James Ellroy’s “American Tabloid” – FLNWO #40

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This month on Film, Literature and the New World Order, James is joined by Prof CJ of the Dangerous History podcast to explore James Ellroy’s “American Tabloid.” What do you get when you have a novel with fictional FBI/CIA/Mafia/Anti-Castro Cuban stooges embroiled in a years-long mess that ends up with the assassination of the president? A more plausible scenario than 99% of the documentaries and books out there on the subject, that’s what. Find out more in this edition of FLNWO.


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  1. The Rolling Stones got it right back in 1968 when they wrote Sympathy For The Devil,
    “I shouted out,
    Who killed the Kennedys?
    When after all
    It was you and me.”

  2. I don’t buy the organized crime narrative because it stands alone as major crime.

    This IS about Zionism, Federal Reserve, CIA, MIC…crime give me a break.

    What is naive is the idea that history started with America, and the idea that Americans are somehow worse than anyone else, “started on the Mayflower”.

    Such evil is far more long lived than America’s short existence.

    Iraq, 9/11, Afghanistan, Russia, Kiev…nothing to do with the freaking mafia, but all have aspects of Zionism, globalism…

    I remember watching the Oliver Stone movie about JFK, his focus on the mafia, and while I don’t know the truth, I DO KNOW, if it were the truth, it would NOT COME OUT OF HOLLYWOOD, period.

  3. Today Washington is run by Zionism, that is indisputable. The think tanks, the lobbyists, AIPAC by far the most powerful lobby, the media, Wall Street, The Federal Reserve, Hollywood/entertainment…the point is, this control did not happen overnight. We are not in the Middle East, or at odds with Russia because Americans don’t like these groups, but because war mongering Zionists don’t.

    Every-time you peal away the layers of the onion, you find Zionism.

    Even with Kennedy, the strong connection with Federal Reserve policy (Executive Order-11110) and JFK’s policy with Israel regarding its nuclear weapons, is profound, yet often never discussed in the MSM, and not here either it seems…why?

    • I commented below.

      It is not to say Zionists/Jews were not solely responsible, but to leave them out of the conversation all together is ridiculous. Was it not a Jew who killed Lee Harvey Oswald. The fact that Jews and Zionism is left out of so much conspiracy often points to controlled dissent…Give people a believable lie…But just like ISIS, the EU, The color Revolutions, Central Banking, Wall Street, Hollywood, Washington, and even Marxism, Communism, Capitalism…Jews are extremely involved, yet only presented in the most flattering light, no matter what that points to their true power, because like the US Liberty, when you can get away with such destruction (who was the force behind the Iraq war but neo-con and neo liberal Zionists), and never be questioned, means they have real control.

  4. Seriously disappointed in the comments here. The disconnect between the power of Israel/Jews over America and the west is shocking. How anyone could wonder why to point to Israel, is exactly why the finger needs to be pointed at Israel. It may not be all about Israel, but the fact that they are totally left out of the conversation is exactly why they need to be brought in.

    The whole Rothschild thing news to you all, Central Banking, Hollywood, K-Street, AIPAC, Hollywood/Media…I know many would rather just point to random events that are unique to themselves, and think such collusion and conspiracies are too far fetched to be true…but that shows an incredible ignorance of history.

    History paints the Zionists/Jews in a most favorable light, when in reality they were very active in slavery and war mongering, as well as usury and with total control over US media and entertainment…and you wonder WHY question Zionism, I question how you could not.

    You point to the MIC, as if the MIC and Zionism are mutually exclusive.

    I would also point to the reality that the internet is threatening the globalist/zionist propaganda, and coincidentally Israel is the focal point of many of the worst spying and internet controlling companies…Israel is training US police, I mean, what piece are you missing?

    The name George Soros, Heim Saban, Sheldon Adleson, and so many more, meaningless to you? Ignorance is not bliss.

    • You are dishonest and likely hasbara…I never said anything about “burning” anyone, but the fact that is where you go, instead of addressing the points I made, means you are a manipulator and a liar.

      I am not here to “mean well” I am here to discuss the truth and your “Voice Of Arabia”, moniker denotes typical Zionist deception.

      So hear is a question for you, if I am being paid, who would be paying me? As for you, we know Hasbara filth slither through the internet, George Soros does indeed pay them/you, so who would pay me?

      And divide and conquer, that’s rich, you mean like open border, where Zionists like the “Gang of 8” US senators are all APIAC stooges, pushing for open borders in America, the same immigrants who beat up Trump supporters carrying signs that say “Stop the Hate”…George Soros and his ilk, Zionists. It the Muslims fighting the Christians, Russia vs America, but I don’t see Israel anywhere in there. How about Hollywood making movie after movie about slavery, hyping up racial hate, but leaving out how Jews were very active in the slave trade…is that your divide and conquer?

      Honestly, your a waste of time, if you want to argue facts, go right ahead, but character assignation is indeed the preview of the Zionists, and is exactly what American politics is all about, now in Europe and the Middle East…


  5. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It just shocks me how people with such obvious motives and a track history, going back centuries of active involvement in world history.

    I mean even Lincoln was most likely assassinated by Central banking Zionist interests.We know they were active in WW1, with the Jewish boycott, slavery, usury, Wall Street…I mean Kagan, Krystal, Pearl…all monsters of war in Washington ALL ZIONISTS…”but they would never do anything untoward”.

    The reality is, what we don’t know about these people is worse than what we do, and what we do know is they have had their hands in so much evil, including 9/11, the Iraq war, the Syria war, and the aggression towards Russia.

    And as I said before, Israel coincidentally is the center for businesses that do cyber security and spying, they are the ones teaching American police how to be tyrannical bullies…

    It is difficult to write about this because there is so much to write about, that is why I am always against when they is at least not a mention of Zionist/Jewish influence in such events as JFK’s murder.

    • Zionist is 2000 years old…

      And the fight to develop central banking was around for quite some time.

      Don’t patronize me, I never said all Jews were Zionists, Jews are often the scapegoat of Zionists. Zionists are atheist Jews who bring down all Judaism and western civilization with them. Jews do benefit form their relationship to some degree, but pay in the long run, but not as much as the Middle East.

  6. In my little hermit bipolar life I tend to alternate between alt-news-media and pop-media. I love both. I used to read a LOT but now am consumed by the internet. I loved reading Dumas, Hesse, Flemming, Herbert, Brautigan, Douglas Coupland, Calvino, Neal Stephenson, etc etc etc, just to list a few consistent faves. I’m thrilled to see some represented here. I have two proposals/requests.

    This may be more difficult to critique:
    I loved swashbuckler movies and their classic novels which were often better than their movie adaptations – but I loved comparing them. Ivanhoe, Cyrano, Romeo & J, Quixote, Scaramouche, to Barry Lyndon. I wonder if you or any members have any recommendations in this vein and/or could find a way to apply your brilliant geopolitical analysis on anything related. Alexander Dumas from Cristo to Black Tulip to the Musketeers seems to be the most intelligent but popular classic/romantic/adventure/swashbuckler novelist that I can recall with deeper understanding of Euro-politics with very accessible stories. (Also, FYI, Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon script is easily found to download read, and/or comment on.)

    This will be easy to critique:
    Between Bladerunner and Firefly there was my FAVOURITE television show:

    // // // MAX HEADROOM // // //

    I was a teenager in LOVE with this show that was way ahead of it’s times, not just the “20 minutes in the future”. Everything from Network 23 (an Illuminati number) to Blank Reg (an illegal citizen without a number) to Blipverts (hyper-compressed advertising that made some people explode) to Max (a trans-human artificial intelligence escaped into the net) and on and on and on. First it was a movie, then a television series, and there were ad campaigns and music videos, etc. Sadly the TV show is only in standard definition and most episodes are/were on YouTube and torrented. I must confess that when I watch it now the acting is a bit stiffer than I remember and the humour is far more campy than I now prefer, but in those days there just wasn’t very much good sci-fi, much less dedicated channels and a YouTube full of it. Max Headroom was sooo far ahead of its time but it’s cautionary tales are still relevant, almost like “1984”, but way too overlooked. Fellow Canadian Matt Frewer plays Edison Carter and Max Headroom who’s based on a brain scan of Edison – who is a truth telling investigative reporter – not unlike our own hero, James Corbett. Please INVESTIGATE!!!

  7. I’d love to see a book like this written about OKC and 9/11. Who would be more qualified to do it than James?

  8. I FINALLY read this book. I cut my Ellroy teeth on “LA Confidential” a year ago, and thanks to you, JC, I read this one. All I can say is this: Even in the realm of fiction, I have TONs yet to learn about human nature and personal motivation. I felt like a hot shower after each chapter. A very good book, no matter how unpleasant and/or shocking. Gratitude to you.

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