Interview 1067 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Arrests in Florida, Israel Tied to JPMorgan Hack
Digital Misfits Link JPMorgan Hack to Pump-and-Dump Fraud
A Brief History of Israeli Spying in the US

Story #2: Her Very Lowness Shown Giving Nazi Salute in Leaked 1933 Home Movie
Queen ‘Nazi salute’: British Film Institute Works with Buckingham Palace to Find Source of Leak
UK Lord John Sewell Caught in Cocaine Party with Prostitutes

Story #3: #GoodNewsNextWeek – Hay for Cheese? Barter Booms in Cash-Squeezed Rural Greece
#MigrantCrisis Meets #GreekCrisis as Refugees Set Up Camp in Athens

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: Hospitals the #3 Killer in the United States
Satanic Temple Unveils #Baphomet Statue in Detroit
Australia’s 60 Minutes Special on ‘Westminster Paedophile Network’
#JadeHelm Psyop?: General Wesley Clark, the Mad Bomber of Belgrade, Wants to Intern Disloyal Westerners
#IranDeal Will Be ‘Competing in Europe Head-On With Russia’
Russia Vetoes MH17 Tribunal Draft at UN Security Council

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  1. First off, I like how JEP intentionally displayed 2 Smiths albums (“Louder Than Bombs” and “The Queen Is Dead”) during an episode that contains stories about the queen (side note: I’ve seen “Louder Than Bombs” in that same spot on a previous NWNW episode). I had to laugh when I heard the queen referred to in that newspaper article as “her very lowness” (a phrase that I attribute to and I’m guessing was coined by Morrissey). Nice touch, JEP!

    On to more serious stuff:

    Something occurred to me about James (Corbett) the other day. He was born in Canada, lives in Japan but generally seems to primarily cover US news. As a US citizen myself, I guess maybe that makes it easier for me to follow. However, I guess I wanted to ask 2 things:

    1) Is the reason for this coverage that the US is the world’s superpower and so things seem to emanate from there? The thing that doesn’t sit right w/ me about that potential explanation is that, if the world is ruled by oligarchs, then the US people are more or less “guinea pigs (thus, no different than the rest of the world).

    2) As an American I feel kind of provincial (which I know we’re known for). Where can I get good sources of foreign news? I found a few foreign newspapers w/ English translations (posted below). Of course, these only provide the mainstream media version of events in these countries. In your opinion, how does non-US MSM stack up to US MSM in terms of covering the truly relevant issues? Also, are there good alt-news sites for these other countries as well? (I know you cover some w/ people such as Broc West).

    It would be very interesting to hear from someone “on the ground” in Greece as the collapse is going on.





    • Canadians, like me, are fascinated and horrified, depends, in the 90’s we were mostly fascinated still, now it’s both and weighing more in the latter about the US. They’re the dominant military force with 2/3 of their congress filled with very crazy/lazy or even worse evil people. The evil people are mostly not very seen these days, as it usually was always the case, only during Bush’s time did they seem to be really at the frontlines saying the most outrageous things.

      Bush and his family are worse than Obama in the way that whatever, I remember, I was barely 18, watching that 2000 election, just knowing deep in the pit of my stomach that Bush should not win. They he was said not to have won (cnn on basic cable we have here, the US feed), then the whole debacle and he was installed twice. Yes, twice, the second time it relied heavily on windows 98 “servers” collecting the data from the very well placed Diebold voting machines with the Diebold owner saying he was “doing all his best to have Bush win the 2004 elections”. But by then it was rotten, it was over then. Democracy died in that election, even if they had only 2 parties, it wasn’t messed with until then, and such in a “in your face” way, the second time around the old media (tv) did not pick up the internet outrage about the machines but also the many black neighborhoods that were moving extremely seemingly on purpose, not enough boots for the amount of people presenting themselves. And even then exit polls gave Kerry on an almost 10% plate, who seems like a very confused man, I do not elevate him to the evil of most republicans, hell, he put many republicans in prison for the Iran/Contra thing (and then Bush Sr pardoned most if not all of them). He seems younger than 73 but he is, and I don’t know I think dementia is settling in, and I don’t blame him, that whole year where he tried to reason with Netanyahu…must have caused him to have several mini strokes in the white matter…Then they had seemingly a reboot with Obama in 2008 where they fucking had clean elections for the most part, and with contribution limits, whether you believe the lists or not, hell people from all over the internet was giving him money too. Then the fascists got scared and had Citizens United pass by the old 9 farts in black.

      Today Obama actually warned AIPAC about supposed anti-Iran deal television ads.

      This is the kind of CRAZY SHIT we do not get to see in any Canadian election. If I was to become a journalist and cover the US I could write 5000 words articles every single day about the US. It’s just so rotten and scary and yet there’s always a seeming kind of force of reason that stops the really really bad people (deep state) etc., something doesn’t go their way, and the shit gets prolonged but less intensely than when…I’m glad I was a Canadian kid and not someone in his 20’s in the 80’s in the US. All the hardcore punk bands had an anti-Reagan song, or just outright called themselves Reagan Youth sarcastically. That scene of music was a place where people were often anarchist without speaking about anarchy too much, it was naturally anarchist. I would have been part of that for better or worse if I had come from the urban centers that experienced the phenomena (LA, NY, Boston, Detroit).

      [SNIP – These comments are far exceeding the 500 word limit and moving into “wall of text” territory. Please try to keep your comments a little more focused in the future. James]

  2. It’s obviously his opinion, but certainly an insult. Good on you for calling him out. Although I think it is an effort in futility. I’ve never seen a conversation about religion wind up with one side convincing the other that they are correct.

    That being said, I think Corbett had an episode once on the myth of objectivity. Everybody has bias, and it always creeps into the reporting. You just have to filter it from the information.

    • He’s contributed more insightful thoughts than whoever you are. Correct me if wrong.

  3. A small sample…

    Pope Francis’s ‘Church for the Poor’ has Assets Worth Billions

    Financial Scandals: The Hidden Wealth of the Catholic Church

    The German Catholic Church is richer than the Vatican

    Catholic Church’s secret sex files

    Child Sexual Abuse and the Churches: A Story of Moral Failure?

    Royal commission into child sex abuse told of incredible wealth of Sydney’s Catholic Church, but no cash for alleged victims of sex abuse

    Broken Rites Australia – researching the Catholic cover-up

    Pope Criminalizes the Reporting of Sex Crimes

    Mother of Sex Abuse Victim Says Pope Is ‘Lying’

    • If you ignore all media, even mass media, you’re gonna live in kooko land where only what you decide is true matters. That’s not how developing critical thinking works.

  4. There has been very very good NewWorldNextWeek episodes in the past, some of the stuff on the site at times.

    But no, somebody isn’t up to your standards!

    With friends like these, who the fuck needs cointelpro?

  5. Never heard of this, and I think I would have. Before dropping psychological warfare on us here (we are already busy swatting them away all the damn time), please provide a link or something.

    • Didn’t happen in the 90’s.

    • We’ll just have to wait and see the prediction not happen. I’ll be your doomsayer, tomorrow you’ll slip in the bathtub. Most likely to happen.

      Right now I’d be more concerned with the what-the-fuck accord between the US and Turkey to “attack ISIS” but they’re mostly killing their own Kurds…again. With a few token IS bombings. Seriously if IS was a real threat they would have destroyed that convoy from Syria to Iraq with 3 Tomahawks.

    • Nobody predicted 9/11, and looking back, there were many signs in movies and pop culture.

      What do you propose as some kind of ecological disaster, Sharknado? I mean you have to be cautious, some people here could have some stress disorders and you’re just making it worse for them because they will OCD over it. 2012 didn’t mean shit and they pounded everyone with that one, even LSD blotter art around that time was mayan calendar dots or whatever the way the lines are called. Again, 1993-1994 were prosperous times. I think Christine might be missing some bolts, and wasn’t she in some legal trouble, I think that was on another more recent NWNW. 1993 also had the last American (don’t know why they bothered past 1991) last american nuclear tests, underground obviously. But New Mexico and Colorado aren’t full of cancer patients for nothing…those fumes eventually reach the air. Not to count all the atmospheric, under water and even freaking ground level tests done all over that general area and in the deserts in Turkmenistan and Kazhakstan too.

      At this point, nothing is scaring me other than nukes flying. And the risks of that, believe it or not actually dropped. Netanyahu is now, under pressure, accepting Iran might have a bomb in 10-15 years, of course he’s protesting but what’s he gonna do. I wish he had an appetite as voracious as Sharon so he would have a heart attack or stroke already.

      Anyway, 23 september, other that the woo woo numerology crap that I don’t think they sincerely believe in, they just like round numbers and be psychopathic jokers, like 9/11 has punch, it’s like an Emergency ya know! LOLOL. is it because 1+1 = 2 and 3^2 = 9, so we got your 2,3 and 9 covered?

      They will stretch this one to the limit, which to me is something like, they’re able to fake normality until the 2034 bug, or that Apophis thing that might hit earth in 2034. That’s why the old “permanent” if a computer illiterate was using the computer at the time, google cookie expired in 2034. I’ll probably be dead then, pain issues, keep me from exercising enough, pain meds make me tired (they used to make me energetic though), so I gain weight even if I eat like I should, which is certainly not the what the Canadian guide recommends. Even in that video of NWNW, they said or maybe it was a solely James video or podcast saying that only in the 90’s were there no crashes, in fact things were going so well fiscally during the Clinton years, they had to get rid of Glass-Steagle in 98 under pressure…well the same kind of all Red houses Clinton had to deal with, I doubt it was his own agenda. What Clinton had brought up though was the need for a DHS before anyone could imagine why in the hell that would be needed, but it was just a study…which Bush picked up, amazing I know.

      In fact the early 90’s when I was an under 15 boy, we were told MAD was over, peace was prevailing everywhere, except in Palestine, the overall mood especially around 2000 was very pro Palestine even in the US public. Hence PNAC, or even worse, A Clean Break : Blah Blah to Secure The Realm or such, prepared for Nuts n Yahoo.

      Right now I think human beings and their horrible inhumane policies are all thats needed for them, they got a lot of that going on, they’re happy with it this way, no need for “the next attack”. You sound like Lindsay Graham.

    • I also I don’t use google, startpage, duckduckgo, ixquick. We have to eradicate the use of google for “using a search engine”. Startpage gets the google links, without the crap if you’re not too tech savvy, even offer a proxy for any site, which works for most websites.

  6. Bandar Bush is alive and kicking, after he was thought to be dead, he went to Russia to threaten Putin twice, who laughed him out of his office 4 hours after his rantings and poor offers.

  7. Bad Religion – Submission Complete

    Dedication’s the price you pay.
    The initiated are coddled and caged.
    Before you walk, as soon as you crawl.
    Hope is pointless when you’re stuck in the trawl.

    Fuck the freshman lectures and brandishments.
    They just betray impoverished accomplishments.
    The puppet masters fear originality.
    They tighten up the tethers and they shackle your feet.

    Submission complete.

    Young recruits never have a chance.
    Enticed to the drill, admonished to dance.
    Early to rise and early to shine.
    Life is long, but the end is nigh.

    Break the guilty trammels from yesteryear.
    Remember how rejuvenation conquers all fears.
    Lowly opportunists take commanding roles
    And hawk ultimatums so their weakness won’t show.

    The sad reflection
    Of dead ambition.
    You live for nothing, submission complete.

    Yeah, break the guilty trammels from yesteryear.
    Remember how the taste of failure makes it all clear.
    Lowly opportunists take commanding roles
    And hawk ultimatums so their weakness won’t show.

    The sad reflection
    Of dead ambition.
    You live for nothing.

    Life’s damnation, submission complete.

    Dying on your feet.
    Submission complete.
    A total defeat.


    That’s about all religions, all 3 abrahamic religions (the big ones) have crazies. Islam actually means submission to God. They submit to nothing until proof is offered, your cliché little song won’t change the facts about the horror that is the Catholic Church (also the United Church, their misdeeds in my country are incalculable, suspected mass graves at those Residential Schools made to wipe out the Native Canadian of their culture, stolen from their parents, and this only ended in 1996. That’s the Canadian Genocide I’d love James to do an episode about, how all indians were moved 500 miles north of the Great Canadian Railway. Indians normally didn’t live in Inuit like climates until that thing happened and how all prime ministers since 1867 have ignored the treaty between the natives and the BRITISH MONARCHY, who installed those churches, with the help of the United and Catholic Church. Enough for now. Also that’s a real good song, not some cliché…

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