Episode 178 – 7/7 is Still the Issue

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Running Time: 1:05:10

Description:The Mohammed Junaid Babar story has put 7/7 back in the news, and the 7/7 inquest is due to wrap up hearings next week, insuring a new wave of attention on the London bombings. But what has been answered by the inquests so far, and what new questions have been raised? Join us this week as we talk to Tom Secker and Keelan Balderson about the state of 7/7 truth and how concerned citizens can move ahead in the pursuit of 7/7 justice.


Documentation – Media Coverage Of London Attacks
Time Reference: 03:16
Description: A compilation of footage from the day before and the day of the London bombings.
Link To: YouTube.com

Documentation – U.K.’s Blair Rejects Call for Probe of London Blasts
Time Reference: 07:16
Description: “U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair rejected a call for an inquiry into the July 7 London bomb blasts, telling lawmakers there wasn’t any intelligence that could have enabled police to prevent the attacks.”
Link To: Bloomberg.com

Documentation – MI5 facing criticism over surveillance of 7/7 bomber
Time Reference: 09:02
Description: “According to the leaks on the BBC Radio Today programme, the committee asks in its report why Khan was not properly investigated, indicating that perhaps more was known about him in the lead-up to July 7 than has so far emerged in the public domain.”
Link To: The Sunday Times

Documentation – MI5 followed UK suicide bomber
Time Reference: 11:19
Description: “MI5 secretly monitored two of the London 7 July bombers four times before the 2005 attacks, it emerged during the fertiliser bomb plot trial.”
Link To: BBC News

Documentation – Pressure grows for a 7/7 inquiry
Time Reference: 12:08
Description: The victims’ family members pressures the government for an inquiry.
Link To: BBC News

Documentation – Tony Blair says no to 7/7 inquiry
Time Reference: 13:20
Description: Does this seem like Bush’s stalling on the 9/11 Commission to anyone?
Link To: The Telegraph

Documentation – Britain Opens Public Inquest Into 2005 London Terrorist Attacks
Time Reference: 15:12
Description: “…she would undertake to keep the inquest as open as possible while protecting Britain’s national security.”
Link To: New York Times

Documentation – Inquest probes London bombings
Time Reference: 16:41
Description: So says Al Jazeera.
Link To: YouTube.com

Documentation – Howard Beale’s News Hour
Time Reference: 21:36
Description: Home page of Tom Secker.
Link To: ClimateGate.tv

Documentation – 7/7 Seeds of Deconstruction
Time Reference: 21:45
Description: Watch the documentary for free online.
Link To: StageVu.com

Documentation – The al-Qaida supergrass and the 7/7 questions that remain unanswered
Time Reference: 35:54
Description: For non-Brits: supergrass=informant.
Link To: Guardian

Documentation – Court transcript: US V Mohammed Junaid Babar
Time Reference: 38:44
Description: Babar got a slap on the wrist for cooperating with intelligence.
Link To: Guardian

Documentation – 7/7 victim’s father on Mohammed Junaid Babar – video
Time Reference: 39:52
Description: “Graham Foulkes’s son David, 22, was one of the 52 people killed in a series of terrorist attacks on the London transport system on 7 July 2005. He says al-Qaida supergrass Mohammed Junaid Babar was responsible for training the 7/7 bombers and should not be treated leniently.”
Link To: Guardian

Documentation – WideShut.co.uk
Time Reference: 41:37
Description: Home page of Keelan Balderson.
Link To: WideShut.co.uk

Documentation – 7/7: The Big Picture
Time Reference: 41:49
Description: A free online documentary by Keelan Balderson taking a very wide perspective look at the London bombings.
Link To: WideShut.co.uk

Documentation – 7/7 Inquests Blog
Time Reference: 1:02:07
Description: An absolutely invaluable news, information and analysis website pertaining to the 7/7 inquest.
Link To: 7/7 Inquests Blog

Documentation – The July 7th Truth Campaign Home Page
Time Reference: 1:02:55
Description: An excellent source of information on 7/7 anomalies.
Link To: julyseventh.co.uk

Documentation – Truth Music Directory Presents: Brent Lee Regan – Bin-Laden 7/7
Time Reference: 1:04:18
Description: Brent Lee Regan performs a verse from Bin Laden 7/7 off his False Flags & Patsies EP outside Russell Square.
Link To: YouTube.com


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