Interview 1587 – Vanessa Beeley Debunks A BBC Hit Piece

by | Oct 20, 2020 | Interviews | 11 comments

Vanessa Beeley joins the program to discuss the BBC’s forthcoming hit piece on journalists like herself who dare call out the White Helmets as a foreign-founded, foreign-funded, terrorist-embedded propaganda construct. We discuss Beeley’s reporting on Syria that clearly gives the lie to the White Helmets’ humanitarian cover and the clear signs that the BBC is set to launch a new smear campaign against independent journalists.

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  1. Well 12 Russian bloggers decided the 2016 presidential election so why isn’t this lady in charge of bombing and special operations for Syria?
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    • Save 10% of Earnings!,

      Repeatedly, on different comment threads, I have seen this post.
      I appreciate your endeavor to emphasize these points.
      They are important points to ponder.

      However, for future posts, it is probably not a good idea to repeatedly “copy-n-paste”.
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      You can always refer to a previous comment which you had made. Each comment at Corbett Report has a link.

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      This may be a good approach.

  2. I really gotta hand it to people like Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett.
    These gals have tremendous courage and tenacity.
    I don’t think I could do it.

    Thanks for this “Interview 1587 – Vanessa Beeley Debunks A BBC Hit Piece”.

    On a broader note, this scenario highlights how “The Powers That Should Not Be” are really going after the alternative media across the boards.

    While I have no faith in a legal system set up by “The Man”, it seems to me that a serious legal charge against Vanessa would open the door for “discovery” by defense attorneys.
    With all the mud around the BBC and U.K. government, it would seem silly for them to let people see more dirt in the discovery process.

  3. It’s about time the Baby Buggering Club (BBC) is held to account for it’s pedophilia too.

  4. I just got new unusual Message from Youtube to Rate (1-5 stars, dislike/like,etc) this video … that did not happened at all in my case for any video so far.

    I guess British Brainwashing Corporation complained?


    • it was new UI (large size etc) that was pop-up on top of video list in Youtube Mobile app.
      … guess will screen grab next time.
      I am with you regarding using Thumbs up/Down.

  5. From time to time I question myself. From my very sanity to simply wondering if my overly suspicious nature is the reason I have come to the conclusions that I have.
    Then I listen to a interview between two extremely intelligent and reasonable people like James and Vanessa and am able to take comfort and be reassured that I am not so crazy after all.
    Thanks you two.

  6. The US NPR is currently refusing to cover or investigate the Biden Crime syndicate and laptop of Hunter much of the same for the American Royals as the coverage of your Royals and media involvement in international child trafficking and the Occult ! When I was reading about this laptop some of Biden trips were and had connections to Kazakhstan or one of the stans you wrote and exposed the Bulgarian weapons shipments being smuggled to white helmets for distribution . Steve Bannon may be an egotistical jerk but he has copies and may share with you if you sought to continue investigation and tie weapons shipments and kickbacks to Biden Kerry DOS and crime family.
    I pray and hope you remain safe nad now wonder about the Bulgarian woman reporter and her safety she had a long and difficult name for my memory and was in great danger then and i guess Ill have to check 21 century wire . Be safe and keep up the good work .

  7. BBC exodus: Britons reportedly overwhelm phone lines & website in rush to cancel TV licenses

    “The BBC is the primary beneficiary of the British TV licensing scheme. Anyone who wishes to watch or record live television in the UK has to pay a £157.50 ($205) annual fee. And the tens of thousands of people who dodge it face prosecution and fines each year – and may even be sent to prison.

    However, the broadcaster has recently been facing an outflow of paying license holders, in part because an increasing number of Britons believe that the BBC does not deliver on the promise of being politically non-partial, which is enshrined in its charter.”

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