Globalists Hate C-Span

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Every day we are subjected to programming that tries to convince us that we are alone, powerless, and rightly shunned by society for asking questions about the propaganda we are subjected to. But we are not alone, we are not powerless, and there are more of us than you might think. Today we examine some examples of the public standing up to the globalist stooges in one of the few quasi-mainstream outlets they have to do just that: C-Span.

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Hayden: Chinese cyber theft ‘on unprecedented scale’
Time Reference: 04:06


C-Span Video Library
Time Reference: 08:05


Zbigniew Brzezinski speaks about Trilateral Commission (C-SPAN 1989)
Time Reference: 08:52


Caller Confronts Kenneth Adelman On NWO CSPAN 1991
Time Reference: 10:27


Reshaping the Middle East (CFR’s Foreign Affairs journal Summer 1990)
Time Reference: 12:41


Lee Hamilton on C-Span 2005
Time Reference: 14:04


Mickey McCarter biography
Time Reference: 26:42


Mickey McCarter on C-Span 2012
Time Reference: 27:39


The Colossal Deceit Known As The Underwear Bomber Case
Time Reference: 34:32


Patrick Kennedy testifies to Homeland Security Committee (Transcript)
Time Reference: 35:59


Patrick Kennedy testifies to Homeland Security Committee (Video)
Time Reference: 35:59


Body scanner makers doubled lobbying cash over 5 years
Time Reference: 38:35


Chertoff grilled by C-Span callers
Time Reference: 40:59


Best WeAreChange Confrontations of 2012
Time Reference: 43:28


Song: “Kopeika” by et_
Time Reference: 51:32


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