Episode 214 – Truth Music III

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In this third installment of the “Truth Music” series, we shine the spotlight on more artists who are channeling their creative energies into raising awareness of truth issues. This time we highlight the work of: Blakhatz, JJ Jones, The Robots, Dan Dicks, James Evan Pilato, Mike von Hash and Alan Watt. See the links in the documentation section for more about these artists and their work.

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Time Reference: 00:57


Irakistan by Blakhatz
Time Reference: 03:13


Blakhatz on Myspace
Time Reference: 07:31


Blakhatz on YouTube
Time Reference: 07:34


JJ Jones Ron Paul Songs
Time Reference: 08:04


JJ Jones on Corbett Report Radio
Time Reference: 09:08


Ron Paul – Walk the Line Song
Time Reference: 11:30


The Robots – In the Sign of the Octopus
Time Reference: 15:05


Time Reference: 18:37


It’s in Your Hands by Dan Dicks
Time Reference: 20:01


Dan Dicks on Corbett Report Radio
Time Reference: 25:05


Time Reference: 30:13


The Von Hash on YouTube
Time Reference: 34:58


The Von Hash on SoundCloud
Time Reference: 35:02


Mike von Hash on The Corbett Report
Time Reference: 36:23


Hey Mr President (When’s Enough Enough Mix)
Time Reference: 39:23


Hey Mr President (original WeAreChange video)
Time Reference: 39:23


Snake Oil Wars featuring James Corbett
Time Reference: 42:59


“Alegría en el Dolor” by Alan Watt
Time Reference: 45:00


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