Interview 1247 – James Corbett on Lionel Nation

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Today James joins Lionel of Lionel Nation to discuss the big issues the world are facing right now, from global conflict and chaos to the central banking fraud and its cashless biometric future.


  1. Lionel hasn’t yet wrapped his head around the following:

    1) Trump was presented as an independent outsider to sell the snake oil.

    The con was this:

    – Alternative & mainstream media revealed that Hillary stole a rigged election from Bernie Sanders
    – All media predicted former first lady and acting secretary of state would win
    – All artists (actors, musicians, etc.) suggested Trump was a villain
    – The sitting president and his wife actively campaigned for Hillary
    – Every poll predicted a Clinton win
    – Trump suggested the only way he could lose would be if the election were rigged

    The con was to for the masses to form the impression that the establishment desired a Clinton victory. Trump won….therefore:

    – The election WASN’T rigged
    – Every vote counts
    – Democracy, freedom, hope and change….

    The carrot faced, greasy, snake oil spokes model sold the American Dream… while the masses sweetly slumber.

    2) The entire election process is a scam

    Propaganda bypasses the logical prefrontal cortex and resonates in the emotional limbic system. People are programmed to have an immediate, visceral, emotional response to the very sight of their foe before the first word is uttered. Can you remember an “election” in recent history that wasn’t presented as a down-to-the-wire, neck-and-neck, edge-of-the-seat, photo finish nail biter? If the score is 45 – 0 at half time, who is going to stick around and watch the advertising?

    Lionel is immersed in this propaganda. He needs to spend some time out of the fish bowl to gain some perspective. He is well on his way and has accomplished a great deal considering the toxic environment in which he is submerged.

      • Pop culture is propaganda. Its purpose is to distract (entertain) and shape opinions (tell us what we “think”).

        Clues as to the job for which the snake-oil salesman, Trump, has been installed can be obtained by observing the Pop culture reaction to the problems they have with his presidency:

        – We need to build bridges, not walls
        – Love trumps hate
        – What do we tell the children; my little girl is afraid to walk to school

        Problem: Nationalism
        (Populism, anti-globalization, nativism, protectionism … call it what you will…Trumpism perhaps)

        As the new national spokes-model, Trump associates Nationalism with racism, fear and intolerance of immigrants & visible minorities…. Nationalism is backwards, lewd, uneducated, unintelligent, provocative and dangerous: “Are you suspicious of the official 9/11 theory? Are you tired of all those immigrants? You must be one of those pussy grabbing, intolerant, sabre rattling, war mongering, corrupt and racist Nationalists.”

        Pop culture has been very busy programming the desired reaction to the problematic Trump. The solution will be a retreat from all things Nationalist with the United Nations whispering in one ear and the anarchists beckoning into the other. Divided, confused, conquered… perhaps the globalists are happy for Corbett to lend a hand undermining national governments. Perhaps they underestimate the threat.

        What is a nation? Do we belong to a Corbett nation for which lines on political maps have no meaning? As we are spread across the globe rather than gathered in one tight national herd, ours is a new type of force to be reckoned with.

  2. Lionel’s animation and rapid fire, high IQ communication makes him very entertaining.

    I agree. China may be the new boogeyman. Certainly, there will be an economic war. Perhaps the demonization of “Russia” was Clinton / Neo-neocon bait to forward her agenda and distract from her crimes.

    The “no news”, the unspoken stories by the MainStreamMedia. Spot on! This is where the real news lies. Everything else is just a magician’s trick. Examples: Vaccines or “Bank of International Settlements”.

    – QUOTE – The Real Answer
    “…If we withdraw ourselves from participating in the Power Structures… …we take the life blood out of this beast….”

    • Addendum: We, ourselves, just by staying informed help to change society’s meme. Informed individuals do influence their surroundings.

      If one looks over the past decade, society’s meme has changed significantly (i.e. a huge number of folks are aware of 9/11, the Federal Reserve, False Flags, etc.)
      In a respect, we have seen this play out with the “Trump effect”.

  3. Lionel raises an excellent point regarding the attention span of the New Millennium. Although his suggestion for ten-minute distillations of Corbett’s 120-minute analyses may (regrettably) set the bar optimistically high, consider the power of the 9/11 summary you allude to in this interview. Similar condensing’s could be the baited hooks that …. no, I don’t like that analogy… could be the catalysts that inspire the masses to invest more time snooping into things.

    I agree that you should focus your talent on the documentary / thesis / leave-no-stone-unturned / big picture projects. Have you considered assembling a small team to create distillations similar to your 9/11 effort…. draw attention (advertise) the many other absurdities you have uncovered?

    To expand your audience you’ll need to accept the reality that most people seldom invest 120 consecutive minutes in anything more challenging than a Hollywood thriller. They can, however, be so inspired.

  4. Mr. NoSoap,

    Something “special” happened in Canada in 1974. Trudeau sold us out to BIS. His son is the official national spokes model today.

    I predict there will be a symbolic tar and feathering of a scapegoat when the monetary system collapses. Attention is being diverted to the Federal Reserve. If indeed that ship is to be scuttled, the pirates will have long since jumped onto another boat. Smoke and mirrors distraction… tools of the social con man.

  5. I’m nearly finished reading Richard Belzer, “Hit List”, which describes 50 mysterious deaths with links to the JFK assassination. Forgive me for asking:

    Why are people like Sibel, James, James, Niels and Richard Gage left entirely alone? I have some theories:

    1) Martyrdom lends credibility
    2) Their popularity is below a calculated threshold
    3) Their followings are effectively discredited by MSM & peer pressure
    4) Their work can be exploited by the very enemy they wish to defeat.

    Items 1 – 3 require no elaboration with the Corbett audience. 4)….wtf?

    In “Cloak of Green”, Elaine Dewar described how NGOs, PGOs, environmentalists and charities were both bypassing and undermining the authority of the elected representatives in our so-called democratic countries. If we pretend that we yet retain the privilege of electing whoever we want to represent us in our governments, these individuals increasingly lack any power to do so.

    Is it possible that the anarchists have replaced the environmentalists as the fashionable New Millennium under miners of power from our elected officials? Will they unwittingly hammer the final nail in the coffin? Will the people demand their corrupt political systems, biased media and crooked banks be demolished? In the end, will the people get what they want or will they get what the Globalists want?

    Problem, reaction, solution.

  6. I think it’s a good idea.

    In the meantime, nothing is stopping you from producing your own material and providing links in the Corbett comments. James encourages others to do what he is doing and has openly shared the contents of his technical tool kit. I haven’t yet been censored.

    I think it’s possible this site could make a quantum leap in popularity and become larger than Corbett can handle with his present business model. I sincerely hope it does.

    I’m going to be bold and offer a suggestion of my own:

    I wonder whether, rather than “Articles, Videos & Audio”, the Corbett categories could more resemble the dreaded Octopus….

    The tentacles might include:

    – BIS / banking
    – Royalty
    – Media / propaganda
    – Climate Crisis
    – Etc. you get the idea

    A Venn diagram sort of thing that reveals the overlap between seemingly unrelated branches. At present, there are Climate Crisis arguments scattered between Articles, Videos & Audio. If I wanted to focus exclusively on one topic it’s of no concern to me whether I need to read, listen or watch. I want quick access to the entire argument.

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