Everything is Connected!

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Newsletter | 101 comments

Did you ever see Connections? It was a late-1970s’ British TV series hosted by author and historian James Burke, and it was devoted to exploring “the various paths of how technological change happens and the social effects of these changes on Western society.” Each episode is a telescoping, kaleidoscopic, psychedelic tour of hundreds of years of history that, as the title suggests, reveals the chain of connections linking seemingly disparate people, places and events.

Take Episode 05, for example. Entitled “The Wheel of Fortune,” it spins a narrative web connecting ancient Arab astronomers to the invention of the water clock alarm to the development of crucible steel to the assembly line revolution and then concludes with an existential question: if none of the products in our pocket are handmade, who are we?

Don’t feel bad if that episode description leaves you confused, disoriented and feeling that you are on the verge of (but have not yet quite achieved) epiphany. That is, as near as I can tell, the point of the show.

But as entertaining as the Connections program makes these types of relationships appear, there’s a darker side to the exploration of these historical narrative threads. Personally, I often encounter connections of this sort during the course of my research. But, far from fun intellectual exercises in dot connecting, they tend to reveal dark truths about the problems we’re facing. Do you want to see a wild example?

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