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Today we talk to independent filmmaker Teace Snyder about how he managed to make a professional feature-length film, Hold Me, without any studio support. We discuss the need to replace the Hollywood propaganda system with an authentic, grassroots, people-led media creation process and the types of platforms and communities that will be needed to truly replace Hollywood.

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Corbett Report Radio 104 – Removing the 9/11 Blindfold with Teace Snyder

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  1. Blindfold (2012 ?) – “12 years ago”
    not found on IMDb, or is it there?

    and is it UNlisted on vimeo, or is vimeo’s search garbage (or is it just me)?

  2. Thank you James for sharing Teace Snyder’s contributions to the world. I watched some of his creations on Bitchute just now, and he is incredibly gifted. Talk about what I perceive to be Time-Consuming editing! Unreal amounts of carefully placed cuts and collages of visuals. Great messages. I love the stuffed animals, being drawn to anything Rabbit.

  3. I’m sure a supporter of independent film but I’m uncomfortable encouraging people toward suicide — medically-assisted … or however you want to soften the reality. I don’t buy the “just start the conversation.”

    So, I’m in support of ditching Hollywood, I just don’t go for this “conversation starter.”

    • yet here you are, apparently starting a conversation about it (hence my reply)…

      • I mean, what if the person was in great pain? Would it still not be worthy of consideration?

        • Of course, that’s a difficult situation; but there are a variety of drugs that can help patients manage pain. Just because someone is in pain, doesn’t mean he or she should consider suicide. I assume you are thinking of cases where someone is both in pain and has no hope of recovering his/her health.

          What we don’t want is for people to feel pressured into killing themselves because they are worried about being a bother or because of the cost of medical care. I’m not advocating for keeping people alive using extraordinary means; let people die naturally. We should not hasten another person’s death. We don’t people down as we would animals. Human life is sacred.

          • Pain and poor prognosis are reasons some may want to speed up their death.

            It’s up to the adult who decides what they want to do for an incurable, debilitating painful physical disease.

            I don’t believe in encouraging suicide for emotional pain though. That to me is unacceptable because often people are not able to think clearly and there are treatments for psychological problems.

            Terminal diseases though that are painful and debilitating do make me understand why some people chose to end their lives. There are some situations where I would not want to live anymore so I can totally understand why people make these kinds of choices.

            This whole state sponsored “assisted suicide” phenomenon though seems pretty sketchy to me, like it’s a way to popularize and expand this idea.

            In the US health care system (at least where I’ve worked) there is a tendency to want to prolong life at all costs. Sometimes I’ve even seen families reverse a persons DNR because the family did not want to let go. I don’t agree with that. That is a similar breach of autonomy and often results in painful futile efforts to prolong life at the expense of quality.

            When my grandma went on hospice it was very hard for me but I had to respect her wishes. Autonomy is a very important ethical standard in medicine of any type.

            I have not watched the above film. I don’t like to watch that kind of stuff because I see death a lot at work and I don’t need to dwell in sorrow any longer than I do already. But I am so glad JC had this solutions watch.

          • Absolutely agree!

            In Northern Europe these days, we have some very “woke”* subjects, who clearly see it as their “call” to actually kill innocent people and then call their cold blooded murder a suicide 😰

            * in real words called: Mentally retarded, pervert, criminal psychopaths…
            I assume they’re all sad members of the UN/WEF, WHO “club”…yrgh…

  4. It is not “Hollywood” but rather the the controlling powers of Sabatean Frankist “Jews” that run it all. To keep one’s very lucrative jobs or positions it is necessary to sell out one’s values, humanity. Sound people, gaffers, light folks, makeup artists, etc. all understand what the tradeoff is.

    When I was there in the music biz 89-92 I was very involved in observing the internal machinations of the “entertainment” biz in general. To say the “Jews” ran things is an understatement. They OWNED it all. Producers, directors, screenwriters, soundtrack producers/writers, most all the key positions.

    Far too many web commenters refuse to acknowledge the “elephant” in the room on what the bigger picture is about this thing called “life.” As Texx Marrs used to say:
    “If something major happens out in world, it is because someone wanted it to.”

    The ship is going down and playing Bach in G minor is not going to save us. It is time for poop or get off the porcelain time beyond anyone’s wildest imagination could conger.


    • Just because some of the people that own some of the companies happen to be Jewish, does not mean “The Jews” are at fault for anything… There are people that own companies in the industry that aren’t Jewish too… We do not, as a human species, require finding a common enemy amongst ourselves to unite and see through reformations… We do need to change some things, both socially and politically… But trying to blame any one group of human beings is absurd. Human beings are human beings. There are people of a like mind from all walks of life. There are key issues we ought to be focusing on, that do not require pride nor prejudices, sir… Good day to you, sir…

      • Your knee jerk reaction to defend shows a lack of understanding what I wrote:
        >>It is not “Hollywood” but rather the the controlling powers of Sabatean Frankist “Jews” >>

        I lived with, worked for, traveled with, had lovers and friends since childhood who were “Jewish” but not Sabatean Frankists/Zionists.

        >>But trying to blame any one group of human beings is absurd.>>
        Not really when one has FACTS not web talk, pseudo smart cliche’ OPINIONS…Do you really have
        ANY understanding of social/political history?

        There are Hebrews (Race)
        Jews (Religion)
        Zionists (Political movement with open membership)

        Israelis (from an area between the Black and Caspian seas, a people of Mongolian, Bulgar, Iranian, Turkish, and other mixed heritage who originally comprised the Ashkanzi/Khazarian Empire) Originally kicked out of more than 100 countries.

        And finally, the Sabatean Frankists (the true evil of the world since before the founding of our nation)]
        – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        “The Jewish elements provide the driving forces for communism”
Dr. Oscar Levy, in George Pitt-Rivers,
        The World Significance of the Russian Revolution (Oxford, 1920), p. ix
        – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”
        (“Jewish” Banker Paul Warburg, 2/17/50 as he testified before the U.S. Senate)
        – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        “Our goal is to gradually absorb the wealth of the world.”
        – Cecil Rhodes, a Freemason.
        – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        So the ‘word’ Jew has been demonized by a race of people from ancient Southern Russia who were originally thieves and murderers of the caravan travelers to and from the Middle East and Europe.

        After a prolonged history of this behavior they had acquired wealth and a large population and decided to take up banking as their choice of making money. Since the Christians and Muslims among their population did not allow usury (charging for money lending) they embraced being “Jews.”

        It is these identity thieves, these so-called Jews who have been kicked out of over 100 countries because of their lust for wealth and power. They are also the people who, in exchange for their help in financing the war against Germany they cut a deal with England in the 40’s to get their nose under the Palestinian tent falsely claiming Biblical identity with the Hebrew’s of old.

      • Hello. Just to let you know, it’s well known Hollywood is a Jewish predominant entity and creation and this is not some type of unknown or taboo thing to say.

        In college I took a class called “US history through Film” taught by a Jewish professor who says yeah Hollywood is Jewish and it’s not an insult. It used to be something to brag about. Not anymore because it’s been exposed as a trash entity used to propagandize and manipulate the masses even Jews of various types.

        Do you actually know about Jewish culture, history or any of these areas issues or is this just a knee jerk comment to end discussion?

        Is the fact that Hollywood is a “Jewish” entity relevant? That’s the question. Would it make a difference if it was a Chinese creation?

        I think JC focuses on the essence of the system and the ethics (in a Western context) of it to get people to see what these things are doing and where they are taking us. When I say “us” the Jews are included. These nutcases are taking everyone with them, the entirety of the human race.

        • cu.h.j
          “…In college I took a class called “US history through Film” taught by a Jewish professor who says yeah Hollywood is Jewish and it’s not an insult. …”

          Did you ever read (or watch the doc version ) of “An Empire of their own” ? It agrees with what you said, quite proudly saying so.

          • No, I’ve never seen it, or I don’t remember it. Although, I do remembering that the Jews in Hollywood being discussed at length in the class, so he may have included it. It was such a long time ago.

            It was an interesting class to be honest. We watched a lot of movies even some silent films. He seemed like a typical liberal professor but not in a “woke” way. The class did scrutinize propaganda or at least got students thinking how media influences understanding of history, or rather creates the narrative.

            When I was in school, people could still have opinions and express them without fear of retribution.

            • He never got into historical revisionism or questioning official narratives though, but the class did show how propaganda can influence thoughts and events. It showed how media creates culture.

      • Cat

        “Just because” some Japanese people bombed Pearl Harbor we say “Japan attacked the USA” EVEN THOUGH millions of people in the USA never had a single round shot at them! Do you see how that works?

        People have many layers of identity, including corporate ones based on what that group of people does (as example above)

        However, that said “The Jews” do have a big tendency to be involved with things harmful to the people they live amongst. THIS TENDENCY PREDATES THE KHAZARIAN EMPIRE AND SABATEAN FRANKISM and is not in any way linked to ‘jewish DNA” (Ashkenazi Jews have almost zero ‘Israelite’ DNA) but instead to the very concept of the post-temple destruction ‘jewish’ religion and the culture that grew up around it.

        This pattern of behavior has been expressed differently throughout the ages, from fomenting Gnosticism to Renaissance magic to the Bolshevik Revolution to Neo-cons….it is best described in the 3 volume set “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” ,By EM Jones of Culture Wars Magazine, which quotes extensively from Jewish writers.

        The control of mass media has allowed this JRS to infect almost everyone in the western world which is why the west is about to fail, just as every jewish kingdom has failed in under a hundred years.

        If people want to go to a more genetic explanation of Jewish Behavior “Culture of Critique” by MacDonald provides an Evolutionary Psych model that actually works quite well.

  5. Angel Studios is an alternative to the Hollywood model.

    The platform being imagined in this discussion sounds like a variation of the Angel Studios Guild (, where participants vote on which projects they would like Angel to facilitate crowdfunding, including the amount of money they would be willing to contribute to a project.

    IIRC, a plan to create for a variation of this platform was shared by a guest during a livestream of one of Angel’s shows (but the name of the platform I cannot now recall).

  6. This was *exactly* what I needed to see today. I just had the inspiration to write a short opera, started writing it, but became totally disheartened when I thought about the logistics of it all and remembered how the Classical music industry works and what it takes to get something performed, what concessions would need to be made etc. etc. All but impossible for me to achieve. We live in the era of the Internet and affordable electronics, why not just film a small cast? Let everyone create what they want to create without the obstacles, and let the marketplace decide if it’s any good. Thanks, James and Teace!

  7. The REAL elephant in the room is why do people feel they need to be entertained at such a high cost??

    Why aren’t people raising children to self entertain and with values that reflect a desire to benefit the tribe rather then their own bank accounts and such?

    Because it IS the entertainment biz for the last 50 years has conditioned people like maze rats. Murder and mayhem done “artistically” is OK ??? Most all of people’s social values come from that propaganda machine. What one thinks is funny, truth, important, etc. all found in the movie and TV quotes written by gay lefties.

    We had a few kids in our neighborhood who would put on “plays” and fun games and things. We went outside of town to play in the sand dunes, go fishing, put pennies on the railroad tracks, make rubber band guns and shoot at each other. No deaths, no wounds, kidnapping, nothing but sweat and laughs.

    If any person under 50 believes they have not been mind conditioned they are fooling themselves. If we are so “civilized” then why are so many liars, obese, thieves, etc. and why no thank you lights on the backs of cars?? And why do you depend on your phone social intercourse so much?

    “Are you a God?” they asked Buddha. “No he replied.”
    “Are you an Angel
    “A saint?” “No.”
    “Then what are you?”
    Replied the Buddah, “I am Awake.”

  8. I’m glad that I’ve finally gotten settled and subscribed to your channel… I’ve been living on the streets of several states over the last 8 years or so… It’s been a crazy adventure. I’ve kept up with you most of the time one way or another, but honestly had only discovered you about 4-5 years ago. I’m glad that I have because you’re the first alternative news show that I’ve found that I actually find to be thorough, authentic, genuine, real, true, etc… You weren’t going on about alien space Satan and all these ridiculous conspiracy theories… you have always stuck to “conspiracy facts” lol… And I love that. I find your resources posted to be very interesting. You’ve honestly given me hope. I intend to promote yours and Media Monarchy’s work as much as possible. You’ve inspired me to study law… not because I want to, but because I think that I would be thorough in my research… my interests in philosophy, mathematics and physics can wait… Now that I am in settled and secure, I am returning to school. You’ve really made me believe that we can actually stand a chance and do something about the madness in the world… I had given up hope for a long time to be honest. But because of people like you, I’ve given up nihilism and picked up reading and writing again… Sorry for this jumbled rant of a pr
    paragraph lol… Thanks for you and your teams’ work! All of you that make this a reality, thank you so much!

  9. The last three links says: This account has been suspended.
    Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources.

    Is there any alternative links/websites? This is unbelievable. I am presuming this is very recent

    • BUMP (Referenced in this interview)

      The Pyramid of Power is a brand-new 17-part documentary series focused on answering the question: Who rules the world?

      Journalist Derrick Broze examines the institutions and individuals who attempt to manipulate our world for their own benefit.
      Brought to you by The Conscious Resistance Network.

  10. Worthy of mention new film by Khentse Norbu ( famed Buddhist master ) – Pig at the Crossing… they advertised rejections from film festivals, and opted to do online screening self-release to share the movie.

    I’ve written to them, to encourage them to start their own festival. Festivals are one way to introduce movies / creative content. As such consider creating your own ‘market’ rather than begging the establishment like they are going to change their afflicted ways – make them redundant, and instead do sensible community works.

  11. Hold Me

    I finally watched this impressive film which was made on a pauper’s budget.
    While I love movies, I am a completely ignorant novice when it comes to the factors involved with this Medium of Storytelling.
    When I watched “Hold Me”, I mostly paid attention to this Medium of Storytelling and how independent filmmaker Teace Snyder would use his tools in order to communicate a story.

    Like James Corbett pointed out, the sound quality was remarkably superb for a low budget production.
    I was amazed!
    The voices, audio, background sounds, the sound mix and transition scenes melded extremely well with the video. Unless one was paying attention to the sound, they would not catch the background traffic sounds or bird sounds because the realism of the actors captured the viewer’s interest.
    The camera(s): The shots and angles, the seamless back-n-forth conversation perspectives, the lighting and background, the transitions of scenes.
    In the film, there were so many tools and various skilled applications that were beyond my pay grade that I find it difficult to describe. I would notice something, then something else, and something else, but it was all so smoothly flowing and rapid that the story itself took me away.

    Anyway, my hat is off to those who are skilled in this Medium of Storytelling.

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