Interview 1875 – James Corbett Breaks The Spell of the Global Conspiracy

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VIA THE SPELLBREAKERS PODCAST: “We sit down with the LEGENDARY James Corbett of to discuss his tireless contributions to the world of truth and freedom, and pick his brain about future happenings and #solutions.”




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  1. IMAGE – Pyramid Power Structure with Atlas
    See Corbett Report website’s Homepage for this interview which uses the image.


    James Corbett says:
    “*ANOTHER UPDATE: Here’s yet another contribution, this time an image from Hank Black rendering my original suggestion from the Context Is Everything article: IMAGE”
    (see top of November Open Thread)

    Hanky says:
    At the top of this thread, my recent cartoon with a Corbett version of Atlas shrugged, is featured.
    It is laden with verbal allegory, so here is a clarification of the symbolism, for those who missed some of it.

    The masked monkeys are part of the power structure, but are at the lowest rung, and the first to be sacrificed in service of its agendas. They have masked their eyes, ears, and mouths, corresponding to the famous See No, Evil, Hear No Evil trio.

    Corbett actually asked for an artist to render his vision of ‘we the masses’ portrayed as Atlas, waking to his situation, thereby disturbing the power structure, represented by the pyramid on the dollar bill. Cracks are showing, and even some little chips are falling away.

  2. Do you think the Transhumanist psyop might be designed to eventually trick people into committing suicide by “uploading themselves into the cloud”? I have this sneaking suspicion that the billionaires know that natural and organic is the way to live. I’m afraid you’re right that we are being conditioned to “desire our own enslavement, to desire our own demise.”

    • Whatever pipe-dream they might want to sell us about transhumanism, personally I think that the purpose, at least for the masses, isn’t to enhance our abilities at all, as presented in super-hero movies. Instead, I imagine it is rather to integrate the notion of hardware into our organic lives for further control.

      Ultimately, an ideal world (for them) would be like managing humanity as a raw material in an industry: artificially produced according to necessities and terminated when needed. Concerning the first point, the idea of gestational carrier prepares for that concept and regarding the latter, they will push euthanasia also as a first step towards that goal.

      In general, transgenderism seems to go along the notion of transhumanism.

  3. What we have been trained to do is look to our “betters” for truth, external locus of control. From the Bible to Democracy, we have been carefully conditioned to see the world in a hieratical fashion, with the ignorant masses (Goyim) at the bottom, and the educated sages (Sanhedrin) at the top. I frame this in a religions context because, like it or not, that IS where this is going.

    The Christ myth is a great example, the “Son of God” no less, guiding us sinners. Who could argue against that, “I think this way”, but who am I to argue against the Son of God and his Bible?

    Our entire society is engineered to create a perceived oracles on certain matters, and the masses who should know their place and just follow instructions. In the past if you questioned dogma and thought for yourself you were labeled a heretic and possibly killed or at least tortured. Today, if you ask questions and think for yourself you are labeled a “conspiracy theorist” or an “anarchist”, possibly doxed, tortured or your plane crashes…Same mental cage, different era. The Christians/Jews burned far more books than the “Nazis” ever did. I quotation Nazis because that too is a carefully constructed notion.

    But, of course, as we have seen time and time again, those masters don’t always have our interests at heart, quite to the contrary, they are often working to enslave us, physically, psychologically and spiritually, not to mention financially ~and in the end, destroy us~

    To be clear, I am not anti-Christian per se (I was Roman Catholic but the evidence against my inherited beliefs became too great for me to ignore), I am however anti-cult of personality, anything that places extremal controls over people, instead of fostering the development of control/direction from within. Religion was used because it teaches this external control, simply looking at the Christian Zionists we see how this external control can be used to terrible effect, these lunatics are craving and working towards that which they believe will bring on the “End of Days”, and their “savior” is TRUMP!

    This is all part of a plan, they foster a society that looks outward for control, the masses are given a societal structure to exist within, then, the powers that be take away that structure (they say this is “late stage Capitalism”, but in reality it is national demolition, like the World Trade Center in more ways than one), the masses CRAVE/NEED that structure, and will support any leader (Trump/Hitler) who will give them that structure again, in anyway he sees fit…Tyranny.

  4. Csanyi and Kampis of Hungry on the self organization of living things:
    “From the biological level of DNA to social, every system has it’s own way of holding that system together—Replication.”

    In the male dominated take over of spirituality, the replication of Goddess ideas was attacked by burning, razing, and destroying books, temples, holy sites, idols, etc., in “the name of God”.

    This is found in the inquisitions, executions, and hideous torture they perpetuated. In this way, a male dominated, violent, hierarchical society gradually began to be validated as normal over an egalitarian, peaceful one… “might is right, to the victor goes the spoils, we’re number one, we’re number one”.

    The control and power of the church state is maintained using a form of psychological manipulation in what I call the game of Demons and Redemption, but is not relegated to just the church state.

    The concept is one that is working on certain psychological factors of intimidation, fear, trust, etc., and can be successfully used in a wide field of human control:

    Organized religion has sin and the devil
    The government has terrorists and dictators
    Global corporations have yellow waxy floor buildup, bad breath, etc., and the Universities say you are ignorant and need to be taught.

    They all promise to provide Redemption for a cost. Parishioners, taxpayers, customers, and students must fork over money in a never ending dance of new demons, or new ways of redemption.

    The biggest thing, IMO, missing from the alternative narrative is cognizance of the proof of a world wide reset of humanity 150 to 200 years ago. Most under 50 have been well trained through the propaganda arm of the controllers…the Entertainment/Media Businesses who have convinced most to not explore reality beyond that which is validated.

    Hence the making fun of and putting down anything that resembles “right” brain thinking…psychic, romance, poetry, use of drugs for inner exploration, etc. Getting drunk is OK, but taking journeys within is not.


    [I receive no $ for your visits to my channel, just satisfaction that I am offering truth and insight to others.]

  5. They built up America to be their world police, and Americans we right along, but now that they have their control, having used us to destroy Germany, Japan, Libya, Iraq, as well as other told and untold nations/peoples, they immediately started to the process of dismantling the weapon America had become. Why is it again we spend more than anyone on a military when our borders are wide open?

    I always like to look at the US Auto industry and a perfect example of these globalist’s ability to rig the system to undermine the common man, whom they despise. They needed a strong American industry to build up a military who could take on Germany and Japan, their pathetic Bolshevik Russia and England could not do it alone. So, they funded America’s growth, just to the point it suited their ends, then they reversed course, no appreciation will you find from this ilk, we are just cattle to them.

    Nevertheless, early on they already planted the poison pills, NATO, the UN, Federal Reserve, Wall Street Hollywood, Federal Taxes, just to name a few…structures/systems that would be skillfully used to first build up, then dismantle America (the West as well). America in the 1960’s was the envy of the world, but as we entered into the 70’s things were changing, leadership of Detroit was engineering bigger and bigger cars, using more and more gas. At the same time, the government was doing its part requiring bumpers, which sound like a fine idea, but I don’t think they ever have our safety in mind, just made cars even bigger and heavier.

    Then we have the totally orchestrated “oil Crisis”, and America auto industry is totally caught off guard and vulnerable. But on the other side of the globe, Germany, Italy and especially Japan, once totally destroyed by the “Allies”, were rebuilt, now simply vassal states, it was safe to let THESE nation flourish once again, so we built them up, and “coincidently”, they were building cars that were ready for an oil crisis, a perfect storm if you will to give foreign car makers an in into the American market.

    Simultaneously, the US government “helped” US Auto makers by mandating smog controls and fuel efficiency standards…by the end of it all, we had the K-car, while Japan had the Honda accord.

    And who was to blame for the failings in the American car industry, “UNIONS” of course!!!

    This is the PERFECT example of the limitless control they have over our system and how they use that control oh so methodically to move peoples and nations up or down, to match their endless global machinations. I don’t believe in consequences, I believe in conspiracies.

    Right now, they are moving to destroy all avenues of employment in America. I suppose they see it as a race against time, if they can weaken us enough before their actions wake enough of us up, they win.

  6. People scoff at the idea of a coming WW3 as a “hot war”, because the idea of it is so horrifying. Covid demonstrated perfectly, the idea that people will believe the comforting lie over the uncomfortable truth. The idea of covid was indeed scary (though most of it was a lie), the idea our systems were all being controlled to undermine us, was simply too scary and unimageable to most.

    • @Rexleonum

      “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”
      – J. Edgar Hoover

  7. Great conversation thanks James.

    RE: your comments on audience pushback and propaganda “conditioning people to desire their own enslavement and culling, which to me is almost unspeakably sad, because that is the most basic instinct, I want my species to survive”

    I agree it is sad.

    I would also contend that conditioning an entire generation (or perhaps several) to adopt the fallacious, fearful, arrogant, great grandchildren livelihood/joy diminishing and soul impoverishing view that for humanity to survive and thrive it has to be “us vs nature” is even more sad.

    Many have been programmed to adopt the absurd idea that human comforts, disposable pleasures and whimsical superficial distractions are more important than taking decisive action to protect and respect our fellow non-human inhabitants of the Earth. That humanocentric, hubristic, and self-destructive viewpoint (the view of the old growth forest clearcut proponent, the lithium mine cheerleader and the perpetual urban growth model endorser) is actually even more dangerous to the longevity of our species than adopting the propaganda of the eugenicists and their depopulation/carbon centric climate change lies, for if we chop down all the ancient forests, poison all the waters and turn all the wilderness into feeding lots, mines, malls, and desertified GMO farmed to death, lifeless dirt, we not only impoverish and shorten our own lives, we actively suffocate, starve and impoverish our grandchildren as well.

    Making a clear declaration of being “pro-human” (rather than “anti-human” or “trans-human”) is a great first step, but if one only gets that far, one risks riding on an artificially elevated anthropocentric high horse strait into the hellish city from The Lorax (Thneedville) where people have forgotten what real forests are and they pay for bottled air.

  8. 14:44 minute mark
    James Corbett says:
    ”They have to somehow engage in that process of finding the information for themselves.
    And it’s one of those things:
    You can lead a horse to water, you can’t make it drink.
    You can lead people to information, you can’t make them think.

    Just after the 40 minute mark…

    “How Did You Go Bankrupt?” “Two Ways. Gradually and Then Suddenly.”
    – Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises – Chapter 13

    Context: The character Mike Campbell in the 1926 novel “The Sun Also Rises” was asked about his money troubles and responded with a vivid description embracing self-contradiction:[1]

    “How did you go bankrupt?” Bill asked.

    “Two ways,” Mike said. “Gradually and then suddenly.”

    “What brought it on?”

    “Friends,” said Mike. “I had a lot of friends. False friends. Then I had creditors, too. Probably had more creditors than anybody in England.”

  9. I feel like i should wiggle a cane like the old banker in the Mary Poppins movie and lick my lips prior to writting this comment. (Imagine i did)

    Back in my day, prior to the hypertext link, it was a SLOG to run a podcast (back then we called it pirate radio/ microbroadcasting).

    It was 1992 that a fellow vet brought to me a (copy from a copy machine?) flyer written by Linda Thompson about a “2ns American Declaration of Independence.” I was still in the IRR, and was worried that i would be called to kill these fools, as their march was sold as, “armed.”

    Down the fucking rabbit hole i fell. I wanted to deny their planks, and instead, i grew up to be a mad hatter.

    If it wasnt the “New World Order” speaking engagements i gave, it was the bookmarks i left.

    Our university didnt have afederal register, so that was an interlink bus ride away. I prepared prior, armed with a pocketful of bookmarks.

    Essentially, my bookmark was a pre-hyperlink bread-trail for those who followed after me.

    I had studied HARD, and knew waaay more than a kid should know (so scared, i would go shit on the toilet w a 12ga in arms length).

    I cannot remember now the old (yet extremely valid details even today) page numbers, or exact titles, but this was back before they started sweeping their backtrail, and the books were in a library somewhere.

    Which targets did i point to back then?

    SR 93-549
    Atlantic Union
    World Federalist Assoc.
    Bricker Amendment
    Trilateral commission
    Barry Goldwater w/no/appologies
    GE Griffin
    Resistor, publicationof the SF Underground.

    I cant imagine the poor dupe who followed me. It would be a scene straight out of Mel Gibsons Conspiracy Theory (yes, i too had a newsletter).

    No fucking idea if a single person found my breadcrumbs and followed. None (there are no metrics for such).

    Yet, other than running a pirate radio station, i count these moments (watch conspiracy theory to see what a mad hatter wouldve felt like spinning Narrative in the early 90s).

    You lads will all make 10(00?)x+ ROI on anything i ever did, and i encourage you to do SOMETHING.

    Its scary, exciting, and i guarantee you will put a pin in tuese actions when you too are an old man shaking his cane at the next crop coming up.

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