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In this week’s edition of #PropagandaWatch James looks at “The News Hero,” the latest fake news Russian bot propaganda scare to emerge from the neo-McCarthyist fever dreams of the NATO Stratcom Centre of Excellence!

The News Hero video


The News Hero game on facebook

The News Hero website

After A Week Online, NATO’s Latest ‘Counter-Disinfo’ Facebook Game Is A Complete Flop


  1. It’s always funny to me when people say that “government is too stupid to pull anything off”, they then counter any argument that we should just get rid of it by saying “it’s too powerful and they would crush you”. When the reality is that these are the kinds of ideas government comes up with on a daily basis.
    I remember after Just Because, we were patrolling the jungles for deserters, and were told to question the natives and ask them really in-depth questions about their political beliefs. These were very tough Indians, who didn’t give a fig about any of your fancy-smancy politics. But you’d best not just walk on up to the top of their hill without permission. Which you weren’t going to get. To the best of my knowledge, no one actually tried to interview them, we just ignored them and they did like-wise. And, we wrote they had no opinions at all. JimBob who still thinks those Indians might just have whupped his butt had he tried anything as the military intel people wanted.

  2. Just wanted to say that I absolutely love this series. Great idea!

  3. lobotomies are so 20th century…

  4. James if you ever run out of propaganda to sink your teeth into, may I suggest you turn to the BBC (aka: British Brainwashing Corporation) they provide daily 100% propaganda packaged as “balanced and objective” news to the unsuspecting English speaking public.

  5. The synthetic voice and incorrect use of English would suggest that this was maybe written by a machine and not edited by a human at all. That may be a good strategy for the future of propaganda as it gives complete deniability. Players of the “game” will provide the feedback (and more) to enable the machine learning that could make this perfectly indistinguishable from reality. Probably very quickly too.

    This is a laughable (for now) UK attempt which is somewhat similar…

  6. I admit that whole gaming culture just baffles me. I can understand the escapism, even the degree to which I see that; but it’s not a very uplifting and healthy culture from what I’ve seen. Admittedly it’s not real in-depth, but I don’t think it needed it. Gamers seem to be the most thin-skinned people out there. Not like the far left or far right who get triggered; but it’s as if a gamer has an extremely low threshold for stress. The few times I’ve gotten stuck in some gaming thread, you will invariably hear some schumuck start talking about how brutal some “invasion” was and how it was just too much for them emotionally. I’ve talked to people who felt that the zombie apocalypse type game they were playing would be too much for a person if it were in virtual mode. I rarely mention that I’d choose those video games over an actual zombie apocalypse any day, but sometimes I do. I suppose a lot of this is a bleed-over from the personality types one sees a lot of in tech. Those people who like to live in their cubicles because it shuts out all those annoying stresses. You know, like life. JimBob who probably does mention the complete lack of stress he ever gets from pixel games.

    • I’m guessing they are so immersed in these games is because they already had poor social skills, and instead of developing them like the nerds of old (yep, I had a slide ruler and a pocket protector!), they took the option of hiding in a virtual world. Always strange to me how people choose to be so weak. And that aggressiveness? Needs a bit of passive in front of it. The rise of the beta male from the couch is coming! JimBob who doesn’t even own a chair, much less a couch.

  7. The word “Hero”, as in News Hero.

    What a great propaganda type word to use.
    Certainly the gamers are in tune to “hero”.

    And in China, with the “Social Credit System”, I believe that you get extra points if you perform a heroic act.
    Stephen Colbert (The Late Show – May 2018) talks about ‘hero points’ in China.
    In this French report about the social credit system, it gives an example of a hero.

    My brother who lives in the L.A. area of California is not a social hero. On his utility bills (water and electric), he continually gets a graphic which shows that he is a very poor citizen compared to his neighbors who are using less utilities than he does.

    • calibrator says:
      Those social credit systems are more or less the same – but with one important additional element: This system is able to punish the humans when they over- or understep the pre-programmed paths.
      My toothbrush appliance can only withhold the LCD smiley from me…

      And by the way:
      What are the “Karma points” on this website?

      Honestly, Calibrator, I couldn’t answer the Karma question with accuracy.
      I don’t vote, nor “up” or “down” a comment.
      Personally, I feel that each Corbett member has a decent amount of common sense, along with their own personal interests and tastes. They have the ability to evaluate and judge what is true or valuable or funny from their own independent perspective. In other words, just because something gets lots of upvotes, like a popularity contest in High School, doesn’t necessarily mean it is the path everyone should follow.
      If we are a Corbett Report member, we are all independent thinkers and do-ers.

      • I understand.

        On a positive note…
        I have noticed, on occasions, “new members” who presented comments so ‘off-the-wall’ or disruptive that other members called them out.
        Sometimes, this community does a pretty good job of policing itself.

      • “*When* is “too big” too big?”

        I say the more the merrier. The more genuine voices (as opposed to actual agitators) add their 2 cents, their perspectives, their experiences, the richer we all are for it. Even debates, if they can remain civil and stay on point, are vital. When any vocal member drops off from commenting, even if I’ve never personally engaged them, I can’t help but feel the loss of their absence. Quality not quantity.

  8. When I get around to playing with Augur, I’ll be willing to bet that you will never run out of propaganda to report on each week…you will wear the letters off your keyboard first.

    • Fine work. I bet you have your fingers in that honey pot, you ole rascal.

  9. We have a new “Solutions”

    Microsoft Rolls Out “Election Defense Technologies”

    Probably will not protect against CIA / NSA, or even
    the Israeli hackers (like on 9/11).

    Homeland is already taking over certain voting infrastructure.
    All your votes belong to them now.

    Homeland is also tracking us:

    • The DHS thing basically means DHS sees the world as its homeland. One step closer to a global police force.

    • And should I even bother to try posting that on youtube? I have a slow internet connection.

      If any of you would like to download it and try loading it to youtube, please go ahead.

  10. […] in the minds of men, […]

    Lol Nato and Unesco, what better introduction to the new movie by truthstreammedia.

  11. Thanks for giving me a jaundiced laugh this morning. It’s hard to believe this level of crass stupidity is possible. But the envelope of idiocy always seems to go that bit further every year.

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