Reportage: Adventures in the New Media

by | Dec 18, 2023 | Newsletter | 25 comments

Could it be? Is it really true? Let me check . . .

. . . Yes, there are the decorations in all of the stores. There are the trinkets and doodads festooning the local mecca of commerce, inviting credulous consumers to spend their hard-earned yen on cheap, slave-made plastic goods from China. There’s Wham!’s “Last Christmas” (and all of its many, many cover versions) blaring out of every radio and echoing through every cafe.

Yes, I suppose it is true. Christmas is here already, and New Year’s not far behind it.

Now, you all know the drill. It’s that time of year when the “content creators” in the “information space” churn out their “year in review” articles, full of hot takes about the important news stories of the past 12 months and/or predictions about what will take place in the coming 12 months.

But, since your newsfeed is probably already full of those types of articles, I thought I’d do something different this year. So, in lieu of the Corbett Report’s “2023 in Review” article, here’s a more philosophical piece about the work I do and how I came to do it. Enjoy!

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    • I love reading “anecdotes”, personal stories.

      James Corbett’s Reportage: Adventures in the New Media hit the mark for me.
      Historical record, evolution, anecdote.

      As the years go by, thanks to Corbett, I keep maturing, continuing to evolve.
      I’ll bet my friends also thank him for that (for helping me to mature.)

  1. gosh how I wish I had discovered the Corbett Report already in 2006 instead of only during the Covid Plandemic! In 2020 I was so frustrated with mainstream media all parroting the identical Covid narratives, that I literally googled “alternative media” and finally stumbled across one of James’s masterpieces (9/11: A Conspiracy Theory – 2011). I have consumed almost all of James’s output since 2020. It’s a shame that there just isn’t enough time left over in every day to view part of the thousands of hours of fascinating and valuable material – all the way back to 2006. Corbett Report – a treasured resource

    • I hopped on in 2013 and similarly have seen everything since then. It was a time in my life when I was young and so confused and scared by all the conflicting information I was receiving. James kinda felt like a life raft in the turbulent and sometimes insane seas of the conspiracy sides of the internet. Instead of completely uncited claims, spreading rumors, fear porn, and downright propaganda (or pay walls) I was met with an even tone, hyperlinks to legitimate websites, and an honest admittance when a speculation was being made. James really helped me be more skeptical while at the same time more thorough with research. From that point on I wouldn’t say something to another person until I had really looked into and confirmed it myself as best as I could. It started a trend where I’d be terribly embarrassed if something I mentioned in conversation turned out to not be true. Instead of shooting myself in the foot trying to convince people, I stuck with only EASILY verifiable information that would make people pause and think. There are A LOT of gems pre-2020 so that Best Of tab will be your good friend. Happy you made it just in time to not be suckered by the Mainstream Media’s fear porn into making what could have been a catastrophic health mistake. Having had this resource during the pandemic allowed me (and countless others) to dissect the propaganda in real time. Invaluable.

      • My Christmas wish was to be the only CRM on the Corbett Report. Thanks, Obama!

        By the way, Corbett, I failed to add my 50% Subscriber Christmas discount code to my recent purchase of the Corbett Open Source courses purchase at the NWNW store, but I understand you have a shitposting tax here, so you can consider that hasty product acquisition my annual tithe to your voluntaryist cult non-profit.

  2. So, now we need to know! Are there still any roaches in the apartment?

    • You can’t get rid of those guys. Maybe if the old apartment building pancaked or was turned into dust due to a electrical cable pole smashing into it; then MAYBE you could get rid of them.

      • Color Coding Roaches

        When I first moved to Dallas in 1976, I was broke, working two jobs, and lived in a very old ratty apartment building. The apartment sang of melancholy.
        No TV or radio.

        I would sit at the worn kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal watching the roaches on the wall.
        I started to name them.
        But dog-gone, after awhile I couldn’t figure out who was who. They all looked alike.

        Out of a box of my things, I dug out one of those cheap paint sets.
        I put it on the kitchen table.
        Everytime I saw a roach, I would go over to the wall with the pin-point brush and give the roach a color. Some roaches had color sequences.
        This routine became quite entertaining.
        I enjoyed it and looked forward to finding roaches to paint.
        It was great sport!

        A phenomenon occurred…
        I would walk around the apartment in search of a roach to color code.
        But after a few weeks, I just couldn’t find any.
        I tried and tried.
        I kid you not. I just couldn’t find any.

        Maybe there is a ‘moral to this story’, maybe it was a “woo woo mystical admiration”, or maybe the paint killed ’em. I dunno why they vanished, but it was an interesting experiment.

        PS – This apartment was so crude that it had two entry doors in the hallway, one which was ‘blocked off’.
        One day, I come home from work and see the maintenance man. He asks me if I had an Uncle visiting me. Puzzled, I said “No.” He tells me that the ‘blocked door’ was wide open to the hallway, and that he saw what looked like a vagrant wino sitting at the breakfast table having a bowl of my cereal.

        Another time when I ran into the maintenance man and talked about roaches, he said, “You should see this.” He took me to an apartment where the tenants had skipped out. On the kitchen counter was a large split-open water melon. The counter, cabinets and melon were swarming with mounds of roaches…like a horror movie. To this day, I had never ever seen that many in one place.

        • Maybe you were just a tad too loony for the roaches 😀 Or maybe the painted roaches got very popular, moved to Roachwood and their groupies went along.

          • Or maybe, mkey, if they had seven colors on their wings, they flew to a Rainbow and called themselves, instead of ROaches, ROygbiv.

            You know that good ole Texan Cowboy named ROY G. BIV.

            (Oops, I think I combined the pro football teams from Houston and Dallas in that description.)

            HRS, does this crazy comment earn me seven gold stars from your Lone Star State supply store?

            • 😉

              wiki –
              ROYGBIV (also known as VIBGYOR) is an acronym for the sequence of hues commonly described as making up a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. There are several mnemonics that can be used for remembering this color sequence, such as the name “Roy G. Biv” or sentences such as “Richard of York Gave Battle in Vain”

        • A phenomenon occurred…
          I would walk around the apartment in search of a roach to color code.
          But after a few weeks, I just couldn’t find any.
          I tried and tried.
          I kid you not. I just couldn’t find any.
          Maybe there is a ‘moral to this story’,

          Yes indeed there is a moral to the story!
          He/she who discovers a simple, cost-effective, foolproof way to eliminate cockroaches
          should, at their earliest convenience patent it and make a killing! 🙂

  3. James CoreBheettts Canterbury Tales.

    I know little, thy woeful verse, that weapon as I write… Holy moly James Icepick!
    In tending the mighty boughs of that oak. Cleave an arrow and a bow. Shoot straight Hector so all will know. The quille on pen or arrow flown. Mightier than the arch of sword. To the heel of those who we abhor.

    Chaucer really got me going grasshoppersan, when student becomes teacher taken.

    Hear here! Take a sip peach fuzz or gray beards. You may say too THANK GOD for Francis Beacon.

    CHAUCER: Liber Primus
    The double sorwe of Troilus to tellen,
    That was the king Priamus sone of Troye,
    In lovinge, how his aventures fellen Fro wo to wele, and after out of Ioye,
    My purpos is, er that I parte fro ye.
    Thesiphone, thou help me for tendyte
    Thise woful vers, that wepen as I wryte!

    Now where is that coupon? I don’t see it anywhere.

  4. A beautiful and strong Oak it has become. A true Windbreaker!

    • “Windbreaker”! Now, where did I see that word recently?

      Oh, yes, I remember. “Windbreaker” is the coupon code for 20% off the new audio version of your book, “Bill Goats and the Forest,” isn’t it, Frode?

      And how can would-be buyers order it? Right here:

      To everyone on this thread: Frode didn’t put me up to making this comment. It’s my own idea. I figure James won’t mind my plugging another writer’s audio book, since he has interviewed Frode and since he read the print edition of “Bill Goats” aloud to his kids, who loved it.

      • Thanks a lot for the plug, CQ! I appreciate it, and you are absolutely right. I love the word “Windbreaker” or the expression “Be a Windbreaker!”, so it has a tendency to show up in a few places around me.

            • Speaking of Norwegian, are you a fan of Carl Magnusen?
              Or is that Magnus Carlsen? 🙂

              He just won the 2023 Champions Chess Tour Finals for the 3rd year in a row, last week in Toronto!

              • Well, I got a bit addicted to watching Magnus Carlsen play chess a few years back. His chess matches used to be a big thing on Norwegian TV. Maybe it still is.


    James Corbett “was” once a Teacher of English to Grade School aged Japanese students in Japan. A modest job indeed, yet by learning to communicate with these kids that likely only knew Japanese he became an excellent Communicator.
    It only makes since that “A Teacher” who has taken the Deep Dive into the Events of 9/11/01 and had his world view changed drastically would feel compelled to share his knowledge. Once down the rabbit hole of well documented research, Corbett found a desire to keep digging, and thus keep sharing his discoveries because he is, after all, A Teacher, eh!

    The Internet was just a Tool he was able to use to spread his discoveries. Indeed, it is not likely that any major “News” outlet would have published his writings, so the Internet did come at a good time for him, and us.

  6. It is probably appropriate to post the following here on James Corbett’s
    Reportage: Adventures in the New Media.

    John Pilger died on 30 December 2023 in London at age 84.

    I strongly encourage folks to watch the 1983 film Nicaragua: A Nation’s Right To Survive.


    The film is also in this Zero Hedge article…

    Zero Hedge
    The World Has Lost The Great John Pilger

    I had never watched it until about 10 or 15 years ago.
    During the 80’s most people, like me, knew nothing about this stuff.

  7. Has anyone heard about any effect the Japanese quake might have had on James or his family? I hope they weren’t in the way of it, and that it hasn’t wrecked havoc wherever he is in the “sunny climes of Western Japan.”

  8. It seems fashionable to have earthquakes nowerdays. Oklahoma had one on Groundhog Day, February 2,2024. Did it make the world news? Maybe the 5.1 was not big enough. It was big enough to roll me out of bed. Thankfully it only lasted 30 seconds.
    The cause? Let’s see,let’s compare notes.;

    H.A.A.R.P.- : maybe, the pineapple express just rolled into town.
    Fracking -: over any reasonable amounts would do it.

    Geoengineering -: for natural resources exploitation, creation ,

    Extortion -:down right extortion. By large corporations or the Department of Commerce for Disaster Capitalism or Protection Insurance

    Maybe just Bad luck.
    Pick one, win a prize. Biden gave Christchurch the prize.

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