Interview 929 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Activists Say Outside Agitators to Blame for Ferguson Violence
PBS: Timeline of Events in Ferguson
Wikipedia: 2014 Ferguson, Missouri Unrest
Story #2: Amid California Drought, Some Call Plans to Pump Desert Water a Ponzi Scheme
Water War: Dry in Detroit
Water Is Replacing Climate As The Next False UN Environmental Resource Scare
Story #3: “Do Not Buy” List Could Leave Portland With No Options for Corporate Investment
Portland Jettisons Wal-Mart Investments from City Portfolio
Beaverton City Council Approves Agreement to Streamline Permitting for Nike World Headquarters Expansion
Nike Executive In China Bribed Soccer Official
Intel Reaches 30 Year, $100 Million Tax Break Agreement In Oregon
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  1. Dr. Tim Ball…really?

    “It doesn’t matter where the heat went”…really?

    The fact that the oceans are capturing much of the extra energy being trapped in our atmosphere by green house gases is not a relevant point?

    I’ve recently donated money to your operation because I support your efforts to expose the truth. However, your position on climate science is so fundamentally flawed that I find myself struggling to separate your views from say a creationist on evolution.

    Evolution is an on going scientific effort to explain life as we observe it today. Creationism is a story with no basis in fact whatsoever.
    “Global warming” is an on going scientific effort to explain conditions as we observe them today. Denial is an anti-story supported by no evidence whatsoever.
    Every sinlge metric that one can produce, including so called anamolies such as antarctic ice extent, support the fact that elevated levels of GHGs from human activity are trapping more energy in our atmosphere than at any other time since human beings have been on the earth.
    This is not a story or a belief or an opinion. It is a statement of fact. Hence, as with evolution and creationism, it is a mistake to offer both as an equal choice. “We’ll have to agree to disagree” supports this false choice.

    • which green house gasses are you referring to? the CO2 that has now been decided is not the culprit. Are you the same sort of person who didn’t get the memo on the recent revelation that eating cholesterol does not increase your bad cholesterol? Still trusting bad gov coerced science even when all of it’s predictions fail?? You might do better if you use some critical thinking and add some research to your blend of confusion. BTW if you would read one decent recent book on the human genome you’d be surprised to find out how impossible your theory of evolution is … notice how the human genome has entire chains of dna represented elsewhere in the plant and animal kingdom, this can’t happen through evolution. Someone put this puzzle together. If you stopped thinking that you should have some opinion about these issues, that you obviously have not done enough research on, and realized that you might just be vomiting up programmed responses fed to you by people you maybe shouldn’t trust, you might turn your whole world around. You’re here on the cornet report, act like it. You are a horse standing at the stream. Drink! By all means start doing some research outside of calcified, evolution based literature. It is not a fact that man evolved from apes. Please open your mind, and try again.

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