Interview 1012 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

by | Mar 12, 2015 | Interviews | 5 comments

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: #GoodNewsNextWeek: Game Teaches Logical Fallacies
Marijuana-Sniffing Dogs Out In Oregon As Legalization Kicks In
Dramatic Drop in Law Enforcement Interest In Michigan
New Glasses Make You Invisible to Facial Recognition Software
Independents Outnumber Both Democrats and Republicans in 44 of 50 States

Story #2: Hillary’s Emailgate Could Expose Clinton Foundation
Hillary Clinton’s Media Demons Return To Haunt Her — Loudly
Flashback: Bush White House Email Controversy
Flashback: Meet The Clintons

Story #3: Hello Barbie, Goodbye Privacy As ‘Creepy’ New Doll Spies On Your Child
High-Tech ‘Talking’ Barbie Bad Idea, Group Says
Flashback: Barbie Video Girl In FBI Cross Hairs (Dec 2010)
Scotland Yard Police Chief Wants To Put CCTV In ALL Homes
How DNA Is Turning Us Into a Nation of Suspects

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  1. Yet another great podcast. I missed Pilato’s insight on things as well.
    This show never seems to last long enough!

  2. Here’s my solution regarding the Hello Barbie, have your friends (adult) just set up a pool, to buy just one of them(far from me the idea of everyone buying one and give Mattel more money) and just flood it with non-kiddie questions, gross sexual stuff and other irrelevant bullshit like reading the NHL scoress in the newspapers each morning, basically mess up their nifty cloud database. Not only would it be a nice way to spend a night with friends and maybe have some alcohol(alcohol always makes me come up with funnier stuff than I am sober) and flood the physical spyware.

    And of course there would need to be more groups of 6-7 adults buying one for this to work….one can always dream.

  3. I say Good Luck With That, with France being one of the most awakened country regarding 911 in the western world (speaking of the citizenry here.).

  4. And about vinyl records, I’m also a big fan, I got a digital turntable that won’t scratch your records and it’s a recent gadget, by Phillips, so I imagine it can’t be so bad. Anyways, some idiots with the non regular ecksbawks one (I’m a playstation guy, thats why I call it like that or other more deragotary names I won’t mention here), you know the ones with the Kinect installed with it, with the camera and mike that can apparently be turned off, only for an update to put back everything to default settings (I’m not sure if that’s still the case), but don’t worry, if you got one and play vinyls on your stereo, they’ll be able to listen in!

    And I only listen to hardcore punk from the 80′(and some from the 90’s and 2000’s, some bands didn’t sell out, or they never disbanded like so many did in 85 or so) and thrash metal. All music that speaks against the authoritie. I don’t know if being Canadian serves me well so far, CSEC isn’t NSA, but whatever.

    If they ever come for us like the Gestapo did, I’m a chemist, so I have some compounds in gelcaps to eat in case my door gets busted. If I was American I’d be quadruple paranoid and have them on reachable in 10 seconds…for now they’re in my WEED box with the pipe. It’s easy to make, with apple seeds, but I won’t say more, I’ll go out Goering’s way and I think everyone should think of a similar method if they ever imprison us for no reason, eat your cyanide then wait it up in their black sites.

  5. I was writing a continuing comment to that previous post but it disappeared as I was writing it in…hmm…I was saying that in case shit hits the fan, I think a majority, albeit a small one, of US Soldiers would never go against the citizenry they swore to protect, that and the constitution. So I’d expect a civil war, like I expect a civil war to break in Israel, which would be really bad if the hardcore zionists get access to the nukes.

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