Interview 1310 – Ernest Hancock on Pirates Without Borders

by | Oct 20, 2017 | Interviews | 44 comments

James joins Ernest Hancock on Declare Your Independence to discuss “Why Big Oil Conquered The World.” When the topic of solutions comes up, they discuss Ernest’s and the above-the-grid answers to the oiligarchs’ plans.

How & Why Big Oil Conquered The World

Second Letter of Captain Marque

If It Pleases The Crown meme


  1. I like this guy’s spirit. And I also love pirates. Might need to get me a flag soon….

    • Maybe Corbett will dress as a pirate on October 31.

      • But sans the puffy shirt I bet. 🙂

        • I was legit depressed when Corbett’s awesome reference completely went over this guy’s head. How often does Corbett make references? And then it fails?? I loved that episode too…

    • I made this skull & crossbones design in 2004 or 2005:
      I gave my dad a golf shirt with it to wear to the yacht club. There’s a lot of math in the deign and it’s not my best but it’s okay. I had/have a copyleft on my design, free to use non-commercially or give me a percentage if you profit. Seems fair, I’m flexible. Someone, likely a pirate, stole my image shrunk it down, repeated it for an inversed white on black fabric print, then made orange-bordered Halloween oven mitts and other products I discovered a few years later for sale at Value Village. They looked great and I even bought one, but I never got my cut.

      In 2008 or 2009 I went to a rave on Vancouver Island produced by Renegade DJs or some such name. Their logo was a shitty jolly Roger with headphones. I said I could do better, and did a few. This (my avatar) is one:;_800%25_Pixel;_400x400.png

      It’d be funny to see this (with a white border) on a black flag background:
      Or would a red/black anarchist flag be better?

      • I have always liked your last link, the cartoon rendition of Corbett.

        • == What do you want Cartoon Corbett to say? ==

          My request for a soundbyte or audio file must have been lost in the din of the hurricane that JC is the all-seeing eye of.

          Since you’re my only fan, perhaps you can help me pick out the _MOST_ important sentence or few, stitched together from various sources or naturally flowing in one show (audio and/OR video). If you have it ready great. If it takes a few months to stumble upon something fresh or old that absolutely MUST be underlined, highlighted, all caps, and italicized with an animated version, fine. I can wait for it. I’m always adding to a folder of timecoded screenshots of potential soundbytes from various sources to eventually montage. Corbett is brilliant but not profoundly quotable.

          Funny thing – I’ve only uploaded 1 video to my YouTube channel and it was set to private. It was the crude Corbett animation test. I was hoping Corbett would give feedback and/or use it in _Questions For Corbett_ but I got no feedback. I linked it on this site in another comment expecting folks to ask for a password or for an email invitation to view it and some said they liked it so I guess it worked despite being set to private. Just now I looked for it only to discover it is not there. It wasn’t that good anyway.

          I’ve checked out BitChute and I’m not impressed. I can’t download all the videos and of 6 that I’ve tried to torrent only 1 has even started. Also there’s not really a central discussion place to discuss features, wish lists, open sourcing, etc. It needs a forum and/or wiki and/or more/better decentralization (as does Steemit and TCR). I’ve read Reddit but never used it and because I know they’re censoring (ie. Pizzagate) I tried to join Voat but they’re full and invite only. 🙁 My Universe of options seems to be rapidly shrinking.

          Whiny rant over.

          I won’t be animating Corbett for the money but of course I’ll never say no to money as I’d like to improve my gear. What I really want is some help. Assuming it makes any money I’m willing to split it with others who can help me find audio sections to stitch together into a cohesive tight summary narrative. If they or someone are a sound engineer and/or music producer and all that entails all the better because I’d rather do this with style and/or mood – potentially in a music video or with some kind of hook – like a an anti-establishment television commercial, if ever there was one.

          Eventually I’d like to add other characters, “celebs” or otherwise, and delve into 3D. But first things, first. Just 2D Corbett for now.

          So what do you want Cartoon Corbett to say?

          • Weird. The 3 paragraphs with links above above needed moderation while the longer 6 paragraphs just above didn’t. If I don’t comment for a while does that make a difference?

          • Posts with more than one link get sent to moderation que. To get around the issue, make links not clickable. There are some limitations during Corbett offline hours as well, I think.

            I don’t agree James isn’t quotable and I’ll prove that tomorrow.

            • Thanks for the scoop. I don’t mind the moderation, I just thought it weird and didn’t want to bother the moderator.

              I didn’t say JC was not quotable. He’s VERY quotable, but usually he’s soooo deep that you need a looong quote with context. He’s also NOT a “character”, “perfomer”, or “emotional” in delivery which is great but less dynamic/quotable. I have no doubt they exist but I always get caught up in the message, content, and/or having my mind blown.

              I’m looking for profound soundbyte quotes to animate to.
              For example:
              “History would be a wonderful thing if only it were true.”
              “You can’t handle the truth!”
              “You’re out of order, you’re out of order, this whole court is out of order!”
              “What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.”
              “Choppin’ broccoli.”

              Stephen Colbert often performed conversations with himself. Perhaps Cartoon Corbett might do something derivative or build on that. Ideas welcome.

              It was only a basic silly rough animation test with Cartoon Corbett character and a question.
              YouTube deleted my private video, perhaps because it had only been viewed couple times, or because the magnitude and ramifications of a Corbett Cartoon/Meme is such an extreme threat to the foundations of the establishment system and global order as we know it. Or not. I’ll re-up it to BitChute soon enough for shits and giggles.

              I’m not intending to offer pleasure. I’m offering wider “commercial”(?) appeal and exposure mashed with critical information. The pleasure of an entertaining package is bonus sugar coating. (I know sugar is bad but I won’t be able to produce enough fast enough to get you fat or phat.)

              I was going to check back here in a day for feedback but a funny thing happened. Conspiracy or coincidence?… I restarted Firefox and YouTube “suggested” this video out of nowhere (I think “they” are listening):
              “Weird Al” Yankovic – Party In The CIA (Parody of “Party In The U.S.A.” by Miley Cyrus)

              • James is the moderator.

                I get you now. Have you watched this movie? I brought this up in the comments section a few times before, but I’m not sure whom was I conversing with at the time.

                When you mentioned Colbert talking to himself, this movie immediately sprung to mind. In it the character is talking to multiple facets of his personality in his dreams, there’s a lot of stuff going on in his head he doesn’t even know where it came from. He’s also engaging in multiple levels of dreams, hardcore inception stuff with a side dish of philosophy.

                I find this movie to be perfectly aligned with what you were talking about there. I don’t know what kind of scope were you thinking about, but this could be the first open source (short) film.

              • Great. Mkey you have just made it that more improbable that I will ever empty out my wishlist at Barnes and Noble. Note that I did not say AmazonCIA. The boycott is still the only real vote that matters. Thanks, JimBob

              • I have to admit I haven’t caught your metaphor. You won’t be purchasing any more movies/books online because… did I get it at least partially correct?

              • Oh no, I purchase on-line. Just not from Amazon.

              • Oh, so you’re saying you added Waking life to your wishlist? A bit slow day for me.

              • I knew you’d figure it out eventually. 🙂

          • I didn’t catch that post with the animation and I’d like to see it.

            Regarding James’ lack of response to your proposals, I think he doesn’t want to mix business with pleasure, if you know what I mean.

          • Jason,
            Here is an idea…just an idea, because in the end you are the artist doing a rendition.

            In my opinion, Corbett has always emphasized that his mission, his purpose, is to get this information out to people.

            What about How and Why Big Oil Conquered the World and maybe …or do you want to know?

            We in the Corbett Community have an unwritten code to help and support it.
            One of the best things which we can do is to promote the Corbett Report.

            Utilize your renditions and art to help promote the Corbett Report.

            Any phrase you use is your choice. It is your art. I think that using your art to help attract attention and interest to the Corbett Report would be really helpful for all of us.

  2. Not nearly enough pirate talk, yer scurvy sea dogs, arrrrr!

    When exactly did the word “collective” get such a bad rep? Just like James said, no man is an island. Forced collective should be clearly distinguished from voluntary collective.

    • mkey says Forced collective should be clearly distinguished from voluntary collective.

  3. I liked this guy. Very intelligent, but speaks like a good ol’ boy on speed. Now I’m off to the pirate site. If it pleases the crown, that is.

  4. Am now an official pirate. So what have I been for all these past years? A pirate pirate? I’m so confused.

    • Aye JimBOB Corbetterr, ye ol’ pirate.

  5. What’s up with this Youtube channel? I tried 2 times to leave a comment on the public side and got nothing. The post appeared on my screen until I changed screens. The comment count never changed from 96 each time. All I said was ” corbett would like to see this work spread across the community. Buy the DVD, burn 20 copies, donate the original to your local library and give 19 to your friends and neighbors. Keep one for your library. Simple!
    The filters must be set on high alert to anyone trying to better this world or try to change the paradigm of the powers that shouldn’t be.

    • generalbottlewasher says:
      All I said was ” Corbett would like to see this work spread across the community. Buy the DVD, burn 20 copies, donate the original to your local library and give 19 to your friends and neighbors. Keep one for your library. Simple!

      $20 bucks for BOTH DVDs “How Big Oil Conquered the World” and “Why Big Oil Conquered the World” – FREE shipping.
      Corbett’s shop –
      10 second visual video –

    • Ryan Dawson just went over this in one of his videos. Now, the channel owner, James in this case, will have to go to his comment allow section (or whatever it is called) each time he posts a video to check the box “allow all comments”. Otherwise, youboob will decide if a comment is allowable or not. Apparently there are three separate boxes for an uploader to choose from regarding the types of comments the uploader will allow. Youboob did not notify anyone about this change because they seem to be unyielding in their desire to kill their business model. Personally, I am glad youboob is doing this. Everything they do to censor alternative viewpoints ticks off more and more of their customer base. The more they do this, the sooner that Alphabet will go the way of myspace. Oh happy day, oh happy day, oh happy day! JimBob

      • Jim,
        You bring out an interesting aspect.

        The Google and YouTube and Facebook censorship and tyrannical control is so “in your face”, so offensive to liberty minded folks, that they must be very aware of that they piss off a lot of folks.
        In other words, they continue with impunity.

        This behavior is puzzling!?! What gives?

        Bar analogy –
        It would be like an owner/bartender bullying, reprimanding, suddenly making arbitrary rules, and kicking out patrons for no cause, etc. I mean…after awhile the bar would only have a mousy crowd of patrons, if any at all. The remaining bar’s patrons would be called “mouseketeers”.

        • I put it down to the near autistic-savant intelligence of tech-heads. It’s like they put all their smarts in a very narrow tube. In effect, once they leave the land of code they are complete idiots. This is the kind of intelligence that John Taylor Gatto warned us the modern school system would produce. Very narrow range of abilities. It’s one of the reasons I don’t worry about them. They don’t have the type of real world intelligence required to carry out whatever retarded plans they have in mind. This is definitely applicable to those proponents of the scientific dictatorship, which is embraced by these types of things (I can’t quite call such undeveloped intellects people). They are intellectually incapable of understanding emotions and so they will inevitably self-destruct whenever they attempt to implement their agendas upon others.

    • NoMeatNoDairyNoProblem, A hat tip to ya!

      What a perfect example of how things are evolving as pointed out in Why Big Oil Conquered the World.

  6. It took me about halfway through the video to ‘adjust’.
    In the beginning, I was very disappointed that James could hardly get a word in edge-wise. I was looking forward to hearing James. And Ernest Hancock has a loud, domineering interruptive voice. So it took awhile to warm up to that.

    However, I really jumped on board as I started to hear more about the pirate allegory. The pirate allegory rephrases all the many points and aspects which James Corbett has made over the years. It was like hearing James talk, but a different writer was typing the script for a movie.

    Anyway, this video was well worth the watching, because as a Corbetteer I gained insight on how Corbetteer ideas can be expressed in other ways, such as in Pirate “speak”.
    And that is important.
    It is important to get these ideas out to others.

  7. As this pirate dropped a little tasty nugget inbetweeen, I’ll mention it here: BitNation.
    “Bitnation, or “cryptonation”, is a voluntary nation with ethereum technology applied.It was founded in 2014.”
    “It was co-drafted by Jason M. Farrell. Notable members include Rick Falkvinge, the founder of the first Pirate Party, and Joey Krug, the core developer of Augur.”
    Rick Falkvinge was at Anarchopulco this year:

    I’ve heard of BitNation before, because a guy I met at the first German AnCap meeting a couple of years ago is amongst one of the first participants/ambassadors.

    • Good info. Thanks Mielia.

  8. James, so refreshing to see you are linking with the friskier ilk. But everytime I hear the solutions such as “stop asking for permission at the Master’s table and grow your own food,” I have to remind you of the history of those same attitudes. Cromwell slaughtered the Diggers for defiant vegetable planting.

    And soon we cant even grow vegetables – the seed is compromised and the pollinators are gone . My squash bloomed all summer but only fruited once or twice per plant. No bees, not even the little sweat bees. My gardens used to be humming and i had bees near me in a wooded area. I realize the causes.

    They wont even need to slaughter Digger descendants now . My people have long cultural memory, but we always prepare for the last battle. Independence isnt about ignoring them and carrying on. Most of us already know we can fend for ourselves. And some of us already know what the reaction will be. Its that reaction to be prepared for.

    Cromwell was the bloody enforcer and regenerator of the Norman (wherever the hell those psychopaths really came from, we will never know the truth of it) Feudal System.

    • Dang! That is sad about the squash and bees. There have been times that I used a toothpick to pollinate plants.

      • You know, you can build a top bar beehive for next to nothing. If you’ve got a good garden, it’ll be enough.

        • I kept bees a few years ago when my wild bees started disappearing, and I did bring them thru the winters successfully because i left them 80% of their combs to get thru, but it was midsummers when I lost most of them, and then all. I live in the suburbs – spacious wooded suburbs, but still landscaped areas. I didnt expect to lose the little sweat bees also. Even the wasps are scarce now. A couple bumblebees, thats it. And i have extensive flower beds to draw them. Very strange bluish metallic sheen covering the huge squash leaves as well this year, after rains. And my tomatoes were extremely late and underperforming as well as my roses. I suppose we all end up in Scots/Canadian Alan Watt territory eventually, as James also seems to be headed, especially with his recent question and answer posting.

          • Luckily for me, they don’t spray the skies too much here in North fluorida. Central fluorida? Different story.

            • In my neck of the woods there is definitively a lot less buzzing for the past few decades. When I was a kid there was all sorts of stuff flying around and now not so much.

              • Im going to order the Mason bees this Spring. They arent honey bees, but no hive to take care of and they are good pollinators. They rarely sting. I see online there are ordering programs where they send your cocoons to hatch out and a bird sze house of hollow straws and you send the straws back (or you give them protection yourself) to overwinter them. These are the independant bees who cocoon in singles. Since it is still warm and so dried out in the midwest I am still feeding my two ragged bumblebees, the only bees left here

              • Coincidently today when I was searching /driving around to local places that carried mycorrhiza fungi for plants, I ran across this website talking about the “Mason Bee”.

                in North America we have over 4,000 species of native bees. Unlike the honeybee which was brought to North America by European settlers, most native bees of North America are solitary, not social. The bumblebee, one of our natives is the only native bee that is social, colonizes and lives in groups. Our gentle-natured native bees are extremely more efficient pollinators than their European cousins. For example, one tiny Mason bee pollinates as much as 100 foraging honey bees.

              • I really ought to get some education on bees.

              • Bees are fascinating. Except for killer bees. Been in a number of those attacks. I almost never panic, preferring to remain calm as that increases my survival probability, (I know it’s so selfish of me to want to keep on increasing my carbon footprint) but I will freak out on those. I highly recommend panicking and running through any obstacle that is in your way. It’s like being stung by a million honey bees at once. Why? Because you are being stung by a million honey bees at once.

                I almost forgot the most important part. Don’t panic until you get stung. They can fly all around you, but don’t move a muscle. Others will move and the bees will go after them. Then you can just calmly walk away and relax to the calming sound of their screams. I hope that doesn’t sound cruel. I wouldn’t want you to understand me that well! 🙂

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