Interview 1782 – James Corbett on The Missing Link

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via The Missing Link: James Corbett appears on The Missing Link with Jesse Hal to discuss the biosecurity state, UNDRIP, communitarianism, threats to liberty, the false hopium that is used to placate the masses, and (most importantly) what we can do about these problems.


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  1. Rosa Koire – Behind the Green Mask.
    I think that is who you were thinking of James.

  2. The problem with expecting people “within” the system to protect you from it is outlined in the Unabombers manifesto- People will almost always accept and use tech that helps them do their job more easily. They do not think long term about the world they are creating any more then a tribesman pooping in the water is gonna cause everyone to get sick….like the tribesman the thinking is OK when your ability to “do stuff” is limited.
    In a lot of ways the use of Gov jobs as diversity work programs and the natural scummy habits of managers is your best hope for the system having huge gaps and corruption. Thats why they keep pushing AI as we approach Idiotocracy (who thought that movie was a Doc rather then comedy..? lol )

    That said…. if they ever do get the AI and control grid perfect things will collapse rather fast. Remember that in the Soviet Union there was a massive NEED for the black market to supply needs that the Gov planers could not supply. Closing it down would have crashed the system super fast.

  3. Good conversation…..however the IDEOLOGY that is animating the Globalist movement is pretty simply “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit”.

    Its not tied specifically to “Ethnic” Jew’s- I would argue that ideologically MOST WESTERNERS from middle class Boomers on think in this way. You can not fix what is going wrong with society until you correctly see what the problem is.
    “…..Yuri Slezkine opens this major new book by declaring: “The modern age is the Jewish age, and the 20th century, in particular, is the Jewish century.” …..”

    In the same way that you did not need a massive “conspiracy” in the Deep South to keep “Whites” in power over “Blacks” you do not need to huge conspiracy for jews to tend to do whats BEST FOR THEIR OWN PEOPLE. The fact that most of us have been trained to recoil at this thought makes doing so super easy

    • Yeah, I like how the interviewer calls out the ‘Jesuits’ as the global puppetmasters. I mean, there’s a solid case here with Vatican intrigue and the Society of Jesus in particular, but folks in the libertarian and adjacent space are just plain afraid to say ‘Jew’ or even go down the Jewish Question rabbit trail. Besides, I’m sure there is a through-line of dark occult kabbalism that penetrates right through the Jesuits, Freemasons and Zionism/Judaism/Israel.
      #notalljews, though, amirite, fellow Philosemites?…

      • CRM

        “…but folks in the libertarian and adjacent space are just plain afraid to say ‘Jew’ or even go down the Jewish Question rabbit trail….”

        VERY true, I think its because Libertarianism is in many ways part of the hyper individualism used to break down society, and its very important for a small minority in power to keep everyone else from believing that such things as “group interests” exist.

        Its “Solve et Coagula” ….when they “solve” society down with total freedom they can do the “et coagula” bit and create the totalitarian system

  4. Stop reading and start acting, own your life.

    The irrelevant 1 % have no influence on those who choose to opt out.

    Take control of your own life.
    Choose freedom.


    • Good advice. It is all about perception isn’t it? Humans have been told for so long that others should validate…medical care/diet, education, what is important, etc. Soon as one is off the grid, real life shows up.

      STAY CLOSE TO HOME (song)

  5. The ideal medium of exchange for localised communities is more increasing silver.

    Gold may be a means of currency for governments and institutions transactions. Silver has been a currency for retail transactions.

    There is also a great business case for silver, right now.

    It comes out of the ground in a ratio (to gold) of 7:1. Yet, the silver to gold ratio ($ of value) is about 75:1.

    It has intrinsic value as well as commercial application. It is antibacterial. It can keep water fresh (Phoenicians put silver in their clay pots to keep the water fresh). Used in electronics, blah, blah. Also… Used as silver iodide for cloud seeding (stratospheric aerosol injections) – and so valued by governments around the world.

    The price is heavily manipulated and controlled through the LBMA and COMEX metal exchanges. More so than gold.

    However, big changes are in the air. After a huge gold purchase by China last year, another huge purchase by someone this year.

    India’s 4th quarter silver imports were huge.
    Last year, silver imports into India hit a new record of 304 million ounces. The previous import high of 260 million ounces was set in 2015. On Shanghai metal exchange, about 70% of contracts are taking delivery (gold/silver, can’t remember). Most tellingly, there has been a steep and consistent drawdown of the registered silver supplies on the COMEX since 2021.

    See figure 12

  6. Lol, James literally states in this interview that we should worship him as an infallible demigod and unquestioningly believe his information and not fact-check his claims for ourselves. I don’t think so, James. I’ll critically review any information I come across by you e-celebs using open source intelligence, thankyouverymuch.
    Also, I like how you squirm at the end of the interview, claiming you have to leave, when you finally broach the subject of good v. evil. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO CALL OUT LUCIFER, JAMES? HE’S CLEARLY THE TRON MASTER CONTROL PROGRAMMER TRON-VILLAIN HYDRA THAT WE CAN KILL WITH A SWIFT DECAPITATION!….
    Also, way to alienate all your non-Canuck audience with obscure Canadian provincial township shout-outs and ostensibly ‘professional’ hockey team references…

    • @CRM (Celtic Ricardo Montalbán)

      If all it takes to fix all our problems and make the world a better place is “calling out evil” and getting in a sword fight with a demonic entity why has no-one succeeded in doing that so far?

      There have certainly been a great many humans that talked about calling out “evil” and claimed to be warriors fighting a righteous war against the devil, but here we are still talking about it, no “swift decapitation” of the “tron-villian” has been achieved.

      Why is that?

      Do you think that those of us that are alive now on the Earth are so much more special and worthy than those that came before us who advocated the same approach to ‘ridding the world of evil’ that you are now?

      If we are no better than our ancestors than why do you suggest doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

      • Yes, I think sin and vice (at the individual level) is probably at the root of a high percentage of what allows the New World Order agenda to flourish. Look at the (addiction) trade of drug trafficking, for example. Who runs the cartels, at least in the Western hemisphere: the CIA and/or intelligence networks (do I have to make a case here that these exist to facilitate the NWO?). I’m sure there are correlations to this in other global hemispheres. Look at human/sex trafficking, perhaps perpetuated by another form of addiction. Ordinary dopamine-seeking addicts and coomers are funding these operations, which are financially-driven and orchestrated by the same cabal. The Banksters and the ordinary financial crimes of (((Wall Street))) is also orchestrated at the top in order to finance the New World Order (which will have obvious Israeli state implications to it).
        Of course, many bad actors who aren’t necessarily wed to the ideal of global governance are capitalizing on this system, but I submit that those at the very top of this structure are funneling cash, energy and resources towards this end. I thought James did say something fairly profound in a succinct way, when he alluded to the ‘muh militaries’ savior trope, and that – at least in our Western governmental models, the Banksters fund the Politicians who then structure the military ranks and org charts, filling them with ‘their people’ (Satanists, rainbow coalition extreme libertines trans, blackmailed careerists or perhaps the occasional true believers of the NWO cause, puppy-play homosexual deviants, White racial discriminatory policies enthusiasts, etc.).
        So ultimately I would agree that the New World Order agenda is inevitable from a fourth-dimensional perspective (i.e. the Book of Revelation prophecy and other eschatological supposition is legitimate), and that this ‘war’ (perhaps like all warfare) is spiritual in nature. Thus, the onus is on the individual to ally themselves with ‘light’ over ‘dark’, if you will.
        I’m also trying to browbeat Corbett into bringing up these supernatural topics (Satan, dark occult, Luciferianism, etc.) since I do think they are relevant to the overarching conversation which he has on the Corbett Report, and because I think it will drive him partially mad because he won’t be able to cite a declassified FOIA article from the DoD when he does eventually have to address these topics.

        • @CRM (Celtic Ricardo Montalbán) says:

          Ahh understood. Thanks for clarifying.

          You pointed out what I think are some important dynamics in how the choices of the many (which allow themselves to be seduced down a slippery slope lacking moral integrity) perpetuates the existence of multi-national cartels related to narcotics and the commodification of sex and human beings. Each small choice we make as individuals either weakens those cartels or gives them more strength.

          I acknowledge there are weirdos out there that do strange rituals to a half goat looking demon figure, and I acknowledge that the behavior of these humans is often nefarious and appalling, but I attribute their insane and psychotic behavior to the fact that they are delusional and mentally unstable human beings, not the influence of a multi-dimensional demonic entity. The cult rituals and creepy beliefs those types espouse are just their excuse to engage in their psychotic and predatory behavior (and indoctrinate others into doing so as well, as to normalize that sickness of the mind, making themselves more comfortable and insulated from repercussions for their psychotic acts).

          Also, even if those nuts were doing what they are doing because a half goat demon is whispering in their ear, the solutions I work on implementing on a daily basis and building upon would still be effective in creating an environment where crazies like that would be exposed, starved of the energy they derive through their parasitic corporations/involuntary governance systems, rendered obsolete and left behind.

          So, it would seem that we are in agreement that we as individuals must look within and strive to choose a more honorable path than what you describe as “sin and vice” to embody the solution to rendering the parasites and psychopaths obsolete, I just personally do not look to religious dogma as the framework to engage in that process of bettering my self, enriching the soul and leading by example.

          I outline part of my approach to starve the oligarchs and lay the foundation for a world filled with communities that would leave no place for them to hide and gather influence in this article:

          • Thanks for sharing your substack link. How is that working out for you? I’m just skimming your post since I don’t have any deep reading comprehension, but I’m listening to a caller on the Higherside Chats ‘joint session’, and he’s relating the ‘soul trap’ of David Icke’s new book ‘the Trap’. I wonder if this relates somewhat to what you’re referring to…


            >I acknowledge there are weirdos out there that do strange rituals to a half goat looking demon figure, and I acknowledge that the behavior of these humans is often nefarious and appalling, but I attribute their insane and psychotic behavior to the fact that they are delusional and mentally unstable human beings, not the influence of a multi-dimensional demonic entity…

            Yeah, I think there’s a fundamental disagreement that we have with the premise you propose here. Writ large, it’s probably a common worldview disagreement or conflict that many share in the broader conspiratorial camp(s).

            • @CRM

              Could you be a bit more specific with your question of “How is that working out for you?” ?

              Do you mean how is my substack blogging/newsletter in general working out for me? or do you mean how is my solutions based approach to life in general and my strategies for dismantling and dissolving the oligarchy and leaving it behind (which I outlined in the particular article I linked above) working out for me?

              While David Icke may have shared some very apt and astute observations on particular topics (such as his notion of the “Problem-Reaction-Solution psyops and his ideas about “the hassle free zone”) I do not subscribe to his theories about space lizards/interdimensional lizards nor his ideas about this 3D universe being nothing more than an artificial simulation constructed to imprison us.

              Could you provide a synopsis of the book you linked please?

              Could you elaborate on the nature of the “fundamental disagreement” that you feel we have with the premise I propose in that substack article?

    • CRM (Celtic Ricardo Montalbán),

      “Lol, James literally states in this interview that we should worship him as an infallible demigod and unquestioningly believe his information and not fact-check his claims for ourselves.”

      Wow! I must have zoned out while James stated that. Seems rather out of character for the James Corbett I have come to know and love.
      Could you please tell me where in the interview he says this?

      • It’s sarcasm, Steve. I’m trying to do my Andy Kaufman thing here (or are you trying to do a Jerry Lawler to my Andy Kaufman?…).

        • @CRM (Celtic Ricardo Montalbán)

          Oh were you being sarcastic and joking about the whole ‘evil tron hydra lucifer battle’ thing too?

          If so, my bad.

          Despite the fantastical and cartoonish qualities of the characters and dynamics you described, I have had other people say even more extreme stuff on that topic to me and they were dead serious. So I sometimes find it hard to tell if people are being serious or just messing around about stuff like that (without knowing them) just from reading text.

          • Yeah, James even brought up the Tron villain-hydra decapitation analogy in the course of the interview.

        • Sorry, the sarcasm went right over my head.

  7. @Loft

    Apparently, the X-files writers / writer ‘consultants’ were thinking along those lines back in 2016

    check it out:

    Season 10 Episode 6 TRAILER My Struggle II (2016) :

    “Predictive Programming X-Files DNA altering vaccine” :

    (Original links to these clips shared courtesy of our very own Corbett Report Archivist, HRS. )

  8. [SNIP – No bare urls in the comments, please. Please repost the link with a title and an explanation of why people are clicking on it. -JC]

  9. I have been a great fan of David Icke and James Corbett for a decade. This might seem strange as their style of research is so different though their conclusions and ethical concerns are very similar. I found it interesting that James described the overall intentions of our overloads in the interview above as “inhuman.” I think the main difference between Icke and Corbett in this regard is that Icke is quite sure that the top of the power pyramid is literally non-human, and James does not choose to deal with that issue.

  10. Did James coordinate with interviewer and setup questions or did the guy just ask all the right questions on his own!? James had all the answers and a video about em in his ”repertoire” That was just awesome really!

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