Interview 1885 – Whistleblower Reveals US Cover Up of Israeli War Crimes (NWNW 557)

by | Jun 7, 2024 | Interviews, Videos | 56 comments

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: State Dept Official Resigns Over “Falsified” Report Claiming Israel Not Blocking Gaza Aid

Biden: People Have ‘Every Reason’ To Believe Netanyahu Is Prolonging Gaza War To Stay in Power

Reports Suggest Israel Is Gearing Up for Lebanon War

Story #2: China “Prepositioning” for Future Cyberattacks – and New NSA Chief Is Worried

Ad Hoc Committee to Elaborate a Comprehensive International Convention on Countering the Use of Information and Communications Technologies for Criminal Purposes

First Draft of UN Cybercrime Convention Drops Troubling Provisions, But Dangerous And Open-Ended Cross Border Surveillance Powers Are Still on the Table

CyberPolygon Technical Training

Beyond Pegasus: The Bigger Picture of Israeli Cyber Spying

Wyden to Block Senate Vote on New NSA, Cyber Command Lead

U.S. Disables Chinese Hacking Operation That Targeted Critical Infrastructure

Leaked Hacking Documents Show China’s Focus on Tracking Ethnic Minorities

Critical Infrastructure

Story #3: NJ Gym Owner Who Defied COVID Shutdown Cleared of All Charges After Years-Long Legal Battle

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  1. Excellent episode guys!

    I am curious to ask about one thing that you (JC) said regarding that Israeli president dude and how he deserves to go to prison.

    It was about time index 4:40 and you said “..unconvinced war criminal Netanyahu does deserve to be put in prison, or what ever..”) or something along those lines..

    The question I have is how would one who subscribes to voluntarism reasonably advocate for another person to be incarcerated in a prison (an institution funded by taxation and enforced by statist apparatuses)?

    (Please consider this as a potential Question For Corbett)

    The reason I ask is that I was contemplating creating my monthly poll for my substack subscribers that would go along the lines of something like :

    “If you could put one of these people behind bars for life, which one would you choose” (and then I would list a menagerie of infamous political puppets, tyrants, oligarchs and other psychopaths for people to choose from).

    After having the thought of that tantalizing poll, I realized that asking that very question, would represent a sort of endorsement and/or legitimization of statist regimes, oppression tactics (and other immoral modus operandi of involuntary governance systems) and so now I am wondering how I can create a poll that honors my Voluntarist aspirational beliefs, while also providing an opportunity for people to tell me which famous psychopath they think we need to most desperately remove from their position of “power”.

    Anyways, this is by no means some kind of trolling thing, I honestly would appreciate your feedback on this.

    Thanks again for the great episode.

    • Perhaps I misunderstand the voluntaryist ideology but my impression was that laws, law enforcers, and even prisons would still exist in a decentralized manner.

      Sorry to intrude on your question to Mr. Corbett.

      • @cu.h.j

        I appreciate your input and I am no expert on the matter of the voluntaryist ideology.

        As I touched on in the comments (of the post linked below in this comment) I am constantly evolving my understanding of the subject, the implications of a stateless existence and my role in planting the seeds to make it come about (in a way that benefits as many beings as possible).

        This concept of decentralized (perhaps privatized and purely financially incentivized?) prisons is fascinating to me.

        If you were to describe how such a system would operate in an ideal manner, how would you describe it?

        Thanks for the comment.

        • “If you were to describe how such a system would operate in an ideal manner, how would you describe it?”

          Well, I don’t think any system would be “ideal”. In one’s mind perhaps there is an ideal system. In practice however, things are rarely as they are in the mind.

          I think decentralized systems may be better than the growing cancer we have now.

          Theoretically people would be voluntarily associating and people would be able to defend themselves from the random sociopath or psychopath that exists even in the general population. But there would probably be a time where someone was harmed or killed because theft, violence, etc. exist irrespective of the governance system. Maybe it would exist to a lesser degree but I very much doubt it would be gone.

          To answer your question I would need to research this and see what people who have lived in small voluntary communities have for their arbitration process. I don’t think they have a jail but the community is not large enough.

          My ethical principles are that people like Netanyahu deserve to be punished or at the very least removed so they cannot harm people. Him and Fauci IMO should be serving life sentences in a maximum security prison in with the general population there.

          The prison system is terrible and corrupt. If anyone is interested in the US prison system, there’s lots of documentaries.

          But, there are people in prison who deserve to be there. Similarly people like Ted Bundy probably should have been more quickly dispatched into the next life. That man was evil.

          As you are aware there are people out there who are so evil that it’s hard to comprehend and they are not all “elites” and these kinds of people will find victims even in a voluntary community. Maybe there’d be less, but not none.

          Anyway, maybe some of the more knowledgeable people can explain how a decentralized police and court would work.

          How would a prison work?

          • cont.

            Though I say that some people deserve exactly what they get sometimes does not mean I am saying the state has a right to kill people.

            The reason I oppose the death penalty is because there have been innocent people put to death.

            However I am not saying some people don’t deserve to die, like the serial killer Ted Bundy. There are a few other ones who also deserve something awful.

            Maybe this sounds uncivilized or not “idealistic” but nothing really is idealistic in the real world. All you can hope for is improvement. You will never have perfection. There is no utopia on earth.

            • cont.

              Maybe I misunderstand the voluntaryist ideology.

              It was my understanding that it is not a utopia that is sought but rather a way of living that maximizes liberty and responsibility.

              I would presume that great thinkers would recognize the impossibility of perfection and utopian fantasies.

              It is my opinion that there will probably always be evil and that a pragmatic and achievable goal is to restore balance.

              It is wonderful to attempt perfection but one must realize that it can not be obtained.

            • @cu.h.j

              Thanks for elaborating on your views of the prison system and who you feel should be locked in a cold dark room or deprived of life.

              I have seen so much corruption in the judicial, law enforcement and incarceration systems here in Canada that I have very little faith that those systems are being used in a way that keeps meek and gentle people safe, if anything, I think they are (more often than not) systems that are increasing violent and nefarious crime rates, and being used to stifle dissent through falsely imprisoning those who threaten the status quo.

              I cannot say that I have a solution for dealing with murders and other violent abusers, but I can say that I do not advocate or trust police, judges and prison guards to be honorable enough, nor capable enough, nor possessing enough integrity (in aggregate) to provide a viable solution either.

              RE: “Maybe this sounds uncivilized”

              Now that would be a step in the right direction! 😉

              (for more on why I think that to be the case:


              thanks again for the comments, I wish you a pleasant weekend.

              • You’re welcome. It’s definitely true there is lots of corruption in the courts, prisons and police.

                I can’t say I have any solutions either.

                I think that’s what is most important is solutions, awareness and then suggesting solutions that “common” people can understand.

                That whole “defund the police” idea was a flop. People noticed when there’s no police presence (as bad as they are) crime goes up-in the cities. The low level criminal, sociopath and psychopath is out there. It’s not just the elite psychopath people worry about.

                It’s good to point out what is wrong but then also try to implement solutions. Not just “the state is bad” “end the state” etc. This might be true but it’s not a solution.

                Forming intentional community for example or modeling how voluntarism could work in a small community are much more compelling than ideological debates.

                People can have the perfect idea or ideas but if they don’t work in the real world, what good is it?

              • People probably shouldn’t expect to be shown how but it seems like the average person needs that level of explanation.

                People very much learn by example. For example if you share your skills with gardening with others, showing them how, etc.

                Or someone who has an intentional community can show people how they did it.

                It’s one of the reasons I really like JC’s work is because he does try to present solutions and have people discuss what they are doing in the real world, etc.

                Thanks for the discussion.

    • G.
      The answer to paradoxical questions won’t be found here. You know where in the forest to go to ask such questions. Questions are not to be begged in such a place. Answers will be known there before you arrive. When were you there last? It’s been awhile since I had a good sweat. Join me, I’ll start the fire.

      • @GBW

        Thanks for chiming in brother.

        I like your idea of asking questions of the forest beings. Indeed, when I have done as you suggest and posed questions in my heart and mind, entered the forest with an offering of my attention, my gratitude (and perhaps my willingness to help spread the seeds of the beings that dwell within into ideal growing locations) the answers I received (when received with a willingness to see wisdom in repeating patterns, honor in symbiosis and divine will in the balance achieved via an endless web of reciprocal relationships) always permanently enriched my mind, heart and spirit. Also, beyond just offering truth and education, these answers I received unlocked my own ability to attain (or perhaps more accurately tap into the already ubiquitous yet often over looked by humans) abundance which was (and is) all around me.

        RE: “When were you there last?”

        Well, I was in the forest last week working on my ability to identify endangered species of trees and plants in our area for seed saving, propagation and re-forestation efforts and it went quite well. I learned how to definitively identify shagbark hickory seedlings (which unlike their elders with the distinct bark peeling off in layers) are somewhat stealthy and I found some patches of Asarum canadense (Canadian wild ginger) as well.

        I am now in the process of propagating both species (along side, Pawpaw, echinacea, wild leeks and tulip trees) so that i can gift these seedlings to a Carolinian Forest regeneration project that aims to turn a GMO farmed field back into a lush forest.

        I have not done a sweat lodge in many years but I have been sweating at my day job planting trees a lot recently in a heat wave, it has felt good.

        How are your seedlings coming along my friend?

        thanks for the comment.

        • G
          The goal of two meals a day from out of the garden has been reached. The weather has been excellent. However in Oklahoma a tornado can take everything away in a minute. I have been blessed. Storms going around or over the garden.( Close as a mile) The Cherokee ‘s Will Rogers Downs and Racino took a direct hit , Barns destroyed, horses killed, 2 deaths. Closed indefinitely. So I count my blessings. The self insured don’t like tornados or the tornado makers.
          If I wrote science fiction I would write a book about the sovereign native peoples who directly competed with or who directly confounded the global economic monopolies legislatively gifted yoke, put on any financial geographic area. Those areas and entities rarely get by without a f 2-5 tornado direct hit. Energy, gas or electric, and gambling. multinational Monopolies don’t like competition or missed extortion payments. The black opps AirForce weather makers are like child predators and deserve what’s due them. Tornadoes never hit Tinker AFB.I digress.
          The seeds are maturing and red ,or black tomatoes are set to be on the table for the forth of July. Your seeds you sent me are well on their way . Some made it . Some didn’t. An overall banner accomplishment over most years past.
          If only I could grow some paw-paws in this secluded valley! Hint hint.

          • @GBW

            Right on man!

            That is an impressive feat. I am typically about one meal a day from our garden this time of year (due to time constraints for harvesting as I am working long hours at my day job saving up for printing my next book) but some days two and the odd day 100% garden grown food in our meals. I also ferment and dry lots of crops once a week so we will have solid food stores for the winter.

            Here in Canada our grocery bills have doubled in two years (a bag of potato chips costs 6 dollars) so anyone pulling off two homegrown meals a day is getting ahead and boycotting the racketeers in government (taxation scams) and corporate food industries big time.

            Wow man I am sorry to hear about the tornado challenges, we have been getting them more and more here in Ontario as well.

            I uploaded a few pics of storms we had here in southern Ontario last year so you can see what I mean:


            I suppose for the prepper and/or mindfulness inclined individual, facing unpredictable extreme weather events (whether naturally occurring or manmade) provides an impetus to prepare for the one hundred year storms (as much as is possible) and perhaps more importantly it can provide an opportunity for one to develop a keen sense of gratitude for what one has in the moment and an acceptance of the impermanence of all things.

            That is interesting regarding your noticing a lack of tornado hits on that military base (despite the surrounding area facing significant and common tornado touch downs). I suppose if one can initiate deadly storms via stratospheric aerosol injection combined with ionosphere heating devices (and other directed energy weapons that are euphemistically described as “passive” technologies that are only used for “research”) than creating a “tornado killing” array would be feasible as well (as in some kind of directed energy array that interrupts the cyclonic activity of an active tornado, forcing it to dissipate).

            I really like your idea for a sci-fi, and interestingly enough, on a more positive and empowering note, when I look at maps of the few surviving ancient indigenous agroforestry farms (aka manmade “food forests”) in our area I find that tornados tend to veer around them (perhaps due to the fact that they create a microclimate of barometric pressure, humidity and temperature that can alter the behavior of storms? or maybe it is some kind of next level shamanic anti-globalist anti- tornado maker magic at play, who knows) 🙂

            That is awesome about the seeds! Thanks for the update.

            I would love to see some pics some time.

            I`ll set aside some paw paw seeds for you from our trees later this summer (assuming we do not get tornadoed between now and harvest time).

            Wishing you many bountiful harvests and deep blue skies.

            • G
              Paw-Paws! In a couple years it’s gonna be sweet around here.

    • What is the “voluntar…” response to a direct physical attack to your embodied life? What philosophy would you invoke if you found someone raping a child? Just asking

      • From my understanding in a voluntary system if something such as this occurred the offender probably would not be alive if this was discovered and then an arbitration process may occur after the fact to make sure there was no “foul” play.

        Most normally functioning people know that this kind of thing is evil and revolting and should not be tolerated in any society. Any adult who does such a thing IMO deserves to die right then and there.

        Maybe some Christians would disagree with this but I would say they would be wrong.

      • I have known people who have had such horrible things done to them and none of them are without lasting damage. One of these people has PTSD to such an extent they can barely function. Another one is institutionalized in an adult facility and requires total care. She had a break down as an adult. In both cases the offender was their own father.

        • Freud would diagnose a severe case of penis envy.

          I have to wonder just how this “voluntarism” would change rape myths, and the fact that there’s simply millions who were sexually abused in their families, as well as by “friends”, and yet, and yet….
          the “conviction” rates are abysmal.

          The research is despairing. A criminal defender knows if he wants to get a guy free of rape charges, have an all female jury.
          The guiding principle of decision then will be “it cannot happen to us, the guy is charming, she (the slut, the other) asked for it.
          Just like the charming guy says.

          YOu don’t want to do the real research. Take my word for it. Such as the enormous polls done in the early nineties in universities across US and Canada. Turned out more than 40 % of males polled, college aged males, wrote that they would rape if they knew they would get away with it.
          And the police and courts will force a victim to repeat the details of the offense over and over and over and over again, for their voyeuristic pleasure and thrills. The women feel multiply raped and there’s never any justice.
          One frustrated defender exasperatedly claimed “Your Honor!! My client was wearing CLOTHES!!”
          Why have men always insisted that women lie?
          Let me count the reasons…….and the dead bodies.

      • @openlens

        I cannot speak for any ideological belief systems about what they do or do not endorse in such a situation, but personally I have always felt compelled to take action to defend those beings that cannot defend themselves (if they are being attacked in my presence). I do not go out to seek resolution, revenge or so called “justice” after the fact, but I do not allow abuse and/or attacks on the helpless to occur if I am capable of preventing them from happening/continuing.

        I also elaborate on a similar subject in this comment:

        Does that answers your question?

        thanks for the comment.

    • Trouble Makers – Psychopaths and Sociopaths

      If a person or group desires a toxic life, all they need to do is hangout with trouble-makers.
      It ensures a “troubling” life.

      There are potential remedies…

      One potential remedy is to remove oneself from the source of trouble.
      For a group, another potential remedy is to remove the source of trouble from the group.

      The further away a group or individual physically or mentally distances themselves from a source of trouble, the less trouble they will have.

      Sometimes physically removing oneself from a sociopath’s influence is not that simple.
      (e.g. the boss is an asshole sociopath)

      However, in the event that the system entraps an individual to a trouble-maker’s physical influence, there is always a way to mentally distance oneself via the Anarchist mindset.
      Corbett says:
      “But for me, it’s all about the mindset….”

      Inaction against sources of trouble will ensure trouble.
      In other words, if an individual or group does not take ACTION to expose (i.e. raise awareness) and oppose the sociopaths’/psychopaths’ trouble-making influences, then, sure as the sun sets so will trouble descend.
      “Awareness” and “action” are necessary to handling trouble-makers.

      Middle Class Standards and Values breed “unawareness” and “inaction”. Thus, it is plagued with continuous trouble.

      With sane groups, often they will physically ex-communicate or quarantine (as in prison) trouble-makers.
      [That is not to say that all prison systems are sane.]

      Regarding all this “trouble”, I contend that the first place to start is from the Anarchist mindset.

      • @HRS

        Thanks for the concise and illuminating comment.

        I will contemplate what you have shared.

  2. I would think that the job description for “chief of the NSA” would require one to WORRY. A LOT. ABOUT EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. Even if it doesn’t move.
    Terrified they are. Just terrified. Just as the IDF was when Hamas “broke thru” their flimsy defenses.

    Mr. Corbett. Please say a few words regarding Rebel News’ sudden dislike of protests. David Menzies must be vying for a place in the new Canadian Zionist Govt’. Or something.

    Oh, gee. How does Mr Worry know that China has all these capabilities? Is Mr Worry also doing the same to China? Spy vs. spy? Yawn.
    Pre-emptive time again. Better apply the enema, otherwise nothing will come of it.
    How do we know the chinese have this stuff? We invented it.

  3. You can’t make this stuff up. But someone does.
    That’s the scariest part of all.

    The Idiocracy is beginning to look like the better alternative.

    Oh, That’s how that fat Chinese man ended up at the Biden “inauguration”. Hacking. I see.

    “Deck in The Card” is a flash of truth James. Brilliant.

  4. There’s another “broader principle” to this “gym owner” decision.

    That’s the girth and broadness of this steroid pumped insane person who makes it clear killing ain’t nothin’.
    They are all scared shitless of showing up at his door. That’s for sure. That’s why he is who he is. He’s scared too. So he needs to be the biggest.

    Elemental, my dear Watson. Right back to the schoolyard. I’m sure the “court” was ecstatic to make him a “hero”. Just as they gave OJ a free pass to encourage his gaggles of adoring women haters.

    The only “win” in being dragged through years of court battle is for the lawyers and courts. They get richer.
    Thank you gentlemen. Leave no stone unturned.

  5. Thank you for the link to the State Dept. refugee.

    I am only able to make it to 7:21 before nausea becomes unbearable.

    “Humane Law says:
    First, there WILL be wars. Full stop.
    Next, there are “rules of chivalry” in war.
    Three: the targets must be fed and helped to remain alive until they are dead.
    We call this “assistance”. We cannot assist with ending the war though.
    We’re “neutral”.

    Until the war comes to our backyard.
    Until then, we actually can’t make money without wars. Same as the Red Cross. Our “mission” is to relieve governments of any responsibility for the results of war. WE clean up after them, Sorta.
    Send us money. ”

    Sincerely, US AIDS
    PS Send a LOT. Most of it goes to advertising. ThankX.

  6. There is no “concrete evidence of Israel’s war crimes” because they have vaporized all the concrete in Gaza with 2,000 lb bombs.

    • Bingo. No “concrete evidence” of dead people in Paradise either. Near 30 K were simply pulverized.
      They musta been “unnatural” beings, as the trees did okay.

  7. Story #3: NJ Gym Owner Who Defied COVID Shutdown
    …takes us all to a place…

    Corbett says:
    “…this is about the broader principle of the dictates of the tyrants who believe that they can issue lockdown orders and other…
    … for people who saw what happened and saw people like this resisting, maybe more likely to resist in the future. And I think that is the real win from this.”

    ——– ———

    On 6/18/2021
    Corbett Member dmay says:
    “The Covid operation has required that I prove that I CAN be that one person in the crowd who will not comply.
    I have regularly been the one mask-free person in a crowd of delusional drones and/or go-along-to-get-alongs.
    I expected to feel proud, but it just makes me sad for humans as a species.
    So much potential, such epic failure…
    Interesting times, with pressure showing who and what people really are.

    Corbett Member cu.h.j replies:
    “It has also shown me who and what people really are as well…
    …The gym owner in New Jersey who refused to close is one of the few businesses I would want to support.
    It’s kind of lonely for me now in a way….”
    —— ——

    mkey says:

    Hi-Rez – 2+2=5 (Official Music Video)
    (4 minutes)

    “There are a few cameo appearances in this latest Hi-Rez music video. See if you can spot them before the final credits.”

    Gavin Louis Uridel – Metroflex Gym owner
    Dr. Robert Malone
    Harley Morenstein – Actor
    JP Sears – standup guy
    Ian Smith – Atilis Gym owner

  8. Nothing “new” going on for almost 200 years is there…
    “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.”
    – Amschel Mayer Rothschild 1838
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “The Jews [have been] furnishing for the Bolsheviks the majority of their leaders”

    The Jewish World (London), April 16, 1919, p. 11
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “The Jewish elements provide the driving forces for communism”

    Dr. Oscar Levy, in George Pitt-Rivers,
    The World Significance of the Russian Revolution (Oxford, 1920), p. ix
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “The Jewish people…will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy…In this new world order the Children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition.

    The Governments…forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property, and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.”

    1879 Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, reproduced in La Revue de Paris, p. 54, June 1, 1928
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    How many in the Biden Administration:

    Bigger picture, facts, not hate…What are now called “Jew” leaders are Sabatian Frankist’s who have insinuated themselves into governments, military’s, religions, etc. for a few hundred years.

    Palestinian Rights
    1. Can’t live free of Israeli military presence.
    2. In Gaza they can’t control the flow of goods and supplies.
    3. Can’t control their access to water in the occupied territories.
    4. Can’t access certain life-saving health care.
    5. Can’t live in Israeli settlements in the occupied territories.
    6. Most can’t enjoy the rights of citizenship.
    7. Don’t have the same due process and civil rights as Israelis.
    8. Can’t travel in, out and through occupied territories without restriction.
    9. Aren’t equally protected by labor laws.
    10. Can’t stay out late.

    • Speaking of Rottenchildren,krrck,krrck

      Did Mr. Rotten leave the US Congress a bundle of his “joy” to reinstitute the draft?
      Long as he’s gone and doesn’t have to suffer the humilitation again?

      You guys better get busy doing something more than talking. Maybe start by talking to the guys making bank putting up all this killer technology.
      I, personally, have a petition in to be a dismemberer of the dickheaded geoengineers. I can’t wait to “manhandle” those idiots. Crucify them on their lovely phallic power towers, and turn the suckers on for all their worth, boomerang style.

      Not A WHIT of it is philosophically entertaining. It’s DOA and so are the ones facilitating. If I had a magic wand….every bit of tech would disappear overnight, as well as all mens’ pants.
      Then we’ll see what’s what. Once men’s naked truths have been displayed as publicly and relentlessly as women’s have by men and their fetishistic insanities.

      Lovely Lotus Flower Foot. Crippled, rotting, just the way we like them.

      • You pretend to be replying to me but don’t.
        Internet anonymity breeds narcissistic ego fired ramblings for attention and filling James’ site like an ER waiting room on a full moon weekend.

        • that was very erudite and creative
          I’m sure it was of great benefit to all here

  9. Regarding Ian Smiths drunk driving charges in 2022. They were dismissed. He refused to blow into the breathalizer. He also said he passed the field sobriety tests and the police had the tapes. They have body cam now.

    So we don’t know if he was actually driving intoxicated. High winds can indeed cause swerving. In some states cops like to pull people over.

    If he passed the field sobriety tests and refused the breathalizer they probably gave him a citation and he wasn’t arrested after the traffic stop. If they didn’t get a warrant to draw his blood we have no way of knowing if he was drunk.

    People arrested and placed in custody for probable DUI (drugs or alcohol) a warrant will be obtained for a blood draw even if they refuse the breathalizer. It sounds like this is not what happened to him in 2022. I know this because I work in emergency rooms and have taken care of people in custody for DUIs who need medical clearance prior to jail. Police have their own medical tech come and draw the blood.

    In 2007 he said he was 20 years old and after a night of heavy drinking drove in the morning not recognizing that alcohol can affect reaction times even if the mental intoxication is gone. He said he took responsibility for this mistake. It sounds like he may have had a problem with alcohol since usually this is the case with DUIs. Although young people can be stupid enough to die from alcohol poisoning because they don’t know that can happen.

    I know Derrick Broze has discussed his person background including experience with the “criminal justice” system. My point is that young people can make mistakes and very serious ones. Sometimes people can redeem their mistakes by turning over a new leaf and trying to make a positive difference in the world.

    I don’t know Ian Smith so I have no idea if he lied about the second arrest but he did do something really brave and inspiring and he had the spirit of “the law” on his side. Natural law based in common sense.

    Maybe there are some people here in the comments who have never driven after drinking or while impaired but I would be very shocked. It’s a common mistake that people should avoid.

    • So it looks like he was taken into custody and plead down to other charges. But it does not say if the cops took a blood sample which is usually done when people are arrested for DUI

      Here’s more info:

      Does a person’s character matter when they do something righteous? I’d say character is important but does not negate the principle of the matter.

      • “Small minds gossip about people”

        Yes, I agree with this. But a person’s character and values are important considerations and do influence how what they say is considered.

        Case in point, RFK’s apparent condoning the Gaza Holocaust or rather his support Israel.

        An an aside, for people who claim to be “American Patriots” isn’t it weird that most politicians care more about what Israel wants?

    • Sorry, but anyone as doesn’t have a clue what alcohol does by age 20 is either the most willfully ignorant person in America, or is already an alcoholic.

      Alcoholism is the Disease of Denial.

      No more excuses for abuses. I knew all about alcohol by fifteen, and never spent any time near an alcoholic until many many years later.
      It’s extreme self abuse. Therefore, that’s what they have to offer. Abuse.

      But, as the Kennedy’s knew, alcohol is very very important to the establishment of the USA Corpseration. founded on the most thorough genocide of a People ever accomplished in recorded history. Something to be proud of and make erudite “reasons” for.
      Alcohol was a necessary part of that. A MOST NECESSARY PART. On that commandment was “Camelot” built.

    • Driving intoxicated….I mean, here, driving a several ton senseless metal hunk of junk at speeds no natural creature can match….is simply AGAINST THE LAW. It’s not a mistake.

      However, if apologists get paid, you’ve got a bright future. Don’t be an apologist for others. You can’t posssibly know their motivations. You can’t possibly know their “truths” and “not truths”.

      You can only speak for yourself. So remember this, because that’s what those of us who know this see, read, and hear. I learned nothing whatsoever about this random media guy. But I learned a lot about you. Or let’s say, I learned how you choose to view this. What lens you put on.

  10. If you want to “do the research” , which I have been doing casually on the street here lately, and it confirms what I previously learned from others’ extensive formal researches, …..

    take a deep breath, this might sting…..

    it is not females who admire over pumped steroid huge weird looking muscle men
    it’s not women who hang around those gyms waiting to flirt with those guys

    it’s gay guys. it’s a homoerotic culture.
    Athens wasn’t covered with booby statues, it was full of penis statues.
    One night the youth got drunk, a western tradition, and knocked ’em all down. Males , of course. Women weren’tcitizens. Didn’t count. They actually wished they could do without. But how to get more young males? An Athenian male had legal right to stick it to anyone of a “lower caste”. Plato and Aristotle were pederasts. Self admitted, proud of it.

    Same same with Big Sports locker rooms. Ask them. They’ll tell you. They’ve told journalists, some of ’em. Told ’em about everything.
    Or ask the professionals that the US Military and Big Sports have hired for the past forty years to attempt to return these guys to some kind of humanity before they go “back home and out into society”.
    yeah, it’s a problem…just like war veterans, that’s why Big Sports always been sponsored by the Military, who get to march around and propagandize at half time, or used to, until Disneyland became all that is

    How long has this mighty invincible militarized male body been worshipped? How do you like your Military Goons now?

  11. According to the discourse of the “scientists” , this “hormone” called testosterone is a storage form of estrogen. Testosterone is converted into estrogen, and estrogen is considered the “growth hormone”. That’s why the huge huge growth. It’s not testosterone that causes growth, it’s estrogen. That testosterone is converted to estrogen.

    So , yeah.

    Bit of current news: The Maldives, a nation in itself in the Indian Ocean, has said NO to holders of Israeli passports. Their reasoning goes something like, we don’t see that they treat their neighbors nicely. We don’t want them for neighbors.
    Makes sense to me. No one appreciates their stupid arrogance here, either. The young “bucks” run around 24/7 in their boxers and nothing else. When I ask the young women if they are attracted to that, they laugh and say “NO WAY. It’s stupid.”

  12. So much disinformation about The Holy Land and the people who occupy it ! Calling the Syrians Palestinians is a start and calling the Kazarian Mafia that represents itself to be the state of Israel is also a contradiction Kazaria is not one of the Tribes of Israel they just adopted the Talmudist as another deception so the west sympathizes and protects them as fellow tribesmen of the 12 Tribes that are scattered amongst the western European nations and US .
    Funny thing about US,UN aid and the pier that was constructed by USA in Gaza , just after completion 5 loads of aid were loaded and reportedly hijacked before being delivered by Hamas then the next day pier came apart and floated away ! Pier is now being repaired in Israel and my guess is it wont be needed until US starts loading Cruse ships with refugees bound for US after Democrats steal another US election !

      • “Elections”, you think we have elections, since when?

        Biden did not steal the election, Biden was installed, as they will now install Trump.

        They did steal the election from Trump, they simply needed a liberal in control to open the borders and be “critical of Israel”, so Chump could come in and save America, like Hitler did to the Germans, a wall street funded POS to destroy Germany from within.

        You vastly underestimate the checkmate they have us in. The idea anyone would close to the White House these Zionist psychopaths did not want there is laughable. We saw in Mexico, 37 assassinations to insure a Zionist women became president of that fine country. They are putting the pieces into place…

  13. You guys hit the nail on the head, the powers that be, always prop up these actors to take the heat from their evil machinations.

    Bill Gates, Fauci, Trump, Biden…and so many more, are just actors, playing roles.

    And as per usual, the masses get caught right up in it, “we just need to vote in someone who will drain the swamp”.

    Systems are the problem, not the cogs in them.

    • “Israelis don’t participate in riots”. Really??


      “Footage from the scene showed over a dozen activists standing in the road as a truck idled in the background. A picture showed protesters throwing dozens of sacks of sugar out of a truck, with sugar spilling out of some. Video showed that several trucks in the convoy had been vandalized in this way.

      Two trucks from the convoy were later set on fire, according to media reports.

      Police arrested four people and then, after they left, the Haaretz newspaper reported, far-right activists returned and torched the trucks later in the evening.”

      “Police arrested 18 suspects for violent offenses on Wednesday as clashes broke out during the Jerusalem Day Flag March, in which tens of thousands of mostly national religious Israelis marched through the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City to celebrate the capital’s reunification in 1967.

      Extremists assaulted several journalists as well as Palestinian residents during the nationalist event.“

      Yes, the Jewish people are universally more peaceful and kind and loving than the rest of us poor mortals. Riiiight. Sure they are.

      The truth is that the “chosen people” were chosen by God for the explicit purpose of bringing the nations back to God. They failed miserably in that task.
      That is why the church of Christ is now the spiritual Israel and will complete the job.

    • “The reality of what took place here in Israel on October 7th and the ensuing war is heartbreaking and tragic. To make matters worse, there is so much fake news and propaganda surrounding the war that it’s hard to know what to believe.”

      I certainly agree with the author on these points. What happened on October 7th was heartbreaking and tragic. As was/is the ridiculously out of proportion Israeli reaction to those heinous events. I don’t agree that what is happening in Gaza can be called a war. It isn’t war, its a slaughter of mostly innocent civilians.

      I absolutely agree that the lies and deliberate misinformation propagated mainly by the Israeli government and spread by sycophantic talking heads in media make it difficult to know what to believe.
      The outright fabrications repeated by U.S. government officials and others for the sole purpose of inflaming the willfully ignorant public against the enemies of the state of Israel continue to this day despite being disproved and retracted by their original sources.

      Glenn Greenwald does a good job of compiling and summarizing many of the lies in this video.

      “ New U.N. Report is Just the Latest to Debunk Many Key Israeli Claims About Oct. 7 Repeated by Biden and U.S. Media”

      “many well-meaning followers of God refuse to accept that there is evil and sometimes that evil must be confronted by war.”

      Many supposedly well meaning followers of God/Jesus Christ, refuse to accept that He was serious when He said in Matthew 5:9
      “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.”

      It seems as though many supposedly well meaning followers of God don’t really think that He meant what He said in Matthew 18 where it is written, “And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me.
      But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

      “Israel’s war on Gaza updates: 15,000 children killed as war hits day 250”

      Well, there are some 15,000 innocent children that I think we can safely say are pretty offended for having been murdered for the sins of others.

      The supposed followers of God that continue to justify the atrocities that the state of Israel is engaging in are proving to the true believers in the God of the Bible that they are still living under the delusion that the old covenant hasn’t been fulfilled by Jesus.
      And they are convincing the secular world that the God they supposedly worship, the God of the Bible, is a merciless, vengeful and unforgiving deity that isn’t worthy of our fealty and worship.
      I know God will forgive them, (I trying my best to also), for such blasphemy if they will repent and turn to the savior Jesus Christ. I pray that they will.

      • Revelation 19:19-21

        And I saw the beast and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to fight Him who sat on the horse and His army. And the beast was seized, and with him the false prophet who worked signs in his presence, by which he led astray those who received the mark of the beast and those who worshipped his image. The two were thrown into the lake of fire burning with sulphur. And the rest were killed with the sword which came from the mouth of Him who sat on the horse, and all the birds were filled with their flesh. [The King, Yeshua the Messiah, is on the horse with the sword.]

        The God of Israel, Who revealed Himself to us through the Bible, is not only a God of love and peace, but He is also a God of justice and righteousness.

        If Hamas were to lay down their weapons tomorrow, they would have peace with Israel. If Israelis were to lay down their weapons tomorrow, they would soon be wiped out. (A paraphrase of a quote.)

        I find it very perplexing how so many people are blinded to the facts on the ground in Israel. Where have people been over the past many years when rockets have been lobbed into Israel indiscriminately, setting off alarms and forcing Israelis to run to their safe rooms for cover? Why don’t people care about those, or the car rammings, stabbings, and other acts of terrorism? Why don’t people notice that peaceful Arabs are welcome in Israel, but no Israelis have been allowed into Gaza since Israel withdrew around 2005?

        I believe that only God Himself can open people’s eyes to the truth of the situation in Israel with the landslide of lies that are being slathered all over the news, including “alternative media,” all day, every day.

        I guess that people who believe Israel should just accept terrorist attacks and hostages being taken would also tell me I should just accept the ongoing abuse and bullying by my neighbors and let them do whatever they want without complaining or challenging them.

        The world will one day be at peace, when sin is eradicated and the Messiah is reigning from Jerusalem. For now, there are evil people doing evil things. To allow it is to perpetuate it.

        This idea of “peace at any cost” would result in more and more October 7’s, as has been threatened.

        I find it peculiar that people are so obsessed with Israel trying to defend herself, while saying hardly a word about the vicious slaughter of Israelis by Hamas on October 7, which isn’t even mentioning all the rockets that were coming out of Gaza before that.

        How thankful and glad I will be when Israel gets all the land God promised to Abraham – from the river of Egypt to the great river, the River Euphrates. All Israel is trying to keep for the safety of Jews now is the tiny sliver of the British mandate that wasn’t handed off to the Arabs. The coming Messiah will return all the promised land of Israel to the Jewish people and He will be king over all the earth. May that day come soon…

        • “The God of Israel, Who revealed Himself to us through the Bible, is not only a God of love and peace, but He is also a God of justice and righteousness.”

          Very true. In the Old Testament we’re taught that “the command of to “devote to destruction” (ḥerem/kherem) was focused on the giant clans (denoted by words like Anakim, Rephaim, and, occasionally, Amorites)”
          God “instructed” the ancient Israelites to eradicate the bloodline of humans that had been polluted by “the sons of God (who) saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.
          Note that God “instructed” them. The Israelites didn’t act on their own.

          The passage you quoted from the the book of Revelation certainly does illustrate that God/Jesus is not only a God of peace but also of wrath. But I must have missed the verses where God appeared and spoke to Netanyahu or Biden or to the Zionist Christians of the world saying that He needs our help.
          Do you imagine that God, if He so desired, isn’t capable of wiping out every Palestinian in Gaza without every American having their stolen tax money used to supply the bombs to do it?
          Will Jesus need our help in The Day Of The Lord when He judges this world?

          Your theology is skewed and you’re using God’s word to support an unbiblical position. You claim to be a believer in Yeshua the savior while you reject the main thing that He came to teach us. The thing that He embodies. LOVE.
          That is what I call “taking the Lord’s Name in vain.

      • One thing that convinced me that self-defense is justified was thinking about what would happen if I were killed, say by a home invader, because I wouldn’t shoot, and then he went on and killed someone else as well, when I might have been able to put a stop to the violence. Or what if I scared away a home invader by pointing a gun at him, but allowed him to flee, instead of shooting or insisting he stop until I called for help, and then he went to the next house and killed my neighbors? And again … I could have at least tried to stop him.

        I suggest reading the Hamas charter if you want to know what Hamas’ intentions are.

        Israel has been, and continues to be, held to a different standard than Hamas, Hezbollah, et al. Why? Why have so many forgotten about the Israeli hostages? How many have thought about the agony of having ones they love being held captive, indefinitely, by people who don’t care if they live or die?

        A friend of mine had that happen. Her husband was held for years by communist guerrillas in Colombia. About 7 years later, she finally learned he had been killed. Their two young daughters grew up without their father, and the strain was incredible. That is not okay.

        • “Why have so many forgotten about the Israeli hostages? How many have thought about the agony of having ones they love being held captive, indefinitely, by people who don’t care if they live or die?”

          You mean like the Israeli government who have most likely killed many of the hostages with their indiscriminate bombing of civilians? Oh they haven’t forgotten. The lives of the hostages simply don’t mean anything to the Israel government. Any more than the lives of the residents of Kibbutz Beeri….

          “what ensued at Kibbutz Beeri may confirm that Israel is willing, as it were, to kill its own. It arguably would rather do this than to negotiate with Hamas to save the lives of Israeli hostages, in return for what Hamas is reasonably asking for such as Palestinian prisoners who’ve been imprisoned by Israel without trial or charge.

          Dovetailing with this view is a troubling but important observation made by Jonathan Cook.

          “The Hannibal directive [enacted at Kibbutz Beeri] was likely to have been applied as policy towards Israeli civilians captured by Hamas and held hostage in their own homes inside Israel,” writes Cook.

          “In other words, the army appears to have preferred to kill both Israeli civilians and the Hamas militants holding them rather than try to negotiate a release”.”

          …or the lives of the concert goers.

          “Israel’s army on Tuesday admitted that an “immense and complex quantity” of what it calls “friendly fire” incidents took place on 7 October.

          The key declaration was buried in the penultimate paragraph of an article by Yoav Zitun, the military correspondent of Israeli outlet Ynet.

          It is the first known official army admission that a significant number of the hundreds of Israelis who died on 7 October were killed by Israel itself, and not by Hamas or other Palestinian resistance factions.“

          The repetition of baseless lies is only effective on those who refuse to accept the truth when they are presented with it.

        • “One thing that convinced me that self-defense is justified was thinking about what would happen if I were killed, say by a home invader, because I wouldn’t shoot, and then he went on and killed someone else as well, when I might have been able to put a stop to the violence.”

          Since October 7th I haven’t heard a single person say that Israel wasn’t entitled and fully justified in defending itself. Not once.
          But what is happening in Gaza is as much self defense as it would be for you to not only shoot and kill your hypothetical home invader, (which would be justifiable self defense), but then to proceed to go to your attackers house, kill every member of his family that you can find including babies, children, teenagers, mothers and grandmothers as well the freaking dogs and cats! And then blow up the house and entire neighborhood for good measure!
          And then, if by some miracle anything survived your “self defense” attack, you make sure that they aren’t allowed to have food, water or medical care!
          How is it possible that you don’t understand that?

          • After years of lobbing rockets into Israel, which Israel accepted as “normal,” Hamas started a war on October 7. Hamas executed a raid and then ran back into Gaza to hide. You can’t start a war and then expect nothing else to happen.

  14. Amazingly both James here are on the same page with such nice people like Greta, Soros, Obama, Putin, Khamenei, Haniyeh, Sinwar, wonderful organizations like UN, Party for Socialism and Liberation (US communists) and essentially all radical leftists and wokists around the globe.
    That alone should rise questions.
    Besides the White House and mainstream media suddenly became trusted source for them.

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