Interview 1866 – New French Law Could Criminalize Jab Resistance (NWNW 545)

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Soros Preps Takeover Of 200 Radio Stations Ahead Of US Presidential Election

Billionaire Soros To Become Biggest Stockholder In US Radio Company

Huma Abedin and George Soros’ Son Alex Reveal Relationship In Valentine’s Day Photo From Paris

Story #2: France’s “Pfizer Amendment” Could Turn mRNA Critics Into Criminals

Sarkozy Gets Six Months For Illegal Campaign Funding

France Signs Security Pact With Ukraine, Pledges “Up To €3 Billion” In Additional Military Aid

Sectarian Violence

Lutte contre les dérives sectaires

“COVID-19 Vaccines and Adverse Events of Special Interest: A Multinational Global Vaccine Data Network (GVDN) Cohort Study of 99 Million Vaccinated Individuals”

Largest Covid Vaccine Study Yet Finds Links To Health Conditions

Story #3: Scientists Resort To Once-Unthinkable Solutions To Cool Planet

Bill Gates’ Dark Dream of Blocking Sunlight Is About To Be Realized

Bill Gates’ Plan To ‘Fight Climate Change’ By Blocking The Sun Begins

NWNW Flashback: UN Supervillains Threaten To Dim The Sun (Mar. 3, 2023)

JPMorgan Chase, BlackRock Drop Out Of Massive UN Climate Alliance In Stunning Move

The Magic Words – #SolutionsWatch

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  1. Why radio may be important.

    1. Globalists take control of radio stations.
    2. Someone launches a cyber attack that brings down the internet.
    3. People everywhere can’t stream their news.
    4. Desperate for some kind of news update, people revert to the radio.

    • Smart. Commuters still listen to the radio. I wonder if these stations are the AM sports stations that operate coast to coast. They’ve been propped up these last 20 years by government advertising budgets. They feature public service ads only, along with sports and talk.

      • palama
        I dont think that many folks under 30, or even 40, listen to FM in the car anymore…even most of the the oldsters I know have gone over to using their smart phones. When they listen to radio its almost always local AM not FM.

        As the prior poster said, its quite possible that they will mess with either the internet, or just the cellular internet and throw folks back on local radio. I think HRS below is probably on the mark about the ability to target smaller, specific communities- especially if they want to do do some more Floyd type riots or another covid scare

    • its a start,
      hes got 235 stations out of the 15,445 ones that are active in the USA..

      1.6% ownership doesnt sound like domination. I suppose any amplifying of rotteneggyness, is to add to the mess we need to clean.

    • RandomNYCitizen says:
      “Why radio may be important.”

      I think that one of the Soros strategies has been to augment an infiltration of authoritarian officials on a local level. It is a bottom up approach towards controlling the narrative and people.
      Dallas DA Creuzot Financially Supported by Soros

      Radio targets local areas and their peoples.
      Music, news or talk radio. Spanish radio also. NPR Public Radio. The Dallas Ft Worth Metroplex has a large Indian-Pakistan population, and there is FunAsia Radio which targets that market. Vietnamese is the third most spoken language in Texas, and there are Viet radio stations.

      A narrative, a message, a story needs a delivery mechanism to the targeted audience.
      They way I see it, radio can be used to influence culture on a targeted local level.

      Corbett could probably expound on this Media topic.

    • Excellent. I was just going to comment on this precise view. These folks didn’t become billionaires by not understanding markets in advance. And in view of the fact that the three biggest cellular companies had an upchuck yesterday makes this view that much more interesting.

      Am I the only one who thinks it weird that American politicians were given satellite phones last year?

      I think we can all accept the fact that George Soros doesn’t spend millions/billions on hopeless causes. He knows the agenda and whatever the next step is supposed to be.

      • Yes my immediate thoughts are that it has more to do with the towers than the stations themselves. Also I am in Australia and we have seen some of the most crazy skies all over the country this week!

    • It is like wearing a mask now here in France as we are mentally gagged unable to speak about anything going on. I am pleased not vaxxed as how can you now say it damaged you, if you had thought it had without receiving a fine of 30,000 euros and 1 year in prison? Thanks James for mentioning our plight here. Most ex-pats are vaxxed to the hilt and have some sort of cancer according to our friends who hang around with them. Now we are not allowed to say anything to them. I am not sure why this law has arisen; presumably Macron has someone to pick on!

    • They are building the beast system of Revelation that’s for sure! Anybody notice something interesting about the WEF logo? Its hidden in plain site. 666 They are telling us what their all about

  2. From what I’ve heard, talk radio in red states is a big deal.

    • I think you are right. In Texas, most of the print publications are left leaning. Some of the radio talk shows are right leaning. And the Republican party in Texas is a mess with some of the weirdest stuff going on. The party system itself is weird…blue and red sheep.

      • Texas will be California in ten years time, assuming the USA continues without interruption …. the only real voter base the ‘republicans’ have is a portion, an aging portion at that, of the white demographic.

        Even if there was not mass crossing were not a thing the ‘boomer age out’ clock is running down on Texas as anything resembling a conservative state.

  3. That should be a red flag for the critical thinkers in France, their government wants to criminalize speaking the truth about the jabs. Not that it wasn’t blatantly obvious when people started dropping dead of heart attacks and strokes after the mRNA roll out, but people should have the right to talk about it. The real challenge though is holding people accountable for the jabs and the mass killings of innocent people by the government.

  4. Blocking the sun from all those solar panels is as smart as cutting down trees to reduce CO2. They are rubbing our noses in it.

    • My question would be where are they going to live? They are going to live on a dark polluted planet? It doesn’t make sense to me, logically.

      • They have the seed vault and their underground bunkers.

      • @cu.h.j

        Good questions.

        They may be mitigating the harm of the spraying programs on their own health via methods such as this or more advanced fine tuned detox protocols.

        I also think it is worth considering that there is no reason to assume that their decision making processes are guided by logic.

        It is important to keep in mind that many of the ultra rich people funding these operations are psychopaths so trying to put yourself in their shoes as though they are rational human beings represents a failure to assess the type of people you are dealing with. These are mentally deranged people, most of the time being sociopathic and psychopathic is a pre-requisite for attaining the amount of material wealth they have attained to be able to fund insane sky spraying programs on a global scale. Also, some of these billionaires are religious fanatics obsessed with eschatology. Some have openly declared they feel it is their purpose in life to accelerate the second coming of christ or some other religious prophecy involving fire and brimstone.

        Human beings that attain obscene amounts of wealth and material influence have shown themselves to be insane. Just look at the history of nuclear weapons testing. Over 2000 nuclear warheads detonated since the 1940-s. Over one thousand of those being detonated by the US. You would think that after a few of them they would know that it works and that its effects are horrific, but no, they kept detonating more of them.. thousands more.

        Another variable worth considering is that while most of the governments in the developed world do capitulate to the banksters and corporate oligarchs, there is are still significant disagreements among the most powerful people on Earth.

        There is a significant amount of evidence that indicates that the nastiest and craziest of plutocrats and banksters have constructed massive D.U.M.B.s which are self sustaining city sized fortresses that grow food hydroponically and are shielded to most natural and manmade forms of destruction. Thus, it is possible that many uber rich people may not agree with global spraying programs, but are simply not able to do anything to stop them as they are afraid of the ones with bigger “guns”.

        While choosing to live in some futuristic super bunker rather than out in the open with blue skies and beautiful ancient forests may be irrational and unappealing to you and me, this is not necessarily so for inbred bankster crazies and deranged megalomaniacal billionaires with too much money and influence for their own good.

        • Maybe logic wasn’t the right word. Self preservation is a basic drive. Even psychopaths have that impulse. They seem to be polluting their own habitat since we share air and to some extent food supply. The weird GMOs and experimental technology are things that could come back their way too.

          I think “King” Charles has cancer now. I guess all that pampering didn’t really make much of a difference in his case.

          I’m surprised Bill Gates is still talking in public at all after the Epstein connection came out. I think he was extensively involved with him. So our government is going to try to block the sun because some creepy (he is very very creepy) psychopath suggests it? That’s just insane.

          I really don’t know much about atmospheric spraying, how extensive it is or if it can actually do what is claimed but the fact something like that is even being entertained is completely nuts.

          • @cu.h.j

            Some psychopaths have that impulse, others are self-destructive as well as callously malicious to others, there are different types of pathology within the realm of psychopaths.

            “So our government is going to try to block the sun because some creepy (he is very very creepy) psychopath suggests it? That’s just insane.”

            No, “government” is much too vague a term to describe who would actively be directing funding and material resources to spraying programs. Need to know is the name of the game when it comes to nasty government involved programs that target their own citizens. Many in “government” would be appalled to learn about all the things various black ops and corporate contractors (working in conjunction with military/DOD/NSA etc) are doing to US citizens, but they are mostly unaware, and if they are aware, powerless to get at actionable intel or brave enough law enforcement entities to take action and stop those programs. Governments as we have been raised to see them are a prop on a stage, those directing the play behind stage are the ones who would give the order to spray a bunch of stuff into the sky (maybe using “global warming” as some front excuse for why they are doing it, or not) and then various military, government and corporate entities carry out their will.

            I agree it is insane and completely nuts.

            I do not now how extensive the atmospheric spraying is in other parts of the world but I can speak from experience with regards to BC and Ontario in Canada. Spraying is heavy here and in BC and based on my time hiking in the mountains and northern forests I can say that it seems that agricultural areas are targeted significantly more than non-agricultural areas.

            I highly doubt that very many people funding these operations are convinced that the programs are for reflecting sunlight to fight global warming. The propaganda on that front is super thin and flimsy. If any of those people had a rudimentary ecological awareness and a serious concern about greenhouses gasses or warming climate/droughts they would be planting Douglas Fir, Western red cedar, Eastern Hemlock, Redwoods and other long lived trees (which store massive amounts of CO-2 for centuries to millennia, moderate climate extremes and create stable rain patterns). If there are people that actually think spraying nano-particles of metal and other chemicals into the atmosphere is going to help our climate or biosphere they are idiots.

            No, I think the majority of people who are funding and making decisions on these projects are spraying that material mainly for reasons that are unrelated to mitigating solar radiation from reaching the Earth (though crippling some people’s access to full solar UV may be seen as a tertiary “bonus effect” for them).

            • There is also the fact that some of these rich oligarchs are occultists and as a result are driven by unseen demons to do what they do. Even if they are not occultists, they still seem driven by demons.

              I mean, I’ve never scene such a rush to destroy anything that is actually morally and physically good for humans. Food is polluted, oceans are polluted, the sky is polluted, peoples bodies and minds are polluted. And it just keeps on accelerating in ever increasing unimaginable ways.

              I believe the evil behind all of this goes beyond just the thoughts of human beings. I do not believe the frequency and worldwide harmony of these lunatic policies and laws is a coincidence or of an entirely human origin.

              I think of Eve in the Garden of Eden. According to the Genesis account an unseen powerful person used a snake to mislead and manipulate eve into thinking she could be a god knowing good and bad if she ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and bad.

              This is the same as the rich oligarchs. They have also been mislead by their wealth, power and the unseen influence of powerful demons to think they are gods knowing what’s good and bad for themselves and us. Their greed is insatiable.

              And then their are those like Adam. Later when his wife Eve presented the fruit to him, he ate of it, knowing he was directly disobeying God. He seems to have done this for selfish motives – to ‘go along to get along’. Adam reaction is not much different than how most people react to these in your face dangerous lunatic policies and laws. They go along to get along and hopefully prosper.

              So don’t discount God, the Creator. Watch and see if these little demi-gods really know what’s good and bad for us and the planet.

              Personally I tell you the back lash that comes after this clown world has peaked in its stupidity and wanton destruction is going to be like nothing seen before in human history.

              Perhaps that’s what the bunker’s are for.

        • I have never heard of a ” D.U.M.B.” or self sustaining fortress but that would make sense.

          They might be all tucked away in the fortress but the people who work for them aren’t. They are out in the open.

          • Deep Underground Military Base

            Years ago the US was also building them in primitive Australia outback. All this sort of information was around when Trump was in office. When the controllers installed Biden youtube started taking down the alternative sites that talked about this and now, the rabbit hole is full of them.

            That “Q” nonsense gave the controllers a “valid” reason for extinguishing the fires of truth.

            • I was watching something about Antartica the other day and how there were reports of a very large multi acre structure below the ice.

              These “people” or whatever they are may have full cities under the ground in remote locations. Maybe that’s why Antartica is so restrictive.

              Maybe David Ike wan’t so crazy after all when he was talking about lizard people.

              • “…there were reports of a very large multi acre structure below the ice.”

                Indeed. Used to have photos on the web of the huge tunnel digging equipment. Under the guise of “need to know” the controllers have pulled off so much bad/secret stuff.

                Barbara Marciniack, a “channeler” said in the 80’s “There is so much going on in the world, if one knew they would cover their heads and not get out of bed in the morning.”

                If one follows the current information being presented by Mud Flood and Mandela Effect folks there is true evidence of a recent prior world wide civilization being uncovered.

                The controllers want you to not believe your “lying eyes” when looking at history.

                Amongst other alternative authors, David has just scratched the surface of the truth. Yes, kept in ignorance, not stupidity, humanity has had so many of the clues and truths hidden it takes heroic measures to reveal.

                A photo years ago showed some isolated tribe shooting arrows at a helicopter overhead.

                Imagine the capabilities of some advanced culture with stealth ability harvesting the “energy” put out by people in grief, pain, etc. and sending it back to their dimension. Then consider why there are so many in congress, etc. seeking endless wars (fuel).

      • cu.h.j
        “… question would be where are they going to live? They are going to live on a dark polluted planet? It doesn’t make sense to me, logically….”

        Your not dealing with people who think like you.
        Assuming a ‘pure materialist’ worldview they DONT CARE, any more then the people who deforest africa for fire wood and grazing care that their making a desert…..from a Non Materialist POV they actually LIKE the idea of a dead world because they are possessed by beings that hate humanity and want it to suffer and die- even if their just ‘crazy’ and imagine themselves possessed their behavior would be exactly as evil.

      • The majority of people driving this thing are useful idiots of varying degrees.

      • @cu.h.j
        “It doesn’t make sense to me, logically.”

        As I posted to you the other day
        (YOU: “I suspect that the people who are on top are completely devoid of basic morality…”)
        Your assumption, is that they are human.

        Since the 60’s when a new search for consciousness was taking off, the controllers ramped up a very strong influence on popular thought/belief through the media, the entertainment biz, etc. So with stultified critical thinking, most no longer take into account other possibilities, even if only for expansion of consciousness.

        Anything assisting the go-within exploration of consciousness “Right brain” thinking and discussion, etc. (meditation, teacher plants..Peyote, Mescaline, Pot, authors, lecturers, etc.) have been demonized, made fun of and made illegal. An agenda of manipulating humans to seek information from others and not go within at work. That need for “saviors.” Hence the popularity of religions, super heroes, etc. the clownification of humanity.

        “Left brain” mental masturbation has become the norm on the web and in life. Everyone is an expert, a know-it-all and can feed back all the “facts” like good parrots of perception rather then offer well-thoughtout opinions.

        I sing and write about a game of Demons and Redemption being used on us. A tool of deception that works on psychological factors of intimidation, fear, trust, etc., and can be successful in a wide field of human control…government, military, global corporations, university systems etc., have adapted the same tactics as the very successful male run church state:

        Organized religion has sin and the devil;
        the government has terrorists and dictators;
        global corporations have yellow waxy floor buildup, bad breath, etc.,
        and the universities say you are ignorant and need to be taught.

        All promise Redemption for a cost. Parishioners, taxpayers, customers, and students must fork over money in a never ending dance of new demons, or new ways of redemption.

        So an answer to ponder outside of the headlines and blogtalk, as to why we are in the process of destroying everything…air, water, species, etc. may well be because the controllers don’t need them for their survival.
        Some things and ideas are easy to make fun of but it doesn’t mean they aren’t important.


        • Yeah, I do presume they are human technically, but it’s possible they aren’t.

      • Based on their many writings, my understanding of their plan (that has been in operation for about 100 years) includes a reduction of the human population to a manageable size. Culling the herd, so to speak.

        • Yes, they seem to be pretty straight-forward about their wishes in that regard.

          My comment was particularly about the irony that the efficiency of their wonderful, “green” solar panels will be affected by their other wonderful scheme to save the environment by reducing the amount of sunlight reaching the earth. I find it (sadly) amusing.

    • jo-ann, cu.h.j.
      I really wanted to post this a little farther north of here , but this will do.

      Elanna Freeland talks to Dr. Marie Mihalcea on a number of topics.
      One is the bogus climate cover for the Military state. Whistle Blowers are contacting Elanna with information from their time in some awful careers. Elanna is a go-to for confessions in what I suppose is a search for redemption.

    • I’ve always thought that once they publicize openly though lega-Sh!t media that they’re “going to start” doing it (even though they being do it for many years) it means they’re about to go GUNG HOE. Its like announcing the final phase of the extermination of us carbonating deplorables. Creatures like Soros and Gates and their ilk think they are gods that must be obeyed because money makes them smart and powerful. So if it the trails were bad where you live before, expect it to get worse and people to become increasingly sicker.

      I don’t believe that’s all they are doing, they could be spraying anything they want to, so long as they don’t get caught.

  5. I’m not sure about the middle red hat but sure looked like mediamonarchy to the right and trunk to the left?

  6. RE: Story #3: (chemtrails)

    On Thursday Feb 22 The Highwire “EPISODE 360: THE CLOT THICKENS” at around the 53 minute mark, Aaron Siri Esq. and Del Bigtree talk about how they were investigating chemtrails which took them down a rabbit hole to…

    Feb 14, 2024 – Press Release
    ICAN Uncovers a Potential Next-Level Threat: “Inhalable” Self-Spreading Vaccines that Spread Like a Virus
    A new class of “encrypted RNA” vaccines are being developed where the RNA would piggyback onto an existing wild virus and spread from person to person without any person’s knowledge or consent. Although this may sound like science fiction, it is far from it. Two companies involved in this research have received millions of dollars from the federal government. A study using this technology on hamsters and the SARS-Cov-2 virus has already been completed and a Phase I trial on humans is in the works. ICAN’s attorneys have already sent legal demands to all government agencies involved…

    …Both former NIH Director Francis Collins and HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra supported the agency’s creation, and Collins described his vision for ARPA-H as “a DARPA-like culture at NIH.”

    This so-called “therapy” uses a technology called TIPs (Therapeutic Interfering Particles), which are described as “engineered molecular parasites” that piggyback on a wild virus. If you get the virus, you also get these parasites. Once inside an infected person, the TIPs are supposed to rapidly multiply, hijacking the resources the wild virus needs to multiply and therefore stopping the virus.

    Supporters of this technology claim it will “solve” several problems with traditional vaccine delivery, including “behavior barriers” like noncompliance. Meaning everyone gets vaccinated—whether they like it or not….

  7. RE: Story #1: Soros…

    Friday Feb 23, 2024 – Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via, via ZeroHedge
    Once Valued At $5.7BN, Vice Media Stops Publishing And Nothing Of Value Was Lost
    …Having once been valued at $5.7 billion (in 2017), and acquired out of bankruptcy last year by a consortium including George Soros, the company announced plans to cut hundreds of jobs and has – as of 14 hours ago – stopped publishing on….

    For non-Vice readers, which probably includes everyone at Corbett Report, the graphics in this story tell a story.

    • The only content of theirs that I have consumed was a short Wim Hoff documentary they produced, and that was quite a few years ago. So long, vice.

  8. I have personally stopped caring about man made law as, I would say, the whole purpose of irking people with it is to give it credence.

    This is a very simple matter: the masses of people who have their ongoing daily responsibilities, various problems, bills to settle etc. are involuntarily financing a sect of extremely motivated sociopaths and psychopaths who spend their waking hours finding way to trip up said masses of people.

    Even if these “laws” were not what they are, best case scenario is such people (who are completely disinterested in doing so) are forced to comb through loads and loads of legalese nonsense to at least try to separate wheat from the chaff, with constant updates happening daily.

    They can write whatever the hell they want. The issue is not with what was written, but the fact that people feel beholden to something some ungodly moron wrote. This is asymmetric warfare and the only way to win is to not play.

  9. Radio is important because it’s far less vulnerable to hackers or any other cyberattack. If/When the big cyber hack occurs, the radio will be in high demand. Soros, is just positioning himself to take advantage of that medium in America. It’s a strategic move to insure his propaganda gets out to the world when the net goes down or is severely degraded.

  10. Unfortunately, legacy media is not all they’re buying up and controlling. I just had something happen on Reddit that is such a clear example of how they astroturf it.You would never find me defending Nazism or any kind of autocracy or totalitarianism.

    So, Someone shared this post: “German police quick reaction to a dipshit doing the Hitler salute (SpiegelTV)” :
    — OLD Reddit:
    — NEW Reddit:

    In a reply, someone wrote how we need to do that in the US. So, referring to the US, I shared this old but important quote:
    “How to you define freedom of expression? Without the right to offend it ceases to exist’.— Salman Rushie. **This line/reply, completely disappears, even from my comment history. You can see the other replies here: *Incl a link to the famous story from the 70s or 80’s where the ACLU went to court to defend the Nazis’ right to express their views/

    Then I get this ad hom & strawman-ridden ‘reply’: “Stfu Russian. Leave it to a Russian Nazi simp to try and spin their aggression against Ukraine as defending themselves. Of fucking course you’d be a whataboutism about cracking down on Nazi speech.” — u/Few-Monies

    I replied w/a bit of a rant, but trying to keep things generally on point:

    Even tho I cld hit and compose a ‘reply’ – it would not post. With the Rushdie line/quote was disappeared,, there was no way to really add to the conversation any longer/ . Just another example of the myriad ways they control the narrative. I’ve seen other techniques, banning for sharing a link to a page that linked to dozens ofntingpublished p-r’d studies on the efficacy of masks at prevenduring the scamdemic, -in the r/WorldNews.

    – Pardon this long comment. Its just such seems like a prime example what theyre doing.

  11. These two will fit in nicely with this episode.

    They both occurred on Wed. Feb 21 as I was driving in my car going to two different destinations.

    Climate change porn is off the charts at the CBC and all MSM outlets in Canada.
    If you want to listen to a bit of puke-worthy cc porn…
    “We’ve just experienced the hottest year on record!” etc.
    check out this podcast at 39:55 where an American NASA scientist/cc activist is interviewed.

    A little later on in the afternoon I witnessed one of the most bizarre sights possible today.

    I was driving past the biggest hospital in my city and there they were, two huge lawn signs each sporting the following message: ‘VAXINJURY.CA’ planted right smack dab in the front lawn near the entrance to the hospital.

    I did a double take. I was tempted to drive back and take a photo of it.
    I’m sorry I didn’t.
    Today I returned to the scene of the crime, camera in hand, hoping on the slimmest of chances the signs would still be there. But alas they were gone.

    Thank God France’s “Pfizer Amendment” will never make it to Canada (turning mRNA critics into criminals). Or maybe these anti-vaxxers have already been hauled away to their jail cells? Hmmm….

  12. Hello James,
    Audacy. More like audacity!. That stupid well born little brat Alex is hopefully just another Hunter Biden waste of wealth. That monster chick Huma, the Hillary
    handler is obviously nothing but the Alex handler. She’s 10 years older than him and therefor not a serious contender for amorous competition in the rich punk line up! Pathetic garbage distraction therapy!

    Investing in radio…this is a joke right? No it’s just one more desperate attempt
    by the oligarchs to distract and sidetrack the unwary rubes. Once one understands that these wealth abusing monsters deal only in lies and distortion, all the rest falls
    into place. Monkey see…monkey do!


  13. Pharma will sure push such laws will come on a EU scale, it surprised me a bit, i am expecting laws from the WHO side in case of mandating vaccine. Sure does not convince me to inject poison anytime ever again, now thanks to the last plandemic i read too much about vaccine in general, if someone is new to the topic i always recommend James video “Rockefeller Medicine” its a superb entry to the topic, because he pushed vaccine in our health system on base of the Flexner report in 1910… long story but worth to read/research it.

  14. Macron words all this like a double speak 1984 Nazi leader! In the Bill it mentions the word ‘incitement’ (a number of times) by anyone either for: (presumably vitamins for instance) or against: an initiative ie – a ‘follow the science’ big Pharma initiative (vaccines). The government can fine someone for 30,00 euros plus 1 year in prison! Who does he want to target? We don’t know, yet! As ex-pats we may have to return to the UK one day as we are forced to be quiet now by order of our evil leaders!

  15. I moved rurally 15 months ago and there is only one internet service provider in my area. Twice the internet has gone out for a day due to weather or whatever. Since I don’t subscribe to television, radio could be my only outside source.

  16. Just in from National ARM ( American Renaissance Movement.)
    The 13th Grand Jury petition is handed to the Indiana Gov. and Atrn.General.
    Momentum is slow for all the obstacles Big Pharma has manufactured in the last 45 years. But it’s gonna be picked up somewhere then the flood waters will begin to wash the obstacles away.

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