t care.
Link To: nofluoride.com
Documentation – Fluoride Action Network Home Page
Time Reference: 43:18
Description: Please go here for voluminous amounts of information on the health effects of fluoride consumption.
Link To: FluorideAlert.org



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