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Propaganda is only effective if we watch it. In fact, if we let it into our consciousness, then it doesn’t matter how we react to it; they’ve already got us. Today on #SolutionsWatch, James explores the idea of eye-bouncing and how we can use it to turn our focus away from what we don’t want and towards what we do.

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James Corbett on Declare Your Independence 2022/11/10

“The News” is a Social Construct. It is Used to Program You.

Stop Watching Propaganda

Introducing #SolutionsWatch

Propaganda by Edward Bernays

The Selfish Ledger


  1. In March of 2020, the governor announce the stay home/stay safe plan. Everything he has done or said since was to keep the people of the state afraid. By mid-April of that same year, I’d had enough of his fear mongering. I began ignoring him. However, too many people didn’t. They hung on his every word, like he was preaching some kind of gospel. In a way, I suppose it was, The Gospel according to Covd; or, maybe it should be Fauci instead. There are plenty of potentially frightening things in the world; but, covid isn’t one of them.

    I remember when James announce the end of the Propaganda Watch series and the introduction of the Solutions Watch series.

  2. Not quite the same but I have been eye bouncing masked people. I’ll take a little detour to avoid them in the shops and if I have to talk to it, I won’t look it in the eyes.

  3. Is it ESP or is James reading my mind. Just recently within the last few days I decided not to immediately open my emails but instead I go sit outside and drink my coffee taking in the beauty around me. And now I’ve got up and ignored the PC completely and gone and visited friends. I found myself completely caught up in the new information of the day, so engrossed some days I spent the whole day following some story and looking back discovered I was missing out on life. So now in process of limiting my research and getting out more and doing other things and it feels good.

  4. First I stopped watching TV, then I mostly lost interest in whatever trendy thing people were talking about, what politicians were saying, etc. How does my garden grow? How are the chickens doing? Putting my time, attention, and energy into concrete things I control, including relationships with other people. The amount of mental energy I was wasting on nonsense….

  5. If I look at my own case, “remote working” spawned by covid lockdowns has, of course, enhanced the conditions for keeping people even MORE riveted on the screen and the propaganda plastered across it 24/7.

    Whereas before, I was constantly running around from one class to a company to a school, back to the office and back home again (in a frenetic whirlwind of “metro, boulot, dodo” as the French eloquently put it) via the public transportation system where it was much easier to ignore the ubiquitous screens, swept up, as I was, in last-minute class preparation, analyzing conversations with colleagues or just watching the human interaction going on all around me,

    now, holed up in my 30m2 apartment, I’m forever within eyeshot of the internet screen. Now, as mobility imperatives no longer command my attention, keeping my mind largely away from the perpetual onslaught of propaganda, I must make a very conscious and deliberate choice regarding what I choose to fill my eyes and brain with, and also force my butt out of the rut of the English teaching chair that places me squarely in front of the screen for most of my waking hours, like that Malcolm Macdowell character in A Clockwork Orange or like Winston Smith in his tiny abode no corner of which escapes the vigilant eye of Big Brother.

    I’ve become a prime candidate for mind control and nudging. And though it feels a lot like it sometimes, I know I’m not alone in this marriage of convenience to the screen. It’s a pandemic.

    Eye-bouncing would seem even more crucial to the survival of Humanity in a world that finds itself in the grip of the voluntary lockdown of remote working where people have become even more tightly and intimately tethered to their home screens, Linkedin to a public-private partnership carried out in what was once a family haven from the outside world, now a corporate video recording stage brought to you by propaganda.

  6. excellent Habit, I will internalize that from now on…??

  7. Fantastic solutions watch the episode and a very profound practice in general. Thank you for expertly articulating something I feel like many of us have been doing for years and fleshed out how there are many ways this technique can serve to better our lives in the world.

  8. I have been doing quite a bit of “ear bouncing” alongside my eye bouncing recently. What we chose to see and listen to cannot be unseen and unheard. I have been muting the Ontario Government’s MAID ads (that they keep pushing onto our streaming video services recently) and a number of other disturbing propaganda ads.

    Also, I think that many large budget films and tv shows now employ various types of subliminal entrainment technologies. This seems to be focused around the intro sequences for some programs. In those cases the ‘ear bouncing’ is something I do along side the eye bouncing.

    For more on Entrainment Technology and Subliminal Programming here is an interview with Catherine Austin Fitts and Adam Trombly. https://audio.solari.com/sr2011/solari_report-2011-08-18.mp3?fbclid=IwAR3deEErFGOBJdtO6ws8rcay7eRkafbPZNTOBdUc7MQ9Qc4CSG8J0AC4Edo
    In the interview they talk about electromagnetic forms of brainwashing tech, but I have come across some research that indicates that auditory formats have become very fine tuned as well (and used to accomplish similar objectives of rendering the listener more compliant, accepting and suggestible). I feel like some of that type of tech is used in a lot of Amazon Prime productions. For instance the intro sequence for “The Wheel of Time” feels like it uses some kind of entrainment tech to me and also that Lord Of The Rings show on amazon.

  9. With regards to the “woo woo, new agey” framing of the power and implications of habitually giving our attention and focus to something. 🙂 Here is a quote I came across recently that seems to fit into this.

    “We are already in World War 3. It is a war on consciousness and a battle for future timelines. The planet has been under continual siege in this cycle of history, whether that’s through genetic engineering, subliminal mind control, educational indoctrination, systematic poisoning, silent weapons, or trench warfare.

    Every hierarchical empire has served the overarching beast system that operates from the unseen and maneuvers us like pieces on a chess board through perpetual divide and conquer strategies. Political leaders are also used as pawns in the game. In the game of service-to-self we are all disposable and there is no true alliance.

    We shouldn’t be blind-sighted by trying to figure out the intricacies of every world event. By continuing to participate in the game of polarization, we remain in conflict with one another and distracted from the root cause of the problem. The battle is also working through us, through our own shadow.

    There is nothing to learn from history because there has been no righteous war. War can be glorified under the guise of patriotic duty or freedom fighting, but almost all revolutions of the past were purposefully engineered to create more order from chaos, whether that be civil or international conflicts. Both sides are controlled, even if they don’t know it, and it all serves the inverted beast system that thrives on bloodshed, no matter how well intentioned the subjects or the cause. This is the harsh reality about allowing our resources to be harvested to serve nefarious agendas. There are no winners.

    All world events are following a linear trajectory toward greater centralization of power. The ultimate aim is to destabilize the current system to propose the Great Reset, represented as the 4th Industrial Revolution – a transition toward more globalized systems of digital surveillance and technocratic regulation to manage people and resources ‘more efficiently’. All false flags are feeding toward this singularity.

    The social engineers want to generate as much fear and mass hysteria so that we collectively manifest their prophetic dystopian version of reality. This way we stay stuck in armageddon time loops which keeps the planet under external control.

    (continued in another comment..)

    • (..continued from comment above)

      This is why we have to become our own internal authority, so that we can withdraw from the game and reclaim our personal power through communing with source as instruments to serve divine will toward the true greater good through collective harmony, and not ego based programs that seek to prioritize the survival instinct from a place of fear or the scarcity mindset. When we serve our own needs at the expense of others we become a part of the victim-victimizer dynamic that keeps consciousness enslaved, forfeiting the evolution of the soul. Again, there are no winners in that game.

      We have reached the choice point in this cycle to determine our future. If we are continuing to invest in the media narrative, even through emotional energy, then we are granting more momentum for their version of events to materialize. When we withdraw emotional energy, we starve the shadow parasites from the sustenance they require to maintain power and generate false timelines. Without our consent, their AI infrastructure collapses and we no longer need to be governed from the outside.

      Before we take any action, we have to embody a more empowering belief. All outer circumstances are birthed from the quantum potential beneath. We can visualize the kind of future we desire and enliven it with our senses so that it becomes real in our minds eye. By embodying the vibration of that vision, reality will conspire to bring into manifestation what is a vibrational match. This is how we take charge of our destiny without getting pulled into self-destructive timelines engineered through mind control.

      Were enough of us able to harness this frequency, we would create sufficient momentum in the collective consciousness to organically dismantle the control structure, without the necessity to be the sacrificial lambs for liberation.”

      – Sami Richard

      (fyi: I share this quote to spark discussion and not to say I agree 100% with its contents)

  10. Dear James and Community,

    I really enjoy the philosophical aspects of James’ publishing, and particularly enjoy episodes which strongly feature philosophical reflection. As a variant on “eye-bouncing” I often reserve these publications to a time when I am cooking. I think I understand why this is. I want my hands and eyes to be occupied with a known task, to be doing something useful, as my ears and mind engage in the topic. Thus, at the end, my mind is nourished and after the heating of the meal is complete, so will be my body.

    In a recent publication, I declared to my readership why I don’t read mainstream news:

    “The reason that I don’t read legacy media is to preserve my sanity.”

    I conclude the article with a recommendation to the readership:

    “Preserve your mental balance. Do not read legacy media. Identify reporters or commentators who you think are interesting or reliable and read their work.”

    There is a corollary here. I am thankful to those commentators who I follow for performing this thankless task for me.

    To return to a topic which is central to the “eye-bouncing” discussion, and particularly the most excellent “solutions watch” series, learning about what is happening in the world may be interesting and perhaps useful if you’re shifting investments or equivalent, but it is not really useful. For useful, one needs to act. Perhaps that is why I was preparing my dinner as I listened to the episode.

    I was doing. I was being useful.

    Oh: great graphic 🙂

  11. Even my anti-establishment friends have a hard time with the point at the end that I attempt to explain a little differently:

    The loss of the establishment’s ability to provide an exact narrative for the population broadly to follow has merely resulted in a shift in their tactics. They still nearly completely control the topics of discussion as the innovation in media technologies has resulted in more insight and channels for them to communicate.

  12. I can now tell propaganda. Eye rolling seems to happen. I’ll have to give eye bouncing a try. Many thanks James.

  13. So turn away from your sins. Turn to God. Then your sins will be wiped away. The time will come when the Lord will make everything new. Acts 3:19

    Inexplicable Japanese Monuments | The Stone Ship of Masuda & Ishi no Hoden (2:22)


  14. I really enjoyed this one. As 2-D Chess mentioned, I also enjoy the philosophical discussions and solutions watch series. I think this practice is very useful. I definitely try to avoid any MSM blather, but occasionally am accosted by it at work with the TV in the locker room that someone left on.

    One sad thing I have noticed is that young people really seem sucked into the screen, some are almost glued to it. Their phone is always in their hand and it’s like a constant companion. It’s very bizarre.

    I think the practice of directing ones consciousness is very important because I think media does affect behavior. I look forward to the follow up to this podcast to elaborate on this discussion.

  15. “Eye bouncing” cool name.

    Considering the majority of values, ideas, vernacular, opinions, etc. for most people under 50 has been learned from various media resources…TV, Movies, etc. this is a good tool to help get away from the conditioning.


  16. As to solutions, I would offer people work on things they can have some real affect on realistically not just keyboard commando talk, memes, and Rambo fantasy.

    Be local activists, look at your own life as being an agent of change that will help carry water. Attend any meetings making decisions on your lives, fluoride, cell towers, vaccinations, anything on land and water use, PTA, School Boards, City and County council meetings, and especially anything under the “sustainability” flag on Agenda 21 and 2030.

    Make your presence felt through articulate, truthful dialog. No need for isolating one’s self with over-emotional shouting behavior.

    Make and effort to join with others in small groups and work on ideas for your particular environment and conditions…urban, suburban, rural, etc.

    We need to be like the white blood cells of our bodies. They go and fight infection at the site to the benefit of the whole body.

  17. Just sending a test message .

  18. I agree and disagree.

    I agree because personally I have learnt enough to know there are profound changes happening, as James says, changes that will greatly affect the future of mankind. I have tried and am still trying to turn my focus to my actual physical reality in front of me and to the spiritual world within me, I try to find a balance between the two. I do strongly agree about ignoring the woman in the red dress.

    I disagree because I am surrounded by those that are just going with the flow and are doing what they are told without contributing any critical thought. Because of this I have to stay somewhat on top of the changes in order to be able to warn and share with people what is going on and the path it leads us down. I do feel as Catherine Austin Fitts said, I am not sure exactly when, that time is getting short.


    (1min12sec video)

    • Thanks for the brief video. I do think people should know where “they” are trying to steer us. I do think boycott and divestment would be effective strategies to try to stop it. I think she mentioned that people are building their own prison and I think this is accurate. The system they are trying to implement seems cumbersome though, requiring too much top down management. However, I am not well versed in economics and finance, so I’m basing my opinion on intuition. It also seems like a very intrusive system. Are people going to be okay with this? Once someone has their assets frozen or has their bank balance disappear what will they do? What if the system goes down? The idea of physical assets and currency is a better system. If people switched to that, or some type of local currency like she was talking about could oppose the other system. So how to we build the other system? Who do we boycott and who do we support?

      I wonder how people in China feel about their system and how much opposition truly exists there. I have heard they are protesting in Shenghai against more lockdowns and Covid measures. I think the system in China is where the PTSNB want to take us.

      Getting people across the world to see where this is going is important I think and showing people that a different system that involves liberty can be done.

      • “Are people going to be okay with this?”

        Generally, I think yes. Just the past three years point that out. And if seeing the bigger picture that James has been pointing out, we that see, have not succeeded. As my grandfather-in-law said, when I pointed out the lie of the “vaccine”, “there were many like you when the polio vaccine was distributed”. Where are those folk now? They lost, just as I feel we all, will be lost in history. It is terrible and depressing but looking at history and the bigger picture we stand a very small chance. Thus, my Sister will say, she whom follows all she is told, to live life to your fullest, yet ignores all that we share because it is “oh too much”, just as the thousands around us, and if we now choose to ignore to what do we achieve? It puts a lot on hope and faith. I am not sure of the solution.

        • I think some will be okay with any type of survival and scraping by, but for people who have experienced something better, I don’t think will be sustainable. I don’t even know how the system they are trying to build will work. I have a stretch of days off coming up and will watch the CBDC and Blackrock series here.

          I do think there are people who could use their wealth to withdraw from Blackrock once they know what the plan is. I suspect there are people who have much more than I have who know where this is headed and if there was a viable way to divert ones activities and funds in a different direction would do so.

          Humans can be unpredictable which is why there is such an effort to control the media. I just don’t think the future is that predictable or doomed as they want us to think it is.

          People want to return to “normalcy” where they can live their lives easily, have enough food and be unencumbered. The way to do this is to divert from the slavery grid. People just have to realize this and put energy into it. I also think that there are enough people who care about the future generation and the survival of humanity to counter the would be controllers.

          I remember the episode JC about simple sabotage and I think people who have a bit more sway that we might may opt for that. Even if it’s not conscious, the unconscious desire for vitality and nature and liberty among healthy individuals is strong. It’s something we were born with, like the natural “programming” many people have, IMO. I don’t even think that a majority is necessary to poke holes in this plan.

  19. Just reading your posts has improved my morale, you all. I think of the Normies who diligently practice Eye and Ear Bouncing when presented with any of my information from The Corbett Report, etc. I copy the Normies for once! So many there are now who never listen or read opinions of others, but have instant labels of dismissal (my own: Normies). Realities splitting . . . evolution undermining reality, is that Reality Live? I still appreciate those who think like me, just like all good chimps, I guess. I mentally hand it over to God or “God” as you prefer, because for human minds, there’s only so much comprehension you can tolerate, then the need for commitment to some action devalues comprehension. Understanding and action are not incompatible, it’s good to see, though.

    • Be very careful of comparing your assumed level of being “awake” to others friend. Living one’s life on a longer leash isn’t freedom. Embracing cognitive bias of one sort or another can only lead to the same sort of social contagion seen nation wide, just with different perspectives, heroes, facts, etc.

      Two years ago the “joke” going around was the Amish didn’t get “covid” because they had no TV or computers. Alas the underlying truth of course is from the metaphysical understanding of one’s thoughts create one’s reality or energy flows were thoughts go.

      This would be a good start…
      GET OFF THE PHONE (song)

  20. I’ve been quietly doing this eye bouncing for a while now. Nice to see it given a formal term. Any time an advertisement, especially a political one, appears on the screen I hit the mute button and look away. Ditto for the MSM. My wife thinks its silly, but I have found it makes me a calmer person. Won’t I miss some important new product or development? I’ve found that the news of such things always filters down to you eventually, so there is no need to sit on the edge of your seat and be manipulated by people who don’t have your best interests at heart.

  21. Being an ex trucker, rubbernecking still drives me crazy. And is usually the reason for traffic snarls. I trained myself long ago to never look at accidents beyond making sure that I can’t help.

    I like the way the Bible boils it down.

    Philippians 4:8
    “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”

    • I sure need this reminder. I think of this verse every so often. It’s a challenge – nearly impossible – in such a messed-up world. Maybe the point is that we should focus on, or intentionally guide our minds to dwell on, these things. The reality of the world has to be dealt with, but we don’t have to wallow in it. Deal with it, and then go back to thinking about “these things.” Thanks, Steve.

  22. It’s easy to turn your head or close your eyes, but you can’t close your ears. Propaganda and mind manipulation is not only in newspapers, on TV or in your social media feeds it’s also in the radio and people discussing it at work or where ever you are. I truly try to omit any propaganda and mind manipulation where I can, but in the end it’s impossible unless you’re a hermit in the woods.
    For over two years now we have no TV and it does us sooo good. I feel healthier, clearer in my head and most of all relieved. No fear, no panic, no big worries. When I speak to friends and/or family who do consume the trash it seems we live in different worlds. They take sides politically, trust the “scientists”, the news in general. I keep quiet as it is not easy to tell them they have been manipulated. Sometimes it feels like I’m surrounded by “zombies”. For them I’m a conspiracy freak. Oh well.

    • “For over two years now we have no TV and it does us sooo good.”

      I have been TV-free for over 20 years now.

      I eye-bounce movies too. I might have seen one or two ‘Hollywood’ movies in the past 20 years.

      I take it even a step further… I can’t even listen to/watch someone like say Trudeau (or Freeland) for more than a minute or so. That’s all I can stomach, no matter what he/she’s talking about.
      There are certain figures like them (I’m sure you know a few yourselves) that lead to instant internal revulsion.

      If only the eye-bouncing ‘disease’ could infect the billions of people marching around outside, eyes glued to their ‘smart’ phones.:(

      Once you become unaddicted to frivolous time-suckers you free up more time to spend on meaningful activities, like girl-ogling. 🙂

  23. The subject of “Attention”

    I think that a person could write books about “Attention”. There is a lot to be said about it, and about how we can utilize attention to better conditions.

    I liked hearing about this “Eye Bouncing” idea. In a way, I view it kind of like a mental exercise. Just like a person physically exercises or trains oneself to be more skilled and in control with the body, so too does this hold true for developing better mental control of one’s attention.

    Daddy James Corbett utilized “attention” with his kids

    “Energy flows where attention goes.” points out Alchemist.
    …with a follow-up of…
    Mental Therapy – Going for a Walk or Shooting roadsigns with your finger

    Urban Farmer Curtis Stone talks about directing attention

    “Directing attention and interest” are components of Marketing.

    Did I direct your attention to Directing Attention?
    …with more follow-thru in the comment below…
    …Have you ever been driving down the road lost in thought?…
    …So, I contend that a person’s ability to volitionally control his own attention is somewhat lacking.
    It is an odd human trait….

    I’m sure other folks could add many profound aspects or “tricks” or exercises surrounding the topic of “attention”. It is a broad subject with so many branches.

    Probably, I first started to examine the topic of “attention” back in the 1970’s during my pot smoking days. …uh…I forgot what I was talking about.

  24. In the past, Eye Bouncing has been taught to me in the following manner:

    “You may not be able to keep a bird from landing on your head, but you sure can keep it from building a nest.”

  25. The first thing that came to mind was a phrase I repeat often, “You can’t UN-see something, so be careful what you look at.”

    The next thing that came to mind, was my own life-changing eye-bounce (read re-focus) as a result of #Solutions Watch.
    Last year James did the Solutions Watch Year in Review, where he shared my story in regard to episode #15 Choosing Chickens with Jack Spirko. (-58:00 time stamp if you’d like to hear it).


    I have a successful follow-up story I’d like to share with the community…

    I am now a Permaculture Design graduate! The course was phenomenal. I can’t even begin to articulate how much information I took in. But naturally this leaves me thirsty for more knowledge. I tell everyone that now I’m a “Permie” for life, keeping those principles alive through my daily actions.
    Additionally, through a member of the class, I was hired for a new job! Since April I have been gainfully employed as a gardener in a local cooperative, where I can practice permaculture design and maintenance, one garden at a time.
    Perhaps a bit of serendipity worth telling; the subject of our last lesson was “using permaculture skills for income” Our teacher based her lesson from none other than Jack Spirko’s Survival Podcast about permaculture business. https://www.thesurvivalpodcast.com/earn-a-living-permaculture
    I had to smile as I witnessed the full circle completed. How magical is that? Amazing really!
    Perhaps most importantly, I am part of a new community. We continue to gather, learn, work, and share together. Although we are a very diverse group (not always agreeing on everything) we share foundational ethics and principles that keep us united.

    A warm and sincere “Thank You” to James and Jack who inspired me to take this transformational fork in the road. I encourage anyone to invest in themselves (however that looks in your own life), and together we will continue to build the Agora.

    PS I almost forgot, I chose my chickens! We have a beautiful little backyard flock of laying hens. The breeds are Black Astrolorp, Americuna, Colombian Wyandotte, and a Speckeld Sussex. We love them and their eggs!


    • Oh! What a great ‘solution success story’!
      I am so glad that you shared this!

    • @Torus

      That is beautiful! 🙂 Congrats!!

      I am curious if the course you took touched on incorporating mushroom cultivation into designs? The course I took just briefly went over the basics but I feel like there is a lot of untapped potential for stacking functions by combining mycology with permaculture design mentality.

      Perhaps we can team up and do a collaborative design sometime 🙂

      • Gavinm
        Thanks! I guess I just wanted to highlight that we, as individuals, can choose the path we want to take in our life. Solutions are ours to embrace. The power to choose is one of humanity’s gifts. Though it will take conscious effort and action to preserve that freedom.

        In my permaculture course we had a couple lessons about mushrooms. A local member from the mycological society presented to us, who is also a PCD graduate. Each of the four design teams incorporated mushroom beds into their designs. We also inoculated an aspen log by drilling small holes, packing them with spent mushroom substrate, then covering with wax. This eventually yielded fruits!

        For clients, we obtain free spent mushroom blocks from local growers then break them up and sprinkle in the yard/gardens mainly to help enrich the soil. It will be interesting to see if any fruits pop up next season.

        Another way to activate spent substrate is to mix it with used coffee grounds and bury it in wood mulch in your yard. Using the spent blocks, rather than buying spawn, is three fold: it’s usually free (or $1-2 per block), they often have at least one more fruiting, and it keeps them out of the waste stream. Though for a fungi like cordyceps it’s probably better to grow them in sterile jars.

        Because we want to keep the mycelium in tact within the soil, “no-till” method of gardening is essential for mushrooms to appear and thrive for those that want to have them around. It’s essential in a healthy permaculture ecosystem.

        As far as collaborating on a design, I am always open to be part of team. However, I’m in Colorado and if I recall correctly you’re in Québec? Might be tricky. But hey, perhaps our paths will join in the future.

        • @Torus

          I admire and respect your driving motivation and ethos for choosing the path you are now walking. Indeed, we as humans are capable of becoming stewards, protectors and catalysts for regeneration, healing and transformation. It all begins with a choice inwardly to discover our unique gifts and then put them to use in service of our fellow beings (humans and non-humans) and in service of what ever name one has for the Creator of all things.

          That is so great to hear the course you took did hands on and practical applications for blending mycology with permaculture design. I love how you were shown how to transform what might have been described as “waste” into a valuable resource for growing nutrient-dense food. Not only is it good for Mother Earth, it really helps for people to embrace and make use of that knowledge in a time when so many economic warfare tactics are being used on everyday people to make them dependent on hyper-centralized systems.

          The PDC courses I took out west barely touched on mushroom cultivation, but the advanced permaculture design course I took with Matt Powers had a number of mycologists and mycologically focused entrepreneurs as teachers and guest speakers (including Peter McCoy and Tradd Cotter) which offered some really awesome and empowering ideas for incorporating the world of fungi into our designs.

          I have grown oyster mushrooms in mason jars with coffee grounds before and done “lasagna mulching” set ups where the mushrooms grow along side veggies. I love how aggressive the mycelium is with oyster mushrooms, it can digest so many different types of food sources (cardboard, wood chips, coffee grounds and so much more). I like to add a thick layer of wood chip mulch to our oyster beds each year to keep them happy and fed and I have also noticed they really appreciate the nutrients present in the chaff I separate from our Amaranth flower heads. If I mix our Amaranth chaff in with the coffee grounds in jars I get a significantly bigger harvest of fruit bodies, so there must be some valuable minerals/nutrients in there that the mycelium is taking in.

          We also grow shiitake, lion’s mane and reishi on logs in our garden (focusing on shiitake as it is one of our main homegrown protein sources).

          Bioluminescent fungi are next on my list to work into some designs. I have some Panellus stipticus spawn which I am going to inoculate into some logs that will be partially buried along a garden edge along a pathway. The intent is that they will provide at the very least, enough light so that when it is a pitch black night the path will be clearly discernable (but perhaps some ambient light too). Who needs solar powered garden lights that break every year when you can cultivate living lighting systems that are self regenerating and also give back to the soil! 😉

          I have yet to cultivate cordyceps but have a few friends that do the jar method. Have you read Radical Mycology?

        • @Torus

          We are in Ontario, so ya could be challenging doing a design collaboration (as I do like to be able to touch and smell the soil, and really get a feel for a site in person for doing a design) but maybe there is some way we could do a long distance deal too. Perhaps to help someone from the Corbett Report Community (that is looking make choices to embrace solutions and create a decentralized regenerative food production system)?

          In any case, if you ever have any projects you are working on that you want to raise awareness about feel free to reach out and I will send the word out through my respective networks.

          May your designs yield not only prosperity for you and an abundance of food and medicine for your customers, but may they also yield food for the soul for all involved.

  26. I accept your challenge to apply (and expand the application of) this concept into my conscious daily habits for a few weeks. I think I have a lot of room for improvement in the realm of eye bouncing. I think I shall begin with forms of ‘entertainment’ (or should I say ‘entrainment’) that contain gratuitous violence and/or objectification of females. That should narrow the modern movies and tv shows I can watch down about 99.999% 🙂 But that’s okay, most of it doesn’t involve original story telling anymore and while I may tell myself I am watching something to analyze the newest forms of propaganda and psychological warfare tactics they are unleashing on the public (and that may even be true most of the time) these are still images, sounds and ideas I am feeding my mind that constitute garbage and toxins. They cannot be unseen and thus, any potential benefit of gathering intel is likely outweighed by the potential subconscious cumulative damage being done.

    Thanks again for the excellent episode James, I look forward to hearing you elucidate on this further in the future.

  27. The Silva Mind Control Method (1978) seems a fitting resource for this #SolutionsWatch episode. Taking control of ones own mind lends itself to greater resistance to eye-bouncing worthy content.

    In this book are presented simple techniques that can impact our world view as well as our effectiveness in influencing change in it.

    From the introduction:

    “You are now setting out on one of the most transforming adventures of your life. Each result you achieve will change your view of yourself and of the world you were born into. With your new powers will come a responsibility to use them ‘for the betterment of mankind’ a Mind Control phrase. You cannot use them otherwise,as you are about to learn.”


  28. I was making dinner whilst listening to this, so had my back turned when The Selfish Ledger clip was playing. What stood out was the creepy, childlike music box track that was on a very short loop. It was so distracting that I scarcely heard a word that was being said. So I guess that was a good thing. Next: Ear Bouncing?

  29. More or less with the beginning of Solutions Watch series I started by taking to the basement the 2 tv/screens in the house. No more movies and the only music I listen now is old traditional instrumental music from cultures around the world.

    I limited the use of my phone for browsing the web for when I go to the toilet and when I sit in the sofa after dinner half an hour max. I don’t read the news, occasionally some wikipedia but I tend to focus in the universal things that are away from the urgency of the present. I find it more and more interesting to read dead people than the ones living now.

    Also I’m consuming almost only audio material, like the corbettreport and 2 or 3 others only while I do some productive task at the side that I can combine with like running or biking, cooking, housekeeping or commuting.

    I’m so glad for this big change in my life. I feel better and I read more books now, have more time for the family, for hobbies and for social life.

    I discovered new tastes like the shakuhachi (Japanese flute) and I’m getting things done that I was procrastinating for years like starting to read about history of India and Hinduism. I’m also reading Max Weber and I’m planning to start with the classics of anarchism. I’m now at least at the point I can imagine as plausible to even maybe try to read Kant.

    I should have started a gratitude diary and/or sending letters to people I’m thankful for but at least I’m thinking often about it and I feel like it’s my own way of meditation and it make me feel more calm and at the same time it energise me.

    Thanks James for sharing good ideas!
    You bring positive change into my life and in turn into my family.

    P.D.: now that I realise, this could count as my first gratitude letter!

  30. I find it great and thank you dear James that you have worked up this topic in “Solution Watch” so comprehensively! Although, people should already be familiar with this solution from ancient times. I’m thinking of the story of Odysseus and the Sirens, which I’m sure you also know. I wish you all the best ???

  31. That’s so interesting! I often wonder whether my thoughts are really mine and about the influence on my dreams of what I’ve seen or listened to during the day…
    I stopped watching telly as a kid in the 80s as I couldn’t bear the images of the Ethiopian famine in the news while we were having lunch. As a result I have not been desensitized and cannot bear violent images or extremely sad ones, especially if it involves children. We do watch films every now and then but sometimes I may have to leave the room and come back… I never cease to be amazed if I’m visiting an old relative and has the telly on. I find the ads specially disturbing, I really don’t understand how people can put up with them… I guess a computer or a smartphone is not different, only that you access the info and images you’re looking for rather than being a mere receiver. But caution must always be exercised. I agree with a previous comment. Attention is everything!
    I’ve also wondered sometimes if the fact that I haven’t watched telly or consumed MSM was what made me immune to the COVID madness that captured most people in my close environment.

    • capsicum
      “…I often wonder whether my thoughts are really mine and about the influence on my dreams of what I’ve seen or listened to during the day…..”

      Blackpilled’s old work where he did movie breakdowns (reviews?) really opened my eyes on how media shaped peoples brains. He is himself a master propagandist, but hismovie reviews were right on the bell.

      THIS 24 min vid goes into how we have all had our minds sickened already by what we’ve already seen

      The 2nd one was when he had to respond to people who were telling him that ‘they liked that music…’

  32. This is one of the most important episodes of the Corbett Report. People need to rewatch it, again and again, to let this psychological concept (Edward Bernays’) sink in. And I am not exaggerating here. This is exactly how it works.

    This episode also resonates strongly with me because I have been prapracticing “Eye-Bouncing” for more than six years. I 2016 I intuitively felt that TV and Newspapers have a bad influence on my mind. I did not know anything about Bernays at the time nor did I even use the word “Mainstream Media”. I just felt it was the right thing to do to protect my mind. And it paid of big time even though they try heaven on earth to catch your eyes at any moment.

    Stay vigilant!

    PS: This was a conscious and hopefully intelligent comment 😉

    • reimer.2

      “…I 2016 I intuitively felt that TV and Newspapers have a bad influence on my mind. I did not know anything about Bernays at the time nor did I even use the word “Mainstream Media”. I just felt it was the right thing to do to protect my mind…”

      You are a wise man to have seen that.

  33. Poor old James Evan Pilato… No eye-bouncing for him! ?

  34. I like and agree with the original source of the eye-bouncing term – avoiding looking at immodestly-dressed people. If enough people eye-bounced them, not giving them the attention they seek, maybe they would get self-conscious or feel awkward and decide to dress like they should dress in public.

    Someone I knew once told me she wore a revealing outfit while going out to dinner with her husband. She was infuriated that another man noticed her and looked at her. I wanted to tell her that if she didn’t want other men looking at her, she shouldn’t wear revealing clothes in public. But I didn’t dare. Maybe I would have (or find) the courage now.

    I use eye-bouncing in a different way too. When I run across inappropriate/degrading language, I eye-bounce to the bottom of that article, comment, etc. I find it insulting when someone thinks I am white trash, and I choose not to continue to read what they have to say. I also “finger-bounce” if it is audio, and turn it off. 🙂

    I think the application to the bombardment we are under of propaganda is also a good use of “bouncing.” We have to do it to some extent. None of us can read, take in, or process all the information coming into our e-mails or other sources of information. I think I’m getting better at sifting and “bouncing.”

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