Flashback: Torture is Bad (2008)

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FROM 2008: Extraordinary rendition is a euphemism for a CIA program to kidnap people and fly them to secret prisons around the world for torture. We are being told this is a good thing.


Documentation – Episode 027 – Torture is Bad
Time Reference: 00:15
Description: Original post for the Torture is Bad podcast (including mp3 download).
Link To: The Corbett Report
Documentation – False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda
Time Reference: 01:19
Description: Complete documentary downloads and transcript.
Link To: The Corbett Report
Documentation – Corbett Report 2007-2008 Data Archive (USB Flash Drive)
Time Reference: 04:50
Description: Buy your USB archive today, featuring every single audio, video and text file published on The Corbett Report in 2007-2008.
Link To: NewWorldNextWeek.com
Documentation – CIA’s secret jails open up new transatlantic rift
Time Reference: 07:25
Description: Includes background info on the beginnings of the extraordinary rendition program.
Link To: Guardian
Documentation – Against All Enemies
Time Reference: 07:59
Description: From counterterror “czar” Richard Clarke’s memoirs.
Link To: Archive.org
Documentation – Presidential Decision Directive 39
Time Reference: 09:25
Description: Clinton allows the CIA to capture people from any country, with or without that country’s consent.
Link To: FAS
Documentation – Tapes depict proposal to thwart bombs used in Trade Center blast
Time Reference: 10:33
Description: The New York Times article which details how the FBI handlers directed their informant to help carry out the bombing.
Link To: WhatReallyHappened
Documentation – Mystery Flights
Time Reference: 12:00
Description: The first part of a British documentary about the extraordinary rendition program.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Maher Arar
Time Reference: 17:57
Description: Information about the Canadian citizen extraordinarily rendered by the US to Syria against his will.
Link To: MaherArar.ca
Documentation – Maher Arar speaks to a joint house hearing on extraordinary rendition
Time Reference: 18:28
Description: Maher Arar’s story in his own words.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Khaled El-Masri
Time Reference: 25:33
Description: Details of the German citizen who was kidnapped by the CIA while on vacation in Macedonia.
Link To: ACLU
Documentation – Interview with Stephen Grey
Time Reference: 25:51
Description: Interview with the reporter who broke the extraordinary rendition program story.
Link To: Youtube
Documentation – Council of Europe report on secret detentions
Time Reference: 26:00
Description: Links to the official reports issued by the COE investigation into the CIA black sites in Europe.
Link To: Council of Europe
Documentation – Inside the secret prison
Time Reference: 27:07
Description: Brian Ross report about a former CIA agent agonizing about the terror techniques being used in the war on terror.
Link To: Video No Longer Available Online
Documentation – CIA destroyed tapes despite court order
Time Reference: 33:09
Description: Tapes of the Zubaydah interrogation reported on by Brian Ross have mysteriously been destroyed…despite court orders that the CIA not destroy them. How curious.
Link To: Star News Online
Documentation – FBI, CIA debate signficance of terror suspect
Time Reference: 33:50
Description: Zubaydah is largely a loud-mouthed and mentally troubled hotelier according to the FBI.
Link To: Washington Post
Documentation – Daily Show on Republican presidential debate
Time Reference: 35:40
Description: What an exciting way to present the complex issue of terrorism and torture: by stealing the far-fetched plot of a tv show you’ve seen!
Link To: The Daily Show
Documentation – Bill Clinton on torture and Jack Bauer
Time Reference: 38:02
Description: Bill Clinton gives a wink and a nod to Jack Bauer wannabes.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Is 24 propaganda? Is the Pope Catholic?
Time Reference: 39:35
Description: The first answer is yes. The second answer is debatable.
Link To: PrisonPlanet.com
Documentation – Primetime Torture
Time Reference: 41:03
Description: Website from Human Rights First about positive presentations of torture in the media.
Link To: Primetime Torture
Documentation – CNN report on 24 and torture
Time Reference: 41:31
Description: Is 24’s Jack Bauer teaching torture to US soldiers?
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Taguba report
Time Reference: 45:10
Description: Report by Major General Antonio Taguba about abuses of detainees at Abu Ghraib.
Link To: FAS
John Yoo (White House Counsel) defends President’s right to torture
Time Reference: 46:00
Description: A disgusting display of sycophancy.
Link To: Soundcloud
Documentation – KSM confessed to targeting bank founded after his arrest
Time Reference: 46:51
Description: The supposed 9/11 mastermind plotted against a bank which wasn’t founded when he was arrested.
Link To: 911Blogger
Documentation – US says it has right to kidnap British citizens
Time Reference: 48:09
Description: If Washington wants you, they can kidnap you anywhere in the world.
Link To: Sunday Times


  1. My mind keeps going to the end game of the globalist technocratic game and in every scenario my mind and the evidence presents me is not good for the masses.
    For instance if there is a nuclear war all plans by these globalist’s technocrats do not include any mention of the people whatsoever.
    Scares the hell out of me.

  2. Disturbing! Disgusting!
    Really just so awful and horrifying that the US Federal Government and it’s institutions and their lackies entirely disregard human rights, national sovereignty, and international law.

    End the Federal Government! (A far fetched dream, I’m afraid, because even thinking that makes me a domestic terrorist).

    It’s so disappointing that I can’t be “proud to be an American”. I do think the foundational values of this country are commendable, and I believe that most Americans stand behind our fundamental, inalienable rights. But unfortunately, those in power have no interest in upholding any sort of moral code or engaging under an ethical framework.

    Will humanity be able to reconcile the evils carried out by our governments? Will the US government actually fall one day? Will we ever live in a voluntarist world?

  3. 14 years on, not one of the USA’s indoctrinated, above the law torturers has been held to account. Along with their above the law POTUS’s, they’ve been free to double down and destroy any prospect of justice. The Controlled Demolition of the United States proceeds, unhindered.

  4. James, only just now recognizing that you have all these guitars! I don’t remember ever hearing you mention being a musician! Do you ever make the music that goes in your content? I really liked the music in the media matrix! It reminded me of a bunch of stuff I like. Specifically it reminded me of the band Mogwai!
    Just occured to me that maybe it was you behind the music 😀

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