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We all want to stop feeding the beast, but how do we go about doing it? Today Patrick writes in to ask about the ins and outs of agorist investing. Joining us to start the conversation on agorist investment solutions are Tim “The Liberty Advisor” Picciott, Jack “The Survival Podcast” Spirko and Sal “The Agorist” Mayweather.

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How to Play 3D Chess


Tim Picciot speech at Anarchapulco 2020

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  1. 50 years ago, after the war, I dropped out of modern society. No TV, no radio, no power tools, no taxes. I invested in community, subsistence gardening, home schooling, books, education and spiritual growth. After 10 years of a full time job of living an alternative lifestyle I was in a good position to partially return to a more balanced life. Power tools, solar power, laptop, small garden, no debt. I arrived where I am today because of my choices.

    • That sounds fantastic, especially the no debt part. I have spent 0 days of my life in debt and that’s a great experience. I’m probably lagging some decades behind you, but the plan is to stay the course.

      • No debt is the right direction. Next figure out how not to pay rent. Learn skills that landowners would be willing to barter for rent, squat or join a commune.

        • Eeeeeh, not many commune or squatting options in my neck of the woods 😀

          Currently my expenses are not that great. I live in a small apartment. Believe or not, my mortgage is something like 25 bucks per month 😀 That deal still draws from the ancient remnants of socialism where almost everyone could afford decent housing. It’s good that we got rid of those disgusting times *spits on floor*

          I’m looking into getting a bit of land to put a small house on it and do gardening. There are two obvious problems.

          1) my job drains me of life force
          2) the “regulation” is a major pain in the ass

          But I can work around no. 2 because it’s the state, these people are bribable and stupid. There’s a lot of loopholes, too.

          No. 1 is really gutting me, I need to quit the hamster wheel.

          • You can find a nearby commune here.

            You seem to be in a bad job. Since fascism has been rolled out, it has put many out of work and looking for a new job might be difficult. If you develop a skill that can end up being helpful in self-employment, it may create an escape route.

            • It is quite bad, yes. I’m basically pulling for two and they always want to add more to the cart. I’m reaching my 30 months breaking point and I can feel it. There is some demand in remote IT, but my main problem is that skills developed in these positions (firefighting, sifting through garbage, recovering signal from a bunch of noise, making sense of things that don’t make sense and talking to people who insist on 2+2 being 3) are not worth having.

              I have a knack for video editing, but I’d much prefer a down to earth set of skills. something that is inherently important, instead of this bubbles of reality type of malarkey. Spending air on these idiots and chasing colorful bits of paper is no way to live.

              Nice to see so many of these organizations, I’ll spend some time on that site, maybe something will rub off.

  2. This was absolutely phenomenal. Talk about a dream team of guests that all have their own way of coming at the question. This definitely opened up my mind a bit more to the possibilities of divesting from the system and investing into something better.

    I think the most fundamental point made, and it has been made before in James’ documentary, Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve, is, what is money and what is its purpose? It is true that, probably intentionally in the school system, we are trained to think of money as government fiat. And from that logical starting point, all we can think of investment is that it must be something to do with getting more of those dollars.

    But like the guests said, and Jack made the point especially well: investing is anything you spend your time on building and growing, so invest in yourself. Invest in growing food, invest in understanding decentralized and distributed technologies, invest in your own knowledge. Reading a book is investing, sitting in silence and meditating is an investment, etc.

    Thank you for this podcast. This got the juices flowing.

  3. You only need enough gold to bribe the border guards.

  4. Hey folks – completely off-topic but has anyone tried to log onto Offguardian today? It was OK this morning but I cannot get through for the past half hour. Getting some sort of “522” message.

    I would not necessarily report this here but these days one just does not know.

    I hope this does not start happening with all of these precious independent sites.

    Again, sorry for the off-topic.

  5. Sounds like upper 10%ers talking about “assets” and “investment” that 90+% do NOT have. This is a class on “class” by people not in my “class” of 70yrs, Social Security only income, and savings that will hopefully fix my teeth, then broke except for monthly checks. They get to the 90% of humanity (me) at about 40min, but when I ‘took the shot’ I ‘failed’ through betrayal by relationships, both business and personal, while trashing my body (heavy equipment operator) to “keep the lights on”. I am financially “broke” and physically broken. My attitude is positive, but this talk offers me nothing. My “assets” are a 1994 car and some musical instruments & equipment. Music is essential to my quality of life and will not be sold, exchanged or discharged.
    So, James Corbett… Got any forthcoming info for the 90% of Earth’s humans like me? Crypto is ‘distributed’ just like ‘fiat’. Those who have the most of one are accumulating most of the other, buying “real value” with “fiat currency”? Just a slight shuffle of the “top 10%” as far as I can tell, AND requires electric GRID and internet CONNECTIVITY to “exist” at all. Can we get ‘down to Earth’?

    • For the libertarian mind, there is no social class only free wheeling, self acquisitive rational people with oodles of choice.

      And they tend to be well off.

      But this is nonsense: we are in a class struggle and until people wake up to this fact we will be chasing our tail for solutions.

      Wemust understand the enemy

    • dregeye,
      I understand.
      I am over age 67 and financially broke.
      Like you, I have some body things which need to be addressed; like new eyeglasses, teeth, etc.
      It is tough.
      I have had to get very creative, and daily I wrestle with how to financially make it through next year.
      There is nothing wrong with hearing ideas of solutions.
      Put the ideas in a bucket.
      Occasionally, review them.
      It will help to springboard a piece of something which works for you.

      • Did you know that?
        … prior to April 2020, for years, I worked outside in any type of weather (from 20F to 110F), 9 hours at a stretch with no food, continuously loading trucks, handling thousands of pounds a day, pitching 40 pound bundles repeatedly.
        Personally, I would wager that I could out perform you any day I worked. I outperformed the 20 year olds.

        You don’t know people’s details, circumstances and situations.
        You are trying to give advice like the Federal government gives adjudication, by enforcing your advice through intimidation and evaluative pressures.

        Learn to understand that everyone has their own story.
        And you do not know what that story is.
        You can’t adjudicate.
        You are not a kharma god.

        • Yes, indeed things can happen that are life altering and devastating. Unless someone is being held in jail, or a place like Guantanamo Bay or living in a totalitarian country like China, there are still possibilities of changing ones situation with effort.

          This is much easier if a person is healthy or has the determination to improve their health. I think that is the one thing people have most control over, if they aren’t in jail.

          In the US, I would wager that unless someone is in prison, they have the capability of improving their lives and even “investing” like this website and community. And believe it or not, many people are very generous and if a person has a skill set, this may be very valuable to a liberty minded community.

          Elderly people have a lot to offer a freedom minded community. The skills they have and knowledge is extremely valuable.

          The man who’s helping develop my land is in his 60s-70s (not that that’s “elderly”) but he said that young people don’t have the skills anymore to build things. “Self sufficiency” skills like carpentry are being lost. Young people help from elders.

          • Young people need mentorship and guidance from elders and just because someone is USD poor, doesn’t mean they have no value or can’t “invest”.

        • DogStar says:
          I also consider sites like this to be an INVESTMENT.

          • You all chewed the fat on that pretty well.
            Often i wonder what priority to organize my light. Ya know that bright star that burns inside the person. Some call it soul. Recognizing that you have a soul can be a daunting distraction to this existence.
            I mistakenly think my knitting needles can weave an infallible fabric of life from you alls threads of wisdom. Ya know to keep me warm in this reality.
            I neither am warmed by coin or pearls of wisdom. THis reality is cold for it is without love. For it is ruled by deception for here there is no truth in this realm.
            How shocking an idea.
            Tends to make one a renter here. You own nothing that isn’t owned by the father of lies. I offer you a mirror and ask you have we become detached from the knowledge of our own souls? Can it be found in the mirror?
            Rockefeller has gone about his souls work successfully without the aid of any truths.
            Seems to me young people today have no value in their soul. They on the most part don’t even know they possess one. I arrive here for inquiry.
            Its canny i draw all these conclusions from the observations, from the scientific method. Of course with little or no evidence that can be taken from the other realm. We rent here and move on. Why not make it a pleasant stay?

        • “DogStar” thanks for your acknowledgement and support. We all have struggles unique to our own experience, sometimes working together to resolve issues. Mostly ‘temporarily’ …
          I definitely consider Corbett Report an excellent “investment” wherein, with or without a relatively meager monetary contribution, I have access to invaluable information.
          Simply investing one’s TIME we can discover what James and associates have uncovered and skillfully, accurately and ‘professionally’ presents what can assist us in navigating this bizarre situation of “civilization” in paradise.
          I wish you well.

    • endthefed,
      I think you are being way too rough on some folks.
      Remember, it can be very frustrating if a person is “trapped” by situations and circumstances.
      Sometimes, some of the “negative” type comments are merely an expression of the frustration that a person is experiencing.

      I’ve had past eras of great financial success. And times where I have lost it all, to the negative side, homeless.
      I’ve had times of great health and vitality, and times I almost died.

      When you are trapped in a very deep ditch, life looks different than when you are on the high ridge overlooking a green valley.

      • Are you age 70 with a broken body and limited financial resources?

        • You are heartless in your assessment of others.
          NO ONE can correctly sit in judgement on the lives of another.
          It would be a stupid thing to say that one knows the history of another’s life, and then to sit in judgement of that.
          You don’t know squat about other people’s lives to sit in judgement like you are the kharma god.

          As for me, I am near 70, and I’m now broke…and I was definitely not part of the conventional traditional system.

          Here are my stories of dealing with the IRS.

          Here are a few more ANECDOTES from the past of my unconventional methods.

          In the year 2000, the business broker said my book business’ net worth was $900,000.
          I started it with $2,000 in 1996.

          I started with a loan on my stationwagon in the early 1980’s and with two other fellas helped to build a multi-million a year clothing business.

        • “HomeRemedySupply” Thank you for volunteering personal info and supportive commentary. Such attitudes encourage my belief in a humane humanity that can be ‘cultivated’ and nurtured resulting in health and balance in Earth.
          Empathy is a ‘key’ to transcend the illusions of “civilization” and authority-projection.
          I offer my songs, linked at the start of my initial reply to “endthefed”, for story-telling, encouragement and entertainment.
          Lyrics are in the description for each song, though I endeavored to make them easily understandable on first listen.

      • True, but constant doom and gloom is not helpful either. I have known people who were broke and completely disempowered pull themselves up and actually improve their situation.

        If a person is elderly and poor, they still have a lot to offer, like wisdom and skills.

        They could offer these skills in communities that are liberty minded who can exchange food and shelter. People are building these communities now.

        The exclusion of the elderly is wrong and I think this is changing in liberty minded communities.

        I think endthefed is referring to attitudes expressed, not innate character. People can change that and become strong.

        In the US even poor people are better off than in many countries and can actually improve their situation even a little if they try.

        Depression and negativity is often very one sided and narrow-minded. I know because I suffer with it, and it’s very skewed and often people don’t see the options that are right in front of them.

        Furthermore, there might be people on here who are paid to “implant” despair and dread in communities like this one to foster inaction and capitulation. This makes it easier for the state to win. I have often wondered about certain posters who are completely negative and divert topics of optimism and real options on how to get out of this mess. The powers that shouldn’t be want us to give up and surrender.

    • Cut out the nasty name calling.

    • “endthefed” [1] Will you offer a way for us to hear your music? Mine is here:
      Concerning your comments toward me:
      Your inaccurate, deliberately insulting and invalid projections on to me are as dysfunctional as the system you claim to have avoided your entire (however long) life.
      My response is for your benefit, not mine. For a start, I do not attempt to insult and alienate others on a personal level.
      This Corbett Report “talk” is presented as “Solutions Watch”.
      My comment addresses the % of humans that this talk could be applicable to (est. 10%). I didn’t insult anyone, project anything not plainly presented, only honestly and openly offered my own situation as an example that was not addressed in this “solutions watch”. “Solutions” that are only applicable to a small fraction of humanity. Anything presented as a “solution” that is so limited in opportunity is, by it’s nature, exclusive, not inclusive. I explore solutions for 99%, not 1% or even 10% because leaving-out 90% of humanity will never be a “solution” for humanity.
      You are ignorant of who I am and my life origins, paths, choices, etc. Since outgrowing religion (1970s) I have never looked to be ‘spoonfed’ by anyone for any reason. I do explore community, as in common-unity, bringing healthy survival through voluntary choice in this abundant Earth.
      I don’t accept vaccines. My “vaccine” perspective is [ Can you say, “I am UNIQUE. No one knows how this \/ will effect me.”? If “yes” then ask, “Who will take responsibility for what happens?” ] as a path to empowering people to consider the consequences and not feel compelled irresponsibly.
      I am not “weak minded” or “weak” in other ways. I do have physical injuries that influence the way I go about accomplishing tasks. I never ask others to ‘do for me’ nor do I ask for compensation when assisting others, which I do voluntarily and enthusiastically in my community with the skills and means I have available.
      “big brother”? My only ‘dependence’ is an investment I freely chose. (due to my previous religious status I was offered to opt-out of Social Security, yet chose to participate) This became a source of financial maintenance within this societal structure while preparing for a less-“civilized”, harmonious, mutually beneficial interaction with like-minded people “off-grid”. Intervention from “normies” interrupted that, compelling me to chose between a compromised experience that INCLUDED my children, and them being able to maintain connection to their mother. I chose the inclusive option.
      You have no idea of what “musical equipment” I own or it’s specific function in my community. Your nonsensical assessment of others qualities, possessions, situations and abilities is absurd.

      • I enjoyed that playlist, nice sound. Hopefully it catches more views.

        • “mkey” Thank you very much for those kind words. I am not much of a self-promoter as the number of views shows…
          I think the music is decent and I tried to be somewhat eclectic from song to song. The lyrics are at least as applicable today than when written and performed, imo.
          This was a solo project. Me writing, singing & playing all parts, recording & mixdown.
          Possibly I will adopt enough discipline to record some more of the songs I have written…
          I am still developing my skills in every aspect of these musical endeavors.

    • “endthefed” [2] To quote you, “No one is going to hand you solutions.” Hmm, then why is Corbett offering “Solutions Watch” and why are you watching and commenting on it? You really make no sense within your own assertions.
      I mean no offense in any of these observations and my use of the word “ignorant” simply references your statements about me that you have no knowledge concerning.
      Your less-than-insulting suggestion involving your judgement of appropriate-musical-equipment-ownership also ignores how music ‘fits’ with my community and the service I use it to provide for others, and the forwarding of ideas and SOLUTIONS, primarily in encouraging mutual-respect through personal-empowerment with inclusive-cooperation, refusing coercion.
      One aspect of which was your other less-than-insulting suggestion. Your limited knowledge of others does not appropriately facilitate judging for all humanity what “things that actually have utility and matter for the new world we have entered.” (your words in quotes)
      I typically identify name-calling as a lack of logical, practical and on-topic response.
      Your comment when “HomeRemedySupply” asked “Are you age 70 with a broken body and limited financial resources?” beginning “Nope” jumps to erroneous conclusions immediately with “70 years old and have never recognized this system for what it is until now” further reveals your habit of choosing to degrade and alienate rather than pursuing understanding and mutual benefit.
      I have had a variety of self-employed businesses in life. I owe no one, don’t use ‘credit’ and own, ‘free and clear’ everything I possess.
      I first went off-grid in 1991, finding enjoyable, healthy methods of creative community until re-acquiring some “civilized” tools to deepen my connection with my 5 grown children and their families in 2007. So, not knowing your age, it’s possible I was off-grid due to my awareness of “the system for what it is” before you were born.
      I wonder if you are “too brainwashed [with your own self-importance] and ignorant [of a bigger picture] to think” others have their own story to tell that you know nothing about. That matters.
      Concerning your reply beginning “Here’s some advice…”,
      I do sit-ups, pushups, and pull-ups every day and walk about a mile and a half. Neck, back and knee structural injuries from heavy equipment failures/operations, car accidents (me=passenger), etc. are what influence some ways of accomplishing physical tasks. Having paid into Social Security/Medicare has had benefits such as, on the 10th of March I had my second cataract surgery and now see better than ever in my adult life. Traveling 100 miles each way in that 1994 Nissan, and staying overnight with my youngest daughter (33yrs) after surgery is why my response to your ill-founded insults has been delayed.
      As I stated, that you ignored, I have saved thousands of dollars to get my teeth restored (doing so on $1000./month while paying 60% in rent, a significant contribution to my local community).

    • “endthefed” [3] Nevertheless, in context of this Corbett Report “Solutions Watch” talk and my initial comment, I still consider it to be of an extremely limited applicability in relation to humanity.
      Again, So, James Corbett… Got any forthcoming info for the 90% of Earth’s humans like me?
      I do understand that the majority of humanity may not ‘take heed’, nevertheless, a ‘method’ that is exclusive is simply a method perpetuating the imbalance that furthers destruction and de-humanization through indoctrination and institutionalization. Those “methods” are not “solutions” for humanity, or Earth, as a complex and diverse living organism. A “solution” must be universally applicable, determined by free choice, not economic-class, social-class or physical ability, or even intellectual aptitude.
      “endthefed” Your enthusiasm for inappropriate (as in, not applicable) derogatory projections is off-the-charts.
      I’d just like to ask that any reply to my response begin with an apology for your derogatory false-projections if you want me to respond again. Short of that, I wish you well.

    • “endthefed” P.S.
      Insurance companies made me hard-core-unemployable many decades ago due to “pre-existing injuries” and denied me access to employment as “too high a risk of liability” and “already qualifies for disability compensation”.

      • I would work off the books, even as a dog walker or something like that or other type of gig type job. I would invest in crypto and commodities and precious metals. You could give music lessons or offer to teach people other skills you might have that are valuable.

        I would learn about the economic system and try to use that knowledge to your benefit. Or use the barter system for items that you want. If you want to buy land, you’ll have to have some fiat currency or some other thing that be exchanged. Maybe you want to go in with some other people to buy some land. That’s an option also.

        I think it’s good to have some gold, silver, bitcoin, monero, bullets, guns and land.

        • “cu.h.j” Thanks for the suggestions.
          I do “work off the books” in that I contribute in my community voluntarily without exchange of money. I consider crypto & fiat synonymous, though having any and all forms of ‘value exchange’ worthwhile, not knowing what will retain ‘value’, how much, how long, etc. It seems with “give music lessons” you are implying working-for-$. I give lessons, I loan & operate equipment, write, perform, produce, record, mix/master, distribute, encourage, support, etc. any one who asks.
          $ is not involved.
          Economics? I read books and watch discussions. Michael Hudson, Steve Keen, Morris Berman, Reich, Taibbi, Nader, John Perkins, listened to Max Keiser for years, Cohen, Klein, DeMott, Snowden, Hedges, Haiphong & Sirvent. With no one do I agree 100%
          (My father was in banking.)
          My ‘barter system’ keeps no tally or records. Ownership of Earth is invalid, in my view. I have never been “homeless” because limiting my perception of “home” to a particular location simply institutionalizes denial of my natural status of unbound Earth-being. I agree with your statement, “I think it’s good to have some gold, silver, bitcoin, monero, bullets, guns” however, “land” is where I am welcome, because “institutionalized ownership” or “rights” is ambiguous and usurped at other’s convenience becoming meaningless. Turn-key-mobile is preferable in the USA, though I currently am not. I have expressed my prespective as “I am. I am Earth” and trying to minimize compromises of that outlook. I am a mutant in a mutated world, attempting to contribute constructively with all encounters.

          • You sound like a really cool person. I think the best investment you can make is in your health and wellbeing and that you’re already learning things about investing and that’s great. I watch some Max Keiser videos too and similar things.

            I think you invest in community and idealism and that’s a very worthwhile investment.

            • I used to do a lot of volunteer work and it is very valuable. In fact, I think that’s an excellent investment idea. People who give often also receive. I have noticed that effect. I am a believer in Karma and I don’t care if others don’t believe in it or not.

            • “cu.h.j”
              I appreciate and agree with your replies, “Karma” included. I long for a ‘natural Earth being’ experience and do my best to embrace it in what compromised ways that I am able, while not abandoning family and community.
              My best to you in this unknown future…

      • dregeye,

        A very measured, thoughtful response, albeit, way too polite, given endthefed’s horrific – and as you call out – “derogatory…off-the-charts” posts. Truly, I’ve never seen anything coming even close to his disgusting rants for as long as I’ve been reading the comments section.

        So, I have to say, you have without a doubt demonstrated that you’re a true gentleman.

        Though he didn’t address me directly, I believe endthefed did direct some animus towards me, as well, in effect telling me I was a small-minded ignorant fool and advising I curtail my opinions.

        I don’t mind too much being told I’m a small-minded, ignoramus; but advising me to hold my opinions? No. That crosses a line. Everybody is entitled to their opinions, good, bad, or indifferent. Telling people to shut up is none other than fascistic. And, as you intimated, endthefed is like the antithesis of what he may think he is. However, to be generous, what his deranged posts indicated was a man possibly suffering from PTSD. If that is the case, I would advise him to seek help.

        Now, endthefed may prove me wrong (all he has to do is post something), but I wouldn’t doubt he has had his wings clipped – at least for the time being. Meaning, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s been censured….

        Hey, endthefed, you there??

        Good. lol

        • “candlelight”
          Thanks for your response. I had a few laughs with it. I’ve experienced conflict and cooperation. I prefer cooperation.
          I must say, we are living in unique and peculiar times. I don’t know the future. Not sure I’d want to. What did I read, something about “the ride…”
          I just ordered (another) copy of Doug Adams’ “Hitchhiker’s Guide…” that I haven’t read in decades. Loaned it out, synonymous with ‘giving away’ with books. Seemed it might have some appropriate insights…
          Maybe like the film “They Live” from John Carpenter.
          I hope you find ways to stay healthy of body and mind. Music is much of the magic in my life. Maybe endthefed will share his music with us. Music can dissolve conflict and bring mutual understanding, sometimes without word language.
          Both the music and lyrics of the band LOVEBITES has been a fascinating source of amazement and uplift since becoming aware of them last June.
          My best to you in your future…

          • Thank you, dregeye. I wish you the same.

            You’re certainly on the mark regarding synonyms. It’s been 50 years, and my Beatles “White Album” and original Woodstock album are still out on loan!

            Be good!

    • You seem to assume there is a “solution” for everyone.

      And there is: 90% of people need to start thinking, reading, questioning and stop being NPCs. They need to start doing the hard things, taking responsibility, walking the walk and confronting everything that is wrong with them, pointing the finger where it belongs – at themselves.

      90% of 90% will absolutely never do that, due to a number of reasons. To name a few: cowardice and laziness. Does that mean this is not a valid solution to the current predicament? It may not be clear what is the first step, but the process is simple. It’s hard, but simple.

      As long as the vast majority of the populace is in this state of mind, in a stupor, it is to be expected that they will pull everyone close by down with them. To extricate oneself from such a situation, one will need to sever many ties, and many will not do that.

      I have no doubt in my mind that the vast majority of the population will be “left behind” in some form or the other. They won’t be left to starve, probably, but they will be expected to jump through hoops and comply to be able to get by. And some of them will be expected to kill those from the 10%. Or just force them to comply, either will be good enough.

      Even at this time, most of us do that, comply, to an extent, simply by feeding into the system. Where we currently find ourselves is exactly where we deserve and need to be, because what is put out into the world reflects back to us and this is so by design. Without understanding the consequence of our actions there will not be a light at the end of the tunnel. And that is exactly how it should be.

      The consequences of what we have done will become painfully obvious to the majority at some point in time, much later in the game, much too late. The force that is applied against us, forcing us to correct our behaviour will be reciprocal to the chaos we cause in our reality. That is also working as designed.

  6. At 21:10 Tim Picciot: “….Because if you have it all in cryptocurrency and crypto’s down 80%, and now you need to start selling your crypto to go fund your life…I mean, that’s a very, very hard thing to recover from…”


    So, this new Jim Cramer mad money breed of investment advisers do advise minimizing ones investment in cryptocurrency, it would seem, to no more than upwards of say, 15%?

    So, what’s the big deal? How is cryptocurrency a game changer, then, in the larger scope of things? Especially when gains are taxable? Or when main stream business starts accepting and/or trading in it, as they are beginning to do? As it is, such “merging” with the system may lead to less volatility in price, yet, at the same time, as it becomes more of a monetary tool of the “state”, it will get enveloped by the system as opposed to existing outside it, becoming one more avenue to manipulate.

    What’s worse, far from being a conduit for decentralization, or entropy, as Sal the Agorist postulates, cryptocurrency, besides having the ever present potential for a monumental crash – or better – having the possibility of being simply taken down, as subscriber, bleak, mentions above; it lends itself as a sort of shoe-in, or precursor, to a foreboding, digital, cashless economy. And, as it’s been said in more ways than one, that means total, full spectrum state domination and control.

    No, I don’t believe in cryptocurrency’s invincibility, or having much luster as some kind of magic bullet in any sense of the term.

    • The problem is not MONEY the problem is CAPITAL. Private capital.

      The system is called ‘capitalism’ because it is based on private capital which is now in the hands of a select few.

      There is CAPITAL and LABOR with money as a mere means of exchange.

      People may have MONEY but most have no CAPITAL.

      Distinguishing the difference between what is a universal equivalent, money, and capital which is what moves labor, land and property, is essential to understand the world we live in, as well as the monetary system. For the monetary system is part of the capitalist system.

      Sadly people are not taught social class, either economically or otherwise. In America, Canada and W. Europe they are never told the secret of capital.

      Everyone is told they are middle class and that the middle class is vanishing.

      Most people in the world are working class or on par, either unemployed, precariously working, etc.

      But in America they call part-time work that I did as a teenager “your own gig” to hide the shameful level of exploitation and despair.

      So the real issue is buried: we live in a class society, globally and nationally and always have.

      The solution lies in class struggle.

      • class struggle is bunk… the solution lies in people growing spiritually because politics comes out of the people, not the other way around.
        There is no political solution and the class struggle will always get hijacked by rich people just like in the soviet union, china, and every other time

        • I understand your embrace of metaphysics. This is just what the ruling class wants and cultivated throughout the middle ages with the Church, and of course still do today with Mega Churches.

          They want a people gazing upward while they steal reality.

          And they also tell us they are moral people, that they too believe. But of course they are not nor do they believe in anything but crass materialism and the acquisition of wealth and power.

          Yes, politics comes from people just like the claims to 5,000 deities many say exist and to which they devote their lives.

          No, our fight is here, right now. There is no pie in the sky when you die.

          • “…There is no pie in the sky when you die….”

            Then you are saying the Elite are right and correct in their behavior…if there is no PieMaker then anything I can get away with is “Right” and I would be a total ‘fool’ NOT to sell out my fellow human beings to those with power…. I should aspire to BECOME the ELite, not be disgusted at them.

            What kind of idiot would risk his life for the working class (or ANYONE??) when there is no sky-Pie?

            “.. cultivated..middle ages with the Church…today with Mega Churches…”

            THAT is the old programming…its being cleared out and replaced… Christians have zero power in the USA or Europe. If they did you think that you would be seeing mass abortion, gay marriage , transkids, pride parades and hate speech laws?

            Loose, non-bible based “social gospel” and (later) “social justice” churches have been a mainstay of the Rockerfellers and the Gates and the embryo Technocratic movement. Rockerfeller spent BIG MONEY buying the US churches and subverting the catholic church… they have been working on a new religion for a LONG time and atheism is JUST a step on the road they planned out
            LOL… to coin a phrase, ‘Atheism is a rich mans trick’

          • “..They want a people gazing upward while they steal reality…”

            They want people gazing at their own pleasures and fears and blind to anything higher or more important then their personal comfort…. in short they want you to be an animal.

            Animals are predictable and easy to control

            • I agree with you about personal comfort and pleasures and superficialities.

              I think that we are animals though, just not the kind that are predictable and easy to control. Just my opinion though.

  7. The adoption-rate of crypto-currency has just past about 2%. So we are still in the very early stages. Just like the internet, eventually almost everyone will use crypto-currencies. But we are talking about the rise of a new asset class. The potential for growth is truly truly staggering. This is the right place and the right time. Yes, it is volatile (upward volatility is this phase) but if you do your own research, you can do extremely well.

    Short guide to buying and storing bitcoin and other crypto-currencies:

    Step 1:
    Go to a crypto-currency exchange and register. Binance is by far the largest exchange with the most choice. You can buy Bitcoin there and a great many other cryptocurrencies. Use the following link for a 10% discount in trading fees:

    Step 2:
    If you want to take your bitcoins or crypto-currency coins out of the Binance-exchange, download the MEW-wallet app on your phone or even better buy a hardware wallet (I recommend the Trezor One: to store your crypto-currencies safely.

    • When people exchanged gold and silver they would have called the dollar a crypto currency. It is all a Casino game. No matter where you sit in the Casino the house wins every time. You can get up, go from table to table, game to game, and get free cheap drinks and perhaps a free room. But in the end the Casino always rakes in the money at the cage.

      Why? Because a select few own the Casino and thus it is rigged for their benefit.

  8. I wonder if you could please cover the topic of people joining together and maybe buying some land or even an island somewhere to set up a community. I’m actually thinking of quite a number of people not just a few. This is not like a hippie commune or a religious group this would just be people who want to help each other and to be free.

    I’ve been thinking about this for a while as it seems to me the only way to be free is to establish our own communities. Some of us live in places that have become very repressive with a population that is mainly asleep to what’s happening. Increasingly the only solution does seem to be escape but most of us don’t have the means or the money to do it alone.

    • Yes, there are communities of people going back to tribalism, which is really what is proposed. It would be nice if it worked but it doesn’t. No man is an island the saying goes and there is no shortcut out of this system. You can reject it but it is moving so fast it is all consuming.

      I have friends that have done this. It didn’t work.

      In the Casino economy you can take your losses and get up from the table and go to bed. but the next morning the Casino is still there, still as threatening and still blocking off escape from the moral and pragmatic necessity of confronting it.

      • So what is your idea of confronting it? Isn’t removing energy from it a way of confronting it? I think it is.

  9. The grid is all encompassing and to think one could ‘live off’ the grid is illusion and self deception. Sure, perhaps a few people might do it but not most. 7.8 billion people are clamoring to get ON the grid not off of it.
    Advocating living off the grid is like advocating one invest in gold: those off the grid and those with the gold live, those 99.9% do not.

    I agree with you regarding crypto currency. In fact it is the fascist money of favor. Read theocratic fascists and they are pushing for funny money more than most.

    No individual solutions to social problems, we are in Fourth Generation Warfare now— maybe fifth. What we need to do is organize and fight. This is the way it is always historically comes to pass.

  10. “Investing in Agorism – #SolutionsWatch” is my favorite #SolutionsWatch yet!
    This was very good!
    So many great tidbits and ideas for my “idea bucket” from a variety of perspectives. Lots of potential hybrid approaches.
    This is a re-watch #SolutionsWatch for me.

    Then one day while doing some task or taking a shower, that light bulb moment will occur for another new personal strategy in my arsenal.

  11. bleak says:
    “The solution should not be a fantasy for those looking for a solution. The solution would be something actually doable by people looking for a solution.”

    Corbett repeatedly points out that “…one size does not fit all. There are a million caveats…”

    You are correct that “The solution would be something actually doable by people looking for a solution.”
    True. Solutions should be pragmatic and realistic for the individual.

    I don’t think that there is ONE solution, a one pill wonder, a magic bullet. I think that there is an incorporation ideas (a variety of solutions) which a person grabs as he aspires towards certain goals.

    If someone wants to live off-grid (or variations of off-grid), power to them. It’s not some fantasy, because I’ve seen many folks approximate that endeavor.
    Does it mean that they are immune to the influences of the Power Brokers? No, of course not.

    For me, living off grid ain’t my cup of tea at this stage of life.
    But for others, this is a cool objective.

    Everyone does not have the same shoe size, nor do they have the same taste in shoe design.

    • Off-the-grid lifestyle & discussions

      October 3, 2020 – Corbett Report
      Is Self-Sufficiency Possible? – Questions For Corbett #070
      Derrick writes in to ask about agorism, self-sufficiency and trade without fiat currency. To help answer this important question, James talks to Sal The Agorist, Peter Quinones and Ernest Hancock.
      ~~ There are many links provided in this episode.

      Also, some of the comment discussions are very interesting…
      From well water to designs of rural off-grid housing (underground house, built in a barn or metal building house), to when James Corbett gave away 0.01 bitcoin FREE to Corbett Report Members.
      What is 0.01 bitcoin worth today in fiat?

  12. To some of James’s guests….I think Peter Schiff is right in regards to cryptos. I have not had one person explain to me how to value the different cryptos. What is a bitcoin worth? Scarcity does not make value. There are thousands of cryptos. Gold and Silver are proven safe havens. Does it not bother you that MSM loves crypto. that fraudsters like Musk prop up bitcoin and the seemingly worthless dogecoin. I would rather stick with thousands of years history as money and store of wealth during many other currency debasements than a digital token that has been around for a little over a decade. I notice the bitcoin club really seems to have a need to discredit people like Schiff. They hate that he is so emphatic in his opinion. It seems that blockchain could be used as a decentralized payment system. However that does not make it a store of wealth. It is a encrypted decentralized payment system. It is not wise to dismiss macro economists like Schiff. It is also a mistake to tell others to buy cryptos when you yourself don’t seem to grasp the history of money and barter.

    • Frank, I follow Schiff and agree with him on bitcoin, but I think that his main objection is unfounded, the claim that bitcoin cannot be money because it doesn’t have value outside of as medium of exchange. That doesn’t have to be the case and fiat money (contrarily to what he sometimes claim, crypto isn’t fiat) stands as the best example, with its demand coming mainly from being forced to pay taxes in that denomination by your tax authority. The demand for money comes from the expectation that other people will accept it, commodity money may lose its utility as a commodity and still be used as money. Value is entirely subjective.
      However, Schiff is right about cryptos not being a good store of wealth (money does not have to be, but it certainly is a desirable property), if people just start using other crypto and stop using bitcoin, it soon reaches a value of 0. Additionaly, bitcoin’s crazy high price comes mostly from the hodlers’ demand, who will never use it and will just sell it for dollars when they need money or when they believe that its price won’t rise much further. I also doubt that anyone would be using them (i.e. that it would be money) were it not for this fiat currency sistem.
      The media propping up crypto is too suspect, It seems to me that they want to keep people out of gold and silver at any cost, I haven’t dug too much into that yet, though.

  13. I thought that all four folks brought a fantastic diversity to the discussion of ideas, which reach a diverse audience.

    For example:
    Tim brought up the tidbit about the IRA set-up/transfer. For a huge number of listeners, this could be a game-changing strategy for their future.

    What’s wrong with planting a tree? (like Jack mentioned.)
    I rent, and have planted more than 7 fruit/herbal trees.
    In the future, if not me, someone will benefit.
    It’s about bettering conditions for oneself and others.

    There is vast Corbett Report audience, from all walks of life.
    This discussion was sure to strike a chord with many.

    • Heads up on Abbott removing ‘covid’ restrictions.
      Abbott is almost certainly a globalist puppet so it smells like part of the scamdemic script.
      I can see the MSM report now:
      “Texas removed all restrictions prematurely and Texans paid dearly as the COVID-21 mutation ravaged the state”

  14. I’m three minutes into the video. We hippies tried to leave the system back in 1971 when the government tried to draft lottery our asses to fight in Vietnam. Nixon close the gold window to pay for Vietnam War.
    We tried to leave the system. Sure, we had no money, but we were nineteen and strong and healthy. Our testosterone levels were twice what you poor guys have today.
    It wasn’t enough. The system won.
    Maybe you can win with agorism. We tried it and failed.
    Wish you well.

    • I think this is because materialism got the best of people. That and maybe a little too much LSD. Just an observation from a Gen Xer.

      • cu.h.j Oddly enough it was the sex that drove the group apart. Jealousies, STDs, And then theft of produce.

      • Fact Checker: Yes, you make good points. We came close though. We were in rural South Dakota near Vermillion.

  15. I completely disagree with your assessment. I really enjoyed hearing everyone share their ideas.

    Trying and learning and actually doing something, even if it turns out to be a failure is better off than someone who sits at home and does nothing but ponder worst case scenarios.

    People here in the US have a lot more power than they know and if they actually stood up and did something things would change.

  16. I don’t think he would want that. I don’t think you are any of those things. But your comments are often negative without any focus on positive things. If you can’t see anything positive, then that’s unfortunate and I think that can change if you try.

    I think you’re a real intellectual. I’m not sure if you work for the state or not, but even if you did, maybe you’d decide to help humanity out instead. After all even CIA agents are still human beings and not all of them are sociopaths, some just misguided and once they know what’s going on might decide to put energy towards stopping it. They might have families and want their children to live in a free world.

  17. I think Monero is excellent. I have some.

  18. Mask wearers are not looking for solutions. The very opposite is the truth, they just want to return back to “normal” or normalize the abnormal. Many can’t and won’t be saved. Nobody, in fact, can be saved, they can just be enticed to walk the path and they’ll be doing all the walking.

    Rightly you say, many don’t have the “money” to switch gears, but also many have everything they need lined up and choose not to do anything about it. Because it’s not convenient, because they are lazy, because because.

    Don’t have the “money” to start a farm? Find someone who does and provide services for them for food. Or work their farm like your own and take part in the bounty.

  19. I can’t believe that site actually exists, lol. I was certain it was a prank, but had to give it a go. They should introduce wearable devices in the linup.

  20. Thoroughly enjoyed this James Delingpole podcast with Sir Stephen Wilkinson. He is an economist and gives a fairly digestible analysis of the how the worlds economy has gotten into this mess. With some good advice on investments towards the end.

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