Interview 1713 – James Gets His Portrait Painted

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In a Corbett Report first, Norway-based artist Chris Reddy of conducts a “portrait interview” of James Corbett. But this is no ordinary portrait: Reddy focuses on the inner mental landscape of the subject to create a “bigger image” of the person. Enjoy.

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James Joyce portrait by Constantin Brancusi

Portrait of James Corbett

The Anarchy of Language

James Joyce Reads From Ulysses and Finnegans Wake In His Only Two Recordings (1924/1929)


  1. How old is Corbett – 1978 or older? 12th of november or 21st of September?

    • His birthday is 1st of january 1901, don’t you know this? Geez 🙂 Salt your data brother 🙂

      wonderful episode James, thanks to Chris Reddy from all of us I reckon! buy this stuff peeps support this work

  2. Question: Which platforms censored Corbett? YouTube and…?

  3. Funny how you guys were wearing almost exactly the same purply-brownish colour.
    Was that coordinated?

    and I like to think, in a Disney sort of way, that one day, through empathy and accompaniment and insight and practice, the little “scribble” girl will become a fabulously accomplished and nurturing artist herself.

    That story has always been excruciatingly poignant with my heart always going out to the little vandalistic scribbler rather than the victim who, in the obscure corners of my Escherian mind will always get along comfortably and easily in life and normal society. I fantasize that she’ll be able to go home and make another pretty creation earning further praise and encouragement whereas the offender will go home lost, bereft of coherent ideas or the means and methods of communicating beauty. With the dark sentiment of hopeless, empty, furious and impotent confusion. And her growing sense of painful regret for her actions only fueling the hurtful determination to wreak more destruction.

    But I probably watch too much Netflix.

    • “…think, in a Disney sort of way…”

      No, dude…! Never wish Disney girl status on anyone 😉

      “…But I probably watch too much Netflix….”

      BTW You can pirate just about any show on there rather than fund the pedos that hate your family and want you dead.
      Founded by the grandson of propaganda…lol

      • and I like to think, in a Disney sort of way

        My thinking is Disney-esque, with happy endings and whatnot, not what I wish on the little girl.

        I certainly would never wish Disney girl status on anyone and I’ve even been know to decry such behavior on these very boards.

        If I were a little more tech savvy, I should indeed pirate the Netflix propaganda, that I watch with the pretext of being able to dissect it with students who watch it.

        But at least I don’t pay for it.

        • “…that I watch with the pretext of being able to dissect it with students who watch it…”

          Doing an autopsy on it to help others avoid the situation sickness is a noble pursuit 🙂 I can’t stand much TV without either getting mad or disgusted.

          Blackpilled used to do pretty good media analysis videos, and the 1st part of his livestreams are often on that kinda thing. He has even managed to tone down the racism to almost none these days.

          I actually went out and bought “wag the dog” after hearing one of his video essays.

          He likes to go back and compare the 1st and last episode of a show to see the social changes that have happened or how show return

          • I sent Wag the Dog to my mother recently, as she became at the age of 79 a “conspiracy theorist” – this fake pandemic definitely woke up a lot of people.

            The scene in which an actress in a set, that’s being digitally remodeled, pretends to be an Albanian girl escaping a terrorist attack was a bit of a shock to her and quite an eye opener.
            Even though we know we have the technology to produce that kind of fake (especially now as the movie was made 25 years ago), somehow to watch it makes it more real and even palpable… that’s the power of movies.

            As for Blackpilled, he used to do pretty good commentaries btw.

  4. I love the portrait. I liked Chris’s comments at the end about the subtle ways that people are being manipulated visually. I remember seeing a page from The Guardian in early 2020 which had a “coronavirus news round-up” featuring thumbnail photos of people in hazmat suits etc, all surrounded by an abstract design that looked like tiny drops of blood.

    That particular image was one of many that stuck in my mind at the time. It seemed so illogical, yet powerful at a deep level of the psyche to the unaware. I wondered if there had been an editorial meeting where the designers were instructed to build up the fear, as in the infamous SAGE instructions, or if it was just the designer’s own subconscious fears coming out in their work.

    • I’m also quite interested in the power of images through subconscious connotation.

      My students have been speaking to me about this much ballyhooed incident starring Chris Rock, Will Smith, his wife and the Oscars ceremony…

      I haven’t take the time to delve into the story myself but I’m struck by their description of two black men fighting, one with hurtful jokes and the other with a slap… over a black woman…

      two wildly successful and adulated black men,

      while an aghast and predominantly white audience at a renowned, widely televised and lavish ceremony created by GOB Hollywood, looks on…

      at this place that for many, is the promised land, the ultimate destination…

      And I’m sincerely wondering what messages this strikingly iconic composite symbol is communicating, how it’s contributing to the formation of people’s perceptions of reality all around the world…

      What would this be emblematic of?

      I mean, it sounds like it has the ingredients for a powerful emotionally charged symbol… like Kirsten Dunst fleeing with a cat in her arms or the president placing his coat over the shoulders of the old Albanian woman under the rain, or the Iraki journalist hurling his shoes at American President Bush, or the Afghan stowaway trapped in the landing gear of a U.S. plane, the naked 9-year old Vietnamese girl fleeing her burning village, the whole Jessica Lynch à la Lara Croft tale and also the gateway leading to the new paradigm of the 4th Industrial Revolution that the falling twin towers formed…


      • Hmm… I think it will be forgotten in a couple of days. Like the wars in Yemen or Somalia.

        • The conscious mind of most will forget it in the incessant blow by blow tsunami of info that assails people at every moment

          but the subconscious mind… to varying degrees depending on the person I would imagine…

          Otherwise it wouldn’t have been staged in the first place. Or at least so prodigiously propagated around the world.

      • “…with hurtful jokes and the other with a slap… over a black woman…..”

        The lotus eaters podcast went into that…. it sounds like Will Smith married an evil nutjob who pushed him into that slap as he tries to hold onto his dignity as his wife sleeps with other men and humiliates him in public.

        “…while an aghast and predominantly white audience…”

        Movies and TV are a Jewish, not white industry. “An Empire Of their Own” documentary (maybe shortened version) I really want the book when I have money to spare.

      • RE: much ballyhooed incident starring Chris Rock, Will Smith, his wife and the Oscars ceremony…

        The news cycle of it speaks to the quality of substance which the general population devours.

        We’re doomed. 😉

        • Not really…most people have always been too lazy to do more than absorb whatever the norms around them are and follow the crowd…. hollyweirdos are just a maladaptive extension of that.

          It’s not really bad thing in that it allows people to live together on big groups , but most people really do not matter to whatever is gonna happen

          • I’m being facetious when I said “We’re doomed”.

            However, this “shallowness” aspect of ‘society at large’ has always grabbed my attention, even when in my early teens.
            I think it is society’s undoing.

            It is very evident, especially during this Covid era, that some folks migrate their focus on matters of substance while others prefer a more shallow approach.
            Some strive towards greater awareness while others avoid more awareness with their attention directed towards things with less substance.
            There are only two directions:
            Greater awareness
            less awareness.

            That said, I also believe that this characteristic of “focused attention” can be contagious to the members of the community.
            The more that we communicate concepts which have value and substance, the more we will see shifts of focus in our sphere of influence.

            • That makes sense…. I get unfocused pretty easily 🙁

  5. Around the 6 minute mark, Corbett starts talking about being a writer and language.
    He makes the point that Authoritarians do not make a language.
    It brought to mind this recent news…

    Wed March 30, 2022
    German States Outlaw Letter “Z” Displays As Ukraine Asks World To Criminalize

    Public displays of the letter “Z” have been outlawed in two German states, after authorities in Bavaria and Lower Saxony announced over the weekend that anyone who displays the letter – which has become synonymous with support for Russia’s war in Ukraine – will be subject to a fine or three years in jail, according to The Local.

    “The Russian war of aggression on the Ukraine is a criminal act, and whoever publicly approves of this war of aggression can also make himself liable to prosecution,” said an Interior Ministry spokesperson in a Monday press statement.

    The letter became a hot-button issue after tanks amassed at the Ukrainian border displayed it – possibly to distinguish them from Ukraine’s tanks.

    Chapter 140 of Germany’s criminal code recognizes “incitement to crime of aggression” as an offense, according to Ukrainian state news agency Ukrinform. The Local reports that there have been displays of “Z” in both Lower Saxony and Bavaria. -NPR

    Meanwhile, Ukraine is asking the entire world to criminalize the usage of “Z” – with Foreign Affairs Minister Dmytro Kuleba tweeting on Tuesday: “I call on all states to criminalize the use of the ‘Z’ symbol as a way to publicly support Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.”
    “‘Z’ means Russian war crimes, bombed out cities, thousands of murdered Ukrainians. Public support of this barbarism must be forbidden.”…

    • What is it with Germans and the authoritarian impulse (and I say that even though I’m half German) to control everything? Your post reminded me of a 1969 movie about fascism in Greece titled “Z” in which the authorities ban the letter Z because it reminds people of the assassination of the democratically elected leader prior to a coup d’etat.

      • I guess they want to omit “Z” for Zoro and change it to “S” for Soros, then double down on that with “SS”.

        My ancestry is full blood German on both sides, and I can’t make logical sense of the ‘Z’ thing.
        It sure ain’t genetics.

        But this type of Authoritarianism does demonstrate how mentally ill these folks in power are.
        Anyone with a rational mind should take notice of this insanity.

      • G jingling

        Germany was subject to the prussian model of education after all the little states got unified under the keiser (1871 ?) There was a deliberate and skillful drive to create a national character thru education.

        Prussia was founded as a military/slave/colonial state in the middle ages and became kinda a proto technocratic system (technocratic ideas. American to the US thru people educated in German universities) according if I recall right to “illiberal reformers

  6. Congrats James and Chris Reddy.
    Fresh, vibrant, colorful, intellectual.
    The likeness is unmistakable!
    It should form a permanent backdrop to your future videos.

  7. Psychopaths, the System and Hope

    Starting around the 18:15 minute mark until near 37:30, James Corbett walks through a variety of concepts, starting with psychopathy.
    Corbett builds on psychopathy which leads into the structure of the System. Then Corbett points towards a potential generational remedy.

    The concepts relayed, the building of these ideas on top of each other, is very profound.
    It is painted very well. It is easy to see the big picture.
    An understanding comes together.
    This message has great importance.

    In my opinion, that 19 minute step by step lesson can help change the minds of men towards a better society.

  8. I am always impressed with people who know how to ask probing questions and get people to reveal their thoughts. I don’t know how I would have answered those questions, but I found James’s answers interesting. It is interesting to get to know him differently than we see him on the typical Corbett reports. 🙂

  9. I think your portrait should be apart of your next t-shirt,
    Really enjoy your information, I’ve learned a lot.
    Keep up the great work!

  10. What a fascinating journey that was! A very interesting approach to combining art and “speaking the truth”. The artist asked some intriguing and insightful questions, and JC responded with very insightful and far-reaching answers.

    I was interested to hear that JC is primarily a jazz fan when it comes to music. I love many different types of music, but focus on jazz for my own musical expressions. Does anyone know what music was playing during the final “reveal” of the finished work of art? It sounded like late ’50s hard bop, possibly by Art Blakey and his Jazz Messengers, but I could be wrong.

    Anyway, thanks very much for sharing this with us, and I hope to see more along such lines; exploring truth through artistic and musical expression.

    • Yes, indeed, it’s the good old Sidewinder. I’ve listened to the entire recording now, and think I’ll learn to play it. It’s a nice groove, and doesn’t sound too difficult. Yes, it’s CDs for me as well! Many thanks.

  11. James, if you haven’t already, give The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady a listen….

  12. Also, another person who does this sort of “inner-landscape portrait” is David Choe

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