How to Herd Your Tax Cattle (Video)

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Good morning, Mr. President. I’m a representative of the shadow government that put you into power. Did you ever wonder how we keep people fighting with each other? Or obeying our silly rules? Or actually loving their captors and slavemasters? This morning we’re going to brief you on just that. Are you ready to begin?

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K3 kids recites the Pledge Of Allegiance
Time Reference: 03:35

Bellamy Salute is American Nazism from Pledge to Flag
Time Reference: 04:06

The Whitest Kids U’ Know – Pledge of Allegiance
Time Reference: 04:42

Obeying a Man in a Uniform
Time Reference: 06:50

Brown eyes and blue eyes Racism experiment (Children Session) – Jane Elliott
Time Reference: 11:17

Malcolm X: The House Negro and the Field Negro
Time Reference: 18:45

What is Stockholm Syndrome?
Time Reference: 20:48

Why Do We Kiss?
Time Reference: 23:07

Milgram experiment
Time Reference: 27:37

The Lucifer Effect
Time Reference: 30:13

Little Brother vs. Big Brother? – Lionel on The Eyeopener
Time Reference: 35:16

Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion (feat. Larken Rose)
Time Reference: 38:06

“Amzha” by The Thing With Five Eyes
Time Reference: 38:06

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  1. This morning crews are battling hotspots after a fire caused a bridge on I 85 in Atlanta to collapse. The cause of the fire is as of this morning unknown. Local news has speculated the fire was caused by PVC pipes possibly being stored under the bridge and viewers have found photos, mostly years old, from Google Earth that show large spools of wire that may have been the source of the fire. The FBI has announced they do not suspect criminal activity.
    The bridge is located on a section of I-85 and Piedmont Road, a very busy area especially at rush hour when the fire occurred. Naturally, there is a lot of video by citizens in the area. But as of this morning all the video I have seen shows a fire in full force. Missing is any footage of the fire before it consumed an entire section of the bridge that collapsed as firefighters battled the flames and intense heat. Pieces of concrete could be seen and heard popping and being throw out of the fire before the bridge fell. Firemen fought in vain until the bridge collapsed and smothered out the main part of the fire.
    Strangely, local media is concentrating on traffic problems that will last for months until the bridge is repaired unlike the usual sensational coverage of suspicious back packs and mosquito borne viruses. I did hear one commentator mention the growing number of homeless who live under the highway bridges in Atlanta.
    Perhaps nothing lurks in the shadows here but where there’s fire there’s fuel and the fire that caused a bridge to collapse seemed to have had no lack of fuel.

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