Interview 1526 – Jason Bermas on the #NYCLockdown

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Jason Bermas joins James for a powerful interview about the seriousness of the situation that we are facing. From lockdowns and quarantines to the US military and medical martial law, things are getting real. Are you prepared for what’s coming?

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  1. I appreciate Jason’s passion and the hard work he is doing to warn people of what to expect. However – I think when he says that many won’t get to hug our parents again, he is falling victim to the fear mongering that is taking place right now. Even with the most inflated statistics floating around out there, the numbers just don’t support the claim that many will die from this. Speaking only of the virus – the vast majority of people will be okay.

    Also – I posted this on a previous thread but want to reiterate that there is an ENORMOUS financial motivation to the scare we are undergoing right now, and that is the coming pandemic bonds that will most certainly come our way will offer investors an unthinkably high rate of return. See this quote from the guy leading Bloomberg’s response coalition:

    “Unfortunately, preparedness, although more effective and less costly than response,5 rarely ranks high on political agendas. Competing priorities for finite national budgets, along with the invisible outcome of successful preparedness, have resulted in little funding, despite an estimated 25%–88% annual return on investment.”

    Now take that return, package it up into asset-backed securities, and watch a trillion dollar derivative market emerge.

    PS – TWO THOUSAND politicians met with Bloomberg to come up with this “Coronavirus Response Iniative” a week into the crisis. Right at the same time we were being told not to gather in groups of 10 or more. Think they knew something we didn’t? I do.

    • To add a little more:

      I predict that this is all going to keep getting scarier for a few more weeks, and then life WILL return to SOME kind of normal… but we will be left begging our politicians for better preparation for next time. And this is where they will try usher the real agenda in full force (5G, AI, smart cities.) It will all be sold to us under the banner of “residence” and “preparedness”, and we will be given loans by the billionaires to implement the world they want built for us with the expectation of paying back at interest. So they will get the world they want, while also getting unthinkably high rates of return that they will allow them to KEEP consolidating their wealth through the resulting derivatives market.

      For those who want to dig deeper into this, I suggest checking out and also looking through this 2012 document from the World Bank.

      Here’s a snippet:

      “A cost-benefit analysis, which corrects for the very low proba- bility of pandemics, shows that benefits far exceed costs in all plausible scenarios. For instance, if the international commu- nity invests at the upper end of the range (US$3.4 billion per year), the annual expected rate of return would be between 44 percent and 71 percent (corresponding to, respectively, half or all mild pandemics being prevented) and still a respect- able 14 percent when the system would prevent only one in five pandemics. A severe pandemic costing US$3 trillion may occur, on average, once in a hundred years. If the investments in One Health systems are made and such a pandemic is prevented, the global expected benefits are US$30 billion per year. Every year, an investment of US$3.4 billion would pro- duce an expected benefit of US$30 billion for the international community. The challenge confronting policy-makers is there- fore to review these and other assessments of the benefits of pandemic prevention and weigh them against the cost of prevention, as well as returns on other public investments.”

      • (under the banner of resilience, that is. not residence. sorry about that!)

      • Some very good points, Emily. I too see the panic setting in in the alternative media. I think we all need to take a deep breath but understand that things may be different after this over.

    • ‘The disease is running rampant’: Families at center of virus scare share their fears.

      Mentioned during video, I didn’t see it in the show notes..

      Has anyone a link to that video,I can’t find it on DuckDuckGo?

      Apologies, I haven’t found out yet how to post, only reply, I’m new;-)

      Thanks in advance

      • Earlier today, on my phone, I tried to find that video.
        I couldn’t.

        At the bottom of the Thread is a statement which says “Leave a Reply”.
        This is just a straight-up post of your comment.

        However, under any member’s comment is also a “reply” function.
        This lets you reply specifically to the Corbett Member’s comment.

  2. I’m sorry but I’m not particularly impressed by this (a very rare occurrence for me with the Corbett Report).

    It felt to me as if the whole piece had a panicky feeling to it – really unhelpful considering the corporate media’s attempts to constantly panic people (into submission).

    Jason’s ‘facts’ like 10-100 times more transmissable than ‘normal’ flu are so unhelpful and misleading. Where are these ‘facts’ from? Which ‘normal’ flu – there are many variants all with different characteristics? How does a reporter seemingly have more ‘facts’ than all the various national and international healthcare bodies combined? Where would they source these facts if not from the actual bodies that do the research?

    The only thing I was glad to hear mentioned, although unfortunately not focused on enough IMO, was that a phoney, house of cards financial system with added oil price wars and a semi-global quarantine is a recipe for a far greater disaster than a new flu strain. Please focus on this more (like your previous article about ‘The “Cures” will be worse than the disease’). And please leave the panicky fear porn to the many specialists in it.

    This site is a bastion of intelligent, well researched reflection for me. Long may it stay that way.

    As a postscript – there has been one experiment (unintentionally) performed with this new strain which has very revealing results: The Diamond Princess. It is a closed system, throw the disease into a population and sit back. These are the results as of 18/3/20:

    Passengers: 3711
    Known infections: 712 (19%)
    Deaths: 7 (0.01% of inf / 0.002% of pop)

    And if you take into account that the average age of a cruise ship customer is considerable higher than the wider population and that the inhabitants all shared the same space, communal eating areas and ventilation (heating/cooling) system i.e. a really bad situation to contain an airborne virus – these figures suddenly look like a new strain of not particularly menacing flu. Not the panicky Black Death scenario being conjured up.

    Anyway, had to vent as I’m sick (pun intended) of the general coverage of this topic.

    • Everything I’ve seen thus far has indicated that this is a sham, just like Swine Flu. The virus is either non-existent or existent but poses no significant threat.

    • +1 on the above comment. Numbers simply don’t add up for this to be a real threat. Tests applied are completely worthless but can obviously be very efficiently abused.

      As far as the lockdown goes, if it is indeed going to last for only two weeks the effects on economic activity will be limited. However, going back to new normal we’ll find ourselves a bit closer to a long term lockdown.

    • “This site is a bastion of intelligent, well researched reflection for me. Long may it stay that way.”

      100% agree, Lance.

    • Lance I agree with most of what you had to say here.
      There was certainly a huge ‘fear-mongering’ component to this #1526 interview, mostly on Jason’s part.
      Lord knows we have more than enough unjustified fear-mongering being foisted upon us by the MSM already.

      A more toned-down, nuanced report is what is required now, not more fear porn.

      I would like to make just a couple of important corrections to some numbers you floated by us.

      re: The Diamond Princess cruise ship.

      Passengers: 3711
      Known infections: 712 (19%)
      Deaths: 7 (0.01% of inf / 0.002% of pop)

      7 deaths out of 712 infected individuals comes to .98%, or almost
      100 times greater a number than what you stated.

      Also, 7 deaths out of 3711 total passengers comes to .18%, or almost
      100 times greater a number than what you stated.

      Although the mortality numbers are relatively high, compared to average flu mortality numbers, they still do not warrant the panic behavior we see today.

      • Lance certainly isn’t the first commenter ever to get hoodwinked by percentage calculations. Good of you to notice, but there is one much more important issue for consideration here: what does “infected” mean?

        712 infections. Does this number include all the people on that boat that had this particular strain of the virus replicating in their bodies at a high enough rate? Considering other infection stats, I’d venture to say that, no, it probably does not.

        7 deaths. Are these people who have died and have had some of this virus present in their bodies or they have died due to infection? Again, considering other sources of similar data, chances are at least 6 out of 7 had 60+ years, 5 out of 7 had at least one chronic condition and had were on average 80+ years old.

        We have to revisit the old saying. Lies, damned lies and statistics.

        • Oh I’m with you all the way mkey on this.

          I was simply addressing the raw numbers used and calculations made with them.

          In addition to the questions you posed…
          Who came up with the test kits that are being used for the virus?
          Are the same kits being used worldwide, and if so, who sanctioned this?
          What are they testing for exactly?
          How reliable are the tests?

          As you asked, how can we be certain that the elderly who have died, died as a result of the virus, rather than some other under-lying cause?

          Many more questions…

          • I think it’s safe to say that, if we are suspending basic human rights that test not only needs to be beyond reasonable doubt, it needs about 400 independent studies in 60 languages standing as an indomitable monolith supporting its veracity and infallibility. We need to know that test is beyond infallible as we know that water is wet or that the sun is yellow or that CO2 is not a pollutant.

            Balls to bones, we need to know.

            • Yes it seems to be a ‘Swiss-Army knife’ kit designed to detect all of the following:

              -non-specific interference of Influenza A Virus (H1N1)
              -Influenza B Virus (Yamagata)
              -Respiratory Syncytial Virus (type B)
              -Respiratory Adenovirus (type 3)
              -Respiratory Adenovirus (type 7)
              -Parainfluenza Virus (type 2)
              -Mycoplasma Pneumoniae
              -Chlamydia Pneumoniae
              -2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

              What could possibly go wrong with the test?

      • Hi Mr. Fawlty,

        Yes, my blood was hot and I made a simple mistake of not *100 afterwards as you say.

  3. When James Corbett states: “This is what we have been warning about… it is happening right now…” pay attention; he doesn’t cry wolf.

  4. Honestly, I think James got the wrong impression on this one.
    I don’t this is going to escalate much further than it has.
    They’re going to do a bit more fear mongering then sell some vaccines & pass some insane laws and that’ll be the end of this one.
    The next one (Swine Flu Part III) may be more serious.

    • I think there is valuable information to be found in Bill Gates’ latest AMA, as far as the extent to which they plan to take things during this specific event, how long the event is likely to last and how they plan to spend the fear points they’re accumulating.

      This answer may be the most worrying but be sure to read the others as well.

  5. manbearpig – two things.

    1) I’m very glad you agreed with my comment, because I’m a long-time Corbett fan but first time commentor and am always interested to read the comments and see what you (and homeremedysupply) have to say.

    2) If you haven’t come across this yet, watch this 2018 mock “GNN” story from the “Clade X Pandemic Exercise” (don’t think its the same as Event 201 – maybe related?) from Johns Hopkins “Center for Health Security” – funded by Bloomberg and Gates.

    First, note the “imaginary” date they give for the start of the pandemic – December 15th, 2019 – then freeze frame at minute 1:51. Do you see “Nationalized Health Care” in big bold letters? Yeah – definitely not the warm and fuzzy kind some want. They are spelling out to us what we are expected to demand, in this and the World Bank Document I linked to above and countless other places. I’m a (former) educator who left in disgust because of all the herding that was being done to move everything digital and am now hyper-aware of when I’m being manipulated by these guys.

    This is the grand problem-reaction-solution happening on a MASSIVE scale. (The good news is, we are really not all going to die from Covid.)

    OK I guess now I’m on to thing 8 or so. A good friend of mine have been collaborating for several years on a deep dive into the financial instruments (including the coming role of blockchain in automating pretty much everything from education to supply chains) that are driving so much of this madness… check it out if you get a chance.

    • BUMP

      Thanks Emily,
      The Clade X Pandemic Exercise GNN Epilogue link is a real eyebrow raiser!

      YOUTUBE’s highlighted note:
      This video is unlisted. Be considerate and think twice before sharing.

      Descriptive under video
      Uploaded on May 16, 2018
      Part of a series of news videos produced for the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security Clade X pandemic exercise in May 2018, this clip provided new scenario information to the 10 individuals playing a team of presidential advisors tasked with leading the policy response to a fictional outbreak.

      (Be sure to read Emily’s comment about “December 15th, 2019” and frame 1:51)

  6. Admittedly I don’t know your situation, but I’m 100% sure that you need to keep swinging.

  7. I’ve always been on the fence about Jason Bermas. I use to watch his YouTube channel somewhat regularly but stopped 5-6 months ago. To me he’s overly emotional and because of that he tends to over exaggerate things. What I appreciate about James is his content is always well thought out and delivered in a reasonable, factual way. This post however they both seem to be feeding off each other and their emotions are running very high. We know the MSM is full of sh*t and that their number one goal is to create fear, panic, etc in order to keep people tuned in (and sell advertising). Go out into your communities and take a look. Here in the S.F. Bay Area there has been some panic purchasing of groceries but that seem to be over now and we’re back to a pretty normal environment – those who work in careers that have been effected by the shelter in place are home. Everyone else is working. Traffic is lighter than usual but all the stores have food and people are generally getting along and trying to make the best of it. Obviously things can change (for the worse) at any minute but I feel that James and Jason really missed the mark with this post. A rational examination of facts would with a discussion between the two of them would’ve made for a better post.

  8. manbearpig –

    Yes re: the NWO boxes being checked off.

    Former educator here, so I’m particularly tuned into this tentacle of the NWO. A week or so ago, I looked up the author of one of the first really scary articles detailing and how and why we all MUST STAY HOME at all costs. He was the VP of sale for an online learning company. It was a sales pitch.

    Now search “Coronavirus” and “education” and look at how many articles are springing up about how we are “regimagining education in real-time”… (i trust you are aware of the changes they’ve been trying to make to education for our brave new world.) Here’s an example:

    I predict we will be hearing the word “resilience” an awful lot in the new future. “Educational resilience” (re: broadband expansion, 5G, public-private partnerships) “supply chain resilience,” etc.

    And like I said before, we’ll be the ones building it and paying for it, all to save us from the next “pandemic.”

  9. More third grade shitnews.

    Russia deploying coronavirus disinformation to sow panic in West, EU document says

    Russian media have deployed a “significant disinformation campaign” against the West to worsen the impact of the coronavirus, generate panic and sow distrust, according to a European Union document seen by Reuters.

    “The overarching aim of Kremlin disinformation is to aggravate the public health crisis in Western countries…in line with the Kremlin’s broader strategy of attempting to subvert European societies,” the document produced by the EU’s foreign policy arm, the European External Action Service, said.

    The European Commission said it was in contact with Google (GOOGL.O), Facebook (FB.O), Twitter (TWTR.N) and Microsoft (MSFT.O). An EU spokesman accused Moscow of “playing with people’s lives” and appealed to EU citizens to “be very careful” and only use news sources they trust.

    Russian media in Europe have not been successful in reaching the broader public, but provide a platform for anti-EU populists and polarize debate, analysis by EU and non-governmental groups has shown.

    EU leaders have been conferring by videoconferences since early March.

    What a load of crap.

  10. Also – manbearpig – tried to post this before but didn’t work.

    As for as what we can expect as far as healthcare goes:

    If you haven’t come across this yet, watch this 2018 mock “GNN” story from the “Clade X Pandemic Exercise” (don’t think its the same as Event 201 – maybe related?) from Johns Hopkins “Center for Health Security” – funded by Bloomberg and Gates.

    First, note the “imaginary” date they give for the start of the pandemic – December 15th, 2019 – curious eh? – then freeze frame at minute 1:51. Do you see “Nationalized Health Care” in big bold letters? Yeah – definitely not the warm and fuzzy kind some want.

    They are spelling out to us what we are expected to demand, in this and the World Bank Document I linked to above and countless other places. I’m a (former) educator who left in disgust because of all the herding that was being done to move everything digital and am now hyper-aware of when I’m being manipulated by these guys.

  11. Not less important, food rationing. Now people are being told in stores that they should only purchase what they “really” need, whatever that means. This very idea is abhorrent to core principles of trade where the seller will want to unload all the goods they can to the first interested and willing buyer.

    Just imagine, you are selling 10 juicy stakes at the market. And the first guy comes over, sees how juicy they are, make a irate decision on the spot and wants to purchase the whole lot. At that point you can even afford to make a lot price since your day at the market has potentially reached its conclusion so you can give the guy 10% off, close shop and go elsewhere. Why, you may even want to carouse a bit in that nudie bar just across the street, that’s certainly worth the 10% off.

    But nah, selling all the stakes to the first customer not OK. No, he may only have one and you’ll opt to remain on the market for the whole day and even take the risk that you won’t be able to sell everything. Much better, much better indeed.

    Regarding these stay at home kids and stay at home parents; when is it going to dawn on these people that they can actually SPEND SOME FREAKING TIME WITH THEIR KIDS instead of having them in a virtual classroom (i.e. watching videos and having access to pdfs or simply watching “special” TV programming) where they are being forcefed useless information in at least a dozen subjects, only a few of which are of some import but are being taught in completely wrong ways?

    I understand that ditching the kids has its merits and it’s better to ditch them from time to time instead of killing them, but that should be an exception, not the rule.

  12. After I saw it, I have started to refer all people with eyes, ears and brains to the following article (see link below) which depicts doctors’ accounts of what is going on in Italy, statistics by the Italian health ministry and the EU regarding the mortality, incidents, testing reliability, and cause of panic and overwhelm in Italian hospitals. The article keeps being updated.

    I think this is a must read and must share article as it provides information that greatly disagrees with the information we’re fed by MSM and most of our governments.

    I am personally convinced that this virus ‘outbreak’ is being used for martial law, acceptance of greater loss of personal freedoms, and a restart of the economy away from already failing systems (like the shale and oil industry) to others (like AI, medical system). It has helped to realize ‘The Green New Deal” (which interestingly to me, was apparently co-created by a completely inexperienced political newcomer) where most people work from home, flying is discouraged (or restricted), ‘energy-saving’ automatic cars and other wireless technology determine our lives (until we finally completely destroyed our biosphere), etc.

    I see that people even those close to me are not willing to even look at ‘alternative information’ as is provided on this site or above mentioned link. People have mostly fallen for the fear mongering by the MSM and administrations, as they have after 911. I see people almost disgusted when I bring up such ‘alternative’ information. In my mind, I see them already rolling up their sleeves to receive another un/der-tested toxic vaccine to ‘save them’ from this virus now and in the future (and if they still die of the coronavirus-induced pneumonia it might be explained that they probably already had a virus infection beforehand which caused their deaths or that the virus had mutated). These public narrative believers keep running the MSM indoctrination at all waking times and then exchange the same information among themselves which hardens them in their opinion that any other information can never be true or relevant. They seem to be incapable to look beyond an obvious facade. Or afraid to do so, so as not to stand there with a minority of people who obviously must be nuts.

    I also heard one person say that James is doing this work, because he’s in it for the money as he has CDs and books for sale. When I point out that e.g., their admired MSNBC players also get paid (millions of USDs, and even sell books) to do their work (often to narrate the official narrative and nothing but), my argument seems to be irrelevant.

    To me, the populations in the US and other Western countries seem to be incapable to keep their minds open and to also listen to sources other than those delivered by their chosen ‘truth tellers.’ What they like and probably already need, is somebody to think and decide for them. Unfortunately, I live among such bunch. But that’s life.

  13. “today and yesterday, since “lock-down”, no chemtrailing…exceptionally, crystal blue skies… some planes, but no trails…”

    Every dark cloud has a … 🙂

  14. Lance’s original statistics for the Ocean liner were correct. And I made the same observations about the chem-trails

  15. Oh MAN. Now here’s another doozy for anyone following my line of thinking above.

    “Opinion: Smart Cities can help fight against infectious diseases”

    “The CDC has called for better integration of global public health through shared surveillance systems for detection and reporting, international laboratory networks to accurately identify causes of illness, a trained workforce to identify, track and contain outbreaks, and emergency management systems to coordinate an effective response. While these are critical initial efforts, the difficulty of identifying risks before they become unmanageable, and the fact that threats are so diffuse over a global set of potential origin areas, we also need new frameworks and technologies – especially those that can be integrated into daily practice between the intermittent waves of pandemic fear. Enter the smart city of the future.”

    Problem…crisis… solution!! voila!

  16. Has the curfew really been instituted? If the police “force” over there is anything like it is over here I’d say that majestic plan won’t work since they simply don’t have the manpower. Especially if migrant situation starts flaring up again.

  17. Do you think they’ll use an hygiene pretext to get rid of cash as well? As it’s exchanged from hand to hand, pretexting it could be a vector for viruses?


    • yes they do. has already made the rounds this narrative at some places. we’ll see how much this will be ramped up.

  18. I have two anti-panic articles which one German youtuber (currently somewhere in Afrika) is handing around on telegram, which I wanna share
    one older (2009) which I just archived: (WHO changed definition of pandemic back then too ;-))
    and one recent about statistics:

    also some film makers, who made a movie about the WHO have already decided to make a film about this scare:
    that Wodarg guy at the start of the trailer (has once been politically involved, so I am a bit cautious) is making the rounds here with longer videos too (obviously in indy media, in mainstream all of this is suppressed or treated with some sort of disclaimer)

    NOBODY is talking about a CURE
    MANY are talking about VACCINES
    Something I find important and thanks to whoever reminded me.
    some ten thousand or millions cures as potential vs.
    billions of vaccinations as potential

  19. Here is one thing I am gonna do…

    ~~ Get some more cash out of the bank.
    (Recently, I am careful about paying bills, spending the least I need to in order to keep the credit waters quiet. I don’t have much cash to pull, but if I need even a little, it could come in handy.)

    If NYC gets locked in, then Wall Street might get shut down. If Wall Street shuts down, the public will panic to the banks.

    On the 23rd, Wall Street changes to “electronic”.
    (See today’s Reuters article at Corbett’s article The Rollercoaster Ride Has Begun)

    Several countries have already closed their markets.
    Today, U.S. stocks crashed hard again, along with commodities like oil, gold, silver. …and this was after trillions of Fed money thrown at the credit markets.
    ‘They’ may want to close the markets, just to salvage something before the fire burns it all away.

    Sri Lanka followed suit after the Philippines became the first country to close down its stock market.

    My 21 year old granddaughter moved to New York City this summer, right after her college graduation. She works in Manhattan, but lives in another borough.
    Normally, I write her letters. But again, today, I texted her saying that they might lock in the City.
    She said that today she is working from home. Manhattan streets are virtually dead compared to what they were a week or so ago. She seemed unconcerned about a lock-in. She has a lot of sharp spice, so if things go south hard, she will probably make things go right.
    (Well…ya knows that ole grandpa is a conspiracy guy…yea, yea, yea.)

    I don’t push any evaluations of their conduct on my son nor grandkids.
    It is their life, not mine.
    I will tell them what ideas I have personally about things or what I am personally doing. They will tell me theirs, but I never evaluate their perspectives nor judge their concepts against mine.
    I am happy as long as they prosper and enjoy meeting life’s challenges in their own ways. I try very hard not to influence their own volitional direction.

  20. Mandatory Vaccines are coming.
    I can feel it.

    There is a way some of us will be able to handle “mandatory vaccines”.
    Make sure you have a good Doctor.
    I have known several “good Doctors”, the kind who takes you into the room, shoots the needle in the air, and logs the paperwork.

    So Monday, the 16th, I go to the Clinic to get “Ozone Blood Therapy in combination with the Ultraviolet Blood Therapy (UBI) (BioPhotonic Therapy)” for $300.
    (Scroll down hitting links on this sub-thread to find out about it, especially since it will ‘cure’ COVID-19 quickly )

    The Doctor is in his mid-80’s, but moves like a rocket. I was lucky. I got there on a slow day at a slow hour, so it was just me and him.

    We talked shop about the Ozone stuff. He even showed me what brand of ozone machine to get for myself and how it hooks up, in case I wanted to order one online.

    I knew of the people who he meets at the Medical Conferences, and so he was telling me stories. They all stay in close contact, especially with COVID-19, because they all know that it will squash that coronavirus.

    As he is hooking me up to the needle and tubes, the Flat Screen on the wall was playing the DVD “Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth”. Wakefield appears on the screen and I mentioned that I got to meet him when we screened Vaxxed 1. Doc tells me that Wakefield was going to speak at one of his recent Medical Conferences, but Wakefield never showed.
    I looked at Doc with that “question look”.
    He goes on to tell me that Dr. Toni Bark had died of cancer, and Wakefield went to the funeral. Gosh! I did not know. I really liked her and how she presented things.

    A funny story that Doc told me was how he kept lying to his eye Doctor.
    This was years ago, and Doc had some kind of glaucoma. The small bottle of eye drops cost $300. Doc said that if a drop was “off target” and missed the eye, there went 5 bucks.

    At that time, another ozone Doctor told Doc: “Use the ozone in such and such manner for your glaucoma” and relayed the successes other Medicos had had.
    So, Doc keeps going back to his eye Doctor and the condition keeps improving. “Are you taking the drops?” Doc would lie and say “Yes”.
    The Eye Specialist Surgeon finally threw in the towel…he was never going to get to perform surgery and collect the fee from Medicare/Medicaid.

    • Mandatory vaccinations are coming no doubt.

      They are aware of a good doctor solution.

      Corona vaccinations will be administered by special teams comprised by people from different cities, so they don’t know each other.

      This is a proven method used by cups when they want to present efficacy and strong hand.

  21. Burn Rate – Herd Immunity
    Modeling Infection Spread with different options by authorities

    Take a look at this chart/GRAPH of “quarantine options” and infection spread

    Listen to Chris Martenson talk about this Study: Impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) to reduce COVID-19 mortality and healthcare demand by Neil M Ferguson et al
    (somewhere over 10 minutes)

    Link to paper at this Review

  22. I disagree with Jason’s assertion that people can’t take on the military.

    Sure, you are probably not going to win a one-on-one gun battle, but anything goes! There is no need for the public to follow the Geneva convention for whatever that is worth?

    Imagine that if in Nazi Germany, each person who had already been given a tattoo managed to set fire to one public building each: a police station, church, train station, school, shop, library, power station hospital, factory, etc…then after about the 100,000th arson attack Germany would have been on it knees and lost the war. Sure, most likely the arsonists would have been caught and executed, but that was about to happen anyway, in much greater numbers!!

    Look at the resistance that occurred in Iraq, and that was with the Invaders children being safe at home. The enemies children won’t be safe this time!

  23. I love the anecdotes.

  24. That’s tough.

    I find that happiness in life is inversely proportional to awareness. And intelligence, but the two should not be collated. I know some really intelligent folk who are completely oblivious and who will stick to what they know is true regardless of all and any outside stimulus. They will simply not ask the question or entertain the thought. A fragment of information, with unlimited potential to replicate, sent their way will simply bounce off their stream of consciousness. It will be brushed off like a bug used to be brushed off from the windshield, back than when that still was an event.

    “These people” will hold on to their lies till the bitter end, I have no doubts about that. To force them to see through the bullshit would be like forcing an author to write his best work yet. However, authors (those who don’t completely suck) know what they have to do: they have to grab their demons by the horns; wrestle the inner lazy, nonsensical, irate, lost, scared self into submission; pull themselves by the shoulders; sit by the typewriter and bleed.

    “These people” are not even getting ready to start looking in a different direction, let alone the right direction. The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. They haven’t taken that step and many never will. Regardless of insane effort it takes to contort the perception of reality to fit the inner narrative.

    Now that I think about it, breaking through the conditioning is quite a feat. An unknown inner force, a vector originating from a mysterious place, piercing through the layers of reality, allowing the brain to cure itself through turmoil; inner doubt morphing into sharp wit; feelings of inadequacy replaced by not giving a damn; inability to conform turning into a prideful unwillingness to even try, with temerity to endure and resist without even thinking about any options. What options?!

    It’s a trial by fire and the grand prize is solace and isolation with sparsely strewn pockets of reality in which nobody acts as if black is white and white is black. This reminds me a bit of one of the many star trek stories: two ex borg drones connect to each other after a while of not sharing the common consciousness only to realize their bodies are on the opposite borders of the galaxy, making it materially impossible to ever meet in the “real” world. Breaking the spaceless and timeless bond was a plot device, of course.

    I’m also often reminded of something Henry Rollins says in one of his many spoken word apparitions. He was somewhat disparaging against the old saying “when life gives you lemons make a lemonade” because, in his view and as I understand his line of thought, it isn’t worth bending the reality to fit our perception. He said, when life gives you a lemon take a bite out of it and scream “THAT WAS GREAT, WHAT ELSE DO YOU HAVE?!”

    Hopefully you will manage to get something out of this.

  25. I laughed the other day when I heard this one on MSM:


    That could possibly be a copyright violation in Israel.

  26. Does anyone know the sources for WA and FL being the next states to have lock downs?

  27. Jason Bermas
    March 20th or so.

    Talks about having an emotional moment.
    Cuomo Is Shutting NY Down! What Everyone NEEDS TO KNOW!

    The entire video is fascinating.

  28. The most powerful and fascinating thing about the emotional impact of all this revolves around the most important survival instinct of all animals, not just humans: Fight or Flight.

    What psychologically and emotionally is happening and is perhaps least recognized is that the MSM and all this hype and the screw-tightening has eliminated ALL of the RATIONAL responses to this: Fight AND Flight. Neither is “allowed” in this situation, and that is becoming more and more obvious as we go along.

    I have also noticed a few commentators who have reached the obvious conclusion, destination or resolution to that glaring fact: the most powerful insidious damage is certainly not deaths from the virus and pulmonary collapse, and not even a collapsed economy. The real tragedy is going to be that deaths from violence, virus, and poverty will in first-world countries almost certainly be far outstripped by deaths from suicide.

  29. Epidemic: quarantining real science

    The reality is starting to seep through the pores of propaganda and mass hysteria. 99% of those that perished in Italy (out of some 18% tested) under the auspices of the corona virus had more than one chronic disease (almost half of them had two). That means, out of all examined 3 (three, yes T H R E E, as in fingers on one standard human issue fist or foot minus 2) didn’t have any chronic disease and could have died of the corona virus. In fact if they even had the virus to begin with.

    My friend tells me he’s about to start (not) working from home. Starting Monday, he’s on a 2 week rotation. He’s working as usual (even if the amount of work is heavily reduced) 2 weeks followed by staying at home 2 weeks. Not working from home, staying at home. Full pay and benefits. Government jobs can be sweet.

    On the other hand, I have done my first week at the office with three other colleagues on average. So, four of use where used to be 30. People have taken to all of this quite seriously. Nobody is thinking about how long this is going to last, they are no thinking about metrics that’s going to be used to turn off and surely on the martial state. I tried having a discussion with one of the colleagues that came to the office. This is one very brilliant guys, he’s a bit older than I and very courteous and calm. I stood absolutely no chance, it was quite pathetic. I tried making points about how there are no real, reliable tests for this virus, about how people dieing are suffering en masse from chronic diseases, about how the test needs to be beyond reasonable doubt if we are going to enact marital law over results it gives, about how economy is going to tank and that potential death toll will be devastating in comparison to what we have now… Absolutely no impact.

    Oh well.

    • BTW…Where are the bodies? Actually, I’m not interested in the bodies, and besides, in my neck of the universe, no funerals allowed except for video conferences, same with weddings. 🙁

      What I mean is WHERE ARE THE BEREAVED? Where are the videos of REAL family members of people who died from this virus? I can find all manner of videos of people from government and the spectrum of law enforcement standing shoulder to shoulder while they tell us to maintain 6ft “social distance”. What a joke….and BTW, often there are MANY more than 10 people in the room, so what gives?? Obviously they aren’t getting married.

      I was considering contating Uber or Lyft to start “Uber Weddings” and “Uber Divorce” and combine that with curbside ministerial and legal kiosks. We actually do personally know a couple who decided to get married NOW instead of in the fall because:’
      1. They can’t invite more than 10 people (and that was two days ago!).
      2. They can combine her excellent insurance immediately “just in case”.

      Sorry for the digression…seriously: Where are the videos of real people crying about real husbands, wives and children, with REAL TEARS?? I really am NOT a “body denier”, just that I can’t find anyone upset from any MSM about having just lost their family members.

      Ironically, and maybe psychologically, I’m pining perhaps for some real grief here…maybe that would make me feel better?


      Thanks, BTW to everyone who’s posting here. I think I’ll move back in. 🙂

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