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via MaverickMindcast: In this episode, I speak to journalist & podcaster, James Corbett, of We discuss the inconsequential repercussions of Elon Musk buying Twitter, how the MSM uses these kinds of distractions to detract from the real agenda, what freedom and a new vision for the future might look like, cryptocurrency and more.



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  1. My conversations with folks always seem to end up with trying to explain that the changes I am seeking and working for are not likely to be achieved for many generations.
    I am then left trying to explain why its worth denying myself worldly “pleasures”, sacrificing relationships and often alienating acquaintances. Simply so that I can say things that hardly anyone wants to hear. Especially when they point out that I haven’t any offspring.
    They usually don’t seem too impressed with my answer but it is the only one I have.
    I just want to see humanity survive and have freedom someday.

    • Good for you for being authentic and not a bullshitter. You’re being genuine with people and should be proud.

      I only share my views with close friends and people I think have an open mind. At work, I don’t say much to people because I need my paycheck now. Hopefully will have a job in the next 5 years that I can be more authentic.

      My husband got let go from his old job for being honest about what he thought about Covid and because he refused the vaccine. It was a factor in why they let him go. He’s been a little more cautious now at his new job because we do need the money. It sucks to keep your mouth shut around a bunch of idiots.

      • I’m lucky with the work thing. Nobody can fire me. But I know that I have lost a couple of customers because of my mouth.
        Worth it!

        • And you might enlighten someone in the process. Someone enlightened me in 2016 when Trump was elected president. This lady on Facebook told me that the “elites” had contro/l of the left and right and were really in charge or something to that effect. I was a lefty at the time and I’m not sure why but I wanted to follow up on what she said to prove her wrong. I listened to a Catherine Austin Fitz interview and it was really interesting and then I found the podcast by James Corbett on Noam Chomsky “Academic Gatekeeper” and I started listening to all of James’s work on my way to work and back home. It was an hour drive both ways. I knew the Kennedy assassination was a conspiracy, too much evidence of conspiracy and that 9/11 was sketchy too, finding an ID in the rubble.

          And I was pretty convinced that yes indeed there are rich interests that control governments and stuff. I was pretty normie back then and kind of still am in a way, still watch movies and things like that. Anyway, my point is that I think it’s important to tell the truth to people. You never know who might make a huge difference with what you share.

    • Keep fighting the good fight, Steve. Anyone with an attitude towards freedom like you have is a brother of mine.

    • What’s not to be impressed with someone who sacrifices material possession, status and convenience for principle, morality and ability to freely exercise their rights? Are these people Christians? They “should” be able to relate to these concepts. Why should it matter if you have children or not? Should a general care for the future condition of humanity only be relegated to those who have a genetic stake? As much as I see having a family being a powerful motivation to strive to create a life, community, and world free from the authoritarian slave conditions of the NWO it can also be a control system on the inverse.

      How many people directly working for the control system of slavery whether it’s government, police, media, Pharma, military etc know how evil their employer is but simply shrug it off saying “I’ve got a family to feed”? As if that’s any justification. They’re probably painfully aware of how shallow their marriage is and how flighty their spouse would be to any hit to their quality of life. Not to mention spending and debt habits are far too fragile to withstand any deviation to their income, living beyond their means.

      I would just ask them what are they willing to be subjected to in order to maintain their precious pecuniary and social standing? Since rights aren’t of value to them juxtaposed to material comforts. The store manager at my previous job said he was willing to get “as many vaccines as the company asked him to”. It just shows you that a good percentage of people aren’t moral, they aren’t principled and they aren’t wise. Humanity will continue to suffer greatly under bondage of our current condition until this changes. It’s all about “me”, nothing exists but me and my pleasure and my comforts. Oh, I don’t care about that. I’ll be dead before that happens. They’re all de facto solipsists and probably have never even heard the term.

  2. 10 Chickens, 3 Ducks. Large Garden. Always had the Garden, Birds are new. Thanks for all you do.

      • I wanted to get a goose awhile back but my wife has put her foot down about that. My ferocious Bavarian shepherd turned out to be agoraphobic, is afraid of her own shadow and only shows aggression towards the mailman through a double paned window. I need a good guard critter.
        A couple weeks ago the neighbor’s cat eviscerated 5 chickens. I think I might run the goose idea up the flagpole again. Maybe the wife will go for it this time. Thanks for reminding me about how territorial and mean geese can be. Maybe they will even bite Duke energy people. ?

        • Lol… i had a goose bite me one time and a kid. They are pretty evil… you could get one of those nasty little dogs if you can’t get a goose ?

          My mini dog has a brain too small to fit fear into and is super aggressive walking perimeter alarm…. that cat must be pretty huge to get a chicken, or maybe my bantams are just super mean because even the dogs stay away from the rooster

  3. I begrudge most people because for the past two years they DID NOT just enjoy their lives, DID NOT spend it with people they love, and DID NOT get along with others. Instead they got involved in something they didn’t understand and ended up destroying many relationships and livelihoods in the process. If the dedicated freedom fighters fought and the regular folks just went about their lives then the lockdowns would have never gotten off the ground just like back in the 2009 Swine Flu Pandemic.

  4. Imbalance of the mix…her too low, James too loud is very frustrating for my old ears 🙂

    I agree that so much of people’s lives these days are digital and not human fact to face, turning pages in a good book, etc.

    GET OFF THE PHONE (song)

  5. I would offer that what you are addressing James is the “order out of chaos” theory of the NWO. In other words, the creation of fear be it from real events or Kabuki theater. IMO, the fundamental tools of deception are the encouragement of FEAR and a belief in SCARCITY. Add to that the control of information (news) and they got you good.

    In 1970, Henry Kissinger said: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control people.”
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    “In March 1915, the J.P. Morgan interests the steel, shipbuilding, and powder interest, and their subsidiary organizations got together 12 men high up in the newspaper world and employed them to select the most influential newspapers in the United States and sufficient number of them to control generally the policy of the daily press …

    They found it was only necessary to purchase the control of 25 of the greatest papers. An agreement was reached; the policy of the papers was bought, to be paid for by the month; an editor was furnished for each paper to properly supervise and edit information regarding the questions of preparedness, militarism, financial policies, and other things of national and international nature considered vital to the interests of the purchasers.”
    – U.S. Congressman Oscar Callaway, 1917

    And of course today, in the world of digital deception, Cable news, blogs, etc. all manipulate reality to their own nefarious agendas.

  6. Great discussion. She is a good interviewer.

    At 48:17 James says that if he had the magic Anarchy switch that would convert the world overnight into an anarchical society, he would not flip it because the population is too used to the statist system right now. He then says becoming a free society must be a generational process in order for people to truly understand how to live in such a society.

    I agree, 100%. And the thing that will get us there is a stimulus of some kind. Just like the kind humanity is receiving right now through the attempted totalitarian takeover of society. So while on one hand what is going on right now and what is being planned is horrible, it is also the kind of stimulus required to evolve society into one of freedom. These dark times are the birth pangs of freedom. This is one the things that keeps me going.

    • scpat,
      I really like your comment regarding Interview 1725 – James Corbett on Maverick Mindcast.
      You hit some very good points.

      — “Repeat the Message” —
      This aspect of the interview stood out for me. Corbett does a good job of “Repeating the Message”.

      At the very top of this comment Thread is an important discussion about delivering the Message.
      I feel like “Repeating the Message” in whatever form is appropriate for the occasion can have long term impacts.
      For example: Corbett mentions that “False Flag” finally became a part of the mainstream vocabulary.

      “Repeat the Message” is part of how we win.
      It does work.

      • Thanks.

        Well said. And that’s how the message spreads—it gets repeated over and over.

    • I enjoyed reading your reply. “The transformation comes when the change is in your your heart, not your mind.” That resonates with me. Thank you.

      • “ the change is in your your heart, not your mind.” That resonates with me. Thank you”

        Ditto! Real, meaningful, lasting change must begin with a change of heart. The mind is much too fickle.

  7. Bravo bravo James…another one of your lucid talks. I have learned over the last couple of years to keep up with your comments, information, and clarity. The interviews that give me the biggest bang for my buck are these. Simple format, relaxed interviewer, and your ability to say the right amount in your answers. So I really like this interview for those reasons. I am all over your optimism… I hope it is as infectious to others as it is to me. Consider your communications out to me a complete success. And keep it going you are on a roll. Your pal, Buz

  8. Fact checker

    If you don’t think you can exist in a community without hydrocarbon fuels it’s pretty clear why you think humanity can’t win.

    Amazing fact is that Roman’s managed to build a world spanning empire with out hydrocarbons. Vikings managed to travel and colonize the world with little more then wood and bog iron. Aztecs and Inca had civilization without hydro carbons.

    Those too weak to choose freedom over comfort WILL certainly die.
    Itslike pathetic hipsters who think global warming dooms them then live in the city so they can get Starbucks and subway sandwiches.

    • “…..You really think congenital technophiles like James Corbett would be willing to live without electricity, the internet, and their precious webcams?…..”

      Translation.. “I am too attached to such things this ALL people are as attached to them and thus like me will choose a cosy death over a hard life.

      “…We live in Hell, and..”

      Your a person ready to give up and die because you lost your job…but are not without internet, and i presume food and a roof… if you are already in Hell then really jou do not appear fitted to life in such a low tech community.

      “…good god Duck, can you go without responding to even…”

      Meh… too wet to work

    • Unless we go back to slave labour i think hyrdocarbons and the tech it provides will prevail.

      • JulienK

        Amish do pretty ok without hydrocarbons or slavery …they have large families and, as of a few years ago, I read they make enough money that they were buying up land to seed new communities.

        There is a pretty good chance that the tech system will mostly degrade on its own thanks to purple hairs and diversity hires…. California certainly has a time keeping power flowing…. but for now you can set up your own local power pretty easy anyway with solar and a Jackery anyway

        • I am off grid. I do have a car and I have a generator for non-necessities (like printing labels for the things I make and watching videos occasionally, etc.). I am very interested in animal powered things and using tumbling rods. I have quite a few hand-crank and pedal-powered tools. Of course, they were made in a factory somewhere, but most were probably made pre-electricity (treadle sewing machines, treadle leather sewing machine, hand-crank drill presses, etc.). There are lots of really neat things that don’t require electricity. I have a book called Pedal Power – very interesting. I wish someone could help me set up a tumbling rod to use a tool I have for making splints for basket-making. I have a calf that I have trained to a yoke that could keep the tumbling rod going. Just not sure how to set it all up. I’m good at coming up with ideas, but not so good at implementing them. 😉

          • “Power before steam” a book by John Vince is something you might like to read if you’re into that and can find it cheaply

            Lots of good illustrations of old tech

            • Thanks. I will look it up. 🙂

              My mom’s cousin recently gave me a book called The Forgotten Crafts by John Seymour. A page or two or four on various old-time skills such as coal-making, basket-making, making cribs (hay feeders for animals), stone wall building, fences and stiles… and I’m just at the beginning.

              If only we could just be left alone to live in peace. There are so many interesting things to learn and do and some people just want to dominate and control everyone. 🙁

          • I can only find it as a download. It says signing up is free, but once you fill out the form, you have to enter your credit card info to pay $1 for something or other. I don’t have a credit card or do virtual money transfers. 🙁
            If you have any leads, let me know.

  9. I’m a bit surprised that James, with his degree in philosophy, couldn’t define “truth.” Either he didn’t study Aristotle, the Father of Logic and of all
    “Realist” philosophy, or he only considers him as just one seeker of answers to ultimate questions among many. “Truth” is the correspondence between the mind and reality, or between the mind and a fact. I also think he and everyone else could greatly benefit by coming to see that there is a spiritual world, which even our intellect and free will take part in, and that traditional, as opposed to truncated and debased Christianity, coherently answers many questions which the unaided human reason cannot. The great leader of the Oxford Movement in England, John Henry Newman, very eloquently and profoundly addresses the mind-boggling problems facing the human mind, including human evil and provides a coherent answer to it in Chapter 8 of his famous autobiography, Apologia Pro Vita Sua:
    C.S. Lewis also does a commendable job providing a persuasive rational case for Divine Revelation in his “Mere Christianity,” as well as in “The Abolition of Man,” available pretty cheap at

    • “…a spiritual world…coherently answers many questions which…reason cannot.”???

      Reason is our only means of knowing reality. Feeling you know, is not knowing. Beliefs invoke emotions (feelings), not the reverse. A belief has to come first, but it may not seem that way because most don’t arrive at their beliefs consciously, they acquire them by socialization, from others, without question or full understanding.

      This is shown by Ayn Rand, “Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology”. It’s complicated but she makes it easier.

      • Believing what God has revealed is quite different from “feeling.” In fact, as John Henry Newman explains in the link above, one can have absolute certainty in what God has revealed.

        No natural religion proceeding from the mind of man, no natural philosophy, be it James’s Stoicism or any other, can answer the ultimate questions re- our origin, nature, and ultimate destiny, nor what is the best recipe for human living. The ultimate answers are to be found in the Person and teaching of Jesus Christ, Son of God and Redeemer of the world.

        Blaise Pascal said very profoundly: “The Incarnation, by profoundly changing the nature of man, has become the only way for us to understand man. Not only do we understand God only through Jesus Christ. We understand ourselves only through Jesus Christ. We understand life and death only through Jesus Christ. Outside Jesus Christ, we don’t know what life is, nor death, nor God, nor ourselves.”

        We are immersed in a great spiritual battle against the powers of darkness and their human agents. Before the structures of the Catholic Church were taken over, including the papacy in 1958 (, Fr Denis Fahey, a great scholar, spelled out the whole matter in this too little known little book:

        • Fact checker

          Even if you were correct your own philosophy is one of despair and death and personal disempowerment.

          Words and thoughts should be subject to meaning and purpose. Without meaning words are just an intellectual toy…. you are so much better then that.

          People would listen to a guy as smart as you if you had a plan for hope and life

        • There is one true religion, Christianity, and one true Church, the traditional (pre-1958 takeover) Catholic Church, now a small but growing “remnant” faithful to all that has been taught and handed down (tradition) by the Apostles and their successors. Anyone who takes the time to actually read even just part of one of the 4 gospels and doesn’t perceive that it could not have been made up and that the towering figure in it is in a completely different category of persons than any other religious figure, has something wrong with his will, which in turn clouds his intellect. Like the Jewish leaders who killed Christ and then knew He had risen from the dead from the testimony of the soldiers (Matt. 28.1-15) but still wouldn’t believe in Him, and expelled from the Temple and persecuted any Jew who did.

          • Hahahah…. but what do you offer instead?

            Anti natalism and suicide of the species….which will around in 100 years?

          • I very highly recommend a book called Copernicus and the Jews by Daniel Gruber. The author is a man I know personally and one I respect very much. I attended weekly studies with him for many years. I am on my second case of the books. I lend them out and give them away.

            Dan’s most recent book is Law Without Authority or Limits: Kelsen’s Dilemma. Also excellent and highly recommended, but very different from “Copernicus.”

    • Pretty sure his mom at the least is Jewish and his granpa was if I recall kicked out of Canada for being too much in to Technocracy inc…. and Musk isinto simulation theory as well as leeching off the military industrial complex..and TBH anyone who wanted to marry a freak like Grimes is automatically suspect.

      What I wonder and would love to know is if he is related to JOE HALDEMAN the guy who wrote “The Forever War” which was uber weird in its social commentary on UBI and the promotion of mass homosexuality when the protagonist gets home from his 1st tour.

      It was out of left field when I read it but fits right in with the jaffee memo on population control.

  10. Many think that TESLA , which made Musk the richest man in the world, is completely OVERVALUED and will crash soon. Tesla may not exist by next year because the competition is doing much better than Tesla. (See this for analysis of Tesla stock )

    The SAME Shadow Billionaires (or worse) who made Musk into what he is probably told him to use the capital he has in Tesla shares to buy Twitter. What we see here is the usual Hegelian dialectic, or problem, reaction, solution. This method basically involves fabricating or intensify a problem, offering a draconian solution, then settling for a “compromise” that nevertheless furthers the intended goal. A similar example is how the Shadows created hate and mistrust for the Federal government with the Bush Administration then came up with THEIR solution which was Obama which furthered their goal.

    The Shadows are clever. We will all be SO glad when Musk becomes our “savior” like Obama…and Trump….won’t we ?

    • Our interesting times pod cast was doing apowers and principalitys and was of mu h the same opinion as you.. a show to distract from the genocide

  11. Well I got 5:04 ,minutes before my screen froze. At least it started, unusually. Why doesn’t that happen at YT?

    Elon Musk has been more obstructed than helped by the MSM/Deep State/TPTB. Is this indicative of being an outsider who could disrupt the politics as usual? We voluntarists can hope.

    What happens when StarLink is complete, creating uncensorable worldwide peer-peer communication? How long will it take to de-nationalize politics? Delegitimize the coercive paradigm? A decade? A century? Isn’t it all about communication, controlled or freed?

    • Starlink will allow your smart underware to report back how sweaty you are while you hike in the deepest wilderness… I like being g able to get away from the grid 😉

      How can it be uncensorable when your going thru one companies satelite system…. it’s not like some peer to peer mesh set up by Ham operators.
      it’s far easier to control centrally than using your smart phone intetnet with a choice of a dozen carriers

      • StarLink can censor. I meant TPTB (deep state) can’t. What if StarLink doesn’t censor, doesn’t set up a way, on principle? You seem to take it for granted that if it can be censored, it will be.

        • If Elon Musk decides that he loves free speech that’s a good thing…. on the other hand if TPTB if the day (who had far less reach than TPTB have today) can shut down Henry Ford how is Musk immune?

          That and he gets a good chunk of his money doing the will of a section of the the deep state so why would he bite the hand that feeds?

          Why would a transhumanist be against the things the deep state wants?

      • That hilarious Duck but probably true.

        Musk is no doubt a friend and protege of Klaus Schwab and a pal of Yuval Noah Harari who posits that HUMANS as we know them today will no longer exist soon.

        Harari’s book “Sapiens” “SOLD” more than 12 million copies. I’m puzzled as to why. It is a terribly written book with NO FOOTNOTES to back up his craziness. He’s the same whacko who said that Jesus never existed. Yuval has a GREAT PR person for sure. This guys has become a multi-millionaire from spouting his Trans-humanism and denial of God. I have to think that he and Musk are in the same CULT and are backed by the same Shadows.

        • “…., a young historian at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem….”

          “… is less solidly middle class than his husband’s…..”

          He denies the historical existence of Jesus?

          What a surprise! HahHa

          A sodomite with no stake in the future “in the long run we’re all dead” gave us the modern economic system so why shouldn’t this guy design the future

          I think the cult is gnosticism of some kind growing out of Judaism according to Dr Em Jones

  12. History of Mass Media

    At the 14 minute mark, Corbett talks about the online course of November 2021.
    I had signed up for that. It is packed with insightful stuff, and also contains many interesting tidbits.

    I am very excited that Corbett “…will be releasing that in various permutations…”
    Like James says:
    “…all of this mediated information we are being steeped in every single day has undoubtedly shaped the course of human society in profoundly important ways but it’s getting even more dire as we….”

    • I heard about these classes, but must’ve missed where we could sign up for them. I really don’t want to hunt around for it. Could you tell me where to go or provide a link?

      • Mass Media: A History — Course Notes
        Following are the course notes for the students of my Mass Media: A History course at Renegade University.

        If you aren’t part of the class, you can sign up at any time. All of the lessons are recorded and are available for viewing at any time.

        Sign up here:…

        …Or Corbett Report members can login and find a link to 1/3 off the course in the last newsletter.

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