Interview 1884 – WHO Post-Mortem on CHD TV

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via CHD.TV: The World Health Organization’s annual meeting has concluded — what were the main takeaways? Join today’s co-hosts of ‘Good Morning CHD’ as they recap the week of events and share their thoughts on the future of international public health. Don’t miss the critical conversation!



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  1. Thanks to you both, that was a great informative update! We’re not there yet (freedom!) but it’s a good milestone

  2. Hi James, I have a question and an opinion.

    Question: Have you noticed that CHD seems to be controlled opposition?

    Opinion: I believe it would be beneficial for the public to explore the remarkable work done by Stefan Lanka in dismantling the virus theory. It would significantly cut into Big Pharma’s revenue, reducing the World Health Organization’s necessity.

    • I second that. And was very surprised to see JC and several others playing part on it and asking for donations. I heard they are government funded. What’s up with that?

  3. I want to encourage folks to listen to this Interview 1884 – WHO Post-Mortem on CHD TV

    “Repeat the Message”
    For years, Corbett and others have repeatedly addressed this W.H.O. concern. The public consciousness was definitely raised. This speaks to the power of “repeating the message”.

    I enjoyed this interview, especially, along midway or so, things got a little spicy. But not too hot for the digestion.
    James Corbett makes some profound points.

    Corbett says:
    ”As a committed 100% diehard anarchist…I totally and completely reject fundamentally the idea that this is an elected democracy and we’re going to vote our way out of it.”

    Corbett talks about holding firm to the Anarchist mindset, but yet that mindset doesn’t infer that people ‘do nothing’.
    ”Well, I’m all on board with that.
    Every single button people can push, including voting and political buttons, whatever, push them, push them all.
    But for me, it’s all about the mindset and the mindset of a people that are oppressed and enslaved in their mind.”

    Referring to “the average Joe Blow, Joe Sixpack, and Jane Soccer Mom” recognizing that they own their own lives – not the government.
    Corbett says:
    ”Once people really start acting that out and realize that bodily autonomy comes down to the individual and is not subject to any outside authority, that’s my win.”

    Conversation about the Globalists, the New World Order, WEF, W.H.O. et al
    Meryl Nass asks: ”What’s the goal of the, you know, pathologically crazy people who are doing this?”
    Corbett says:
    ”I think if we start understanding it as a pathocracy, that’s one way of starting to get a handle on what this is.
    And unfortunately, it isn’t the cream that rises to the top.
    It is the psychopaths that are willing to literally sacrifice their own mother if they need to in order to advance their political career or whatever else.”

    Corbett says:
    ”But in a way, again, I think that’s what part of what I’m attempting to do is just to raise awareness, because I know that awareness itself is the fundamental basic building block of whatever solution comes up.
    As long as people are aware that this is happening, I think that it’s not going to be me or you or any other individual that’s going to solve all of this.
    It’s going to be people being aware of it, paying attention to it and acting towards it.

    • Very useful comment – thank you.

  4. It’s naive to talk about a win. Who won? Some people protesting in Japan and Geneva? When did protesting ever acomplish anything? A shift in public conscience just coz some alternative media talks about it? Hardly.
    They’ll adopt whatever they wanna adopt, they don’t even have to vote.
    Soon we all get self-replicating mrna products shoved down our throats by inhalation, then the antivaxer problem is gone as well.
    It’s time to talk about real solutions…

    • James Corbett says:
      “But if there is a victory from this, to me, it is the moving of the Overton window.”
      QUEUED VIDEO 36:23

      Overton window – Wikipedia excerpts
      The Overton window is the range of policies politically acceptable to the mainstream population at a given time…the window of discourse.

      The term is named after the American policy analyst Joseph Overton, who proposed that an idea’s political viability depends mainly on whether it falls within this range… According to Overton, the window frames the range of policies that a politician can recommend without appearing too extreme to gain or keep public office given the climate of public opinion at that time…

      …The Overton window is an approach to identifying the ideas that define the spectrum of acceptability of governmental policies.
      It says politicians can act only within the acceptable range…
      “The most common misconception is that lawmakers themselves are in the business of shifting the Overton window.
      That is absolutely false.
      Lawmakers are actually in the business of detecting where the window is, and then moving to be in accordance with it.

      • Moving the Overton window and changing the narrative I think are possible. I think some of these “elites” are literally insane and are really taking massive risks with their very own existence and because of this insanity it may be possible to disrupt and/or displace them.

        Overnight agorism across the world? People suddenly cooperating and behaving like “we” do, i.e. non violent, trustworthy, respectful?? Nope, that isn’t how the world works. There are many many psychopathic people out there and people from vastly different cultural backgrounds who have different sets of values than we do in this community. But I do think it is possible to improve the situation.

        A shift in this trajectory by moving the Overton window and changing the narrative can have an effect in our time. But I highly doubt the average soccer mom or TV watcher type is going to be like “I control my own body…etc.”

        I mentioned this before in another post but for anyone who has ever interacted with a diverse group of people in the US will come to recognize that humanity is not entirely virtuous and the same. Therefore, as JC said or implied we need to have multiple strategies for change.

    • “They’ll adopt whatever they wanna adopt, they don’t even have to vote.”

      Ya know, I think there’s some truth here. If these filthy monsters could get away with poisoning us with some weird “self replicating” vaccine, would totally do it.

      However, consider the cost and resources this would take and the fact that some of this experimental shit doesn’t work very well.

      Even the mRNA jabs. Yes they were way way more harmful than normal toxic injections but they didn’t kill as many people as I expected. Indeed I saw people with weird troubling side effects and a brief period of increase cardiac arrests. There were excess deaths after the jab.

      But there are way more articles about the toxic effects now too and many people are reluctant to take these. The people who initially got jabbed were mostly obedient followers of the regime anyway. Most of these people useless for resisting anything IMO. The people who were curious and questioned authority in the beginning are the people who need to sustain resistance to this program.

      “Real solutions” to me should include many tactical ways to resist. No one size fits all approach. I agree with you that these nasty psychopaths need to go. They can go eat bugs.

  5. Dr. Nash needs a ‘win’. I wish it looked that way to me. Instead I see a temporary pause. The process of grabbing control will continue until we each say firmly ‘no’.

  6. Pathocracy.

    … I like this term, James. And I’m a firm believer that words do have power. The so-called Japanese concept of “kotodama,” or “spirit of words.”

    But can you conjugate it into a noun to describe a person or thing?


  7. Thank you for the informative update. I know votes, bills and laws do not count but it was still encouraging to hear about Oklahoma.

  8. Well, it ended well . Except the response by the guest, the
    guests total indifference to a ” statist ” citizens victory and personal involvement in changing the world.
    Now only if I were editor I’d tell that volunteerist reporter to track down Mic Rozzato and get the rest of the story. Find out if “Mic’s” template for success is transferable to other Globalists vs States/citizen, Volunteerist trespasses.
    So? Tell me James are you even interested?
    I had no luck digging her up. Dr.Nash is difficult to reach from my cabin in the woods. Can you help with the rest of the story? This is a tool, a working tool in a very empty toolbox. Please pull it out and show it off. For your friends in the middle of a country, Oklahoma sitting on top of Texico. USA

    Chanel 9, OKC, had a 30 sec. blurb on the law but nothing else

    • This may be old and may not help much but I had considered contacting her in the past and I found an old email.

      • Thank you Big Earl!

    • Oklahoma gal who made things happen!
      Intentional w/Mic Meow

      Retired nurse. Hosts ‘Intentional’ internet show as “MicMeow” on most popular social media platforms. Let’s Stand Up, Speak Out, Get Involved and Be Intentional!

      May 20th post
      An Intentional Opinion
      W.H.O’s In Control, Oklahoma?
      I never would have believed two years ago that a group of concerned citizens with various backgrounds would unite behind a common goal: protect the sovereignty and medical rights of Oklahomans from the overreach of international organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the United Nations (UN).

      Well, that is EXACTLY what is occurring in the state of Oklahoma…

      …LET’s GET SB426 PASSED

      There is a massive amount of constituent support across the state, as well as as an abundant support of leaders from organizations such as Oklahomans for Health and Parental Rights, Moms for Liberty, Oklahoma’s Second Amendment Association and Former Feds Group Freedom Foundation who have demonstrated vast support and encouragement to pass Senate bill 426. If that wasn’t enough, this historic legislation has prompted 12 Oklahoma Senate and House co-authors to ‘Stand In The Gap’ in order to reiterate that our unalienable rights given by God are not up for negotiation.

      We have until the end of this session to pass SB426 and less than 6 days until ‘The Vote’.

      Mic Meow

      VIDEO – 31 minutes with Mic
      May 20, 2024
      Intentional Episode 234
      “SB426: Still Just A Bill!” with Dr. Meryl Nass


      Join The Intentional Сommunity
      We cover Local and National issues. Stand Up, Speak Out, Get Involved and Be Intentional with Mic Meow! Resistance is Never Futile!

      May 9, 2024
      Call To Action for PCs and Laptops: “WHO Fighters Unite!”
      Bring SB426 to the Oklahoma Senate Floor. It’s time to gather at the Capitol to let your voice be heard and protect the health sovereignty of all Oklahomans!
      [30 second embedded video “W.H.O.’s In Charge” <– Don't mess with these women!]

      We cover Local and National issues. Mic Meow spent 28 years in the healthcare system. She observed healthcare move away from advocacy, benevolence, and nonmaleficence toward mandatory diversity, equity, inclusion training , social justice and an unprecedented shift in philosophy away from patient and family centered care to a type of “Stepford Wives Principal” interlaced with Cultural Marxism. We urge you to Stand Up, Speak Out, Get Involved and Be Intentional! “Resistance in Never Futile.”

      • Homie,
        You are a regular West Texas bloodhound. Thanks for sniffing that out. They are a tough bunch .

    • GBW,
      I tracked down Mic via the following website.

      Standing for life and liberty in Oklahoma – bottom up, constitutional, principled, local first

      [Sidenote: She may not really want her last name floating loudly around on the internet. That’s probably why ‘Meow’.]

      • Homie,
        Thank you for looking that up.
        Mic Rosado, Dr. Nass must be a true dear heart, she did send me the correct spelling of Mic’s last name.
        Here is an interview by the Rope Report. I guess they follow the shenanigans at the state house. The interview starts with a 30 min. rant on the typical ethics and maltheisance found in wetting ones beak via politics.
        Fast forward to around 30minutes and meet the others, there are others, thank God,involved in bringing the law to adoption.
        My worry is ,and I suspect James’s as well knows that that’s not all that’s baked into the cornbread. Why now, we have never got ahead of the PTSB, why now. It’s probably to put us back to sleep, ya know, the resting on Laurels. The Devil ain’t lazy,works 24 hours a day.

        One more note, I’m gonna bet TV news covered none of this. I don’t own a TV but do know 90% of advertising is paid for by Big Pharma, thus editorial department makes sure the checks are in the mail.
        Thank the bloggers, podcasters and people that do what needs be done to shine a light on this kinda stuff. Stuff that was front page for weeks years ago. Repairing the world everyday use to mean sumptin’. Donate, donate, donate.

  9. Many, including political representatives in WHO, UN, and EU, are mentioning a loss of statehood and and sovereignty, but there are no sovereign Nation States, none whatsoever, within any of those 3 private Corporations. In reality, all the members of WHO, UN and EU, are private corporations mimicking the Nation States. Some reps know it, but most haven’t got a clue.

    In very basic terms, that is so because a corporation is a fiction, exists only on the paper, and function in jurisdiction of the See, using Admiralty or Maritime Law that are exclusively based on a contract (UCC), and their exchange between them is commerce. They are exclusively populated by other fictions that imitate Nation States, but always written in all caps (DEUTSCHLAND, FRANCE, ITALY etc.) and CITIZENS and PERSONS, but never by Living Man and Women. A CORPORATION can own any number of corporations, and all those fictions within them.

    Nation States on the other hand operate in superior jurisdiction of the Land and Soil, which is populated by by living people, and since living men and women are exclusively made by The Creator, whatever one wants to call it, and by Natural Law, means that they, living men and woman in jurisdiction of the Land and Soil are truly sovereign, have the highest jurisdiction, and the Nation States on which territory they live, has sovereignty because of that fact.

    Another fact is that a corporation cannot produce/enact laws, since the Law is only one, Natural Law that noun can change, and by which behaves every component of DNA, molecule of mass, of energy, of black matter, and other components that Universe consists of. CORPORATIONS or FICTIONS can only produce statutes, regulations etc., which they call laws. What is important is that all statutes, regulations, etc., issued by a CORPORATION is valid only for those who work for that corporation, and have signed contact with, and noun else, but those are never living Man and Woman, but exclusively FICTIONS.

    What we are talking here, is the the biggest most devious scheme in human history, and it’s based on financial slavery, and the EU, UN, WHO, IMF, WORLD BANK etc., are the managers of financial slavery farms, and now that their bosses have decided that they want to get rid of us, the Agenda21, 2030, Great Reset, NWO, COV19 etc., have been created.

    Regardless how intelligent or stupid these people are, they are mentally ill, without any spiritual dialogue, some by birth, some by mental manipulation methods, or by occultic processes. The result is always the same, their Ego has taken over, and they become those that willingly and knowingly do bad things to other humans. Clinical names are psychopaths, sociopaths etc., and in this final period, mentally ill eating and shitting machines (someone without spiritual dialogue) are in charge in most corporations around the planet and are pushing depopulation by any possible means.

    Anyway, if anyone want to know more, should go to:

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