FLASHBACK: How Do I Find Broken Links? (2021)

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FROM 2020: Many viewers write in to ask about broken links in the archives. In the spirit of finding solutions, today James runs through a few basic methods you can use to replace broken links when you encounter the dreaded 404 error online.


Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve

How Do I Find Broken Links? – Questions For Corbett #075

How to Find Broken Links Online

The Library of Alexandria is on Fire

You Can’t Win. Don’t Even Try!

Trying to Cure Depression, but Inspiring Torture​

Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation Program

Wayback Machine

How to Find Deleted Videos – Questions For Corbett #081


  1. Hi James
    First time here subscribed, guilty of listening free for years.

    It’s payback time.
    You do good work.

  2. In my opinion, linking the books does provide value.

    If I had more time in my daily schedule to source out viable links for books referenced under your articles, episodes and documentaries then I suppose having the link would be somewhat redundant, but on my current schedule it helps to have the link to clickthrough for research, archiving (and linking to my own articles) in an expedited fashion.

    Thank you for all the diligent work you do in referencing, linking and now even helping people (like myself) that are not computer savvy to be able to locate reference and research material after links inevitably break.

    I think it would be cool if you crowd-funded the creation of a modern day “Library of Alexandria” where you would store books and data (preferably in a fortified faraday cage) that debunk the lies in the history books taught in school, expose the oligarchs that exert more influence than elected government officials and their plans for global technocratic domination/eugenics as well as present an array of viable solutions (both in books and via your Solutions Watch episodes) to preserve all the important work you do for future generations.

    I would contribute to such an undertaking and I imagine I would not be the only subscriber that would be interested in helping make such a thing a reality.

  3. The Wayback Machine is now being censored. Specifically, here in the US we cannot view pages from the scientific groups Proton21 or ProtonScientific,


    While people in Eastern Europe and Canada still can (at least for now).

    These scientific groups were doing research that threatens the reigning rules of nuclear physics, and also might lead to new energy sources (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions).

    • @shepherdc

      Thanks for the heads up.

      Are you familiar with the work of a man named Eugene Mallove (with regards to his study of LENR tech and his exposing the institutionalized suppression of said tech, among other things)?

    • HRS – just yesterday or the day before, I read something w a referance to Jeffrey Jaxon which dated back almost a decade. I too was curious…..then acknowledged to self life before the highwire really did exist 🙂 After reading your comment, I ‘looked him up” little sis had no listing, nor does wikispooks. ddg first result was JJ’s own website…i browsed a few of these articles mostly for dates and went back to 2014….headlines of the articles tell me he’s been doing some hot topic investigative journalism for a while.
      glad you brought it up…encouraged me to look a little deeper too….

      • Interesting.
        Thanks Garden.

        I enjoy Jefferey’s reporting on “The Highwire”.

  4. I have been utilizing various solutions mentioned by James Corbett.

    Today, this sentence (“Don’t miss James Corbett’s FLASHBACK: How Do I Find Broken Links? (2021)”) was added here:

    If you visit that webpage, I recommend viewing this archived video:
    WFAA-TV Channel 8 did an Investigative Report about the blatant dangers of vaccines in February 2001.

    Those folks who were living in North Texas during that year 2000 era will surely recognize some of the news team.
    The contrast of mainstream news reporting in 2001 is so very, very different from 2022.

    • Well ok, HRS, guess now’s as good a time as any to discover that documentary! I’ll go have a look illico.
      Thanks for posting!

    • This video is archived but not yet indexed for playback. Please try again tomorrow
      An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: VSHaBrNXbbBBuoJw)
      Learn More

      Guess I’ll try again tomorrow and/or later.
      Thanks anyway, HRS.

      • I am so glad that you stated that quote from Archive.org!

        When I posted my comment, I had just finished watching the archived video again (which I have viewed several times prior on the archived.org format).
        [That video contains the main attorney who owns the Law Firm which is involved with the EPA lawsuit on Fluoride. It also contains a personal friend of mine.]

        Just following my posted comment, I went to this script and link on the webpage:
        All webpages of DallasForSaferWater have been archived on the Wayback Machine. Some pages of the original DogsAgainstFluoridation also have been archived.
        Here is this “VAXXED MOVIE” webpage which was archived on August 15, 2020.


        That August 15, 2020 archived webpage looks quite different from the current webpage. The current webpage is missing images of the censored YouTube videos. However, the archive version has many images available.

        I scrolled to the bottom of the archive.org “VAXXED MOVIE” webpage.
        How Big Oil Conquered the World is visible there at the bottom of the page with the url link and also the embedded video image.
        I clicked the youtube url link and it took me to the Archive.org version of “How Big Oil Conquered the World”.
        It looked like it would play on archive.org.
        But it stalled out and I got a message like yours:
        This video is archived but not yet indexed for playback. Please try again tomorrow
        An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: [I’m not sure about the #])
        Learn More

        • I should mention that the 8 minute video image does not show up on the archived August 15, 2020 webpage. But it is archived and I just watched it.
          The non-image video is halfway down (on the right side) of the webpage.
          Here is the script above the video:

          WFAA-TV Channel 8 did an Investigative Report about the blatant dangers of vaccines in February 2001. [YouTube 8 minute Video LINK]

          The lawsuits looked to be a sure win against vaccine makers!
          After 9/11/01, The Patriot Act was put forth before Congress. Both the House and the Senate agreed NOT to sneak any other non-related legislation into this voluminous Patriot Act.
          However, the top ranking Republican Senator Bill Frist did sneak in legislation which essentially made it impossible to sue the vaccine makers.

          Senator Bob Frist owned HCA (Hospital Corporation of America ) which at the time was the largest hospital chain in America with over 400 hospitals and surgery centers. HCA itself was filled with corruption. In 2002, HCA was involved in the largest fraud settlement in US history. (Fraud not related to the vaccine issue.) https://web.archive.org/web/20201025072549/https://ahrp.org/homeland-security-bill_-pharma-immunity-wp/

          Archive.org automatically uses a ‘saved archive’ link from the archived August 15, 2020 webpage as we see with “ahrp.org/homeland-security-bill_-pharma-immunity-wp/”.

          • well… I finally reached a page where I could buy the VAXXED documentary…

            …and I could finally listen to the RFK Jr. videos which I wasn’t able to do first time around.

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