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by James Corbett
January 2, 2015

It may be the holidays, but the news world order never sleeps. 2014 ended with the first spectacular false flag cyber attack and another Malaysian plane disaster. 2015 is beginning with more “war on terror” events in Madrid even as the now-forgotten CIA torture report confirms there is no real evidence linking “Al Qaeda” to 9/11.

But who wants to discuss news during the holidays? This is the time for reflection on the year that past and predictions for the year ahead. It’s also a time for New Year’s resolutions, although you might want to read Anthony Gucciardi’s excellent new article on the subject before confessing yours. Or maybe you just want to wish the community well in the spirit of the season.

Whatever the case, Corbett Report members are encouraged to make use of the holiday down time by sharing their thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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  1. I just want to wish the Corbett Report Community a happy new year. I wish you all good health and great opportunities in this blossoming year. James I wish to wish you personally happy new year to you and you family and to thank you for your work. Cheers everyone!

    • Thanks for the message, Michael, and thank you for your first comment. My best to you and yours as well for a very happy and prosperous 2015.

    • Thanks,

      As a new years resolution, I’ll try, emphasis on try, not to be afraid to die in a catastrophe, as I think even TPTSNB would be relieved if their effed up world they know deep down can’t work (even Warren Buffet made confessions of the like) and take less anti anxiety medications (not SSRI’s or antidepressants, solely anti anxiety medication, they are addictive because your body forgets how to calm down naturally, at some degree).

      So I really do wish this year will be less horrible than 2013 and 2014 were. They might have been awesome years to people getting promotions at their jobs (speaking of middle class people, too tired to care about the big news out there, and I understand them, I was like that, but I woke up earlier, watched the 2000 election US elections debacle knowing that the kind of people behind Bush were crazy and would be given positions of power. Still not sure 911 would have happened with Gore, and that’s not a left-right thing, it’s just a way these people have of controlling the masses. And then not believing much of 911 on the very day glued to CNN, which we get on basic cable in Canada, probably for a reason, it’s not CNN international. When they tried to sell me a 757 or 737 (forget right now) was in this seemingly internal explosions maybe aided with an external projectile, and trying to be taken for an idiot trying to find a jumbo jet in there…let’s say I was young then and experimenting with hallucinogens and those things (not when in a CIA controlled session, thats why they ditched it), will make you see things clearly more than the general populace and anyway…all this to say, last month, I sold my rifles, because if there would be something so near me (New York City is close to me in Canada, closer than many americans). If something would be happening like this near me I don’t know if I would take it (and the automatic martial law). Confirming what I thought 911 was about, telling us young adults that no the future wouldn’t be great like our parents and grandparents and we can forget about having pensions and 3/4 of the rights they enjoyed and I’m being generous.

      So yes, let this year be a year of peace. It’s strange how we don’t hear of any bombings against ISIS, it’s like they decided to let em be, which fits with the splitting of Iraq in 3 that the US when in control of Iraq tended to say it was a bad idea to do that. Well, it happened nevertheless. Even if like Syria Girl said, nobody used to care if one was shia or sunni over there before.

      Why aren’t they all like in Oman (a gulf state is very peaceful strangely, never meddling into international affairs of bad taste. They are 90% Ibadi Muslims there, almost the only place where they exist pretty much, they’re kinda like Alawis, a splinter sect of Shias but would all muslims be Ibadis (or at least not fake Sunnis like ISIS/Saudi Arabia like the Iraqi Intelligence’s papers from 2002 proved the existence of something you should never mention in Turkey…the Domneh Jews, Ataturk was a Domneh Jew, Saudis are Domneh Jews, basically the strongest muslim countries are controlled by jews except Iran…strange isn’t it?

      I know I’m rambling but in my family partying ends on the 6th usually and I’ve had some spirits in my guts doing their thing 🙂

      Happy new year friends.

  2. im wondering what music people who come on here like ? i like meshuggah and miles davis and a bunch of other stuff. i really dont like corgan, he sucks. sorry 🙁 cobain yes. corgan eurgh.

    wouldnt something like this be great without the hippy dippy stuff – – kinda arrogant as well the copy on the site, but nearly good.

    • ah yes, i hanged out with them one night in brixton, i used to live there n all. this was back in the day, think they were more electronic then. very druggy people.

      heres one to do your head in. perhaps the first example of electronic and live music existing on one record ? it says 1968 on the video but it was apparently first released in mono in 1957 altho again discogs says 62. head scratch.

    • I like hardcore punk,melodic hardcore punk, grunge (the real thing Nirvana played and the other “grunge” bands abandoned when they thought of making money (thinking of Soundgarden esp.), grunge then being just a subgenre of punk.

      The new band featuring Jello Biafra is excellent and the only band coming close to being like if the DK’s (the real Dead Kennedys, not the good and original punk musicians did to Jello, them being friends etc.) never breaking up. Called Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School of Medecine. I like some Meshuggah although they’re a bit repetitive guitar-wise, the drummer is one insanely good musician, playing in tempos that are very bizarre. Another band like this but that plays faster is Converge.

      As far as truth music goes in punk and metal, Propagandhi from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada are up there with very little rivals (they have some but, Prop are Prop), when they changed bassists in 1997, all their album in 2000,2005,2009 and 2012 and perfect extremely technical melodic hardcore with prog metal touches and lyrics only Bad Religion can touch, and the guys aren’t educated like Dr. Greg Graffin.

      There you go, mmentioned some of my favourite bands I discovered as a young teen and still enjoy, except for Meshuggah, I only got to like metal around 2000 when I discovered Slayer 🙂

      This song on the last Propagandhi album is beautiful, powerful, strong, ballsy, technical….it’s a master piece. Not their most wordy song (and all their songs are political)but lets say this album came out in a moment in my life where it was needed. This particular song is somethting :

      Happy new year friend

      • good ole slayer. grew up with them and metallica in my teens ( 1980s ) and still have a fondness for tom arayas barking vocals. yeah sound garden suck a bit, i have a soft spot for black hole sun, but thats about it. i think its the guitarist as well in meshuggah that has a lot of the mental rhythmic ideas, as referenced here with morgan, the drummer im working with atm (hes rather good)

        flappy new ears to you !

    • That is beautiful! A Native American Bossa Nova-fabulous.

  3. Happy new year Corbett Report members! I wish 2015 will be the year of crypto-currencies becoming mainstream, despite current price of Bitcoin.



  4. Happy new year James and all the subscribers! This site is such a fun and enjoyable way to engage with otherwise somber issues. I’ll echo hoppers’ sentiment above that this feels like a “safe” place for discussion due to the friendly and open-minded tone.

    I wish everyone here a great start to the year and success in our personal lives, so that we can start building a voluntary society here and now!

  5. did i really just click on that, or havent i woken up properly yet. my mouse feels dirty. a neo-nazi website posted on corbettreport? well, didnt expect that.

  6. Best wishes and a prosperous and healthy 2015 to all!

    I would like to hear some personal thoughts on the Adam Curtis addition to the Charlie Brooker Wipe 2014 show.
    I’m left with ambiguous feelings… could this be doubledoublespeak ?
    Or is that stretching it too far ?
    Love Brooker’s work, especially the Black Mirror series, but Curtis and especially the BBC.. hmm.

    Charlie Brookers Wipe 2014 (Adam Curtis)

    • I hear what you’re saying. It’s actually due to James’ podcast on Curtis that i re-watched his documentaries from another perspective.

      What makes me wonder though is the position of the BBC. Do they use a Brooker and a Curtis as a form of doublespeak, or maybe double/doublespeak, as it’s quite an ingenious way of camouflaging their usual propaganda.

      I found this Youtube comment in the Wipe2014 clip quite interesting :

      “Curtis is the son of Martin Curtis, please google. Martin Curtis was involved with Humphrey Jennings who was heavily involved with the Mass Observation Project, please google, – in layman terms, examining how the ‘herd’ react to crises and their environment. The BBC are heavily involved with the Tavistock Institute – an organisation devoted to the study of and implementation of psyops against the mass popuation. How do you ‘manage’ millions of people when you do not have the requisite physical means of violence? Answer – psychological warfare. This has been going on for millenia. Shills like Brooker and Curtis will want to give you the impression that there is an opposition but you are being led down the proverbial garden path. Brooker and Curtis will describe quite eloquently what the MO is, but will omit to mention how long this has been going on for or indeed how to counter the psychopathic control grid.”

      I dont think the term ‘shill’ implies to Brooker or Curtis, but the whole thing is an interesting feat of manipulation, from which ever point of view you look at it.

    • ‘undertanding media’ by marshall mcluhan. a must read on this topic. there is another book by one of his students, a christian guy called Neil Postman, which is somewhat of a simpler distillation of the mind bending stuff in ‘understanding media’ – that ones called ‘amusing ourselves to death’ and i would recommend it to everyone. ‘the medium is the message’ – i threw my TV away over 20 years ago, immediately after i read it in fact 🙂

  7. hey there, im interested in some of the samples you used for this, can you tell me where you got them from by any chance pretty please ? 🙂 dunno if im sposed to put my mail address on here, guess it can be deleted it its against the rules, anyway its im interested in the guy talking about rockefeller, and the sort of insurance disclaimer message before it. i like this mash up. nice one 😉

    • oh you beauty! thanks man. it so happens that i know wordpress / linux server admin. i made the custom theme on my site from bruneschelli theme and i run me own server. so if you have specific questions feel free to mail and ill do my best to sort you out as you have me 😉

      shame that disclosure theme has background music on it, was tempted to use that. bah.

      hmm, nested comments on here are going to get really confusing the more people come on here, gotta be a better way of doing that. PMs would be nice as well. theres probably a better commenting plugin james somewhere. one that displayed just the top of the message and you could unfold it if interested would be cool. im being pedantic again prolly.

  8. BILL!!!!!! what a guy. one of my heroes. his spirit lives on. talking of bill another great recommend is ‘American Drug War 2’ (and 1) by Kevin Booth, who was Bills best mate throughout childhood etc. Kevin is awesome, unfortunately got mixed up with Alex Jones n that, which is slightly against the kind of stuff Bill said about guns. Alex counters this with the old argument ‘we need guns to protect ourselves against government’ – failing to realise he has already lost to government, and no amount of ordinance is going to save him.

  9. i laughed for quite a long time 😀 alex jones is perhaps the worst and weirdest barking interviewer ive ever seen. its sad him and people like icke are so popular. we need more balanced people at the top. e.g. people who stop and let other people talk while interviewing. e.g. james corbett ? 🙂

    • tbh i lump 911 truth in, just above lizards and the various occult nonsense i see people squawking about in relevancy to whats happening now. its like studying the Kennedy assassination, an interesting exercise. but – you are a fruitcake if you think anyone will ever be caught for it and hence its a waste of time bothering with. i couldnt care less if it was an inside job, what i care about is how we are going to completely destroy the globalists and the propaganda machine and build better communities. altho, i do understand as people look into it they realise they are being lied to, and its somewhat of a ‘path’ to an awakening of sorts.

      some of the supplements are great on alex jones’ site if you know what you are doing with them, but er, that barking religious nut would be the last dude i would buy them from 😀 (why the hell is he selling coffee, i would hope that has been filtered through the digestive tract of a civet) Icke *does have some great info in his talks and books for sure, but this is the main problem with both of them being so popular.

      they represent to outsiders the figureheads of alternative media and they are making us all look bad. its so easy to discredit them from ‘outside’. you can discredit both these two most popular alternative media faces in two seconds. devid icke had a public breakdown on TV, to me it looks very much like he did a trip, acid DMT or something and it blew his mind. fair enough. AJ is well, hes just such a nut all the time, its easy to see how people can dismiss him. this is why i want James to take over 🙂 id like to interview alex jones, he would be crying by the end of it. gotta say that other dude he has on is so much better at doing it.

      it doesnt matter if icke dropped the lizard thing, because people can point to it and say oh look hes a nutter. why are these people at the top ? they seem such unlikely characters. conspiracy ? lol 🙂


    they want to harness the amazing healing properties of weed, but they cant patent it because its too complicated. i think you can only patent one particular element, and weed contains so many, its problematic in being cashed in on under current regulations. it is perhaps the most amazing plant on the planet. it is utterly disgusting what monsanto are doing, they must be stopped. this is why i dont like hacking groups like anonymous. they claim to fight against this crap, but if they were, why do monsanto even exist on the internet still ? these people are bio-terrorists. – oh yeah, it also cures cancer. please watch ‘american drug war 2’ by kevin booth. i was blown away by several things in it, that bit about dogs metabolism being so fast they can clear terminal cancer in a coupla weeks, is crazy (if true, i admit i havent done empirical tests myself)

  11. Thanks for the links as always, AoC. The Soros message is exactly what you’d expect it to be, but interesting given the recent rumors that Soros might take over as the nation’s central banker. I don’t believe it for a second, but it’s even being pondered by the likes of William Engdahl ( so interesting nonetheless.

    As for the science links, I hadn’t seen that study on the spread of ideas before so I’ll have to look at it more deeply. Seems like a good plot for doubts about the JFK assassination amongst the US public and other such things, though. The Occam’s Razor article is most interesting for the way the author’s argument is torn apart in the comments section. I think Occam’s Razor is a silly “rule” and almost useless in reality, but not for the reasons stated in that article.

  12. Algo,

    In the comments on the Occam’s Razor article, Adam points out “… the point most people miss with Occham’s razor is they forget the “all things being equal” part.”

    In other words, if two theories say the same thing, the one that says it in a simpler way is the better choice. Occam’s Razor does NOT say that the simpler of two theories is correct (or correct-er).

  13. I think the AM infighting is by design of course-and some of the AM sites or AM reporters are owned and operated by the ptsb. Hey, in the spirit of the most recent subscriber newsletter, let’s rename the ptsb, and call them “powerless”. It WILL become a self-fulfilling prophecy!
    Joycamp has a little video about the AM confusion and infighting:
    Are they laughing at us, or are we laughing at ourselves? Either way, it’s a relief.

  14. Yes, I also have been very suspicious of the sudden and rapid state-by-state legalization of marijuana. You are right-the government should have nothing to do or say about who grows or uses a plant. So all of the joy about the legalization is kind of hegelian, isn’t it? There should be no authority over it whatsoever. It is also still a federal offense I think, so if you commit a federal offense, can your guns be confiscated? The powerless have something up their sleeve I’ll bet.

  15. lol@candideschymles – what!”$”? the corbett report community ? a bunch of potheads ? what”$?!?!? i am sorely disappointed [lights up] im quite interested in raw weed juicing, that cbd and thc acid stuff sounds interesting, bet it tastes like crap tho.

  16. I like what you are doing alot. Adding the laugh track over James’ 9/11 A Conspiracy Theory makes it an even more powerful piece than it already is. Who was the guy that was saying he was told about 11 months before 9/11, that there would be an event?

  17. Well let me add my happy new year to everyone here, especially James himself, and thanks once again for the amazing work. James, I think your idea of open source research may be starting to catch on elsewhere, which is not a bad thing. Corbett Report was the first place I personally have seen it implemented, and is still the most interesting. But Nafeez Ahmed is trying to do something similar, having openly expressed his distaste for the billionaire philanthropist model, and he seems like a decent enough investigative reporter as far as I’ve seen, if somewhat prone to erring on the side of caution at times, not for no reason I’m sure.

    And Naomi Wolf is doing it as well with her thing she calls Daily Cloudt. I think Naomi’s all right. She’s kind of catching on, I think. In the past few days she’s discovered that gas and pipelines are drivers of Middle East conflict! We could have pointed her here or over to Pepe Escobar a while ago, but hey, she dwells near the mainstream and with crowd-sourced data she’s pulling together some good stuff about what’s happening in Gaza.

    Let’s call that a few reasons for a bit of optimism in 2015.

    • Thanks for pointing that out, John. I must admit I don’t follow Ahmed or Wolf’s work on a day-to-day basis (although of course I’m familiar with their work in an overall sense), so I will check out their efforts as well. I don’t think open source journalism was born with this community, but I hope it will be a cradle for it.

      • James, Naomi Wolf’s thing is (I think) mostly behind the Wall of Facebook (yes I’ve thrown privacy to the wind and joined, at long shameful last); Ahmed’s stuff probably easier to locate since I know (and admire) that you are a FB refusenik.

  18. its horrific. i accidentally watched a policeman beg for his life before being shot in the head this morning. not that im a fan of fascist people with guns forcing people to do stuff (police i mean here) but it was sick. perhaps some psychological information about mass trauma is being used against us. perhaps this is purposeful. i stumbled upon this the other day, and knowing what we know about gladio…. oh what do you know, someone is commenting on corbett report on that website!

    cannot attest to the veracity of this information. sad day. quite odd to see governments saying ‘this is an attack on free speech’ when they send policemen to your house if you type the wrong thing on twitter(ive seen this happen from an infographic about UKIP party in UK) and jail you for four years for typing something on facebook.

  19. funnily enough ive just been prescribed specs 🙂

  20. ‘…. been identified by his identity card which had been left in the getaway car..’ odd thing for such professional guys to do

    ‘tell the media its al qaeda in yemen’ – hmmmm. chin scratchy.

  21. Sorry to advertise and repeat myself, but to understand what’s going on in France I’d recommend this (almost exhaustive) documentary:

    Charlie Hebdo was a true impertinent and satirical newspaper, until it has been taken over by the zionist neocon Philippe Vall. It has nothing to do with freedom of speech at all nowadays. You can see in the documentary that they run for the MSM propaganda. The cartoonists killed where nice hippie-grandpas who had no clue about nowadays geopolitics, and the vicious imperialist neocons that twisted the newspaper (like Caroline Fourest or Philippe Vall) are still alive, and harmful.

    Yes, this smells like false flag, “à plein nez !”, more to come about that, the French irate minority is monitoring…

  22. im over here. *waves – sorry to make light, but its hit me quite hard this biz, i need to lighten up – btw buddhism i dont think really comes under superstition, if youre talking about zen that is. other schools that talk of reincarnation can perhaps be thought of as such, but i dont see the superstition in zen. altho rest of em, yeah dump them in the same bag fo sho. mebbe im stupid. its quite possible.

  23. Kris put his finger on the most eyebrow-raising thing: the convenient ID card. Hard not to think of the miracle passport that survived the inferno on 9/11 and fluttered safely into Mayor Giuliani’s outstretched hands (pardon the minor poetic license).

    The story is they took Getaway Car #1 (black Citroen C3), but supposedly had a crash, and were therefore forced to carjack Getaway Car #2 (gray Renault Clio). So one odd thing is there is a photo of Getaway Car #1, at the spot where they left it (in front of a kosher restaurant), and it does not appear to have a dent on it anywhere.

    It also appears to have been parked neatly at the curb, rather than abandoned in haste where it supposedly crashed. And of course it helpfully contained the ID of Said Kouachi, the brother who was previously arrested for terrorism.

    Heard nothing whatsoever, so far, of whose gray Renault was supposedly carjacked. As far as I know the owner of the other car involved in the alleged crash has not been identified either, although at least one source attributes a quote to the (unnamed) driver that the Citroen had three men in it. I don’t claim to have read every last article on this though.

    Intriguing context: in December the French parliament voted in favor of recognizing a Palestinian state, and in the same month supported a UN resolution to establish a timetable for an Israeli return to the 1967 borders.

    That fuels a bit of “Mossad did it” speculation but it’s not enough to be terribly convincing so far. Just enough to make you go hmmmmm, knowing what odd things are possible in this world of ours.

    Anyone know anything about the current state of French intelligence or the subtleties of France-Israel relations? Presuming for the sake of argument that France determines there’s a Mossad tie…any likelihood they’d dare say so?

  24. Thanks for the post, VoltaicDude, and welcome to the community. Glad to have you aboard.

    And don’t worry about that “take me to your leader jazz” here. This is a voluntarist community and there are no leaders or followers, only people. Welcome.

    • ‘leave that welsh tart alone’

      ah, blessed are the big noses.

  25. Well, in my family, holidays usually were over by the 7th, because it was the “Kings’ Day” or maybe because orthodox christmas is on the 7th, but I’m gonna put my last thoughts here after visiting both of my parents at their respective houses (pretty far away from my own home) in a long time.

    While I was with them, especially when my brother was there, everything felt fine again. Living alone is harsh on the soul, especially if it’s only because of work you are so far from home.

    What I would like to be able to do this year is stop terrorizing myself. A bit of it is caused by my continual use of benzodiazepines (a very old class of drugs which is very safe…short term or as needed. I was put on on one, clonazepam, a very strong anxiolytic just to be able to finish college because my mind was broke open by then, hell it was opened on 911 as I had a hard time believing 3/4 of what I was being told on CNN.

    How do you combat fear of them using an EMP over your area (as discussed, they surely wouldn’t do this over all of north america, it would be very detrimental to they, themselves) in the middle of this “strangely” VERY cold winter again in eastern Canada, I don’t think I’d be north enough to escape such a thing if used over the typical area of New York/New England. I’d freeze to death. I can’t stop thinking about this.

    What if a somewhat very paranoid nation near James “has enough” of the yearly wargames and use their apparently small enough nukes on a missile (that wouldn’t reach the US though, they could only reach SK and Japan really).

    Anyway I could continue, but I read J’s newsletter and his realistic (at least if just one of those predictions of Good) happen and the solution is so simple.

    But I’m just a (this is a book title, a satyrical(sic) one) “Nègre Blanc d’Amérique” (White Nigger of America). We French Canadians have our own fight here and yes, I independently think that we are not part of this country. We did not create residential schools, we did not massacre natives (we allied with them against the british before being conquered and the british got an entente with the Catholic Church to keep us under control. And they did, for so long, from 1759 to 1960, we did not have public education or health care, although not ideal, a step ahead of Vatican remote controlled education. Yes, we were isolated and kept in the dark intellectually, culturally and in many other ways by the Catholic Church, even people in New England (states just south of us) aren’t sure what Quebec is.

    And no, this is not a nationalist thing. It is just a liberation thing. We are not and were always a block (ask James about the Bloc Quebecois to the Anglo-American domination of Canada once we awakened, an awakening that was maybe even controlled since it started with the state (death of a very conservative prime minister who was PM twice for very long periods, Dupléssis), when he died the Liberal Party came in and changed everything, mostly for the better. I just share a solidarity with my fellow undeported back to france 7 million brothers and sisters who seem totally lost in this world, there is kurdish people I know who moved here after the first Iraq war and they share the same kind of character as we do, same as the Irish who live here since a very long time (we’re 2 hours north of Boston after all). Eugenics obsessed idiots did not even consider French and Irish people to be white for a certain period of time, do you guys realize how insane that is, the probably whitest people on Earth, the Irish (they’re white in the Simpsons ffs), were considered subhumans.

    So here I am sharing these thoughts, trying not to get into fear mode, I am sick of being so terrorized by overabundance of horrible things I got no control over. That’s the point I wanted to make the most I guess, how do you guys deal with that? I noticed James seems to have a new kind of spark in his eyes, more defiant than before, but I can’t help but think of the actual people who died in France, as I’m sure some people actually died. Like in 9/11, the real victims are mostly unknown. It’s just not fair at all some crazy (even if paid by NATO, they remain crazy) to be shot at like this for a fucking cartoon. I even fear dying, because as an agnostic materialist, the most rational position to take in this world (my own opinion here), not anything related to these “new atheists” at all by the way, I just wonder what the F goes on after I disappear from this earth. I used to welcome the “fact” it will be most likely nothingness but i’m afraid of this to death (heh).

    Anyway, I said enough for now, and I’m starting to scare myself so, happy new year everyone, let’s be independent individuals as much as we can. Letting go of things one doesn’t have control over is extremely hard and not necessarily a good thing if done at all times to keep oneself in a bubble of fake happiness though…it’s one hell of a dilemma.

    • Hello NotDole, your posts have been resonating with me for several reasons. I too went through a period of not being able to sleep and had a few recurring nightmares involving some crazy Hollywood-style huge transformer helicopter creature with an arm with a camera on the end of it actually in my house and finding me in a tiny closet! It’s funny now…but it wasn’t then. I went through a period of cowering indoors and refusing to go outside on a chemtrail day (unless of course I had to go to work-then holding my breath til I got to the car, really) I would say that living and functioning with this knowledge we have, requires a process of learning how to cope with your new eyes, so to speak, and this process takes some people longer than others. Although the klonopin is helpful for your symptoms and can get you through a rough patch, it may be preventing you from actually learning how to cope with this reality of ours-but I am sure you realize that. A co-worker of mine decided to taper herself off of this med and began to have terrible panic and anxiety. She interpreted that to mean that she was crazy without the med and had to go back on it, when actually she was having withdrawal from the med.
      At some point we realize that life does go on, and I don’t want to live every day of it in fear, so I choose not to anymore and lately I am pretty successful at not cowering.
      As for spiritual/God ideas, looking at all of this evil and discovering how it is all connected to worship of Lucifer, has given me a spiritual reawakening. “They” are trying to be God, so I want to understand what the real God of the universe is. I think life is miraculous from the subatomic Higg’s Boson kind of level to the infinite galaxies beyond our own and I am in awe of my own place in this, and grateful and humble. James Evan Pilato gave a presentation about The Simpsons, and someone in his audience referred to the episode called Futurama. In that episode, a character meets God in outer space. God is represented by flashing constellations, and God says, “You know, if you do something perfect, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.” I loved that. Finding like-minded individuals, like here on Corbett Report, is good therapy too.
      So, as for Quebec, I left Montreal and headed to Ottawa as a small child when corporations were moving their offices out of the province in the late 60s. I remember hearing something about bombs in mailboxes at the time, as well. (Now I wonder if any of that was staged..?) My parents and sister and 3 half-Ojibwa nephews live outside of Ottawa,and I am south of Boston…hey, you get from Boston to Quebec in 2 hours?? WUT 🙂
      I do believe in a soul or a spirit or a resonance or a vibration or whatever you call it-something beyond what our limited perception can pick up.
      So, anyway, although we are dealing with some real fear inducing crap here, have you looked into a medical or biological cause of your anxiety? You could have some heavy metal toxicity or a mineral or vitamin deficiency that is making it more difficult for you. (I’m a nurse)

      I hope I’ve helped a bit-the best revenge against these psychopaths is to stay well and strong. Best to you.

    • pfh, wouldnt worry about them, they are skiddies, highly unlikely to do anything major as they have proven over the years.

  26. amusing that america has shot itself in the foot trying to punish an entire country for some perceived crime, which was not tried in one of their courts they claim upholds their justice. oil at 50!

    • well, as ellen brown said on her last interview, the US derivatives market is paying for this, and that will hurt them in some way, perhaps its all part of the plan. certainly a lot to get your head round.

    • yes they are evil obscene gambling games, fueled by cocaine ridden gangster traders, but someone is paying for the shortfall, jp morgan for example 50 dorrar a barrel according to ellen brown.

  27. it all stems from one article in the last few days from here: no idea if its true or not, but there sure are a whole lot more articles on it today. i think james’ point about fixating on these issues is a good one. lets move on and plant some vegetables and use a different currency.

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