#NotMyPresident? Take the #ClintonPledge!

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Do you have the sinking feeling that democracy is not what it’s cracked up to be? Do you insist that Trump is #NotMyPresident? Well don’t despair, get active. Take the #ClintonPledge, and pass it along to your friends. It may not be as scary as you think.

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  1. You offer different options/pledges at the beginning of your video James, however you don’t actually propose any alternatives to replace our current democratic system. Furthermore, the political process doesn’t end after we cast our vote, quite the contrary, that’s when it begins really. Kinda like a relay race, the runner doesn’t stop after he’s handed the baton, that’s when he takes off running.

    Half of America is genuinely fearful of Trumps proposed campaign promises, these are legit grievances, and no way does it say in the American Constitution that a President is dictator for 4 years, therefore people have a constitutional right to protest peacefully.

    Democracy can be described as both wings of a bird, in order for it to fly, the bird needs both his right wing and his left wing. Also, to stop it from going around in circles, the bird needs to counter balance the right and the left. In essence, that’s democracy in a nut shell.

    Now that the US has been governed by 8 years of left wing leaning politics (ie, Obama), it would appear the US was ready for a change in direction, and to counter balance the direction they voted for a right wing President with right wing leaning campaign promises, with the added caveat that the left wing actually won the popular vote.

    I’d love to hear how anarchy could supplant democracy peacefully (pragmatically speaking).

    • Even after the election the Clinton side continues with lawless agitation, intimidation and violence in the streets, demonstrating to reasonable people everywhere that Americans did make the right choice. Thank you MSM and Mr. Soros for showing everyone just how free, democratic, big hearted and open the globalist new world order would really be if Hillary had won.

      If the US election rules had been that the candidates had to win the popular vote in order to be elected, then Trump would have campaigned more vigorously in the large cities and likely also would have won that contest in a landslide. But how much more of a landslide that would have been can be seen by considering what really happened.

      The people who supported Trump mainly voted for jobs and to save core values and constitutional rights from a misguided globalism being imposed upon them. They were essentially voting to save their nation from an establishment which has been systematically outsourcing just about everything which matters to them. However, despite the stakes they were and remain essentially principled people adhering to the electoral rules of fair play for lawful democratic change. The Clinton side on the other hand appeared devoid of any real principles other than their own interests. During the election the Clinton side used intimidation tactics of paid agitators. They cheated by swelling voters lists by opening the border and signing up droves of illegal immigrants. Even voter fraud and rigged voting machines were acceptable to them. But most of all they were supported by an absolutely biased, corrupt and lying mainstream media. The effect of the media was so pervasive that Trump supporters were generally so ridiculed and shunned that few made their views known. Without such dishonest, illegal and oppressive tactics by the Clinton side, the Trump vote would most certainly have been much much greater. In the circumstances the Clinton loss could not be more embarrassing for her, her party and the MSM.

      Paul Formby

      • “Even after the election the Clinton side continues with lawless agitation, intimidation and violence in the streets…”

        — Ah yes, I’ve read this somewhere before, “riots” funded by Big Daddy Soros, am I right?

        Please explain to me how riots benefit the left?

        Seems to me peaceful protests across America would be a more effective way at de-legitimizing Trump the so called anti globalist, don’t you think pformby?

  2. For me the most important side effect of coming to this realization is that people would need to take charge of their lives and assume responsibility.

    It would mean the end of mom and pop government; no more spoon feeding us into the coffin; there wouldn’t be anyone there to make our decisions, assume responsibilities, tell us what to think, how to act, what’s hot and what’s not.

    I often think about how to get in the state of mind where endless motivation could flourish.


  3. Every newspaper, every TV station, every magazine and at least half of the “alternative” media have spent much of the last year vilifying Trump.

    Yet, even the “mainstream” were talking about improper emails and the rigging of the Democratic convention. Trump alluded to this and suggested the only way he would lose the election would be if it was rigged. He won…therefore, logically, nothing is rigged….right?

    Have you noticed….the official narrative delivered unto us daily by the corporate media mafa is veering towards promoting the idea that the existing system is broken. What can this mean?

    I believe Trump is the predecessor to the American Gorbachev who will arrive in Trump’s wake to usher in a Brave New Age. The “communism” experiment ended in 1989; “democracy” is now on the ropes. (I doubt that democracy ever existed).

    Hatred, distrust, threat of civil war, WW-III, ISIS terrorism, economic hardship, collapsing fiat currencies, bank bail-ins, climate crisis, racism, political corruption….. carefully orchestrated to erupt in an historical momementus singularity. Mr. Corbett, your solution will get lost in the noise of the main stream who will promote a solution of their own.

    People are reeling in the wake of this latest clown show. I think they are ready to hear your message today. We are at a crossroads. Will people see the path you allude to or will they simply be led down the garden path of least resistance according to the agenda?

    This window of opportunity won’t stay open for long.

  4. Looking forward to Wednesday, all in all well said.

  5. The trick is to play the masses so that, rather than having unpalatable changes rammed down their throats, they actually and sincerely demand the oppressive changes themselves. (e.g. so many of my fellow Canadians are demanding to pay a Carbon Sin Tax to “save the planet”).

    Like you, I suspect Trump has been installed as a catalyst for future reactions; the people will demand to be more severely oppressed for their own good.

    • Were you at the protest a couple of weeks ago? A thousand people, myself included, were at the Calgary protest against Carbon austerity. Very little media coverage. It would seem those in charge have come to depend upon some combination of ignorance, laziness, fear and apathy which leaves us collectively paralyzed.

      James is doing his part. You and I will continue to do ours.

  6. Frightening isn’t it?

    I think ‘education’ has a lot to do with it. I see it every day with my own children. How can we think for ourselves when our whole ‘education’ has been effectively a brain washing effort to stop us thinking for ourselves?

    We physically become adults and think we make our own decisions and formulate our own views on the world. Well, for the most part I can see: we don’t. They are handed to us, ready made. Would you like View A, View B or the fashionable “Don’t Care” View?

    The solution is in a real education based on training the mind through mindfulness, meditation, self-remembering.

    Everyone doesn’t need to practice this. Only one person – myself.

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