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I’m one strike away from having my main YouTube channel deleted and Patreon has permanently “suspended” my account, so if you’re only following my work through these controlled platforms then all I have to say is: It was nice knowing you! For everyone else, here’s how you can continue watching The Corbett Report even after YouTube pulls the plug . . .

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The Library of Alexandria is on Fire

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    • It’s not a bad idea guys! And Rebecca, I highly doubt James is getting rich doing this haha

    • “I don’t think James needs anymore money.”

      are you sure?
      maybe thats why the paypal for this site, which usually takes $1usd each month, this onth mysteriously charged me and gave james $16usd?

      • redaction
        the “$16” was in Ausd whereas the USD amount was $12 which was a yearly contribution oppossed to the monthly I’d been doing, this $16 figure showed up on my Australian credit card balance long enough after, that I had forgotten I’d made the change,, Ra ra,,apologies, and yes, I’m guessing he probably does have good ideas of what to do with subscriber contributions

        • Like putting bread on the table. Or getting shoes for his children.

          Payee can not control how much currency is lifted from your account.

    • Rebecca, James just said he can only continue doing this IF we support him. He does need our money. And IMHO; his videos, letters and reports are well worth our support!

  1. I’ve been a subscriber for a few months now (via paypal).
    As a Japanese viewer, the automatic subtitles on YouTube really helped.
    I am also subscribed on BitChute, but please leave your YouTube account as long as you can. Thank you very much, James.

    • CXQ
      “..As a Japanese viewer, the automatic subtitles on YouTube really helped…”
      I dont know much about posting on YT BUT if you want to have Youtube subtitles I THINK you can SAVE his video to your PC from where you see it and then you post it to your own PERSONAL youtube channel (you may need to make it a private video so you dont get banned too??) and then have Youtube do its subtitle thing for you

  2. It’s some years since I set up my (paltry) monthly contribution. I’d be most grateful for more specific instructions from anyone on how to find out how it happens at the moment, and how to set up a new method if necessary.

  3. RSS feeds really work for me. I downloaded an app, set it up and away. Never miss new content or even the subscriber updates now.


    • It’s an android app called ‘RSS Reader’ created by Niklas Baudy.

      It’s pretty good. Notifies my when anything new comes up and if it has an audio link it’ll play audio through VLC.

      I’ve also discovered that you can create RSS links for YouTube so I get notified about hobby woodwork videos.

      So I get all notifications in one place.

  4. Its not only YT, just a few words from the ADL and bitchute started removing content too, as does dlive. I can imagine Lbry/Odysee doing the same if they get targeted; i sure dont hope so, and use now Lbry mainly… im glad more content creaters upload there too, on bitchute im often having buffering and the interface plus search is mediocre at best.

    For Corbett im sure using this website here as first spot, i dont use notifications as i got no smartphone so i browse every day.

    Few already moved to trovo owned by mega-kraken tencent(basically a chinese twitch copy), wonder if they start one day to go after “opposing” political content creators…

    • Yes, someone posted Lbry/Odysee terms of service yesterday on Gab. “Offensive or hurtful” content can get you banned. Check it out at Odysee.

    • I’ve been on Bitchute since shortly after it started and I feel so sad that they’ve now started to censor. They’re based in Britain and I think they are probably being leant on quite heavily.

  5. Hi
    I’m in uk I’ve managed to avoid paypal so far and would appreciate an alternative payment method, as for bitcoin am hard pressed to log in to coinbase let alone sort a wallet.

    Do approve of your stance on Youtube, the ads are insufferable its ransom is £15 a month subscription, the added insult is that it rarely works on Chrome their own browser.

    James db

    • Someone should sue these controlled platforms for libel because they are writing false information about many content creators. These facts can be presented in court. I detest these tech tyrants who have sold their soul to the slave system.

      • Only the rich can afford to sue for libel unfortunately, it doesn’t come cheap.

    • Ryan Dawson and some on his crew have launched https://vid.ancreport.com for uncensored video uploading. Last I checked they are looking for a payment processor and a livestreaming platform.

      • Did you learn about the FBI 302’s or the “dancing Israelis” or the “moving company workers” arrested in a van full of explosives from Loose Change on your 30th viewing?

        Yes, Dawson can be annoying at times but so are people like you.

        As long as his site allows posting of uncensored political content…well…it’s more than we’re getting from Odysee or Bitchute at the moment.

        • I know you are but what am I?

  6. Why use YouTube or Facebook or Twitter when there are so many platforms that are not censored, including the web sites of commenters themselves, such as Jamescorbett.com or UKcolumn.org, or 21stcenturywire.com and many others? Forget the mass media social network platforms. They are worse than the rest of the MSM. They are a bad habit. There are plenty of alternatives.

    • Because it helps get the info out to the sleeping masses. I found JC on youtube randomly in 2016.

  7. If Patreon wants a few videos off their own platform then lets let them have their little victory.

    Like James said, the website’s content has been backed up in multiple places.

    If they’re only requesting that James takes down content from their own platform, then taking a flexible approach may give us the advantage.

    • Ca!ibrator, Exactly. James has never been on Facebook (except when we put his work on there, which I do). We knew You Tube would eventually remove him. I was shocked that Patreon removed him and the others…but I will continue to support him until the end.

    • ultraali
      “..If Patreon wants a few videos off their own platform then lets let them have their little victory…”

      You have a point there BUT on the other hand if you keep giving a company money they will keep on doing what they do.
      Hollywood back when it started was making really disgusting filth, maybe as bad as they do now, and the Catholics organized and stopped giving them money…Hollywood changed its behavior and was bound for years by the Hayes code.
      NOW netflix puts on disgusting filth that disgusts its viewers and viewers keep giving them money… they will not change their behavior….the reason that we swim in filth made to hurt us and our children by people who hate us and our children is because people still keep on giving them money and doing biz with them.

  8. Ya can’t help but to like that fella James Corbett.
    He’s so real.
    He’s our friend.

    • He’s got a great sense of humor too and that adds a lot to his work.

  9. Cancelled Patreon, subbed on paypal… Will be moving to BTC soon I’m guessing 🙂

    • Yeah. What’s happening to JC has given me the motivation to look into paying via BTC now.

      From what I’ve seen all mainstream places, door to anti money laundering rules require some form of personal identity card/id to open an account. I’m not very comfortable with that.

      I’m still researching.

      • I haven’t found a way around this that’s easy to implement but once you have Bitcoin can exchange it for Monero (XMR) and that seems to be more like cash.

    • Is it confirmed cancelled? After I thought I had completed the cancellation it just took me back to the “This page is under review” screen.

      EDIT: Nevermind, when I go back to the memberships page it has been removed from the list. Now subscribing through the Paypal link 🙂

  10. Democracy requires no censor.

  11. Gladly I left youtube months ago since censorship ramped up. Also, after Patreon took down TLAV I moved all my support to other places.. Moved to PayPal for James and happy to support anywhere else in the future. Merch seem like a good idea as well!

    • Yeah, I don’t usually buy merch but I would buy a JC mug.

      • If they do the mugs can I recommend the type that has a big handle you can fit your 4 fingers in, I have lady farmer club hands you see.
        Say if PayPal and all other avenues close, maybe we could make a annual/yearly gift into an account directly. Or set up a shop for some none-sense goods like an envelope of Japanese air, or we buy tickets to an online gig for his band.

  12. Google continues to make itself less and less relevant. Interesting business strategy.

  13. He won’t be shut down from his own website. He’s already cultivated enough resistance to ensure the inevitable freedom of humanity. Seeds have been planted and will grow. The machine appears strong but it is weak because it needs cooperation. The machine is boring and the lockdowns have actually proved this. Entropy is always increasing and nature is unstoppable. The fact that they are censoring shows we are winning.

  14. Forewarned is Forearmed. Thank you, James, for so carefully preparing us for Digital Censorship. I thought I would also mention the Book-Burning at the Calgary Libraries. I booked eight Ayurvedic Cook-Books around December 2020 and each time they were returned, they were shredded on the grounds that they were beyond repair. I read those books and they were expensive and as good as new with some published in 2018 and 2019. Further, the Library no longer sells discarded books and they no longer provide Inter-library Loans so these and other valuable books are gone for good. They accepted my suggestions for repurchasing two but I will not be holding my breath. As most people know, the Vedas and the sister sciences of Ayurvedic (Life-Wisdom) and Yoga originated in ancient India, around 3500 or more years ago. They are complete and holistic approaches to maintaining good health, including treating food as medicine. They survived brutal attacks from the Moghul and the British Empire and they are now being attacked by the NWO Empire? Yesterday, when I visited a nearby Calgary Library, I found Policemen supervising Covid19 Vaccinations within the same Centre, which also houses the YWCA and other sports related endeavours and an adjacent high school. I asked the Policemen if they were vaccinated and they said that they were too young as it was for 57 year olds and older. The library has been opened, on and off, since last year and has just been reopened, alongside the vaccination drive. Calgary has also rolled out 5G in all its splendour, some towers near the entrance of food stores. Thought I’d update on our predicament here. Keep up the good work.

    • Lumen says:
      “Further, the Library no longer sells discarded books and they no longer provide Inter-library Loans so these and other valuable books are gone for good.”

      Geez! More and more, I am seeing the destruction of REAL books.

      • I put in suggestions for the library’s repurchase of two Ayurvedic books but I’m not holding my breath. The stores for used books are closing down except for those who have gone online with their own listings or via adds through Amazon. This seems like a pre-printing-press era, when real books are scarce and digital ones are easily edited to suit the politics of the day.

    • Lumen, this makes me so sad. I worked in public Libraries for 27 years. The last few years, the new director was not as pro first amendment and protective of patrons’ reading history as the director who was there when I was hired. I was glad to retire early and not feel like I was working in a repressive business.
      Shredding perfectly good books and not doing ILL!
      At least the tiny library Where I now live still has book sales and ILL, and stayed open for most services except for two months. Now, tho, I received an email from the Friends of the Library group, that we must be vaccinated to participate as volunteer in upcoming events. I felt like I had received a sucker punch to my stomach…. I will be talking to both the president of the Friends and the Library director about this….
      Hang in there, Lumen.

  15. calibrator, you seem a bit ticked off. I fully understand where you are coming from, but I would like to point out the importance of maintaining a balanced world view. There’s nothing those bastards like better than sowing disdain.

    • Oh, we also have the “the more intelligent concedes” type of saying here as well, but I have always took it for what it meant: “there’s no arguing with fools”. But I have to concede to the fact that, everything else being equal or equivalent, the side with more warm bodies will win.

      Stupidity is to be treated as a force of nature.

  16. I tried goolaging “james corbett”. Found corbettreport.com/about on page 7.

    It’s a big club and we ain’t in it.

  17. The pressure is rising. Has Alan Watt passed away?

  18. I think doing 60 second videos as lead into other plaftorms is a good strategy, but considering they are banning/deleting old videos, the channel is probably done for anyhow.

  19. Vanessa Beeley was deplatformed by YT this week. Theyre digging their own grave. I already do everything I can to not watch content on there or share their links. Please follow and support her work.

    • Got the message saying you’ve been kicked off of patreon. I’d never used patreon before (and never will again!) nor do I use PayPal. What’s the best alternative for sending some bucks to support your work? Thanks

  20. So long, and thanks for all the fish!

    I used to watch your videos on my TV through the youtube app (I know, its not a good excuse). I will set up my new laptop to play through my tv so I can go directly from the website instead.

  21. I think you should leave your youtube videos up so newbies can find you . Just stop posting any new videos on there .

    • I agree with this. However long ago it was that I discovered JC, it was probably through a YT video.

  22. more important than e-platform fetish:

    Curious about “climate change”?  Got opinions about it?

    is it “global warming” from too much carbon and other exhausted by humanity? 
    or an ice age and polar shift coming related to a solar coronal ejection?
    or is it amped up descriptions fed to the mainstream to cover for lotsa geoengineering?

    Could be all three and more.

    Here’s a thorough doco about what the jets have been spraying, how it’s used to manipulate weather, and the health threats that none of us can escape. The guy starts with the suggestion that the obscuring of the truth (which he demonstrates) of this being done may be “the biggest most dangerous lie ever” (wow I thought “rona-gate” was the biggest?).



    the latest on the jab, German virologist explains how the jabs may act as a kill switch for the immune system, the perfect culling device:


      • i haven’t checked out the link for Geert Vanden Bossche yet, but the question that comes to mind is this — if the new injectable has some ingredient that shortens one’s life, then it seems that the most trusting and obedient people will be the first to go. surely that is not in the best interest of the elite globalists as they would be decimating their support base. while we contrarians would be more likely to survive and continue to be thorns in their sides.

        • Perhaps the culling will be done through specific targeting? Perhaps those not prone to anal obedience will make even better slaves because they’d fight like they had nothing left to lose, a powerful energy likely easily redirected/harvested by an AI packing phase arrays of giga hertz masers.

      • I new that was a different accent, dont know where I got german from,,oops.

        the video was given to me by a friend yesterday. today it was posted on FKTV a breakdown description of the same video by Del Bigtree… thats alternative mainstream as it gets,,

        In country simple take-away talk: The gene therapy mRNA injections that are being given as fast as possible are designed to go after a specific virus pattern, which is mutating so fast that it will make the gene therapy obsolete very quickly, but it will stay in the system a long time, and actually impair our general first line of defense; the injected gene therapy antibodies will kill our own sovereign self made antibodies thus reducing the first line of defense against any kinds of infections for all those who’ve gotten the jabs.

        The kicker is that he worked for Gavi as a project coordinator..and otherwise is heavily credentialed Any doctors out there wanta take a stab at calling this video “mindkontrol seeding”, a premptive naming of the cull to come?. Why does he come out with this now? Why not before the shots were given?

      • thanks lizzie for bringing me up to speed with your search for GVB info.

        This Geert of the bossche fela is a brow raiser. The trouble I have is that his description of activity at the microbiome level sounds like he’s talking about mechanical “factors that are widely known (within his field)”.

        the spirit of arrogance comes in tiresome numbers of styles; the one prone to manifesting in the medical professions is a particularly nasty strain. I was raised by one rife with it.

        but amongst his racing along with a half odd academic style lingo, were likely some suppositions or assumptions that one would have to be an astute virologist to catch. I struggled with his syntax, and I cant say why (something belglish about it)?

        Assuming no ulterior motive, he’s better late than never.
        If he is gunning for a hidden agenda, (these days who isn’t), it could be him designing (he admitted was his “main interest”) and or selling another type of vx?
        and or
        He could be adding fuel to the confusion fire
        when I saw that he was a “coordinator” for Gavi, it reminded me of gary Mullis (PCR inventor) speaking of how little Faucci knows,, and that he was more a spokesman-nobody than a problem solving somebody — scientist.

        I suppose we dont have to wait long to begin seeing if what he says is true.

        I’d be keen to hear about independent analysis of the gene therapy injection ingredients; any nano-tech in there?

        I’d like to hear what the CT numbers have been for PCR “testing”?

        I’m up for a bit of mystery, but less of the annoying exploitative kind would be most welcome

  23. Am I correct in assuming subscribers to the Corbett Report can continue to come here (corbettreport.com) for all the videos and articles?
    For some time now, I’ve been advising people to get the url of any alternative news site they like and bookmark it so they can access the source directly. That is what we did in the days before social media. That is what we need to do in these days of mass censorship on social media.
    We can also join Gab or Parler, MeWe or Minds, and post videos on Bitchute or Rumble. To hell with the social media monopolies.

    • BobFordJr. says:
      “Am I correct in assuming subscribers to the Corbett Report can continue to come here (corbettreport.com) for all the videos and articles?”

      Yes. Absolutely.

  24. Silver lining:

    Patreon had a cancellation survey that allowed me to tell them exactly why I was cancelling: “Nazi-like truth censorship”

  25. people with hearing problems are often forced to use youtube because they have the option to reduce the speed to 0.75. also to use captions.

    is there any independent alternative to youtube that offers those features?

    my favourite is for transcripts to also be available for podcasts and videos.

    • You could download the video with youtube-dl and play them at slowed speed with VLC player…
      THIS video show how to run youtube-dl (its free and you can save video or audio separately IF you like…its on windows and linux)

      You may know this but for those that dont how to adjust speed on vlc…this video and the help page linked show how


      • thank you duck, i didn’t know about those choices. i use TubeGet by gihosoft to download youtube docos on my Win7 desktop.

        i checked out youtube-dl on github but not sure if it will work easily with my level of computer savvy. it seems to be command-driven like unix or the original ms-dos.

        i was glad to see that it works with bitchute, lbry, and vimeo, so it would be worth getting it to work.

        i already use vlc media player and see that it has speed controls. i’ve found some online videos only allow speeding up the video, not slow it down (or slow it down far too much, like to 0.5 instead of 0.75)

        any advice from anyone?

        • the luke smith video explains how to download videos and other things using youtube-dl. but doesn’t give any info on downloading and running youtube-dl itself. i have tried to open it but get a small black screen that stays visible for a split second and then disappears. what am i doing wrong?

          • Youtube-dl is run from the command prompt.

            Press win key + R
            type cmd
            press enter

            Now you should have a command prompt.

            cd c:\path\to\youtube-dl

            When in the same directory simply type
            youtube-dl youtube.com/?…

            Basically just paste the URL with right click+paste.

            OR, get youtube-dlg, a gui for youtube-dl

            • dear mkey and duck,

              that link for a gui version made all the difference!

              thank you.

              i deliberately use windows 7 because i prefer its features. (but i hate bill gates and microsoft)

              i will also check out elementary linux.

        • gingerperth

          ‘.. on my Win7 desktop…”

          Your surely at the end of life on win 7?
          If your looking for an upgrade yo could try Linux?
          You can download it at zero cost, use most of the software at zero cost and you normally just get your software off their “app store”
          I switched to Ubuntu linux from win 7 and it was WAY faster on the same hardware…I love Pop linux https://pop.system76.com/ but Elementary Linux is prettier… https://elementary.io/

          • is it possible to download a linux operating system to try it out and see if i like it? can i keep my w7 and switch between the 2 OSs?

            i’ve heard about partitioning the C drive but don’t feel confident to do it without causing problems.

            • gingerpath
              I would NOT mess with partitioning a windows install unless you dont care if it borks… you CAN run many linux distros as “live” either on a DVD /cd or on a USB thumbdrive and STILL keep yur win 7 on the hard disk,,, a reboot should take yu back into win 7

              You can even boot your PC from a usb thumbdrive (or CD), i’ve got a PC that does not even have a hard drive in it.

              if you like to use bootable CD’s

              https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYTGg2Kzw_4 THIS video is how to use the USB creation tool… it also shows how to get your PC to boot from the USB (or CD DVD drive) if it doesn’t do it automatically

              https://www.pendrivelinux.com/ this is the (windows) tool to make a bootable USB drive … i have NOT used it in some years (and do not have a windows PC to take a look with) but it USED to give you the option in the menu’s to go to the requisite web page to download the .iso file that you will be burning into the USB- if not you can just search and download from the distro homepage.

              DO NOT ‘INSTALL’ when using ‘live’ desktop until you are ready to loose your saved files and old OS.

              When you want to boot back to win 7 take OUT the USB or the CD you burned or PC may boot into the live CD or USB again (I did that 1st time and thought I’d installed it in error)

              IF you have a VERY old pc it ‘may’ be running 32bit Windows in which case trying to load a modern 64bit linux will get an error message (something like ‘need a i386 system’) in which case you will need the 32 bit version of the .iso. It wont hurt your computer, just reboot.

              if you have never tried any linux you probably want to start with Ubuntu …. there is also ‘Ubuntu MATE’ which is the same thing but the desktop is more old school

              if you are not using USB 3 a usb stick may slow down from time to time

              Most important have copies of anything on your PC you cant bear to loose…but thats a given anyway

  26. And there are so many people still think it’s about a virus. Patreon should be just a payment provider, what gives them the right to decide what opinions people should hold. It’s like if your greengrocer won’t sell you fruit and veg if you don’t hold views they agree with.

    • Discrimination can be a good way to discern friend from foe. While there are some laws that “protect” against discrimination, the only real protection is the free market – people get to choose where to conduct business. But for that to work efficiently, you need people instead of sheep.

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