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Every year come 9/11 I see my “9/11: A Conspiracy Theory” video making the rounds again. But this year something marvelous happened. I was able to point people to my mirror of the video. And my Dtube mirror. And my mirror. And my mirror. The YouTube crackdown is coming (exactly as I warned you it would), but the YouTube exodus is also here (just as I predicted at the beginning of the year). The only problem is there are too many platforms to keep track of.

Here are the ones I mentioned, but I’m eager to hear from The Corbett Report about other platforms that are available and how they rate in terms of long-term viability, censorship resistance and free speech possibilities, user friendliness, etc. Please leave your comments and recommendations in the comment section below. – From the FAQ: “Here we believe people should be able to express their opinions and choose their topics. If existing services cannot allow that, then let’s make some that will. The question is, how to disrupt a platform as well established as YouTube? It cannot be on their terms; we think we might have an answer, decentralization by torrents and tailored matchups for monetization.” – From the introduction post on Steemit: “DTube is an application fully written in javascript, that runs in the browser, that allows you to upload and watch videos on top of the IPFS Network. Moreover, it uses STEEM as a database and enables earning rewards from your uploads.” – From the About page: “Minds (Minds, Inc.) is a free and open source social networking platform that rewards you for your activity online with revenue, digital currency and more views on your content. We are built on a foundation of freedom, privacy and democratization.” – From the About page: “We’re a team of twelve humans and six dogs located in Downtown LA who are on a mission to build the world’s most creator-friendly video community. Over 25 million people use Vidme every month to upload and watch videos, and we’re just getting started.”


  1. I am using Bitchute and Bitchute seems to have quite a mixed bag and I have to really search through to find interesting stuff. Minds seems to be going well and the layout is very professional-looking. I have been waiting for nearly 2 months now, for steemit to accept me but I am wondering whether they are reluctant as I have given them my gmail account as my contact (I have a hotmail one). Can you suggest a ‘safe’ email provider? Hope this weekend goes well, and look forward to hearing about it.

    • I would re=register for Steemit. It only took me a few hours to get my registration. On a separate issue with these site; I download my videos off Youboob with one of those easily available programs found everywhere. Does anyone know if such a program exists for any of these other platforms? I’m sure there is one, but being a lazy human…..

    • Bongosodij,

      I use Protonmail, which offers free, encrypted and private email hosted from Switzerland. I’ve been using it for several months and like it a lot. It has a nice mobile app too.

      • Me too. So far so good.

  2. I saw some of the Denmark James Corbett presentation. Interesting data and viewpoint! As usual, James comes off as very “real”. His presentation was relaxed but very professional.

    I grinned at this classic line…
    “I just flew in from Japan. Boy! Are my arms tired!”
    History of the joke –
    A German rendition video (30 seconds)

    • Lol about this advertisement.
      Though I must admit I didn’t get the joke, even after reading the first article. Anyway after pausing my mind it became obvious it is about flying (like with arms as wings) and arms instead of legs. Understood now why it is a classic bad joke.

  3. I’d like to point out that any and all of these alternative sites hold the potential to become the next youtube in terms of censorship. Even if all of the site operators had the best intentions there’s no telling what kind of pressure could be exerted upon them to relinquish the control of their respective platform.

    • You beat me to the punch mkey! 🙂
      Let’s not forget that Youtube was independent at one time and then Gobbled up by Google.

      Any of these alternatives that James and others are mentioning, once successful/big enough will become attractive to the Googles/MS’s/FB’s of this planet.

      How many of the alternatives will be able to resist their ‘apples’? 🙂

      • Of course they will be swallowed up, but that just opens the market again for another platform. In time, one will emerge that can resist the powers that cower from freedom.

  4. Hakim,

    Study these links. They provide decentralized and private alternatives to probably every internet-based service you have and show you how to lock down your privacy pretty well. Both of these links were recommended by StartPage itself.

  5. I would suggest that you put the links to these video sites into the video description of the video you put up on youtube. This way people who view the video on youtube can easily get directly to the solutions you are steering them towards.

  6. Thanks for your talk in Copenhagen! Nice to have had the opportunity to shake hands with you and thank you for your giants amount of work, for the benefit of humanity.

    Re. the topic at hand: What I always upload is from TV, so copyrighted evey single time, but I have been on YouTube since 2011 (and still going strong) and then earlier this year for the first time, the danish TV stations has slowly started clamping down on clips I have uploaded due to copyright. Because of this, I have begin to upload clips as well to and, which resulted in also clamping down clips I have uploaded to these places. In this regard, has been the worst experience. They have completely shut down my channel, while and have only removed the videos that have received copyright claims (which was only from TV2 and not DR, which are two of the major TV networks in Denmark). So, based on my experience, are actually worse then YouTube or or Dailymotion. I could not do anything on, could login anymore and the last e-mail I have sent them about them removing my page and how come, the same content can still be up /online on and Dailymotion? I have not got any replies back from the support team on my last e-mail. This has been about 2 weeks ago. When I now check my page on it is back up! Which is really surprising, since it has been down since July and when I visited the page, it said no user with this username exists (and also when I tried to logon, I couldn’t. It seems they have acknowledged that they may have overreacted a bit to much or maybe, there was an error in their system.

    I have also created an account on BitChute, and have since than (March) not been able to upload anything. I try every couple months. Everything “bounces” and doesn’t get uploaded. Absolutely no e-mails back from support when asking why this is happening.

    My channels, mentioned:

  7. Hi James,
    There is a new product soon to be released called Steemir, that is a Chrome extension, that automatically posts your YouTube videos on, so you can earn money on the Steemit block chain. It also will work with BitChute so you can earn money on with those videos also.
    You can find more info on this at
    Some future features will be to also allow some of the other sites that you mentioned.

    Also, a slight correction on DTube videos, as they are not on the Steem block chain, the link to the video is; the actual video is stored on something similar to a torrent, called IPFS. IPFS is different in that it also allows for getting away from even needing domain names to identify websites, so in some ways is better than torrents, and in some ways, not as good, because it does require IPFS gateways that can’t currently run in the browser, like BitChute does.

    The website is and a demo video (yes, YouTube!), is on the website.

  8. Seems to me there is some paradox in keeping third party eavesdroppers out of a two party dialog and the fear of prosecutions of the thought police. Can’t say what that is exactly but there is an uneasy feeling stirring around. The complete lack of expertise in this area is unsettling and the shear volunm of unknowns is taxing and marginalizing to mind and psyche. Left behind, left out and vulnerable to some unrealized as yet to be determined need. In running away from this will I just be running into that which Im trying to avoid. It must be too unrealistic to just push the play button and let ..IT.. just flow over you like the warmth of the anesthesiologist before surgery. Big issues need comprehensive approach. Maybe competition will be a good thing without adding more layers of confusion that exist for the illiterates of internet technologies. I have seen the most thought provoking ideas from the least complete among us. There are other barriers that need removing besides censorship,the fewer the better. If one thing I have gained understanding from Senior James is decentralization and diversity. If only i could apply the anti-statist hierarchy in the correct use of this Android 4G (POS) USCellular ipad
    and learn how to use Bit-Chute. Push play and relax…

    • Couldn’t agree with you more.
      It’s one thing to abandon a known evil enterprise (Youtube).

      It’s another, to adopt an upstart alternative, willy-nilly, that has no track record nor long-term game plan nor fine print that doesn’t sell your soul.
      Just a wing and a prayer, a promise and a hard disk that ain’t worth the electrons that reside on it.

  9. If anyone is looking for an idea to build, how about creating a site that you post a video to and it posts your video to all the various sites that you like (maybe you check a checkbox for each site you want your video posted to).

    I guess you’d need an account on all those sites but maybe that would be a feature as well. If you selected 8 sites, you’d enter a username and it would check to see if it was available on all 8 sites (and if available, it would then create that account for you on all those sites).

    • (laughing) The link you provide for dtube.vid times out for me, so I can’t even take a peek with firefox to even put a bookmark there… If one is on a PC, it might as well be a MYTH…

  10. Ok, so… Of the sites you mentioned, “” goes to a bicycle shop and duckduckgo search gives me results of people asking, “Is it just me or is yours down, too…” smells like InQtel due to the submissions by NASA and the slick parallel with youtube as if it’s controlled opposition, and unfavorable content buffering even though my signal is 5/5, vidme is connected to Google as well, and is a smattering of singles when people need to be able to choose a channel…I can’t imagine why one would not create content for one’s own site, use other platforms to funnel to your site, and keep a lifeline with some other that you’re hoping for just in case the hammer falls… You’re doing well, and I don’t know why you would risk hiding yourself in the weeds somewhere when you’re on a roll… Bitchute played your video beautifully and seems to be reliable… By the by, I’m having fun with this tour of unfamiliar places… took me to a blank page… LOL!
    This is chaos…

    • It’s, foo! These here puterboxes is quite literal, y’know! 😎

  11. Bitchute! Although, I’ve not tried others. Bitchute is somewhat all over the place right now but it’s new and getting settled.

    I’ve not used Youtube since they drafted their Draconian policies. I think that’s been three years AND asked others not to use it as well. At that time I received some VERY not nice responses to the idea of leaving YouTube. Didn’t matter, I refused to go there for any reason. FB? Same thing. I’ll search the net to locate videos that are not posted on YouTube should I need to watch a certain piece of information. So happy to see others are catching on, FINALLY! And happy to see you, James, giving the exodus support.

  12. Mixed emotions here, if not for you tube – I would have never heard of James Corbett, Sibel Edmonds, Niels Harrit, Kevin Ryan……and many more…peace…:0

    • Oh, Michel Chossadovsky is brilliant and had the 911 liars pegged over a decade ago – I would never know this if not for you tubegoogle searches. But time has come, agreed.

    • You could probably say the same about the internet. Or electricity 😛

  13. By the way, I just found out (and confirmed it myself) that Newsbud is now also accepting credit card payments, along with paypal, for subscriptions. It is also now $9 a month, a $2 increase, but they now offer so much more that it is a steal at that price. I’m so happy! Now I can go back to watching their news as well. JimBob

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