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We all know the problem by now: the World Health Organization is trying to override your health freedoms and abrogate your bodily autonomy in the name of their scamdemic agenda. But what is the solution? Join James for this in-depth exploration of the ideas, organizations and actions that are already in motion to derail the WHO tyranny and regain our medical sovereignty.

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Episode 417 – The Global Pandemic Treaty: What You Need to Know

Episode 442 – The Global Pandemic Treaty Is A Threat To Us All

Episode 445 – James Corbett Testifies at the National Citizens Inquiry

Canadian petitions to parliament

UK petition

US petition

The Global WHO Uprising Has Begun! on CHD TV

Amending The International Health Regulations (2005) – Health.Govt.NZ

Netherlands Letter To Parliament

South Africa Bill To Withdraw From WHO

Press conference on the growing concerns over the WHO ‘pandemic treaty’

Presentation to Irish parliament

UK Reject and Exit the WHO!

Good News: The UK’s membership of the WHO seems to be unlawful and legal action is pending

Nullification – #SolutionsWatch

Maharrey on The Corbett Report

Michael Maharrey on “Shot Callers” discussing nullifying the WHO agreements

This week, please PAY FORWARD your gratitude for this work by sending info on the WHO takeover to someone in your life and by supporting the group or the individual that put that info together.


    • I attempted to write my own piece expanding on and highlighting the institutionalized manifestations of “pseudocaring” in our modern world in this post:

      In the post above I also talk a bit about how it is being weaponized (as well as how we can expose it and dissolve these corrupt institutions) through embodying the genuine care (courage and integrity) in our day to day lives, relationships and communities.

        • @Jo-Ann

          Thanks very much for the thoughtful comment and link.

          “to live poetically, listening to the world around us and cooperating with it. The aim of this life is to manifest care which allows the world around us to grow and be fruitful.”

          Beautiful! This aligns with something I was discussing with a subscriber to my newsletter on substack who commented on my poll that asks “Why have we settled for a World/Earth that grows uglier and more degraded/less biodiverse with each passing year?” by saying:

          “We are not taught to appreciate and create beauty enough.”

          What Paul Cudenec is discussing in his post also makes me think of a book I am currently reading called “The Unlikely Peace At Cuchumaquic” by Martín Prechtel
          in which the author elucidates on what one might describe as the antithesis of living poetically and listening to the world around us and cooperating with it, which he describes as “the numbing monster of modernity” (and which James described a prominent aspect of in his excellent “A Fake Place Where Fake People Are Trapped Forever” article.

          Martín Prechtel also describes his own version of living poetically through his words that speak to keeping the seeds alive (literal, cultural and spiritual seeds) and “venturing deeper into the wilderness of the territory of our forgotten indigenous souls” to become “intact people” again.

          I`ll upload a few select pages to archive dot org so I can share below in another comment as I cannot do his eloquent writing justice with my little quotes taken out of context here and his writing is truly a beautiful, poignant and healing thing to behold and engage with.

          Thanks very much for the comment.

        • Here are a few pages from “The Unlikely Peace At Cuchumaquic” by Martín Prechtel

          (click on the arrow on the left of the image viewing frame to go through the few pages in the correct order)

          I highly recommend reading the whole book. Martín is an exquisite story teller and I would describe him as an adept wielder of the magic in linguistic arts.

          He engages in a sort of sacred simple sabotage, dismantling the myths of modernity and supplanting them with a more ancient, grounded and holistically nourishing mythology. He calls forth something arising from the innate seeds he nourishes within the reader, inviting the knowing of our souls to spring fourth from a place within us as ancient as the heart of the mountain peaks and the deep blue skies they once inhabited.

    • Greetings James, I’m subscrubed to ‘Stand for health freedom’ who is active working against the powers that be. You find their work at: and can reach them at

      Whenever I see a call to action, I make sure to get the word out.


      • Thanks for the link and thanks for your heartfelt intent to take action to resist the ‘medical’ tyranny of big pharma.

        The website looks like it focuses on some very important subject matter.

        For example the

        “PUTTING OUR KIDS FIRST” , “MINOR CONSENT”, “AI + HEALTH CARE” and especially the “FOOD TRANSPARENCY” sections are extremely important in my opinion.

        However, at the end of the day, the only way a parent is going to know their children are safe from all the insanity, predatory big pharma initiatives and creepy transgender mutilation encouragement campaigns is to not put them into the public education (plutocrat designed brainwashing prison camp) system to begin with. I know that is not easy for some given what this parasitic/manipulated economy and tyrannical tax burden demands of parents in how much they have to work to not end up bankrupt and homeless, but it all comes down to priorities.

        With the AI doctors nonsense, the hospitals are bought and paid for by the oligarchs, so they are gonna roll out what ever creepy transhumanist stuff they want in there regardless of what everyday people want. It is as simple as refusing to remain dependent on the allopathic industrial medical system and learning as our ancestors did to heal our bodies with plants, fungi and natural methods. Trauma surgery and organ transplants may not be possible but most other things can be addressed given the proper education in the ancient healing arts of herbal medicine and natural methods for setting bones etc.

        With regards to food transparency and the big pharma, lab grown, GMO, CRISPR Frankenstein “food” the billionaires are pushing onto the market, that again, is only something that can be effectively and assuredly addressed via decentralized action to learn how to grow and preserve our own food locally. The corporations have the governments in their pockets, so what you get at the supermarket will be increasingly fake, toxic and full of weird genetically contaminated, fertility destroying cancer causing shit, regardless of how much we protest or sign petitions. I would happy to be wrong about that and see “liberal democracy” rise up in their voting power and cancel big pharma, but that would be unprecedented in the time of corporate domination so I am not holding my breath and rather I advocate for people to take direct and trustworthy action in their own households and communities on that front rather than hoping some politician or supermarket will make the right choice for them.

        Which brings me to this:

        I admire the idealistic concept of the will of the people being combined to choose a more honest, equitable, respectful and natural pathway forward, but I am a student of history, and I just do not see any solid examples of that working. Thus, I advocate for decentralized direct resistance at home through boycotting and learning basic / essential skills rather than voting.

  1. Wow, James Rugowski’s words at the end of this video are so inspiring – the distributed network swarm of bees!

    There’s an Exit the WHO rally in Glasgow on April 13th.

    • Great to see Glasgow activists getting organised!

      In Cardiff, those of us who’ve been doing regular outreaches, banners on bridges and yellow board protests decided to make the WHO amendments the main focus for the coming months. We produced leaflets summarising the issues in the most ‘normie-friendly’ language I was able to muster, with eye-catching graphics and links to Roguski’s sites and other sources, and have now distributed these to around 5,000 households in the city and a few nearby towns, individuals at outreaches and student residences, and by inserting them in Light newspapers.

      We selected the areas of the city which we believed would be most responsive, avoiding those we knew from experience to be occupied by a majority of agenda-compliant types and focussing on raising awareness in largely lower middle-class and working class suburbs with young families.

      Most people are completely unaware of the changes and their implications, and generally appalled and motivated to take action when these are explained, with evidential links facilitated by a QR code (students in particular love a QR!).

      We crowd-funded the printing between us. Just £10 each between around a dozen of us was enough to get 5,000 made. The printer we use is fully on board and has offered to run off more at a discounted rate if required.

      If you (or any other Corbett Report subs – I don’t think the leaflets are Wales or UK specific, but you can tweak them if you find it useful) want to use my pdf of the flyer, feel free. You can download it from here:

      • Thanks for this! I tried to download the pdfs but I don’t have a Telegram account so it wouldn’t work. I might try sending the link to a friend who has Telegram.

        • Ah, I didn’t realise you needed an account. I’m not sure if I can post the pdf directly here? If your friend can’t help I’ll give it a go.

      • We used to live in Wales it’s great to hear about your indevors there! We are in France now and the government have stuffed our free speech with their recent bill of powers of arrest and fining for ‘insiting’ the truth!

        • It’s shocking what they did with that bill. I lived in France in the early 90’s and keep up with events via the excellent Swiss-French channel Agora TV News. The Online Safety Bill isn’t going to make anything easier here, but we plug away until the gulag gets us.

  2. Really good show and I especially appreciate you bringing up Nullification. My partner and I fled CA Bay Area to Tennessee recently. There are actually some smart and ethical legislators here who are working on financial freedom as well as reclaiming State sovereignty for Tennessee. There is a Pathways for Nullification bill SB2775 for the purpose of nipping off Federal encroachment now and retroactively. WHO mandates et all.
    TN Citizens for State Sovereignty just sponsored a presentation by KrisAnne Hall, J.D. president of Liberty First Society. Her presentations focus on the US Constitution and Bill of Rights as they were created and have been ignored and manipulated by a tyrannical government. Most people are not cognizant of their natural rights and believe their rights come from government, as you James so passionately exhort. Anyway both the TN Nullification bill sponsored by Janice Bowling and Bud Hulsey and the presentations, classes and books by KrisAnne Hall are worth looking into by any freedom loving person, American or not. BTW, when Christianity is brought into these discussions I simply exchange “The Golden Rule” for “Jesus” in my mind as that is my positive take away being a non religious person.

  3. James, just pulling all of this material together and making this excellent Solutions Watch helps turn this dismal tide. Excellent work, brother.

    And it’s metastasizing on multiple fronts. One example, the CDC just opened an Asia-Pacific Regional office here in Tokyo this February. Why? “To strengthen the United States Government’s global health impact by working with Japan, partner countries and regional organizations to prevent, detect and respond to health threats.”

    So we need to resist (peacefully) on multiple fronts and with various minds and skills.


    PS: Your bookcase seems to be leaning. That thing earthquake secure?

  4. For to us a child is born,
    to us a son is given,
    and the government will be on his shoulders.
    And he will be called
    Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
    Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

    Of the greatness of his government and peace
    there will be no end.
    He will reign on David’s throne
    and over his kingdom,
    establishing and upholding it
    with justice and righteousness
    from that time on and forever.
    The zeal of the Lord Almighty
    will accomplish this.

    In righteousness you will be established:
    Tyranny will be far from you;
    you will have nothing to fear.
    Terror will be far removed;
    it will not come near you.
    Isaiah 9:6-7, 54:14 NIV

  5. That was cool James had Roguski back on. Keep having conversations with him! I follow his substack, now, after the initial CHD conversation with the James’ and Nash. I suppose we’re all doing different things to prepare for this inevitable clash between globalists and those opposed to this agenda. I probably won’t be setting myself on fire in front of the Israeli embassy, though. Maybe I won’t do shit, other than ideate about violence.
    If Roguski ever did something public locally, though, I would consider attending or supporting somehow, as I live in the same county as he does in SoCal.

  6. I think a prudent thing to do is make some “exploitable” paragraphs that citizens can copy and paste – maybe requiring only a few small adjustments – that can be emailed to their senators, lawmakers, mayors, CEOs, etc. regarding the Pandemic Treaty thing.
    This could naturally be expanded for use with other issues. This won’t be the be-all-end-all but it is a quick and easy way for someone to do their part.

    • I just wrote similar elsewhere, and then opened to your post,, maybe this is the place?: “access to tools” (from the cover of the 1st whole earth catalog) has been modus operandi of several best mate boatbuilders over decades.

      Its one thing to be told, but quite another to be able to pass that on. much sweat and tears incl divorces and worse have been the result of weak communication skills, plus no access to good info.. The “access to tools section” of a web site might include printable “clif notes”, like one page cheat sheets to help us amatures muster the details when facing the music of over a hundred years of snakeoil, which morphed into an industry of global scale fraud, theft, & murder (aka pharma-jabology). and is poised to take humanity into the next level of trans-human slavery..

      so yeah, we need to be able to have good info for quick reference. another tool could be collections of references/links. another tool could list actual names of perpetrators. handouts some people here are already far down this track of collecting, but how accessible is it for joe & jane?.

      I often lose peoples interest; but when prepping to fend off the cops and death cultists that were demanding ‘mask-up or dont enter” I wrote a statement about masks including links to studies right down the back of the page. as people began to take in the points any 10 yr old could understand, their body language relaxed but their brows knit. I never wore a mask, i got stacks of dirty looks.

      when I asked people why they were wearing masks? they would always take them off to reply.

    • TheThrone
      “…I think a prudent thing to do is make some “exploitable” paragraphs that citizens can copy and paste – maybe requiring only a few small adjustments – that can be emailed to their senators, lawmakers, mayors, CEOs, etc. regarding the Pandemic Treaty thing….”

      Thats a good idea! I understand that a rather SMALL number of letters can sway them, since most voters dont bother, at all, a bunch of letters showing up is a ‘poll’ on an issue for a lawmakers aides who actually look at that stuff. 20 letters when one in a hundred folks who care actually write might be a big deal.

      I think could make a difference IF

      a)Its something that lawmakers are NOT getting massive pressure to pass from their actual masters, the doners and the folks with dirt on them.
      b)The lawmaker is in a district where he has a chance of getting primary-ed or loosing to the other party

  7. I was able to move my short term banking from a big name to a credit union but I’m not sure that will help. We could probably have a money man on to clarify a good way to avoid the ugly banking methods.

  8. Thanks James, I follow J. Roguski, and I’m right there with him on just about any issue, but as far as the WHO is concerned, he’s put out so much, I for one cannot keep up with it all and so far, though having already done quite a bit, what I like about what you’ve done here is pointed out as to best actions to take. THANK YOU, Much appreciated!

  9. I hear “childrens health defense” and think how they are silent on the carnage of Gaza’s children, and how the founder RFK supports the genocide. Integrity is important. In short, like when I hear “climate change” I know nothing genuine can follow and I disengage, so I have here.

    • Wayned says:
      “I hear “childrens health defense” and think how they are silent on the carnage of Gaza’s children, and how the founder RFK supports the genocide.”

      I hear ya.

    • Interesting how even youboob AI overlord stopped suggesting RFK content to me after those deplorable statements regarding Palestine.

      But do not forget that division is key to our final downfall.

      • This is precisely the argument used to ensure status quo. I have written to CHD and its contributors requesting they stand against RFK on the issue of children and ask for him to stand down.

        No, you stand for THIS or you stand for nothing. Don’t kill is pretty basic.

        Sadly, how much credibility have we already lost as a country for supplying the weapons. To me, it’s too much.

        If it were the other way around I would be just as vociferous as I can be for attacks against Israel to stop. This is carnage and open air murder.

        • Killing innocents is a good place to draw a line in the sand. What about massive child sacrifice going on around the world that yearly dwarfs attrocities in Gaza and makes it look like kid’s play?

          The “country” is not delivering shit. It’s specific people hiding behind specific organisations, playing house with huge deficits. Gun running is just an offshoot of much bigger problems.

          Knock down the sense of authority people have downstream of these jackals and Zionism immediately becomes a bunch of overgrown children using foul language.

          I’m sure these people would still be defending them and trying to rally the public at their side. On you go.

    • 15000 children, in the 3 past months, brutally murdered.

      israelis, all of them, are intimately connected to the military machine that net & yahoo (and others) are wielding. Almost all israelis do compulsory military service. I’d a thought the push from the recent anti-yahoo riots (headed by relatives of oct7 hostages) demanding immediate cease fire and treaty,, would be felt by the boots on the ground who have brothers and sisters and parents who served and will serve (to “hold the line”)?

      If my brother was on the front line, I’d implore him to stand down. what mother or father can be at peace knowing their sons and daughters are murdering innocents daily? answer: either they are demonic dominators or programmed zombie useless eaters or,,, they are gonna reach past the brain washing and take a chance on love. please be brave, call your children, and demand with the full weight of your lineage “stop killing other children, other humans,, STAND DOWN NOW.” choose life.

      One reason the murder mawls on, is because the army is loyal to the “bosses”. But they have a loyalty to an oath which has authority beyond any boss (according to my ex aus army friend), which intends them to not follow an unjust order, they have the right obligation and privilage to just say no (humans and free will, what a mess)

      The genocide happening as I type, can only lead to terrible outcomes for everyone. cease fire, stand down, regroup, think about what war supports: an abstract con to incite common folk to kill eachother so that the few in power can remain in power.

      in my experience, most people arent racist, and for the few who are, have a look at history; dominators never win. why keep losing? transhumanism will lose, all it took to depose Hal was to pull the plug.

      stand down, we are all interconnected to murder your fellow humans is suicide
      stand down, your victims are gone and possibly headed for rebirth, while you now will suffer
      stand down lest you have to live the rest of your days with zero peace of mind, haunted by depression, and aggression to the end. death by thousands of days of zero meaning
      stand down, you are breaking your oath, genocide is not defence. the orders are unjust by every measure.
      stand down, Something much better is possible for all.

      To the fighters in sudan, in the ukraine, in USA cities, in the western gobi, and all the rest of the blackheads, none of these fights are yours, its a con in which you are pawns. why be a pawn when you could be a human?

      This is your mother, and hers,,, right back to yor: “warring never helps, it just reshuffles the management, thats enough fighting now, stand down”

      • I really think that’s well said.

        • I was trying to make something thats sharable on the street. maybe next time, in the grocery check-out, we all could break out into song.

          pretty sure that if humans end up saving themselves from themselves, it will include sung harmony (we’re most powerful as a synchronized synergetic mob).

          suddenly life became an opera.

  10. The WHO treaty might just be a flare
    If I were to compare what we are currently living with a previous situation that got people locked up and forced to get injected with a bweaopoin, I’d say that the WHO treaty might be the equivalent of event201, another flare whose purpose was to divert attention away from another meaningful pandemic tabletop: CladeX.
    CladeX took place exactly 666 days before the declaration of the Covid19 pandemic, which reveals an evil intention.
    In the same vein, the close future holds two events that might decide the future of humanity, both planned the same way.
    The first one is an outer space event, taking place exactly 666 days after the DART experiment by NASA. This takes us to July 22nd 2024.
    The second is another pandemic taking place 666 days after another tabletop entitled “”Catastrophic contagion” that takes us to August 18th 2024.
    As it seems obvious by looking at the dates (July 22nd vs August 18th), the outer space event precedes the pandemic which means that the “UN emergency platform” will be triggered before the WHO treaty is even signed (if I remember correctly).
    So focusing your energy on the “WHO treaty” might be the wrong move and a misreading of the polycrisis.
    The NWO is meant to start on July 22nd because that day, is the pi day “par excellence”, happening on a pi year (224) on a tetrahedron year (2024). The WHO treaty is about eradicating WHO has not been selected ( A final note on the two crisis leading to the birth of the NWO: the first pandemic and the cyberattack (that I predicted for December 21st 2023 but seems to have been postponed to June 9th 2024) relates to pi: the pandemic was declared on the 11th of March (11/3) and the cyberattack was to occur on December 21st 2023 (day 355 of the year). The 9th of June or 96 gives us the 96th prime number which is 503, equivalent to 355 from a gematria point of view. And of course, 355/113 is pi, 22/7 is pi, 2024 is pi and what is the NWO based on? Technocracy which is a rational management life system based on data/math.

  11. RE: How to Stop the WHO – #SolutionsWatch

    Corbett gave us a great Toolbox here.
    There are all kinds of resources and tools with which we could use.

    – NARRATIVE – Story –
    I think anyone anywhere can do something even if it is talking to the person next you in line at the grocery store.
    Just bringing up the topic in casual conversations is very worthwhile, or making a comment under a news article or writing a 200 word Letter to the Editor.

    In fact, I would argue that a person doesn’t need to club the person on the head with sourced documents and videos, (unless asked.) One doesn’t have to deliver a sermon.
    Just shape the narrative. Paint the picture. Tell the story.
    It could be a few simple sentences like, “Hell yeah, you are right about our government being nutty. Get this – our government just signed on to give the WHO, the World Health Organization the legal right to run our health related policies. No shit, really. I can’t make this stuff up. I’ll be damned if I am going to let some international organization which is run by a known war criminal tell me and my family how to run my life.”

    How to Save the World (in One Easy Step!) by James Corbett

    — Clever Approach —
    I thought that James Rugowski had a wonderful approach with validating what others are doing, e.g. “Hey, you guys are doing a great job!….”
    QUEUED Video 29:38

    Validating the messengers and messages keeps the momentum moving.

    Texas Examples:
    Rep. Chip Roy introduces legislation to end US funding for the World Health Organization (WHO)
    [I am not saying that he is a chip off the old block of some admirable character, or that the legislation is altruistic.]

    Pax­ton Joins Coali­tion to Stop Reg­u­la­tion Ced­ing U.S. Pow­er to the World Health Organization

    • “… think anyone anywhere can do something even if it is talking to the person next you in line at the grocery store…..”

      No need to even talk TO them- people are always ear-wigging on other folks chat. Like those peasants who ‘stole’ the kings potatoes they will lap up talk that they would never do if you came up to sell them on something.

      You can see their ears prick up when your Talking in a reasonable,conversational voice to the person with you about things like the UK changing the way they count excess deaths (and laughing ghoulishly about how this fixes the problem of people dying) or about someone you know who had a stroke or pancreatitis and then chortling “safe and effective’ as you then chat about the folks with sudden sicknesses you know.

      Just hearing other people talk about it may be all folks need to give themselves permission to think or say it themselves.

      How Did Potatoes Get So Popular?

      • “People are always ear-wigging on other folks chat.
        Like those peasants who ‘stole’ the kings potatoes they will lap up talk that they would never do if you came up to sell them on something.”

        Highlight this extremely important successful action that any of us can do.

        • This is true. Also the reason Mark Passio is pushing people into broadcasting the truth. He knows full well that millions of such voices would turn the tide in matter of weeks. Just imagine every town square having one conspiracy loon engaging people.

  12. I wish this Solutions Watch came with an outline of steps to take, with accompanying links, to distribute to others. The video Show Notes help, but I am fairly confident that unless steps are outlined, most people we are trying to motivate into action will not take notes from the video or view the links.

    Corey’s Digs did this type of outline with her article, “TAKE ACTION: Steps to Secure Financial Freedom.”

    • P.S. I received a reply from a friend to whom I sent the link to this Solutions Watch: “These folks could be much more helpful if they actually stated some concrete steps normal people could take…”

      • We have billions of people just waiting for someone to tell them what to do.

      • there are stacks of suggestions of practical things to do in these threads, or thats the whole point here, a process of refineing the language required to diffuse the reckless power structures. I agree, strip the syntax to bullets, ” just the facts ma’am” as we drag this net along.


        (I think this is mkey”s point?) people need to engage in figuring things out themselves as apposed to being told.

        a stitch of self reliance, can cause a zombie to remember,, “oh ffs, I’m human after all”.

        • Yes, in an ideal world where people have the energy, time, and motivation to figure things out for themselves they might make a reasonably effective plan and take action. I think in the real world, they are faced with so many other obstacles (e.g., woke schools and employers, financial challenges, broken healthcare and communities, etc.) and frustrations that it’s just too much, especially when they feel politically powerless.

          • whether ideal or real, we are the world.

            baby steps/small gestures are a good way to start disentangling from the social confusion. Some have a lotta f’ckn nerve trying to interfere with others dreaming.

            maybe dont feed the obstacle?

            • This is easier said than done “don’t feed the obstacles”

              I’m not sure how many here have a “regular” job, the kind where taxes are stolen off the top, but I do. There is no alternative at this time, nothing that will allow me to build a relatively self sufficient set up.

              Many of the solutions including gardening, land development, off grid tech and building is extremely expensive. Unless building it on ones own, it’s going to cost a lot of money and in our crappy world, that may take a lot of time and energy.

              Many people are trying to survive and build some sort of buffer knowing that when times really get tough, we might be on our own. Community is great, but unless a person has something tangible to offer, it can fall apart very quickly in a crisis.

              • Hi cuhj
                yeah, I work regular. self employed but, so I gotta chase work and survive down times. But the solution of not feeding the obstacle can be literal and figurative. another way to say it is live the golden rule, or stay in the good manners,,

                little by little the ways in which weve woven ourselves into this paradigm of competetive consumption with the added fettish of hierarchical domination needs to be dismantled or stepped away from,

                your complaint that “its not easy to do”, is perhaps food for your obstacle?

                The reasons that we’re here
                The reasons that we fear
                Our feelings won’t disappear
                Ooh, and after the love game
                Has been played
                All our illusions
                Were just a parade
                And all our reasons start to fade

                earth wind and fire

                once youve got monotony on the run the only thing left will be to decide.

                decide what?

                as you like.

  13. re: UK Petition. You will note that in their refusal to have further debate because ‘been there done that’, the UK Dept. of Health and Social Care state that

    “In all circumstances, the sovereignty of the UK Parliament would remain unchanged.”

    Not the people, they are Subjects. The United Kingdom Parliament ruled over by The Sovereign.
    A nice little Catch-22 considering the affiliations of the present King.

  14. Perhaps we can form a group wearing masks, here in France! Don’t forget people they can make laws against us as they have here – so get on it now whilst you can! I was subscribed to the Corbitt Report but now a paying member; because of the New Bill of ‘incitement’ (for or against a medical initiative) with a fine of 30,000 PLUS a year of inprisonment; it is now impossible to say/do anything! There are no good hearts amongst government tyranical rule makers.

  15. I am from the UK but (see above) but live in France – after listening to you James – I think i can only campaign in English to my friends there. Thanks for all your ideas to campaign for our freedoms and to do what we can.

  16. At the 37:50 mark, James Corbett talks about Mike Maharrey being on a show called Shot Callers put on by Texans For Vaccine Choice. See the last link in Corbett’s show notes above.

    February 29, 2024 – The Dallas Express
    Opinion: Medical Liberty on the GOP Ballot By Michelle Evans
    …propositions are significant because they will help communicate to the Republican Party of Texas, as well as those who seek to represent the party at any level of government, what our policy priorities ought to be.

    Of particular importance… …is Proposition 8, which states: “The State of Texas should ensure that Texans are free to give or withhold consent for any vaccine without coercion”.
    In simpler terms, if a majority of primary voters choose “yes”, this proposition would compel the GOP to prioritize the creation of legislation (perhaps even a Constitutional amendment) to protect the fundamental right of Texans to choose which vaccines they take, if any, and possibly to punish those who coerce or force Texans to take a vaccine…

    …Texans need to be proactive in telling their elected officials that medical liberty applies to all citizens and all vaccines. No one, especially not government bureaucrats, should be dictating what medical procedures you undergo….
    Michelle Evans is the political director at Texans for Vaccine Choice [LINK]. About Texans for Vaccine Choice: Founded in 2015, TFVC is Texas’ largest and oldest grassroots organization dedicated to protecting and advancing informed consent, medical privacy and vaccine choice for all Texans.

  17. earlier in this thread I suggested “access to tools” as a solution; the premis was giving easy access to info in form of condensed printable bullets of evidence / facts that would empower any joe sixpack to be able to hold his ground when deconstructing the various fog banks that are being generated from just about every direction,,

    and then voilla, katherine has done just that (rockstar effort, thankyou):

    now, if I only had a printer.

  18. Regarding petitions: since we know governments exists only to run interference against the population for TPTSB, is it wise to give government a list of people to attack? I’d prefer to leave that job to the alphabet agencies.

    Regarding an unaccountable WHO: if this organization works with our corrupt, non-representative government to pass…..whatever, so be it. If and when they try to enforce it, that will be the perfect time to work with local, like-minded people to just say ‘No thanks’. Call it ‘non-political nullification’.

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