Interview 1683 – James Corbett on Crisis and Community

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via This is a packed interview where James Corbett discusses what counter measure and actions people can be taking to prepare for a false flag cyber attack, and what their endgame of doing this would look like. He discusses other forms of “protest picnics”, where the sky is essentially the limit. James also talks about survival currencies and the different dogmas surrounding them. All of these topics boil down to an essential element: Community.

On lighter topics, we discuss medieval markets, the level of tyranny in Japan and its history of mask wearing, how his band is doing, and my experimental Open Source Solutions Trello board.




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  1. Been looking forward to new, 2022 CR content!

  2. Can’t get much more blatant. Front page of Yaho:

    The vaccinated majority vs. the unvaccinated minority
    The unvaccinated, at least those without valid medical reasons, are being blamed for overburdening hospitals by putting themselves, and society, at risk.
    It pays to ostracize the unvaccinated »

    That’s what it actually says. I think it’s on the cusp of madness, because it tells the people reading their tripe religiously, all probably shot up with who knows what and for what purpose, that they are the minority and the rest should be ostracized.

    I think we should AGREE!! I think we SHOULD be protecting ourselves from the vaccinated, not just because they gave in and therefore are not smart , but also because WE are the majority.

    When they shut down the internet, it will be because of all the smart people not taking experimental gene thereapies, so we can’t use the internet to spread the word.

    Do you think it will be a lop-sided shut down? Do you think they will only target US?

    I think we can see the ultimate reason comments were shut down. It was given an excuse at the time, but clearly was to serve the purpose of shutting down a debate they knew would take place because it was a PLANdemic.

    • Source:
      …the growing frustration of the vaccinated majority in the West against its unvaccinated minority is reaching a tipping point in some countries…
      …Even so, the unvaccinated — at least those without valid medical reasons — are being blamed for overburdening hospitals by putting themselves, and society, at risk…
      …On the other side of the world, Australia’s prime minister appeared to make the same political determination as Macron — that it pays to ostracize the unvaccinated….

      Monday January 10th – Yahoo News ran The Washington Post article entitled:
      In much of the West, the walls are closing in on anti-vaxxers

      The article covers various countries around the world.

      • It is so frustrating to hear this. How do we stop this nonsense? There is literally nothing to back up the claim that the unvaccinated are putting the vaccinated in danger. I ask for the Minimum Infective Dose (MID) of Sars-Cov-2, which is the minimum amount of viral load that would lead to infection, and no one has attempted to find out.

        What is the MID of the vaccinated and do the unvaccinated produce that amount of viral load to override the vaccine protection? How can you claim the unvaccinated are overriding the protection of the vaccinated when you have zero measurements of such a phenomenon?

        Maybe this is about mutations. Okay so show me a study that doing nothing to drive a mutation to begin with makes mutation more likely to occur. Maybe you believe the vaccine completely neutralizes the virus so the unvaccinated cause mutations by default by letting it exist. Okay then provide the studies that show the vaccine completely neutralizes the virus so it doesn’t get a chance to mutate.

        • “….There is literally nothing to back up the claim that the unvaccinated are putting the vaccinated in danger. I…”

          There is no logic or reason in what they say, by design.
          It is deliberately contradictory and stupid so that your abused mind stops trying to make sense….just assume that they hate you and want you dead and then treat anything they say accordingly

    • WAYNED,

      “I think we should AGREE!! I think we SHOULD be protecting ourselves from the vaccinated, not just because they gave in and therefore are not smart , but also because WE are the majority.”

      Totally DISAGREE!!!

      • Nothing in the world
        is as soft and yielding as water.
        Yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible,
        nothing can surpass it.

        The soft overcomes the hard;
        the gentle overcomes the rigid.
        Everyone knows this is true,
        but few can put it into practice.

        Tao Te Ching 78

        • Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, mik.

        • These days I do not discuss the topic with anyone whom I know is ‘radio controlled’. They cannot be helped. They are on their own until they start to grow at least some healthy skepticism.

          These days I advise anyone who is not entirely controlled to free himself completely from propaganda and to defend himself from the psychical attacks in the media by not listening to it – at all. I advice to not even listen to those who reproduce the propaganda in the forum or social media for whatever reason they might state (e.g. they are with us…).

          That is all there is to it: unplug, accept insecurity, become free with all the others that have done this already but cannot be seen because they have unplugged.

          • You have a good point but it’s only useful after you have insulated your self and for uh and some real world helpers

            If you JUST cut off from media and are still part of the system your actually worse off because you won’t even know what direction the next pile of turds is going to come from. You don’t want to be dependent And uninformed And cut off from mutual aid

          • EngineeredPhilosopher,

            “They cannot be helped.”

            This is just wrong on so many levels.

            Don’t you believe that ability for a change is inherent to human nature?
            Way of thinking you presented produces division and if radicalized it deprives the other ones of humanity, leads to formation of an enemy and consequently fight.

  3. If blockchain is your solution for money and everything, you have been fooled, so stop reading now as this will be a waste of your time. If the label of “open source” gives you peace of mind, can you point to an example of when someone caught malicious code in a widely distributed application? If you are looking for an alternative platform, then you are simply moving from Coke to Pepsi.

    For over two decades I have been working on tools for hyper-secure communications and autonomy. However, the first issue I encounter, in the rare case of actual dialog, is fear. The best line I got was “you are on the wrong side of the NSA.” If you live in fear, give up and kiss the boot that is stomping on you. You have no hope.

    The second issue is that there is a disagreement another issue, typically theology. Why do you want alternative platforms? Perhaps so those that disagree can engage in rationale dialog? That may be OK, except for “THOSE” people, right? I have been told I am foolish because I am a follower of Christ. However, I am willing to work with and fairly represent the Atheist and Muslim. If you can’t work with me then the Bible has a word for you: “δειλός”.

    Perhaps the third issue is “if I can’t make money on it, I’m not interested”. We are back to the boot analogy.

    I have proposed ShofarCoin as a monetary alternative, but since you can make money off of the manipulation of money, it has to be ignored. Yes, it is self-issued credit.

    There is the ShofarLeaks project, which is a different model then the better known WikiLeaks. However, we hear that Belmarsh is uncomfortable.

    There is ShofarDomain which works with and works around the IANA domain name system. With the private routing idea, local communities and those spanning the globe become out of reach to the overlords.

    However, since the focus is “simple and consistent”, rather than ultra-fast downloads and the latest cool features, there is little interest. The objective is to be able to communicate and find relevant information so you can exorcise your mind. If your mind is in the hands of Google, you have no hope. If social media is your life and you need to always know what the latest is, then you were described 2,000 years ago in Athens. See Acts 17:21.

    I do the technology and can defend it. If there is someone who can explain it better than I, please contact me.

    • The objective is to be able to communicate and find relevant information so you can exorcise your mind.

      Well put.

      In the name of the one true god
      we shall drain the blood of the unborn
      On the tallest altar to it, money god
      we shall gladly lay down and die

      • I find it interesting that you commented on the periphery and ignored the substance.
        Open source has many advantages, such as the ability to take what exists and change it to your needs. However, most simply look at it as free to use, such as what I do with Inscape, Blend, GIMP, etc.
        Security issues are typically found by some form of penetration testing, and then the code can be examined and debugged by any party. However, finding a bug by examining the code, I suggest, is the minority.
        An obvious example is Heartbleed which shows that bugs in open source can exist for a long time unnoticed.
        A secondary issue is putting the source on a third party server. If you become politically incorrect, you will be removed. A better solution is to embed the source with the application as typically this is a modest increase in size.
        There is also the issue of open source licensing. I suggest, and live, simply putting it in the public domain.

        • My point is that you are making assumptions and guessing about things in the physically-existent universe.

          These things require evidence.

          Too many people making assumptions and arguing as if their assumptions must be correct because of some philosophizing on topics they are factually incorrect, from the beginning, is how we end up in so many holes.

          • Your response is interesting. I gave evidence to make my case and then you wax eloquent with “These things require evidence.” Do you see a logical inconsistency here?

  4. HAM and MASH should serve quite well when push comes to shove.

    • mkey: did you mean MESH network? I.e. a typo?
      If not please expand on MASH, search is polluted by a MASH TV series. Thanks.


        Mesh via cellphones were a thing in Haiti after the earthquake. They forwarded the emails and stuff automatically and I recall seeing a retro tech video about a late 90s kids device that could network around an area for instant messages and games and stuff…the issue is that it’s rather close range and you need to have enough people locally who want to be on your network

        This video was pretty cool… mass surveillance homebrew style with a mesh net thrown in

        • Mesh networks are great during disasters, like Haiti, or shutdowns, like the Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong, or what happened in Kashmir. But they should be the norm. However, when there is no economic motive to be a part, it is hard to encourage people to be involved. See the communist model.
          If you use a method where there is economic motive for each node in the network, rather than a single ISP, then a robust system could be built. It is called Matryoshka, but I could not find anyone to promote it.

          • Most people care more about ease of use and not having to know anything about how the magic box works….That’s why RSS is not the default and people still use resource hogging trash like windows or hipster-slave ware like mac. Steve jobs made his money on people wanting a computer to be an appliance.

            If you can make a Mesh network app that dumb people can click and use without knowing anything about it people will jump right on and then Google will buy you ou out and kill the project 🙂

            Economic incentives you or I can make are going to be tiny…when it comes to economic incentives the people who print money out of nothing and kill you if you won’t accept it will win every time. YouTube is not economically viable…Twitter and defaced book are not either.

            • It seems you are saying, “It won’t work, so give up.” My simple response is: NO!
              I have kids, and some of them already have kids. As an act of love to them, I will continue to try until my last breath.
              I am not trying to form an organization, so there is no organization for Google to buy.
              If there are a bunch of individuals and some are compromised, there still remains hope with those who are not.
              So giving up is not an option. This will remain true for me alone, or with others.
              Are you going to give up?

          • No, I don’t think you should give up. I just think you need to be realistic in what you expect.

            The tech oligarchs have unlimited fake money to pee away on “free” services and under priced devices.

            You can not win on cost, ease of use, user numbers in any tech battle because you do not have a financial system and government power backing you up… you can only win with geeks and principal type people.

            That’s fine, normies are pretty useless anyway.

            • I’m sorry, but I don’t follow the implication of not being “realistic”. There was no suggestion of taking over the world and displacing Google. Agreed, there is no hope for most normies. I’m after those who desire alternatives for their own autonomy. However, when even those people give up, that is when there is little hope.
              There are those, like myself, who use farmers’ markets, and don’t have a cellphone. Those are the people that give me hope.

  5. Wow! Look at all the cool links in the shownotes!

    I appreciate the fact that James Corbett has interviews with a vast array of different people.
    It widens the horizon of perspectives.
    Also, it can benefit both parties and their subscriber bases by this type of exposure.

    One of the affiliate links on the TruthConduit website is “Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm”.
    Coincidently, a few years ago prior to 2020, I bought a bunch of worms from Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm. It was good service and was loaded with important information. I wanted to use some worms to help break up the black clay gumbo vertisol soils here in North Texas. Just so folks know, having a worm farm can be an interesting source of revenue, and this endeavor offers some cool inputs/outputs.
    I took some of the worms and placed them in the yard. Then, I tried my hand at raising the worms by making worm bins from deep plastic tubs, but had to keep them in the garage during the summer’s high Texas heat. At first I had them outside in the shade, but it started getting hot. Very briefly, I had them in the house where it was cooler, but the critters would find ways to escape. That’s kind of creepy when you are barefoot walking in the dark and might step on one. They still escaped in the garage, and I was continuously cleaning up the dried crusty ones. Finally, I ditched the idea. Maintenance…I just did not want to invest anymore time or resources into maintenance. So, I placed these fellas in various parts of the yard.

    • I still get emails from Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm years after contacting them once.
      I still raise worms for the worm tea and castings. And the occasional chicken treat. They live in an old covered concrete sink in the shade. The juice drains into a 5gal bucket which I empty into a barrel with an air bubbler. (Which I need to fix).
      Plants love the tea.
      Turns out that they coexist happily with black soldier fly larvae too.

    • Yes, a better model than Blockchain based, but has two obvious issues. One is there is much better anonymity with ShofarCoin as all transactions are simple fixed value. If you want pay $3, then you actually do 3 $1 transactions. This removes traceability by transaction size as there is no direct relationship in the communications that relates the transactions.

      But the greater problem is that both suffer from the issue of no money to be made on the manipulation of money. Therefore to get it started requires benevolence, perhaps based on future savings. But that savings only comes if there is a motivation to develop a market. That is why ShofarCoin has been dormant for years.

  6. Richard Clark – Cyber911

    I am so damn impressed with James Corbett’s ability to sort these puzzle pieces!
    While talking about Cyber911, around the 5 minute mark James Corbett briefly describes the Richard Clark Anecdote. In the shownotes, he references the Nov 29, 2020 article “When False Flags Go Virtual”.

    …We do not have to speculate about this. It was confirmed by Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig at a conference in 2008.
    “I had dinner once with Richard Clarke at the table,” he told the audience at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in Half Moon Bay, California. “And I said, ‘Is there an equivalent to the Patriot Act — an iPatriot Act — just sitting, waiting for some substantial event? Just waiting for them to come have the excuse for radically changing the way the Internet works?’
    And he said, ‘Of course there is’ — and I swear this is what he said — ‘and Vint Cerf is not going to like it very much.'”

    Keep in mind that the Richard Clarke who told Lessig about the iPatriot Act is the same Richard Clarke who came out after the death of Michael Hastings to note that intelligence agencies have ways to remotely hijack cars, steer people to their deaths and disguise their tracks well enough to “get away with it.”…


    Towards the very end of
    False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda — Part 2: 9/11
    is the interview segment of Richard Clarke with John Duffy and Ray Nowosielski.
    Richard Clark ties a bow to it. The Official Story of 9/11 is a lie.
    As James Corbett narrates…
    …At this point, the “incompetence” theory of “failures” and “missed opportunities” is not only not supportable, it is a transparent falsehood. There is only one conclusion possible: These “terrorists” were deliberately aided.

    This is not fringe conspiracy thinking. Even Richard Clarke eventually came to this conclusion…

    …That the former top-ranking counterterrorism official in the United States has publicly accused the former director of the CIA and other top CIA officials of running an operation involving the accused 9/11 hijackers and then covering up that operation and information about it up to and through 9/11 —- an incredible accusation…on YouTube…—- is apparently of so little importance that it has never been followed up on by any major media outlet…

    …The spectacular, catalyzing terror attack of 9/11 was not allowed to happen. It was made to happen….

    • Always look at those events which were made possible by 9/11, it is like a rounding up of the frogs into the cooking pot, without that step you cant turn up the heat…without those steps after 9/11 currently restrictions and covid pass activity are alot less likely to be accepted.
      Its all a big deception and not only since 9/11 its a century+ old, including the vaccine narrative.

  7. David Icke has just published a much more inclusive talk about money, in which he includes it’s basic mission of control, and the reality of having no money, and what that means to the entire society, one by one.

    I’m waiting for someone to talk about the electrician and the electricity and the gasoline and petrol products tho. Let’s not leave out the chemical corporations which produce these computers, etc. They all depend on those massive controlling corporations.
    Funny how America got by without money for thousands of years, and managed not to destroy itself to boot. Strange thing, money. Wonder why that philosopher called it “the Universal Whore”? He must have been a communist, which makes all that he thought and wrote nil and void. Right?
    Strange times filled with Saturnian fears.

    • American did not get by without trade… oney is just a way to do trade.

      I believe that cowri shells were used in the Pacific north west as money and the plains Indians had bead money but that was after European arrival I think

  8. So Carstens doesn’t know that you can go down to the corner store in many, many towns in the USA, hand them cash, give them your family member/friend’s bank account number and id number and the money hits their bank in minutes for next to no fees?


  9. Ham radio is full of boomers but its it’s pretty cool and useful.
    The ‘time of the hour’ guy back in the 90s had an ultra low power radio station that needed no to minimal licensing and had his show replayed by locals….though he was actually crazy

  10. It sounds like the Japanese are following the orders of the Technocrats without any laws. This seems more concerning.

    • Paul

      In japan they literally disarmed the peasants and locked them into their zones after their last big civil war. I read in “tales of old japan” a ton of stories about people getting into bother with the gov and their whole family getting killed off so your selecting out the rebellious genes.

      Then after keeping them in serfdom for centuries the ruling class in Japan switch around and turn them all into industrial age workers and soldiers in a generation and subject the kids to Prussian Schooling… I always wondered what that did to the japanese psyce

  11. Hi James,

    Please listen. This year I’ve have immersed myself into crypto and I’m very positive found a valuable addition to an alternative payment system.
    Of course crypto is nothing new and you yourself were very early, but I’m talking about such a buttery smooth payment experience plus ease of saving money which is also making great strides to be the defacto stable-coin accross different blockchains:
    I am talking about the Terra Luna crypto ecosystem. It uses UST (=TerraUSD) as it’s stable-coin and is the only successfull algorithmic decentralized stable-coin. In the Terra Luna ecosystem it is coupled with another crypto, namely Luna. If you want to mint UST you have to burn Luna and vice versa, and so it maintains it’s peg. Presently the TVL (Total Value Locked) on the blockchain is only surpassed by Ethereum. It was a young crypto but it has taken it’s present place by storm.

    Anyway, once you have set up the system with the Terra Station on your computer and the Terra Station extension in your brouwser (Chrome) you can securely transact (by mainly using a Ledger hardware wallet in combination with your Terra Station extension in your Chrome brouwswer). A costs only like 10 cents. This is what you want to have installed to transact smoothly with other people, your community or retail you want to support. There are a lot of things you can do on the Terra Blockchain and it is expanding fast. Sure, it takes a bit of a technological effort but once you’re set up, it’s a pleasure. To name three additional great points is that UST aims to be the currency to be used in all blockchains, it aims to be free of censorship (architect Do Kwon also sued the SEC), and Terra Luna is a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) blockchain so if you’re not doing anything with your UST, you can send it to one of it’s protocols – Anchor Protocol and get paid 20% APY (per year) in UST instead of getting 0% on your bank account. In fact, getting a guaranteed return of 20% on your money is a good hook to get normies (meaning non-crypto savvy people) hooked on the protocol. In one sentence: Who needs banks anymore, no less central banks, if you can transact and use the services of the DeFi-blockchain of Terra Luna? If you’ve experienced this, banks really feel so outdated.
    Another benefit is that it is creating seamless hubs with its spiritual mother-chain Cosmos which in turn hosts a cambrian explosion of crypto’s of small and larger entrepeneurs and which all can be smoothly swapped.

    James, I am a fan of your #SolutionsWatch, and I think covering payment via UST via Terra Station is a worthy addition to that.
    I’m sorry I haven’t shown my face here more this last year, but I’ve been immersed in crypto a large part of it and I’m telling you this is one to pay attention to.

    There is a series you can watch to better know what to do, and I’ll provide the first one here:

    Good luck and thank you for your work!

    • Note the red flags. The “stable-coin” moniker sounds great, but you can see that the price does fluctuate significantly. Therefore what you have in hand today you may not tomorrow. Compare the price of handing someone a dollar for an item verses paying an additional $.10 fee for the same item. Why would you do that?
      Blockchain, which is essentially rebranded Merkle trees from the 1970s, may be physically distributed, but remains logically centralized. Your faith is in dazzle, and a hope in making money on the manipulation of money.
      There is a reason so many are pushing crypto-currencies as it a way to make serious cash by the influx of trust by others. In other words a Ponzi scheme. Think hard about where the money is coming from that backs the currencies. It is not from a product, but by bringing others into the system with their funds. What you have is like holding a work of art whose value is in the eye of the beholder, not because it has an intrinsic value.
      What we see happening is the dazzle and get-rich-quick bringing many into the fold. Then when we are used to it, an event will occur and many will second guess what they have done and revert to the “more stable” versions offered by central banks. The rest will be left holding the empty bag. You are being played.

      • Yes, I note the red flags of you making statements on a subject you haven’t done any research on. Stable-coins are designed to maintain a 1-to-1 peg with a currency. You say the price of a stable-coin fluctuates wildly, but there are multiple stablecoins (eg USDC, USDT, BUSD, UST) and you can see that the price does NOT fluctuate wildly. Even if you put the charts on amaximum timeframe they remain remarkable stable:

        USDC (USD Coin):

        USDT (Tether):

        BUSD (Binance USD):

        UST (TerraUSD):

        As you can see, they are stable and stable-coins are in fact to park crypto-gains without entering the fiat-banking system. Which can be a big benefit.

        Further you go on an talk about a ponzi-scheme. Crypto is no more a ponzi-scheme than the fiat currencies you have in your bank account. I would say less so. The dollar in your bank-account is backed by nothing but debt. I suggest you study up on monetary history 101 (watch ‘Money as Debt’ or James Corbett’s documentary ‘Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve). The difference is that it is privatized, and at least the crypto’s have a growing adoption (think of how many people used in 1998 and think of how many people use it now). I will take a decentralized currency over a centralized currency every day of the week.

        Admittedly, not every stable-coin is the same. That is why I explicitly named UST. This is the only algoritmic stable-coin. Others, such as USDC or USDT are backed by something but there is controversy how much backing there is. As I already said, UST holds its peg by ‘burning’ its twin coin Luna if there is increased demand for UST in the Terra Luna ecosystem blockchain, and it mints more Luna if there is decreased demand in UST. So: UST holds its peg to the dollar and Luna fluctuates.

        Note that I wasn’t talking about you buying Luna althoug I am bullish (look up the term) on it. May I suggest you make a note of the present price ($78 today) and then look at the price in a years time. I suspect you will not buy anything but you feel remorse at that time. But that was not my topic for this post.

        Note that I mentioned stable-coin crypto (specifically UST) as an alternative means for a payment system as to part of a solution that could be used in James’ Solution Watch and not to get rich quick. I stand by that statement.

        • Are you familiar with issues when you use an ad hominem? I started work with cryptography in 1974 and public key cryptography in 1977, so yes I am clearly a novice. I have not only watched “’Century of Enslavement” but purchased a DVD to support James and share with family. James commented that he might be one of the only people who watched the latter installments of “Money as Debt”, but I am also among them. But go even further, if you go to the Money as Debt site you will find documents on the fallacies of crypto-currencies as they are simply another form of fiat money that brings no value to the table to back it up, but just hope in hype. And then there is the issue that I worked with Paul Grignon a couple years ago to refine and bring to market ShofarCoin. So you must obviously be right, I know nothing of this. The video at must have been done by someone who has never studied the subject.

          You state “Crypto is no more a ponzi-scheme than the fiat currencies…”, but it does remain a fiat currency. So you feel more secure with a fiat currency based on another fiat currency? Think about that. We have a fiat money system that is based on faith in the system, but not any value behind it. Therefore we will build a Ponzi scheme to say we are better, but in reality it is simply a way to extract fiat money by sleight of hand.

          You use the decentralized mantra, but I suggest that is simply deception. It is physically decentralized, but logically centralized. That is by definition what a Merkle tree or Blockchain is.

          Blockchain is simply techno-dazzle to lure people in. The return on investment idea is the bait. The idea of it being a better monetary system is just the marketing.

          A monetary system that works to the benefit of those buying and selling, rather than the financial community, has virtually no cost to the buyer or seller. What is transferred is actual value, not trust in Blockchain hype. This is the producer issued credit model, which does NOT require Blockchain or the mining hype behind it.

          If I want to buy or sell a dollar item, and can use a monetary system where the cost of the transaction is $.10, or $.03, or less than a cent, which would I choose? A clue, the first two are fiat based.

          So instead of struggling over which Blockchain is best, why not struggle on ways to benefit the buyer and seller?

          • You bring up several different points that I will address:

            – You talk about red flags, and then state that you can see stable-coins fluctuate significantly, while I’ve proved they do not. I do not see how it is possible how you can research stable-coins and make these claims. Would like to retract your statement or would you like to double down on your statement? Can you tell me why anyone reasonably should have assumed you are knowledgeable on monetary matters if you start making such firm though unsubstantiated claims like that?
            You talk about ad hominem, and go on in length about how well you are versed in ?cryptography? (=something different than cryptocurrency) but you didn’t and still don’t address the content of what I put forth regarding the stability of stable-coins.

            – You talk about a ponzi-scheme but in the case of stable-coins you have to make a distinction between a currency as a medium of exchange and money as a store of value.
            So the dollar is not a good store of value, it is not backed by much except debt and I would not recommend holding it for an extended period of time in cash-form. But it is an excellent medium of exchange: there is no better medium to buy pretty much anything with you want. See the difference?
            It is the same with stable-coins. In crypto, UST functions extremely well as a medium of exchange. Again: hence me putting the UST stable-coins forth for the Solutions Watch. James Corbett was talking about PAYMENT systems, not store of values. Your arguments against stable-coins don’t address this adequately I feel. It’s easy making up stuff at the side-lines, but if you start using the Terra Luna ecosystem you’ll start seeing what it is about. I like the anti-Central Bank vibe of the community. In any case, you can use stable-coins to pay and buy things with it – at a stable rate (contrary to what you seem to believe) like a good medium of exchange should. And if you so choose to you can later swap it to virtual stores of value like bitcoin or swap it to fiat money and then buy physical stores of value like gold or commodities.

          • – You have to see cryptocurrencies for what they really are: they are not currencies. To think of them only as currencies (and therefore think about them in terms of ponzi-currencies is so simplistic it’s just wrong: better to think of crypto as decentralized companies). The term cryptocurrencies is a misnomer in my opinion. They are called crypto-currencies because bitcoin was the first: used as a currency and based on cryptography. Hence the name. But by far most of crypto have different functions than a currency, they are programmable smart contracts, which can be executed permissionless. Note that therefore two socalled ‘cryptocurrencies’ can be wildly different from each other and they absolutely need not have anything to do with currency. Also note that it is not 2017 anymore, when every ‘cryptocurrency’ except maybe Ethereum basically still was a whitepaper. Cryptocurrencies have evolved and have practical utilities now and it has accelerated tremendously since the mid 2020’s. A lot of categories, but one of the most important ones in my opinion is DeFi. Most crypto isn’t even Proof of Work anymore but rather Proof of Stake. You can stake your coins, vote with them, yieldfarm with them, etc.

            – If you haven’t been paying attention to crypto too much in the last 2 years, you’ve missed it, but it’s not the same space anymore by a long shot. Crypto is still mostly a young man’s game but adoption is growing faster than with the internet. Most people in my generation probably are behind the curve, but the younger generations are really diving in too it. I feel blessed I dove in on time. Seeing that you started your career in 1974 you’re even a generation older than me. You might see it as a ponzi, but I assure you that the younger generations don’t care. But even the older financial savvy people are coming around into crypto. I’ve been watching a lot of sound-money advocates (eg Casey Research and lots of others) for over a decade now and I notice that one by one they have been converted as to seeing bitcoin as virtual gold (since the bitcoin scaling wars it was apparent nobody controls bitcoin, bitcoin adheres to the five criteria of Aristoteles’ definition of sound money (durable, portable, divisible, fungible and intrinsic value [try transporting gold vs bitcoin into another country], it even has a better stock-to-flow than gold to name a few things).

          • – One additional note on stable-currencies. Like I said there are different ones. I like TerraUSD (UST) but I don’t like Tether (USDT). I see Tether as a sort of ponzi myself, but it doesn’t matter for the medium of exchange. Tether isn’t backed enough, but it doesn’t matter: for example Asian people such as the Chinese don’t care because it is a way for them to access the dollar: Chinese can’t get dollars, but they can get USDT. So there is your backing. Or the shadowbanking system is even bigger than the regular banking system. They use USDT for transactions. USDT won’t fall anytime soon. And if it fails, UST will be the beneficiary. It doesn’t matter, the main point is: can you set up an alternative payment system that works for you? My answer is yes. Set up your Terra Station and see how smooth it is and all the possibilities you get when transacting with other people. Stable-coins are just good commerce outside of the banking system. You can swap your UST’s into anything the moment you get them.

            – I’ve looked at the ShofarNexus site and watched the video and I have respect for you for participating in that. I really mean that! It could be brought up in a SolutionsWatch for James too.
            Although in my opinion it has some drawbacks as compared to stable-coins as a medium of exchange:
            a) stable-coins have MASSIVE adoption, Shofar does not;
            b) Shofar seems much more laborious to execute but I could be wrong
            c) stable-coins are an excellent medium of exchange, while Shofar is much more limited in that regard
            d) did you know you now have different credit cards in which you can pay with crypto. We’re closing the loop, independent where you don’t need the banking system anymore, we’re building our own system.
            But Shofar has a valid place too, I like the option of transaction without a trace.

            My hat off to you for spreading the word about the banking system with James’ video’s. I too have bought a bunch of James’ video’s and try to convince loved ones. I find things have an educational build-up. You need a foundation so you can build further. So first I explain the banking system, then I show Eisenhowers presidential farewell speech on the Military Industrial Complex, then the freefall of World Trade Center Building 7 during 9-11, then The Quigley Formula by Edward Griffin (focus on the lecture, ignore the audience), and then I finish off with eugenics in the How&Why Big Oil Conquered the World and also the Who is Bill Gates Documentary about Covid.
            Also starting your own Telegram group for family, friends and interested people in which you make clear anything can be discussed and then sending regular truth-related material helps.

            – You say that crypto is “physically decentralized, but logically centralized”.
            But on the Shofar-site it says that Bitcoin is “logically decentralized, but physically distributed”.

          • – We are not going back, the Central Bank Digitial Currencies can stuff it. No way. And the new generation isn’t having it either. This is a war to the death, and the Central Bank Digital Currencies aren’t the ones that are going to win. They are behind hopelessly, I see that every day. There is a massive amount being built. Sure, CBDC’s will convince the laggarts, but not the savvy crypto users. So, the question is: are you going to invest the time? I’ve answered this for myself with: Yes! My tip is to do the same. And I meant what I said about UST, Luna and the Terra Luna ecosystem.

            I wish you the best, good luck!

            • You continue with ad hominems and lofty expressions but miss the fundamentals. For most of us our objective is to exchange value, while you are making money on the manipulation of money. You are a money-changer.

              When considering the younger generation, since I use cash for the bulk of my purchases it is easy to find many of the young who simply cannot make change without a calculator. These are the ones who think the US government stimulus packages were to their benefit, rather than enslaving them. They see the dazzle of crypto, but don’t see the hidden costs (yes, that is a play on words).

              Half of your words talk about the stability of stable-coins, but the focus continues to be the return in investment. This is a marketing technique and what a money-changer would do.

              You attack me by stating I have not researched the subject. Then when I give evidence of my work in cryptography, which refined into public key cryptography, which leads into Merkle trees, which is rebranded as Blockchain, and I demonstrate a depth of knowledge with the ShofarCoin video, you still attack again with subtleties like cryptography is something different than cryptocurrency. Please don’t try to pull the wool over people’s eyes. Crypto currencies are based on the fundamentals of public key cryptography. You are trying to do calculus without knowing how to add.

              Earlier kyle pointed to a video that is about MyCHIP, which is another producer issued credit model. It seems also dormant, like ShofarCoin. The issue we both have is that there is no personal benefit from providing a system of exchange that does not extract money in the transaction or build a mystical market capitalization based on hype.

              The crypto pushers will take the stage, find a lot of followers, extract a lot of money from them, but the central banks will win. You will be blinded by your pride that you think you can defeat the big kid on the block, but most will simply end up with a bloody nose.

              Thank you for noticing the error on the ShofarNexus site. It is fixed.

        • Oscar, pardon my french, but you are full of it if you can’t see the ponzi scheme behind bitcoin.

          Also, stable coin is good because its value is pegged??? Why don’t we just peg and fix prices for everything, it’s brilliant. I’m sure nobody else before has thought of doing so, what could go wrong?

          Why don’t you just spare us the wait and tell us the price of Luna in a year’s time? I’m sure you have made a great investment and that its going to go to the Moon with all the suckers pouring in.

          • NGMI

            Brilliant comments. It’s clear you’ve done extensive research on this. #NOT

            • If I didn’t learn anything today. I learn what your acronym stands for. And that you know a lot about what you speak. I actually did understand a fraction of it. Thanks for that.
              But I will stick with what I replied to Jeff Berwick today.
              “Aye matey. Silver I understand”.

  12. What’s the song at the end of the interview with the British chick singer?

  13. What was that about false flags and cyber attacks?
    On point James!!

    From Press for Truth
    “An anonymous source within the US intelligence community has leaked knowledge of an apparent plan by the Russians to launch a false flag attack that is to be blamed on Ukraine as a pretext to justify an invasion of Ukraine as over 100,000 Russian troops gather along the border. Meanwhile a cyber attack has been launch on Ukraine with blame already being pointed at the Russians even though they themselves just took down a group of the cyber hacking criminals known as REvil. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains that the real false flag here is the notion that the Russians are going to carry out a false flag and it’s all being perpetuated by NATO and the Biden administration in an effort to gain more control both over the region and also at home!”

    I don’t generally tune into what the press secretary says, but I did today. Psaki from the White House regime on the subject.
    Oh and FEMA will work with the DoD to help staff both medical and non-medical positions in hospitals when states request it. Because what better way to keep tabs on hospital compliance than sending in the US military to “help”?

    Add in the sudden but brief ground stop issued by the FFA on Monday for the Western United States because of a ‘National Security Threat’. Planes haven’t been grounded en masse like that since 9/11.

    Hold on folks, it’s going to be a hell of a year!! Let’s get our communities in order.

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