Interview 1871 – Burn, Hollywood, Burn! with Irina Slav

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Today energy market analyst and fiction writer Irina Slav joins us to discuss her recent article, “Burn, Hollywood, Burn!” We discuss the shady, well-funded groups that are working to insert climate propaganda into more and more Hollywood programming and how the clumsy, ham-handed sermonizing of the climate doomsayers is likely to fall flat with the public.

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  1. You can’t be a famous movie star unless they own you. I don’t think that has always been true but it is now.
    For starters If you go against the narrative your career is over, after that they will bury you with whatever they have.
    So they do as they are told and with gusto.
    See: Robert DeNiro

    • I would love to see James do a report or documentary on the history of entertainment, in general, as well as cover the entire entertainment industry. I know that since it’s inception, Hollywood has always had the goal of steering the hearts and minds of their audience, but that really is the goal of every entertainer. Capture the attention, capture the hearts, capture the minds and capture the audience.

      The word “entertainment” means to hold together. And from what I’ve been able to discover, entertainment has always had its roots in religious rituals. “Holly Wood” is a tool that’s used in witchcraft, which is kind of telling, but what’s in a name?

      I hesitate to link a ThemTube video, but there are some videos on that platform which publish records of hundreds of entertainers that have not only confessed, publicly, to making a deal with the devil, but many have detailed some of the specifics of their agreements. They are not being satirical or jesting. They are endowed with abilities and inspiration from heavenly places.

      I personally have stopped consuming industrial entertainment altogether, for that very reason.

      • Seat Liberty
        “…documentary on the history of entertainment,…”

        You could look for the book, or the film version, or “An Empire of their own” or you can watch this version with commentary (none really needed TBH) by Devon Stack

    • @tsingi

      That seems to be a pretty solid theory based on my observations of hollywood and seeing how when some shows start writing stuff in the script that hits a little too close to home for the plutocrats sensitive operations the shows will get cancelled.

      What are your thoughts on documentaries like this?

      above link to: “Common Ground documentary (2023) – Official Trailer”

      There are quite a few famous people in there and it does seem like the film is getting shadow banned and downlisted in the social media spaces, but still the film is thriving and getting lots of love and attention.

      Are they pushing on through despite censoring and a brave few using their fame to bring something meaningful into the spotlight despite the fact it might piss off some Bayer/Monstanto, Bill Gates, big oil and government goon types?

      Or do you think that the proverbial “they” own that film and the actors in it and message it is sharing as well?

      (FYI: I have not seen the film so cannot speak to the nitty gritty details of material presented aside from what is touched on in the trailer and on their website etc)

      Thanks for the comment.

      • The trailer is straight up gold. I’m fairly familiar with those topics and I agree with all the points hit in the trailer. I would guess that is going to be an excellent documentary.
        And thank you for tasking me with a mere three minute video, I so have time for that.

        You want to watch the best video I’ve seen on the carbon ‘crisis’? A physicist professor that Trump talked into working at the Whitehouse. He said he’d give it a year but Al Gore got him fired, which was fine with him. It’s 50 minutes well spent: Really nice man too.

        Here’s what I’m trying to get through now, the end of covid, it’s a series, and it covers everything, we’re talking fifty to a hundred hours: Its 15 segments with maybe a dozen videos each drilling down on all the aspects of the plandemic. I’m guessing I’m a third of the way through.

        It’s a long haul but very educational.

        • @tsingi

          Oh wait a second I think we were already discussing these two videos on another platform (where you have a different pseudonym). If so sorry about that.

          Were you the one that shared that Common Ground trailer with me to begin with? Did I just make the trailer go full circle? 🙂

          I will watch the physicist video today if I can I have lots to do with transplanting seedlings into bigger pots, planting stratified seeds and researching medicine plants for my next book.

          I do appreciate you sharing it and will get to it soon if not today.

          Thanks for the end of covid link as well, I had not heard of that one yet so glad to be able to add that to the watch list.

          Hopefully that Common Ground film gives a solid shout out to the more ancient types of Regenerative Agriculture (regenerative agroforestry) as well as the more large ranch friendly types that use tractors. Either way, I agree based on the trailer it looks like a valuable message (despite some of that “CO-2 is the bad guy” / greenhouse gas/ climate change noise being thrown in a bit). Either way building living soil is a good idea so I am more focused on that aspect and empowering farmers to be able to grow more resilient crops, prevent erosion, get better yields in quality and quantity, providing real food for their community while increasing biodiversity.

          Thanks for the thoughtful response.

          • No to the documentary trailer, I have not seen that before. And thank you for bringing it to my attention.
            We may have talked on Substack.
            You are referring to the comment “Do we mitigate climate change? Absolutely.” A Valid point, that is irritating, even if it is true but the effects minimal and are positive.
            As you see in the video I linked, doubling the carbon in the air will have the effect of raising the average global temperature by less than a degree and it would make plants extremely happy. We need more CO2, not less.

            • @tsingi

              Oh weird maybe the guy I was thinking of that shared it with me just also happens to use “tsingi” in his email address. Fascinating.

              Is “tsingi” a location ?

              The other guy I was talking about goes by John Galt on substack and he shared that same “Elimination of CO2 is a suicide pact – Professor William Happer on climate change misconceptions” video with me in a recent comment as well.

              Must me a synchronistic guidance that I should pay attention to these two videos.

              Yes plants do love their CO-2, the massive government subsidized hydroponic cannabis greenhouses here in Essex County, Ontario pay big bucks for tanks full of CO-2 which they pump into the greenhouses to super charge the photosynthesis process.

              It works well but they are idiots for paying for the CO-2 when they could easily do something like create large composting operation adjacent to their greenhouse, and then suck the off gassed CO-2 out of that space and pump it into the greenhouses, it would be synergistic and produce two products instead of one.

              My buddy does something similar but basement DIY style where has a compost system and a mushroom cultivation system and then he takes the CO-2 produced by both and pumps it into his blue-green algae grow tanks (he grows spirulina).

              • There is only one tsingi as far as I know. I tried to pick something unique. I am John Galt on Substack.
                They will be the same video.
                I have considered buying a CO2 tank. Generating it seems like a much better idea. I’m about to decimate my compost.
                I fooled with hydroponics before I moved here, built something that worked quite well. I didn’t have a food source, I have seen one that included a large fish tank that was self supporting/circular.

            • @tsingi

              Oh okay, glad to connect the dots, though there is another guy with the word tsingi in his email address that messaged me about that Common Ground film hmm

              The reason I asked if it is a location is I found this place with super cool differential erosion and thought maybe multiple people had travelled there and then named their emails / online names that because they loved it so much.

              Anyways, ya the demonization of CO-2 is silly and it can definitely be a useful substance for growing plants and other things.

              Though, as I say that, I am imagining a worst case scenario where people do the inverse opposite to demonizing CO-2 and they begin worshipping it and trying to put as much of it as possible in the atmosphere (you know how humans love their extremes and going all black and white/polarized on things, avoiding learning about nuance).

              Imagine people start freaking out tryna get as much CO-2 out of anywhere it is locked up in biology to get it into the atmosphere, excavating peat bog ecosystems, setting off explosives in natural gas / oil deposits and clearcutting any and all trees they can to burn them in the name of Liberating the sacred and precious CO-2 at all costs!! 😛

              It sounds ludacris, but just look at all the stupid shit people are doing today, throwing soup at art, promoting depopulation propaganda and cheering for statist systems carbon taxing us all into poverty and debt slavery. Humans creating the “Church of CO-2” or some kind of CO-2 religion is not even really that far fetched if you consider all the nutty when compared to things people are up to now a days.

              Hopefully people end up finding a happy medium and actually educate themselves to understand the nuance through hands on experience (neither demonizing nor idolizing) our good old friend, mr CO-2, and instead aligning our efforts with the CO-2 cycle in a humble, holistic and regenerative capacity.

              • I don’t remember the exact numbers but I believe we can quadruple our current CO2 level before it becomes a problem.
                At one point I knew the saturation percentages.

        • @tsingi

          So I am watching the video with Professor William Happer on climate change and he seems to make a lot of sense so far from the scientific perspective. One thing I found disturbing was his attitude regarding the arctic and how he deemed protecting the ozone layer in that region as being unimportant because it is uninhabited by humans and thus whether or not there is a “hole” (in the ozone) there “doesn’t matter” (to him).

          I find that kind of anthropocentrism to be hubristic, callous, short sighted and exemplifying a perspective that operates from an incomplete, reductionist, deterministic and machine like view of the world and our place in it that does not embrace an understanding and awareness of how connected we are to all life (human and non-human) and elements on the Earth.

          I do not know if there ever was a hole in the ozone in the arctic and I certainly think that (as he states) the fear propaganda about telling people to be afraid of UV rays is mostly nonsense, but my point is that based on what he says (from time index to 12:40 – 14:00 ) he seems to express an attitude that basically says “who gives a shit what happens to all the beings and aspects of nature in the arctic either way, humans are not there very much anyways, so why should we care about it?”.

          In my opinion, whether one wants to say that God put us here to be stewards of the Earth or they wanna say that we are a mathematical fluke and a bunch of random spontaneous organisms mutated to make humans, life is a precious gift (human and non-human life).

          We can use our genius and ingenuity as humans to be a keystone species and a force for trophic cascades (regeneration, increased biodiversity, increased beauty and abundance for all) or we can choose to behave and perceive this world in a way that defines as as takers, exploiters and apathetic consumers.

          Each choice begins with how we view our fellow beings on Earth and if we value wilderness (places uninhabited by humans) and how we choose to interact with those spaces when we choose to inhabit them.

          Destruction and degradation are not inevitable effects of human habitation, they are the inevitable effects of industrial civilization. The stories, cultures and knowledge of the countless generations of all our indigenous ancestors speaks to this truth.

          I outline some of my own personal concerns and historical analysis on the rise of anthropocentrism in the west in this essay:

          I will continue to watch the video with an open heart and share more of my thoughts as they arise. Thanks again for sharing it.

        • @tsingi

          I do hope that the Common Ground film provides a clear delineation between organic agriculture and Regenerative Organic agriculture and I hope they clearly define what “regenerative” means and what it does not mean.

          I see a lot of seemingly intentional obfuscation and greenwashing starting to crop up around the word “regenerative”, with big ag institutions and academic systems tryna weasel their way onto the catch phrase bandwagon and say things like “regenerative doesn’t have to ban the use of chemicals as long as they keep adding measurable carbon to the soil” and other nonsense ideas.

          Also, I have done consulting work for people trying to transition to Organic (or beyond) and worked with the government approved licensing/inspector people. Organic, may be good as far as it excludes the possibility of GMO seeds, but it does not necessarily require protecting nor increasing biodiversity (but rather it is just “encouraged”). So theoretically you could clearcut an old growth forest, set up a monoculture of corn, grow it using manure from a factory farm, and use massive tractors that compact, shred up, erode and leach out the life/minerals in the soil, and you could certify that corn as “organic”.

          Going the next step to being Regenerative AND Organic, means preserving and aligning with existing biodiversity on site, actively enhancing it, improving yields and crop nutrition (while not using chemical inputs nor using GMOs/gene splicing nor CRISPR tech).

          So discerning the difference between the two is important.

          I`ve started gathering some pertinent info together on that subject here ( ) and will keep adding as I have time so that anyone discussing this Regenerative/Organic Agriculture issue can have it as a resource.

          • You know, I don’t pay much attention to user names unless I see them a lot Gavin!
            I recognise that prose.
            I may end up with 12 baby trees. The one that lost its root is back in the fridge and it seems to have enough oomph to grow another root. The little one seems to be perking up so if all goes well I’ll be 12 for 12.
            Sometimes the organic label doesn’t mean much. I put a big sack of pony shit in my compost a couple years ago, it should be mellowed out by now.

            • @tsingi

              12 malus sieversii trees! That could provide enough apples to feed a small village! 🙂

              Nice work!

              Several years back when I got the first seeds from Kazakhstan and last spring when I sprouted the very first second gen malus sieversii seedlings (grown from seed saved from our tree that was grown from seed in Canadian soil) I planted out every last tree that germinated (even if they looked sickly) as I felt compelled to do my part to preserve an endangered species and give it a new chance to flourish here on Turtle Island. I noticed that at least one of the seedlings I planted out that looked weaker seems to be susceptible to cedar rust.

              So now that I have hundreds of seedlings germinating each year I am thinning out the weak looking ones so that the stronger ones have their best chance to produce a strong third generation (which is not easy for me, putting a little seedling back to the compost pile if it looks sick, but I have limited space to plant them out so I godda make the hard calls otherwise I might plant them all and let them do their own thing).

              This year the purple leaved malus sieversii seedling seems to be the champion of the batch, check er out

     (pic taken today, march 23, 2024)

              I am planting out Tulip Tree seeds today that I saved from a grandaddy tree I discovered on a walk in forest nearby the other day.

              Do you have any Tulip Trees (Liriodendron tulipifera) down your way?

              I`ll up load a few pics of the tree so you can see what I mean, I think he is well over 200 years old, towering high above the oaks.

              Pony manure eh? I have not worked with it before but I do often use sheep manure for enriching the soil in food forest projects. Do you know what kind of diet the Ponies had?

              • Kazakhstan! That’s cool.
                I understand your reticence, I love my little seedlings. I’m not being facetious. (sometimes it’s hard to tell) I have put the last one in soil as it already expended a lot of its energy creating the root that I couldn’t save. It has a small root. Its 11/11 not 12/12. I think there were twelve to begin with.
                I have tulips, I didn’t plant them, but I’d have to look up ‘tulip tree’ so I don’t know. It’s going to take a while to turn my black thumb green but there’s no reason that I couldn’t have a green thumb.
                Towering above the oaks? Wow.
                I don’t know what the ponies were eating but I see them grazing where I picked up the manure. Small farm near a cheese factory I frequent. They seem to be happy ponies. I love horses, except for minis, jerks. The farm had bags out for two bucks apiece. I bought two. A bit over 1/2 a cubic foot total would be my guess.

              • @tsingi

                Yes Archive dot org can be pretty glitchy (especially if you have low bandwidth or your bandwidth fluctuates at all while uploading).

                I have wasted hours selecting a bunch of pics or a video clip to upload with a write up and it just freezes and says unable to upload and I lose everything.

                Ya I am able to view the substack chat message, thanks for the pic! I love the mini greenhouses. I makes my day to know those apple seeds have found a good home. I think you are about person number 20 that has reported back in with good germination rates on malus sieversii seeds I sent them so far this year. There are people as far north as Lake Superior growing them and people as far south as New Mexico. It will be cool to see all the different new apples varieties that are produced in a few years 🙂

                FYI: I am not on that feature very often so replies may take forever or be intermittent.

            • @tsingi

              Ya I had posted an article on malus sieversii many years ago on a permaculture forum and connected with a Canadian who was living in Almaty. She offered to collect me some seeds from the Tian Shan Mountains nearby and ship them to me in exchange for some seeds I had that she wanted. Those were the first I attempted to sprout (they had a rough and long journey so not as good germination rates as the ones I sent you and others last year/this year from my tree/fruit) but I got a few trees going. 2 of them are strong and 6-8 feet in height now (one is blossoming and producing fruit).

              Then more recently I got some bareroot seedlings from a nursery in Quebec ( ) that was also growing them from seed. Those trees are coming along nicely now as well.

              Tulip (Liriodendron tulipifera) trees are cousins of Magnolia Trees and they were pretty much decimated here in Ontario (and many places south of us) in large part due to how their suuper long and thick trunks (some trees grow to over 200 ft tall) were favored by military operations for building ship masts back in the day. So the old growth stands (healthy 200-400 year old trees) were targeted with especially intense fervor for clearcutting back in the day to support that age old racket of war (or freedom? I guess it depends who you ask).

              I think the beauty Tulip Tree (Liriodendron tulipifera) I linked in that archive dot org link is older than the nationstate of Canada.

              One of the last few pre-colonial Carolinian Forest trees left near our place. She has medicinal compounds in the roots that offer similar medicinal qualities to eucalyptus or pine essential oils. So grateful I was able to save some seeds for wild tending and propagating for food forest projects.

              Sounds like a great fertilizer source (the pony ranch) I just usually go for sheep manure over cattle manure since modern farmed sheep often eat more grass than cows (which are often fed GMO glyphosate laced grains) and I know a Mennonite farmer nearby that has sheep and she only feeds her animals organic grain so I don’t have to worry about herbicide or hormone injection or any other weird contaminants.

              • How did the fruit turn out? Crisp? Mealy? Sweet? Tart? Have you made a pie yet? Apple pie was possibly the first thing I learned to cook, my grandmother was no longer able to make them so I had to take up the slack.
                The shield in Ontario hosted tall white(?) pines that were all harvested for ship building. I think there is one old growth example left somewhere. When you canoe in Algonquin park you see iron works left over from ancient sluices.
                I don’t think I’ve seen a tulip tree. I would likely remember the leaf in your pictures. I do pay moderate attention to trees and try to identify them. I know it now.
                The thing I’m looking for next is raw milk. Making cheese is on deck. My butcher told me last year that he could get me raw milk, I asked him again last week and he said the government is cracking down. No problem, I’ll find my own dairy farmers, they all hate the government and I’m from Prince Edward County, I know lots of people who know dairy farmers. I’ll try buying raw milk with silver just to get that economy started.
                I should find and visit some Mennonites myself. None in The County.

            • @tsingi

              The first apples that our Malus sieversii tree produced were surprisingly delicious, crisp, relatively large and even had a little color on the skin

              Here is what they look like:


              I find the flavor of our first ‘new apple variety’ (the fruit being produced by the malus sieversii tree we grew from seed that I harvested the seed from to send you) to be tangy, bright, vibrant with a sweet background flavor and a hint of nuttiness.

              The fruit are fist sized and bigger with a light blush color on about 30% of the skin. I also find that is has a refreshing crisp and dense texture similar to Fuji apple flesh. My wife says it has subtle notes reminiscent of Macintosh, Ambrosia and Granny Smith and she thinks it pairs great with white cheddar, swiss cheese or monterey jack. She also finds that it goes well diced up in a pecan salad and/or enjoyed with white wine. I think they would make great hard cider due to the rich tannins and organic acids. And yes they also make for a lovely pie apple. I made pie last year and a Service Berry / Apple Crisp that was amazing too.

              We noticed that our new apple variety has very pronounced lenticels (the small white dots on the skin of the apple that allow for the apple to breathe) and they remind me of when the star filled sky is transitioning into a blush colored sunrise. So we have decided to name this new variety Starlight Blush.

              Yes the Eastern White Pines were also targeted by the ship builders.. not too many old growth groves of them left either (and that species likes natural forest fires to help their seeds germinate so they are having a tough time replenishing their numbers due to humans suppressing lightning fires now). I am working on remedying that in my own small way as well (saved lots of seeds from grandaddy white pines in Algonquin, and I`m planting them out around here).

              Ya those tulip tree leaves are cool looking eh, that is one of the ways I spot them in the winter, seeing those big distinct leaves on the ground (then I identify the seeds on the ground, sort of like maple keys but more symmetrical and streamlined).

              Cheese making! Nice, I wanna get into that myself this year. Riley Waggaman’s recent post about his “Village Institute” in Russia got me inspired. Did you see it?

              I`ll ask the local Mennonite farmer lady if she has any associates down your way next time I see her.

      • Thanks. I saved the audio book. I like audio books. Pretty familiar with the whole ‘Pretty Baby’ gaslighting thing.

    • Spiderman has been ruined for me…
      Tobey Maguire in “Extrapolations”

      Extrapolations (TV series) – Wikipedia
      See the “Episodes” Listings/Descriptions

      In a review published by the Los Angeles Review of Books, Aaron Bady criticized the show for primarily featuring the experiences of “Rich Americans”.

      Rotten Tomatoes:
      “Extrapolations’ civic-minded storytelling is so sprawling that it never coheres into a satisfying whole, although its sheer star power and good intentions make for a mildly intriguing lecture.”

      • All of the people in the showbusiness know very well on which side the bread is buttered.

    • Good luck down that covids rabbit hole. Not your average pack-a-lunch rabbit hole, Son…. Makes me recall my biggest rabbit hole… About a week to unpack the bolsheviks. The worst rabbit hole ever IMHO.

    • PS Don’t get so far down that rabbit hole we can’t throw you a rope! Sheesh! Never ending covids….

    • I totally agree, we saw with the Covid scam, the powers that be rolled out their created stars, Tom Hanks and Jennifer Aniston to toe the line, push the lies. Consequently, these two actors get LOTS of work…I won’t watch anything either are in.

      But the ZioComs are done with Hollywood I think. Just like back with the US Auto Industry in the 1970’s, Sears, now Boeing and Hollywood in general, they are closing it down and moving it offshore (Epstein and Pedo Island is also an example, maybe an even more appropriate one).

      To be sure, they are turning Hollywood from the envy of the world, into a joke, and using “wokism” as the excuse. No better example of this than the Disney acquired, Marvel Comics Universe. They went from making the highest grossing movies, Avengers, Spiderman, and the like, to now making one “Mary Sue” movie after another. We rejoice as these movies fail and the industry crumbles: “Go Woke Go Broke” is the slogan. But woke is just another scam, Zionist Communist Hollywood does not care about BLM, “multiculturalism, “Me Too”, these are just contrived social movements they create and use to attack culture/society. While they push open borders and multiculturalism on us, they genocide Palestinians (they need the room for the ever growing Israel population, especially with all those who will soon be migrating from imploded America). Hollywood is nothing but a tool of Zionist Globalist propaganda, and has EXPLOITED the talent of the masses to build it (Just like with YouTube, we create it, they come in buy it and use it against us). But they are done with Hollywood now, and are destroying it, no jobs for Americans, and certainly not in California, or the West Coast in general. Love how a writer’s strike starts just as Hollywood it getting back on its feet, but we simply need to look at who run those unions too, like everything else.

      America is what happens when you have a population with great skill and talent, living in a nation with great land and resources, yet allow themselves to be ruled by psychopaths who HATE US and want us all dead. They built us up to fight their wars and destroy their enemies, now it’s our turn, poetic justice I suppose…we have to pay something for being the willing tool of evil for so long. Dropping two nukes on women and children, then the weak excuses we willfully buy into.

      Hollywood is evil to its core, it has exploited men, women, boys and girls in unspeakable ways. The human suffering these monsters have committed, not only to those they exploited to make the movies, but the consequences of their oh so skillful propaganda upon the people, does need to come to an end. But the end of Hollywood is yet another step towards our demise.

      • Very good, I agree with all of that.
        Now, the question I have is, will their arrogance and over the top woke narrative/propaganda open the minds of normies?
        It’s a tough job.

        • Sadly, the answer is absolutely not, the so called “normies” believe as they do because that is what they want to believe, willful ignorance.

          More than anything else, Covid made me look at humanity as it is, not as I wish it would be. I knew I saw the world differently than many, 9/11, Iraq War, JFK, 2008…just evil machinations of those in power maneuvering the masses into one trap after another, yet my perception was the exception, not the rule, why? Covid WAS over the top, it should have been a bridge too far, but I witnessed in my eternal disappointment, the masses conformed to the “new normal”, they accepted masks, vaccines, and the whole narrative that there was a deadly Virus made in China.

          I think covid was/is just the yearly flu hyped, just like “Muslim terrorism”, “white supremacy”, Polio…It is unlikely this evil cabal would risk a virus they could not fully control, instead they used what they do fully control, media, democracies, corporations, to hype a threat, make a mountain out of a molehill (Covid was a disease of the MIND, not the body). There is a reason NYC was the epicenter, FULL CONTROL. I think the vaccines are the real threat, I do NOT believe all populations were given the same vax, I would bet anything Israel and Mississippi did NOT get the same formula. They need the Israeli’s to manage their NWO, they do not need people who live in rural America, quite to the contrary. I note research into “Covid” is pretty much over, but the research into the effects of the vax on the population is widespread and heavily funded. They want to know something.

          Humanity is ill suited to deal with the psychopathic cabal that rules us. This cabal is a virus that evolves, hits us from a different direction each time. It studies us, our reactions, our weaknesses, and plans accordingly. People MAY not buy into another covid scam, but because they don’t or WON’T see the malevolence behind the covid scam and who orchestrated it, they have not learned anything, they just reacted. Thus the masses will not see a banking shut down, internet outage, terrorist attack, civil war, climate lockdown… as another example of a psyop meant to undermine us, for the masses, they will be starting the process all over again, and maybe at the end of the next psyop they will start to see, but again too late.

          While I am disappointed in humanity, its inability to face this vile group of monsters which has been working to destroy us for 2500 years, in reality, humanity should not have to, we should not have deal with this globalist cabal, it’s not humanity’s fault, THE EVIL IS ON THEM.

          • Yup, evil motherfuckers.
            I’ve never been able to get on very well with normies and they think I’m strange. Which is fine with me. Still I wouldn’t put them ‘all’ in the same boat. At least I hope there is a normie scale, there has to be. Normie, not normie, it can’t be binary. I agree that they just want their bread and circuses and to not be bothered about anything scary until it hits them in the face but the Cabal is going full tilt with the propaganda, few trust the media, they are destroying comic books as well as movies. The normies are having their circuses messed with and soon their bread will be in short supply.
            So it’s in their face or soon will be.

  2. A much more sustainable circular economy would be to add pigs into the circle. The industry monopolists and all those that parrot the narrative that the population is the problem, can be offered up to the pigs to stop their own carbon emissions and then we all eat bacon and live free! #Solution

      • Dalseco The comments in that video are just as good as the theatrical trolling! Thanks! 🤣🤣🤣

  3. For most Americans under 50 the majority of their vocabulary, social skills, ideas about what life and being human is about, humor, their “beliefs,” have been formed from the propaganda arm of the controllers, the “entertainment” industry.

    Watching TV, Movies, listening to ear candy music, all reinforced through peer group pressure including family members who “advise you for you own good” from their positions on the same merry go round of lies.
    Straight out of Edward Bernay’s book on Propaganda.


    [I receive no $ for your visits to my channel, just satisfaction that I am offering truth and insight to others.]

    • Untrue, you’re just as divisive as the powers that shouldn’t be.

      • hypersimmian

        not that I’m great buds with Mr Doyle but he is kinda right that at consuming (at minimum) 90% of TV movies and pop music is basically eating brain poison. Devon Stack has done lots of videos on how TV was used to update the firmware of the average NPC with the Laugh Track or Studio Audience Reaction being how the watcher knew what opinions were OK and which were Not OK.

        He even did a thing on how the Reaction Shot of things like “The Office” replaced the laugh track for giving the viewer instructions on how to feel.

        Its not that the new stuff is any more vile , its just that their getting worse at hiding the ugliness of their message

        If you look at it just from a technical POV the “Dont Say Gay” drive is a good example//// you just need to FFW past the dancing grover intro lolol

    • ejdoyle

      “….Watching TV, Movies, listening to ear candy music, all reinforced through peer group pressure including family members who “advise you for you own good” from their positions on the same merry go round of lies….”

      100% True, but most people really cant accept that the culture they grew up absorbing was created by people who hate them.

      two videos that cover that are
      Dont Say Gay- a case study of social engineering

      Porn Jew

      • >>not that I’m great buds with Mr Doyle but he is kinda right>>

        15 years of commenting here
        Written 3 books
        Have 58 songs and essay videos at my BitChute site on social political observations from over 50 years of activism
        Been shot at, phone tapped, and tailed by alphabet agencies
        Been throttled and shadow banned at most major so-called “alternative” sites and comment applications like Disqus; and sniped at by anonymous Internet evangelists and word cops and you feel the need to apologize for saying anything sortof positive about me other then I am “…kinda right??”

        Gee massa I be much grateful for dat… :-/

        • ejdoyle
          “….and you feel the need to apologize for saying anything sortof positive about me other then I am “…kinda right??”…….”

          Well…. you WERE ‘kinda right’ even if I think your wrong on plenty of other stuff.

          “…..Gee massa I be much grateful for dat… :-/….”

          damn… now you made it weird. 😉 LOL

          • >>Well…. you WERE ‘kinda right’ even if I think your wrong on plenty of other stuff. >>

            Internet anonymity breeds no civil accountability, just petty tyrant word cop nonsense.

            • “Internet anonymity breeds no civil accountability”

              Do you ever listen to yourself Mr. Pot?

  4. Mr. Thomas (Tom) Nolan informed me that OILPRICE.COM has a “Community” which anyone can join for free and offers a forum for “Discussions”. (Typically energy, mining and markets) He said that certain topics are now taboo (such as Covid stuff.)

    Nolan said that he has often mentioned James Corbett…

    The World Economic Forum & Davos
    “Your Guide to The Great Reset”
    Debunking the JFK Silver Certificate Myth
    MONOPOLY – Who owns the world?
    How BlackRock Conquered the World

  5. The story that we need to reduce our enjoyment in life and have a life less full of joy and luxurious pleasures is only true if we continue to define enjoyment, joy and luxurious pleasures as consumer products created by a hyper-centralized exploitative industrial corporate infrastructure (which involves perpetually decimating that which is living, biodiverse, unique and unrepeatable into that which is dead, uniform, commodified and mass producible).

    We need not embrace that synthetic and artificially imposed story about the stimulus that evokes enjoyment, joy, luxurious pleasures and lasting fulfillment.

    Instead we can choose to value the flower which we grew from seed (and which we know will provide nectar for the bees) covered in glistening morning dew in the first sunrays, acting as a prism and a mirror showing us worlds within worlds, as more beautiful and valuable than a blood diamond ripped from the Earth in Africa and sliced artificially until it is enslaved to hold the light and its fiat value artificially inflated by market manipulation.

    Instead we can choose to feel joy in the hard work we put into planting seeds, tending them, harvesting and creating a nutritious and delicious meal for our family that could never be matched by any grocery store or restaurant food.

    Instead we can feel luxurious pleasure when we eat a handful of homegrown blueberries or eat a fruit that our ancient ancestors also once enjoyed from the wild, connecting us with the land and those that came before us across time and space in a tactile, tangible, soul enriching way that no movie, or fancy vacation to cancun or yacht ever could.

    Instead we could choose to define lasting fulfillment in the process of discovering our own unique gifts and using them to make this world a more beautiful, biodiverse, abundant, kind, honest and hopeful place for those who will call this place home after we are gone.

    The story of De-growth is a scam. I say embrace the story of exponential growth of the heart and the spirit. Embrace nourishing human growth in alignment with Arboreal Allies, the wisdom of our indigenous ancestors and the wisdom of the living Earth herself.

    ( a page from a great book that speaks to this: )

    We do not need to decrease our impact on the Earth, we need to re-direct our gifts and our energy to Increase our impact in a regenerative way.

    Thanks for the great interview guys.

    • another page from a book I am reading that speaks to what I was talking about above:


      “a beautiful way to live” (from Abundance Designs and Projects for Beautiful, Resilient Food Gardens, Farms, Home Landscapes, and Permaculture By Michael Hoag) :

  6. Hi, I quit going to hollywood movies at public movie theatres like Harkins here in USA. I also will not watch anything made by them currently as it is all false, dangerous to my precious mind. By opting out, just not giving it any attention, not watching it you win in a big way. An example is when others around you in public talk about some current movie or tv show and you know nothing about it nor are interested in it.
    All the best to all.

    • Hollywood became a propaganda arm of the CIA after (some might say during) WWII. Lookout Mountain AFB was a secret film studio in Laurel Canyon that was only declassified after it was no longer necessary, because by the time it was declassified the two had more or less merged. A great expose of the Intelligence agencies work there is at I would not expect that anything has changed with the so-called death of Hollywood. The Phoenix will rise from whatever ashes are left.

      • G. JIingping I tried to download that pdf and got a notification that it cannot be downloaded securely. Any ideas? I’m using an android devise. It’s my only connection to the internet at the moment

        • I promise, on my honor, as a registered Corbetteer, that there is nothing unsafe at that address ( There is no advertising or pop ups; it is 1990s style internet with just pdfs. I do warn you, though, that the information will blow your mind and affect your worldview, but that’s a risk I believe any truth seeker should take.

    • And when you stop consuming industrial entertainment, you begin to see how many people really are being captured as they relate their actual lives, feelings, encounters, experiences, et. to a movie, a character, a song, a fiction novel, etc

      Breaking free from industrial entertainment really is one major way to escape subtle deceptions that we may not even realized that we’ve succumbed to.

  7. Since you referenced the value of Fiction writing to raise awareness here James I`ll re-share the following as I feel it is pertinent to this subject matter.

    𝐒𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐜𝐭 𝐩𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐬 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐄𝐱𝐨𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐢𝐬 (𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟑) 𝐛𝐲 𝐏𝐞𝐜𝐨 𝐆𝐚𝐬𝐤𝐨𝐯𝐬𝐤𝐢

    I have read about 1/4 of the book so far, it provides a very disturbing (yet compelling and potentially useful) cautionary tale regarding the depiction of a possible future where humanity has allowed technocratic totalitarianism to run rampant. The story depicts a Mega-Smart City cutting through the heart of what is now called North America where a fine tuned social credit system (called Etch Points) is used in conjunction with ubiquitous drone surveillance, weaponized drones, in house “smart features” surveilling 24/7 for social engineering, behavior modification, oppression and the patholagization of dissent.

    The Smart city only allows humans to have one child each and only via artificially gestating them in fake wombs using GMO embryos selected by the state for ideal characteristics. The smart cities brain washed soldiers (not only brain washed via social credit behavior modification and relentless propaganda but also pharmaceutically brainwashed) dominate the outer smaller low tech communities that refuse to conform to their transhumanist technology dependent ways and they send out convoys of thugs with weaponized drones and merciless surgeons to forcibly sterilize the residents. The main character is described as enjoying fried crickets as a favorite food and looks down on the people living close to the land and wanting to have children via natural birthing.


    Description/Blurb from the jacket of the book:

    “Out of the collapse of Old America rises Lantua, a glittering thousand-mile metropolis where drones patrol the sky and AI algorithms reward social behavior. The most compliant citizens enjoy the greatest privileges, the poorest struggle to rise up the echelon system, and criminals are subjected to brain modification. Birthing and genetic quality are controlled through mass embryonic selection, with fetuses grown outside the body in artificial wombs–a technology known as exogenesis.
    But rebellion is brewing.

    Lantua struggles to control the Benedites, a rural religious people who refuse to obey one-child regulations. Each February, Field Commander Maelin Kivela oversees the forced sterilization of Benedite teenagers, a duty she carries out with unflinching zeal–but this year comes with a shock. After escaping an ambush by insurgents, Maelin returns to the city to choose one of over three hundred embryos to be her child, only to come face to face with a secret that will tear her life apart and alter the course of her civilization.”

  8. Both James Corbett and Irina Slav have often spoke about BLACKROCK and its ESG agenda.

    Wed March 20, 2024 – The Dallas Express – By Kellen McGovern Jones
    State Board of Education Cuts Off BlackRock

    The chairman of the State Board of Education announced on Tuesday that the Texas Permanent School Fund is terminating its investment with BlackRock.

    “The Texas Permanent School Fund (PSF) has a fiduciary duty to protect Texas schools by safeguarding and growing the approximately $1 billion in annual oil and gas royalties managed by the Texas General Land Office,” Chairman Aaron Kinsey stated.

    “Today, PS leadership delivered an official notice to global asset manager BlackRock terminating its financial management of approximately $8.5 billion in Texas’ assets. Terminating BlackRock’s contract ensures PSF’s full compliance with Texas law,” Kinsey added.

    Kinsey also alleged that BlackRock’s boycott undermines the integrity of the fund and the board’s duty to Texans.

    “BlackRock’s dominant and persistent leadership in the ESG movement immeasurably damages our state’s oil & gas economy and the very companies that generate revenues for our PSF. Texas and the PSF have worked hard to grow this fund to build Texas’ schools. BlackRock’s destructive approach toward the energy companies that this state and our world depend on is incompatible with our fiduciary duty to Texans,” he added.

    The Texas Permanent School Fund is a sovereign wealth fund composed mostly of oil and gas royalties, land, and other assets. It funds primary and secondary education in the Lone Star State. The fund’s total value is around $50 billion.

    BlackRock served as an asset manager for roughly 20% of the fund…

    …Senate Bill 13, also known as the Oil & Gas Investment Protection Act, took effect in 2021 and forbids state and local governments from doing business with asset managers that discriminate against the oil and gas industry…
    “Texas was the first state to ban BlackRock from doing business with our state….”

  9. In theatres April 2024…

    Population Control Satire Film ‘Humane’ Rated ‘R’
    [Trailer in article]
    [Wrapped the shoot in Hamilton, Ontario, near the end of 2022]

    …In the wake of a catastrophic environmental collapse that is forcing humanity to shed 20% of its population (are we headed here?), a family dinner erupts into chaos when a father’s plan to enlist in the government’s new euthanasia program goes horribly awry. Set over one night at this home…

    …Caitlin Cronenberg’s film Humane takes place over a single day, mere months after a global ecological collapse has forced world leaders to take extreme measures to reduce the earth’s population. In a wealthy enclave, a recently retired newsman has invited his grown children to dinner to announce his intentions to enlist in the nation’s new euthanasia program. But when the father’s plan goes horribly awry, tensions flare and chaos erupts among his children….

    Would Ted Turner give it a thumbs up for family viewing?

  10. Another movie I never will see. Oh well. Checking out the substack though this was a great conversation. Relaxed and very nice to listen to. I hope she can make appearances more often; she is right ‘on the money’ as they say

  11. March 23, 2024
    Irina Slav on energy – SUBSTACK

    Interview for the Corbett Report

    Speaking of which, James Corbett of the Corbett Report was gracious enough to invite me to talk about the latest trends in Hollywood and TV as a sort of follow-up and elaboration on last week’s “Burn, Hollywood, burn” post. In case you haven’t got sick of it all, enjoy.

  12. The level of propaganda has NOT changed, it is just what they are propagandizing has changed. Watching old movies, OMG, the pushing of cancer causing cigarettes, the endless pushing for alcohol consumption, or maybe war propaganda, nationalism is good when they want America to fight their wars for them, not so much now.

    American exceptionalism, Democracy, Christianity, and on and on, building up their matrix of control.

    You just simply need to observe what type of propaganda Zionist Communist Hollywood was pushing to know when it was in history and the objectives of the NWO cabal.

    I would say psychological manipulation has become more sophisticated, it is hitting us in ways could could scarily identify, even if you are looking for it.

    But they are done with Hollywood and are taking it down. They use the made up “wokism” as the excuse, if you think Hollywood cares about black lives, the environment or women’s rights, you are woefully mistaken. It is, like everything with this ilk, a multipronged attack. They push wokism/MARXISM to cause disease of the psyche, causing the disillusionment of another American institution, Hollywood. The main goal though is to drive down sales while creating entertainment offshore. They want no jobs in America, this is just a continuation of a long standing ZioCom project. “Go woke, go broke”, we will rejoice as another American industry (all be it a filthy corrupt one, but the only one we have left) and all those jobs are lost.

  13. I’ll exhort everyone to read the mentioned State of Fear novel by Michael Crichton, it’s a riveting thriller, it practically reads itself.

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