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by | Mar 9, 2022 | Solutions Watch | 26 comments

As you know by now, #SolutionsWatch doesn’t just highlight the Big Ideas for changing the world; it also showcases the little ideas that can improve your life. As little ideas go, this week’s idea (online highlighting) probably seems like the littlest one of all, but actually it’s revolutionized my online research. Find out more in this week’s edition of #SolutionsWatch.

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ESG Scoring Drives Companies Into Sustainable Development, Aka Technocracy


  1. Very Good point James. Since the beginning of the “grand roller coaster” around 2018 i started to engage in the Information War and by now i must have thousands of bookmarks in my browser. Information that was trivial in 2018 sometimes became key later on. What i tho a good system back then turned out not so good a few years down the road, being swamp by wall of somehow tedious when researching in a hurry. I always tho Would be up and running forever. Just in case! Saving pages has HTML makes much more sens nowadays.

    TY for the Insight into your workflow.

    Please Keep poking at the Hidden history of the Britt spies Masters and would be Lord of the world. The true saboteurs of the 5eye.

  2. The show notes do not include the weforum page you showed with ESG.

  3. Thats pretty cool…. I’d forgotten you could do that on browsers. 🙂

    The reason most people retain info from paper better then an online document is because humans like to locate objects in “space” and when you read a page the sentence you just read exists in a physical place you could put your finger on as if you put it on a table or pinned it to your crazy person conspiracy wall

    Online documents are more like laying things on a conveyor belt while you stay still so you need to remember sequence rather then location… I think I read that you can only really recall about 8 things in sequence in short term memory without memory tricks like twining n such… DOODLING as you listen to a lecture is helpful since it links the words you hear to a place on the page

    I used to do paper notes but have found its better to use Note cards because you have to write the Quote and the Thought in a fixed area and its easier flipping cards then thru an A4 pad if your a disorganized person. how smart people do cards how lazy people do it… you can ‘hyperlink’ to other cards in your vault and do Word searches and all kinds of cool stuff including having (8 min or so in vid) your notes show up as floating links (like a virtual conspiracy wall) so you can see links

  4. I appreciate Corbett’s three part lesson – Highlighting, ESG, and “being thorough by not relying upon the first paragraphs or headlines of the story.”

    I can attest to the value of highlighting.
    I was handicapped to a Kindergarten level when I went to college very late in life circa 2005-2008. Most all of my classmates were familiar with many of the subjects, while I was in the dark. Many classmates were Pre-Med students striving to be Doctors.

    I had to learn Biology, Chemistry, Math, Hydrology, Soil Science and a host of other topics under the Environmental Science umbrella. I was starting from scratch.
    I used several colored highlighters in order to prioritize and I also would pencil in notes. It really did help with the digestion of the concepts. This proved out in the end as I graduated at the topmost ranks of my class.

  5. Hi James !

    I do it in a more old fashion way, I write the the important stuff with a pen on paper. Write it into my head. Got the habit from my study days, and it works.
    If it is really important, I try to rime it.
    Like : acid in water is good, water in acid is bad. It sticks.



    • Roy I agree… the physical act of writing makes you retain info better, not only because you have to choose which parts to write. Thats why they dont teach it in most schools anymore.

      Bill Gates sent his spawn to a computer free school where they actually learnt skills,like math, but he gave other peoples children cheap school computers and funds foundations saying that Math is racist

      Funny thing is in the REAL old days people had to store all their stuff in their minds with special memory aids. Francis Yates book on it linked below

  6. Very inspiring. I’ve often wondered how you work, and this answered a lot of my questions. It was helpful to see how you organise stuff on your screen with the RSS and the highlighted articles neatly saved into folders. Many thanks.

  7. Descriptions of Links in Comments – Highlighter Effect

    James Corbett pretty much rules the Comment Section like a benign Republic built on Voluntaryist/Anarchist principles with very few ground rules. In a video he once told us that the Comment Section is what we make it to be. Corbett Members can exemplify the type of content which they want to see. We shape our online community.

    I’m a big advocate for having an adequate description of a link in the comment section. The more thorough the description, the better. This helps Corbett Report Members (and non-Members) decide if they want to click the link. Yes, non-CorbettReport Members, including well known people, visit the comment section.
    The description (or excerpts from the article) also adds to the historical record in the comment section. I have found dead links and expunged videos as a result of adequate information in the comment. When a video is described, it adds value to the post and helps other determine if they want to view it.
    Keywords and Names in the comment can definitely come up with searches by anyone anywhere.

    For me personally with posting comments, I have discovered The Highlighter Effect.
    I pay much more attention to the content of the link which I am posting.
    Often, I catch things which I might had missed otherwise. Here is one recent example, but there are others…
    I also sometimes will post only the excerpts which I feel are relevant or have importance. I often retain the substance of the post.
    In short, there can be many personal benefits to posting an adequate description of a link in a comment, much like “The Highlighter Effect”.

  8. Try Obsidian Notes for your online stuff… works on just about anything and cards are readable on any text editor

    “..Then, when the point becomes pertinent to an online discussion, I’ve got a system for retracing my steps back to the precise citation and quote…”

    If you type your quotes in you can word search your vault which is good if you half recall something or wonder if you heard some key word before

  9. Thanks so much, James. Installed one on my browser and have already put it to work. Great addition indeed! Thanks again!

  10. Wow!! When you snapped your fingers and appeared at your desk top!!! Can you snap your fingers once more and just fix the world?? It would be awesome!!!

    Just kidding!!

    It’s a great idea. When you read with purpose of retention it is very helpful to make notes, highlight materials etc. It engages the brain to help place these highlights into the memory bank.

    Not sure about the rest of you but I have found myself reading material and thinking about what’s for dinner at the same time, no retention at all. Go in with purpose and it makes a difference.

    Sharing thoughts and sharing techniques makes us all better.

    In Lak’ech

  11. Corbett discusses ESG and Blackrock in this #SolutionsWatch.

    Like Corbett points out, the oil and gas industry has been hampered in getting ‘loans’ (credit lines) with all the hype about ESG and Climate Change. Often they have to go to alternative loan sources and pay a premium. Blackrock in essence sets the rules on ESG for companies.
    Plus, the oil industry got burned hard in the Spring of 2020 when oil prices went negative. Below worthless. For real. Of course this was during Covid-19 and nothing makes rational sense.

    Here’s a comic strip…
    BOSTON, Feb 17 (Reuters) – At the risk of being dropped from Texas pension funds, BlackRock Inc (BLK.N) has ramped up its message that the world’s largest asset manager is a friend of the oil and gas industries.
    As a large and long-term investor in fossil fuel companies, “we want to see these companies succeed and prosper,” BlackRock executives wrote in a letter…

    “We will continue to invest in and support fossil fuel companies, including Texas fossil fuel companies,” states the memo, signed by Dalia Blass, BlackRock’s head of external affairs, and Mark McCombe, BlackRock’s chief client officer.

    Although the message is consistent with its other statements, the emphasis is new after years in which BlackRock has stressed its efforts to take climate change and other environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into account in its investment and proxy voting decisions. read more-LINK….

    The mentioned link is right above The science behind ‘Soylent Green’ and how you too can make crackers from corpses.

    • Bloomberg – Wed March 16, 2022
      Texas Asks 19 Finance Firms for Details on Fossil-Fuel Stances

      (Bloomberg) — Texas is seeking information from BlackRock Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co., Invesco Ltd. and 16 other firms on whether they discriminate against the fossil-fuel industry.

      The state’s comptroller wrote to 19 domestic and foreign banks and asset managers seeking clarification of their fossil-fuel investment policies and procedures. Any company that fails to respond within 60 days after receiving the letter “will be presumed to be boycotting energy companies,” according to a statement released on Wednesday.

      The inquiries come six months after a new Texas law went into effect banning state agencies from investing in finance firms that have “boycotted energy companies” or adhere to policies aimed at pivoting away from oil and natural gas in favor of more climate-friendly initiatives. Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar and his office have been in charge of creating a list of firms that will be subject to divestment…

      West Virginia Treasurer Riley Moore has also taken aim at BlackRock, saying doing business with them is against the interests of the state economy, which is heavily reliant on coal…

      …The Texas comptroller’s office said another round of letters will be mailed to more than 100 other investment houses that appear to have at least one fund boycotting fossil fuels. The divestment list will be completed by Sept. 1.

      Other states are following in Texas’s footsteps and drafting similar bills to punish companies they deem as anti-fossil fuel amid a global shift toward a greener future. Legislatures in Louisiana, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Kansas and South Carolina are among those that have introduced similar measures.

  12. Thanks for this James.

    I wanted to add that saving a page in your browser can not necessarily be opened again. This has been my experience anyways. It might have to do with the fact that many webpages have become so complicated, glitzy and media heavy that it cannot load up again. Anyways, to get around this I use a screenshot AS WELL as saving the web page. You can get add-ons or extensions or apps which allow you various options for screenshots, like one that scrolls through the whole webpage, not only the part visible on your screen.


    • Louis

      “…I use a screenshot AS WELL as saving the web page…”

      I found that if press ‘Ctrl’ and ‘P’ at the same time on most browsers you get the PRINT menu and you can ‘print’ the web page to .PDF (sometimes it says ‘save to file’ instead)

      You Should be able to Highlight directly onto the .pdf document with most readers.

      • Thanks a lot for that tip Duck.

  13. Thanks James!

    Too bad ‘Highlighter and Notes’ doesn’t work with a .pdf file.

    • Fawlty Towers

      “…Too bad ‘Highlighter and Notes’ doesn’t work with a .pdf file…”

      You CAN highlight .pdf files in some readers… I know because I have done it on a couple by accident. What pdf reader do you use?

      I bet if you do a search you’ll find you can highlight- if not get a better reader 🙂

      • Yes thanks for reminding me.
        I do have Adobe Acrobat Reader that I just tried and it works. 🙂
        My default was just my Firefox browser.

          • Yeah thanks.
            I used to use Foxit for quite a while.
            I also had the exact same revulsion for Adobe Reader as the epic rant guy you posted.

            I was boxed into a corner by our beloved Canadian Govt. about a year or so ago when I was forced to install Adobe Reader in order to complete one of their forms for an application. 🙁
            Don’t you love govt. coercion in its many iterations?

  14. ESG sounds a lot something Mark Carnage was talking a couple of years ago.

  15. Thank you James. T.Y. I just loaded the Firefox Add-On ‘Highlighter and Notes’. Then chose an article and highlighted it; got into my Linux Word Processor ‘Libre Office’, pressed Save As and the article downloaded into Download. I saved 75% of my time doing this. I used to open the Libre Office Page, would name it by cutting and pasting the article title. Then proceed with cutting and pasting the web-address, the content (copy feature), the pics (as copy image feature) and often the frames would freeze with all this movement. I would love if you could share your other Firefox add-ons. I switched to Linux a long time ago, after you interviewed a Linux Enthusiast who was helping others switch to Linux. Ever since, I’ve had no malware, viruses etc and no need for anti-malware purchases. I know Linux is now also compromised regarding privacy but I would like to encript my private email as Telus (private company) is now using the Google Server (since last summer), which is like using any G-Mail Account, even though I have an additional Confidential Feature. Also, the only competitor is Shaw, which is smaller and may have already been compromised so I also need to look for an alternative Email/Web-Browser Service. I am doing my home-work but you have great tips. Thanx again.

  16. This is such a great idea! I dont like to read online because I do like reading with a pen… so I have tried to download a few different highlighters, but I must be missing some step. I cant get text to highlight once selected… I use Brave. What am I missing? Hoping someone else has had this problem, too, and know what I need to do.

  17. I Just found this video on Okular, and how to add TEXT BOX notes to your .pdf file (Ctrl + P to print the webpage to pdf file)
    If you hit F6 it lets you add a Text Box of highlight or draw circles and other stuff

    I also found that if you copy the text of the page into and Obsidian note you can do a word search offline, even of several pages if your keeping them in the same Vault

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