Episode 220 – The Strange Case of Sirhan Sirhan

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If a movie is based on a book that is based on a real experiment that later actually happens in real life, is it “real” or “fiction.” Join us today on The Corbett Report as we step through the looking glass in search of information about Sirhan Sirhan, the shooting of RFK, CIA mind control experiments, and the blurring of the line between real life and fantasy.




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The Manchurian Candidate
Time Reference: 03:15


Sirhan speaks out
Time Reference: 04:11


The Experiments: The Assassin
Time Reference: 04:30


ABC News clip of RFK assassination
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June 5, 1968: ABC Reports on Motive in RFK Shooting
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Mae Brussell Interviews Sirhan’s Psychologist (Episode 273)
Time Reference: 14:46


CIA Manchurian candidates
Time Reference: 24:30


The Day of the Dolphin
Time Reference: 32:23


Article on CIA, mind control, Dr. John Lilly, The Day of the Dolphin, and more
Time Reference: 32:38


Sirhan’s lawyers argue mind control plot
Time Reference: 34:08


Sirhan and the RFK Assassination Part II: Rubik’s Cube
Time Reference: 36:21


mediamonarchy interview w/ peter levenda of ‘sinister forces’
Time Reference: 46:51


Polanski was originally slated to direct Day of the Dolphin
Time Reference: 50:38


  1. Sorry, everyone. I just noticed the comments were closed here for some reason. Comment away!

  2. James,
    Thank you for posting this YouTube.
    When watching the RT interview with Colin A Ross, I was thrilled to see that his office in our Texas backyard.

    The guy is a wealth of information on the CIA and mind control.

    ha!…The CIA in some respects is just an incompetent bureaucracy as he notes when he retrieved all the mind control documents…

    I was fascinated when listening to this interview…he brings up some interesting anecdotes and events.

    He also has measured the frequencies which a person projects via the eyeballs which can travel vast distances. Peer reviewed paper. He even has a patent on it.
    “Research Examines the Power of a Human Stare”

  3. If my last name was Sirhan I wouldn’t name my kid Sirhan.

  4. Just listened to your second article on the subject. Great! Until now, I had dismissed Jim Willie’s comments on CIA mind control as BS, but now I am not at all sure.

    One question: Why didn’t you mention the Manson murder of Sharon Tate under similar ‘crazy’ circumstances only months after the dinner party?

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  5. Sometimes I think the CIA involves itself with so many crazy plots just to make the people accusing them of being involved with so many crazy plots sound crazy!

    And since they have access to billions/trillions of dollars of black money, why not?

  6. The CNN ‘SIrhan Speaks Out’ link seems to have been removed. I’m in UK

  7. January 2016 – The Ft Lauderdale Airport Shooting
    Here is the Associated Press article which mentions mind control.
    … In November, Santiago had walked into an FBI field office in Alaska saying the U.S. government was controlling his mind and forcing him to watch Islamic State group videos, a law enforcement official said…
    …His brother, Bryan Santiago, said Saturday that his brother had requested psychological help but received little assistance. Esteban Santiago said in August that he was hearing voices, Bryan Santiago said in Spanish on Saturday as he stood outside his family’s home. He said he told his brother then to seek help.
    “How is it possible that the federal government knows, they hospitalize him for only four days, and then give him his weapon back?” Bryan Santiago said…
    …When Santiago spoke of mind control at the FBI office in November, agents questioned the agitated and disjointed man before calling police, a law enforcement official told The Associated Press. The official, who was not authorized to discuss the case and spoke on condition of anonymity, said Santiago was then taken for a mental health evaluation….

    Evidently, there are reports of other shooters and this witness.
    (2 minutes)

    In this episode of Corbett’s “Episode 220 – The Strange Case of Sirhan Sirhan”, Colin A. Ross is interviewed.
    Colin Ross works in the Dallas suburb, Richardson Texas.

    He tells some interesting stories…especially how insecure (security-wise) the CIA was when he obtained the documents at their office.

    More about Colin Ross..
    (by the way, he has a cool patent regarding ‘eye beams’)

    The Colin A. Ross Institute
    The Colin A. Ross Institute was formed to further the understanding of psychological trauma and its consequences by providing educational services, research, …

  8. Are you perhaps familiar with the photography and biography analyses of Miles W. Mathis? I stumbled onto it by chance, shortly after I watched your RFK video.

    Here’s his paper on the Kennedys:

    One of the hallmark peculiarities in the RFK incident is this famous photo, with the empty space between shoe, cuff and head:

    You don’t have to believe his somewhat speculative conclusions, but with his analysis of the actual RFK event, we could answer 3 questions from your video, which are not found in the paper:

    – Why did RFK meet a bunch of movie people the night before the event?
    – Why did the assassination unfold almost exactly like a known movie, from the very director he met the night before?
    – Why is it allowed on mainstream TV to “prove” the possibility of this particular conspiracy, whereas for many other conspiracies (e.g. OKC, 9/11), it is hardly ever allowed to mention the possibility of a conspiracy, and never, ever, to “prove” them on TV?

    With Sandy Hook, we know that the deep staters can stage both real events with false flags, and fake events with false flags. Mathis’ larger theories are a bit deep into the rabbit hole, so you don’t have to accept this explanation. It might be useful though, to tuck it into the back of your head, for later re-evaluation.

  9. ABC NEWS (3 1/2 minute video)
    Published on May 28, 2018
    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told The Washington Post he walked away from a prison meeting with Sirhan Sirhan not believing he killed his father.

    William F. Pepper is in this video clip from ABC News

    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is a strong environmental activist. He was part of the lawyer team in the Monsanto Lawsuit over glyphosate with a winning verdict in 2018.
    WEBSITE – Children’s Health Defense

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