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You don’t give your real data when you’re signing up for things online, do you? Well, perhaps you shouldn’t. Join James for this week’s edition of #SolutionsWatch where he goes over the benefits of salting your data.

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  1. This is valuable advice but your PC and IP address are fingerprinted unless you take action to hide them… you should also never name your PC with YOUR OWN NAME.
    Nullbyte on using Parrot linux an at 9 min t shows the ANON SURF button which puts your stuff thru TOR… the HOME version is very nice for a daily driver PC and does not come with all the hacking tools the SECURITY has.

    Your Email often has a ton of info wrapped up with it
    Rob Braxman tech…. SOLUTIONS at 13:40
    @ 9:34 it shows how an Email ID”s your location. and your modems ID.

    BTW you should CHANGE THE PASSWORD on your modem since it is normally “password” by default… the make’s password will be online, anyway.

    • You are the best! After viewing James’ salting vid, I realized that I need to follow a better process of securing all my sign on, account and privacy settings. My old laptop died last week, I have a new one (windows 10 bad I know) I was trying to remember Rob Braxman tech and voila you shared it!

      • “… My old laptop died last week,..”

        Did it smoke out on you of did the hard drive just die?
        If its just the hard drive you can try running Puppy Linux or Kali off a thumb drive and just use that for internet?

    • BUMP
      Rob Braxman

      With his weekly articles, in the past, James Corbett has occasionally included a Rob Braxman video in his “Recommended Viewing” category.
      In Corbett’s most recent article of 3/29/2021 entitled You Can’t Win. Don’t Even Try! ,again, included is a Rob Braxman video.

      This recent Braxman “Recommended Viewing” video jives EXTREMELY well with “Salting Your Data – #SolutionsWatch”.
      You need to see this…Society is changing of March 24, 2021
      (23 minutes)
      (This is non-technical. Meant for anyone.)

      Society is changing. With the advent of centralized data on each person and permanent records, certain expectations of human behavior will no longer apply. We will be judged according to a new set of rules that is based on a lifetime record. What started out to be a Credit Score will now be expanded to a social score and used in ways we cannot even imagine.

      Let’s analyze this. Let’s see where we were, see where we are and see where we are headed.
      In the show notes of the video, Rob Braxman provides all kinds of links and educational sources.

      • Amazing!
        Just wanted to share exactly the same video here 🙂
        looks like we are getting syncronized 🙂

  2. James I think another solution may be to learn another language. It opens you up to new information and ways of thinking/living, allows you to evaluate your original state with some distance and opens up the possibility of going somewhere else. You wouldn’t be coming from the sunny climbs of western japan without a little japanese, eh? Language divides us and learning a new one connects you with more people.

    What do ya’ll think?

    Other than that specific skills like welding, building, knowledge of plants and their properties

    also: yeeaarrss back when i had facebook I would alter my birthday so that it came up 3-4 times a year and nobody noticed, they’d just wish me a hollow happy birthday every time

    • “..learn another language…”
      it is MUCH harder to do NLP or propagandize someone who speaks a different language, especially if you try to do so in their NON native language.
      I knew somone who did tricks like this.

    • Or use a translation app, I twitter in russian sometime and then my phone goes slow for three days. It’s hilarious. Also french or german (I’m dutch so we learn 2-3 extra languages in high school). I always also give out as an adress the local brothel or police station. It’s simple, fun and easy. Reminds me of those spies who gave out ’99 fake street’ as their address…
      But more grown up solutions is offcourse a fake persona, create a name and adress and VPN. Never use your real name, never. never. never. It’s easy to track someone down but at least put up some kind of barrier there to weed out the amateurs.

  3. On Salting beware of things like the story below… unless I am remembering wrong Superfreakanomics planted a fake story on ‘someones’ behalf in the hope that potential terrorists would BUY life insurance and ‘ping’ themselves.
    Annoyingly I dont appear able to find the article…but that is how I remember it

    “…prominent negative indicators. The data showed that a would-be terrorist was disproportionately unlikely to:

    Have a savings account
    Withdraw money from an ATM on a Friday afternoon
    Buy life insurance…”

    • i can find
      “…Occasionally, it is maddening. In SuperFreakonomics, we learnt of the authors’ efforts to scour banking data for signs of terrorist activity. One conclusion was that jihadis should buy life insurance to throw their algorithm off the scent. Now this is revealed as a double bluff, designed to ensnare would-be suicide bombers. We can only guess whether this worked, and whether we should take their new advice any more seriously.

  4. This reminds me of the running joke Bill Cooper would often mention when the generally anti-UN militia groups were big in the early 90s, that if there were 10 people at a militia meeting you could bet that 9 out of 10 were FBI or ATF. It must be oh so much easier nowadays to do your infiltration from behind a keyboard. Also relevant was the notion that groups like branch davidian were kept around as simmering boiling pots to be used at opportune times. Im sure there’s potential for this same kind of tactic if freedom cells take off in a big way, so best keep them air tight!

  5. Hi All. I have recently been provided a vaccination declination letter template. In the context of the ‘data salting’ solution, I am reflecting on when will be the appropriate time to openly refuse consent to the COSTUPID-19 vaccine. Doing so may mark out my family as vaccine-deniers, avoiders, hesitants or whatever today’s term is. Does one find safety in the crowd, dressed in sheeple attire? Or does one wave the flag proudly at the risk of being a topic of discussion at the NSA weekly team meeting?

    • Good point, and question…. also searching for the answer. After reading Surveillance Valley book recommended by James, I am thinking it’s better to keep on using the various apps and sites to fit into the crowd. My consideration is why try to use encrypted text or mail apps like Signal or Protonmail, because it’s obvious that I’m trying to hide something…. They can find me either way, and I am not doing anything illegal.

      • “…I am thinking it’s better to keep on using the various apps and sites to fit into the crowd…”.

        The Data you feed them lets them create a ‘Sim-You’ profile… the more they know you the less freedom of thought you will have.

        It will be very easy to control you when the propagandist knows how you think and can control your info feed over the internet. You are are wasting your time if your hiding data from the cops but you SHOULD be hiding it from the puppetmasters who want to shove their hand into your back and make you do Elmo voice.

      • How do you know you are not doing anything illegal?

        Isn’t following Russian collaborator James Corbett Illegal? or soon to be?

        • May not be limited to a matter of law. The technocracy has quasi laws, mandates, directives, advice, mandatory orders, recommendations or more. I would not be surprised if you told me they already have us sorted by whether on not we’ve visited Corbett Report.

          Thinking about it, one advantage of taking a public stance is that others may grow in confidence and get the revelation ‘none of this’ is about health. The fog is thick though.

      • Are you concerned the thought police know who you are? I don’t care if they know who I am because where I live in the US and it is supposed to be a free country.

    • If people’s reactions concern you, you will probably get the best result if you keep it cordial, clean and private. There is a lot that can be said about evangelization, but it’s probably a bad idea.

      Saying “no” is where the rubber meets the road and that’s something that has to be done, but on general basis keeping it as clean as possible should help augment people’s reactions. Not to the extent of trying to be liked by the unthinking dolts, but simply to go as unnoticed as possible.

      • well I think then that exactly that will play into adapting your behaviour to suite their needs and wants. Secondly, this stuff is not to maken sure for instance the police can’t find you: If you are a criminal and you’re on facebook you’re kind of asking for it…
        So to be realistic and a bit more mature (sorry): I think salting your data, getting a NAS and a VPN and a password manager tool like 1password or Bitwarden or whatever, are basic, simple steps one can take to achieve level 1 of this. When you need more like when you are a journalist or more underground activities then adjust your situation to your needs.

        So yes, salt your data and become a 21 year old valley girl on pinterest and see what happens. Or a old mining executive on facebook and a car enthousiast on instagram. Or, better, use only the apps you need (3?) and ditch everything else and take a long walk and balance the use of digital tools in your life. Because that’s what they are, tools.

    • I prefer to follow the US constitution and natural law which prevents governments from violating my rights including the right to decide what I put into my body and also the right to free speech and expression. I have been offered the “vaccine” and have declined. This drug is not approved by the FDA and has not been shown to prevent spread and also is probably ineffective from emerging strains. Also, I have had prior vaccine reactions to traditional vaccines so have no intention on taking another one. Based on the information provided on all of these new drugs, the FDA admits that they are experimental and clinical trials are ongoing and are optional. I see no reason to be embarrassed by declining to take part in an experiment that does not benefit me.

      Also, I pay taxes here (unfortunately) and pay the salary of the people who work for these 3 letter agencies and they should remember that fact, and also that they should also abide by the laws of the land that I abide by. Freedom of speech is a fundamental right here in the US and freedom of political thought and expression is also a right that all US citizens have. It’s important that we exercise our rights. I would hope that some of these people working for the NSA and other agencies would realize that it is important to maintain our constitutional rights because they also benefit them and their children and their future. I don’t think that many people who work for these agencies are psychopathic but rather misguided and believe they are doing the right thing, but if they consider that some the movers and shakers are working against humanity will decide to help us rather than hurt us.

  6. Funny: Here is your Your Passport or your Bio-hazard Label

    For people who are vaccinated:
    Here is your [Vaccine Passport](

    For people who are not vaccinated.
    Here is your [Bio-hazard Label](
    Label must be visible at all times.

    Whether or not you get a vaccine
    (which requires 2 shots that each can make you sick for a few days or longer)
    1- you have to wear a mask,
    2- you can still get sick,
    3- Most things will still stay locked down.
    4. You can not go to a holiday.
    5. Your business will go down, unless you are a friend of Bill Gates.

    • Note: All Covid-19 vaccines should have a warning on them
      that they turn you into a Guinea Pig

  7. “Salting Your Data”
    Idioms and expressions

    I often enjoy the idioms and expressions which Corbett and Corbett Members come up with. It adds a vibrant colored texture and creativity to the message.
    For example, the other day, instead of seeing “Oh my gawd!”, I saw this Croatian-Tex-Mex expression: “Hey Zus!”
    (For those unfamiliar with Spanish, this is how you pronounce “Jesus!”)

    “SALT” – Idioms and Expressions
    (This large list has links to each.)

    Salting a Bird’s Tail – ANECDOTE
    It was a hot west Texas summer in the 1950’s. I was about 6 years old with my brother a year younger. We had often complained to Mom that “there is nothing to do”, as if she could solve the problem.
    One morning while my brother and I were eating our Cheerios and milk at the kitchen table, we started to discuss catching a bird. Maybe we had seen Timmy Martin do it on a “Lassie” TV show. My brother and I had already mastered the art of catching and playing with lizards, horny toads, bugs, red ants, black ants, and more.

    While my Mother was moving about the kitchen, overhearing us she says, “You can catch a bird by salting its tail.”
    Our mental imaginations went into high gear.

    So, often I started keeping watch out the window to see if the sparrows were in the yard. Whenever I spotted some, I ran to the kitchen table to grab the salt shaker, flying out the door madly waving the shaker to spray out salt. Dang! I kept missing those sparrow tails.
    Finally one day, I crept up to some sparrows and KNEW that the salt had hit a sparrow’s tail. I was astonished! – That sparrow just flew away.
    At that point, I gave up on the salt-bird capture plan.

    Eventually, I also gave up on the Cheerios as a plan to help me run faster, despite what the Cheerios’ Kid had said.

    • Just for the record, I stole that “Hey Zus” thing from Die hard 3 😉 (the last movie in that franchise that didn’t suck big chunks).

      As far a salt related idioms go, we have that “salt on bird’s tail” expression to mean that a moment has passed or someone/something has gone away, so you can just go ahead and put some salt on their tail.

  8. ‘Disgrace’: Belgium criticised after court order to lift all Covid measures

    The judge gave the Belgian State 30 days to provide a sound legal basis, or face a penalty of €5,000 per day that this period is exceeded, with a maximum limit of €200,000.

    This is ridiculous, what it is. €200k fine with a 30 day waiting period to be payed by “government” to … the “government”?

  9. I suspect that if the government wants to know us it would be easy for them to do so but that it’s time consuming and so they would only put effort into this if they felt we were a threat. Having said that in theory they are supposed to be protecting citizens rather than hurting them and should be following the law and ethical principles. There are ethical principles that are supposed to guide what they are doing and it would be rude and unethical for them to intrude and violate peoples privacy. All of the information here is open source. There are no secrets being violated and people can come to their own conclusions and discuss their thoughts.

    The Q4C about how he protects our data and privacy would be good to know. If I lived in China or another openly totalitarian country, I would be a little more concerned and would probably try to move away.

    • cuhj
      “they are supposed to be protecting citizens rather than hurting them and should be following the law and ethical principles.”

      The fact that a few dominators have found they could bin ethics by simply addicting most to a screen and massaging the monkey mind into a grey relativistic puree is, I think, the whole basis for this site. How many ways have we read and said that the bullshit meter has gone off the Richter scale. I often engage with someone logically and then find that they’re speaking but not feeling much about what they’re saying? ,,except for the initial position which may be staunchly represented but all fear based; in other words lotsa people wouldn’t give a rats ass about ethics because they cant.

  10. Oh boy, I’m kind of cross posting, but this needs to be shared.

    Simple off grid cabin ( part 3) …..Behind the scenes

    This is the last part of a three part video on building a relatively small cabin. The first two parts were quite kosher for this type of a deal, but quite an epic 7 minute rant starts from 5:15 where Dave is talking about importance of not getting in debt, determination and can-do mentality. Well worth a watch.

    • I enjoyed listening to that fella. I like his non-conventional viewpoint where he makes his own decisions for what he wants, not because of “convention”.
      The story about the amputee brought up an imagery that sticks.

      Even though I have no wish to embark on that type of cabin (at my age & taste), there were a lot of take-home points in his presentation which can be applied to any endeavor.

      • What he had to say, I felt, was that important dad talk many of us never had. Longitudinal generational transfer is almost nonexistent in the society today, and it certainly shows.

  11. Pretty sure Mr Corbett rents server space somewhere… whoever has physical access to the machine can circumvent any security he has installed.

  12. Hey Everyone. Just wanted to drop a “did you know” comment. Let’s just say my profession deals with a lot of rocks and the study of the earth which would leave me to know something about what salting data is and how it came to be.

    The term “salting your data” comes from “salting your core”. This became mainstream when the infamous Bre-X scandal went down. A geologist was caught salting his diamond drill core with gold flakes to increase the assay results of his exploration drill core data. With the reporting of the great results on the market investors invested millions upon millions of dollars into the company. Despite all the safe guards of the assay and core data it still was manipulated and all the investors were fooled.

    No matter how much safe guarding there is of data there is always a way to sabotage or manipulate it.

    P.S. And Yes the movie “Gold” with Matt McConaughey was loosely based off this story.

    • Thanks raymondkitchen,

      I remember reading a variety of stories about this.
      Here is one:
      The Bre-X Gold Scandal

      Mysteries still remain. For example:
      …Bre-X’s geologist at Busang, Michael de Guzman, exited his helicopter that was 250 meters in the air at the time—an evident suicide…

      …And I have been told that Michael de Guzman has been seen in Canada, years after the scandal. The explanation would be that, as was rumored at the time, an anonymous corpse was thrown from the helicopter. You could say the very jungle had been salted as well as the ore bags.

  13. In the many years I have been on the internet and the many web sites I have owned and managed, I have never given my full first name nor my middle name or initial.
    (BTW, it is NOT Benjamin!)
    I only give that information when legally required by either government taxing agencies or banking institutes. And I have never connected my Bad Quaker site directly with any government nor banking institute.
    When I fill out the “secret questions” for web sites, like “your first grade teacher” or what ever, I give stupid answers like “Lizzy Borden” or “I Like Axes!” or maybe “I like turtles”.
    And yet… I get spam mail to my Bad Quaker email address with my full first name, my middle initial, or my legal first and middle name. Only my bank and the IRS know this. Yet I get spam to these names.

    Yes! Salt Your Data! I have said this since the 90’s, BUT!!! realize this is not a solution, just a good practice. To win we must KILL THE BEAST! It won’t die on its own.

    Ben Stone,

    • Good point Ben, I agree and do the same thing. I also use

      for any profile pictures.

      I don’t think unplugging like the 1850’s is the answer, we need digital services from our taxes, health providers and government. But any company that wants it can get it. Wether it’s lizzay borden or Bizzy Gordon. Just feed the beast BS. The process works fine.

      Also if you want profile and you have a Gmail adress, it has a hidden catchall, so [SNIP –] works as well as [SNIP – – JC]. You can make a ton of twitter accounts that way. Add a simple password manager, the authy app, a ‘ dirty phone’ for usage with these googlish stuff and a faraday bag you’re half way there.

      Otherwise, minimise use of these platforms and keep the computers lean and mean.

    • That was like a 70’s danky porn theater floor where you decide to buy new shoes after walking out!
      Unbelievable crap. It had me laughing because people were actually participating.

      • Wauw isn’t that a Pavlovian experiment. Amazing nobody flipped the finger. Can’t wait for the X-rated one which is probably already there. On a more mature note: This behavioural influencing is very apparent and also a AR (augmented reality) experiment. It’s all fun and games right?

  14. I remember that back in the days there was an online service you could pay to set up a trail of misleading information of yours, which went by the name “breadcrumb solutions”. The company was soon sued out of business because the intelligence agencies where not too happy about it. I just did an online search to find the domain name taken over by some media promotion company.

  15. Helm is a personal server that lives where you do.

    Thanks 8Gc58 !

    You have a history of posting many great articles and links. I may not acknowledge each one, so this is an “advance acknowledgement” for your future posts.

  16. variant911,
    Thank you so much!
    I appreciate the new credit card in your name.
    I am targeting to get to 1,000 Stimulus checks at $1400 a pop from people’s identity online. Then with over a million bucks, I’ll head to a Caribbean island.

    I have gained a vast number of online identities which I can use for passports, credit cards and Stimmy checks. The unemployment checks from a host of different states have been a nice ride.

    ZERO HEDGE – April 3rd
    “Huge Breach” – Personal Data Of 533 Million Facebook Users Leaked Online

    All kidding aside, I understand and “feel ya”. We all live and learn as we travel our paths. I’ve pulled some major blunders along the way.)

  17. I am a visual learner, so I appreciate that many of your podcasts are video. I instinctually try to salt my data, but like telling lies I must remember them. I began filing out a questionnaire for Clear , a covid test site and gave them my personal email (the one I gave CorbettReport ) I didn’t finish when, it got too involved, and later received an email to coax me to finish. They used my real nick name, that I did NOT GIVE them. Creeps me out.

  18. In the salty spirit, I randomized my Facebook birthday and made it private. My birthday passed with only my family noticing. It felt much more real. I’ll continue this system; I’ll know who really cares and my ‘friends’ will think I never age.

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