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Ramiro Romani of TakeBackOurTech.org and AbovePhone.com joins us today to discuss technology: what it is, how it works, and how we can make it work for us. We discuss how governments and big tech corporations are collaborating to undermine our rights to privacy, free expression and even freedom of travel and how we can remove the Big Brother surveillance and controls from our devices.

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Building a digital army: UN peacekeepers fight deadly disinformation


Who Can We Call On? How Our Phones Are Tracked By Big Tech, Telecom, and Government

Electromagnetic Radiation – Shield & Educate Yourself, Save a Life


  1. Above Phone? That’ll never work! We know you love facebook and x too much. You will never leave us. Muahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Plus, how are you going to show off your new phone to friends and family? Ever think about that? No you didn’t. They’re going to think you’re weird.

    • To me this looks like a rip-off, it seems to be basically nothing else than a google pixel phone on which they install grapheneOs and then sell it for double the price?!?? People can do that themselves for free!

      Correct me if i’m wrong as I don’t wanna bash it if it’s legit.

      • plus Aurora store doesn’t have search functionality for months now, making it basically useless

  2. Interesting he didn’t mention Freedom of religion … kind of a big one. Maybe I misunderstood what concept he was defining.

    • Kristinec

      Freedom of Religion is not big in the minds of people who are rootless and feel ‘affinity with everyone’ (and thus no one and nowhere in particular)

      That kind of “Classical Liberal” (the weirdo ultra left folks have just gone further along that path) thinking tends to see people as “homo economicus” and Religion and culture and such are only really acceptable as long as they do not interfere with the marketplace or the system of Industrial Society as the Unabomber said.

      It suits the smartest 10 or 20 % of people VERY well but is kinda soul crushing for the bottom 50 %.
      Like the Unabomber said different cultures, attitudes and viewpoints can ONLY exist as long as they can be absorbed by ‘the system’


      “…. In other words, it can express itself only in su¬ perficial matters. In all ESSENTIAL respects most leftists of the oversocialized type want to make the black man conform to white, middle-class ideals. They want to make him study technical subjects, become an executive or a scientist, spend his life climbing the status ladder to prove that black people are as good as white…..”

      • Duck,
        Quack! On occasion you take an excellent deep diving duck to new levels of observations.
        A keen observation. Flesh this out a bit more and be the Deep diving Duck we all have come to love. Well said fertile reporting.
        Would love to see a reaction of the 15 minute city wankers who have trans- formed my once beautiful city of broad spectrum culture to the child Trans so far left confused vaxed bots that inhabit it now.
        I’m thinking billboards down in the canyons, if you have no soal than how can you be crushed? A speeding train in the night running all the red lights that should inform you to slow but in reality speeds it up to the inevitable crash.
        Sometimes dark medicine can improve the systems health. I’m sending my binoculars to you to look closer at the front lines.
        Nice turn a words. Hope all your future eggs laid are just as golden.

        • generalbottlewasher

          “…Flesh this out a bit more and be the Deep diving Duck we all have come to love…”

          Honestly, the best (and quickest) way to fleash out the above idea would be to read CS Lewis “Abolition of Man” which in a very few pages covers the entire Transhumanism / Technocracy thing and where it leads- starting off with a look at a school text book and ending with the paradigm shifting observation that Mans Final Triumph over Nature is ACTUALLY Natures final victory over man.

          There used to be a “Lewis Doodle” video of “abolition of man’, but it got taken off YT…. it deserves much more attention then say ‘1984’ or ‘brave new world’ because it covers everything fast and thoroughly and in deals with counter arguments, all while being pretty easy to follow.

          another essay of Lewis that 100% predicted the rise of the modern “NPC” type human is “Screwtape proposes a toast”. I just heard AA on the pete quinoes show talking about how the system does its best to ensure that everyone is a mediocrity / nonentity like the product of screwtapes ‘modern education’ .

          You might find a Text version (plenty online) easier to read, but this is the newspaper version.

  3. Note that sim-cards still do some tracking.
    The small processor in the sim-card can access GPS and
    send it to trackers
    Video about sim-card processor

    (Can’t find the video)
    While your phone is switched off (but still on battery)
    your SIM can access GPS and send SMS to provider.
    This has been used by police to find people.

    • If you keep your phone turned off and in a Faraday Bag then it screams unheard in the darkness…..their pretty cheap to buy , a PITA to make , I’ve had good success with “Mission Dark” ones in the past but who knows what quality is like now?

    • True, but if you use a dumbphone (i.e. a Nokia) for calls and a SIMCard-less smartphone for the occasional public wifi connection to check your emails and stuff, you minimise the tracking (or at least you make the tracking very inaccurate).

      But I am sure you will find 100 reasons to tell me how cumbersome this solution is 🙂 (privacy/security and comfort will always be inversely proportional)

  4. Wow what a combination of synergy and coinkydence!

    I had just visited a site that was advertising something I thought would be of interest to Corbetteers and immediately headed over here.

    I was going to place my post in the August ‘Open Thread’.
    Then I noticed this new Solutions Watch and the title ‘Taking Back Our Tech’.
    I stopped immediately and decided to watch at least part of it to see what it was about.

    My post (below) is about 5G signals and EMF’s (which are possible/probable health concerns) and
    informed consent.
    And lo and behold one of the topics discussed by Ramiro Romani was ‘Health and Technology’, specifically radiation and EMR’s and also informed consent!

    I really enjoyed the show James, there was much food for thought and I
    am impressed with the scope of Ramiro’s work.

    Just one note on something he said. Near the end he mentioned
    he was developing the ability to take a phone call through an
    ethernet wire. That technology has been around at least 15 years now!

    So here’s the post I was going to make initially…

    Nothing like shoving 5G signals in your face and into your body without your knowledge/approval (informed consent).
    Gradually we will be bathed in 5G EMF’s to such an extent it will be inescapable, even in our homes!

    And so it goes.

    This was the ad that sparked my interest:

    “Rogers 5G is now in the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC).
    You can now connect to 5G on the TTC with Rogers Network and stream the video, music and content you want. Available in select stations and tunnels.”

    More on this can be found at this address.

    • More on 5G ….

      Well I was visiting my local ISP provider’s site again today and yet another ‘ad’ popped up.
      This one was trying to boast about all of the 5G installations my company had installed across the country!

      Up until now I thought I was relatively safe from the 5G towers and such, since I live in a relatively small city. Well I clicked on a few links and next thing up pops an interactive map where you can see all the cities across Canada where this company has installed the 5G service.

      Of course I immediately started to check if anything showed up in my area.
      And yes, my city was blanketed by 5G service!
      I was disturbed and surprised at the same time as I had not seen any changes here at all.

      So I immediately got on the phone and called my ISP to find out more info about this.

      Long story short…. no you won’t see new 5G cell towers popping up every km. or less that would be a dead giveaway for 5G service!
      The first thing the agent told me was that the company couldn’t tell me specifically where these ‘towers’ were located. It was a “security measure”.
      Then he told me most were not installed on towers. He said they were small, suit-case sized devices.

      He said some were installed at bus stops. He couldn’t give me any specifics about the rest.
      Basically they are hiding them everywhere they can get away with (stealth installations).

      I’m royally pissed. ?

      • 5G

        Fawlty Towers, Thanks so much for doing first-hand interview homework and sharing the anecdote!

  5. First thing to note is that you DO NOT need to be “a systems Engineer” to make a Linux Laptop. Buying a NEW Linux Laptop is for rich people- I have a 20 year old XP Netbook that runs Linux super well (though only 32 bit….ye Olde 32bit CPU)

    I would recommend that folks do what “Switched to Linux” (he has an odysee channel) suggests and get a 2nd computer or ‘bootable’ external drive to PLAY LINUX with until you get used to it…eventually you can dump windows /mac totally especially if you just write and do web stuff on it.

    You can literally run your entire web life off a hundred buck Pi4 (size of a cigarette pack and takes less power then a lightbulb)

    Its Literally as simple as

    1)CHOOSING which Distro to use (watch some videos on YT (I recommend Mint LMDE )

    2)getting .Iso file of it- downloaded at zero cost.

    3) Burning it to DVD (if you have an old PC) or putting making a “live” USB thumbdrive to boot off (watch some YT)

    4) Starting your computer and pressing the correct button to get into the Boot Menu (usally one of the F keys…look your computer up with “ + Boot menu” ….. now if you have a brand new computer you might have to turn off TPM or boot protection (look up your computer and read how….I’ve only ever had ONE gaming laptop pull that trick)

    If you dont have an old laptop or PC (and your not ready to buy a new one) then buy a Raspberry Pi flash the Linux OS onto a Camera card (start with the Offical Raspberry pi OS and then maybe try Manjaro or something later….) and PLAY WITH IT.

    Linux is wonderful, but unless you want a brand new computer there is no point in buying it Pre-Installed. Installing an OS is something that everyone should know (even if its just on a PI’s SD card.)

    Free apps
    GIMP – photo editor
    Liferea- RSS feed
    gpodder-Podcast app
    Openshot -video editor
    VLC-media player
    youtube-dl -Command line video downloader program for YT and other sites
    Okular – pdf reader with cool annotation tools

    • Nice. Thanks for that.

      Hey you know what? Someone should make a free software list somewhere…. said the laziest guy ever who passes the buck off to everyone else. ?

      • TheGlobalist
        “…e a free software list somewhere…”


        Now I did something for you you think you can talk to Bill Gates and get him to fund my NGO?

        The plan is a chat room for places without Internet, updated using pigeons with SD cards strapped to them. I will be the “Internet Pigeon” (I.P) guy… censoring will be done via Hawks so he need not worry about fake news. 😉

        • That sounds like a marvellous idea. I’ll be in touch with Bill and get back to you. How much did you say you wanted?

          • We need about 200 Million… I know that sounds like a lot but the birds really MUST be able to vax people and making them produce the spike protein in their bodies was the easy part…. I was gonna try for Syringe beaks but then though we should try a liquid solution since Spoon Bills are easier to graft into the genome…in the end we decided having them just ‘poop’ vax on folks that they flew over was the way to go.

            Of course…its still in development, but trust me bro, It’ll totally work…..

      • Many people have already done it … All it takes is a quick search.

        But guess what? I will be a good guy and spoon-feed you with a good one 😉



      • Software lists are not the problem. Investing the effort to master any given (complex) software tool is.

        • mkey
          Not in the age of YT videos, 🙂

          Even people like me can find a tutorial these days….I think its just that most people are too lazy and not interested in learning a new tool. When they start spending their OWN money on software (rather then the company of school dime) things like Office and Adobe subscriptions suddenly start looking less attractive compared to LibreOffice and GIMP.

          Its not like 95% of people do anything heavy on their computer anyway

  6. I’ve been singing and writing essays and posting about this stuff for years.

    GET OFF THE PHONE (song) written 4/20/2020

    GLASS EYES WATCHIN’ YOU (song) 4/12/78

    But what seems to be going on is people no longer have the ability to listen or pay attention to essentially “coffee house” musicians. You know, where the LYRIC is far more important then the costuming and clever guitar machinations.

    Unless a song is on some big corporation app or done by a 20 year old sexified female REAL political songwriting effort goes ignored by the “main stream” where the majority of “hit songs” are literally written by two men https://tinyurl.com/2xdwzkxh

    That is why I call my stuff Brain Food not ear candy.

  7. Ramiro Romani – I really like that guy!…and his mindset. He communicates concepts extremely well.

    Being old, I’m kind of slow on this tech stuff. I’m gonna have to rewind the video to grasp more about what he was saying, and then do followup at the links.
    But I’m excited!
    There’s hope for humanity.

  8. Greetings to my fellow corbeteers! i went to the website to see about ordering an above phone. i saw no link to do so. has anyone bought one? i need a phone and have been dragging my feet, due to my preference for a wired landline. that just isnt possible in the situation i am in. if i have to have one, i want one like i saw on jame’s interview.

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