Episode 189 – Choose Life

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The psychopathic elite have presented before us life and death, blessing and cursing. Therefore choose life, that us and our seed may live.


Documentation – James Corbett on TransResister Radio
Time Reference: 01:22
Description: A conversation on the singularity, transhumanism, crypto-eugenics, and why the future may not be so friendly.
Link To: TheAgeofTransitions.com


Documentation – Contribute to Episode 190
Time Reference: 04:37
Description: Send in your comment, question, constructive criticism or praise to help contribute to Episode 190 of The Corbett Report, which will be devoted to listener feedback. Use the Contact form on corbettreport.com, phone (+1)512-553-0297 or leave a video response to the YouTube video announcing the episode (which will be released on Monday, June 6th, 2011).
Link To: corbettreport.com


Documentation – Choose Life (Trainspotting)
Time Reference: 07:34
Description: From the 1996 cult classic, Trainspotting.
Link To: YouTube.com


Documentation – Choose Life (Bible)
Time Reference: 08:48
Description: Deutoronomy 30:19.
Link To: BibleGateway.com


Documentation – Humans are a Cancer
Time Reference: 09:23
Description: Cultural programming from The Matrix.
Link To: YouTube


Documentation – Humans are bacteria
Time Reference: 10:33
Description: Cultural programming from David Suzuki.
Link To: Vimeo.com


Documentation – Humans need to be culled
Time Reference: 11:50
Description: Cultural programming from the BBC.
Link To: YouTube


Documentation – Humans are bacteria
Time Reference: 12:22
Description: Cultural programming from Joe Rogan.
Link To: YouTube.com


Documentation – Alan Watt on the Euthanasia Agenda
Time Reference: 15:52
Description: From the October 7, 2010 edition of Cutting Through the Matrix.
Link To: CuttingThroughtheMatrix.com


Documentation – Alan Watt on Dying Green
Time Reference: 22:56
Description: From the October 15, 2010 edition of Cutting Through the Matrix.
Link To: CuttingThroughTheMatrix.com


Documentation – Schwarzenegger’s Death Head Belt Buckle
Time Reference: 29:04
Description: Schwarzenegger flaunts the death symbol of the Nazis.
Link To: jonesreport.com
Documentation – Rothschild’s Death Head Belt Buckle
Time Reference: 29:10
Description: Rothschild loves death.
Link To: Infowars.com


Documentation – Glenn Beck’s Death’s Head Cummerbund
Time Reference: 29:14
Description: Glenn Beck loves death.
Link To: Infowars.com


Documentation – Blood sacrifice at the VMAs
Time Reference: 29:22
Description: MTV loves death.
Link To: VigilantCitizen.com


Documentation – Life After People
Time Reference: 29:54
Description: One of the many, many TV specials in recent years to ask what would happen if everyone died tomorrow.
Link To: YouTube.com


Documentation – The Last Word on Overpopulation
Time Reference: 30:28
Description: The comments show that some people can be made to desire their own death.
Link To: YouTube.com


Documentation – FreemanTV.com
Time Reference: 33:14
Description: Homepage for Freeman, where one can browse through the vast archives of his videos, radio broadcasts, and articles.
Link To: FreemanTV.com


Documentation – Freeman on why we need humans
Time Reference: 34:26
Description: From the May 14, 2011 edition of the Free Zone.
Link To: OracleBroadcasting.com


Documentation – Trainspotting Ending
Time Reference: 47:07
Description: Choose life.
Link To: YouTube.com


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